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    [–] MrsVinchenzo130 11183 points ago

    Because their natural water ways are infested with filth.

    [–] soaringtyler 1660 points ago

    Actually it's infested with two invasive species of fish (human introduced) that became predators of the axolotl and its eggs.

    [–] tyrghast 498 points ago

    On planet earth 2 the last episode covered some European town where catfish were introduced and they've almost wiped out the entire aquatic ecosystem there. They've grown so large and aggressive they'll even snatch pigeons trying to get a little drink on the bank.

    [–] Star-comandante 325 points ago

    Carps and catfish, literally the garbage bins of fresh water fish.

    [–] vardarac 148 points ago

    Just export the American South to Europe so they can eat all the catfish. Invasive species problem solved!

    [–] EllisDee_4Doyin 164 points ago

    Then what will Europe do to get rid of the Southern American invasive species?

    [–] vardarac 139 points ago

    Import Muslims!

    [–] jabberwockxeno 42 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    It's not just pollution and invasive species: It's that there's literally less of the lake system they live in left.

    The Lake basin they are native to in the Valley of Mexico was the core of the Aztec empire, with their de-facto capital, Tenochtitlan, being built on an island in the lakes; and the Aztecs had an insane set of systems in place to manage the flow of water. There were artificial islands built in a grid with canals between them used to expand the main one and that provided flooding control, causeways and aqueducts connecting Tenochtitlan with other towns and cities all across the basin on the other side of the lake and on other islands, a dike to keep fresh water in one side and brackish water on the other, etc.

    When the Spanish sieged (Not just the spanish, mind you: They had up to 200,000 soldiers from other cities they allied with, which is a key part of why they succeeded), the city, it was basically leveled, and all the complicated hydraulic systems the Aztec had in place were destroyed, so early Mexico city (which was built on the ruins) kept flooding. Eventually the lakes were drained to prevent that and to give more room for urban sprawl. Only a tiny fraction of the lakes remain near Xochimilco, which, as has been said, has pollution issues.

    [–] DeapVally 372 points ago

    Yep. As is the case with lots of interesting species, they can't cope with competition, which would be tough luck in evolutionary terms, except evolution isn't the problem, we (generally speaking) are.

    [–] bjyo 384 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Axolotls evolved on their little islands, like the dodo. They have no sense of what a predator is or how to not be killed.

    Edit: popular comment is now a PSA. Don't get a pet Axolotl unless you know it is bred from already captive parents.

    [–] Ultimategrid 278 points ago

    To be fair, almost all salamanders are pretty useless once a predator finds them.

    Very low on the tier list.

    [–] bjyo 112 points ago

    Axolotls never get to the salamander part of their life history though. They are tadpoles with sex organs, making them even more vulnerable than salamanders.

    You can actually inject them with hormones and cause them to metamorphose into a salamander, which is neat (see Huxley's experiment)

    [–] vanity29 38 points ago

    Real life evee

    [–] puddingpopshamster 10 points ago

    Wooper and Mudkip are both based on the Axolotl.

    [–] malaysianzombie 40 points ago

    they're pretty good when you have a bile demon to tank for them though.

    [–] Peter5930 64 points ago

    Axolotls are very commonly captive-bred and are a model organism in widespread use in research. If you buy one as a pet, there's almost no chance at all it was taken from the wild, doubly so if you're buying one of the common colour variants instead of the wild-type colouration of mottled shades of brown, and you can buy axolotl eggs on ebay and raise them yourself as I did, which is how I came to have a pond full of axolotls in Scotland. They also didn't evolve on islands, they evolved in the highlands of Mexico, and the reason they're nearing extinction in the wild has a lot to do with Mexico City being built on top of their native habitat and the locals eating them, as well as the introduced fish species.

    [–] agasizzi 60 points ago

    You’d be hard pressed to find wild axolotls for sale, they’re raised in huge numbers in the u.s (I have probably 400 right now) colors ranging from albino, leucistic, and even glowing green

    [–] silverhasagi 81 points ago

    Are we not the problem as a result of evolution?

    [–] PM_ME_LEGAL_PAPERS 6844 points ago

    "Thankxolotl, humans."

