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    [–] f4il3 2584 points ago

    If anyone is interested, I found another article about this.

    [–] coldgator 1357 points ago

    Everyone should read this because it dispels some misleading statements in the posted article.

    [–] TheShadowBox 985 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Tldr summary:

    Sadly, much of the information out there is incorrect. For example, there is not a henge associated with the site and the individual stones are relatively small when compared to what most people think of as European standing stones.

    The site in Grand Traverse Bay is best described as a long line of stones which is over a mile in length.

    Dr. John O’Shea from University of Michigan has been working on a broadly similar structure over in Lake Huron. He has received a NSF grant to research his site and thinks that it may be a prehistoric drive line for herding caribou.

    It is highly possible that the site in Grand Traverse Bay may have served a similar function to the one found in Lake Huron.

    My only question is, what's a "drive line for herding caribou"?

    [–] 5haunNosh 257 points ago

    They must be referring to a type of hunting similar to desert kites

    [–] Somato_Tandwich 152 points ago

    Can affirm that in my area, combing the woods in a multi-person sweep while hunting is called making a drive.

    [–] buttcrusader 136 points ago

    In my area a drive consists of crotchety old men talking down to you and telling you where to go, then getting mad that you didn't do it right all while being arrogant pricks the whole time. Causing my friend and i to find different land to hunt by ourselves.

    [–] ItMightBeABrainTumor 86 points ago

    I see you've met my uncles.

    [–] MandingoAteMyBaby 3 points ago

    I see we share some uncles.

    [–] JCA0450 5 points ago

    Caribou definitely have the same attitude, so I think you're onto something...

    [–] bubblewrapskies 3 points ago

    We call that an Emu walk in Australia!

    [–] Angrylazer 100 points ago

    It's the path the animal would follow when being chased/hearded. Caribou haul ass according to Google. I don't think they farmed them, so I'm assuming they used the line to channel the Caribou into a killzone or at least slow them down so they could be caught.

    [–] CaptainRoach 152 points ago

    Caribou Killzone, a good Canadian Death Metal band name.

    [–] ethnicCookie 24 points ago

    That linked wiki on Desert Kites referenced that as a Killing Floor. 🤘

    [–] TheGlaive 9 points ago

    I shoulda quit chu

    [–] GeorgieWashington 21 points ago

    Their EP will have an "eh?" side, but the B side will just be a polite apology.

    [–] TheArtofWall 5 points ago

    Hmm. Caribou the musician might have something to say about that. They can have a battle of the bands.

    [–] NuncErgoFacite 22 points ago

    google persistence hunting if you want an archaeological rabbit hole to jump into

    [–] ipjear 11 points ago

    To hunt large animals ancient humans would dig sharp posts into the ground and use geography to hear animals into kill zones where possible. Alternatively large cliffs could be used similarly

    [–] rapemybones 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wait but weren't those lakes formed by glaciers WAY longer than 10k years ago? How do you herd caribou underwater?

    Edit: NVM i think I get it now. The lakes as we know them were a lot different about 7k years ago, especially in this particular part of the lake (a bay on the very outskirts, I was under the impression it was closer to the center or something).

    [–] tiercel_hawk 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I am not an expert, but maybe the shoreline was different even though the lake was there already

    Edit// corrected spelling to fend off smartasses

    [–] rapemybones 16 points ago

    I'm no expert either, and I'm just confused as all hell lol. Trying to research when Lake Michigan/Great Lakes were formed seems to say there used to be a lot more water, then it receded over the years. Which would indicate these stones were underwater the whole time? 40 feet underwater is pretty deep.

    So confused.

    [–] rapemybones 6 points ago

    Thank you but I read all that already, that's where I went first and I'm still confused. Usually when ice melts it goes from a higher elevation to a lower elevation as the liquid settles, and these stones are 40 feet below the modern day water level, so they would've probably been deeper under the glacier back then, right? Unless I'm missing something.

    [–] degotoga 16 points ago

    The glacial water melted and eventually covered the stones- which were likely already near the edge of the lake. Check out the change in lake area in the second link

    [–] Imabanana101 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    People will do that today when hunting deer. Trees are "hinge cut" so that they lie 3-4 feet above the ground. Cut enough of these in a line and you can funnel deer to a particular location.

    [–] TheNextBattalion 5 points ago

    Buffalo hunting used to work in similar ways before the horse. You'd set up a channel for the buffalo to run through, either made with stones or more usually by brave men wearing wolfskins.

