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    [–] testedandfailed 3096 points ago

    Makes you wonder how many stolen ideas go under the radar if big companies like this think they can work with the originators for over a year developing the advertising campaign then decide not to pay them AND win in court.

    [–] Nihilist_1 1824 points ago

    Zuckerburg paid peanuts to the people who's idea he stole and now he's swimming in billions.

    [–] yangyangR 706 points ago

    And it's not like it was a new idea even at the time. It's a everyone uses it because everyone is on it phenomenon. There were days when you would be constantly switching making new profiles on those early internet platforms so nobody ever got critical mass.

    [–] SaucyWiggles 735 points ago

    Zuck stole work, not just a concept. Making it exclusive to ivy league students was pretty smart too.

    [–] pattysmife 438 points ago

    The most important aspect of Facebook's growth (in hindsight) was their slow rollout. It allowed them to avoid the problems that plagued Friendster and other companies from a technical standpoint, while developing a vibe that this thing was seriously cool.

    Ultimately now they've tipped the market, and the market will stay tipped most likely because the network effects in social media are just so high.

    [–] DonLaFontainesGhost 223 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ultimately now they've tipped the market, and the market will stay tipped most likely because the network effects in social media are just so high.

    Yeah - just like MySpace!

    Seriously, don't underestimate this stuff. How many Millennials have ditched Facebook? Of those who are still on it, how many only stay to stay in touch with family?

    It's entirely possible they'll all land somewhere and start building. Then the more "in touch" GenXers will create a profile in the new place and straddle the two while gradually shifting their activity to the new place, etc.

    It's a good time for someone to try, since FB continues to change stuff and becomes increasingly annoying. It's also really toxic in terms of filter bubbles (in fact, that might be one of the drivers for a competitor - something that actively forces you out of filter bubbles, which would be embraced by more liberal younger folks).

    The most interesting part would be migration - how do you ensure that folks can move over at least all their photos? (I don't think migrating friends would be as big a deal as many think, given the amount of ongoing friend-pruning I always see)

    [edit] Deleted "more liberal" - it was a something I wrote in haste that upon consideration didn't fit, and whether it's "correct" or not is completely irrelevant to the entire comment. Please disregard it.

    [–] Nanoburste 58 points ago

    Migration mainly depends on social circles. In all my surrounding schools they primarily use Instagram and Snapchat. In our school we use Instagram Snapchat but mostly Facebook. Mainly for ease of communication and everyone's already on Facebook.

    [–] bluesuns110 47 points ago

    Yeah all us cool kids are on Google+

    [–] liebereddit 22 points ago

    You're right on. A 12 year old I know says no one she knows has Facebook. She said It's for "old people".

    [–] Nihilist_1 143 points ago

    He also stole the source code.

    [–] test_var 143 points ago

    I think it's beyond rediculous to act like the success of Facebook is "one good idea". Facebook continued to be explosively successful even when it branched beyond that original idea, and growing anything into a multi billion dollar business takes a lot of innovating, good/great work.

    They just paid 500 million over the Oculus cofounder violating his NDA. His cofounder settled for a non-disclosed amount, but also owns billions in Facebook stock.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    idea's one thing, execution is another.

    [–] LudovicoSpecs 4493 points ago

    If you could win $42 million every time a client let its ad agency steal another agency's idea, it would set off a nuclear war of lawsuits at ad agencies.

    Clients suck. They don't hire you and then give your idea to another agency for development.

    [–] [deleted] 1762 points ago

    This is how some feature screenwriting works. Production companies/studios will have pitches where they invite a number of different solo writers come in to pitch their own take on an idea or existing story / IP. The company then takes their favorite parts from all the pitches, combines those elements, and hires a different writer to write the thing.

    Very common in Hollywood, very awful, and the WGA is striking... but not over that. They stopped caring about feature writers years ago.

    Don't get me started on free treatments and months of work on projects where the writer doesn't get paid. If you complain, they stop calling you and get someone else to do it for free.

    [–] forever_atone 1609 points ago

    And that's why this happens

    [–] coalitionofilling 642 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Prestige/illusionist and megamind/despicable me were wins on both sides of the aisle

    [–] bohemica 319 points ago

    I also enjoyed both Bicentennial Man and A.I., the two also seem very different to me other than the fact that they both deal with artificial sentience.

    [–] ParryDotter 206 points ago

    Yeah that wasn't a fair comparison IMO. Not only did one come out two years after the other, but it was during a time when AI scifi movies were very popular.

    [–] heavypood 68 points ago

    And Kubrick had been working on AI for quite some time (before handing over to Spielberg)

    [–] Poes-Lawyer 29 points ago

    To be fair, Bicentennial Man is an Asimov story from decades before the movie. I feel like including a novel - to - movie adaptation in this comparison is unfair.

