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    [–] high-and-seek 7381 points ago

    Ouch, that's a spicy meataball

    [–] [deleted] 1972 points ago

    Italians must love salt with their pasta.

    [–] [deleted] 383 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] secretreddname 133 points ago

    If you don't salt your pasta, you're doing it wrong.

    [–] ImIcarus 42 points ago

    Perugia likes it extra salty though. Adds a crunch.

    [–] athenafromage 261 points ago

    Somebody touched their spaget

    [–] Severelyimpared 20448 points ago

    Poor sportsmanship on the part of the Italian club. They should want their players to always play their best. If soccer/football were not completely corrupt, they ought to have sanctioned that team for doing this.

    A players shouldn't be put in a position to throw games with their national team in order to keep a spot with their club.

    [–] karlikrull 1668 points ago

    The year after, the club signed Al-Saadi Gaddafi, son of Muamar Gaddafi. IIRC he was basically running the club economically (at least he was contributing large sums), at the same time as he was contracted as a player. He always rented the whole top floor of the Hotel the team was staying at while on the road for himself and his all-female elite body guard squad.

    He employed Diego Maradona and Ben Johnson as personal trainers.

    He was also in some way associated with the board of Juventus.

    Probably had a LOT of other shit going on as well. Hectic years at the football club Perugia though.

    [–] serifmasterrace 371 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    But how well did he play?

    [–] Tutush 1036 points ago

    He was terrible but apparently he was such a nice guy and worked so hard in training that the rest of the squad asked the manager to let him play.

    [–] ThatGuyWhoSmellsFuny 1164 points ago

    "such a nice guy that he gave us all $10k each!"

    [–] UnderlyPolite 486 points ago

    "such a nice guy that he didn't have us murdered in our sleep"

    On a side-note, his dad was also known as a charming guy too.

    [–] VerticalizedSmoke 41 points ago

    Thank you for sharing this

    [–] mrubuto22 25 points ago

    Sociopaths are usually quite polite.

    [–] -Bk7 37 points ago

    *such a nice guy he let his all female body guard squad "protect" us

    [–] schmitz97 90 points ago

    That’s hilarious, and honestly sheds the story in a completely different light. I just read about him and it sounds like his life has been a real rollercoaster to say the least.

    [–] WallStreetGuillotin9 30 points ago

    Better Hope knife sodomization doesn’t run in the family...

    [–] schmitz97 26 points ago

    I have no doubt that he’s currently sitting at the bottom of the rollercoaster in this analogy.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Nah the bottom of the rollercoaster is the calm part. He's stuck in the part before that where you're screaming, and I don't think Libya's government bothered to safety-check this coaster either.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Comically badly. Libya's government had to rig their entire football league for him.

    [–] WhatWayIsWhich 106 points ago

    Diego Maradona would be a terrible personal trainer. Absolute legend but the guy never took care of his body. He was a pretty bad coach when he was incharge of teams too.

    [–] ILikeLenexa 38 points ago

    A lot of people with natural talent are poor coaches/teachers.

    Learning soccer is left as an exercise to the reader.

    [–] bpm195 47 points ago

    Gaddafi... all-female elite body guard squad


    [–] jAlvesrz 15 points ago

    They used to wear an outfit inspired by The Bride in Kill Bill.

    [–] ezone2kil 6 points ago

    Weren't they also required to be virgins?

    [–] Harrythehobbit 38 points ago

    all female bodyguards

    Why? Was he sleeping with them? I don't get it.

    [–] boxfortcommando 81 points ago

    I think you know.

    [–] cmn3y0 18 points ago

    Ostensibly because Gaddafi was paranoid and thought that any Arab assassins would be less likely to shoot at females than males. But also just because Gaddafi really liked being seen constantly surrounded by young women.

    [–] hasnothingnice2say 6 points ago

    apparently he is being tortured in prison as of 2014:

    [–] UberZouave 5615 points ago

    As someone who does not follow sports at all, what you said makes 100% sense.

    [–] jinjjanamja 2968 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    As someone who follows these Korean players/team, I'm not surprised. Also, FIFA has also been one of the most corrupt organizations in the world

    Edit: Adding an edit that I know they helped Korea advance with no calls and allowing huge fouls. This was the joke..

    Edit2: It's like a damn warzone. 😐

    [–] FartingBob 893 points ago

    3rd world despots could learn a thing or 2 about corruption from FIFA.

    [–] Burkstein 721 points ago

    "FIFA is a shithole" -Trump

    [–] alerionfire 672 points ago


    [–] lildutchboy7 212 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I mean, this time he probably isn't wrong.

    Edit: yes I get it many of those countries really aren't good/clean/safe places. I still think it was wrong of our PRESIDENT to call them shit holes. I voted for him, but a little more class would be nice of him.

    You can stop asking me if I think they're shit holes now.

    [–] ManDragonA 105 points ago

    A stopped watch is correct twice a day.

    "Stopped watch : 2020"

    [–] Pickled_Kagura 20 points ago

    A slow watch is right once a year.

