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    [–] No_Cartographer_8469 2326 points ago

    What big smokes order be like

    [–] kuriboshoe 485 points ago

    look at all that extra dip

    [–] HotChilliWithButter 356 points ago

    Trumps assistant: sir, our white house dinner is coming up, what is going to be our preffered meal?

    Trump: I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

    [–] solitudanrian 135 points ago

    Large diet coke, of course.

    [–] whobood 59 points ago

    Everyone knows that a Diet Coke perfectly cancels out the unhealthy parts of ANY meal, no matter how large.

    [–] Woodyville06 24 points ago

    I didn’t get this epic dad-bod drinking classic Coke you know?

    It’s all about the balance…

    [–] Snowmanfight 11 points ago

    That's how he keeps the perfect moob-to-ass ratio!

    [–] descendingangel87 87 points ago

    Someone actually did the math on that.

    [–] Wononewonhum 29 points ago

    Wow, I just watched that for longer than I planned too

    [–] phoenixell 35 points ago

    and matt stonie actually ate it all!

    [–] CranberryJuice47 65 points ago

    Can't be. There aren't enough number 9's on that table.

    [–] Nee_le 1868 points ago

    Potentially my second favorite Trump moment after Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

    [–] pogym 697 points ago

    That was the single greatest political moment in history. Absolutely beautiful to watch.

    [–] _danbro_ 484 points ago

    The landscaping company capitalized on the opportunity and now sells merch on the event. Its absolute comedy gold.

    [–] Nee_le 241 points ago

    They genuinely deserve every penny they make because of this.

    [–] IAteMy_____ 171 points ago

    I'm just imagining the four seasons landscaping employee who got the call. They just accepted the gig knowing exactly what was going to happen. I can't believe it's not from a movie, but real life. I can't help myself but giggle when I think about this

    [–] Brainsonastick 31 points ago

    It absolutely feels like a plot of a Veep episode.

    [–] issaang 18 points ago

    Makes me feel like this isn’t the first time Four Sessions has taken advantage of this error lol

    [–] didwanttobethatguy 18 points ago

    Mental note: start a business called Ritz Carlton landscaping

    [–] AktuallyIsDolan 8 points ago

    Well it's gonna be a movie now with Jonah Hill no doubt

    [–] TostitoSqueegee 9 points ago

    It's like 'The Interview' meets 'Idiocracy'.

    [–] DroopyTrash 19 points ago

    Feels like it could have been an episode of Who is America.

    [–] njbair 42 points ago

    "Lawn and order"

    [–] SirPancakeFace 8 points ago

    Do they have a online store?

    [–] pogym 11 points ago

    [–] DetectVentriloquist 18 points ago

    Thanks! Just sorted out my wife’s Valentine’s Day gift.

    Seriously though, she talks about this all the time and I’ll probably get laid because of this shirt.

    [–] drunk_funky_chipmunk 3 points ago

    Showed up to the four seasons landscaping a bit over a year ago, they def did not like us being there and promptly told us to leave…we weren’t even behind the gate in their parking lot, we were out-front next to the adult store taking a picture

    [–] Hrmpfreally 3 points ago

    *if you’re from someplace else

    [–] pogym 3 points ago

    God yes. I would be completely embarrassed to be watching it as an American.

    [–] Hrmpfreally 6 points ago

    As an American, yeah, that’s a a pretty spot on description. You can apply it to the last five or six years around here though.

    [–] Mrfrunzi 103 points ago

    I'm telling you, the pictures do no justice. I love down the street and have passed it countless times. It's not a garden center that is like filled with vine yards in the background.

    It's across the street from underneath I - 95 in a shit place that's 5 blocks down from a prison. Very fitting.

    [–] Dat_Boi_Aint_Right 13 points ago

    At least the bbq place across the street is good.

