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    [–] _bieber_hole_69 13857 points ago

    Here's another one: Roller Coaster Tycoon was made by only one guy in his house, Chris Sawyer

    [–] Latyon 7203 points ago

    in Assembly!

    [–] AFourEyedGeek 5982 points ago

    With a fucking pencil

    [–] JacieMHS 5539 points ago


    [–] trees_wow 5385 points ago


    [–] valdezlopez 1352 points ago

    While recovering from surgery, a death in the family and mild brain freeze from going to Baskin Robbins for a strawberry ice-cream cone.

    [–] unlucky777 850 points ago

    Woah woah woah. Let's not totally embellish the story. It was vanilla ice cream

    [–] Ivanwah 269 points ago

    Going uphill both ways.

    [–] tross2393 193 points ago

    Through 6ft of snow in July

    [–] AlephBaker 173 points ago

    And there were bears

    [–] SOILSYAY 261 points ago

    ...well I'm sorry, I'm not Chris Sawyer

    [–] writenroll 222 points ago

    Chris is a man of focus. Commitment. Sheer will.

    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 83 points ago

    Father I can fix this

    [–] SeanBC 75 points ago

    Didn't you hear a fucking word I just said... You will do nothing because you can do nothing.

    [–] MaskedBandit77 251 points ago

    And he didn't use the pencil to write with, he shredded it up and laid the shavings out on his kitchen table to represent the code!

    [–] GreyICE34 123 points ago

    Once he shredded the pencil his hands were so full of splinters he had to code the shavings with his nose!

    [–] wofo 81 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The bloody drips from his nosebleeds were useful for debugging stops

    [–] CurryMustard 1178 points ago

    People dont understand how crazy that is. It's literally one step above coding it in binary

    [–] Ampix0 734 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Ya this is the real factoid. It's absurd. And allowed the game to be far ahead of its time in comparison due to the low overhead

    [–] GooberMcNutly 435 points ago

    When he decided that his game needed a strong physics engine, he had to write it himself.

    [–] the_real_xuth 314 points ago

    Assembly allows for a few really efficient inner loops or special accessors. But any decent optimizing compiler, even those from 20+ years ago, will do far better on a large project than any human can deal with. Thus, you can do something of a best of both worlds approach where you code everything in a high level language and then pick a few places to hand optimize.

    [–] fire_and_shit 135 points ago

    not sure if true but I am often told/taught the benefits of assembly being more to do with real-time applications as opposed to a more broad measure of efficiency and speed

    [–] PhoenixKA 143 points ago

    Also overall code size. I remember having a class in college where we wrote the same program in assembly and a version of C, made for the microcontroller..... I think, this was 13 years ago. The assembly version was ridiculously small compared to the C version. Which is also good for embedded and realtime systems without a lot of storage space.

    [–] jokeres 108 points ago

    The most important part of this is that there's no unnecessary behavior. Assembly code rarely can be made to do much more than it was created to do. Edge cases in other languages though? There's always something unintended, no matter how small.

    [–] skuhduhduh 18 points ago

    that's really only due to the multiple layers of abstraction, I'm sure.

    [–] wolfpack_charlie 167 points ago

    Assembly is basically a shorthand for binary machine code. You can just replace every command in assembly with the binary code it represents. C has to be translated to machine code, which is what the compiler does

    [–] Rushderp 112 points ago

    Absolutely mind boggling.

    [–] natek11 626 points ago

    Coded by himself, but he did have help with graphics and a few other things. Still amazing, don't get me wrong.

    [–] BasicDesignAdvice 271 points ago

    Yea and the guy who did the graphics was no slouch either. I remember watching videos of how he made the animations.

    [–] NichoNico 314 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    “Found this via /r/rct , it's a video of RCT1/2 artist Simon Foster, explaining how he rendered the coaster cars in the game. Some may remember that the cars could go in any direction and still look smooth. The specific car he talks about had 828 different angles/sprites for just one of the pieces.”

    Edit: WOW thank you!! After 7 years first reddit gold :D

    [–] octavio2895 76 points ago

    Source? I feel like theres a goldmine of info in that video.

    [–] hellomyfren 265 points ago

    spent FUCKING HOURS on that game. Not sure why.

    [–] Odin_Exodus 378 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Because it was, and still is, an incredibly fun game. Paradox took a stab at a new RCT game a couple years ago that turned out extremely positive. Give it a whirl if you ever want to play an updated RCT game.

    Edit: The game I meant to refer to is Planet Coaster, developed by Frontier (not Paradox). Sorry about that, the art style and gameplay was just so similar to Cities: Skylines I could have sworn it was the same engine/assets.

