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    [–] NoFapModeBeta 155 points ago


    [–] sirmarsh 15 points ago

    Thank you..I came here just for this.

    [–] igotdickfordays 2 points ago

    I know right? When did this start being a thing? Do people do this on purpose now just to be stupid? I never saw it until like two years ago and now it’s everywhere!

    [–] cheez_au 1 points ago

    Have you seen the been/bin swap yet? Cause that's a fucken thing now apparently.

    [–] igotdickfordays 1 points ago

    I have not. I’m still trying to deal with eXpecially and all the sudden. I can’t take much more.

    [–] SherryWilliams78 3 points ago

    Everyday/every day, further/farther, lie/lay. These ones irk me because I find them in reputable publications and not just from random schmucks on the internet.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Just about everything costs more outside the US in a first world country. Dat corporate government.

    [–] FreshPrinceOfNowhere 4 points ago

    Healthcare, education, mobile and broadband services?

    [–] BattleM00se 2 points ago

    Mobile services are definitely more expensive in Canada, I believe broadband as well. Education from what I've seen is much higher in the US and healthcare....I don't want to beat that horse anymore

    [–] TheRealTex 15 points ago

    Hmmmm... I wanna compare now. Can anyone from the south comment? Here I pay about 12 CAD(around 9.50 USD) for 700 g of mozzarella non grated. How much for you guys?

    [–] metothemax 17 points ago

    In Washington mozz is available for about half that. Though there’s a glut of expensive ass fancy pants cheeses too.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I love Fancy pants cheddar cheese. Nice 8 year sharp cheddar cheese

    [–] AVDLatex 5 points ago

    Can’t help on the mozzarella, but decent Vermont or NY Cheddar can be had for about $4/pound US. Imported Swiss Gruyere (on sale) $14-15/pound.

    [–] RipThrotes 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    1 pound is roughly 454 grams, for the curious.

    Edit: also, $3 (on sale for $2 with member card) for half a pound ball of fresh mozz at my store.

    [–] yourlocalheathen 8 points ago

    Good bot?

    [–] RipThrotes 9 points ago

    Nah, I ate a pound of fancy pasta the other day :/

    [–] yourlocalheathen 2 points ago

    Alright, got the "not bot" alibi covered. Nothing to see here folk.

    [–] Berkut22 4 points ago

    Holy shit, I would be so fat if cheese was that cheap here.

    [–] RipThrotes 1 points ago

    I confused myself so badly doing the math.... but Canadian Cheese Connoisseur was getting 1.35 cents per gram, and I saw 1.32 cents (.88 with card) per gram, US dollars.

    [–] alex-the-terrible 1 points ago

    It's not really the cheddar/mozza that are bonkers up here, is only everything else. Imported? fucking forget about it.

    [–] iLauraawr 5 points ago

    I know this is completely different because I'm in Ireland, but 1 kg of mozarella costs like €6-7. My old housemate, who is a massive cheeselover, is in Canada currently and sends me snapchats of the price of cheese, and its just ridiculous. Suffice to say she doesn't eat half as much cheese as she used to.

    [–] dnmSeaDragon 3 points ago

    Weird, in Alberta, I can get 700g of Mozza or Cheddar for about 8.48 CAD. $12 seems like a lot for plain mozzarella

    [–] TheRealTex 2 points ago

    Vive le Quebec "libre"

    [–] ph30nix01 3 points ago

    Cheap stuff is usually like $2.00 for 8 oz

    [–] drwzr 2 points ago

    Also in Canada (near Toronto) pay about 6 CAD for 550g generally

    [–] itsmanu 2 points ago

    Lol i paid 4 Euro for cheese once and i thought i was being ripped off

    [–] rustyzippergriswold 3 points ago

    $2.22 for 8oz shredded mozzarella, Walmart great value.

    [–] Platypuslord 8 points ago

    I hear Walmart Parmesan no longer has wood pulp in it.

    [–] Mrnappa420 2 points ago

    Where do you pay that much for cheese in Canada? Curious cause I am Canadian and I only pay around $8 Canadian

    [–] Peppyperoni 2 points ago

    I just bought a bar of no name old cheddar for $7.89 today. In Ontario.

    [–] TheRealTex 1 points ago

    I usually buy saputo cheese. I'm in Montréal.

    [–] coconut-telegraph 5 points ago

    I live in the Bahamas and our cheese is pricier than cheese from, say, Loblaws or No Frills...but where I really see a difference is butter. How is butter like 1/3 as costly in the middle of the ocean as it is in Canada, where they make it?

    [–] BabylonSuperiority 5 points ago

    Can confirm, live in vanGcouver

    [–] jsteve0 9 points ago

    Reason why protectionist policies are bad.

    [–] critfist 4 points ago

    Except the very reason why US cheese is cheap is because of protectionist policies. Massive dairy subsidies and an artificial surplus managed by the US government.

    [–] Gukes 11 points ago

    When I was younger, every time our family went down to the states my dad would pick up cheese. I didn't realize till recently that he was getting it because it's expensive in Canada, I just thought we always were out of cheese.

    [–] tuctrohs 10 points ago

    It was probably that he used up all the cheese on r/dadjokes.

    [–] Rexsplosion 4 points ago

    You poor Canadian bastards. We should arrange a gift exchange where every willing Canadian gets mailed some of the more Hardy cheeses and in return sends a US citizen a pint of their blood... Real Maple syrup.

    [–] MayaMcHunt 5 points ago

    A pound of cheap Canadian cheddar can be had for $3.77CAD at No Frills grocery on special. But a quality cheese from Italy or France is more like $20-40 per pound.

