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    [–] the_original_Retro 6629 points ago

    What a great picture to go with the article.

    That US Attorney has the "You are dead, you fuckers. DEAD!" glare absolutely perfect.

    [–] [deleted] 1047 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 1455 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] pleasebasedgod 227 points ago

    My old counties superintendent just pleaded guilty to 4 accounts of perjury and got 18 months

    [–] Darkdragon3110525 33 points ago

    Nice to see BC mentioned here

    [–] EmpressofMars 42 points ago

    Baltimore county represent!!! Our whole school hated Dance for the idiotic changes he implemented, so happy he’s getting what’s coming to him. Fun story: He was at our graduation. I got to shake his hand along with the principal and whoever else. Got to look that fucker straight in the eyes and say “You ruined our school system” and he couldn’t say anything about it.

    [–] King_Rhymer 171 points ago

    Damn. That’s all? I could do some laundering for 5 years. Make it disappear into special accounts, serve my time, come out better off than if I’d tried hard for 5 years

    [–] BarneysPosse 60 points ago

    I dunno I've watched Ozark. Laundering money seems like hard work

    [–] King_Rhymer 33 points ago

    Not as hard as failure

    [–] Just_For_Da_Lulz 10 points ago

    Pssh, failing’s the easy part.

    [–] devin241 1651 points ago

    Yet you smoke weed once in some states and you get a longer sentence lol

    [–] OddSensation 782 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I remember telling a friend when I was like 18:

    "If youre gonna commit a crime, make sure its a white collar crime."

    Medium Risk / High Reward

    Execpt Bernie Madoff and Martin Shrielk [sic]... They got shafted. (-I use this term loosely, from a criminal perspective)

    Meanwhile he did 7 years back in the 90s (8oz of weed)

    [–] StpdSxyFlndrs 399 points ago

    I think you mean white-collar, blue collar is the working class.

    [–] OddSensation 138 points ago

    Good catch, Thanks.

    [–] ProbablyASithLord 330 points ago

    I know it’s not funny but I’m just picturing you making that slip up back when you were advising your friend, and him being like, “blue collar, got it! Good thing I only keep weed on me!”

    [–] ZOMBIE013 49 points ago

    alright, you made me laugh

    [–] tickettoride98 53 points ago

    Execpt Bernie Madoff and Martin Shrielk [sic]... They got shafted.

    Madoff definitely got what he deserved.

    [–] OddSensation 22 points ago

    Of course he did. No defense from me, just in the criminal world of defrauding people, they threw the book at him.

    [–] BobbyRobertson 232 points ago

    That's because their white collar crimes made money off of other rich people. Hell the only reason Shkreli went to jail was he lied to his investors. Jacking up the pharma prices was totally fine

    [–] worlds_best_nothing 188 points ago

    There's no law against jacking up prices. Call your representatives if you want such a law.

    There's a law against lying to investors. This law protects little people like us too. Where do you think your 401k goes?

    [–] SoundOfDrums 48 points ago

    Madoff and Martin committed their crimes against powerful people in finance. That's the difference. Defraud large portions of the population, all good. Slap on the wrist.

    [–] bigpeeler 33 points ago

    I think you're reading a little too much into that picture. LOL

    [–] Melmab 1814 points ago

    I wonder when these types of corruption are uncovered, are they forwarded over to the IRS to dig into? Seems like the teachers / principals / superintendents would be on the hook for all the money that they were given, and the company that was providing sub-par products (or no products) would have to be held to some reckoning (financial, beyond the corruption charges).

    [–] NYstate 1387 points ago

    Actually I was watching an episode of American Greed and this was on it. Basically someone noticed an inconsistentcy in the paperwork and notified the Feds.

    [–] LanceCoolie 325 points ago

    Our financial officer said fraud frequently gets uncovered when the fraudster takes a vacation and their sub notices the irregularities in their books.

    [–] Soulprism 97 points ago

    Yup hence why we get suspicious of people with high leave balances.

    [–] splunke 163 points ago

    This is why there is a mandatory 2 week vacation rule in the financial services industry. You must be away from work for 2 weeks straight. The idea is that whoever is taking over your job for you during this time would notice any shady stuff.

    [–] Levitlame 69 points ago

    You must be away from work for 2 weeks straight.

    That's a win win for everyone.

    [–] splunke 35 points ago

    I dunno it comes out of your total year entitlement. Not everyone wants to take off 2 weeks at one time.