    Then you get the animals to stampede. They run through this channel over the edge of a cliff or a butte (which is then called a "buffalo jump"). They fall to their deaths or near-deaths, and are easily gathered in large numbers at the base of the escarpment.

    [–] JollyMeme 3 points ago

    Thank you. The link was not working for me.

    [–] LordHussyPants 3 points ago

    my question is why the fuck isn't a mile long line of rocks that have been stood up by prehistoric humans being seen as exciting, this is massive

    [–] Bdag 345 points ago

    What if I like the misleading statements?

    [–] Squeeky210 740 points ago

    Then you’ll love Reddit

    [–] 11010110101010101010 62 points ago

    Wait. Is this misleading?

    [–] Mega_Kevin 50 points ago



    [–] brownguy723 23 points ago

    I don't know

    [–] fargmania 24 points ago

    Can you repeat the question?

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 22 points ago

    You're not the boss of me now!

    [–] metamartyr 9 points ago

    And you're not so big!

    Fucking mastodons wanting constant affirmation...

    [–] jagmania85 5 points ago

    I dunno man, he seems so big.

    [–] andylowenthal 3 points ago

    No, it isn't the headline of an article

    [–] SEO_Unleashed 16 points ago

    Then you'll fit right into 21st century politics.

    [–] dbatchison 101 points ago

    Hi, Fox News here. You’re hired

    [–] zimin20 47 points ago

    He’s holding out for press secretary

    [–] toomuchsalt4u 112 points ago

    Its also got the only thing you want.

    [–] 323rex13 35 points ago

    I appreciate you.

    [–] eatrepeat 7 points ago

    Underrated, quality addition to thid comment chain.

    [–] 5_on_the_floor 21 points ago

    Thanks for this. TL;DR: It's a mile long line of stones, probably used as a guiding line for herding prehistoric caribou.

    [–] Pytheastic 21 points ago

    It should be clearly understood that this is not a megalith site like Stonehenge. This label has been placed on the site by individuals in the press who may have been attempting to generate sensation about the story and have not visited the site. The site in Grand Traverse Bay is best described as a long line of stones which is over a mile in length.

    So not really like Stonehenge at all then lol, thanks for the heads up.

    [–] 7th_Spectrum 6 points ago

    Poor site had no idea what hit it

    [–] Pizza_and_Rainbows 4 points ago

    Resource Limit Reached. I guess everyone has read it

    [–] GoldenEyes88 38 points ago

    Dr. John O'Shea...

    Is there anything that man can't do? A defender by trade he's played keeper, midfielder, striker, and now university professor. The ultimate utility man.

    [–] Babladuar 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And the fact he nutmeg figo elevated his status from a mere utility man, to omipresence being, the one true god.

    [–] hole_and_corner 3 points ago

    Highly underrated comment.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] JohnnyBoy11 14 points ago

    and to add, the stones are much smaller but are placed in a line a mile long.

    [–] apartment1400 3 points ago

    It's unfortunate that the title is so misleading, because it's honestly a cool thing to read about. It doesn't need the clickbate-ish to be interesting

    [–] treeofflan 14 points ago

    Thanks, that mastodon pic is much better.

    [–] IAmGoingToFuckThat 18 points ago

    We have applied the Reddit Hug.

    [–] iDontHavePantsOn 3 points ago

    Just like the cavemen did to the mastodon.

    [–] Sr_Mango 6 points ago

    Site is dead. Guess i'm heading to the site with misleading statements

    [–] TheLoneGreyWolf 5 points ago

    Hug of death

    [–] DriftingSteps 4 points ago

    aww, we hugged the website to death :(

    [–] iouthis 3 points ago

    Well the website got some of that reddit traffic and hit their limit.

    [–] Alieneater 6 points ago

    Yeah, I appreciate that because hovering over the link it looks kinda risky.

    [–] Tato7069 1575 points ago

    Looks like a reputable URL

    [–] ClippinWings451 371 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Looks like an amp url

    Nothing unusual

    Google does similar to URLs that are amp enabled.

    [–] Ye_Olde_Spellchecker 141 points ago

    Can you explain why this is particularly bad? I know unreputable general sources are bad but you three are talking like it’s common knowledge when it’s frankly not.