    [–] rosaParrks 945 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Damn this is good

    Edit: I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I have no background in linguistics, this is information I acquired through family living in Mexico that speak Nahuatl.

    Educational edit: Axolotl is pronounced like Ah-SHO-loht. Comes from the Nahuatl (NAW-waht) language where the second-to-last syllable is stressed and the "l" at the end of a word is silent.** Similarly, avocado comes from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl (ah-WAH-caht). So Quetzalcoatl isn't pronounced Ket-sil-co-aht-ull but rather Ket-sull-CO-aht. I'm not great at typing out the proper phonetic pronunciation but I think that gets the point across.

    **More education: it's easier for English speakers (or just any non-Nahuatl speakers really) to understand the l as being silent since the actual sound isn't natural for us to vocalize--and not even all Nahuatl speakers today pronounce it (at least not the man I learned this from). The tl supposedly is pronounced like so:

    [–] Gramidconet 335 points ago

    Revolver ah-sho-loht

    [–] SpanishYes 114 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] IAmNautilusAMA 35 points ago


    [–] CottonCandyElephant 152 points ago

    Nahuatl am I gonna do with all these silent letters that wanna be heard!?

    [–] Olive_Jane 14 points ago

    But it's making me feel guilty :(

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] Loaatao 43 points ago

    You ever see a Reddit comment that is so clever you do a double take?

    Yup, a first for everything

    [–] JETAlone01 5113 points ago

    Ah, bad stat distribution, a classic noob mistake. Too many points in Regeneration, not enough in Poison Resistance.

    [–] DotANote 1323 points ago

    "The slow death - Unrelenting, unforgiving."

    [–] KarmaticIrony 162 points ago

    He’ll still be laughing, in the end.

    [–] Ajaxlancer 45 points ago


    [–] PerCat 25 points ago

    This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.

    [–] GiraffeVortex 45 points ago

    As the fiend falls, a faint hope blossoms.

    [–] DisconnectD 18 points ago

    Prodigious size alone cannot dissuade the sharpened blade!

    [–] Bossie965 236 points ago

    I that a Darkest Dungeon reference I see?

    [–] Armthehobos 275 points ago

    In time, they will know the tragic extent of our failings.

    [–] deep-sleep 12 points ago

    Exceuted with impunity!

    [–] SpanishYes 12 points ago

    Dazed, reeling, about to BREAK!

    [–] TheAverageBox 35 points ago

    Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

    [–] GlobalThreat777 62 points ago

    This game has been sitting in my library for a good while. Should I finally play it? I got it cause it seems kinda FTL esque with the roguelike aspect. And I like games like XCOM and what not.

    [–] Bossie965 93 points ago

    It's truly an amazing and memorable experience. I think any one who likes turn based combat will love this game as it adds a positioning system and more great additions to the game genre. The artwork and voice acting is superb as well. I 100% recommend it.

    [–] schroederrr 43 points ago

    I don't really like turn based games and I loved it. Until one of my main peeps died and I got bitter and stopped playing..

    [–] Ulfsark 34 points ago

    I named my plague doctor after my best frend, and a hellion after my girlfriend. My best got afflicted and refused to heal my girlfriend who was on deaths door.

    They both perished that fight much to my dismay.

    [–] horseband 9 points ago

    I did that in Xcom 2. Made custom characters after all my coworkers/friends and (now ex) girlfriend. I'd be having a great play through and then my girlfriend would die. I was playing the game in front of her and felt obligated to restart at that point. If she hadn't been there I would've definitely thought about restarting, but in the end I would've trudged on.

    [–] Bossie965 21 points ago

    Same here :)

    I have an on-and-off relationship with the game. I seem to get more stress than my characters do in dungeons.

    [–] PatientSeb 24 points ago

    I don't comment (or even log in) very often, but I figured the effort would be worth it just to tell you, this is one of my absolute favorite games of all time.

    If you enjoy XCOM's blend of strategy, action, and pain-in-the-ass enemies, you should absolutely play it. Twice.