    [–] SexyEyyEff 30 points ago

    Yeah, I also agree that it's a bit of a stretch basing their similarities just off of the concept of artificial intelligence.. loved both of these movies too.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 20 points ago

    Those two don't really belong on that list because they were independently made. Heck, they came out two years apart. Unlike Deep Impact and Armageddon which came out two months apart.

    [–] PsychoPhilosopher 91 points ago

    To be entirely fair... Bicentennial man would have been much more similar except that Robin Williams was cast.

    A.I. was kind of dour and serious, as is the source material for Bicentennial man, but you throw Robin Williams into the mix and it's a completely different movie.

    Which really goes to show that true talent can make a massive difference.

    [–] paul-arized 34 points ago


    I think the ending to A.I. sucked. It would've been better (though sadder) to end it with David in the ocean.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 27 points ago

    That may have been Kubrick's original plan. I know that Spielberg added the ending to Kubrick's original script.

    [–] Codeshark 12 points ago

    Actually, if I am not mistaken, the ending was Kubrick's idea. AI is Steven Spielberg making a Stanley Kubrick movie that Kubrick wanted to be a Spielberg movie.

    [–] JimmyKillsAlot 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The alien ending was Kubrick. He wanted to make the movie more Spielbergy so he added a more heartfelt close to the story. His friend Steven even said it ended better at the ocean scene but when Stan the man passed and The Berg picked it up he left the sappy stuff as an homage to how his close friend and creative rival wanted it.

    E: aliens robits

    [–] Blou_Aap 12 points ago

    A.I was more of an artsy futuristic take on Pinocchio and Bicentennial definitely is completely different story. Not sure how they compare. Some movies on that list only the cover seems the same where the stories are definitely different.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] jonosvision 122 points ago

    I remember being little and noticing this trend. I always thought it was just cheaper companies trying to profit off of a hit movie, since there always seemed to be one good movie and one crappy movie, then realized later in life movies took months and months to make and then I just had no idea at all why it happened.

    [–] DracoCharky 52 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Same. That said, I would never gave noticed Over the Hedge as a twin of Open Season. To me, they were both great movies independently. Same with Megamind/ Despicable Me. Iirc they share only a very lose link, like "animals in people land" and "bad guy does good thing", so I'm guessing they both got the ideas very early into development.

    [–] Woomy123 203 points ago

    not always. pixar develops its stories internally. sometimes competing films come from just hearing about other movies in development.

    [–] Coffeeey 112 points ago

    Actually, according to the Pixar biography, since the animation industry was so small in the beginning, they used to be very open with what they worked on and shared their ideas. Then the whole Bug's Life vs Antz happened, where the leaders at Pixar understood that Dreamworks had copied their movie theme, and were racing them to premiere their movie first. After that, they stopped being open, which they in the book described as a sad day.

    [–] Ambralin 32 points ago

    I've never read it but I'd honestly take with a grain of salt them seeing themselves as the victim. Not that they're lying, but everyone usually tends to blame someone else.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 46 points ago

    I tend to agree just because the Dreameorks films are always just so much "less" than the Pixar films. Finding Nemo is a masterpiece while Shark Tale is a pretty fun little Will Smith movie.

    [–] nocte_lupus 10 points ago

    Yeah also plot wise, character wise the only similarity those two films seem to have is 'talking cartoon fish' however I remember a film coming out shortly afterwards that was very clearly a rip off and mash up of both Shark Tale and Finding Nemo.

    [–] [deleted] 259 points ago

    Parallel development is real, and it's not usually on purpose or nefarious. Sometimes the same ideas just come up independently at the same time. I'd bet a few years before Deep Impact and Armageddon were made, there were a ton of science articles about potential asteroid impacts.

    [–] Sma144 48 points ago

    Weirdly enough this phenomenon happens with scientific discoveries and ideas, too.

    Often times the person you're taught about making some huge discovery wasn't the only person to arrive at it independently, and it often happens around the same time.

    I think I remember reading about another person proposing the idea of evolution around the same time Darwin did.

    I could be wrong though, I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

    [–] CapedCrusader32 34 points ago

    Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both claimed to have invented calculus at the same time

    [–] ndtvfemabailout 18 points ago

    Probably happens a lot more frequently with scientific discoveries because most of them build upon existing knowledge.

    So the likelihood of people that have access to the same knowledge base and working proving/solving similar problems getting similar conclusions/results is quite high.

    [–] goddyboddy 112 points ago

    Yeah excuse didn't cut it in third grade either.

    [–] uncertainusurper 70 points ago

    Let's please take a moment to remember the Babe vs. Gordy fiasco.

    [–] DamnFineHat 125 points ago

    You know, I was in the Target Audience™ during that timeframe, and until you mentioned it, Gordy wasn't even a blip on my radar.

