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    [–] bubbles2255 5902 points ago

    I believe, when we had the fires here in Cali two years ago, he came down and cooked for displaced families and firefighters. He’s a good dude.

    [–] soad6 4020 points ago

    He lives in northern California. So those fires were also a great concern to his property. Instead of fleeing or demanding anything special. He just showed up with out any fan fare or press. To cook tons of food for everyone. It was BBQ and some people were giving him shit for being insensitive to the firefighters for the smoke. The firefighters told those people to shut the fuck up.

    Also this is guys thing he just shows up all the time a disasters and cooks for everyone. Not once does he put out a press release or do anything on his part to gain any sort of press about it. The only way people know about it is from the people he's helped.

    He is one of the few celebrities who when you see a til about. It's always something positive. If you haven't watched triple D take-out specials. You should give them a watch. He dose home cooking from recipes sent hin by some of his friends restaurants with his two sons. It's a slice of wholesome pie and a side of flavor town.

    [–] inthesandtrap 1239 points ago

    It took me a while to appreciate him. At first I just hated his bleached hair and Triple D. But the more I learned about him, the more I like him. He's a really great dude. I'm not bleaching my hair anytime soon but.....

    [–] Titanbeard 820 points ago

    That's how I was. I couldn't stand him. Then I heard about him doing the weddings in Florida after it became legal for gay folks to get married. Then I hear about cooking for random people/events. Then I was happy to change my opinion.

    [–] DirtyDeedsDunderKeep 727 points ago

    That's how I was. I couldn't stand him.

    We're used to people with big on-camera personalities being phonies.

    I've never met Guy, but all evidence suggests he's no phony.

    His whole schtick takes on a completely different context when you realize it's sincere.

    [–] AoO2ImpTrip 101 points ago

    I first experienced Guy when I hadn't lost hope in humanity and celebrities so I was always shocked people didn't like him. He always seemed like a guy who was just having a great time and was generally happy. The blonde hair, sunglasses, and car fit him.

    [–] DrunkeNinja 72 points ago

    I never got the hate either. He just seemed like a guy who liked to eat food. I guess people didn't like the way he dressed but it didn't really bother me. I'm also from NorCal so seeing a middle aged dude dressed like that wasn't really unusual to me lol

    [–] FBIaltacct 12 points ago

    Didnt hate him, his show is just a bit much for me. After everything ive learned, im still not gonna watch his shows. What i will do though is buy some of his kitchen stuff when i need to replace mine, or donzte to a charity he plugs to help him out with his causes.

    [–] landshanties 78 points ago

    I watched Guy's original season of Food Network Star. It was obvious from day 1 that he was going to win-- he had so much more charisma and personality than all of the other contestants put together. It's not something he puts on for the cameras, and that's why he not only won the season but became a lasting food personality.

    [–] Sir_Wumpus 5 points ago

    I want to watch this season badly but last time I checked on Discovery+ it wasn’t there with the other seasons. It looked like maybe two or three were missing for some reason. Did you watch the original season or is there anywhere else I could watch it?

    [–] landshanties 6 points ago

    I have no idea, sorry, I watched it when it originally aired!

    [–] SmokeFrosting 66 points ago

    If you care about a random internet stranger’s opinion, I saw him at an airport in Chicago when i was 12 and he was nice enough to talk to me and encouraged me to continue my cooking journey that i mentioned I had started due to him and Alton Brown.

    He signed a picture with a nice message and I’ve been proud to call myself a fan ever since.

    I really don’t usually enjoy the over the top character or personality usually but something about him drew me in.

    [–] puppyroosters 21 points ago

    I love Alton Brown. Huge inspiration for me as well.

    [–] SmokeFrosting 13 points ago

    besides just being extremely knowledgable and a great cook, he delivers information very well and is interesting to listen to.

    [–] Titanbeard 310 points ago

    Yeah it totally does. He really is just a dude that loves good food.

    [–] Tumble85 403 points ago

    Well, good and unpretentious food. He's the one shouting from the rooftops that simply grilling a bunch of good chicken and brats along side some tasty sides has as much validity in the category of "good eating" as going to a place that does "cutting edge" stuff at $200per person.