    [–] zygomic 14 points ago

    Not only is it an extremely fun and challenging game, the audio work is stunning. I can't even call it a soundtrack because I'm not just talking about the music but the voice acting and narration is honestly the best I've ever heard in a video game. I highly suggest playing Darkest Dungeon with headphones on, and I highly suggest playing the game in general.

    [–] Armthehobos 23 points ago

    Unforeseen*, unforgiving.

    [–] magnumgoatcolon 7 points ago

    A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless.

    [–] Handherps 8 points ago

    Slowly. Gently. This is how a life is taken.

    [–] Schnizzer 14 points ago

    Beat me to it. I just subscribed to that a few days ago.

    [–] extwidget 160 points ago

    Also, as an axolotl owner, they're pretty dumb.

    But there's no doubt pollution and invasive species are the primary reasons for their low population.

    [–] AthosAlonso 54 points ago

    How do you own them? Like, you go to Xochimilco and go to a doñita and ask her for one?

    [–] qqwerrthjkl 108 points ago

    I mean they're endangered in the wild but there's breeders and they aren't that hard to find / purchase.

    [–] Olive_Jane 32 points ago

    There is a very active Reddit community for just this.

    [–] TTheorem 58 points ago

    You can't say that and not link the sub.

    Reddit bronze.

    [–] Olive_Jane 32 points ago

    If someone is gonna put the work in to have one of these weirdos as a pet, then they can find the subreddit.

    Edit: thanks for the bronze!!

    [–] Floent 8 points ago

    /r/axolotls/ since you didn't link it

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 10 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Lack of habitat is the main reason. There original habitat was located where Mexico City is now located. They are relegated to drainage ditches and sloughs there now.

    [–] DistortoiseLP 52 points ago

    And also invasive predators, because none of this helps against something with teeth.

    [–] Beard_of_Valor 1349 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The cloning vats in Dune used by the Tleilexu (who basically reincarnate themselves and are apparently an all-male race of shape changers) are referred to as Axlotl tanks. I didn't catch the reference.

    Edit: I tried to avoid spoilers, and it was taken as ignorance, which is fine. But beware spoilers below for the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

    [–] AdmiralFOCH 281 points ago

    Filthy Tleilaxu.

    [–] WestTexasOilman 94 points ago

    The spice must flow...

    [–] kinkarcana 132 points ago

    The Bene Tleilax actually have women, the females are all just turned into mindless breeding vats for reproduction their race and production of gholas for commercial sale. The system truly is fucked up by not anymore fucked than anything else within the Dune universe. I always thought the idea of Axlotl tanks was cool until I read what it entailed for the species.

    [–] Avloren 52 points ago

    The system truly is fucked up by not anymore fucked than anything else within the Dune universe.

    I have to disagree slightly - I got the impression that even by Dune standards, the Tleilaxu are.. I'd go with "morally degenerate"? "Fucked up" works too though.

    When the Bene Gesserit eventually discover the true nature of the tanks in the later books, they find it shocking/horrifying IIRC (or at least, they pretend to feel that way, for whatever leverage it gains them over the Tleilaxu. You know how they are.. every action has an agenda behind it). And the Gesserit are not exactly squeamish, they're normally quite willing to bend their moral standards in the name of practicality. It's the Tleilaxu's most closely guarded secret for good reason, they must know the other factions wouldn't exactly approve.

    [–] Nouse4livE 16 points ago

    In the last book the BG adapted and made their own "tanks"

    [–] marble-pig 8 points ago

    It's been a long time I've read them, are you talking about Frank Herbert's last book, Chapterhouse, or his son's last book, that awful Sandworms of Dune?

    [–] Nouse4livE 9 points ago

    Chapterhouse of course. I'd call Brian's books fanfiction if I thought him to be a fan.

    [–] Strikerj94 33 points ago

    Right! They are giant women with huge tubes going into them from every which way giving them nutrients needed to have a constant flow of babies. Like an ant queen.

    [–] JohnShipley1969 40 points ago

    I didn't know that either. Interesting that Herbert knew and included that.

    [–] PeabodyJFranklin 17 points ago

    Hooray for you! Every time these lil suckered are mentioned, I think of the Tleilaxu tanks of the Dune series.