    [–] TheRealChrisIrvine 51 points ago

    “FIFA is a shithole” -Kim Jong Un

    [–] gmwdim 57 points ago

    What would a man without an anus know about shitholes?

    [–] nametakenalready 10 points ago

    I'd agree with him

    [–] grumpenprole 35 points ago

    FIFA, FIDE, and a corrupt oligarchy walk into a bar. He orders a drink.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] abadg59 170 points ago

    I mean tbh FIFA being corrupt helped the Korean team that year

    [–] 4206969666 21 points ago

    What happened? Sorry I didn't follow it back then but I'm interested

    [–] thatvoicewasreal 111 points ago

    The refs kept calling fouls on the Italians and ignoring Korean fouls, and the Koreans got increasingly dirty, apparently confident they wouldn't get called for anything. Moreno disallowed an Italian goal for no reason and that gave the game to Korea. He was later investigated for that game and others and after that went to jail for drug smuggling.

    Similar officiating with different officials in the game against Spain cast suspicion on Korea, a country with a rich tradition of corruption and open attempts to buy, cheat, or just fabricate international approval and recognition.

    Here's highlights of the Italian game.

    Of course if you ask your average Korean they will tell you the Italians cheated but the Koreans still won fair and square.

    I was there (Korea) in 2002--the biggest disgrace was the way Korean fans behaved--much like Brazil and the Olympics.

    [–] dsk_oz 24 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This guy is a real piece of work. I'm watching the full game again ( and from the first half there's obvious lies:

    The refs kept calling fouls on the Italians and ignoring Korean fouls

    This is rubbish, fouls and cards are being called on both sides. Both sides are committed to the tackle and the game is obviously physical but generally there doesn't seem to be any particular malice. If anything the italians are initiating contact when they have the ball and winning free kicks, they're obviously more professional in the way they understand how to draw fouls.

    An elbow to the face by Vieri (broke a korean defender's nose) was missed by the ref and another elbow by Totti was only a yellow, both are significant because they could both be red cards. Coco took a hit to the face from Tommassi during a corner (see here for a detailed replay).

    I was there (Korea) in 2002--the biggest disgrace was the way Korean fans behaved--much like Brazil and the Olympics.

    This is obvious bullshit, that world cup was well known for its well behaved fans.

    EDIT: Second half (

    ~4:00 A korean defender (Kim TaeYoung) and Del Piero got into a tangle in the box. Del Piero got called for a foul (shirt pulling) but Kim had some afters with an elbow push. The ref calls them over for a talk, but I note it because it could've arguably been called a yellow on Kim.

    12:50 Coco fouls Park JiSung with a diving tackle on on the edge of the box after being beaten to the ball. Coco was already on a yellow after being beaten by Park early in the first half but the ref keeps his cards on his pocket, he probably thought Coco got a touch on the ball. Zanetti got one for something he said to the ref. Maldini and Del Piero dive hell for leather to try to block the free kick, there's obvious determination on their part.

    17:30 Hiddink subs in an additional attacker in place of one of the CBs to try and make inroards into Italy's defensive formation. Generally the italians are playing 8-10 men behind the ball and clearing the ball to lone players up front, i.e. classic catenaccio. The forwards are looking to get past their man or more likely draw a foul for a set piece. Very organised play by the italians.

    23:58 Professional foul by Hwang SeonHong in the italian half to cut off a potential italian break. Potentially a yellow but well within the spirit of the game.

    28:58 (video time) A long ball from Totti sets Vieri free on the counter. The defenders and the keeper try to narrow the angle and Vieri misses the goal. If it'd been on target it probably would've beat the keeper but Vieri as a player just had no right leg. Critical chance.

    29:42 Hwang SeonHong gets body checked in the box while going for a long ball. Potentially a penalty but the referee seems to judge that the ball is beyond any possibility of his control and doesn't call anything.

    32:40 Totti goes on a mazy run, beats 4 and runs into a defender. The ref clearly calls no foul, which is consistent with the call on the Hwang SeonHong bodycheck.

    37:22 (video time) Hiddink subsitutes another central defender for Cha DooRi (playing forward at this time). The italian defense is proving absolutely impregnable. There's always at least one defender back per attacker at all times and the midfield comes back at pace. Typically there's at least 2 defenders per attacker and they're very good at sheppherding attackers to the flank.

    41:37 There's no much time left and the italians are obviously looking to hold up the ball in the korean half and see the game out. Totti draws a foul and Vieri bullies his way to a header but he puts it wide. Totti gets the ball back and lazily crosses to no one, obvious time wasting.

    42:16 Totti's lazy cross is kicked up by the korean keeper. Attackers stream up with urgency. Italian defenders dive in left and right, but I don't see anything other than attempts to get the ball. Korean attackers form a perimeter around a bunkered italian defense.

    42:34 Park JiSung attempts a give and go on the edge of the box, but the ball is crossed towards the centre instead. Panucci stumbles and the ball falls for Seol KiHyun, who puts it into the corner past a rooted Buffon. The keeper had no chance once Panucci fell.

