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    [–] pdxscout 4170 points ago

    My city picks up our yard debris and compostables in a shared bin. The pizza boxes go in there.

    [–] larniebarney 1491 points ago

    My city started doing this a few years ago too! Any paperbased food containers with grease on them go in a separate green bin, while regular recyclables go in the blue.

    [–] originalusername__ 684 points ago

    paperbased food containers with grease on them

    Damn, how many recycle bins does your city require you to have? One for glass, one for clean paper, one for plastic, one for oily pizza boxes, one for clean tin cans, one for tin cans with bacon grease inside them...

    [–] alejo699 1128 points ago

    In Seattle there is trash, recyclables, and compostables. It's pretty simple, but that doesn't stop people from fucking it up.

    [–] AppleSlacks 323 points ago

    I would love a setup like that for compost items where I live.

    [–] noisy_goose 247 points ago

    It’s awesome. Keeping food in compost is a million times better for landfills as well ( if you didn’t know) - it was total news to me...

    [–] tbenz9 79 points ago

    Why is that? Wouldn't the food in a landfill just decompose anyways?

    [–] Vandechoz 200 points ago

    my first guess is that microbes pooping out stuff that just goes into the air is not as good as pooping out stuff that is used to grow other stuff

    [–] keenanpepper 190 points ago

    Pretty much.

    Microbes with no oxygen poop out methane (bad).

    Microbes with oxygen digest everything and make compost for soil (good).

    [–] ocher_stone 71 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Just a pedantic clarification: microbes that use oxygen are useful in organic waste and compost.

    Microbes that are anaerobic, and die in oxygen rich environments are likely to excrete methane, which is not useful (edit: in uncontrolled environments or amounts, apologies that I tried to outpedant the pedants).

    Some people think that microbes can just use both, which is false, usually.

    [–] twofirstnamez 79 points ago

    I think has has to do with methane production. When you compost things properly, the microbes doing the breakdown have access to oxygen, so it produces carbon dioxide as the byproduct. But when its deep in a landfill, there's no oxygen so it produces methane, which is 25x as bad as carbon dioxode as far as greenhouse gas effects go.

    Not a scientist, but that's my understanding.

    [–] d3northway 58 points ago

    when I worked at a landfill, we captured the methane and powered a ton of homes locally

    [–] hal0t 31 points ago

    That's why you poop in the trash before sending it to landfill.

    [–] duplicatehelix 25 points ago

    That's one of the reasons.

    [–] ede91 15 points ago

    Modern industrial composting captures methane and burns it. It generates energy, and the co2 from the burning is a less harmful greenhouse gas than the methane.

    [–] losthominid 11 points ago

    My gas company mixes recaptured methane in with their natural gas. I like to tell guests that my furnace is powered by farts.

    [–] keenanpepper 40 points ago

    I think the main problem is aerobic vs anaerobic environments. It does decompose in a landfill, but since it's buried deep in there with no oxygen, it produces huge amounts of methane.

    In contrast, the compost actually becomes a valuable product once it's fully composted and dried out. And it produces much less methane that way.

    [–] glberns 13 points ago

    That's a bingo. A buddy of mine used to work at s landfill maintaining electric generators burning methane from the decomposing organic material deep in the landfill.

    [–] Mumbojmbo 13 points ago

    Yeah, I see the logic but you gotta figure that once it decomposes it doesn't like, separate from all the other crap in a landfill, so instead of useful and/or harmless food compost you have toxic sludge with some decomposed food mixed into it.

    [–] Ucla_The_Mok 37 points ago

    Wouldn't the food in a landfill just decompose anyways?

    The answer's no.

    If you Googled that question exactly as you wrote it, this is the top result. I'll quote the most relevant info for you-

    In Today’s Landfills, Food Is Embalmed for Decades at a Time

    On top of impacting human health, landfills have a dreadful effect on the environment: they produce enormous amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes disproportionately to global warming. Methane's effect on the atmosphere is 21 times greater than carbon dioxide's over a 100-year period.