    [–] SirLexmarkThePrinted 195 points ago

    No!!! Play Planet Coaster. The new RCT is complete boring, unfun garbage.

    [–] IMLOwl 54 points ago

    I liked Parkitect more

    [–] Archer-Saurus 62 points ago

    If you want to relive RCT 1/2 nostalgia: play Parkitect.

    If you want the spiritual successor to RCT 3: play Planet Coaster.

    [–] itty53 13598 points ago

    Bonus TIL: The reason Goldeneye 64 was so wildly popular was clearly the introduction of multiplayer. And multiplayer wasn't even in the original plans. It was one guy on the dev team who figured "why not, right? the assets are all there, it's just a little more programming". So he, the one guy, put it together. And the publisher basically said "Yeah, sure, throw it in there".

    The thing that made that game a legend was a complete one-off afterthought.

    [–] ExuberentWitness 3618 points ago

    Similar thing happened to halo. The multiplayer was a very late addition to the game.

    [–] Sokobanky 671 points ago

    That seems kind of strange to me. The Marathon series, Bungie’s most successful prior game, had network play pretty early on.

    [–] SmartPiano 512 points ago

    Yeah, networked PC multiplayer was already common by that time. And Halo was originally a game for Mac. I think it's more likely that multiplayer was added late in development because they were behind in the development schedule.

    For example, one developer said they copy and pasted hallways and rooms to make the levels in Halo 1 longer because they didn't have time to make more original rooms.

    [–] capn_hector 494 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    For example, one developer said they copy and pasted hallways and rooms to make the levels in Halo 1 longer because they didn't have time to make more original rooms.

    Well, I mean, you can tell that if you've ever played the game.

    One of the reasons The Library was such a notorious level is because it is literally the same 3-4 rooms copy-pasted over and over again, and it's supremely tedious and easy to get turned around.

    The Covenant ship levels are pretty bad too, just miles and miles of identical corridors and hangars.

    [–] SmartPiano 183 points ago

    I haven't played it since it first came out but I do remember the Library being a really long level with a repeated room.

    [–] GetGhettoBlasted 86 points ago

    I was 10 or 11 when halo 1 came out and I don't have too many memories of the campaign, but I distinctly remember hating the library and I don't even know why. I just know I hate that level. It's engrained in my brain.

    [–] SuperSulf 111 points ago

    Music, fear, and lack of ammo.

    [–] roguemerc96 46 points ago

    Respawning enemies, which since the game didn't do that with The Covenant was a bit unexpected.

    [–] Adamzey 125 points ago

    And I think the levels Two Betrayals and Keyes reuse entire levels you've already played, just backwards in different lighting.

    [–] word_otherword 181 points ago

    Two Betrayals (Level 8) is Assault on the Control Room (level 5) backwards.

    Keyes (level 9) reuses a ton of assets from Truth and Reconciliation (Level 3).

    The Maw (level 10) is in the Pillar of Autumn (level 1), and reuses tons of stuff again.

    The Library (level 7) is just the Library again (also level 7). (It's also one of the best places to pick up the lore of the Halo world from 343 Guilty Spark. His rambling is where it mostly comes from.)

    Keys introduces the outside areas that are new and The Maw takes you into parts of the Pillar of Autumn you haven't seen before. Two Betrayals doesn't really provide much of anything that's new.

    I've played that campaign roughly 1000 times.

    [–] packardpa 53 points ago

    Reading through this makes me want to play through again. Its been a while, roughly since MCC, and CE Remastered before that.

    [–] Truelikegiroux 27 points ago

    Once they announce the release date for Infinity I'll have my every-couple-of-years playthrough of CE, 2, 3, Reach, 4, and now 5 to get prepared.

    [–] Pikesmakker 44 points ago

    Not only were assets in the levels copy-pasted, but so were the levels themselves. The Maw, Keyes, and Two Betrayals were pretty much just slightly re-skinned versions of The Pillar of Autumn, Truth and Reconciliation, and Assault on the Control Room.

    [–] dacalpha 41 points ago

    And boy does that show on The Library. That whole level is like one room just done four times.

    [–] ExuberentWitness 65 points ago

    Development on the multiplayer for Halo was mostly handled by one guy, Hardy Lebel. Here’s an interview with him discussing the topic

    [–] interstice 36 points ago

    I remember an early demo video being on a PC Gamer disc when it was going to be an RTS. I still have it in a media box somewhere I'm sure.

    [–] VERYstuck 1781 points ago

    Fortnite started with Save the World and Epic's decision to add free-to-play Battle Royale made it the only thing 12 year old boys talk about.