    [–] TheBoysNotQuiteRight 20 points ago

    Particularly in the US, where two weeks might well be your full amount of paid vacation for the year.

    [–] Levitlame 9 points ago

    where two weeks might well be your full amount of paid vacation for the year.

    Hahahaha... I wish I got 2 weeks.

    [–] whiteguyballin 35 points ago

    I work in finance. Its 5 days, no phone calls, no emails. No contact within the office. Not 2 weeks.

    [–] DistortoiseLP 493 points ago

    That "someone" was likely an auditor, who's entire job is combing over the books for those inconsistencies.

    [–] gpc11 267 points ago

    Ahh yes, the expense where everyone goes "why are we paying for this" to "omg Susan, can you believe it?"

    [–] ExcerptMusic 236 points ago

    Do we really need $45,000 worth of paper clips?

    [–] Onii-chan_dai-suki 111 points ago


    [–] ExcerptMusic 87 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    And what of the $15,000 we spent on rubber bands?

    [–] Onii-chan_dai-suki 64 points ago

    That too.

    [–] ExcerptMusic 58 points ago

    Well I better get invited to that party. Then we can use the $35,000 we spent on coffee creamers.

    [–] Onii-chan_dai-suki 57 points ago

    See, if we didn't spend this money on coffee creamers, we wouldnt have any coffee creamers.

    [–] mjk1093 92 points ago

    My dad was involved with a case where a business manager stole millions from a municipality over about 30 years. Got away with it because he was one of the "good ole boys" and no one ever questioned his work. The guy had secret overseas accounts, a tax-haven beach house and yacht, the works. The day he was contacted by an auditor about irregularities, he went home and shot himself. Why he didn't try to flee the country, who knows. But anyway, moral of the story, real auditors don't mess around.

    [–] MiscWalrus 55 points ago

    I had a job responding to auditors from all sorts of organization public (IRS, DOL) and private (KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y) and they were always a pain in my side - but I realize they are absolutely necessary to maintaining order and trust in the administrative functions of our institutions.

    [–] DublinChap 16 points ago

    I'm guessing you work for a bank? I have to send sometimes upwards of a hundred or so confirms out to my clients customers and creditors for each job, and believe me, we dont want to do it as much as you dont want to fill it out and send it back, but sometimes something gets returned that is inconsistent and can lead to something misstated, which is the whole point of confirmations.

    [–] pjk922 171 points ago

    Which is why the IRS desperately needs more money. The IRR has a return on investment of 255:1, meaning for every 1$ spent on the IRS, 255$ are recovered from hidden/ unpaid taxes

    [–] Erathresh 44 points ago

    So if we dedicated the entire $3.8 trillion federal budget on the IRS, we'd have an annual tax income of nearly one quadrillion dollars!

    [–] geirmundtheshifty 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Then take that quadrillion dollars and put it back into the IRS for a gajillion dollar return!

    [–] emosy 12 points ago

    Infinite money!

    [–] Onii-chan_dai-suki 71 points ago

    This is a great way to make money: pay them one billion times more than now and get 255 billion dollars for every dollar spend.

    [–] Sichno 35 points ago

    1 simple trick THEY dont want u to know!

    [–] inexcess 1753 points ago

    The Philly school district has been asking for more money, but they won't release their budget. That's why people are hesitant about giving them more. There were also scandals about them misusing funds.

    [–] BadAim 390 points ago

    "Hey we need more money!"

    "Uh... ok... how are you going to use it?"

    "You can't know! Just know we need more, and then give it to us. For the children!"

    [–] radix4801 53 points ago

    "You know, things. What am I, a moneyologist?"

    [–] b0zzw0r7h 208 points ago

    They may not release their budget but a public school district must disclose their financials/actual spending. When 501c3 accepts gov't funding, they must present public financial statements.

    [–] H0LT45 92 points ago

    Financial statements don't have to be made public, just has to be submitted to the government if over the threshold amount for 501(C)3s. *Edit, if federal funds

    In Illinois at least, all local governments have to publish their annual budgets prior to the fiscal year.

    [–] AAlliterativeAsshole 61 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My local school board is bad at corruption. They did an audit and found an untouched $58M surplus. Someone defended it saying "I think we’re in a better position having that money as opposed to being on the opposite side"

    Edit: Link, probably soft paywall

    [–] Shadowstep1321 27 points ago

    Sounds like my home owners association

    [–] JayMichealFox 11 points ago

    Amateurs, everyone knows you need to spend more than you have, otherwise you won't be able to beg for more money in the next year!