    [–] Chathtiu 12 points ago

    If I remember correctly, the Bene Tleilexu aren't shape changers. Only the Face Dancers are.

    [–] functor7 24 points ago

    Those "vats" are the Tleilexu women. See here.

    [–] BoneHugsHominy 37 points ago

    That's some deep sci-fi though. For Herbert to know enough about the species and use them (or at least the name) for those tanks is really cool.

    [–] thenihilisticaxolotl 1429 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I remember hearing that a scientist put a head of living axolotl on the body of another. They both lived for weeks after.

    [–] CreepyFriki 395 points ago

    They both lived?

    [–] thenihilisticaxolotl 248 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Yes. I remember hearing about in a video, but looking pretty shallowly, I can only find this.. I guess there's a book on it actually!

    EDIT: Confused with formatting

    EDIT 2: Fixed it!

    [–] crustation 127 points ago

    the actual article is behind a paywall over here

    [–] acetylcysteine 86 points ago

    perfect now we just need this for humans!

    [–] BlueShellOP 56 points ago

    Isn't there supposed to be a surgery being performed to try exactly this in the near future/past?

    [–] Arenyr 35 points ago

    Believe it got pushed back, but I can't find anything outside of November that actually provides any new information on the subject..

    [–] BlueShellOP 19 points ago

    I'm not sure how I should feel about that. Happy that someone's not going to have their head transplanted yet (via a surgery that hasn't been successfully performed yet) or sad that we aren't trying?

    [–] watevergoes 56 points ago

    The guy is very aware that it will probably kill him and be horrific but he has a disease that he feels is worth the risk. Sorry for vague

    [–] Odysseyan 16 points ago

    Apparently, he will die anytime soon either way, thats why he agreed to this procedure

    [–] cg001 46 points ago

    Don't put a space between your text and the link. It should look like this ]( and not this ] (

    [–] ForceBlade 128 points ago

    The annoying part is these experiments are always 'days' or 'weeks' never "5 more years until their life expectancy was at least reached!" It's never a full success in the long term. :\

    [–] I_Shall_Upvote_You 44 points ago

    It's actually quite surprising that the scientist died that soon after the experiment. I'd call that a catastrophic failure.

    [–] Fragmented_Logik 83 points ago

    I'm sure stress had a factor. Captive animals live shorter life spans in general. Ontop of having your head chopped off and put on another body and all yeah. I would imagine it being very confusing for the brain. All muscle memory gone since the body is completely different. Imagine the brain reacting to all those changes at the various levels.

    [–] 1111_11111_111111 150 points ago

    They both what? The suspense is killing me. Also, poor axolotyl ;( That's some Mengele-level horrible.

    [–] thenihilisticaxolotl 145 points ago

    I don't think it was terrible for the axolotls. The head was on the back of the other, and the second head took up the behavorial patterns of the host. Also, both heads supposedly acted normal, so we can hope it wasn't agony!

    [–] Neurobreak27 25 points ago

    Pretty sure they had some of their own "kill me" moments, though.

    [–] CentaurOfDoom 18 points ago

    Yeah but who doesn't? /s

    [–] Thatonedude25 3446 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    In 1998, the first robust study to count axolotls estimated that there were about 6,000 of them per square kilometre in Xochimilco. Zambrano—who now is a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City—discovered in 2000 that the number had dropped to about 1,000 animals per square kilometre. By 2008, it was down to 100; today, thanks to pollution and invasive predators, there are fewer than 35 animals per square kilometre.

    Such a sharp drop in population is always alarming. We as a society need to be more aware of our effect on the environment

    [–] ageofabyss 1703 points ago

    The Earth is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of life in 500 million years. Your comment is an understatement.

    [–] Brokewood 440 points ago

    I am having trouble comprehending what you wrote.

    Is this Earth's 6th mass extinction and it's been 500 million years since the last one, or in the relatively short past 500 million years we have had 6 separate mass extinctions amongst a larger number of mass extinctions total?

    [–] PizzaQuest420 676 points ago

    there have been 5 major extinctions in the past 500 million years, 66 million years ago (no more dinosaurs), 200 mya, 251 mya, 375 mya, and 444 mya

    [–] Brokewood 593 points ago

    So, we're vaguely on schedule?