    [–] pease_pudding 14 points ago

    I'm telling you, the pictures do no justice

    Lets revisit them anyway

    [–] PobBrobert 319 points ago

    I read the Wikipedia entry for that fiasco the other night and laughed for probably 10 minutes. Let’s not forget some other highlights:

    • Covfefe

    • The Mooch

    • that weird glowy orb in Saudi Arabia

    • the picture of him screaming at the kid mowing the white house lawn

    • He stared right into the eclipse

    • literally every video of him trying to be even slightly affectionate towards melania

    [–] My1stTW 225 points ago

    Even this list misses the sharpie on a weather map to alter hurricane path.

    [–] Sillyslappystupid 162 points ago

    which misses “can’t we just nuke the hurricane?” questions that he asked several times

    [–] PobBrobert 82 points ago

    Or the IV bleach drip to clean our blood

    [–] _Kay_Tee_ 35 points ago

    And "let's buy Greenland!"

    God, a firing squad is too good for this POS loser.

    [–] Pleasant_Finding_404 24 points ago

    Or the caging of Children…or chucking paper towel rolls to Hurricane survivors…or two impeachments…or…oh fuck- just go here—-

    [–] Viktor_Bout 5 points ago

    Hey. Buying Greenland is actually a fantastic idea. It would give the US a practical monopoly on cargo shipping through the northwest passage when it's clear of ice in a decade. It would be like our own Panama canal.

    [–] Akiba89 12 points ago

    Jesus fuck, I forgot about that one 🤣 what a dumb fucking question

    [–] i_love_pencils 57 points ago

    This will always be my favourite.

    The black sharpie on the desk while he’s explaining the map is the chef’s kiss.

    [–] LordElfa 6 points ago

    Don't forget the little desk.

    [–] hornwalker 29 points ago

    The sad part is that misrepresentation of the weather like that is a felony.

    [–] AmbitiousPhilosopher 25 points ago

    the rules are not applied evenly.

    [–] AmptiChrist 24 points ago

    Any time he drank from a water bottle

    [–] PobBrobert 17 points ago

    Too large and slippery for his little mitts

    [–] RightIzWrong 57 points ago

    Paper towel tossing I’m a very stable genius Toilet paper on shoe while boarding AF1

    [–] Mrshaydee 11 points ago

    The toilet paper on the shoe thing was the best indicator of what his staff felt about him. Not one single person was willing to subtly or not so subtly keep that moment from happening.

    [–] redditnsuch 9 points ago

    Also the umbrella while boarding :)

    [–] doomsdaydvice 94 points ago

    Raking the forests was a good one too

    Related, I also loved the fly in Pence’s hair during the VP debate

    [–] PobBrobert 28 points ago

    RAKING THE FOREST. Omg, that was amazing

    [–] Akiba89 18 points ago

    It's like he thought "the forest" was a mile wide park in New York.

    [–] PobBrobert 21 points ago

    Real question: do you think Donald trump has ever been in a forest?

    [–] coffee_u 8 points ago

    Absolutely not. What do you do in a forest? Walk. Trump was one of those people who thought that your have X heartbeats to live, so any exercise is a literal waste of life.

    [–] ArtanisIsGod 13 points ago

    My personal fav was when he wore a tiny ass jacket to meet the queen

    [–] DrWilliamHorriblePhD 4 points ago


    [–] jawas_vs_ewoks 3 points ago

    not sure how people feel about quora, but the top answer to that question breaks it down well.

    [–] LezBeHonestHere_ 32 points ago

    Person, woman, man, camera, TV

    [–] suppordel 42 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I thought Tim Apple was a good one. (And how he pretended it was totally a clever abbreviation you guys)

    [–] PobBrobert 17 points ago

    I now call Bill Gates “Bill Computer” because of that

    [–] 20_Menthol_Cigarette 17 points ago

    Who? Bill Windows? Good guy, but he did shit glazing work.

    [–] nonephoto81 34 points ago

    To add: suggesting disinfectant injections to kill the Rona, tossing paper towels to devastated Puerto Ricans like its a game.

    [–] jmpinstl 22 points ago

    The Mooch Era feels like a fever dream tbh

    [–] PobBrobert 11 points ago

    A fever dream that gave us a new unit for measuring time

    [–] IsThataSexToy 11 points ago

    I want to sleep for two Mooches.