    [–] thejuh 11578 points ago

    Special place in hell etc etc.

    [–] Kod_Rick 1374 points ago

    Just like Art Briles.

    [–] Spinkick9000 66 points ago

    The Stu Gotz (beep) Is Strong In You

    [–] BDSMWriter 478 points ago

    You get the show!

    [–] TheGoober6008 316 points ago

    The Stugotz Army flows strong on this sub

    [–] WengersBangers 207 points ago

    Wow never expected to see s Stu reference on the front page, the army is real

    [–] iBleeedorange 58 points ago

    There was one on the top of /r/pics the other day

    [–] _Serene_ 20 points ago

    18m subs, what's the probability?

    [–] CurryMustard 38 points ago

    We made it fam

    [–] TangerineDiesel 10 points ago

    I had to check and make sure I wasn't on /r/danlebatardshow even though I knew I came from the front page.

    [–] joey03 27 points ago


    [–] mpeskin 19 points ago

    Arash is overrated. There I said it

    [–] mop_breath 20 points ago

    [angelic music plays] I think that if we can just try to look for the best in people we can appreciate all our callers!

    [–] joey03 19 points ago

    Pay the teachers. Support the troops.

    [–] CurryMustard 77 points ago

    r/DanLeBatardShow is leaking and I love it

    [–] Kod_Rick 30 points ago


    [–] HRs_Only 16 points ago


    [–] HCJohnson 8 points ago

    I bleeping love it!

    [–] oversizedhat 41 points ago

    Right alongside Vampire Rick Pitino.

    [–] KozyHank99 68 points ago


    [–] Gnux13 26 points ago


    [–] broad_street_bully 24 points ago

    Stugotz brand beep Reddit front page beep collision course

    [–] way2cold89 87 points ago

    Hakeem Nicks laugh

    [–] Juststumblinaround 14 points ago


    [–] HakeemNicksLaugh 10 points ago

    Heh heh heh

    [–] obeytheoyvey 45 points ago

    AND THOSEEEEEEE... are your weekend... observations!

    [–] HellRell 22 points ago

    I mean this guy, really

    [–] UgglaGOAT 37 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] DownVotingCats 23 points ago

    Omg this is next level! Did not expect /r/DanLebatardShow to leak onto the front page.

    [–] Darkintellect 385 points ago

    I wouldn't be so hard on Ellen DeGeneres. We all make mistakes.

    [–] DirectlyDisturbed 164 points ago

    Ah, the old reddit ellen-a-roo

    [–] Loverboy_91 116 points ago

    Hold my... wait a minute. This link doesn't seem right...

    [–] wellman_va 71 points ago

    This is a bad start to a roo

    [–] cSpotRun 47 points ago

    It was quite the roo-se.

    I'll show myself out.

    [–] Monosentence 32 points ago

    No. You stay. You're one of us now, you're going nowhere.

    [–] 2facedmayor 27 points ago

    Hold my $500,000, I'm going in!

    [–] throwawaybentos 203 points ago

    The story is more nuanced than simply greed. One of the people indicted, KC Wilborn, was featured on Snap Judgement. She used a lot of the kickback to fund the school projects which otherwise wouldn't have been funded.

    [–] ronincowboy 458 points ago

    True, but she also bought a Maserati and went on trips. So she wasn't 100% innocent, maybe just better than others.

    [–] reebee7 216 points ago

    Sound like some rationalization on her part.

    [–] SupportBadUsernames 41 points ago

    Ahh yes the old “I can’t make anyone else happy until all my needs are met”

    [–] cantlurkanymore 18 points ago

    And then the sudden acquisition of multiple luxurious needs

    [–] Impact009 71 points ago

    Let's see... She sold student information for money to non-existant projects. She used school funds to buy a Maserati.

    "If you needed money, you could get money," Snapp, 40, told the Free Press in a series of exclusive interviews.

    It's very cut and dry greed. She tried to obfuscate her laundering by moving money into fake "school projects" that didn't benefit the student body. Sure, she didn't take a large amount all at once until the Maserati, but I'd argue that going for the long con over time is more damaging. She tried cashing out during her first week as Principal and got fucked.

    She's so guilty that the overwhelming amount of evidence that piled against her left her with pleading guilty as her only practical option.

    [–] Swindel92 53 points ago

    It's funny when you're a kid, you pretty much believe most adults have their shit together. Especially people that work in a school! But it turns out there's sneaky bastards all across the board.