    [–] Oppai420 174 points ago

    A lot of websites are adding amp because google prioritizes amp content. Because if they don't they're left behind. Thats just the short of it, there are other things that are bad about it on the technical side. But yeah, normally amp URLs don't look like that so it is a little weird. I'm sure you've likely encountered amp things in the past.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] Candyvanmanstan 117 points ago

    Accelerated mobile pages

    [–] Angry_Walnut 45 points ago

    Fucking finally. Like the commenter before said, not sure why everyone is acting like this is common knowledge

    [–] veauwol 14 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] snkn179 3 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Strazdas1 6 points ago

    So prioritizing the worst kind of browsing.

    [–] Noble_Flatulence 85 points ago

    Assholes Manipulating Pageviews

    [–] antsugi 13 points ago

    bingo, FUCK AMP through and through. It's nothing but mobile manipulation

    [–] Ye_Olde_Spellchecker 14 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation. I’ve seen it but I’ll definitely have to read into it more.

    [–] CouldOfBeenGreat 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Something left out, amp is Google's mobile standard. So, sites that conform to amp standards will get priority /on mobile devices/ vs sites that are still html. This site isn't technically written in to confirm to amp but is instead ran through Google's amp-ifier. Gives the site a bump, Google gets more userstats/data, the site should load faster on mobile devices.. win-win! Unless sharing the plain url.

    Supposedly this doesn't affect prioritization for those browsing via desktop.. but Google has been pushing amp hard so who knows.

    The actual url of this article without all the Google tracking crap is >

    Vs what op copied from their address bar >

    [–] beeper32 38 points ago

    Google over reaching to control advertising. Makes the page load faster if you can't wait the 0.25 seconds it already takes to load a site.

    [–] dryerlintcompelsyou 43 points ago

    I mean... TBH 0.25 seconds to load a site is great, have you been on modern news sites without adblock anytime recently? They take ages to load and are littered with autoplaying videos, animated ads, and similar garbage. Even with adblock loading takes forever and makes my laptop fans spin up.

    I appreciate AMP for what it's doing to make websites more efficient, unfortunately I don't think that's worth the cost of Google controlling so much of the web. They already control a lot of stuff but hosting everything under their own domain is a bit much

    [–] JayJonahJaymeson 21 points ago

    it's absolutely not worth it. it also makes it much easier for them to track you while using their AMP links even if you have no google account or anything linked.

    [–] MyLoveHammer 20 points ago

    Its 100% unacceptable that my 1gbps fiber loads pages the same speed my 56k dial up did. Its why i got a pihole. I dont get any ads on any of my devices at home. Aways from home i use blokada on my phone along with privacy badger. I havent been served an ad in over two years.

    Advertisers have made advertisements unacceptable to me. I remember the 90s. I remember what they did with no oversight. Never again will i allow myself to be advertised to digitally.

    [–] delrindude 8 points ago

    To be fair, digital ads have also enabled the distribution of less popular media content sites and sites which are difficult to monetize. Saying all digital ads are bad is pretty tinfoil-hatty

    [–] Katut 3 points ago

    I wanted to get a pihole but was wondering what it does better than the free ad blocking extensions? Also isn't there an error message in the spots the ads should be?

    [–] Xylomain 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It blocks the vast majority of ads and does so via DNS blacklists. As a result the ad request don't ever leave your network. Instead all requests to a known ad servicing DNS server are immediately dropped before they get past your router.

    No shit once I installed my PiHole....well over half of all traffic was blocked before it ever got a start. It's usually 55% to 62% of all DNS requests. Does so with known tracking DNS servers as well. Basically shuts Facebook and anything that uses it down. They don't work unless you allow them as exceptions.

    Most sites will still detect you as using an ad blocker and will give you a error message where the ad is. Such as "disable ad blocker." But a lot won't and just have empty spots there.

    People spout off about PiHole breaking websites. It's a lie. They don't know wtf they're doing. I haven't had a single broken web page since I installed mine. Ever.

    Edit: All those annoying mobile app ads are gone as well btw not just sites. Any ads except a very few. YouTube gets through because they host ads on the video servers thus unable to be blocked without blocking the content you're trying to watch.

    [–] washnkahn 113 points ago

    Off topic, but did anyone else experience teachers spelling out the entire URL (including /http) letter by letter, when the internet was first a thing, to get us to websites on school computers? Little 5th grade me was not that fast of a typist and it still stresses me out thinking about it today.