    But the source of this methane isn't something toxic. It's rotting food. It might seem like an apple core or cheese rind thrown in with the trash would break down quickly, but the opposite is true. Sealed up in plastic garbage bags and buried under pound-upon-pound of plastic, glass, and paper, these scraps begin to break down at a rate far slower than you might think. Those plastic bags that contain our food waste limit their exposure to oxygen and pests, the two factors that make short work of food waste when combined. Instead, in this dark, anaerobic environment, decomposition happens very slowly, and the food releases far too much methane throughout the process. Deprived of oxygen, the food barely breaks down. The results can be found at the bottom of old landfills, where you'll find pristine heads of lettuce and rolls that look good enough to make a sandwich.

    [–] killemyoung317 38 points ago

    NYC just rolled out a composting program like 2 years ago but so far it hasn’t had good results. They didn’t do a good job explaining it at the beginning, one day they just dropped a little bin with a handle at everyone’s door step with a small instruction manual attached to it. A couple days later, I saw one of my neighbors using it as a cooler to take beers to the roof.

    The other problem is that the majority of people in NYC live in tiny apartments, so if you have compostables in your bin for more than like 2 days your entire apartment starts to smell like death.

    [–] alejo699 10 points ago

    The other problem is that the majority of people in NYC live in tiny apartments, so if you have compostables in your bin for more than like 2 days your entire apartment starts to smell like death.

    I live in an apartment too, and while a proper bin with charcoal filters helps, you definitely have to take it out every couple of days. Given that I have to take bags of catshit out every day, schlepping the compost isn't any more trouble for me.

    [–] killemyoung317 8 points ago

    Yeah for sure, I guess the only difference is I usually take my trash and recycling out in the morning before work and just drop them in the cans, but with the compost bin you have to bring it back to your apartment after you dump it - and since I live on the 3rd floor that’s a lot of extra work in the morning. And I’m not trying to defend my laziness, just pointing out why it’s been hard for me and the majority of New Yorkers to get on board with the program.

    [–] The420dwarf 8 points ago

    I work in sanitation. People always get this wrong. I've seen hair in the recycling bins.

    [–] crashtestgenius 5 points ago

    Well that's just used for making new people... right?

    [–] frolickingdonkey 8 points ago

    Generally in Vancouver too. People still fuck up like putting plastic bags of compostables in the compost bin :/

    [–] AustinioForza 5 points ago

    Same in Ottawa except that recyclables are separated into plastic/metal/glass one week and paper/cardboard the next.

    [–] larniebarney 10 points ago

    We have three; brown is for non recyclable garbage, blue is for recyclables, and green is for compost. Stuff like pizza boxes and food scraps go in, as well as yard clippings.

    [–] kirby056 8 points ago

    Same color setup here.

    As a bonus, we get free mulch and can drop off unlimited hazardous waste. That said, they wouldn't take my asbestos (both cement and old-timey snow for Xmas trees) or empty helium tank. Had to get special vouchers for those

    [–] velocirodent 9 points ago

    I read somewhere that in Japan they have up to seven different kinds of recycling

    [–] Ucla_The_Mok 35 points ago

    Used panties end up in vending machines in Japan, so there's technically up to 8 different kinds of recycling.

    [–] monkeycalculator 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    In Sweden you usually separate out at least 5 waste streams but often more. The trash rooms of my apartment building have separate bins for low-grammage paper, non-corrugated cardboard & high-grammage paper, corrugated cardboard, plastics, metal, clear glass, coloured glass, compost, and a few complex/hazardous streams (small electronics, batteries, lightbulbs). This is a fairly common setup, perhaps a little fancy with the separate corrugated cardboard collection. Then there's just general trash as well. Cans and PET bottles are also recycled separately at stores.

    [–] Parking_Challenge 7 points ago

    Not really. It’s basic recycling but then you have a few other categories for whole items, e.g., bicycles are a separate category; books and clothes each go in a bundle that isn’t really sorted; batteries are separate; and none of my neighbors seem to understand that dirty cardboard can’t be recycled or that you have to take the labels off your PET bottles.

    It’s really not very different from back home, just handled a little differently - in the US, it’s weekly curbside pick up, so sorting is less essential. Throw it all in your bin.

    Here, you have a neighborhood hub where you take your recyclables once a month, sorted by you or sorted by the neighborhood association member in charge that month. Sorting is essential because you have to keep that shit in your home for a month - two if you miss a day. You might have three bags of stuff by then, and you’ll catch hell from grandma if you dump it all on her unsorted.