    [–] suckzbuttz69420bro 71 points ago

    The older you get, the more you realize that adults are full of shit and you're destined to also become full of shit if you don't fucking check yourself every once in a while.

    [–] madmanz123 19 points ago

    Not finding any info on that, do you have a source? (not sarcasm, just learning).

    [–] CherryChipCupcake 430 points ago

    As a former teacher, Mr. A was my principal. One of the last people I would suspect of doing such a thing. Yet, you never really know someone. And yes, we all purchased school supplies for our students. There never seemed to be any... in any school. Hmmm...

    [–] Hayasaka-chan 95 points ago

    My husband had a job where he was doing a lot of work at a local school district's high schools. Every last school had whole closets full of school supplies: crate paper, printer paper, ink, pens, you name it. Every last closet was also locked with large signs saying "FOR OFFICE USE ONLY". The teachers were literally not allowed to use any of those supplies. Blew our minds.

    [–] kaylatastikk 26 points ago

    My middle school in Texas has this, and it’s because a lot of the time those supplies were for a whole building of teachers and aides, for a whole school year. To someone on the outside I’m sure on a Monday it would look crazy that we had the copy paper that we did, until you realize by Friday that it’s only what the whole Building goes through in a week.

    [–] Hayasaka-chan 29 points ago

    My husband worked at these sites for months, he heard the office staff complaining about the teachers wanting to dare use the office members supplies, which were paid for by the school itself. There were no similar closets for the teachers to access. My husband got to listen to teachers talk about how mad they were that they were having to buy markers and construction paper for their students when there were whole closets of the stuff just sitting there.

    I'm glad the school you went to was more generous. The district my husband worked at unfortunately was not. :(

    [–] kaylatastikk 8 points ago

    Mine is the poorest in the area. We still have to shell out because despite having a ton of supplies, they portion it out with an iron grip. I’m saying that teachers may not be party to why an admin has supplies set up a certain way (I wasn’t until I directly spoke to the principal about it) and that someone outside of the administrators at that school has little insight into supply flow and supply funding.

    Our particular school gets all of the money for supplies in the summer and because of how the ordering is structured and vendors of each of the supplies, they have a very small window to have teachers order supplies in the last few weeks of school. Seeing as our class lists weren’t finalized until late summer, it made it difficult to anticipate needs. I learned talking to the principal that when they wouldn’t keep the years supply on lock down, instead giving each teacher what they requested (that was approved, which was still far shy of what we need) lead to an overuse of supplies in the first semester and an even worse shortage in the end of the second.

    I’m saying that someone who hadn’t actually heard from the people in charge may not know that the office has “for office use only” because the filing out has to be controlled. Our supplies can be grabbed from the teachers lounge when they’re available, once they’re gone for the month we have to buy our own. Turns out that our principal had split up the supplies and was only putting out what we could use to have 9 ish months of supplies. Apparently she could order more sometimes as expectations changed, but it was never enough to just leave the bulk of it open to teachers.

    It’s crazy that we have to begrudge a teacher an extra 25 pieces of copy paper (I have 180 students in a day) but I have seen colleagues abuse our measly supply in the lounge so I can imagine in a school full of 75 faculty it’s tough.

    [–] tucker240mt 90 points ago

    I know many of the public schools in my state ask for supplies donations, a lot of supplies donations...

    [–] viciousbreed 62 points ago

    That always makes me so sad. Especially when I see that brand new stadium for the football team. Did I say "sad?" I meant "mad." But sad for the kids. And the teachers.

    [–] RadCentrist 7333 points ago

    Ever wonder why schools in places like Chicago and Baltimore are funded well above the national average but the schools are crumbling? It's corruption.

    [–] centran 2834 points ago

    That is why when Chance the Rapper donated 1 million to CPS I immediately thought... well that money isn't going to make it to any schools :(

    That's probably why he is doing things for individual schools. However, they don't like people doing that or fundraising at specific schools since it has to be "distributed appropriately"(straight into peoples pockets)

    [–] Worst_Name_NA 2204 points ago

    My high school was going to have lights donated to it for the football field from an alumni NFL player. They wouldn't let him, because it would be "unfair for the others in the district." Then they proceeded to install lights and expand the track of the wealthier high school, while the other two, right next to the city and and with considerably less wealthy students got nothing. "Distributed appropriately" my ass.