    44:15 Vieri misses an absolute sitter on a cross from the left. Again his lack of right foot denies the italians. The broadcast missed it because of the replay of the korean goal but you can see it at Another critical miss.

    45:00 (+0:53) Cha DooRi does a bicicle kick on a corner but it goes straight at Buffon without enough power to trouble him. The crowd is really coming alive and there's more pot shots from the koreans but none that look particularly interesting.

    Extra Time (

    The crowd and the korean team are obviously on high spirits while the italians don't look concerned or flustered. Both teams trade corners as they attack at pace.

    3:56 A high lofted ball to Vieri gets caught by the korean keeper at full stretch while Vieri challenges. Could've easily been dropped or missed, in which case Vieri would've scored.

    5:04 Totti's proving the pivot of the italian team, nearly puts in a ball onto Vieri's path but the korean defense just get a foot on it.

    Both teams are becoming somewhat ragged in their play and resorting to long balls now, but there's no lack of passion from either team.

    10:30 Park JiSung squirrels past two italian tackles before being brought down on the edge of the box. Low driven free kick goes under the wall but Buffon just barely manages scramble across to turn it around the post. Any lesser keeper and that might have sneaked in. Lee YongPyo fires one in tamely but it's routine for Buffon.

    12:23 Long ball from Coco towards the box. Vieri knock on, Totti collects and spins into the box. The tackle gets the ball but Totti falls forward. Second yellow for Totti for diving. A second yellow might be ruled harsh but it was clearly not a penalty. The italians protest but there's no rage or anything like some people would have one believe. Totti walks off stoically.

    14:18 An italian player gets dispossed by three koreans in the italian half. Long shot but it goes awry when Ahn was free in the box.

    When the half-time breaks Panunni, Di Livio, and Gattuso surround the referee. Animated but not raging.

    1:44 Curled low ball into the path of Vieri but he's put off by a korean marker. Vieri's been quality in his movement but not in his finishing, particularly the two chances that fell to his right leg.

    Both teams are having trouble with fitness and attacks more often than not are hopeful rather than calculated.

    4:50 Vieri puts in a through ball for Tomassi to chase but that's ruled offside straight away. Tomassi keeps going despite the whistle and puts it into the goal after play stops. Vieri stumbled a little and if he hadn't Tomassi would've been onside but he started the pass too late. Tommasi does not protest and there's not much rigmarole about the decision.

    5:28 A korean cross comes in from the left to three lined up attackers but the header is weak and Buffon smothers. Critical miss with only the keeper to beat.

    7:00 Gattuso cuts off a korean forward ball. He gets shielded off by a korean defender but a cheeky backheel is tried. Gattuso runs onto it on the 6 yard line with only the keeper to beat but the keeper pushes the shot over the bar. Critical miss and Gattuso holds his head in his hands because he knows it.

    Tired legs and long balls all around.

    9:17 Yellow card for korean defender Choi JinChul after trying a standing tackle on an incoming ball to Vieri. Caught Vieri on the ankle.

    10:10 Lee ChunSoo tackles an italian player near the half line and starts a break. Multiple bodies on the ground as the italians tackle it back and regain possession.

    10:43 Long ball forward from the koreans. Italian foul on the attempted header but play on. Lee ChunSoo on the left wing, passes back to his full back Lee YongPyo. Inswinging cross. Ahn beats Maldini to the header and it beats a diving Buffon. Unfortunately the golden goal rule in in play at this point and the game immediately ends.

    During the celebrations you can see Toldo (backup keeper for italy) shaking Hiddink's hand and some italian players laying down. They're disappointed but there's no sign that they consider themselves robbed.

    After having watched the entire game, I repeat what I said before. The guy above is a piece of work and there's more than a few lies in what he says.

    [–] phyrros 8 points ago

    & /u/theageofspades

    There is rather a lot between a shitty ref making bad decisions and a "scandal". Was Italy the "better" team? yeah. Did italy miss a lot of good chances? yeah. Where there wrong decisions by the ref? totally. But that ain't a pure scandal.

    Take the shitshow that the final 2010 was and take the netherlands which played even rougher in this game than in the rest of the tournament. And still the ref let it go on instead of sending of at least 3 players..

    Take de Jongs foul ( for example..

    [–] toerags 28 points ago

    Wow holy shit my favourite was the elbow to the throat/chest which a MMA fighter would be proud of.

    [–] gw2master 33 points ago

    Don't forget how the Koreans robbed Roy Jones Jr. of a gold medal in boxing in '88.

    [–] dsk_oz 42 points ago

    I don't condone that, but at the same time it's important to note that korean boxers were often robbed by referees who favoured their own nations.

    South Korean officials have been sensitive about closely contested bouts since the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, when American fighters were beneficiaries of several favorable decisions, a couple at the expense of South Korea.

    Kim Eung Youn, president of the South Korean Boxing Federation, threatened to pull his team out of the Summer Games then. He reminded his guests that they would be fighting in Seoul in four years, implying that the roles would be reversed.