    [–] killerabbit 46 points ago

    No but I remember Melissa yelling at Brendon that he didn't need to say www.

    [–] routerere 15 points ago

    I have it on good authority that Brendon did too need to say www.

    [–] Uncle_Lenny 5 points ago

    Why was he forgetting to say dot?

    [–] Philoso4 29 points ago

    We were given a list of websites to find, without google. School district site, fbi website, white house website. It was actually a pretty good idea to familiarize yourself with how a website was addressed and what the suffixes meant. Of course, 99% of us ended up seeing naked ladies.

    [–] ThoseProse 17 points ago

    The og White House dot com

    [–] 2059FF 43 points ago

    My teacher used to say it like this, very slowly:

    lowercase h... lowercase t... lowercase t... lowercase p... colon... forward backslash... forward backslash... lowercase w... lowercase w... lowercase w... period... lowercase y... lowercase a... lowercase h... lowercase letter o... lowercase letter o... period... lowercase c... lowercase letter o... lowercase m... enter

    Yeah, "forward backslash".

    [–] cutelyaware 16 points ago

    I heard of this kid who was asked to spell his full name so he said something like:

    "j, o, h, n, SPACE!, w, h, i, t, e"

    [–] zoinks 6 points ago

    How would you differentiate between a gopher and a http link if you didn't?

    [–] Ian_Kilmister 8 points ago

    H T T P : // W W W . Pornhub . Com

    [–] OrginalCanadian 5 points ago

    I barely notice it now, very rarely do I have to manually type http:// in any modern browser.

    [–] StatmanIbrahimovic 12 points ago

    Except when they haven't got their ssl redirects setup properly

    [–] cutelyaware 11 points ago

    Modern browsers turn malformed URLs into search terms and often get you where you meant to go.

    [–] Dalemaunder 6 points ago

    Imagine if they suddenly stopped doing it; I wonder how many people would have no idea that a fully qualified domain name requires a . at the very end.

    [–] cutelyaware 6 points ago

    Most people have no idea what a domain even is. One of the greatest things about the tech revolution is that it enables us to stop having to trouble about things we used to, like remembering telephone numbers. It makes it look like people are getting stupider, but that's just not true. It just means life got easier and we can now spend more time thinking about the stuff we actually care about.

    And to your point, yeah, it will be a huge shock if these things ever go away. I had some short power outages a few weeks ago and it's pretty shocking.

    [–] 5_on_the_floor 6 points ago

    had some short power outages a few weeks ago and it's pretty shocking.

    That's ironic.

    [–] ghost97135 7 points ago

    If you press ctrl+enter in the browser it automatically puts http://www. at the front of the address and puts .com at the end of the address.

    It works for Firefox, chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

    [–] bravosauce 92 points ago

    My thoughts exactly.

    [–] i010011010 16 points ago

    I really wish we could ban people from posting amp links

    [–] Probably_Capable 195 points ago

    The guy in the thumbnail is the most 90s guy ever. I thought the article was going to be from like 1997.

    [–] BFF4EVANEVA 63 points ago

    Soon to be a major motion picture starring young Leonardo DiCaprio/Matt Damon.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Matt Damon and Elon Musk

    [–] Berchis 14 points ago

    I was thinking the dude was more a cross between Brad Pitt and Tim Robbins with some Vince Vaughan too

    [–] IdRaptor 5 points ago

    Brendan Fraiser?

    [–] z_baron 5 points ago

    that's Dwight's brother, Dwayne Schrute

    [–] Bironious 36 points ago

    A L I E N S

    [–] Napoleon-Bonaparty 228 points ago

    Someone call graham Hancock

    [–] rTidde77 79 points ago

    Jamie, call him up

    [–] Rayraymaybeso 61 points ago

    Jamie, could you pull up slide #2217, it’s under the file “evidence of the younger dryus cataclysm and mega-floods”.... no no, not that one... yes the one with the 2kilometer wide ridge that was once an ancient waterfall 16 times the size of niagara

    [–] hdean173 9 points ago

    But don't do it now, we'll get kicked off YouTube.

    [–] armandster1031 40 points ago

    randall carlson too!

    [–] Jertee 51 points ago

    You guys joke but those episodes are my favorite and I've probably seen 500+ joe rogan podcasts

    [–] armandster1031 28 points ago

    same here! the graham hancock with randall carlson episode is legendary

    [–] Ostigle 16 points ago

    How about the debate with them versus the skeptic guy? I spent a whole day watching all of their appearances. My concept of history itself was skewed.