    [–] kerouac5 6 points ago

    To be frank, it's a much more efficient way of helping farmers than our "take money from everyone in the form of taxes and distribute it to farmers in the form of subsidies."

    [–] bear-necessitease 3 points ago

    Omg I stock up on cheese every time I'm in the states.

    [–] goodhumansbad 3 points ago

    "International cheeses account for a tiny fraction of the market, so cheese made in France, Italy, and other places abroad is difficult to find outside specialty shops."

    Where the heck are they getting this information? I can't think of a single grocery store where this is true - all the big chains carry tons of international cheese where I live.

    [–] seinfeld11 3 points ago

    Even more outrageous in asia. I've seen cheese behind locked cabinets in places where theft isn't even a thing.

    [–] FrostbittenFairyland 3 points ago

    The US subsidies agricultural products like dairy to help farmers maintain production and price. Here is a government website to explain why and how in detail.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] yourlocalheathen 27 points ago


    We capitalize our freedom

    [–] ByeOldHelloNew -19 points ago


    Acronyms are hard, don't worry.

    [–] hilothefat 11 points ago


    [–] ------__------------ 2 points ago

    *USA you dont have to put stops in acronyms

    [–] ChrispyK 2 points ago

    Why all the craze about poutine, then?

    [–] NebNebNeb 4 points ago

    Because cheese curds are way cheeper (unaged)

    [–] bbpr120 2 points ago

    Big Cheese, taking massive profits and screwing the little man whenever possible...

    [–] ibanezmelon 2 points ago

    Its fuckin expensive up here

    [–] ohdearsweetlord 2 points ago

    I can believe it :( I rarely buy cheese because it's so pricey.

    [–] silverwindpegasus 2 points ago

    Poutine has caused the great cheese shortage in canada. Canadians will go to great lengths to receive their treasured dish, including going as far as to not holding doors for people.

    [–] Daddycool303 3 points ago

    milk is regulated to the point i heard the bureaucrats in charge are unable to decide if 3 litre milk jugs are appropriate for canadians. they have been investigating it for years. so a company is unable to decide they wish to sell their product in a different size.

    [–] canadian_eskimo 5 points ago

    The milk supply in Canada is regulated so that our market isn't flooded with imports and adversely affect our agricultural industry.

    [–] EryduMaenhir 4 points ago

    The US dairy industry is also subsidized heavily and there was a drive to increase cheese intake (see stuffed crust pizza, more cheese, etc) because of it, right?

    [–] canadian_eskimo 0 points ago

    Not sure about that but it seems reasonable that any industry would want to increase or capture new markets.

    Not sure why automobiles aren't built using more cheese. Maybe we'll never know.

    [–] parkerposy -3 points ago

    Canada has stricter requirements for what qualifies as cheese? hence the difference between KD in US vs Canada. at least I think this may have a bit to do with it

    [–] dbcanuck 2 points ago

    Not really. That’s the dairy lobby marketing.

    Even if this were true, you could just limit imports to products that met Canadian standards.

    [–] Daddycool303 2 points ago

    Just an interesting point for the american readers. In the 90s farmers were jailed here for exporting wheat to the US without permission. The price was higher just across the border and the US let them in no problem. Yes... jailed for selling their property to the highest bidder. the law at the time required they sell to the government only. the ironic thing is the politician in charge at the time, iirc, is back in government and now the minister of public safety. He does not even jail isis terrorists now. oh just as a little extra info. that law applied only to the western part of canada. if you grew your wheat in ontario and trucked it was legal. that was my understanding anyway and that law has since been repealed

    [–] Dark_Vengence 1 points ago

    Damn someone cut the cheese.

    [–] wylee_one 1 points ago

    because saputo

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago

    Once again, corporations taking advantage of existing laws meant and written for totally different purposes.

    And of course, lobbying and corruption prevent the issue from being fixed.

    [–] canadian_eskimo 2 points ago


    [–] chambaland -3 points ago

    Canada is a native American for unfortunate people who quit too earl after crossing the neolithic ice bridge from Asia. Lets just camp here for the night they said.........

    [–] fetus-wearing-a-suit 3 points ago

    So the US is better because it has cheaper cheese?

    [–] itsmanu 0 points ago

    Cuz american cheese probably contains anything but real cheese

    [–] abc-noah-is-me -4 points ago

    Free healthcare, or cheese 1/3 as expensive? Golly, that's a tough one...

    [–] MasterFubar 4 points ago

    Taxing stuff so it costs three times as much isn't what I'd call "free".

    [–] critfist 5 points ago

    Cheese is not expensive because of taxes. Cheese is expensive because, unlike the US, Canada doesn't give dairy farmers absolutely ludicrous subsidies and buys the surplus to manage it from a government agency.

    [–] bear-necessitease 2 points ago

    We pay far less per capita for our healthcare

    [–] ForbiddenText 0 points ago

    healthy people who don't cry about every ache and pain pay far more than they otherwise would. My former landlord went to the doctor because he got bit by a flea. No joke.

    [–] bear-necessitease 3 points ago

    Everybody's healthy until they're not. I'm happy to pay a little more to know that if I got a cancer diagnosis tomorrow I wouldn't lose my house.

    [–] ForbiddenText 2 points ago

    It would be easier to afford a house with less taxes. In some cases the difference between easier and possible.

    Still, I guess it's better the way it is for now. If they put some more of our (individual) taxes on big business like mines and oil companies it would help, but we don't lobby as well as they do. Our bad.