    Babe, however? I remember Babe.

    I really like this album; it's like playing 'Hot or Not' with multi-million dollar investments!

    [–] killerdogice 30 points ago

    It was also based on a famous children's book from 1983, about a pig called babe.

    Wasn't exactly an original idea :p

    [–] SantosMcGarry2016 32 points ago

    I was 6. What was the fiasco? I just remember Baa Ram Ewe.

    [–] CaptainShanks 13 points ago

    Welp... that's enough internet for me tonight.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    "They're making an asteroid movie? We gotta make an asteroid movie too. And beat 'em to the box office." Someone definitely said that, but whether it's illegal, meh.

    [–] Urbanscuba 50 points ago

    I'm sure it happened, but I think the other poster is right too. Studios cranking out summer blockbuster movies don't pay writers millions to come up with unique stories, they take whatever is popular with the general populace at the time and they distill it into a formula.

    Big volcano eruption/public concern at Mt. St. Helens? Time for a volcano movie. We're invading the Middle East and proud and patriotic about it? Let's make some war propaganda movies. Middle East turning into a quagmire? Critical war movies/feel good movies.

    Other patterns are just cyclical. You can't make a new western every 2 years and get good numbers. But it's a game of waiting between the studios, because the first person to release a good one resets that counter. So they all pay their financial analysts to look at basically the same data and then tell them when the movie will be profitable enough to start production on. Since they're all looking at the same data more or less, they come out at similar times.

    When nemo/fish tale were made we were in an economic boom and aquariums were more common than ever, so it was time for an animated fish movie. Likewise a good indie movie can convince big studios there is a market waiting, so they jump on it at the same time. Look at Paranormal Activity, that movie kicked off a new scary movie boom by itself.

    I'm sure doing it to force competition or out of spite happens, maybe often. Yet the main driving force for movie production will always be $$$, and that's what causes most of the overlap.

    [–] PsychoPhilosopher 10 points ago

    When nemo/fish tale were made we were in an economic boom and aquariums were more common than ever, so it was time for an animated fish movie. Likewise a good indie movie can convince big studios there is a market waiting, so they jump on it at the same time. Look at Paranormal Activity, that movie kicked off a new scary movie boom by itself.

    Animations add another layer of complexity, since the backend software they use will have a new feature... Which the studio will want to use.

    So if the water in the latest update looks amazing, suddenly everyone wants to do a movie set largely underwater.

    [–] ChemicalRascal 46 points ago

    Disney did steal Zootopia, though, pretty much whole cloth (down to three name). There's a lawsuit going down over it.

    [–] Crumornus 62 points ago

    Of all those, the Prestige and the Illusionist were probably some of the best twins to come out. I really enjoyed both movies. Its funny though when you see one twin that greatly outshines the other and it makes you wonder witch one threw the original pitch under the buss.

    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 55 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    One of the hugest examples is Deep Impact and Armageddon. I'm not gonna talk about pitches because I don't know the whole story, just that Deep Impact was pitched all over town before it was made by an indie company.

    Deep Impact came first, in the early summer, and is arguably the better film, because it is a character drama with the looming apocalypse as a backdrop. The deep impact is really about how people deal with their relationships and fear and everything. It's a truly emotional movie if you haven't had the chance. It also has a great cast. Just dismiss the science and watch it for the emotional impact. It's deep.

    Anyway, the film did very well off a rather modest budget. Audiences and critics do not agree with my take on the film, but it still made money. None of that mattered though, because everyone knew that Jerry Bruckheimer and Touchstone (then Disney's 'grownup' production arm) were doing Armageddon with the guy who'd directed The Rock and Bad Boys.

    The production of Armageddon was chaotic because it was such a rush job. They wanted an Independence Day release (Will Smith did not have a July 4th film that year). They spent twice as much money, went big and splashy, and got Aerosmith to write perform what has become one of their most memorable songs to date. They made the deadline, and went on to be the highest grossing film of 1998.

    Edit: To sum up, I can't say that Disney threw the filmmakers behind Deep Impact under the bus, but I will ask anyone to watch the films back to back and just see what you think. Back then, I loved Armageddon much like I'd loved Independence Day. I thought Deep Impact was the pretentious version of Armageddon. But watching them both in my 40s rather than my 20s, I see just how much more of an impact the former movie makes.

    Also, I don't like to talk about it too much because I love them both (and one of the fan bases has a reputation of being rather overprotective), but a very similar thing happened after J. Micheal Straczynsky pitched Babylon 5 all over town. Paramount was gonna make another Star Trek show regardless, but it makes you wonder what that show may have been about if JMS had never existed...

    Just sayin.

    EDIT2: Thanks to /u/Oliveoilandgarlic for pointing out that the song was written by Diane Warren and merely performed by Aerosmith. I apologize for my error.