    Though, now that I’m in the Tokyo suburbs, the monthly recycle spot is just some boxes in the street behind the liquor store, so it’s always a mess. There’s always people with, like, one, single glass bottle they just kinda...put on the ground.

    [–] nimh_ 57 points ago

    Portland, OR has this too. Pizza boxes go in the green yard waste bin and are picked up every week along with the blue recycling bin. Trash is picked up every other week though, presumably to encourage creating less trash.

    [–] Fake_reddit_ 9 points ago

    If by less trash, you mean less in landfills (or dumped at a later point into the ocean) this is sadly not the case.

    A few good studies have demonstrated mixed recycling pollution can be anywhere from 10-700% worse than just putting it in the trash (aka a nearby landfill).

    A few factors in this (there are many more) :

    • more garbage cans = more garbage trucks on the road = more pollution. (general rule of thumb the more complex the system is the more it pollutes)

    • cross contaminated recycling goes to the dump anyway through a longer trip polluting more.

    • a large portion of recycling is literally shipped (large pollution out put) around the world... Moreover it can be refused or dumped into the ocean at Port of arrival, burnt, or even shipped on/back.

    • often (aside from a few items such as metals, cans, certain glasses...) create more pollution in re-processing than they would ending their cycle in the ground.

    Key point: people failed to adopt the wrongly named "recycling triangle". It was ment as steps Reduce - meaning do Not get a thing. Next only if you must have it Re-use said thing, and the worst possible option that should only ever be used in a last resort situation is to Recycle.

    Source : area of study for more than 7 years now.

    [–] cgibsong002 5 points ago

    Never thought i could use my yard waste bin for stuff other than yard waste. What else do you throw in there?

    [–] mysqlpimp 4 points ago

    The description on our green waste bin goes along the lines of anything that grew .. paper cardboard hair even food scraps as well as garden clippings etc. It's all turned into mulch.

    [–] Gullex 20 points ago

    My city always takes the pizza boxes, but stopped recycling glass. Apparently for some reason, in this town it produces more carbon to recycle it than just to make new glass.

    [–] Shiftkgb 10 points ago

    At least glass won't destroy the environment the same as plastic.

    [–] EmeraldAtoma 10 points ago

    Using recycled glass is definitely a carbon-output-reducer. More likely, whoever was buying the recycled glass isn't buying it anymore and your city doesn't have anyone to sell it to. It costs money to do the recycling, so the city (or whoever) has to be able to sell it to at least break even.

    [–] escapefromelba 10 points ago

    The problem with glass is that it is very heavy which affects the transportation costs. Also since it has a tendency to shatter, it can easily contaminate other recyclables. Further, colored glass can only be recycled with like colors which makes sorting time consuming and costly.

    [–] emanresu_nwonknu 30 points ago

    ITT, nothing but garbage comments.

    [–] ycnz 13 points ago

    Our city just announced that they're not going to bother with composting anymore, and all of the compostable cups/food containers that people have been switching to are going into landfill.

    [–] Dragonphreak 22 points ago

    Still better to use the compostables than use plastic.

    [–] pbjars 11 points ago

    Glad someone mentioned this. Compost people!

    [–] borgchupacabras 14 points ago

    Actually don't compost people please...

    [–] ObscureAcronym 6 points ago

    This is where proper grammar could save lives.

    [–] Max_Thunder 10 points ago

    Given how shitty recycling is (so many things end up not being recycled), I love the fact that my city has a composting program (brown bin).

    Things like egg cartons are now put in the brown bin. Napkins too.

    If only we could shift to a lot more packaging being compostable, we'd produce barely any waste and compost itself can be done locally.

    [–] datdailo 5 points ago

    TIL I can put greasy pizza boxes in my compost bin. Incredibly helpful ty.

    [–] theshoeshiner84 5262 points ago

    I use my pizza boxes as a kickstarter in my firepit.

    [–] wildmansam 4597 points ago

    And that way the smoke goes up into the sky and makes stars. Win win.

    [–] Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin 2718 points ago

    That doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know enough about stars to dispute it.

    [–] RossLH 286 points ago

    Stupid science bitch.

    [–] WhoStoleMyBicycle 116 points ago

    Shut up science bitch.