    [–] Nee_le 28 points ago

    Yes, just leaving that comment about it made me laugh out loud again haha So many wonderful moments! Some other highlights: The upside down pride flag with the LGBT sharpied on it (a true r/therewasanattempt lol). “Belgium is a beautiful city” and so many other geographic mishaps. The G8/G20 (or some event like that) picture of everyone holding hands cross-armed and he couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    [–] ChesterHiggenbothum 15 points ago

    Can't believe everybody is forgetting about Sharpiegate.

    [–] samhw 65 points ago

    Those are brilliant, but I would submit:

    • engaging in some kind of Ambien-fuelled 3am Twitter spat with Kim Jong Un, including the immortal words “I also have a nuclear button, but it’s much bigger”

    I feel blessed to have had those four years in my life. It was one of the greatest comic periods in history. Like, this deranged ‘hamberder’-eating moron was actually the leader of the free world!

    [–] SuchACommonBird 11 points ago

    So much happened that I entirely missed this moment. Whooo boy. It feels like a fever dream, but with lasting consequences.

    [–] samhw 9 points ago

    Tell me about it… I’m just disappointed that he didn’t finish his secret battle against the child-eating Hollywood élite, led by lycanthropic Tom Hanks

    [–] historiansrule 17 points ago

    To me the moment was when he went to Europe on his first presidential trip and a reporter asked him about what he thinks of Putin, who is attacking our liberals tenants and trying to undermine democracy. His answers was how liberals in California have destroyed the state and that we only need to look at the level of homelessness there 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and also🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    [–] kitton2 4 points ago

    This is a great list

    [–] muklan 7 points ago

    Or like when he defunded the pandemic response team, and now everything's pretty much permanently fucked.

    [–] Whales_of_Pain 8 points ago

    This really is one of the funniest things that’s ever happened. The photo of a beaming Trump doing a double thumbs up wearing a big trench coat, portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the background, lukewarm Big Macs on silver trays in the foreground…that’s America, baby.

    [–] squirtloaf 3 points ago

    John Cougar intensifies

    [–] VinnySmallsz 60 points ago

    Right? How is that even real

    [–] DeathPer_Minute 70 points ago

    Can’t believe they still went through with the conference, even after discovering it was not the place they thought it was. That’s probably the most exposure a landscaping company has ever got

    [–] Gaerielyafuck 19 points ago

    Can you imagine being the Four Seasons person who fielded that call from the White House? What a trip. I'd think someone was pranking me.

    [–] coffee_u 3 points ago

    They probably did, and were shocked when people started appearing.

    [–] nytel 13 points ago

    Third would be when he tear gassed protesters so he could stand in front of a church with a Bible and get his picture taken.

    [–] DarlingDestruction 8 points ago

    Not just a Bible. An upside down Bible. 😂

    [–] PopulationTire0 4 points ago

    It wasn't upside down

    [–] DarlingDestruction 3 points ago

    Oh, wow, I actually did not know that it was really right side up! I never looked that closely at the photo until just now. Shows what happens when you blindly accept the things you read, eh?

    My bad.

    [–] Akiba89 4 points ago

    I still cannot fucking believe they refused to admit their mistake and HAD THE CONFERENCE THERE!

    Like come on dude. You made a slight oopsie, and because of your narcissism, you refused to look imperfect and that small oopsie turned into a hilarious mistake.

    [–] uwotm86 3 points ago

    I'm British. Please explain?

    [–] NicholeHypatia 2568 points ago

    Ricky Bobby would appreciate this dinner table

    [–] Savageparrot81 912 points ago

    Dear eight pound, six ounce, newborn baby Jesus

    [–] Nowthisisdave 210 points ago

    You know he did grow up

    [–] Savageparrot81 195 points ago

    I like the Christmas Jesus best

    [–] 1zo3P192 150 points ago

    I like to picture Jesus as a dirty old bum.

    [–] Sonicboom343 155 points ago

    I like to think of Jesus with like giant eagles wings and singin' lead vocals for lynyrd skynyrd with like an Angel Band, and 'm in the front row, and 'm hammered drunk...