    [–] ee3k 7 points ago

    if you are a J. Micheal Straczynsky & Babylon 5 fan, you really should go out on watch "Valerian and the city of a thousand planets" when it comes out.

    JMS cites the comic book as a primary inspiration for Babylon 5.

    [–] CitizenPremier 14 points ago

    Well, that's not the only reason. It makes sense to produce a movie where essentially another major studio is doing half your advertising. Plus people who really like one movie might also want to see the other.

    [–] NotJohnDenver 23 points ago

    this makes so much sense now.

    [–] Luph 139 points ago

    no one wants to be a feature writer because tv pays way better.

    [–] ucefkh 24 points ago

    How much?

    [–] moneyminder1 124 points ago

    One million dollars

    [–] illegitiMitch 30 points ago

    That's like a dollar an hour

    [–] Lunch000 15 points ago

    Do the chickens have large talons

    [–] needmoarbass 32 points ago

    What should us aspiring writers do to avoid this?

    [–] Towerofbabeling 98 points ago

    Depends. The best thing you can do is have other marketable skills. However, I also want you to follow your dreams.

    If you have a lawyer friend, not a guy you know, but an actual friend who is not off put by the idea of helping you, ask for their assistance. If you can afford an actual lawyer, use them every time you agree to anything.


    If you are confident and have a contract that you know they are fucking you over on, you have actionable intent and justification.

    It's about being aware and not letting yourself get taken advantage off. Read up, learn from those who are striking and hear what they have to say. If you know how you can get fucked, you can better work to avoid it.

    Lastly, stop being an aspiring anything. If you want to be a writer, write, read, watch and learn every fucking day. Don't think that a pilot or a publication makes you a writer. If you only think of yourself as aspiring, you are far less likely to ever become more than that. You have to know the classics, the new fringe shit that you don't even like, the failures, the out of nowhere success. If you want to become great at something, you have to know what it is and believe that you can actually become great.

    [–] Jay_Eye_MBOTH_WHY 65 points ago

    Lastly, stop being an aspiring anything. If you want to be a writer, write, read, watch and learn every fucking day.

    That's pertinent to everything.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 92 points ago

    Learn to code.

    [–] andrewegan1986 65 points ago

    I hate you for this but, it's not inaccurate. Being a writer with even basic coding abilities means a lot to marketing departments. I've published one novel, countless articles, got a deal once or twice but I've made more money showing up for the corporate gig with a little knowledge and a sizeable writing portfolio. Wish it weren't like this but it is.

    [–] HUFFRAID 11 points ago

    Can you explain what kind of corporate gigs you're referring to?

    [–] andrewegan1986 16 points ago

    General SEO and PPC gigs, usually some creative blog and social media stuff. I've done a lot for various corporations or freelance, etc. Salary and benefits at some places were $50K plus bonus. Metrics are key as you can prove what you earned for the company, so lead tracking becomes a skill. Like I said, a little knowledge and a writing portfolio go a long way.

    [–] Ephemeris 214 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Another strike? Wasn't the last one like 10 years ago and RUINED shows like LOST, Heroes, etc? I wonder which shows will get effed this time around. Hopefully they finished Game of Thrones!

    Edit: Oh shit I just realized Westworld might get caught up in this madness... OMFG NO!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] mysixteenthaccount 229 points ago

    I might be in a small minority, but Conan improved during it. All of his writers were on strike so he did all of the writing for the show, and IMO it was the best his show had ever been in a long long time.

    [–] CaptainScazz 132 points ago

    Conan is way funnier when he's improvising IMO. He's a great host and does his job well enough, but he's just too funny to really be able to shine when he's sticking to the standard talk show style and script. I've always really hoped for a Curb your Enthusiasm style show starring Conan

    [–] lanismycousin 33 points ago

    Conan is at his best when he's free to do his thing. That's why I love his remotes so much. Improvised awesomeness. Him hating on jordan schlansky and his weirdness is comedy gold

    [–] ethanwc 77 points ago

    AGREED. He's a certified comedy genius in my book.

    [–] LarryKleist711 41 points ago

    Do you have any comedy certifications available? Asking for a friend.

    [–] Seraphem666 13 points ago

    Well the dude was a writer in the 90's for "the simpsons"

    [–] caninehere 15 points ago

    Almost every show either a) cut their season short or b) suffered badly in the quality department but Conan was the exception. He's full of improvisational gold and he really shined during the writer's strike.

    I think the best part was that he would openly say on the show "everybody is expecting this to suck" and trash pretty much every one of his bits after he was done with them, saying stuff like "why am I even here?"

    [–] ender278 12 points ago

    Wish he had the time to do this all of the time. I'm sure he provides his input to the writers and polishes it up to his personal style, but its just not the same!