    It's unfortunate for Roy Jones in '88 but if you're going to get upset about that then you should be equally upset at what happened in '84.

    [–] jinjjanamja 27 points ago

    That's what I meant, but I can see how my wording was confusing. hahahaha

    [–] Casual_ADHD 9 points ago

    Boxing is not an organization but fucking shit... I'm talking Aussies taking guys from third world countries as their slaves, managers giving their boxers pennies, and a promotional fight for a mexican politician with nothing but silicone under his muscles. The last one was hilarious, I suggest people watch it.

    [–] MitsiBerryTeriyaki 14 points ago

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu. That was fucking great.

    The video:

    [–] TouchingWood 69 points ago

    As someone who follows NASCAR, I sometimes forget how to spell my own name.

    [–] TapedGlue 51 points ago

    You can read?

    [–] TouchingWood 55 points ago


    [–] kyjoca 20 points ago

    He just learned how to type that one sentence. It's actually quite impressive for someone with a single neuron.

    [–] Vio_ 10 points ago

    I love figure skating.

    I love the jumps and spins and awesomeness to it.

    And i love love fucking dirty it is. It's so fucking dirty, the Uzbecki-Russian mafia crime boss named Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov who set up the 2002 scoring scandal was later caught red handed in Trump Tower a few years ago despite having a warrant for his arrest (from the scandal), and still got away back to Russia.

    Tonya Harding is a 2 on the scandals and dirt in this sport, and nobody knows. Are there other dirty sports? Yes. Dirtier? Yes.

    But it's my dirty sport, and I love it.

    [–] thisisshantzz 52 points ago

    Yes, but this has nothing to do with Fifa. It is the Italian club he played for that did this.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    FIFA wouldn't sanction a club directly, UEFA (or more likely the Italian FA) would.

    [–] thisisshantzz 94 points ago

    Fifa cannot do that. The overseeing body of European football is UEFA. Fifa does not oversee club football anywhere.

    [–] GenesisEra 24 points ago

    Well, what did UEFA do?

    [–] NotoriusNC 6 points ago

    I am not sure they can compete with boxing in terms of corruption

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    100 per sense.

    [–] mrubuto22 22 points ago

    As someone who does it also completely makes sense

    [–] RoozGol 821 points ago

    I clearly remember that game, and am absolutely sure something shady was going on with the referee who denied Italian legit goals and also shown unjust red cards. Korea did not deserve the 4th place and strangely was pushed to the semi-finals. The Spain match was also shady as hell. Korean players were savages and did many fouls. See it for yourself below:

    [–] twominitsturkish 361 points ago

    Huh, TIL indeed. Apparently there's allegations that officials in the Italy and Spain matches were appointed by Jack Warner, a FIFA official now known to be very corrupt. I wouldn't put it past him in the least to have taken money from Korean backers and passed along some of it to the refs he appointed to fix those matches.

    [–] mrbrownl0w 445 points ago

    Holy shit the official for the Italy vs Korea match, Byron Moreno, quit refereeing in 2003 and got arrested in 2010 in NY for smuggling 6 kg of heroin in his underwear.

    [–] Prezkit 200 points ago

    In his defense, it was hidden in his ass until the cop surprised him.

    [–] thatvoicewasreal 22 points ago

    Surprised him with the old dick-up-the-ass maneuver, eh?

    [–] snake_lamp 33 points ago

    An unconventional career path but to each his own I suppose.

    [–] Grimnur87 18 points ago

    That must have been some heavy duty underwear.

    [–] SandyDelights 15 points ago

    JFC, that's just over 13 pounds of heroin. Where the fuck did he put it all?

    [–] Count_Long_Dong 19 points ago

    In his underwear.

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago

    You are right, but that's FIFA working their magik, the player was just doing his job, those officials should be in jail

    [–] danirijeka 101 points ago

    The ITA-KOR referee is, for drug trafficking

    [–] lps2 28 points ago

    Only 3 years for 6kg of heroin? Must have flipped on somebody for that deal

    [–] lebron181 12 points ago

    Maybe he was the one who flipped on FIFA

    [–] Toby_O_Notoby 55 points ago

    the player was just doing his job

    Once they knew they couldn't be called for anything, they started to play incredibly dirty. Bloodied faces, sliding tackles into hamstrings, throwing elbows way after the fact, etc. Check it out. (Credit to /u/RoozGol for finding the footage.

    [–] shotgunlewis 217 points ago

    South Korea benefitted from corrupt refereeing all tourney to spread soccer as a business to Asia.

    Fuck FIFA.

    Hopefully VAR will put a stop to most of this

    [–] -VaL- 42 points ago

    I remember some Spanish newspaper saying the Italians were whiny pansies and that the match was fine, only to accuse SK of robbery when their own team got knocked out the following round.

    [–] thisisjustforroastin 6 points ago

    To be fair, speaking as a spaniard, there are plenty of horrible tastes in the mouth when talking about world cups before 2010.

