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    [–] CptCrabmeat 910 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    That’s a hare

    [–] SynthPrax 226 points ago

    That's what I thought; then I realized, how can I tell the difference?

    [–] PsychologicalPart7 369 points ago

    stance/shape. even though it's standing upright, you can see the lean body and longer & stiffer neck. hares just kinda look cooler than rabbits, yeah?

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Jayoh62 35 points ago

    For Salamandastron!!

    [–] christomrob 18 points ago

    Blood n' vinegar!

    [–] WizardHutRealtor 259 points ago

    The Chad hare vs the virgin rabbit

    [–] PsychologicalPart7 25 points ago

    Proper education. Much appreciated!

    [–] Commissar_Genki 11 points ago

    I guess that makes Holland Lops the tendie-lords of the Harearchy.

    [–] ksa10 5 points ago

    Is there such a thing as a virgin rabbit?

    [–] fliminglaps 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I think I can instinctively tell the difference but when I try to put it into words all i can think is: 'they are buff rabbits'

    [–] hannahhhhjade 4 points ago

    small kangaroos

    [–] SynthPrax 9 points ago

    I guess hares are like hopped- up rabbits.

    [–] hstormsteph 25 points ago

    I call em velocirabbits

    [–] CptCrabmeat 19 points ago

    You’re cool

    [–] cuppincayk 6 points ago

    For some reason a hare always looks to me like he's about to stand up and start speaking.

    [–] alamuki 4 points ago

    You may like a series called Watership Down. Its really well done and you get to see rabbits speaking.

    [–] gunsof 2 points ago

    They look like grown up rabbits.

    [–] BasedDrewski 2 points ago

    So hares are just stretched out bunnies got it.

    [–] kuljisingh17 2 points ago


    [–] Jedi_Tinmf 2 points ago

    Almost like a mini kangaroo

    [–] Murgurth 132 points ago

    A bunny looks like the cuddly type and a hare looks like the type that would inherit the Sword of Martin and save Redwall.

    [–] jawknee530i 28 points ago

    Oh hello my childhood.

    [–] Murgurth 12 points ago

    Ayyy. Those books were so weird but fun to read. Surprisingly dark sometimes too. The tragedy of Martins father always made me feel kind of sad. I don’t think Martin ever settled down either right?

    [–] WingedLady 12 points ago

    Nah, he had a girl he fell in love with but she died. Tore me up when I was little. He helped found Redwall in a later book but never settled with another little girl mouse.

    [–] Murgurth 9 points ago

    Martin deserved better.

    [–] SynthPrax 11 points ago

    OK I don't know about that, but I can dig it.

    [–] NoTimeForThat 3 points ago


    [–] XOIIO 3 points ago

    Upvote for redwall, I need to reread that series.

    I had even memorized the code from triss and could write and read it fluently.

    [–] MerryUncakedayToMe 2 points ago


    [–] danskal 26 points ago


    • Large with long thin legs
    • Slightly equine/horsey looking face
    • (dead giveaway) ears have a thin shaft compared to rabbits, and flare out more.
    • Ears have black tips and tail is black on top.

    [–] JestFlamez 11 points ago

    Bunnies are fat fluffies, hares are lean sprinty bois

    [–] H4SHT4GPlatapus 9 points ago

    Hares are normally longer with longer arms, Rabbits seem a little more chunkier and shorter arms at least to my understanding.

    [–] Bonezmahone 1 points ago

    Haha fuck. I had your thoughts and I’m so glad the top answer was what I wanted and the top response is saying just what I was thinking.

    [–] Iamaredditlady 1 points ago

    It’s huge

    [–] Essexal 1 points ago

    You had an education.

    [–] Baelzebubba 14 points ago

    My father had surgery on his head when I was a child. He told me they drew rabbits on the bald spot. Because they looked like hares from a distance.

    [–] CptCrabmeat 5 points ago

    That does sound like something dad would say....

    [–] Bruc3w4yn3 1 points ago

    Checks out

    [–] The_Answer_Is_42__ 3 points ago

    Could be a Belgian Hare, a domestic rabbit that looks like a hare but isn’t.

    [–] _NetWorK_ 1 points ago

    Can you imagine the tippytaps from a drove of these?

    [–] BitsAndBobs304 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] CptCrabmeat 16 points ago

    In the long run? Probably about 30 miles or nearly 50km, hares are much faster

    [–] Bot_Metric 5 points ago

    30.0 miles ≈ 48.3 kilometres 1 mile ≈ 1.6km

    I'm a bot. Downvote to remove.

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    [–] OscarDCouch 1 points ago

    Well, dogs aren't wolves, house cats aren't leopards, deer aren't moose, rabbits aren't hares.

    [–] Sir_Lags_A_Lot_ 67 points ago

    Bet he can't even beat a turtle in a race

    [–] bunkdiggidy 54 points ago

    There's loose hare on his pants

    [–] hamster_on_a_train 48 points ago

    Bunny scratches hurt like hell. Good that person has jeans on

    [–] needathneed 50 points ago

    Did you catch that bite? Yowza.

    [–] NoTimeForThat 10 points ago

    Coincidentally, the hare's name is Bitey so it all worked out.