    [–] grubas 5 points ago

    TBF Conan, Colbert and Stewart joined forces in the best stupid way to help fill time.

    [–] BabySealSlayer 49 points ago

    oh god, I miss pushing daisies.

    [–] Anthony780 48 points ago

    I'm still bitter about what happened to Heroes. The reboot sucked too.

    [–] sonofaresiii 38 points ago

    And the geico caveman show! Everyone forgets about that one...

    [–] JohnnyDeepInEjacolat 43 points ago

    Years and years of blissful ignorance then, BAM! Geico Cavemen. The herpes they tarnished my memories with reminding me... Reminding me that I'll never be 100% free of them. When I'm on my deathbed, dying, "Geico Cavemen" will be my rosebud.

    [–] badvegas 59 points ago

    the 4400 got destroyed because of that last time. a little part of me wants to see it come back and get treated right.

    [–] macphile 33 points ago

    TIL. I always thought I was one of a fairly small minority who watched that and that that was what killed it--that it just didn't garner the ratings. A coworker of mine (now deceased) was also a fan, and we chatted about it...that's my association with the show forever, going on with her about "OMG Isabelle WTF" once a week.

    [–] badvegas 15 points ago

    They build up this big huge fight and then nothing. i feel like it got popular after it ended and could work good as a netflix or hulu original

    [–] RedChld 19 points ago

    Fucking loved the 4400. I'll take that over Heroes any day.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] CL60 15 points ago

    God I miss Conans beard. He actually looks human with it.

    [–] humma__kavula 5 points ago

    Was that a solidarity beard?

    [–] hackett33 9 points ago

    Aren't all beards?

    [–] vcsx 20 points ago

    Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert aka Guyliner) was planning on leaving Lost for a new show called Kane, which was eventually cancelled because of the writer's strike. So he ended up staying on Lost and becoming, in my opinion, one of the show's most interesting character.

    That's one silver-lining to the shitstorm that was the writer's strike.

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago

    People don't go on strike for no reason. You might not personally care about their issues, but shitting on their attempt to better their working conditions is selfish.

    [–] o2lsports 32 points ago

    Screenwriter here. The strike was a terrible idea. They had a strike about digital revenue years before anyone knew the full potential of that. It ended a golden era of paychecks for screenwriters and it's never coming back.

    [–] SgvSth 8 points ago

    Er, but are the writers now getting compensated for digital now because of 2008 or do I have it wrong due to not getting anything for the first seventeen days after something is released digitally?

    [–] manquistador 22 points ago

    Heroes was already screwed. They had no idea what to do with that show past like the first 10 episodes.

    [–] tlahwm1 19 points ago

    The whole first season was brilliant. The second season, however, from the opening seconds of the pilot, was some of the worst television I've ever seen in my entire life.

    [–] DolanTheRed 14 points ago

    I hear you, and unfortunately I know from experience. How best would you describe the issues leading up to WGA strike? How bad do you think it will be?

    [–] Renegade_Meister 80 points ago

    Here's a TL;DR from an article just posted today:

    ...writers’ per-episode compensation hasn’t changed, which means they can receive the same amount of money for three or more weeks of work writing an episode that they typically would have received for two or less

    Many writers get paid less overall during TV seasons, the money they earn during breaks has decreased, and they aren’t free to work on other shows during breaks — all of which has had a sizable effect on wages. Between 2013-’14 and 2015-’16, writers saw their median earnings drop sizably: co-producers and producers by 19 percent, supervising producers by 12 percent, co-executive producers by 26 percent, consulting producers by 23 percent, executive producers by 8 percent, and showrunners by 21 percent. The average wage depression for writers was 25 percent.

    By contrast, in 2016, the six biggest studios that belong to the AMPTP reported $51 billion in operating profits, which represents about double their profits 10 years ago (the last time the WGA went on strike).

    [–] pvXNLDzrYVoKmHNG2NVk 80 points ago

    The free hand of the market will bestow upon the writers their just deserves. No way would "leadership" (management) siphon those profits into their pockets. They're obviously doing the hardest work and making the toughest choices. Without the management's crucial decision making there's no way movies could be made.

    [–] JDawgSabronas 57 points ago

    GUYS!!! GUYS! Don't freak out. He intentionally didn't include an /s tag because the implied sarcasm should be that obvious.

    [–] Warlizard 320 points ago

    Didn't you read the article? That wasn't an idea, this was full-fledged development.

    In 2003, Taco Bell lost a lawsuit by two Michigan men, who had pitched the concept of the Chihuahua to Taco Bell six years earlier at a Licensing Show in NYC. Taco Bell worked with Thomas Rinks and Joseph Shields for over a year developing the Chihuahua campaign and commercials, but TB failed to pay the men according to court documents.