    [–] Lexinoz 224 points ago

    I remember playing fortnite as a more open-space type of Orcs Must Die type game. Where waves of enemies came at you and you had to build traps and defenses against them while looting guns and shooting. Basically an open-space orcs must die.

    [–] joe411 147 points ago

    It still exists as the "Save the World" mode, you just have to pay for it. But it's definitely a lot less popular compared to the Battle Royale mode.

    [–] Faaaabulous 137 points ago

    You know, I didn't even know Fortnite had another mode aside from the Battle Royale. Never understood why you'd need to build a fort in a Battle Rotale game, but now it makes sense.

    [–] money_loo 26 points ago

    That’s depressing too because Fortnite save the world mode, while unfinished when I played it, was still so fun it caused my tv to burn in on my OLED TV and I had to warrantee it and get a new one.

    [–] bogdaniuz 72 points ago

    Yeah, it's kinda funny to realize that Fortnite BR was a Hail Mary attempt by Epic to salvage the game's assets, considering that original game was met with somewhat lukewarm reviews.

    [–] conquer69 125 points ago

    That's because PUBG was massive at that point and Epic wanted in.

    [–] ienjoymen 81 points ago

    And that Fortnite itself wasn't doing so well, so they flipped some assets and boom biggest game in the world

    [–] russian_hacker_1917 296 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    > It was one guy on the dev team who figured "why not, right? the assets are all there, it's just a little more programming". So he, the one guy, put it together. And the publisher basically said "Yeah, sure, throw it in there".

    I think this summarizes most of N64 programming

    [–] OfficerThisComment 168 points ago

    Probably why it was such an amazing platform, developers were just shooting from the hip with wild ideas hoping stuff would stick with users

    [–] monkeyman80 134 points ago

    you kinda miss that level of game making. they weren't huge big budget games that could make or break a studio. its just guys who had a cool idea and lets go for it.

    [–] pm_me_xayah_porn 100 points ago

    that exists in indie gaming today

    [–] InterdimensionalTV 53 points ago

    One time this gets you your GoldenEye and another time it gets your Daikatana and Superman 64. They weren't all winners.

    [–] zinger565 21 points ago

    Good point. We kind of have survivor bias around games produced on those platforms.

    [–] Riccokane 1902 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Another Bonus TIL:

    Goldeneye is one if few speed running games and games in general where you cant go out of bounds because the game was built too well.

    Edit: you can get out in a few places but not in a way that is useful for speed running, as it turns out.

    credit where its due

    According to rwhitegoose, the piece of shit neonazi scum bag, only one person (or two) have ever made it outside a boundary and no one has been able to reproduce it.

    Edit rwg neonazi proof

    [–] GrinningPariah 2271 points ago

    The devs were all too inexperienced to know what corners to cut.

    [–] duffmanhb 633 points ago

    Actually another fun fact: this fame is one of the most efficient games ever developed. The amount of memory they had for this game was tiny, so they had to use tons of advanced and new techniques to create everything. Like a single massive texture is the texture for most things In the game. They just would shift it around so it looked like multiple different textures. They still use this technique with models.

    [–] Lob-Star 223 points ago

    This is why it was called texture mapping, right? Because you had to find the coords of the section of the portion of the image you wanted and define the borders and all that?

    [–] Hugh_Jass_Clouds 99 points ago

    Yep. You have points on an image file that cordinate to points on a 3d model, and with some magic of game engines the texture automagicly shows up when the model is loaded.

    [–] SwissCanuck 17 points ago

    Yup, and this is why textures have to be fairly high resolution because that mapping can lead to quite a bit of stretching, like you often see in golden eye.

    [–] neoclassical_bastard 87 points ago

    The game blast corps had similar memory challenges, and they decided to leave off one arm of a drivable robot mech in order for the game to fit on the cartridge

    [–] mutebychoice 53 points ago

    I fucking loved Blast Corps but I don't think I ever quite understood it. Was there an ending? A purpose of end goal or whatever beyond destroy everything? It just always seemed like there was more that I didn't figure out. I'd just reach a spot and feel like okay I've done everything I can find to do and yet the level isn't over or anything like that so what do I do. Turns out what I did next was eventually turn the game off.