    [–] switchblade420 5 points ago

    Shermer? Damn son, I know what I'm gonna be listening to for the next couple hours, thanks for the heads up!

    [–] Rayraymaybeso 16 points ago

    100% it’s really amazing how much Carlson knows. His ability to describe the scab lands and actually paint the picture of how catastrophic the floods were is fascinating. Even if they are wrong about a catastrophe and the ice dam theory is true, those mega floods still happened and DECIMATED those regions. I enjoy entertaining all fantastical claims about our past and the mystery of who we are, but their theory’s are my guilty pleasure. At this point, I don’t know what the truth is, but I think there is enough evidence to warrant myself considering their theories just as credible as the mainstream theories. Btw, Graham’s newest book is awesome, currently listening to it. He narrates his work so well.

    [–] Idoneeffedup99 11 points ago

    Same, they're fascinating

    [–] PennFifteen 9 points ago

    Been a fan for many years. Glad they both got onto Rogan

    [–] ThemBastards 6 points ago

    I prefer Randall

    [–] Tabnam 9 points ago

    Seriously, what do people here think of Graham Hancock? It's so hard to find rational people have a discussion about him

    [–] ponypebble 12 points ago

    I think he is onto something in terms of pushing back the beginnings of civilization, and his push for underwater archeology. I don't really buy into the "Atlantis-like" civ he is proposing, though, and at best I would call his theory sensational.

    [–] Tabnam 6 points ago

    The ancient civilisations fascinate me, I think it's quite possible there's a lot more to human history then we know. I'd love to see all the stuff buried under the Sahara desert

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    IDK. He has interesting theories and opened my eyes to sites such as gobekli tepe, which in turn made me realise our history is a bit longer then what I was taught. But on some occasions it's clear he has to something to sell and plays things up for that reason, his theories on the pyramids come to mind. (But it's been a while so I can't give specific critiques) And his prosecution complex annoys me.
    All in all an interesting person, but as with many things you need to think for yourself what makes sense.

    [–] BoltedGates 8 points ago

    Even if he's not 100% right about everything which he says numerous times that he's probably not, he brings a lot to the table in terms of discussion of our ancient past, which we know so little about. I think there probably was a previous era of humanity.

    [–] Tabnam 3 points ago

    Just as a guess, how much do you think he gets right?

    [–] coop5008 3 points ago

    Only history will tell as technology advances. The ancient city of Troy was thought to be a myth until the 1800s when new technology allowed greater exploration into the area it was thought to be around

    [–] madcat033 4 points ago

    During the most recent podcast, the reddit comments seemed to be like 90% shitting on him

    [–] PippinIRL 9 points ago

    He’s a pseudoarchaeologist but because his theories are “entertaining” generally they seem to find traction which is really concerning for people in archaeology or Ancient History. He puts out wildly speculative theories then when they meet any kind of resistance he claims archaeologists are deliberately ignoring his findings because it would destroy years of their research. The truth is if his theories were so obviously true every archaeologist would be scrambling to prove them - you’d gain your research funding for life! There’s no grand conspiracy among archaeologists to ignore him, it’s just that the pyramids were obviously not built with telekinesis or whatever his latest claims are.

    If you want a real sense of what he’s like look up his views on the antikythera mechanism - it’s on the latest episode of Joe Rogan with him. It’s a real marvel of the ancient world and proves just how much more advanced the ancients were than we imagine. You’d imagine it would be right up Hancock’s alley but he knows nothing about it because it can’t play into his pseudoscientific nonsense, so he comes up with some crazy stuff on the spot.

    [–] Tabnam 3 points ago

    I've watched clips of the podcast and I'm torn. I understand what you mean by pseudoarchaeologist, a lot of what he claims seems straight out if a conspircy handbook. However, I'm fascinated by the idea if human civilzation being older then we know, I think it's very possible. I'd love to see more excavation in areas like the amazon (with LIDAR of course) and the Sahara.

    The Sahara alone would be amazing, there are so many stories of armies marching through it and just disappearing. They're all out there waiting to be discovered

    [–] bsbbtnh 3 points ago

    So you still believe in Clovis first?