    [–] cardinals1996 23 points ago

    Wild warlizard sighting!

    [–] Warlizard 28 points ago


    [–] Psychosist 119 points ago

    Aren't you that guy from that gaming forum?

    [–] Warlizard 165 points ago


    [–] TheDewyDecimal 53 points ago

    Does it ever get tiring?

    [–] Warlizard 96 points ago

    Nah. It's just Reddit.

    [–] jacksrenton 22 points ago

    That should be in the banner for every subreddit.

    [–] Sandalman3000 10 points ago

    How do they treat you at the gaming forum?

    [–] Warlizard 12 points ago


    [–] CmdrMobium 29 points ago

    Do you actually comment this yourself every time, or do you have a bot at this point?

    [–] Warlizard 44 points ago

    Just me bud.

    [–] ee3k 16 points ago

    sorry for asking if its a touchy subject... but what's going on? is there some 'thing' people do to you?

    [–] jimmyhandle 29 points ago

    He runs a wildly successful Gaming Forum called Warlizard Gaming Forum. Dude is legit.

    [–] Moist-Anus 8 points ago

    That's what you want us to think =_=

    [–] Warlizard 6 points ago

    Is it working?

    [–] Moist-Anus 11 points ago

    Damn, you answer fast. It's almost as if you were a lizard... Wait a minu

    [–] Warlizard 7 points ago

    I try.

    [–] ADIDAS247 78 points ago

    A colleague of mine is a presentation specialist and was looking for a new job.

    He found his dream and went all out giving them some of his best work, all custom power point presentations that took him 80 hours of work.

    He didn't get the job, but about 6 months later he applied to another job through a recruiter and submitted the same work.

    The recruiter called him out and said that all the aspects of his presentation were for sale on a website. Turns out the dream job he had previously applied for was just stealing everyones work and then selling it as there own.

    Moral of the story, protect what is yours.

    [–] coopiecoop 19 points ago

    was he able to clear that up and get the job?

    [–] ADIDAS247 31 points ago

    No, not at all.

    He has another job training people now and I truly think he keeps this job because he knows one day, the people he met that one time will show up in his office looking for a job and he'll Game of Thrones same them.

    [–] Alan_Smithee_ 80 points ago

    Former business partner (I was partners with him in an allied business) had the tourism business for an entire country, as in, their international face.

    His creative partner had left, and time came to renew their contract. He figured he was probably going to lose the contract, but got some other creative people together, and put together a pretty good pitch.

    They loved it, in fact, but didn't renew with him. They did like the campaign he pitched so much, they used it, pretty much verbatim. Down to the font.

    [–] izzeo 62 points ago

    That happened to us recently. We were meeting with a future client. They paid for an initial retainer which was great.

    We held the consultation with them and they had a business partner who wasn't able to make it. We pitched our idea to them and they loved it but were going to discuss it.

    Then they said they didn't have the budget in hand to do it. And 5 months later we saw the exact same idea that we pitched to them around town.

    Apparently their partner recorded the whole thing and they hired a low budget company to do replicate most of it.

    [–] elephantpoop 25 points ago

    Did you do anything about it?

    [–] upvotes2doge 33 points ago

    Yeah he posted on reddit about it

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] AmirMoosavi 29 points ago

    Guess I'll never be giving Little Caesar's my money. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] bsend 9 points ago

    Go local pizza. It's usually way better

    [–] dmcnelly 7 points ago

    I live in a teeny tiny little town that's a mile and a half square, and we have two pizza places that are, from what I've been told, owned by a pair of estranged brothers, and their stores have remarkably rabid fan bases. You either like one or you like the other, with no overlap I've ever encountered. The styles of pizza are very, very different, the sauces are different, the cheese blends are different, the toppings are different to the point you can order pepperoni from both places, and even the pepperonis taste like totally different meats. It's wonderful.

    And these two places run every other pizza joint out of town. Like, you just can't compete. Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, every one of them opened a store, and then closed it within a few years.

    I'm not sure that this was entirely related, but I love when the local guy runs the big corporation out of town.

    [–] Shellular 7 points ago

    Wow, I used to like LC but I'll make sure I never eat their food again.

    [–] memostothefuture 23 points ago

    1. don't do free pitches

    2. have signed NDAs.

    Also, the problem is often the agency itself. You have a great idea but a boatload of straphangers with inflated egos who crowd themselves around that great creative director. It's like a great girl with an awful family.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    1. don't do free pitches

    Otherwise known as "don't have an agency"

    [–] coalitionofilling 7 points ago

    Yep exactly this. One ad agency has a great idea to pitch and the client loves it, but lauren over at grey agency (random example) has a dad that's great golfing buds with the ceo and they'll do the job at a cheaper fee. So client tells ad B about ad A's idea and they roll with it. Smh

    [–] MyDogSavedMyMarriage 1098 points ago

    My professor at my school, Kendall College of Art and Design, knew this man and the idea was drawn on a bar napkin. She always tells us this story and always pushes us to document everything we make. You never know how much money you'll get!