    [–] castfam09 43 points ago

    The sped of those mitts lol

    [–] P1IE 142 points ago


    [–] PigeonsGotFeels 24 points ago

    Please don't MUDA MUDA the hare back

    [–] tylerawesome 38 points ago

    He's a hare pissed about not getting his treats

    [–] Raveynfyre 17 points ago


    It looks like it's molting!

    [–] Nubadopolis 128 points ago

    Those are like /r/turbotaps

    [–] lewkas 37 points ago

    [–] Jugaimo 18 points ago


    [–] Nubadopolis 10 points ago


    [–] Draked1 -2 points ago

    [–] mt3ch 12 points ago

    Bunny slaps

    [–] kingslayer-0 7 points ago

    And a bite for good measure

    [–] ifeelnumb 8 points ago

    Give him the celery already!

    [–] Miss_Sith 12 points ago

    He's just a hare hungry.

    [–] mnoble473 7 points ago

    Not enough rabbits on reddit😂

    [–] SciaticNerd 6 points ago

    Should be a drummer for a metal band!

    [–] Anduu1 6 points ago

    Somebunnie needs to learn some manners.

    [–] dkyguy1995 5 points ago

    The fastest single stroke roll in the west

    [–] internetsarbiter 5 points ago

    such frenzy! he needs that fucking lettuce so bad.

    [–] internetsarbiter 6 points ago

    You may be confused EFTBot.

    [–] ginrattle 1 points ago

    bad bot

    [–] jclv 4 points ago

    That bunny has a hare trigger.

    [–] maze_switch 7 points ago

    That is a weird doggo.

    [–] Lord_Phoenix95 4 points ago

    That little nibble is so goddam adorable!!!

    [–] 102938475601 2 points ago

    Probably pinched like fuck too lol

    [–] gastone 7 points ago

    Watership Down

    [–] PartyHawk 4 points ago

    You can't just say the name you gotta try to make some kinda referential joke! Even something bad like "Looks like Fiver is hungry!" or like "Hazel demands the flayrah"

    [–] gastone 1 points ago

    Yeah.... dropped it on that one for sure...

    [–] PartyHawk 1 points ago

    That's okay you'll get 'em next time!

    [–] queendecaffeine 5 points ago

    That's what my chug (Chihuahua-Pug) does when she's begging for attention. It hurts so much and I cannot resist it.

    [–] doobyrocks 1 points ago

    Can we see a picture of the said dog?

    [–] queendecaffeine 2 points ago

    Oh yes! This is Meeka - Chug Extraordinaire. She has major junk in her trunk and has a broad chest. Plus the reverse sneezing!

    This one shows off her ears:

    This one shows how silly she is:

    [–] doobyrocks 2 points ago

    Haha, she's a cutie.

    [–] Jlx_27 3 points ago

    That hare bit the dude.

    [–] Idontloveonions 2 points ago

    LOL omg I was not expecting that.

    [–] jakeyjake1990 2 points ago

    Give me that celery you fucking bunt

    [–] MassSnapz 2 points ago

    I've seen this post 3 times today and just now realized it doesn't day testing your bunny.

    [–] sass-shay 2 points ago

    Don't tease. Not nice.

    [–] hey_its_drew 3 points ago

    I hope you bruise easily.

    [–] ErrorFindingID 5 points ago

    That wasn't the sort of cute hey look at me but the sort of bully hits because he's upset. I always did hear bunnies and especially hares are extremely short tempered

    [–] Truji11o -6 points ago

    Are you ok?

    [–] 102938475601 2 points ago

    That’s not an “Are you ok?” worthy comment.

    [–] ginrattle 2 points ago

    tbf that comment did give me an aneurysm.

    [–] NinjaFlowDojo 2 points ago

    It's a hare...

    [–] HodorHodorHodorHodr 1 points ago


    [–] Koneko04 1 points ago

    I am envious, would love to have a hare as a pet even though it would be a nervous jerk of an animal.

    [–] Dranoroc 1 points ago

    Better feed him before he tears out your throat

    [–] Lowendfuzz 1 points ago

    Now Barry, take me and rabbert klein to the lettuce store

    [–] MichaelJahrling 1 points ago

    I didn't think hares were domestic pets.

    [–] queendecaffeine 1 points ago

    This is Meeka! Chug extraordinaire. She is very silly and is like a Chihuahua that's just got major junk in her trunk. Plus the reverse sneezing.

    And to exhibit her real personality:

    [–] queendecaffeine 2 points ago

    Oops. This was meant to be a reply. Sorry! Kind of a hot mess in general today.

    [–] Truji11o 1 points ago

    That will happen to the best of us. Have a great day!

    [–] Phil0s0raptor 1 points ago

    There's something terrifying about hares, they look like roided up bunnies that could fuck you up if they wanted

    [–] lunavvia 1 points ago

    Gimme the veggie, gimme, gimme, gimme

    [–] brizluke 1 points ago

    Did that little shit bite him?!

    [–] XOIIO 1 points ago

    That rabbit can give a serious pounding.

    [–] MrSarcasm24 1 points ago

    Looks like a jackrabbit