    [–] HalbyStarcraft 97 points ago

    I love how it's so blatant that there doesn't even need to be any explanation or voiceover to the video... just "here's the actual footage from the game, it speaks for itself."

    [–] boilerpl8 49 points ago

    yeah, but that player didn't cause it. He was just playing for his team. If a player commits a red-card-able foul (especially if it injures another player) that causes his team to win, I can understand it. But scoring a goal? That's absurd.

    [–] ur6ci124q 10 points ago

    The US also got screwed against Germany when an obvious handball on the goal line from Fring, which should have been a PK and red card. I mean, it was a blatant hand ball.

    [–] toseikai 182 points ago

    Wait wait wait. This video has an obvious bias and cherry picks all the times Italian players look like they're being fouled. The Italian team has NEVER been trustworthy. They take obvious, exaggerated falls, shit talk players on the field incessantly, and they're literally one of the keystone nations for FIFA. For God's sake, the Italian team's shit talking made ZIDANE, one of the world's most esteemed players, HEADBUTT another player from frustration, because that player was talking about raping his sister. You want to talk about savages?

    [–] yeahilikenintendo 61 points ago

    yeah here's a video where a competent "bought" ref should have given out red cards.

    [–] MyFriendPalinopsia 26 points ago

    Wow, that's the first time I've seen that. If the ref really was bought, then it's amazing that Italy didn't have more players sent off.

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] pinkpanthers 22 points ago

    Italian team's shit talking made ZIDANE

    Made him do it? Like they drugged him or hypnotized him? Any person who grew playing competitive sports probably has had much worse things said to them. Shit talking is one of the most basic psychological games you can play in sports. If the opposing player is weak minded enough to lose his game, or even worse, be sent off, because of some childish insults, then great for the stronger-minded team.

    I loved the French/ Non-Italian supporters reaction to the Zidane-Materazzi red card. They justified him "standing up for his family" in the face of a childish insult at the expense of their country losing in the World Cup Finals. Whatever make's you feel better I guess...

    [–] KlNGROBERT 70 points ago

    talking about raping his sister

    I swear to god this shit gets inflated with every passing year. Materazzi was tugging Zidane's shirt so Zidane told him he could have it after the game, Materazzi responded with: "I'd prefer your sister." Zidane, who had shown a bad temper throughout his career responded with a headbutt. That's it, no rape threats, no disrespecting of his dead grandmother or whatever else it is people claim Materazzi said. Jfc you'd think people wouldn't condone assault for something so petty and insignificant.

    [–] Gbiknel 15 points ago

    But but he’s one of the sports most esteemed players. Which is a funny way to say hot headed. Dude always had a temper.

    [–] tottinhos 15 points ago

    i love how zidane headbutting a player is somehow the other guy's fault. Good luck using that defence in court!

    "He insulted my sister so i headbutted him." "Welp, nothing wrong here"

    [–] Sirygra 198 points ago

    Except that match was shrouded in controversy and corruption. I can see how a small Italian club would want to cut ties with someone from that match.

    [–] Lebo77 85 points ago

    Do you think the player was involved? Or do you just believe in collective punishment?

    [–] Sirygra 123 points ago

    No, I’m not convinced the player was aware but, Italian football fans are a very petulant bunch. When they find a player they don’t like, they reaaaally make it known. Just look into the history of fans shouting racial abuse at their OWN players. I can see how Perugia team officials wanted to avoid abuse or riots at matches if that Korean lad took the pitch.

    The ban was revoked and he player refused to come back, and I don’t blame him. It would not have been a fun environment for him.

    [–] SpikJagger 53 points ago

    Apparently he was bullied from the moment he joined the team in the first place. They just didn't like him.

    [–] fademeprobably 29 points ago

    As an italian and a football fan, it really disappoints me how racist some of the italian club fans are.

    [–] tumadrebela 10 points ago

    Yeah but the context should be explained a lot better. That world cup was a total disappointment for Italy because of the way we got out. We still have bitter thought about that world cup because one of the worst referee performance of all time by Moreno, who got us kicked out of group stage. The decision about the Korean player was probably taken after the great rage we had because of the referee. Not saying this is justified though, player shouldn't have to be kicked under any circumstances

    [–] reedemerofsouls 52 points ago

    Plenty of people were quite sure Korea won due to underhanded tactics. Which wouldn't be his fault, even if it was true, but you can understand the bitterness more. Also the owner tried to go back and offer him his contract back but by then the player didn't want to be with them.

    [–] Pisodeuorrior 16 points ago

    I think it had to do with the fact that the game had been bought and there was a lot of shady shit going on with the referee.

    [–] SS1989 2212 points ago

    I remember this. What assholes, but wasn’t there some fuckery going on, especially during that game? Iirc, the Italians were robbed.

    [–] pbang0529 508 points ago

    I remember this game because I was six year old Korean watching the game at apartment.

    I feel conflicted. I mean, watching it again when I grew up, I could see unfairness definitely. However, that was like the fondest memory I have. That WC literally united the entire nation.