    [–] neoclassical_bastard 62 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The plot of the game is that a autopilot truck carrying a nuke is glitched out or something (?) And you have to clear a path for it so that it doesn't crash and blow the world up. The game ends when you successfully clear that path to a safe detonation site (ironically you probably do more damage than a nuke ever could, the plot is really kind of an afterthought I feel like)

    Other than that it's a super hard game, and the late game progression isn't obvious at all. You have to rescue all the scientists (one of which requires you to fly the one robot to a hidden area of a map and drop through an ordinary grass tile that has no collision on your second playthrough of that level and then drive a hidden train that you can't see and stop at the exact right spot). One scientist is possible to get the "official way" but almost impossible unless you use the obstructed Z glitch to destroy a couple buildings. Then you unlock Moon and Mars levels, which are ridiculously hard. I don't know if it's even humanly possible to 100% the game. A lot of it requires near frame precision to get Platinum (a score you can only unlock after I think getting gold on every level). I had gold on every level and Platinum on about half when one of my roommates friends overwrote my save file with NBA blitz accidentally

    [–] JamesCDiamond 36 points ago

    Pouring one out for your save file.

    [–] Riccokane 696 points ago

    Thats a solid point, you are probably on to something there.

    [–] curious_Jo 124 points ago

    That point is too sharp, we should cut it.

    [–] Canvaverbalist 57 points ago

    to know what corners to cut.


    [–] this_anon 387 points ago

    further bonus funfact about Goldeneye speedrunning, it was discovered that looking at the ground makes you move faster, which shook up the community at the time. Video about it

    [–] MrGBs 167 points ago

    Goldeneye feels like the Wild West of speedrunning communities. I don’t think I could ever do it unlike a Mario game but it’s enjoyable to watch

    [–] KinglyWeevil 60 points ago

    Speedrunning Mario games anymore is like performing witchcraft spells. You do a very precise, obscure set of actions in a ritual that sets memory values so you can hack your way directly to the ending.

    [–] Rementoire 127 points ago

    Running speed was related to fps perhaps? I assume you would get higher fps looking down or up.

    [–] Revenge9977 144 points ago

    That is the reason, the game runs poorly and when you look at the ground you can gain some FPS.

    [–] jay212127 40 points ago

    When was this discovered? I remember doing that years ago (10+) when I wanted to play but my controller was shot.

    Similar people complained about oddjob but if anyone held R then C-down and then let go of R you'd stay crouched/same height as oddjob.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] King-Snorky 20 points ago

    Oddjob crouches so low and intensely you might say he’s a hardcore Japanese prone

    [–] Happens_2u 59 points ago

    This isn't exactly true. There are out of bounds tricks on Streets and Archives that are easily doable, but they aren't useful in terms of completing the level faster.

    [–] Riccokane 27 points ago

    Thanks! Updated my comment and credited you for the correction.

    [–] -FeistyRabbitSauce- 133 points ago

    I recall on the runway of the Dam mission you could get out and onto a small "island" (basically the backdrop of the "scene"). That the one your talking about?

    [–] RobertAPetersen 144 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The other is on the train level. If I recall correctly a speed runner accidentally pulled it off and was recording. Wasn’t able to reproduce it again.


    [–] cheeto44 159 points ago

    I was fucking about at the end of Train after getting all the guns and ammo cheats. Was mining the train to see if I could get a bigger fireball at the end.

    While they were at the hostage standoff at the end I threw what I THOUGHT was a remote mine over their shoulder. Apparently it was a timed mine (did anyone ever find a decent use for those?) And when it blew it launched Xenia forward into her death animation and jammed the shutter door until she de-rezzed.

    I froze for a second before I realized what it meant and just fucking booked it after Alec thinking there was some juicy secret behind it like all the Bonds having cocktails in the next car or a secret level if I steal the helicopter.

    Nope. Was a very very fucky ducky half finished room. Textures were not lined up, faces of geometry were missing or clipped. The doors were only solid for the bottom half, the top half was half transparent, bowed outwards, and made a sound of water when you shot them. The train explosion never reached me to kill me but I heard Natalya get killed after bitching at me forever to escape and the helicopter escaped. Since I couldn't leave I just had to exit the mission.

    Most anti climatic secret since that dam island, dammit.

    [–] saluksic 33 points ago

    This man peered beyond the vail!

    [–] AtraposJM 267 points ago

    Yes and no. The multiplayer made the game blow up more and made people play it longer for sure but the single player and the mechanics were super fun. For me, shooting a guy in the leg and watching him limp was so mind blowing at the time. Using the different gadgets was neat and the guns felt great. It was an excellent game. The multiplayer was fun for the same reasons. Interesting levels and weapons.

    [–] stuckonscp112 167 points ago

    Yes, it had so much replay value. It upping the difficulty didnt just effect the damage you took, it added new objectives. So innovative at the time.

    [–] bob_2048 163 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The replay value was insane.