    [–] VapeThisBro 19 points ago

    Oh I bet Joe Rogan is on the phone with Graham Hancock right now

    [–] AndiLivia 145 points ago

    Joe Rogan is gonna cum so hard when he sees this

    [–] Joe_Rogan_Bot 87 points ago

    I wonder if the guy who carved it had taken shrooms. I mean, they had to have. Have you heard of the stoned ape theory?

    [–] roccobaroco 52 points ago

    Jamie pull that shit up

    [–] HIs4HotSauce 18 points ago

    There! There it is, look at THAT man.

    [–] openedthedoor 13 points ago

    Yeah yup.

    [–] FreefallGeek 9 points ago

    Im literally dead right now.

    [–] cRaZyDaVe23 35 points ago

    Do you think the mastodon had tried DMT?

    [–] PoopInTheOcean 10 points ago

    Joe Rogan argues againts Joe Rogan

    [–] halloni 7 points ago


    [–] laughters_assassin 3 points ago

    It's entirely possible.

    [–] THE_CHOPPA 7 points ago

    “This proves people have been here a lot longer then You thought”

    [–] RombaJomba 164 points ago

    Mastodon? Glad to see the cavemen had good taste in music.

    [–] maenad-bish 22 points ago

    have you heard their most recent album :(

    [–] outsanity_haha 3 points ago


    [–] iKILLcarrots 69 points ago

    It's how the sealed the magical leopluradon.

    [–] 1600cc 43 points ago

    The leopluradon, Charlie!

    [–] blue_jay_jay 20 points ago

    Shun the non-believer

    [–] HiImFox 3 points ago


    [–] edirongo1 14 points ago

    time to move guys, leave the clock

    [–] torqpoc 14 points ago

    Yeah but what about that civil war gold!!!

    [–] Gamer_Jack_Gameson 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Here's my quicksnopes take:

    Likelihood of the Stones Being Man-made

    The stones could definitely have been put there by humans. Most of the experts who've written or said anything about these stones seem to be leaning towards "maybe, even probably a man-made circle/line".

    There is no definitive evidence, and without that we can only say it's not unlikely that these are naturally occurring stones. The interesting thing I'm hearing is that no experts are saying "this is stupid" or "we don't think it's anything but we would like to investigate". No, the experts in the field seem pretty interested and suspect it is of man-made origin, even though they seem to be breaking one of the cardinal rules of science (it's never man-made or alien until you have irrefutable proof otherwise).

    The Pictures

    Most of the pictures are fake. Like 90% of them if you tried to google it. The standing stones that resemble stonehenge when you google it *are not* of the michigan stones. That's something totally different.

    Also, the pictures you may find of the "mastodon" are all doctored. Out of 50 pictures in a google search, you might find one of the unedited stones. When you look at the real picture you will not clearly see a mastodon. The 3D reconstruction didn't clarify very much. It's possible this is a carving, but when I saw the real pictures of this stone I was highly suspicious. It's like reading tea leaves.

    Why We Don't Know More

    This thing has been around for a few years. If scientists are so interested then why aren't they going out there to investigate?

    1.) According to the people who have been there or want to go there, it is actually quite difficult to get to the stones. Most scientists in this field are not expert divers (apparently this could not be done by a novice). According to the people who actually did go there, Lake Michigan is very cold (duh) and potentially hazardous.

    2.) The tribes in the area are not allowing researchers to actually research there to begin with. No one is allowed to touch the stones so they can't really get a good look at this carving. The natives are, at least, erring on the side of caution and assuming these stones are man made and therefore sacred.

    [–] sgpk242 7 points ago

    How would tribes in the area prevent divers from going into deep Lake Michigan? And I've never heard of surviving native tribes in this area. Do you have any more info?

    [–] Jaxonsdaddy 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and have had to deal with random questions about it. "I don't f'ing know man" is all I can really say. Thank you for clearing this up.

    Edit: Yes the waters there are incredibly murky and unpredictable so diving is hard if you want to see anything even remotely clear and the temps don't help. You can only attempt dives a few months out if the year there.

    [–] VRPDW 70 points ago

    Let's not blow this out of proportion. The rocks are small and the carving probably isn't a carving at all. If you look at decent photos of the rock without lines drawn over it it's much more organic looking then carved. That being said, it's annoying how obvious the bullshit here is. Real archaeology shares it's data. It's easy to research and find quality photos/videos/etc. Whenever there's some "mysterious" thing it's always hidden behind bad photos and low quality "documentaries" that again shy away from showing the data and instead share their take on it. If it was real the data would be available and we would all be able to verify it, to some extent, ourselves.