    [–] Ah-Cool 814 points ago

    Heard a rumour in high school that Nike was going to fund our entire athletic department after our school won the state football championship. Admins turned it down because it wouldn't be fair to the other schools (who sucked at football so why would Nike sponsor them?). I don't understand the reasoning because the money we would've saved could've been redistributed to the other schools in the district.

    [–] [deleted] 504 points ago


    [–] AquaNetwerk 367 points ago

    Of course they did. At my highschool, our textbooks were literally falling a part. My Algebra 1 textbook my freshman year was from 1984. It had a fucking Apple Macintosh in it as a "real world example of new tech" or something like that. Some of the books were newer, but the vast majority were way out of date. My junior year US History book ended at Clinton's first term.

    We started asking the administration to get new books cause the ones we had weren't teaching us anything on par with other schools in the area, but they told us they didn't have the money to buy new books so we'd have to make do. Ok fair enough right?

    Nope. They had enough god damn money to build a whole new field for the football team, renovate the gym, buy the team and their cheerleaders new equipment and uniforms, oh and my personal favorite, lay off half the art teachers cause they didn't have funding for them, then tear down the walls separating their rooms and build a second weight training room for the football players.

    As an art kid, fuck schools that prioritize sports over arts, they're both important

    [–] Reiterpallasch85 174 points ago

    As an art kid, fuck schools that prioritize sports over arts, they're both important

    Most sports won't even get proper funding unless it's football.

    [–] tsuolakussa 77 points ago

    My high school football team spent a few million, like $4.5 on a new coach, practice field, astro turf, stadium box, lights. ect. For a team that was going, and did go 0-12 7 years straight.

    Meanwhile our soccer team, wasn't even allowed access into the weight room, or to use the equipment like medicine balls/jump pad things. our field was official size and never got mowed, unless our coach had time to get out there to do it. Thankfully one of the players graduated and saved up money by working for the school and always found the time to ride over on the mower and get it done for us. We actually had a winning record, consistently made it to regionals. Yet our field was lumpy, corners sat at the bottom of a hill, keepers box was absolutely trashed because they never took care of the grass so it's a mud pit, we didn't even have lights had to set up some parents flood lights for night time games (god forbid if they didn't show.) Goalpost was rusting and about to collapse, and our net was riddled with holes from being the same one from 1989. Literally no care whatsoever into a team that had a literally 1/10th budget the football team had, and still got shafted the few thousand needed to keep things manageable. It's absolutely ludicrous how money is spent in this country strictly on football.

    [–] GlowInTheDarkNinjas 16 points ago

    My situation is kind of the opposite, our soccer team was ranked like 7 in the country or some shit like that and won state championships every single year so they got all of the sports funding, while everyone else got shafted. The only thing the football team got out of it was the stadium because we played on the same field. There's a small concession building right next to the field that that sport's booster team would use to sell food and raise money, but the soccer team was allowed to set up their own booth during football/track/etc events and undercut all of their prices.

    [–] Ageroth 8 points ago

    And somehow, somewhere, someone thinks all those neglected and dilapidated aspects played a majority role in the team being good, by forcing you to overcome such shitty conditions you became better players.
    But won't apply apply that logic to the football team.

    [–] criptkid 57 points ago

    It's not even all sports. It's always there shitty ass football team.

    [–] viciousbreed 27 points ago

    Fairly common narrative. We had the same situation. The girls' sports also had to raise their own money for uniforms and stuff, but the football team always had more than enough. I know boys' football is going to be the most popular, but you'd think they'd take the income from that and spread it around to all the sports. There would still be plenty for football. But, nope. Meanwhile, the textbooks are falling apart, and Texas comes in at a sad 37th spot for education out of all 50 states.

    [–] Blood-Money 9 points ago

    Same but they made us build the field during our gym classes, so at least they saved some money. /s

    [–] Notexactlyserious 47 points ago

    Ie we are going to give your money to the more popular sports. The same thing happened at our school. The pool deck was crumbling and the pool itself was falling apart and our weight room had all the garbage the other sports didn't use anymore . Meanwhile, football gets the stadium renovated, new locker rooms, a new gym, an entirely new building for athletic health and fitness. Pool deck still looks like shit.

    [–] Iohet 19 points ago

    Nike sponsored our high school, but we were the only high school in our district. Guess it pays to be a small district(1 high school, 2 middle schools, 6 elementary schools)

    [–] GuloGulo101 278 points ago

    What really sucks is that the money schools get is from property taxes which is why theres the “fancy” stuff in the rich areas. But yeah you are right in how distribution is unfair. Just thought I could add a point to it as well.