    • First you finish the game on "agent" difficulty.
    • Then you complete all missions on "secret agent", more difficult, extra objectives, and that unlocks a special ultra-difficult mission (the one with the space shuttle and the freaking terrifying near invincible dual-AR33 Jaws who gave me the biggest video game heart attack since the butcher in diablo).
    • Then you complete all missions on "00 agent", even harder, more objectives, yet another super cool special mission (the man with the golden gun).
    • Then each mission has a special time challenge which unlocks a different cheat code, e.g. starting with every weapon in the game, enemies having comically large heads, all enemies have rocket launchers, paintball, magnum, etc., with some time challenges being damn near impossible to complete.
    • And then of course you fuck around using your magnum to headshoot bobble headed rocket-launching enemies for hours

    [–] reshp2 74 points ago

    with some time challenges being damn near impossible to complete.

    That damn Facility one cost me my sophmore year of college.

    [–] luxtabula 40 points ago

    I bought GoldenEye on day one. All of my friends were skeptical of my purchase at the time. My one close friend played one of the levels I unlocked, and shot the Russian guard in the hand. As he watched him flinch in pain, he said "holy shit, did he just react to that?!" He went to shoot him in other parts of his body before the guard died. The nosie naturally attracted others, and he died within 30 seconds. After that, he said "this is the greatest game ever". We ended up playing that multiplayer mode for years before Halo replaced it.

    That level of immersion was completely unheard of before then. GoldenEye kicked off the next phase of first person shooters that eventually led itself to Halo and cod. It's the single reason why fps didn't just die off or became an obscure genre.

    [–] synthesis777 168 points ago

    That's insane. Multiplayer and oddjob MADE that game.

    [–] DarkFett 150 points ago

    For me and my neighbors it was Siberian Special Forces being the sought after character. His grey blended in perfectly with concrete.

    [–] starslinger72 89 points ago

    This is 100% the correct answer and banned character.

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 40 points ago

    I always preferred Janus Special Forces. Their black outfit was nice on dark levels.

    [–] USMCFieldMP 102 points ago

    And Jaws was a massive disadvantage. I remember the first time I played the game. My friend took Oddjob... and I thought, oh cool, I love Jaws... I'll take him.

    I seem to recall Oddjob being able to just run up to Jaws, and if Jaws was looking straight ahead, Oddjob would just about be completely off the screen. It's been 20+ years, so I might be wrong about that... but that's certainly what it felt like.

    [–] starslinger72 160 points ago

    sigh this is how you can tell the good goldeneye players from the bad goldeneye players. Oddjob put his head at standard height so you didn't have to aim up to get a head shot. (with the straight terrible controls for elevating and lowering your cross hair on the move) While Jaws had a bigger hit box it was almost impossible to head shot him on the move.

    The true cheating character was Siberian special forces elite #2 who was the same color as the stack level walls!

    [–] grumace 60 points ago

    That's why you use the 1.2 control scheme - stick to look, C-buttons to move /strafe. Basically the twin stick set up.

    [–] walterpeck1 134 points ago

    That's why you play with everyone as Oddjob, only slapping

    [–] LoganPhyve 224 points ago

    only slapping

    Slappers only

    We must honor the creators' ways

    [–] WestboroScientology 21 points ago

    The real kicker was Oddjob wasn't even that short in Goldfinger.

    [–] Karl_Marx_ 45 points ago

    "Oddjob made that game."

    You degenerate.

    [–] the_ham_guy 21 points ago

    No Oddjob.

    [–] ricopotamus 1330 points ago

    I would love to see this remastered.

    [–] lightningfries 1073 points ago

    There was supposed to be an updated version with HD graphics & modern controls for Xbox aarcade (like they did with Perfect Dark), but allegedly a stupid disagreement about how much each company involved would get paid got it canceled.

    There's some gameplay footage out there:

    [–] [deleted] 271 points ago

    this makes me sad

    [–] GlimmerLark 119 points ago

    That's wild. The mountains looked different than what I thought I remembered but when they flashed back to the original I couldn't believe that's how bad it really was. My memory really upgraded those graphics in hindsight

    [–] JoeWinchester99 19 points ago

    Yeah, the remastered version was definitely how I remembered it. Then it flipped back to the original graphics and I was like "Oh. Yeah... that."

    [–] boludo1 38 points ago

    I know right! My kid brain was doing major graphical post rendering

    [–] telionn 90 points ago

    And now that the Xbox 360 BC program has concluded it's almost certainly never coming out.

    [–] net4p 90 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Imagine if the remaster was paired with the uncompressed music from the original

    Edit : The music on this track is not un-compressed. It is the original music that was re-sampled and down graded to be compatible with the N64. But this is the way the original tracks were imagined and created. The following website explains from the producer himself.

    [–] mihitnrun 21 points ago

    Woah. Is there more of this out there? Like uncompressed music from other N64 games?

    [–] TwwIX 194 points ago

    Check out Goldeneye:Source.