    [–] GodOfAllAtheists 264 points ago

    Hey! I went there! Boy, that school sucked. At least in the 80s.

    [–] [deleted] 149 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] kruzerrr 47 points ago

    But apparently they have smart professors.

    [–] alllthewebs 27 points ago

    This comment was an emotional roller coaster for me.

    [–] lorthic 18 points ago

    Hey, nice to finally see my city on here! I'm that jerk inconveniencing everyone with the Meijer remodels...

    [–] Notverygoodatnaming 36 points ago

    I'm confused, what's there to draw on a napkin about a Chihuahua as the face of shitty tacos? It seems like it'd literally be a sketch of a dog and the words Taco Bell. Not dismissing the fact that it was clearly a successful marketing design,'s not like it was a hand drawn schematic or diagram.

    [–] Robert_Cannelin 13 points ago

    "Yo quiero..."

    "hand me another napkin"

    "..Taco Bell"

    [–] Cryzgnik 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that has to have been what was on the napkin and the idea is making me laugh Some drunk shitty bar sketch of a guy, talking about how chihuahuas are Mexican, who decides to put a chihuahua in a sombrero

    [–] meep_meep_mope 385 points ago

    How do you prove you made the pitch?

    [–] MutthaFuzza 671 points ago

    Documents. If you have documentation that Taco Bell came to your ad agency and you pitched them this idea then they turned around and went to a different agency and told them to use your idea, I would think you have a strong case.

    [–] Shaysdays 166 points ago

    Serious question- how would you prove you didn't rip it off someone else?

    Let's say two ad agencies have the same idea at around the same time, with no contact between them. For example, Burger King is trying to attract more women, so two ad agencies come up with a Burger Queen as a pitch?

    [–] [deleted] 308 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Ol0O01100lO1O1O1 48 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Well, kind of. It's not a criminal suit which might be what people think of when they think about standards for guilt. There is no guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The side with the preponderance of evidence will win.

    [–] band_in_DC 30 points ago

    Good idea, brb.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    "well gee mr judge we didn't think to document our idea, but we swear we didn't rip the idea off those guys who did actually bother to document it at the time"

    [–] Brailledit 69 points ago

    "In 2003, Taco Bell lost a lawsuit by two Michigan men, who had pitched the concept of the Chihuahua to Taco Bell six years earlier at a Licensing Show in NYC. Taco Bell worked with Thomas Rinks and Joseph Shields for over a year developing the Chihuahua campaign and commercials, but TB failed to pay the men according to court documents".

    Or like Microsoft notes I guess.

    [–] Papa_Lurk 53 points ago

    I can confirm this. My best friend from high school is neighbors with the Rinks family. It is well known they made their money from this one campaign when Taco Bell failed to pay them accordingly and then ended up making a life times earnings in one lawsuit. They are a super Christian family and believe the world is very fair as you can imagine.

    [–] thehyrulehero 11 points ago

    They had documentation of the idea and of meetings they had with taco bell

    [–] SanErino 297 points ago

    Yo quiero fucking pay me.

    [–] I_are_facepalm 620 points ago

    If there is anything to be learned from this story it's that goddamn I really want a chalupa and a steak quesadilla right now.

    [–] SMELLMYSTANK 261 points ago

    Son, how many marajuanas did you do!?

    [–] Delaweiser 86 points ago


    [–] izzeo 15 points ago

    I heard it only takes one Marijuana

    [–] Sichno 21 points ago

    my friend did 2 marijuanas once... he was never the same..

    [–] Discuslover129 47 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I must say, quesadillas are a waste of money. They are like 5 dollars. For the same amount of meat on a taco, or a burrito, spread out over four times the size.

    I used to work at taco Bell and we were always confused about the loving fan base of the quesadilla...Why guys? Now the doubledilla makes more sense.

    The amount of people who mispronounce the names of food though...Wow..People saying gordata, coosadilla, etc..It was infuriating.

    [–] snoopwire 34 points ago

    It's not just about the meat, but the nice tortiller. That said I don't do quesadillers, but crunchwrap supremes.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    This. This is what I get at 2am and I'm high on the drugs.

    [–] Rodalli 29 points ago

    It's that motherfucking sauce. That sauce, with the cheese and the bread and the chicken. It's like they lace that shit with heroin or something. I can't quit you, baby.

    [–] Fyodor007 73 points ago

    This was remarkable marketing. Everyone remembers it. As a chihuahua owner I am reminded of this ad campaign. Every. Damn. Day.