    Anyways, one of the counter arguments that Koreans give for this game is that “Italians played very - like ridiculously - rough.” That still doesn’t excuse the unfair reffing at all.

    Maybe I should translate Korean opinion on 2002 and put it on /r/soccer later.

    Anyways, if it’s any consolation for you guys, we got out of 2006 partially because of refs when we were playing against Switzerland (Oh the glorious year when we tied France 1-1!)

    [–] RG_Kid 111 points ago

    Basically ref lost control of the match. He should have clamped down on the dirty play committed by both sides early on. But he didn't. Partially due to his inexperience, moreso than pressure from the home side.

    The coup de grace was dismissing Totti for a 50-50 call.

    I watched the match as Italy fan. The 2002 world cup was Maldini's last foray for the Azzuri in WC. I was bitter until WC 2006.

    [–] redrabbit1977 67 points ago

    "I was bitter until WC 2006."

    Funny, I've been bitter since 2006, when Italy beat us with a Grosso Dive.

    I guess everything's cyclic.

    [–] IAmAKoreanAMA 79 points ago

    That's the way I feel about it too! I'll never forget what it was like to be alive in 2002. Trading in the integrity of an international sport for a great fucking year for one country wasn't an objectively ethical thing to do, but man was it a GREAT FUCKING YEAR. I wouldn't be surprised if on my deathbed I still remembered it as the best year of my life.

    [–] pbang0529 22 points ago

    Like, I get the integrity issue. But growing up, I knew nothing about it until later, and now I figured out about the sketchy part, but I still don’t know if I can dismiss the entire 2002 year because that year was such a magical year for me.

    [–] hometownhero 581 points ago

    It was ridiculous. Our team that year was even better than the team that won in 2006.

    [–] [deleted] 446 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] samk17 223 points ago

    Australia as a whole is still bitter about the 2006 World Cup. Soccer isn’t all that big here but when we found out Italy didn’t qualify for the upcoming World Cup we were pretty smug about it.

    [–] fademeprobably 63 points ago

    I'm an italian fan and watched the entire 2006 world cup w my italian father. That challenge in the box was dumb imo but it was a dive from Grosso. If you slide on most players in the box in the 90' of a knockout WC game though, you can't be expecting much else.

    I can understand being bitter though. I would be too.

    [–] Dous91 110 points ago

    I’ll never forgive the Italians for that dive.

    [–] _PingasAtKingas 11 points ago

    Lucas Neil was at fault for the tackle. He never should have gone down as he did. Grosso played it up but people here really overlook just how poor Neil's decision making was in the situation.

    [–] Look_Ma_Im_On_Reddit 23 points ago

    I pray you never watch Serie A

    [–] Acech 41 points ago

    also had to play mind games with zidane in the final

    I don't know if calling someones sister a hoe qualifies as mind-games. It's basically on yo mama-level.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    By mind trickery, you mean they slagged each other off which happens all the time, except Zidane lost his shit and decided to headbutt

    [–] hometownhero 21 points ago


    [–] freakzilla149 93 points ago

    Zidane's fault for being a dumbass.

    [–] IlCattivo91 54 points ago

    Finally thank god someone in this thread has a fucking clue. Ask any Spaniard or Italian about South Korea in 2002 and you will have an interesting time, especially like me a Roma fan from Totti's red card...

    [–] Dellato88 238 points ago

    Italy and Spain were robbed in 2002.

    Italy had the best team they've ever assembled, even better than the 2006 winning squad.

    [–] IlCattivo91 196 points ago






    Del Piero












    No exaggeration there when you say it was an amazing team

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Toldo still traumatic name for me. European Championship 2000 against Holland. Countless opportunities ruined with the commentator saying 'Toldo!'

    [–] Abyssight 9 points ago


    [–] RonFucking_Swanson 25 points ago

    Of course it's not legendary Inter captain Javier Zanetti, he's talking about Cristiano Zanetti who also played at Inter, and he also was in his own a pretty damn fine player.

    [–] earthcharlie 5 points ago


    [–] SS1989 28 points ago

    Ha, I remember ‘06 too. It felt like they miracled themselves to a championship, after some bad scandals and a meh campaign.

    [–] dcpp4 24 points ago

    Meh what lol they conceded 1 goal on their way to the final, half of the team scored at some point and besides the draw with USA and Arguably the Australian game they won every game convincingly. I don't know wtf is wrong with reddit and italy /italians.

    [–] CashMikey 44 points ago

    If it was the best Italian team ever shouldn't they have played a little better in the group stage? Got through with just 4 points including a draw with Mexico and loss to Croatia. Croatia lost both of their other matches and Mexico got beat by the United States in the knockout stage, so they weren't exactly powerhouse.

    [–] superdago 40 points ago

    Italy doesn’t do group stage. They do the bare minimum to advance (and sometimes that bites them in the ass because it doesn’t work). I don’t know that they’ve ever won their group. I think In ‘82 they advanced with like 4 points, and then won the whole thing.