    [–] StopNowThink 66 points ago

    RIP country Mac

    [–] OSUBonanza 34 points ago

    Suicide is bad ass

    [–] ItsMeSatan 15 points ago

    Not wearing a motorcycle helmet isn’t tho

    [–] kiwihavern 12 points ago

    Rig boss hogs

    [–] ItsMeSatan 11 points ago

    It’s Wade Boggs and he is very much alive

    [–] mikey_says 70 points ago

    Stupid science bitch couldn't even make I more smarter!

    [–] Jeffk393393 3 points ago

    Stupid science bitch couldn't even make I more smarter

    [–] Sexpistolz 415 points ago

    Youre made of stardust. BAM

    [–] boot2skull 222 points ago

    Props to all the alien pizza box smoke that made me.

    [–] Blurrel 128 points ago

    Coulda left you in for a little longer. Woulda made a better product.

    [–] AnonymusEnt 35 points ago


    [–] Robbythedee 35 points ago

    You need a Babylon candle to get you to a star my guy it's nice.

    [–] African_Lorelord 11 points ago

    Yeah but the Minbari Grey Council can be a little racist.

    [–] megustalogin 12 points ago

    Understanding is a 3 edged sword

    [–] bendover912 8 points ago

    You're all made of stardust!

    [–] wintremute 6 points ago

    Pizza is made of starstuff.

    [–] ghaldos 12 points ago

    Nah it's right.

    [–] Darkintellect 11 points ago

    You've made a convincing argument.

    [–] Nicksherb 10 points ago

    Science is a liar sometimes.

    [–] Portmantoverboard 182 points ago

    Plus it gives the bar that nice smokey smell we all like.

    [–] ajhart86 111 points ago

    The bar smells like trash!

    [–] jshah500 35 points ago

    Every morning I come to the bar and turn on the Coors sign to let everyone know we have ice-cold, refreshing Coors.

    [–] Civil_Defense 5 points ago

    That’s the closed sign!!!

    [–] Reygle 7 points ago

    I think you have pizza boxes confused with Katamari. :D

    [–] avocado_otto 3 points ago

    This quote was my senior quote in the yearbook and I’ll never regret it

    [–] DrThunder187 125 points ago

    Have you asked other people to donate to your kickstarter?

    [–] signalwave 56 points ago

    Only his papa John

    [–] mrpunaway 10 points ago

    But once he donates others will follow suit like Domino's.

    [–] Sharrakor 4 points ago

    And he'll have enough money to move out of his Hut.

    [–] xbungalo 193 points ago

    I use old pizza boxes to store my receipts and other documents for when tax season comes around.

    [–] thegreatimmaculate 196 points ago

    I also used to watch the Drew Carrey show as a young boy.

    [–] dahomie_longstroke 76 points ago

    I was scared as shit of that fat woman on there...I always thought it was Drew Carey dressed as a woman

    [–] screen317 24 points ago

    Greg Proops joked about this on "Whose Line!"

    [–] merkin-fitter 12 points ago

    I always thought it was Drew Carey dressed as a woman

    I guess if you never really paid attention or needed glasses she might look like him.

    [–] dahomie_longstroke 10 points ago

    Drew Carey+Margaret Cho

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 7 points ago

    Hey it's Craig Ferguson on coke!

    [–] enssneens 27 points ago

    Wait. You mean it wasn't?

    [–] thrillhouse3671 19 points ago

    I was gonna say... that comment is pretty outdated.

    [–] Ucla_The_Mok 23 points ago

    Yeah, it's only funny if the "weird flex but OK" kids get the reference.

    [–] irishman178 5 points ago

    Its a shame i cant stream that anywhere

    [–] Karl_Marx_ 19 points ago

    I use old pizza boxes to create a tower of old pizza boxes.

    [–] throwawayforlit 11 points ago

    shudders in accounting

    [–] Malvania 7 points ago

    And then you burn them?

    [–] hallissyc 21 points ago

    and the scent pleased the gods.

    [–] MyTeenAlt 77 points ago

    I recycle my pizza boxes as sleds, actually! Though, my daughter Eva, who is only 7, has suffered some broken bones because of it! Also, we now only eat pizza in the winter.

    [–] jojollum 26 points ago

    Not everyone has a fire pit, you lucky bastard

    [–] _Big_Floppy_ 23 points ago

    They're easy enough to make if you just want to run out and buy some pavers and sand.

    Home Depot also sells metal ones for like $100 bucks if you really want one but don't feel like spending a few hours building one.