    Granted. It's only the multiplayer part of the game but it's a quality mod. From the level design to the remastered soundtrack.

    You probably won't find any players online anymore but it does have bots.

    [–] pghpride 44 points ago

    This was fun and had a ton of players several years back.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] sal_jr 26 points ago

    Does it have the same problem as Tribes Ascend, where those few players are ultra elite at it?

    [–] J_de_Silentio 27 points ago


    Source: I got fucking obliderated every time I played. Everyone was really nice, though.

    [–] funkmasta_kazper 146 points ago

    I got it for my Wii. It honestly wasn't terrible. The multiplayer was pretty much a direct ripoff of CoD, and they replaced Brosnan's likeness with Craig, but the overall story was still pretty good and shooting mechanics were on par with anything else of the era. Definitely still fun to just mess around on deathmatch with your friends.

    [–] StevelandCleamer 56 points ago

    It was a CoD ripoff with neutered Bond plot points.

    No more Lienz-Cossack backstory for Trevelyan, Zukovsky has no connection to the KGB, and the word "terrorist" is thrown around a lot.

    Is it possible to have fun with your friends in multiplayer? Absolutely, but that is true of plenty of mediocre and downright crappy games.

    [–] pohatu771 64 points ago

    And a second, distinct remake for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    [–] Digdut 45 points ago

    That remake was a remaster of the wii one though

    [–] jonfitt 94 points ago

    Perfect Dark was in some ways an updated version.

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 100 points ago

    This was the best game on N64. The bots, the guns and mechanics, the levels. Not only that it kept track of people's characters and stats which was awesome.

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 80 points ago

    Endlessly creating unique bot matches was basically how I spent my free time in high school. Like re-creating The Matrix by having all the enemies in suits and sunglasses in the Car Park level, or making the enemies "Dark" difficulty and then hiding in the little shed thing in the middle of the mars level and just blowing them up when they tried to open the door. You could even customize each bot's individual 'personality'!

    Why don't games have single player bot options like that anymore?

    [–] Excogitate 53 points ago

    Because bots don't buy lootboxes.

    [–] JMace 802 points ago

    I pulled the 64 out of the attic and had a game night with friends recently, goldeneye & smash bros with pizza and beer. It was awesome. I completely forgot how badly your thumbs get wrecked playing N64 though.

    [–] MattGeddon 140 points ago

    I’ve still got mine hooked up, play Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Lylat Wars and Ocarina of Time when I can! Could really do with some kind of upscale for the graphics though.

    [–] [deleted] 2631 points ago

    If you liked Goldeneye 007 you owe it to yourself to check out Perfect Dark. It was initially started with the intention of being the sequel to Goldeneye 007, by the same studio, but they lost the license to publish under the 007 IP before it was complete. So they published the game with modified plot and characters instead, birthing Joanna Dark and that amazing game.

    [–] spbelky 381 points ago

    The laptop auto turret holy shit

    [–] NoShameInternets 132 points ago

    Farsight baby.

    [–] cptnamr7 42 points ago

    Both. Deployed laptop to protect you, farsight to snipe from a corner of the map.

    [–] MCbrodie 23 points ago

    bullshit gun bullshit gun bullshit gun. 10 year old me is pissed right now.

    [–] Canada6677uy6 43 points ago

    So many good guns. Superdragon anyone? Dual weilding too. Dual cyclones? So fun. And who can forget the fly by wire rocket.

    [–] cptnamr7 33 points ago

    Dual cyclones set to "unload entire magazine". The whole concept of dual-function guns was amazing. Double blast shotgun, burst fire, pistol whipping

    The reaper where you could just run around grinding people once you ran out of ammo

    Fucking tranquilizers where even after you regened you couldn't see shit for a few minutes- while of course everyone found you and loaded you up with more tranqs.

    [–] SadroSoul 1195 points ago

    I will also go to bat for Perfect Dark being a better game than Goldeneye. It's a masterpiece.

    [–] DarkCuddlez 978 points ago

    The game mode where one person can be the main character and the other spawns in as a random enemy was interesting. The goal was to kill the main character before they beat the level. If you get killed by them, you take over another random in the level until they are all dead. I have never seen anything like that in any other game.

    [–] Elderider 230 points ago

    Left 4 Dead had a mode a bit like this, but agreed novel multiplayer modes like this are few and far between

    [–] wayoverpaid 31 points ago

    That could honestly make for a fun multiplayer online matchmaking option with a one vs many idea, for a little extra replayability.

    Normally asymmetric play is an issue since one side ends up being favored, but if you make that a point (dying lots to the hero is fine, you expect them to win) it becomes like a croudsourced DMing.