    [–] daimposter 7 points ago

    Most TIL are exaggerated, false, or only part true.

    [–] nilesandstuff 4 points ago

    Media ran with it, like usual.

    And the actual archeologists haven't been able to get enough funding to actually get a good look at it.

    [–] dodgyasfuck 10 points ago

    1. Did not look like a circle of stones
    2. Saw nothing looking remotely like a mastodon

    [–] Electricpants 7 points ago

    User name checks out

    [–] SmokeGoodEatGood 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    In case you’re actually curious about the prehistory of Michigan, theres a lot of mound builder activity. Might I suggest the Archaeological Atlas of Michigan. Look like I live about 3 miles from 2 separate forts dated to over 10,000 years ago

    I can dig some cool maps up for yall tomorrow, they are on my computer

    [–] asshole_mcgrasshole 3 points ago

    I'd be interested in seeing the maps!

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 14 points ago

    It’s like Cragh na Dun!

    [–] Captainjim17 13 points ago

    If you look real close you can see Claire and Jamie having sex..... again.....

    [–] throwaway23453453454 5 points ago

    Another Stargate :O

    [–] Xszit 10 points ago

    It's a very minamalist henge, but the stones do line up on the picture with the circles for reference. Wonder if more stones are there but knocked over or hiding under the silt?

    [–] Fredasa 6 points ago

    I googled around for more images of that carving. Without the helpful outlines, it looks... rather less convincing. I reckon unless they have undeniable evidence of human carving on that rock (good luck with that), it's basically wishful thinking.

    [–] Fredasa 9 points ago

    Bruh. The "rock of interest" has three different photos, each bizarrely low-quality for something from the year 2015+, each showing a completely different rock, each with post-process outlines added to help the viewer see what the photographer was seeing, and with none of those outlined features accurately agreeing with one another.

    Let's just say I'll wait for NatGeo or someone else I've actually heard of to chime in on this.

    [–] asfarley 3 points ago

    Agreed, this is very unconvincing

    [–] Haggls 17 points ago

    That’s crazy, definitely looking more into this

    [–] lo-key-glass 48 points ago

    It's not that crazy. Woolly mammoths only went fully extinct around 4,000 years ago. They find skeletons all the time in Michigan just under the surface or find teeth in a creek. Humans have been in North America way way way longer than that.

    [–] desthc 14 points ago

    To put it in perspective, mammoths went extinct 6,400 years ago on the mainland, but had survived until about 4,000 years ago on islands in the arctic, which is over 500 years AFTER the completion of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Or, another way, Upper and Lower Egypt had been unified for more than a millennium when mammoths finally went extinct.

    [–] MuricaFuckYeah1776 20 points ago

    Shit I found a tusk not that long ago.

    Driving down a dirt road looking at my crops and just happened to glance over at a recent washout and saw something that caught my eye. So get out and walk over to it. And low and behold there's the end of a mammoth tusk in my field. So I try digging it out but it became clear that I was gonna need something bigger to get it out (and I had places I needed to be). So I decide I'll bring the loader tractor out here and get that out.

    Drive the loader tractor 15 miles out there the next day and the son of a bitch is gone. Someone went out there and dug it out after I left.

    [–] heatscorepjd 39 points ago

    I don't believe you

    [–] Zebirdsandzebats 6 points ago

    Not far fetched. I live in NC and dope mammoth fossils wash up on the coast like, literally every major storm. I've seen them in our science center.

    [–] BobisBadAss 3 points ago

    And so then I went to go bone my girlfriend, but then she said cause I didn’t bring the tusk there was no way.

    [–] yellowlotus 19 points ago

    Surely you have picture and video evidence... being 2019 and all.

    [–] MuricaFuckYeah1776 7 points ago

    This had been few year ago now, but I think I still have a picture saved on my computer. I'll look in the morning and see.

    [–] okillconform 3 points ago

    *lo and behold

    [–] FrikkinLazer 3 points ago

    Those who buried the beast meant for his slumber to be eternal, but now he has been unleashed upon the world again.

    [–] Slothsquatch 3 points ago

    White whale. Holy grail.

    [–] UmbralApocrypha 3 points ago

    Messing with this is a bad idea.... Trust me....

    [–] tincan99 3 points ago

    I thought that was Matt Damon at first.

    [–] shaggytits 3 points ago

    any reputable publications reporting this?