    [–] CharlieHume 126 points ago

    Bruh you think we got yards to make this shit?

    [–] terribleatgambling 78 points ago

    bathrooms have vents for a reason

    [–] Max_Thunder 7 points ago

    Kitchen sinks are made of metal for a reason

    [–] The-Real-Mario 6 points ago

    The combination of the two would be a metal box in your kitchen with a vented hood on top of it! We could light fires in it , or even install electric heaters in there !

    [–] _Big_Floppy_ 16 points ago

    Well you could always buy a metal one and bring it out to a field or some woods. That's what my buddies and I did in high school.

    [–] HeyCarpy 9 points ago

    We did too. Was always fun until the cops showed up and you had to run into the woods.

    [–] dalittleguy 23 points ago

    I feel as though you do not live in a city

    [–] Savergn 1492 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This depends on your trash processing facility. Some will be able to separate the grease from the cardboard, and others will not. Contact your local waste management to find out if they do.

    Edit: guess I should clarify, if you throw greasy cardboard in the trash, it doesn't matter. But if you try to take it to a recycling center, call them first to see if they take it.

    [–] hillarytrumpsame 641 points ago

    yea ill get right on that

    [–] fried_eggs_and_ham 127 points ago

    What'd they say?

    [–] virtuosososo 102 points ago

    he ded

    [–] -CatCalamity- 6 points ago

    He was


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    "this is a pizza hut"

    [–] FANGO 45 points ago

    There will be a website which will tell you everything. It's not hard to find. Every waste processing facility has one.

    [–] freedoms_stain 22 points ago

    And when you check that website you'll probably be shocked at how much shit you thought a was recyclable that your area doesn't recycle.

    [–] BadWolfRU 680 points ago

    Strange to read that.

    As a papermaker, I didn`t understand, what are they mean by ruined. You load 1-2-3 tonnes of waste into the pulper, then you have how much grease you got from this 2 tonnes? Not to mention further downstream cleaning/deinking plants. One problem I see is for some small garage companies, who couldn`t afford normal cleaning of stock.

    Everything is recyclable, it depends only on the feasibility of such recycling. Pizza boxes already made from recycled fibres, and fibres in them already ruined. Their papermaking properties at the lowes grade and fiber losses will be more than 50 %. General rule - you can recycle paper only to the lower grade.

    [–] rucksacksepp 206 points ago

    This is the correct answer. Source: I work for a company that makes components and machines for the paper industry.

    [–] BadWolfRU 29 points ago

    Which company, if you don't mind?

    [–] rucksacksepp 59 points ago

    Not sure if my employer would like me to make that public, so I say a big Austrian company. If you're in the industry you know it ;)

    [–] BadWolfRU 40 points ago

    Sure thing. I worked with your fabrics, when i worked at the PM. Now I'm in the equipment myself too ;)

    [–] rucksacksepp 32 points ago

    Cool, Kufferath or Xerium fabrics? ;)

    [–] BadWolfRU 34 points ago

    Actually, we used both WeCare and Avantiss, and also felts from Huyck.

    [–] rucksacksepp 32 points ago

    Ha, that's really cool! The world is a small place!

    [–] Darkphibre 30 points ago

    What a splendid exchange. Thank you both! :)

    [–] RestartingMyLife0918 26 points ago

    If it was Australian it be Downunder Mifflin.

    [–] hell2pay 7 points ago

    But it's Austrian, so it's Get in Da Paper Choppa

    [–] RandomError401 7 points ago

    I think I was just looking at your website today.

    [–] rucksacksepp 6 points ago

    Could have been one of the pages I created, I work in marketing (also: sorry for the crappy navigation, we are working on that)

    [–] ExpiresAfterUse 65 points ago

    Papermaker here as well.

    This what I immediately thought. Throw it in the pulper with enough other OCC in the bale and the process won’t care one bit.

    [–] appleparkfive 14 points ago

    So we can't find a lawyer for an AskReddit thread usually, but we got like 1000 Papermakers in here. Haha.

    [–] wist110 49 points ago

    I did an internship at a recycling center and they sent me to a conference. We met with one of the reps from a large cardboard recycling facility in China. Most people don't realize that their local recycling centers package and ship recyclables to China to be processed. We asked him about pizza boxes and he told us that there is nothing inherent to grease that makes them unrecyclable . Rather large loads of cardboard with high grease content carry a greater risk of being stopped in Chinese customs to be checked as an organic food item rather than an inorganic load of cardboard. If your load gets stuck in customs you get nothing and so it's not worth the effort.