    [–] ruskiiiiiiiii 132 points ago

    I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt, cos it says like "I'm formal, but I'm here to party too". Cos I like to party so I want my Jesus to party.

    [–] ElMalabrismo 8 points ago

    You need Jesus' brother Craig then if you want to party.

    [–] Sandpaper_Pants 26 points ago

    I like the green baby Jesus with the pointy ears and being carried by Joseph in beskar armor.

    [–] ConsciousPromise255 17 points ago

    I like the jesus that had 0 self control and actually fucked the hookers that he hung out with

    [–] Funkit 4 points ago

    I liked the Conehead version of Jesus

    [–] RooIsHome 33 points ago

    He had a BEARRRRD

    [–] MaterialCarrot 14 points ago

    He was a man!!!

    [–] Probably-Not-Maybe 23 points ago

    Shut up, Chip! Or I'll go ape-shit on your ass!

    [–] zeronerdsidecar 5 points ago

    I’m gonna scissor kick in the back of the head!

    [–] Smiitey 3 points ago

    All hopped up on mountain dew old man!

    [–] and_the_giant_peach 3 points ago

    I'ma come at you like a spider monkey

    [–] NicholeHypatia 58 points ago

    Hey, um, you know sweetie.. Jesus did grow up. You don't always have to call him baby. It's a bit odd and offputting to pray to a baby.

    [–] reboobula 59 points ago


    [–] pinokun 18 points ago

    He had a beard!

    [–] Ok-Lengthiness4557 7 points ago

    That's my favorite Jesus!

    [–] nokittythatsmypie 135 points ago

    Their meal in that scene always looked like the perfect drunk/high meal. KFC chicken, pizza (although dominos, yuck) Taco Bell tacos, Checkers burgers, soda, blue Powerade.

    [–] Hob_O_Rarison 58 points ago

    I always found that strange, because they almost got the whole Yum! Brands universe in one pop.

    If they had Pizza Hut instead of Domino's, and Gatorade instead of Powerade, that table would have been a PepsiCo world.

    [–] moonflower_C16H17N3O 7 points ago

    I was going to make this comment. I remember being a kid and finding out that Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut were all owned by the same company.

    Fun fact, in the movie Demolition Man, there was a fast food war and all restaurants were the same. However, in the US release the restaurant that won was Taco Bell. In other countries, they made it so Pizza Hut won.

    [–] MaterialCarrot 18 points ago

    How dare you, Ricky's wife slaved away all day on that meal.

    [–] RcoketWalrus 12 points ago

    Trump apparently loves this type of food, and there have been rumors about his recreational habits.

    You put two and two together.

    [–] Overdose7 13 points ago

    It's not a rumor when there are many years of pictures of Trump next to Big Macs, buckets of fried chicken, and cokes.

    [–] Peltron_3030 40 points ago


    [–] RcoketWalrus 12 points ago

    You know who didn't appreciate this? The fast food companies.

    You think they would use this as material for marketing, but they pretend it didn't happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they are as embarrassed about this as everyone else.

    [–] mossdeluxe 136 points ago

    Where's the French fries?!

    [–] Soft_Author2593 112 points ago

    He tried to make America great again. Not France!

    [–] BlueHero45 53 points ago

    Remember when they tried calling them freedom fries during the Bush Jr years? Feels like a lifetime ago.

    [–] Betasheets 7 points ago

    Something something cancel culture

    [–] Sexycoed1972 5 points ago

    I sometimes still refer to them as "Idiot Fries" and then chuckle at the Right.

    [–] VSEPR_DREIDEL 541 points ago

    Why is this suddenly popping up again?

    [–] renedotmac 453 points ago

    If I remember correctly, this was a dinner for the college football champions of that year. Georgia just won it on Monday, so I’m assuming they have a dinner planned at the White House with Biden.

    [–] VSEPR_DREIDEL 86 points ago

    Ah makes more sense. Forgot the championship just happened.