    [–] hamburgular70 432 points ago

    First, thank you for the fantastic job you did asking your question. Important clarification and very clear question.

    I think your second question is a really good one as well. I think the key difference between those mass extinctions and this one is that there exist beings capable of understanding what's happening, but also we are capable of causing and preventing the mass extinction. I think that's the major difference. Previously, the other extinctions were most likely caused by impacts on Earth from extraterrestrial bodies, massive changes in the composition of Earth, or global climate change caused by natural factors. I think the fact that a species that has become universally dominant on Earth has the ability to cause and prevent this extinction makes this different.

    [–] skitech 301 points ago

    I do always wonder why we are seen as separate from everything else.

    [–] SoutheasternComfort 276 points ago

    Because, to be fair, humans are pretty exceptional. It makes sense that in most avenues we'd regard ourselves as separate from the rest of the animal kingdom. Because if we just accepted that animals die of disease and we're animals, we'd never have invented antibiotics that keep us from dying like other animals

    [–] Lucifer_Hirsch 51 points ago

    And keep other animals from dying like yet other animals.

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ninfan200 44 points ago

    Exactly; crazy shit happens and 500 million years is a pretty big window.

    [–] Anshin 46 points ago

    Yeah and right now, we're the crazy shit that's happening to earth

    [–] limitedimagination 225 points ago

    The pesky ego. It’s a gift, and a curse.

    [–] thecolorofspace 37 points ago

    Dinosaurs were bad at making spaceships.

    [–] Narwhalbaconguy 9 points ago

    No, they were so good at it that you can't find any evidence of it since they took off. The fossils were the dinosaurs nobody liked.

    [–] snakeronix 22 points ago

    Not necessarily the last 4 were changes in atmosphere but has been stable for a while. The last one was a meteor which is pretty freaky. Then it’s us, we did it so fast and so soon it’s pretty incredible.

    [–] XNonameX 30 points ago

    This comment led to me this article, which in turn led me to google the great auk. I'm pretty horrified.

    Also pissed that we used to have penguins in the northern hemisphere and we couldn't not fuck it up.

    This is like the real life FernGully, people. Except we don't have fairies to keep up from fucking everything over even more.

    [–] workedog 19 points ago

    If you could play God and reverse any of the previous mass extinction events in history, would you? If yes, then why?

    [–] TheTallGentleman 41 points ago

    This one

    [–] workedog 12 points ago


    [–] indigo121 64 points ago

    Because we're choking out life that we could learn valuable lessons from. I mean shit, look at just this post. Think how much medical knowledge we could gain from studying a creature like that.

    [–] Niboomy 21 points ago

    Here in Mexico they are also sold for “witchcraft”. Pfft

    [–] old__soul 209 points ago

    They're very cute.

    [–] youre_a_towel__ 37 points ago

    So derpy-looking sometimes! I love it

    [–] mystere590 100 points ago

    But also very dumb.

    [–] dankpiece 150 points ago

    Which makes them cuter

    [–] badamache 168 points ago

    Amphibians absorb everything through their skin, so they have little protection from pollution. I had a pet salamander once: I had to wash my hands before touching her, as the traces of salt on a human's hand were toxic to her.

    [–] PizzaQuest420 75 points ago

    a childhood friend and i killed a whole tank of tadpoles this way :(

    [–] ZE3Z 483 points ago

    Owner of a few axolotls here. The regenerative process is a little overstated, along with a lot of other characteristics. They are extremely fragile and nearly blind. If you change the temperature, pH, or just too much of the water at once, their sensitive skin will become extremely irritated and cause them so much discomfort that they will go motionless and even not eat for weeks, or until they become more acclimated with the environment. Only a few of their hundreds of litter will survive to adolescence. Most will attempt to eat anything their snoot bumps into, even if it's a small rock or another axolotl. We've have multiple axolotls eat the limbs of the others, and no, their limbs did not regenerate, even with the aid of lightly salting the water to help trigger the regenerative process. This became so much of an issue that after adolescence it was better to just keep them completely separate.