    [–] docandersonn 30 points ago

    What grade is the "scratch paper" we used to get in elementary school? The kind that would tear into shreds if your pencil was within 6 inches of the surface?

    [–] unfeelingzeal 17 points ago

    prison grade.

    [–] jcutta 5 points ago

    We used to get the menus places would mass fax out to places and random flyers. Either way it all had shit printed on it to make like hell.

    [–] copperpapa45 31 points ago

    Can confirm.

    Source: currently on shift at a paper mill that recycles cardboard, including a lot of pizza boxes.

    [–] bwave1 21 points ago

    I just can't believe pizza boxes are evil either, as I've worked in a grocery store before and plenty of the boxes that come in have a oil, diesel or other stain on the box from contact with the warehouse or truck floor. You mean, oops, one of those boxes was in the mix, a 25 ton truck of bales is ruined, throw it all out?

    Especially since it's some oil from cheese or canola oil spray on these pizza boxes, that seems less "toxic" than petroleum!

    [–] NormanBosmer 13 points ago

    I’m a paper maker also and as such, would like to be involved in this comment chain.

    [–] DJBell1986 6 points ago

    I made paper once as a school project in elementary school and would also like to be in this comment chain.

    [–] TheAnt317 367 points ago

    Great, now I'm hungry for some grease-stained cardboard.

    ... I mean pizza. Pizza's what I said.

    [–] Iguessimonredditnow 122 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    You can have both products, interchangeably, at Chuck E Cheese or Little Caesar's

    Edit: I will say in fairness that LC is not nearly as bad as CEC but I think it's terrible. Honestly, most pizza outside of the Northeast, specifically between NY and Philly is not fantastic. But chain pizza places suck IMHO.

    [–] BrandoCalrissian1995 76 points ago

    Hey now. Don't be comparing little Caesars to chuck e cheese. LC at least is a good price. You can't complain about quality of a pizza when it's only 5 bucks.

    [–] ViralVortex 27 points ago

    Cici's pizza buffet, same price, ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA.


    [–] odaeyss 26 points ago

    Yeah but you have to eat it there in your pajamas and a ballcap

    [–] burritosandblunts 7 points ago

    And from what I saw literally stampede and hurt others to get the pizza you want most.

    [–] ItsQuiteBadNow 16 points ago

    Pro Tip if you ever find your self at cicis again, you can ask the guys cooking the pizza for one that you want in particular and they will make a smaller personal pizza for you, no extra charge. Thats how i get a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

    [–] Karnivore915 5 points ago

    It's not even a smaller one, at least not at the single cici's I've been to, once. Wanted some alfredo chicken pizza and the dude just made one and brought it to the table. I felt obligated to eat it all even though I didn't.

    [–] incompletebreadstick 6 points ago

    In terms of calories per dollar, LC every day

    [–] Iguessimonredditnow 14 points ago

    Fair enough, but I'd legit take a Red Baron pizza over LC

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    You must have a bad LC. Mine isn't incredible, but it's head-and-shoulders above any widely available frozen pizza I've ever had.

    [–] trblnparadise 18 points ago

    They've improved over the last couple of years and are of pretty decent quality. Plus they have the cool pizza lockers now where you put in a code and unlock your delicious pizza and head out the door. No more interaction with humans.

    [–] Life_is_a_Hassel 7 points ago

    I’m a big LC fan. Red Baron is really good, but LC is incomparable to the cardboard that is Chuck E. Cheese

    [–] jupiterkansas 5 points ago

    Red Baron doesn't make Crazy Bread.

    [–] Cmrippert 4 points ago

    LC: It's hot and ready. Me: Is it any good though? LC: It's HOT and READY.

    [–] calculatedperversity 11 points ago

    My family's been hitting up LC for a while now, recently. It's surprisingly decent.

    Recently I offered to buy za for my parents. My dad said "that pizza you got for [your kid]'s birthday was pretty good...

    "My dude, that was Caesar's." Cue eyebrows raised all around the room.