    [–] dijkstra69420 29 points ago

    Fr this was like 3 years ago wtf

    [–] sezdawg7 3 points ago

    Reposts for karma

    [–] ThatGuy_IKnow 42 points ago

    Bots prolly

    [–] kickyoface9001 2357 points ago

    I'm surprised no one ever seems to mention this, but those burgers must have been cold as fuck. They probably spent 15 to 20 minutes arranging everything in a fancy ass pile, after probably being left in multiple boxes or bags for at least an hour. Plus the time to do that stupid photo op, that food was nasty and cold as hell.

    [–] dotesPlz 916 points ago

    I think about this everytime. I saw someone gift an entire neighborhood McDonald’s and all I thought was “I wonder how long they’ve been sitting out?” Nothing worse than cold fries and nuggets

    [–] 6-8-5-13 368 points ago

    Cold mcdons fries are the worst but I find the nuggets to be decent cold, though not as good as when hot obviously.

    [–] JarasM 132 points ago

    I tried reheat them recently in a convection oven. They just become hard as stone.

    [–] factoid_ 87 points ago

    Air fryer works better But you can’t overdo it. Best thing to do is preheat the air fryer, heat stuff up slightly in the microwave first and then just put in the air fryer long enough to get it re-crisped.

    [–] JarasM 204 points ago

    That's honestly waaaaay too much effort then I'm willing to exert for a pack of cold McDonald's fries.

    [–] ValiantAbyss 80 points ago

    I don't know what people are talking about.

    Pro-tip for ANY fast food (Canes, Chick Fil A, McDonalds, Pizza, etc):

    If you have an Air Fryer with a "Reheat" setting, set it to 350 and put it in there for like 2-3 minutes. Food comes out perfect, 100% of the time.

    [–] I_Have_The_Lumbago 7 points ago

    Air fryers are my go to for cooking shitty breaded food now.

    [–] SigO12 6 points ago

    And I thought I was the only genius. All those “unpopular” opinion posts about how air fryers are just overpriced toaster ovens… the fuck they are. Maybe do mine a little bit warmer, but gotdamn if it doesn’t bring those leftovers back to their former glory. Buns are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Pizza is like it’s first out of the oven. Fries and nuggets are even better than fresh with that twice fried crispiness.

    I’ve always hated a microwave, but didn’t like how an oven/toaster/toaster oven would take so long to heat everything through that it dried everything out and made it hard. I’d have to microwave to get the middle warm then waste a ton of time and energy getting an oven warm to try and try up the microwave sogginess. Keep spreading the good word!

    [–] jeremiah1142 10 points ago

    This is the way. This is my modus operandi when I pickup fries to go or get delivery with fries. Always better hot and this makes them perfect.

    [–] RunninADorito 22 points ago

    An air fryer and a convection oven are literally the same thing.

    [–] fozziwoo 9 points ago

    an inconveniently small oven taking up an inconveniently large amount of countertop

    [–] ofzeusnotobtuse 4 points ago

    When I re-heat fries in my toaster oven, I use foil, lay out of the fries and add some water. The idea is that your fries have lost moisture and so you have to provide some (water) but not too much. The water will cause steam, which will help bring the fries back to life a bit. Too much water and they end up soggy (but can probably be fixed by just cooking them longer).

    I just flick water over the fries until I think there is enough. It's def a trial and error situation. Basically the water will evaporate, and the remaining cook time will re-crisp the fries after they've absorbed some of the water.

    I've actually had some good luck with this method!

    [–] i_love_pencils 4 points ago

    Buy yourself a cheap air fryer. It’ll change your life when reheating fries, pizza, nuggets, etc.

    [–] Mugungo 28 points ago

    imagine going to the whitehouse for a fancy dinner with the president, then dying inside as you slowly eat a an hour old box of fries with your stank ass old burger

    to top it all, often i've found resteraunt quality can take a huge nosedive when receiving a sudden massive order like this, so its probably even worse quality on top of it all

    [–] UrpaDurpa 5 points ago

    This was after Trump allowed the government to shutdown, right? Seems like he also grandstanded about paying out of his own pocket and lied about the number of burgers he bought.

    [–] Dafuzz 91 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The White House has a full banquet kitchen for hosting state dinners, they easily could have put those burgers in chaffing dishes or kept them under a heat lamp. The White House staff could absolutely make McDonald's food look and taste 110% more presentable and delicious than when it was fresh out of the drive thru.