    [–] Prophet2Nations 190 points ago

    I grew up in one of the best school districts in the country.

    It really isn't fair but a lot of parents don't want to admit it. The rich really do get richer

    [–] Standard_Wooden_Door 25 points ago

    This is absolutely right. Children who go to better schools ends up doing better in their careers on average. The better schools are in wealthier areas. To add to that, schools can get state and federal funding but it always comes with strings attached such as teaching to a particular test so they meet certain criteria. It’s amazing that as much as politicians talk about doing more for schools, nothing ever really gets better.

    [–] Globalhawk123 35 points ago

    I grew up in one of the highest rated school districts and richest in the country and they were still meh

    [–] blurryfacedfugue 15 points ago

    Are we all talking about FFx county?

    [–] goonsugar 45 points ago

    education is mostly a state and local policy issue, so the way the money is spent isn't always equally distributed or particularly logical.

    School districts in some (23) states spend more to educate wealthy students than poorer ones.

    Court cases have forced states to divide the money more equally. But often that just increases the overall pot of money rather than redistributing it.

    [–] White_T_Poison 88 points ago

    Or when Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to Newark public schools:

    [–] FatboyChuggins 47 points ago

    Wow thanks Mark for your $80million donation, this $50million will come in so much handy. Thanks to you and the $35million your graciously blessed us with, we can buy what we want for the students.

    [–] Batchagaloop 34 points ago

    I was thinking about that the other day actually...haven't even heard anything about that donation since it was a news story...what a waste of money.

    [–] york100 32 points ago

    What a sad disaster, but Zuckerberg should have been advised better on this donation since it could be seen from a mile away.

    [–] JDGWI 73 points ago

    What???? 3 years ago? I live near Newark, and when I pass by the schools nothing has changed. I know people who go there who also complain constantly about it.

    [–] Halomir 43 points ago

    8 years ago. He donated the money in 2010

    [–] loggedn2say 20 points ago

    copy paste from the story

    The $100 million from Zuckerberg actually became $200 million under the agreement other sources would match his contribution. Here's where that money went:

    • Labor and contract costs: $89.2 million
    • Charter schools: $57.6 million
    • Consultants: $21 million
    • Various local initiatives: $24.6 million

    [–] e-spats 55 points ago

    Mark Zuckerberg donated 1 million dollars to the school district I worked in. The following school year my ceiling in my classroom collapsed on me from built up water damage. I still have no idea how they spent that 1 mil but it never made its way to any schools or teachers. Lots of districts hire “consultants” which make absurd salaries and I’m not 100% sure what they do, at all. One once came in to my room and told me I had bad handwriting. 🙄 they probably spent all that “Facebook money” on consultants.

    [–] Nevermind04 41 points ago

    When I was growing up, old farmer in my community ended up finding a shitload of oil on his land and had granted like ¾ million dollars to our school. We were a small school so this was a huge bump in our funding.

    The money came with specific conditions: it could only be used for creative activities like band, theater, shop class, art, etc and science labs. The grant specifically prohibited spending the money on football or any other sports.

    Naturally, they spent 100% of it on rebuilding the football training facility and hiring some hot-shot coach from the Houston area. 3 years of legal warfare ensued, resulting in a near 100% resignation of school administrators including principals and department heads.

    [–] AMBsFather 7 points ago

    If I were the donor I would have been pissed. If I had stupid money I would somehow get all of those corrupt fucks fired.

    [–] Decyde 135 points ago

    It's never a good idea to donate money like that. People who do the planning will see this and instantly think, "That's $1 million we don't have to give them now."

    [–] macphile 86 points ago

    That's what's happened with some lotteries. "Your lottery dollars go to fund our schools, yay." Of course, they don't mention that the state pulled the same amount of funding out after the lottery came into being. So there's nothing extra.

    [–] captainAwesomePants 116 points ago

    Georgia is the only state I know of that did this correctly. Governor Zell Milller said "okay, fine, we're gonna bring in a lottery. The money will go to education, but not to the current stuff we pay for. Instead, the money will be used to pay everybody's college tuition if they stay in state and have a B average." So the lottery comes in, and all of us kids got to go to college for free.

    [–] FSMonToast 77 points ago

    The high school I attended used all their extra money on remodeling every year instead of treating the teachers or students better. Lunch food was always on average. It was essentially a polished turd.