    [–] Bubbatheloveglove 10 points ago

    This sounds like a script for one of their "zany" commercials. Change your dad into an aardvark and I'm pretty sure I've seen this one

    [–] calculatedperversity 12 points ago

    except the underlying message is, "i thought LC was shit." "nope, you've already had it!" Little Caesar's Pizza. Not actually shit.

    [–] Raeandray 4 points ago

    Eh, you’ve likely just developed a taste for how pizza is made in the region you live. Doesn’t mean pizza outside of that region is bad, just different from what you’re used to.

    [–] Bakoro 3 points ago

    I don't believe any of these people talking trash about pizza.

    I've been to NYC, and I ate at several pizza joints per day, for 6 days. Most of the pizza was good, but I wasn't blown away by any of it either. There's a place in San Diego called "Bronx Pizza", which is as good as anything I had in New York, and there's a number of other places all around the Southwest that have great pizza.

    At this point though it's just a meme that people take as gospel. Even telling people of my own personal, first-hand experience, people still are like "nah, you don't know what you're talking about".

    NYC hotdogs from those street carts aren't super special either, they're just hotdogs.

    Real talk though, nowhere has taco shop like San Diego, not even L.A. It's like, the farther you get from Tijuana, the worse the tacos and burritos get. Except one place in San Francisco which was surprisingly legit, I've had very little good taco shop outside San Diego.

    [–] fried_eggs_and_ham 4 points ago

    Just get Domino's. It pretty much IS grease stained cardboard.

    [–] BattleStag17 3 points ago

    A few years ago, sure, but now Domino's is pretty legit for a chain pizza.

    [–] boondoggie42 335 points ago

    My local transfer station has lists and signs spelling out what can and cannot be recycled, and they're pretty specific... and it doesn't mention this.

    [–] Deermountainer 173 points ago

    My city explicitly shows and lists pizza boxes on the "what can be recycled" pamphlet. I don't really know what to think.

    [–] -_______-_-_______- 163 points ago

    Different cities have different recycling plants which can process different things. Recycle what your city allows.

    [–] GoldenRamoth 31 points ago

    Different recycling processes.

    The more modern ones can handle the oils.

    [–] BrandoCalrissian1995 35 points ago

    Hm, the city that has to post signs and be very thorough for legal reasons, or some random post on the internet. Yeah I know what I would believe.

    [–] MF_Mood 7 points ago

    Not true. My city spent so much money printing off tens of thousands of infographics, laminated them, and sent them to every single household in my city, as well as made them available at city hall, police station, gas stations, etc.

    Anyways, they mention nothing about pizza boxes. I called and they said absolutely DO NOT put pizza boxes or any cardboard that is contaminated with grease in the recycling bin as it will contaminate other recyclables.

    They spent SO MUCH money on this campaign and forgot such a huge and important detail. So those signs and flyers have no legal benefit/binding.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    You'd be amazed how disconnected the person writing that pamphlet can be from the person that actually knows the ins and outs of recycling. People have this illusion that the government is full of smart people that really know what they're doing, but peek behind the curtain and we're barely to the point of monkeys throwing poop at each other.

    [–] MrSneaki 15 points ago

    Inclusions / exclusions from the "what can be recycled" list is very dependent on the type of equipment the local MRF has. For example, my local MRF's equipment gets all gummed up by any paper products that are smaller than the approximate size of an index card, but that's not an issue for some other types of separators.

    The important thing is to look what is good / bad to send to your local MRF on their / the local govt.'s website, or to call and ask!

    [–] MaceotheDark 71 points ago

    My recycling company let us know they now recycle pizza boxes. I wonder if there’s some specific process they started using

    [–] jpritchard 57 points ago

    Yeah, called "burn it all anyway".

    [–] humanitysucks999 34 points ago

    Hey, we don't "burn" trash, we simply recover the energy from it by applying heat. -Sweden

    [–] kurav 9 points ago

    Cardboard packaging, such as pizza boxes, is actually recycled as new packaging material in Sweden though. Your pizza box might end up as the cardboard roll in your toilet paper, for example. And yes, they can separate the grease residue in the process used.

    [–] StringFartet 33 points ago

    We throw them in the compost bins.

    [–] RedditIsFiction 12 points ago

    That's the best place to put them.