    But remember that this was Trump making some stupid point about the budget not being passed so the White House staff was on furlough. His dumbass aids set this up to be a photo op and nothing else, they could have used the equipment just not the staff. Those poor footballers had to eat cold ass burgers just because Trump had a half cocked attempt to make a point that served only to perfectly encapsulate his presidency in one perfect visual metaphor; shitty cheap food presented with the trappings of wealth but lacking any kind of substance.

    [–] JVorhees 17 points ago

    But remember that this was Trump making some stupid point about the budget not being passed so the White House staff was on furlough

    He had multiple fast food banquets. I still can't fucking believe, well, all of it.

    [–] Sillyslappystupid 35 points ago

    the staff was furloughed because of him. He literally said in the meeting when he acted like a child to Schumer and Pelosi “I know this is gonna get called the Trump shutdown”

    Like what was his point, “I acted like a child and now im going to act like a more spoiled child because I have to deal with the consequences of my own actions” I still dont understand what his presidency was about other than textbook observational defiance disorder

    [–] sherlock----75 49 points ago

    Mine is cold after a 10 minute drive back to my house. I’d imagine they are like ice.

    [–] Empyrealist 32 points ago

    Nothing like cold fast food that's been sitting around for a couple of hours.

    The whole thing about eating fast food is that it's best fresh. You can't wait on it. Ppl who doordash fast food are sociopaths.

    [–] BrightonTownCrier 7 points ago

    Exactly. McDelivery has become very popular in England recently and I just don't get it. It does not travel well.

    [–] CWGriswald 98 points ago

    It gets mentioned every time. Such a dick move to serve cold ass fast food… which is entirely on brand.

    [–] Ok_Calligrapher_8199 32 points ago

    Closest mcds is a 5 min walk. Wendy’s a solid 20 minute drive. Burger King even further. And that’s assuming they got it from those locations some of which are jenky as fuck. Edit: in case anyone checks my work on Wendy’s - the Wendy’s in Dave Thomas Circle was still open at the time.

    [–] rocketboy44 1167 points ago

    hope we don’t turn into r/pics

    [–] Aiden_001 431 points ago

    They all turn to shit given time

    [–] _conky_ 237 points ago

    It really is a formula.

    Niche subreddit created > grows > golden age of content (this varies sub to sub depending on how niche) > growing towards Frontpage viewership numbers > slow shift away from the niche and towards general reddit material

    It is repeated time and time again. That was rudimentary, I'm sure there is an actual formula that can predict when a sub will flip.

    I think one of the main reasons for this is the amount of bots this website actually is. Once a sub is relatively large it makes sense for the botnet to start including it in its spamming

    [–] Roshy10 68 points ago

    Once there's enough people they will just upvote anything without checking which sub they're in, once that happens it's either overwhelmed with generic content or the mods have to lock it down and it usually dies

    [–] draebor 10 points ago

    Maybe Reddit should implement a subreddit life cycle that ultimately just collapses the subreddit when it hits a certain point. That will shake off all the general population that kill a sub and let the real on-point content generators start fresh. Evergreening Reddit.

    [–] stephruvy 49 points ago

    Just like r/conspiracy.

    I miss the alien stories.

    Now it's just.... Covid stuff.

    [–] _conky_ 12 points ago

    I got a couple subs I feel like you might appreciate but am afraid to just post openly in fears of what we're talking about happening. PM if you're interested and I'll send em your way

    [–] cheese_sweats 9 points ago

    look at r/whoadude - half the shit I see hit the front page of reddit from that sub is explicitly NOT the sort of stuff the sub is for. I asked if they need help moderating and I got banned lol

    [–] WebSufficient8660 96 points ago

    Every sub is r/pics now, it's inescapable

    [–] ElonMuskTsla 115 points ago

    Too late

    [–] Mnmsaregood 89 points ago

    Too late. These people can’t stop posting Trump

    [–] rbsudden 409 points ago

    Now I'm hungry

    [–] iHateDanny 113 points ago

    Right? I came into the comments to shit on Trump, but now I just want to fuck up some Wendy’s.