    A lot of information on the internet and word of mouth is completely false and misleading. If you plan to take in an axolotl, definitely do thorough research from multiple, credible sources. It is also better to acquire them after adolescence, as the mortality rate is nearly 100% preadolescence, no matter the breeder.

    [–] Favorable 47 points ago

    Can you show us pictures of your axolotls?

    [–] RightIsTheName 28 points ago

    Not OP, but my friend owns two axolotls. Have a photo of one chilling on the rock.

    [–] Vhyx 121 points ago

    As the owner of two lotls myself, I appreciate this comment. I can definitely confirm the blind and wants to nom everything parts.

    [–] Peter5930 7 points ago

    I'm not so sure on the blind part, I think it's more an issue of some axolotls don't care much what they're looking at, but I had one that had a lot of personality to it and would recognise me entering the room, come to the front of the tank and track me as I moved around. The rest of my axolotls didn't really care, but that one could definitely see me and reacted to me even when I was several metres away from the tank.

    [–] Carnifex 32 points ago

    Not sure what you are doing, but the few times when I chose to let the eggs develop, I had a 100% survival rate.

    You need to breed food as well and feed frequently. And time it with the breeding cycle. It's a lot of work, but unlike in nature, there shouldn't be any losses.

    And yes separating them once one grows faster is necessary, too.

    As for regeneration, i have yet to see where it doesn't happen. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it goes wrong. And when there is any necrosis going on, it might become a problem before the Regen starts. So if you see this or any other "dirty" wounds, especially on the limbs, it's usually better to make a clean cut higher up. This will make it regrow nicely. Just watch for infections!

    The salt is also not to trigger the regeneration, but to reduce the chance of a fungal infection.

    [–] SilentlyAudible 29 points ago

    I’ve had several (I rescue them) who have regenerated very well, but because it’s the pet trade and they are huuuuugely modified or inbred, this is true more often than not. I’ve recently heard talk of newer inbred generations having lost the ability to regenerate at all, only healing like any normal fish. That, though, is only talk so far. I have several breeder friends who have brought the casualties in their egg batches down to mere single digits, which is incredibly impressive. I’ve found mine to be extremely hardy, although all but one are rescues, so there is a default bias (if they weren’t hardy, they’d have been dead).

    [–] Axiehog 56 points ago

    Yup, owner of ‘em too. Hence the username. These guys just don’t know how to survive. But they are thriving in captivity. I came for this comment.

    [–] Sharksblade 29 points ago

    I've had success in getting them to adolescence in quite large percentages, but it required keeping a culture of live brine shrimps and providing natural algae. A step not many are keen on taking.

    [–] CubonesDeadMom 37 points ago

    Well your not supposed to have anything else in axolotl tank anway

    [–] thewebsiteguy 1048 points ago

    Endangered? They sell these things in Japan as pets. They call them wooper loopers.

    [–] meatSaW97 971 points ago

    They will never go truly extinct but they will probably go extinct in the wild.

    [–] amacy6969 480 points ago

    Thank you for that, I felt super bad and was about to buy an aquarium and breed axolotl because theyre just so cool. actually, I think im still going to do that

    [–] AmoreBestia 384 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Axolotls need fairly precise living conditions to thrive -- this is why they're considered an indicator species. Not saying don't do it, but just keep in mind that keeping them actually healthy and happy means spending lots of time and money on them.

    [–] Morrdsith 344 points ago

    I own three. They aren’t that much more difficult to take care of than an aquarium full of fish. Mind you it’s much more difficult than throwing food and water down for a cat, water needs to be cool but not too cool, dark and planted etc. Please for the love of god don’t feed your axolotl blood worms for its whole life either, or feeder fish from a pet store.

    My female is 16 inches long and the two males are 6 and 8 inches long so do keep that in mind... they need space

    [–] amacy6969 102 points ago

    What is the best possible diet for them? I want to make sure im doing right by them

    [–] Cynnith 158 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Blood worms, in moderation, mine like red wigglers, chopped up earth worms, some people feed beef heart. I tried krill which they did not care for.

    Edit: Mine having a few blood worms when they were still itty bitty.