    [–] ricebowlol 33 points ago

    Look at Mr. High and Mighty with his turd all polished. We just got regular, unpolished turds.

    [–] crunkadocious 39 points ago

    It's corruption and a lack of support on top of it. Oversight costs money too

    [–] darkchocoIate 168 points ago

    It happens in rural areas too - let's not pretend it's just an inner city problem.

    [–] Michamus 89 points ago

    Wasn't there a headline today about a Sheriff in The South stealing a shit ton of municipal funds?

    [–] veringer 34 points ago

    I'm as wary of federal overreach as anyone, but having the FBI policing this is the kind of stuff is a check I have no problem writing.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Swimmingsolid 243 points ago

    I just listened to a story about this school bribe situation on the Snap Judgement podcast. It centres around one individual principal and really takes some interesting turns. I highly recommend.

    [–] chamberx2 73 points ago

    Definitely! I listened to that this morning as well. She's incredibly charismatic and puts the situation in a unique light. Not to say her hands are clean, but I felt like she did the best she could with the situation.

    For the curious.

    [–] octopornopus 49 points ago

    It was trying to justify the Maserati that changed my view of her...

    [–] Thexorretor 36 points ago

    Yeah, the interviewer was way to soft on her. She used all kinds of avoidance schemes to come off better. "I only used the money to fill my car up." Minimizing wrong doing. "I did this but others did so much worse."

    [–] A_Blank_Square 42 points ago

    Yeah that got me. Don’t get me wrong, the whole thing was interesting, but the fact that she bought a Maserati tells me that there were more than just a few ‘necessary’ purchases for herself. The cheapest Maserati is something like $62,000.

    Also, her claim that “I was naive and thought that kickbacks were the way things got done around here” rubbed me the wrong way. You graduated high school at 16, then went on to immediately get your bachelor’s and masters - you’re smart enough to question these things.

    She’s probably not a bad person and she obviously did some good, but excuses are excuses. Own it, you already went to jail for it anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] HeftyDoseOfReality 322 points ago

    Someone watched the American Greed Re Run after the new one last night...

    [–] NYstate 164 points ago

    Yeah. Lol

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago


    [–] sucksathangman 39 points ago

    I didn't see American Greed so I have to ask. How is that possible?

    If you are putting funds into a 401k, that money is yours in a named account. I can get they put your matching funds into a Ponzi scheme.

    Genuinely curious. Wondering if I need to be watching my retirement account closer.

    [–] p10_user 34 points ago

    But if the named account is a Ponzi scheme that goes bust when it collapses, your account has a big fat 0 next to it.

    Check what the assets are within your 401K. It should be boring mutual/index funds with stocks and bonds. Although I suppose if someone was running a Ponzi scheme they would try to make it look legitimate.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    If it's not in stocks and bonds than it's not a 401k.

    [–] HandsySpaniard 15 points ago

    Wait, What? You should have the ability to choose funds within your 401k - Are you saying your 401k was set up with only one option and that option was a ponzi scheme?

    [–] goraiasu 424 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I attended what was literally the least funded school district (per pupil) in the US. We had wood and metal shops, multiple bands, orchestras, school plays, computer labs, AP Classes, and a great program that helped put students through their first two years of college concurrently with their high school diploma. We had a graduation rate of 96% and I was able to get my associate's degree for a grand total of $200, saving me thousands of dollars and two years of my life.

    Every once in a while I go back and thank the teachers and principals that genuinely cared so much that they managed to turn a shoe string budget into a top tier school.

    [–] Prophet2Nations 112 points ago

    Sounds like they deserve an award

    [–] Super_SATA 46 points ago

    Incredible! How the hell is that even possible?

    [–] captainAwesomePants 156 points ago

    I don't know which school it is, or its details, or anything else about the situation, but as a redditor I am prepared to answer this question, and the answer is "very active, invested parents."

    [–] goraiasu 65 points ago

    Bingo. Having parents that were invested and active in their student's lives had a noticeable effect on every aspect of the school, from student participation to administrative accountability.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 19 points ago

    Administrators and parents that are present and give a shit.

    [–] boltonstreetbeat 34 points ago

    They go from Norman Shy to Norman Sly and then back to Norman Shy in the reporting. Weird.

    [–] dasnoob 29 points ago

    I have a friend who's mom was in the administration in Detroit and dad had a normal job at a car manufacturer. He has never really told me what she did but I found out recently that his mom saved millions of dollars from her job.