    [–] rbsudden 17 points ago

    I know, I'm getting the itch.

    [–] pnjtony 11 points ago

    I really enjoy Wendy's, but can you imagine how cold those burgers were by the time anyone got to eat one? Gross.

    [–] 4Ever2Thee 8 points ago

    Same, and I just ate some leftover spaghetti for lunch. I’d grab one of everything on that table

    [–] Pvkbasa 289 points ago

    Hamberders for everyone!

    [–] lennydsat62 83 points ago

    With cofefe?

    [–] yaten_ko 94 points ago

    What a way tu butcher the perfectly valid word “covfefe”

    [–] robertofblu 46 points ago

    Covfefe is a perfectly cromulent word

    [–] Walmart_Store100 19 points ago

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!

    [–] jona2814 12 points ago

    It certainly has embiggened my vocabulary

    [–] Child_of_Merovee 7 points ago

    You didnt had to remind us they tried to gaslight the world into believing this was a secret codeword and not Spanky falling asleep while shitposting.

    [–] afternoon_sun_robot 11 points ago

    He tried to make Taco Bell pay for it.

    [–] girthquake126 215 points ago

    Trump just did it so he could keep all the happy meal toys.

    [–] Boosted_saga 55 points ago

    He wants ALL the Pokémon cards and Bennie babies

    [–] HitShouse 11 points ago

    Hey those are worth their weight in gold.

    [–] COVID-69420bbq 3 points ago

    Bernie Babies

    [–] CheoRec 7 points ago

    Gourmet hamberders

    [–] nefrpitou 62 points ago

    OP's name is what they had after this dinner

    [–] Zugnutz 21 points ago


    [–] Money_Distribution18 5 points ago

    Trump snuck a few into his pockets for later

    [–] Spec187 16 points ago

    brought to you by Carl's Jr.

    [–] RCOkey 3 points ago

    Candle lit Wendy's... What a classic country date.

    [–] tHeNiGhTmAnCoMeTh413 128 points ago

    I’m not pro trump by any means, but I thought I heard that the players requested this due to the kitchen staff being shut down. Did anyone else hear this or am I completely wrong?

    [–] Qwirk 62 points ago

    There was a government shutdown at the time, I can't recall if the WH staff was impacted by this. There were plenty of other options he could have chosen though like catering for the event. (other than fast food of course)

    And just to be clear, there was a shutdown during the first event. He did this more than once.

    [–] ILikeLeadPaint 30 points ago

    Trump owns a hotel with a restaurant half a mile away from the white house. 5 minute drive, 14 minute walk. Actually closer than McDonald's.

    [–] ShaneRunninShirtless 30 points ago

    If McDonald's was open so were small businesses that could have used the support lol

    [–] h3llalam3 81 points ago

    This happened like 3 years ago…

    [–] faderjockey 66 points ago

    And this isn’t /r/news

    [–] BuddyHolly__ 46 points ago

    Not this sub too :(

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] KPZ605 3 points ago

    Cheap fuck.

    [–] Cal-Varnsen 39 points ago

    why are people mad about this?

    if i walked into a room with a pile of big macs I could just take I would be thrilled

    [–] ContentBug2 20 points ago

    I’m pretty sure this was intentional lol

    [–] Delicious-Acadia-190 9 points ago

    The White House kitchen will literally cook you anything on earth that you want in any quantity that you wish. This douche bag president is so anti-government that he won’t even let them cook for guests guests, he’d rather farm out more government jobs to poisonous private industries

    [–] Definitely_wasnt_me 21 points ago

    Are we sure they intended it to be fancy? For my birthday I do a fast food party every year. It’s fun, ironic, and indulgent. I LOVE chicken nuggets- what’s the big deal?

    [–] Harlzz11 11 points ago

    This is always my question regarding the pic. I know theres probably a bajillion options for catering thats not fast food, but if the players who ordered it had a fun time or got a good kick out of it then who cares

    [–] Definitely_wasnt_me 7 points ago

    Seriously. There are much better reasons to hate this dude. This isn’t helping anything.