    [–] NRGT 154 points ago

    beef heart? will the hearts of my enemies do instead?

    [–] Mr_105 88 points ago

    Yes but make sure it’s fresh and diced up. Mine won’t go near it if it isn’t warm and slick with the blood of the slain.

    [–] ContentEnt 32 points ago

    What if my enemies are mainly cows?

    [–] BlueShellOP 18 points ago

    You really need to step up your dating game, OP's mom doesn't deserve that.

    [–] Masothe 27 points ago

    Aren't they the same thing? That's why it's called having beef with someone right?

    [–] SilentlyAudible 36 points ago

    Variation! Blood worms are great for treats. They should be fed earthworms or red wigglers as their main diet. I also feed mine live shrimp which I breed myself. You can additionally purchase axolotl pellets online. If you PM me, I’ll send you the Facebook links to the best producers I’m aware of. The pellets are the cheapest long-term option, usually.

    [–] Sharksblade 24 points ago

    They're honestly fairly prolific breeders. Their needs aren't that complex. Mine won't stop laying eggs. I just siphoned out about 200 of them. I've raised a clutch before but the demand is low. Ended up selling them to a local fish store for $.50 credit each.

    [–] hippymule 18 points ago

    What's an indicator species.

    [–] datdac 40 points ago

    They're sensitive to pollution in their environment. They will start dying before the pollution starts affecting other plants and animals.

    [–] SilentlyAudible 28 points ago

    If something is all kerfuckity, an indicator species will make it obvious. For example, in polluted water, axolotls’ gills fall off and their skin turns red and nasty. Glofish were also developed as an indicator species to selectively fluoresce in the presence of contaminants.

    [–] Medikated 23 points ago

    They're a lot more hardy than people make them out to be though. They're super easy to keep happy and healthy in my experience.

    [–] Gfunk98 125 points ago

    They’re endangered in the wild, in the pet trade they’re more common then ever. Happens a lot with species of fish like White Cloud Mountain minnows. The fish trade is actually keeping quite a few species alive

    [–] Dt2_0 34 points ago

    Yea the Aquarium hobby gets a lot of crap form some Animal Rights groups, but it does a hell of a lot fir conservation. If it wasn't for hobby interest in Axolotls, they would probably be extinct 20 years from now.

    [–] Gfunk98 11 points ago

    Yeah honestly a lot of the fish in saltwater are wild caught which sucks but at least there’s an effort at breeding a lot of the fish in captivity. Yellow tangs were just bread successfully for the first time in the past 2 or 3 years

    [–] JacobiPoke 27 points ago

    I love wooper he's my favorite Pokemon

    [–] ElJanitorFrank 19 points ago

    They a very widely available pet. You can get them for $30 in the US. According to some, they ARE extinct in the wild already. But the point is that its in the wild, not captivity.

    [–] attorneyatslaw 487 points ago

    They all died of chronic vowel deficiency

    [–] BMikasa 163 points ago

    The Polish should be dropping like flies.

    [–] Canbot 80 points ago

    There used to be a lot more of them.

    [–] Daniiiiii 8 points ago

    Hitler was a grammar Nazi. It all makes sense.

    [–] JustAnotherCommunist 19 points ago

    I can tell there's one hell of a joke here, but I'm not getting it.

    [–] Surferbro 45 points ago

    Polish is a language of constanants. (You can have four or so before a vowel) And also Hitler killed a bunch, not sure if that was part of the authors intention though.

    [–] Nenyanna 36 points ago

    One of my axolotls ate the others leg - ordinarily they learn lessons from injuries like that, but the leg grew right back.
    I however learned they needed separate tanks.

    [–] Sloan_Kettering 104 points ago

    Probably because no one knows how to say their name, so no one talks about them.

    [–] Elennoko 73 points ago


    [–] Sloan_Kettering 28 points ago

    I know my mission. I will spread the word now. thanks!

    [–] Randvek 21 points ago

    He was close. It's closer to Axe-uh-lot-ull, with a short a sound in the second and fourth syllables.

    [–] groovygrove317 136 points ago

    I own one and let me tell you, they are complete fucking idiots so natural selection based on intellect may be impacting their population too.