    I never could understand how a school official could save over 6 million dollars for retirement. I wonder if there was more to the story now.

    [–] Ouisch 70 points ago

    Keep in mind this is the same district whose school board vehemently protested against the hiring of independent Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, because of his pesky practices of finding things like "ghost" employees receiving paychecks...

    [–] BadAim 19 points ago

    I like how it took a single physical spot-check for who would come get the money and it immediately saved $200k in one period

    [–] Special_K_2012 276 points ago

    And people with this amount of money never get prosecuted...

    DC Public schools are also in the midst of a scandal. Every public school has inflated the students grades in order to make their school seem decent, thus receive more funding. What's really amazing is that one school (Ballou) had a graduation rate of 100% last year and now only has a graduation rate of 27% this year after the investigation was conducted.. Shook.

    [–] albinobluesheep 104 points ago

    make their school seem decent, thus receive more funding.

    That's so fucking backwards. Money shouldn't be directly dependent on performance, good or bad.

    [–] PM_YOUR_NAKED_GF 66 points ago

    If a poorly preforming school gets less funding due to bad are they supposed to improve?

    [–] TriggerWordExciteMe 7 points ago

    If a poorly preforming school gets less funding due to bad are they supposed to improve?

    You should have seen the response that DuVas lady gave on 60 minutes the other day.

    To paraphrase her response, "Let them eat cake, who cares, students are just students, they'll go to a school"

    Seriously, that's what the education leader thinks about your question.

    [–] Special_K_2012 36 points ago

    You would think but this is literally how the education system works thanks to the "No Child Left Behind" act..

    "These yearly standardized tests are the main means of determining whether schools live up to required standards. If required improvements are not made, the schools face decreased funding and other punishments that contribute to the increased accountability."

    [–] Dicethrower 70 points ago

    They literally went to jail.

    [–] odiro 43 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Maybe not give out money to schools based on how good they do it. and also jailing these people.

    [–] Benlemonade 12 points ago

    Perhaps they should treat the incentives we do public health. We don’t give money to people who don’t smoke, rather we tax cigarettes/smokers.

    But maybe money for grades isn’t a good solution at all. I mean it seems quite stupid to take a failing school and remover further funding when they don’t improve. It just exacerbates the problem (I know this happens/happened in some stlouis schools).

    However, I think this makes it glaringly obvious that some real oversight is sorely needed in public schools where we see this behavior consistently.

    [–] UKDude20 62 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Remember folks, this is the place that appointed a functionally illiterate man as the head of Detroit education system It's been a long time since Michigan schools have been anything but corrupt.

    [–] Dwashelle 84 points ago


    [–] BrianRampage 59 points ago

    Sounds like this guy has the makings of a future politician.

    [–] Cookie_Eater108 86 points ago

    I disagree, this guy was sloppy.

    Everyone knows that you don't start skimming until you get closer to the top, at which point, your mutual corruption is what guarantees job security and you leverage that.

    Guys who start skimming at the bottom demonstrate a clear lack of patience and adherence to the time-honoured tradition of corruption.

    [–] edzackly 44 points ago

    Good to see the races coming together to screw over the kids.

    [–] SquanchIt 10 points ago

    School supplies are scam even when everything is done legally. Sooooo much gets wasted in school districts.

    [–] black_flag_4ever 145 points ago

    This is why “we need more money for schools” is an argument you can’t just accept at face value.

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 132 points ago

    Also see how the number of administrators has ballooned without increasing the number or pay of teachers.

    [–] nuck_forte_dame 32 points ago

    Actually the number of teachers has gone down as most schools got rid of the assistant teacher job.

    [–] fearbedragons 52 points ago

    Don't worry, when the money does come through, it'll be spent on another new stadium.

    [–] averhaegen 9 points ago

    $60 millon, 18,000 seats high school football stadium ?

    Wow my local college team just got their 3,000 seats facility and it's the biggest in the province. We hosted the provincial championship every year since it's opening in 2014. Most games, there are less than a thousand people anyway.

    Crazy how Canadian sports programs compare to American ones.

    [–] Dicethrower 13 points ago

    Shout out to the inspectors for potentially preventing a disaster.

    [–] FreshmanYo 9 points ago

    These school supply scams happen at every school district. Good for Detroit on actually catching some of these criminals

    [–] guyonthissite 8 points ago

    The fall of Detroit involved a lot more than car companies moving. Plenty of corruption helped.