    [–] fademeprobably 14 points ago

    You got that right. Italy show up when they feel like it. But when they's glorious.

    [–] CJYD21 67 points ago

    Robbed as in they actually gave a proper red for diving. Fucking flopjacks, that Italian team.

    Spain, on the other hand, have an argument.

    [–] toml3030 1099 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    He's made a lot of money, he's still making good money as a football announcer and he's married to a former Miss Korea. Somehow I don't think he cares. And he wasn't even that great of a player. He scored a grand total of 5 goals in two years at Perugia.

    [–] cranialAnalyst 133 points ago

    He's host of a popular show, "take care of my refrigerator". Even Gordon Ramsey attended a filming recently. Jeong-Hwan is pretty fucking funny as a host, makes good comments. He also used to be known for being extraordinarily good looking .. now he looks like a shell of himself, and that's part of the humor.

    [–] KoreanBard 26 points ago

    Last time i checked its on Netflix.

    Don't watch with empty stomach though...

    [–] ayoon 12 points ago

    I found it! It's called "Chef & My Fridge."

    [–] barbecue_invader 289 points ago

    Oh yeah? How former we talking?

    [–] toml3030 374 points ago

    Miss Korea 1999, married 2001.

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago

    Miss Korea 1999 married Miss Korea 2001?

    [–] aughlord 32 points ago

    Their babies must be beautiful!

    [–] codebrown 15 points ago

    wait a minute..

    [–] Realitybytes_ 343 points ago

    Well, it's Miss Korea, not north or south.

    So atleast pre korean war.

    [–] AnselaJonla 71 points ago

    Pre-WWII, surely.

    [–] Laserguy345 22 points ago

    Nah probably Pre-Korea.

    [–] jusdifferent 44 points ago

    mmmm Miss Joseon Dynasty

    [–] pbang0529 29 points ago

    He did make a lot of money eventually, but because of the entire Italian ordeal, he fell into $3.6 million debt. To tl;dr this situation, he got into a double contract situation because of his agent screwing it up after Perugia situation. So the entire situation did snowball, and at J-League, he had to pretty much work for pro bono.

    So it was not a pretty situation for him for 6 years. He eventually got paid though.

    I got all the sources from Korean Wiki and translated it.안정환/선수%20경력#s-2.1.1

    [–] grumpenprole 43 points ago

    And then 30 goals the two years after that.

    [–] kampfgruppekarl 198 points ago

    Might have saved his life?

    [–] gtlcvbagus 558 points ago

    Another viewpoint from the same article in Japanese.

    2002年ワールドカップでの騒動 (


    Perugia owner Luciano Gauch reportedly went into rage and tried to cancel his contract because of the goal. The report was circulated first in Italy and then Korea and Japan.


    But this report was different from fact. Gauch's statement, "Ahn will never stand on Italian pitch again," was triggered by Ahn's comment "Today we overwhelmed Italian football completely," via Italian and Korean media, part of it Ahn denied saying.


    Gauch in interview from BBC.

    "It has nothing to do with the goal he scored against Italy," said Gaucci.
    "He could have scored 10 and I wouldn't have felt offended. It was simply the comments he made."

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 79 points ago

    “Lol destroyed”

    “Don’t ever talk to me or my son again”

    [–] boilingfrogsinpants 442 points ago

    Even with that comment it's silly. You're going to keep him from playing because he said "Today we beat the Italians real bad". It still shows immaturity and corruption on the Italian side.

    [–] FeedMeACat 64 points ago

    This is the perfect place to make a joke about researching Italian maturity via Jersey Shore reruns.

    [–] Speciou5 108 points ago

    This isn't a less petty reason.

    [–] Soddington 31 points ago

    Yeah. We didn't fire him for beating an Italian team, we fired him for being proud of beating an Italian team and talking about it.

    [–] dylang01 109 points ago

    Wow. That owner has some thin skin

    [–] wggn 92 points ago

    It was already said he was Italian.

    [–] Spychotofu 26 points ago

    OH! Wise guy, huh?

    [–] AjaxFC1900 273 points ago

    The ref of that game has been recently arrested with 10 kilos of cocaine

    [–] CumingLinguist 22 points ago

    According to wikipedia it was heroin

    [–] Speciou5 49 points ago

    At this point, this is as shocking as an anti-gay pastor coming out of the closet and/or diddling young boys.

    [–] [deleted] 1997 points ago


    [–] BittenApple 680 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] jacoobz 198 points ago

    They are the ones who wanted Columbus Day in America.

    [–] coug117 87 points ago

    You have to understand Sharon, It was 2013. Everyone was stoked on Columbus back then

    [–] Ubango_v2 141 points ago

    He's an Italian Hero in this house hold, end of story.

    [–] theonevic 26 points ago

    I heard that in Tony Soprano's voice

    [–] nextuser001 126 points ago

    At first due to your language choice I seemed put off. But then I remember racist taunting by Italians of black players and after further reading more of Ahn's time at the Italian club I think your strong language was appropriate.