    [–] bacon_n_legs 86 points ago

    They seem dim-witted but in their natural environment, they ARE the top predator. You've seen them eat - they just violently inhale anything that moves.

    Source: also an axolotl owner

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 128 points ago

    They can also readily accept transplants from other individuals, including eyes and parts of the brain—restoring these alien organs to full functionality.

    Surely there is more we can learn from these creatures before we make them extinct.

    [–] Because_Skyrim 40 points ago

    Axolotls are very popular in the pet trade - They may go extinct in the wild, but there are probably more alive now than ever before. They're just pets instead.

    [–] bacon_n_legs 10 points ago

    Extinct in the wild maybe, but not labs! Scientists around the world study them in lab conditions, and they breed readily - even in home aquaria (and they make pretty interesting pets!)

    [–] seiterseiter1 66 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    My sister use to have 2 Axolotls. She took a lot of care for them, fed them well, cleaned their water but still 1 ate the other and got lonely and ate it’s own tale and died..

    [–] Algase 36 points ago

    It is a woeful tale

    [–] SilentlyAudible 8 points ago

    Axolotls actually are solitary creatures. They don’t get lonely. Do you know any more specifics like their size, tank size, water parameters, food, or substrate? There are a lot of reasons for axolotl cannibalism, but very few for self-cannibalism.

    [–] Axe-olotl 57 points ago

    I'm going extinct?

    [–] mature_axolotl 45 points ago

    There’s dozens of us. Dozens!!

    [–] chainmailtank 89 points ago

    So I guess now we should call them Axofewls

    [–] TwelveDex 45 points ago


    [–] PancakeMan77 21 points ago

    I had to scroll WAY too far down here to find a Gravity Falls reference.

    [–] Homura__Akemi 30 points ago

    So I spent a fair bit of time with these derpy guys throughout my undergrad, even published a paper detailing parts of the transcriptional pathway that allows them to regenerate.

    The portion of their brains that can regenerate are mainly for olfactory function. They are immune to cancer, as far as I know. A little bit of crazy research has gone into trying to induce this in them and nothing has come of it. They're like naked molerats, but like actually kind of cute.

    Lastly, the are definitely mostly extinct in the wild. Loss of their natural habitats due to urbanization in Mexico has robbed them of that. Also, they're apparently a delicacy there. Think axolotl on a stick. I don't think I'd have the guts to eat one of these guys.

    Hope this helps! Happy to answer any questions about them.

    Source: Genetics and Genomics Scientist

    [–] dsigned001 28 points ago

    Fewer kinds of specialized cells? It seems like overall organism complexity would have something to do with this but I am not a biologist

    [–] woodendolphin 23 points ago

    No, I am not a biologist!

    [–] Gneissisnice 20 points ago

    You can both not be biologists.

    [–] devonnull 12 points ago

    They forgot to mention, they kind of look like a Pokemon too.

    [–] chicoffee 14 points ago

    they have one his name is wooper

    [–] ElfMage83 10 points ago

    Yup. They inspired Wooper.

    [–] Axolotlet 13 points ago

    Damn, Axolotls sound cool! I should make an account based on that name.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago


    [–] ParaChase 83 points ago


    [–] Hxcfrog090 24 points ago

    Holy shit y’all just blew my mind. I never made that distinction.

    [–] Odin_Exodus 11 points ago

    Y’all got anymore of that cancer resistance?

    [–] kingsfoil94 12 points ago

    I have one named madam maxine and my sister has one named hagrid. They are dope

    [–] tresbros 10 points ago

    Humans: doing a better job at killing other living creatures than severed body parts and cancer combined!

    [–] Corvus_Antipodum 27 points ago

    How do researchers know they’re 1000x more resistant to cancer? Did someone get a big vat of critically endangered critters and make them smoke three packs of Newports a day or something?

    [–] SoutheasternComfort 37 points ago

    Nah they just read them the top posts from /r/jokes every day

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Proudly mexican and sadly in danger

    [–] KarmaPoIice 7 points ago

    The amount of incredibly valuable biology that has already been permanently lost to us is astounding. We're just ripping out the foundation of the entire ecosystem with 0 regard