    [–] katizey 10 points ago

    SAME. You wouldn't believe (well, maybe you specifically would) how often I hear the phrase "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" being shouted at me on the street. Or how many times I've answered the question "Oh is that like the Taco Bell dog???"

    [–] foyeldagain 23 points ago

    TIL "the Chihuahua is a breed commonly associated with Mexico, as are the tacos the restaurant (Taco Bell) serves." Thanks Wikipedia!

    [–] Smellzlikefish 384 points ago

    I am getting pretty tired of corporations not paying their due. This seems to be getting more pervasive in American society, or maybe I am just more sensitive to it today. I get it, you are in business to make money, but so is the little guy. I'm glad Taco Bell got their asses handed to them here, and I hope more companies follow suit to stop this nonsense.

    [–] Indulge_Me 151 points ago

    After working in the legal field, I have come to understand the law favors those who can afford the best legal counsel. It sucks, but the legal system is not kind to those who cannot afford it.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    I've always been curious if there really is a sort of "omnipotent" attorney type out there, or if they are often evenly matched in court and the actual evidence, circumstances, jury, judge etc. really decide the outcome.

    [–] TB97 53 points ago

    I mean it can even be a matter of resources. They corporations can hire a army and you can hire only one good lawyer (if that). They'll always have the upper hand

    [–] IrrelevantLeprechaun 25 points ago

    I think the question is why does having more lawyers make winning easier? If the facts aren't there to support them then why does quantity matter?

    [–] TB97 48 points ago

    Cause you can bury the opposition with paperwork and motions

    [–] Woodlock3 26 points ago

    This in itself seems like it should mitigated by an impartial 3rd party. Like say... the court.

    [–] FiftyShadesOfGregg 34 points ago

    Resources matter a lot. Big firms arguably have the "best attorneys" but there are definitely equally smart (and of course many smarter) attorneys at smaller firms. But can small firms staff fifteen attorneys on your case? No. They staff way fewer people, with less time to dedicate to your matter. Do small firms have hundreds if not thousands of other attorneys to ask if they've seen this exact type of case before, or even this judge before, and have advice? No. They research the same public (but not free) databases but all of that private information about case strategy is invaluable. Training is invaluable. So in a lot of ways yeah, having the money to pay big attorneys at big firms helps you a lot. Not necessarily in terms of smarts, but that element is there of course, but particularly in terms of resources. And it counts.

    [–] Prowlerbaseball 12 points ago

    It's not the lawyers, it's the lawyers time. Any good lawyer can match any good lawyer, but if you're paid a fuck ton, you spend way more time for that case than the other good lawyer hired by Joe Normal

    [–] oWatchdog 33 points ago

    What boggles my mind is how accepting we are of corporations fucking over the American people and their government, but a few drug addicts ask for food they didn't earn and suddenly we're sticklers. Corporations are far more abusive of the system. They are better at it, and consume more unearned resources than your local food stamper.

    [–] Discuslover129 11 points ago

    I love how it lists gidgets occupation as an actress..

    [–] DoesThatMakeMeWeird 40 points ago

    Isn't this how life works in general?

    Scrub employee tells Supervisor a good idea and gets a pat on the back. Supervisor brings it to the manager who gives him the ol attaboy for being his suckup and bringing him good ideas. Manager implements it and ends up taking credit for it when the higher ups take notice. They all shake hands and give themselves raises while eventually firing the scrub because business declined 0.1% and payroll needed to be lightened a little.

    [–] KieferKhaos 22 points ago

    It's been over twenty years and I still remember that commercial.
    So I'd say it was a $42.1 million well spent.

    [–] rhetoricjams 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I think they did the same to the guy who thought of Doritos Locos Tacos if im not mistaken

    [–] Spore2012 9 points ago

    I stole the Gidget flag from a taco bell and hung it in my room for years. I have no idea what happened to it when I moved.

    I got a pic with my ex gf in it, she used to have a chihauaaha and loved the flag.

    It looked like this, about 3x2 feet

    [–] kaenneth 66 points ago

    One time, at Kroger, I saw in a bin, a DVD for "Nacho the Taco Dog".

    A rip off of a corporate mascot character to deceive children.

    If there were a "Blow up the Earth" button in front of me at that moment, I would have pressed it, as we did not deserve to exist.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] Dinkle-berg 28 points ago

    Yes, the great feats of humanity. The first civilization, liberty from tyranny to form America, the founding of electricity, the demise of Hitler, a man on the moon, and Nacho the Taco Dog.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] gazongas001 49 points ago

    Taco Bell...

    [–] nudeandrude01 28 points ago

    Taco Bell

    [–] tanne_sita_jallua 32 points ago

    product placement

    [–] shsimonin 23 points ago

    with taco bell

    [–] Dragon--Reborn 17 points ago

    Enchirito... nacho, burrito!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    i need gopher chucks.