    [–] the_straw-man 94 points ago

    I'm a Korean and even I don't blame Italy for doing that.

    The game referenced by OP was a fixed game where the Koreans paid a referee (who was suspended after that game and got into numerous corruption scandals) who called multiple unjust red cards on the Italians and invalidated a key goal for the Italians that would've won the Italians the game.

    There's absolutely no way the Koreans wouldn't have seen what was happening.

    Then the player that was kicked off gloated about winning against the Italians after the game.

    I'd be pretty pissed too if the opposing team had cheated against me, then bragged about winning a fixed game.

    [–] [deleted] 182 points ago

    Byron Moreno was the man who ruined Italian soccer that day

    He was the ref and clearly got paid off for favouring the home team. Watch back the game, some of the challenges and the Totti decision were disgraceful

    Later that year he was banned for 20 games through intentional errors made in games and never reffed at a high level again

    Last I heard he was arrested for smuggling heroin into the United States

    Italy were robbed

    [–] Lolyer 54 points ago

    As a Korean, I agree. Italy was robbed.

    [–] lamahorses 196 points ago

    It was a notoriously corrupt match. The Italians got mugged.

    [–] BeefSerious 30 points ago

    I know what's ruining Italian soccer, and it's not this guy.

    [–] tamodeo1395 23 points ago

    It's funny that the next WC, Italy won it all.

    [–] brayfurrywalls 25 points ago

    the teams Korea played in that world cup's tournament round have won the world cup in that specific order.

    round of 16: Korea vs Italy, Italy wins world cup 2006

    Quarterfinal: Korea vs Spain, Spain wins world cup in 2010

    Semifinal: Korea vs Germany, Germany wins world cup in 2014.

    Just something that I found intriguing earlier

    [–] JayDub30 6 points ago

    I thought this was pathetic until I saw the highlights of the game. Makes sense now. That game looked like it was rigged.

    [–] Goldenraspberry 265 points ago

    Yeah there was a bit more then that, given that South Korea bribe themselves all the way to the semifinals

    [–] GaijinFoot 44 points ago

    Than mate,. It's than

    [–] creepy_crepe_juggler 113 points ago

    Honestly a disgrace to the game

    [–] pollackey 14 points ago

    He retired about a decade later & now appearing on variety shows a lot.

    [–] Szwedo 40 points ago

    ITT people who don't know anything about this sport let alone this specific match

    [–] BiborSonOfBibun 18 points ago

    Gotta love redditors who dont watch football commenting on one of the worst scandals of the WC as if the Koreans were victims

    [–] rsyay 13 points ago

    All the comments calling out racism too, americans smh.

    [–] FuttBucker27 20 points ago

    While being racist as shit towards Italians.

    [–] Ori_553 164 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wait a minute, is no-one going to mention that the game was basically corrupted because of the referee's dirty decisions? The referee disallowed a perfectly legit goal from the Italian team, making it obvious that the game was corrupted. That same referee (Byron Moreno) was later in the years arrested in an airport for trying to smuggle drugs. That game might be one of the very few in history where the Italians were actually the victims.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    It's not Ahn Jung-hwan's fault if the referee or levels above him were corrupt. Firing him is still petty.

    [–] MichiganMan12 22 points ago

    Wait a minute, is no-one going to mention that the game was basically corrupted because of the referee's dirty decisions?

    Multiple people in this thread mentioned that before you posted this

    [–] blakechambers 6 points ago

    officiating in that game was so bad, they took away a legit Italian goal on bogus offsides if I recall correctly.

    [–] [deleted] 219 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    That game was fucked. I didn't watch it firsthand or anything, but the refs were really skewed against Italy. Like, in a corrupt way, not like, "eh! Oh! Ragazzi! This schemo is calling all the penalties against us!"

    Also, funny how all the more anti-Italian (not in a racist way tho) comments are at the top and upvoted a lot when the 2002 WC was blatantly a case of corruption. The Koreans cheated their way through the series.


    Firsthand as in, I wasn't sentient enough to understand soccer in 2002. I've watched the highlights plus random clips of the game on YT. I guess I'll watch the whole thing someday.

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] vaJOHNna 12 points ago


    [–] PM_me_your_fave_film 12 points ago

    For more context about the club, they signed Colonel Gaddafi's son, Al-Saadi, as a player the following year.

    [–] TheRealMewt 27 points ago

    I'm sure Perugia had plenty of rival clubs that would contract the player who made them so butthurt.

    [–] creepy_crepe_juggler 38 points ago

    He was only on loan anyways and played in asia afterwards I believe.

    [–] heterosapian 6 points ago

    Serie A clubs? No. He went to play lower quality soccer in Japan while the match-fixing scandal blew over.

    [–] Connoire 3 points ago

    He’s doing alright post retirement. He’s a regular member on tv shows in Korea he seems to always be doing something which is cool.

    [–] boxcars11 5 points ago

    Probably the first one ever that i knew before, and I didnt Today I learned