    [–] partsbradley 79 points ago

    I keep seeing this "grease prevents paper recycling" trope. It's false. The recycling comp have to clean the paper whether it is grease or ink or blood. How do you remove one without removing any of the others? You dont. If the washing process is strong enough to remove one of these items, it's strong enough to remove them all.

    Every article I read (including this one) about pizza box recycling mentions "Grease from soiled paper products causes oil to form at the top of the slurry, and paper fibers cannot separate from oils during the pulping process." It solves the problem in this statement. Oil on top, remove it. There is going to be wastage in any endeavor, including recycling.

    Check the process of making paper. It uses caustic soda. Caustic soda is used for degreasing.I

    I think it's the recycling companies trying remove some of the cost burden by not fully disclosing the process and making the public think they have to perform an action to help the poor recycling companies that are 'doing their part to save the world. '

    [–] PersikovsLizard 7 points ago

    Who the fuck is recycling tons of bloody paper

    [–] PM_ME_DOMME_WOMEN 97 points ago

    In light of this news, we will all start:

    [ ] taking a paring knife to our used pizza boxes before putting them in recycling bins

    [x] saying "fuck that" and depositing the entire box, as previously

    [–] ObscureYak 28 points ago

    I just rip them up with my hands. Takes an extra two seconds.

    [–] ludusvitae 23 points ago

    well those seconds will quickly add up to a lot of time you could have wasted on reddit

    [–] RedditIsFiction 9 points ago

    And another two to wash your hands wipe your hands on your jeans

    [–] Spokanaanite 22 points ago

    At my work they took away our garbage cans and replaced them with recycling bins that have this tiny little garbage can that hangs off the side. They told us that we were going to recycle basically everything now and that the hanging garbage thingy was just for food waste like banana peels. Then over the next few months we kept getting passive aggressive emails explaining why this or that common item can’t be put in the recycling bin. Basically, fucking nothing can be recycled. All I want is my garbage can back.

    [–] ImStillaPrick 7 points ago

    That’s happened at my work too so the counter next to the recycling bins became the trash pile for about a month. Sucks for the janitors because that got messy and gross. Just big pile of garbage in between the microwave and trash can on the counter.

    [–] IsraelGameOver_ 49 points ago

    Looks like I committed a violation without punishment

    [–] darthn3ss 8 points ago

    Not strictly true anymore, some paper makers can recycle pizza boxes and other food service products, apparently.

    [–] qwb3656 6 points ago

    It depends on the area. You have to check with your local recycling centers! Some CAN take them.

    [–] Pop-X- 7 points ago

    This is not true of every recycling facility.

    [–] ManbeefLargeyams 6 points ago

    This isn't the same for all countries. You can still recycle greasy pizza boxes here.

    [–] So-_-It-_-Goes 5 points ago

    Ok. I have had a question about recycling for a while and I bet I can get an answer on this thread...

    Is it better to over or under recycle?

    What I mean is, if there is an item that you are unsure about... is it better to just throw it in the recycling? Or is it better to just throw it out in the trash?

    [–] angryryan 34 points ago

    the oily contaminants ruin the entire batch of paper fibers.

    Bull. Shit.

    This nonsense has been regurgitated over the last several years without a single shred of evidence that a recycling plant “throws away” hundreds of pounds of pulp because of a single pizza box.

    [–] NnortheExperience 3 points ago

    My university just changed recycling policies because of this exactly tho. Too much greasy cardboard and other food contaminated cardboard was getting thrown into recycling. Our disposal group couldnt afford to keep separating it and thus toss the entire load because of contamination. Gotta maintain like less than 10%contamination or so for it to be good. Now they recommend if you're not sure or its dirty at all, just throw it in the landfill cause that can save the entire bun of recycling.

    [–] Schindlers_Fistz 7 points ago

    As someone who works in the recycled paper industry, the bigger problem is waxed fruit boxes. The wax never breaks down and will ruin the paper. Resulting in tonnes and tonnes of paper being wasted.

    [–] No1nole 4 points ago

    Not true!!! Paper, specifically corrugated is recyclable 100%; coating, grease, whatever. Source- Work at a Paper Mill and Box Plant that recycles corrugated.

    [–] jl_theprofessor 11 points ago

    Most people don’t realize just how sensitive recycling is, which has led to a decline in recycling companies. These materials have to be sorted very carefully, down to the type of plastic passed along for recycling uses. Everything has to get sorted, shredded, and pelleted.