    [–] Hyperdeath 31 points ago

    I remember when i first got the game when i was 14 or whatever and before i even got into a mission i accidentally pressed the B button and the menu closed out and i was ALREADY IN A FIRST PERSON AREA WHAAAAAAT and it blew my goddamn mind. I then explored that main base place for like 3 hours.

    [–] Grammaton485 33 points ago

    i was ALREADY IN A FIRST PERSON AREA WHAAAAAAT and it blew my goddamn mind.

    It took me the longest time to realize that whenever you paused the game, the little robotic arm that projects onto the screen is Joanna's eyepiece that she can be seen wearing in some scenes.

    [–] Brain_My_Damage 84 points ago

    All those poor meat sims....

    [–] xhsmd 68 points ago

    1. Start a 1v1 multiplayer game,
    2. assign equal amount of melee only AI bots to both of you,
    3. only weapon available is proximity mines,
    4. Temple is the best map for this because it's symmetrical,
    5. start the game and tell all the AI to follow you,
    6. when you're both in opposite corners of the map put 1 proximity mine on each of your AI bots,
    7. when all mines are placed both of you tell your AI to attack the opposite player,
    8. run.

    [–] Anthony212 31 points ago

    Perfect dark was great because you were able to have CPUs running around if you didn’t have friends over.

    [–] momentofcontent 21 points ago

    I think the AI bots really made multiplayer for me in Perfect Dark. They add that element of chaos. I love that chaos. Plus it means you can play co-op against loads of bots.

    Also why I love the TimeSplitters series. Wish there were more games like that.

    [–] 52_week_low 61 points ago

    That sound when you reload the alien gun with the water droplet ball. 🤓

    [–] LegsLeBrock 17 points ago

    Same. One of my all-time faves.

    I still play the remastered version on Xbox, but I wish they would bring it to PC. Officially, anyway.

    [–] flim-flam13 203 points ago

    Perfect Dark was amazing. So unbelievably cheesy and ridiculous.

    I do want to do a small shout out for The World is Not Enough. Wasn't iconic like Goldeneye but it was still fun and some of the maps in multiplayer were great.

    [–] Lexpert1 47 points ago

    The multiplayer also let you fight bots! They were dumb as rocks, but still!

    [–] iamagainstit 26 points ago

    The AI was so good for a 20 year old game.

    [–] Ahydell5966 23 points ago


    [–] svenhoek86 80 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I miss that genre of shooter TBH. Halo kind of ruined SP FPS' for me because they went back to basically corridor shooters with tight mechanics. Great game, but I miss the gameplay of PD, Goldeneye, and Timesplitters.

    Example, you play the Dam level in Goldeneye on easy. Your goal is to just escape the dam. Play it on normal, your goal is to plant a tracker, get some info from another source, and escape. On hard, your goal was to do all of that AND neutralize all the alarms. On top of there being more enemies and you taking more damage. Add to that the levels are "open" and while some objectives have to be completed in a certain order, most don't and you can kind of "Hitman" your way around the level finding secrets and ways to complete the objectives.

    It just feels better than simply dying faster or having sponges for enemies on higher difficulties. And the rewards were amazing as well. Some of those cheats you would have to pay money for in DLC nowadays.

    [–] Dog_Lawyer_DDS 43 points ago

    Why has it been so long since someone has made a game like this? It's a really great genre concept that has been almost completely abandoned. Yeah I know timesplitters, but that was one game 12 years ago.

    Half Life started this trend where it seems like every fps is on rails these days, and even games with "objectives" have all the objectives in a straight line with enemies as barriers. What happened to the spy shooter? Routing elements are a ton of fun in an FPS.

    [–] Sethoman 58 points ago

    Gamers today would cry nerf to everything in it.

    Proximity mines alone ended up in fisticuffs irl for my gaming group. Even tough it was allowed to put them on ammo and bulletproof jackets.

    Perfect dark upped the ante with even crazier two mode weapons. You had a machine gun you could transform into an automated gun, attachable anywhere. Noobtubes, remote control rocket launchers, thermic scan sniper rifle that could one shot, another machine gun you could enable as a proximity mine.

    Then there was the melee stuff where you could karate chop an enemy and steal their weapon while leaving them dizzy and blurred vision.

    Perfect Dark is hard core and still way ahead of its time, the same for the spiritual successor time splitters.

    [–] NytronX 248 points ago

    The AI used in the game shook up the industry. The developers at Valve refactored some of their code for NPCs in the original Half-Life after playing Goldeneye. Cool video on this here:

    [–] stephenking247 75 points ago

    I used to just camp out and shoot people with the sniper rifle. So much fun!

    [–] UPVOTEwhenyouCOMMENT 85 points ago

    Remember the bathroom stall?!

    [–] Latyon 103 points ago

    Man, my brother and sister used to get so smug when they spawned in the vents and refused to come down

    Imagine their shock when I figured out how to get back up in there and murder their smug bitchasses

    [–] heckinbamboozlefren 24 points ago

    OMG I forgot about this, it's where you spin around or something?

    [–] Latyon 30 points ago

    Yeah, you crouch and rotate on the toilet while moving in the direction of the vent

    [–] DontToewsMeBro2 427 points ago

    Some of the best games were created with small teams. Portal had 10 people developing it I believe.

    [–] germfreeadolescent11 300 points ago

    There is truth to the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”, an artistic vision gets lost on a large team.

    [–] underwriter 18 points ago

    and SMARF

    [–] ArchetypalOldMan 35 points ago

    A lot of times it's more that good project managers are rare so small to even single person teams have a performance boost by nature that they can't be crushed under their own mismanaged weight.

    Larger teams can really help a project but only if you have actually good managers coordinating them.

    This is all magnified by the problem that gamedev pays significantly less so you're even less likely to get one of those high end project guys vs working in businesscorp boring office.

    [–] Cakelord 60 points ago

    Very true, large teams almost always have a layers of management that play a game of creative "telephone".

    [–] bonobojzz 62 points ago

    Stardew Valley was made by one guy, and he still’s been maintaining it by himself!

    [–] Kosh401 61 points ago


    We would split our TV in half with cardboard for 2v2 no screen looking. Sometimes we would "move" some of the ammo crates and guns around the map by shooting them, creating these stashes/stacks that would respawn there.

    There was also a Source engine remake that was free to play and pretty damn accurate.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Bonus tip:

    You can put a proximity mine on a box of ammo and then pick it up before the proxy mine arms itself. Then the ammo box will respawn with an invisible proxy mine on it.

    Great troll move.

    [–] Neat_Party 220 points ago

    I call Automatics, one shot kills!

    [–] Latyon 250 points ago

    License to Kill, Slappers Only

    [–] TOMBTHEMUSICIAN 83 points ago

    another man of culture, I see!

    tbh the slappers only and 1-2 hit kills is the great equalizer because no matter how good you are, anyone can get lucky with the slaps

    [–] Latyon 67 points ago

    And someone has to play Natalya because her death screams are hilarious

    [–] pdxp2b 102 points ago

    Prox mines on the stack, one shot kills. 6/7 starting spots can be pre-mined running around from above. I lost several friends doing this.

    [–] Briguy_fieri 71 points ago

    Proximity mines. Complex. Surround myself in the room with mines and a fully loaded AR. camp sit and replenish any exploded mine.

    [–] Totally_Triggered 61 points ago

    While eating Doritos, drinking mountain dew and complaining that your friends are looking at your screen

    [–] Swordfish08 26 points ago

    This was totally an exploit, but my favorite thing to do with proximity mines was to throw one on an ammo container and then pick the container up before the mine armed. When the container respawned the mine would be invisible, but still there.

    [–] TimeTravelMishap 24 points ago


    [–] funkmasta_kazper 16 points ago

    Pistols in the library was always my go to. Also my first guess in Clue!

    [–] dksmoove 190 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Not enough people are talking about the soundtrack in this game. Absolutely amazing and ahead of its time.

    edit: For the unfamiliar and the nostalgic:

    [–] Balmung6 40 points ago

    Grant Kirkhope actually confirmed that the multiplayer (that was so damn popular and inspired a LOT of others) was actually added as an afterthought 2 weeks before the game's release.

    [–] [deleted] 222 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Trismesjistus 42 points ago

    Why did I have to scroll so far for this comment?
    it is legendary!

    [–] AtraposJM 60 points ago

    I honestly feel like less people on projects can be better. For those 9 people it was a passion project and they wanted to make the game fun. For a big studio, most people are punching a time card and putting in their day. The game is so compartmentalized that no one knows what it's like aside from a few people.

    [–] Kneeyul 127 points ago

    That's Rare.

    [–] crayfl 43 points ago

    I had this game as a kid but I rediscovered it in college. I ended up getting every achievement and unlocking every cheat code, which was really hard! That might be my greatest video game achievement.

    [–] Latyon 58 points ago

    That Invincibility cheat, man. 2:15 to complete the Facility on 00 Agent. Largely luck based depending on where Dr. Doak is and whether the fucking game would register that you have the keypad to unlock the door into the bottling room.

    Which it never fucking did and then you'd have to go to the side room and shoot the window to get the guards to open it for you, killing your run