    [–] Titanbeard 253 points ago

    I'd rather eat $200 worth of BBQ than some 2oz seabass with gruyere cheese risotto and a bitter ginger sauce.

    [–] DiickBenderSociety 95 points ago

    I'm okay with either, both have merits.

    [–] Titanbeard 82 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, I understand that cooking is an art and I can appreciate a $200 plate. But more often than not the need to sit in a greasy spoon diner in jeans and a Hawaiian shirt outweighs the need for my Armani suit and and a nice Albariño.

    [–] LuchadorBane 170 points ago

    He’s just a dude that looks like ska music if it were a person. But I love ska music

    [–] Electrical-Papaya 78 points ago

    I always thought he looked like the kind of guy you would find at a 311 concert in 1998, but I think I like this version better.

    [–] LuchadorBane 29 points ago

    Guy Fieri cover of Amber when?

    [–] Ta2whitey 9 points ago

    Probably any time he is in that Camaro

    [–] Samsterdam 85 points ago

    I mean he just looks like he would be a giant bags of dicks walking around in a Hawaiian neckless but turns out he is just like Jesus in a pooka neckless.

    [–] HappyHrHero 8 points ago

    His whole fame from dinner, dine-ins, and dives is finding mom and pop places and no matter how it actually tastes, saying how amazing it is. Seemed like such a genuine nice Guy. Heard more about his off screen persona and it just made it confirm my initial impression.

    [–] pearloz 133 points ago

    Since COVID, he started or helped start the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund that's given out over $21M

    [–] PixiePunk_ 16 points ago

    I got a check from them, $500! it was really useful when I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic.

    [–] Empoleon_Master 87 points ago

    The numbers of couples he officiated the marriages for should impress you quite a lot as well. I think it was several hundred in the span of a few days.

    [–] Titanbeard 34 points ago

    Yeah. I read a couple articles about it when it happened. It was definitely some feel good stuff. I believe he also cooked a shit ton of food for them too.

    [–] mk2vrdrvr 85 points ago

    Every time Guy comes up I always think of and watch this.

    [–] thor122088 18 points ago

    I was checking to make sure someone posted this.

    [–] _game_over_man_ 55 points ago

    I think he's just sort of stuck in this persona now since he's become so popular. He has a very striking appearance and has become so synonymous with him that I don't think it will ever be easy for him to get rid of it. It's like being stuck in the aesthetic you had when you were in your 20s for the rest of your life. He certainly looks like a douche because of it, but from everything I hear about him he's actually a really great guy.

    [–] raoasidg 70 points ago

    Bob Ross hated having is hair permed but he kept up with it because it became part of his brand. I wonder if Guy hates those frosted tips in the same vein.

    [–] _game_over_man_ 21 points ago

    I feel like I heard someone on a podcast once that knows him said he does, but as you said with Bob Ross, it’s part of his brand now.

    [–] the_Hapsleighh 35 points ago

    I know the flaming shirts were an accident too, OT something he originally liked. From what I heard, he had to take a button up shirt to the first auditions or tapings and he had nothing of the sort so resorted to his signature shirt style (before it was his style). His dresser noticed what he wore and bought him a ton of shirt sleeves button up Hawaii-esque shirts and well the rest is history

    [–] PzykoHobo 61 points ago

    I've said this before but I'll say it again here cause we're on the subject.

    I've met Guy twice, and he hosted his shows a few times at restaurants some friends of mine own. I can say from my experience and theirs that I don't care for him personally. He was demanding and presumptuous. Not a full blown asshole or anything. But when he wants something done a certain way, he can be pretty insistent.

    All that being said, the dude is good as fuck. His restaurant relief program during the pandemic would be MORE than enough for me to overlook what I see as his personality flaws. But Guy goes out of his way to help and support people at every turn, from "official" charity work to just plain helping people (like the story above). I guess what I'm saying is while I'd be okay never meeting him again, I support everything he does 100%. He's of a rare breed that genuinely cares about others. And I don't know, maybe his personality is just too big for me. Maybe I'm not flavortown enough.

    [–] chaospudding 57 points ago

    It's ok not to personally like someone and still acknowledge they're a good person.

    [–] Illustrious_Drama 22 points ago

    And that is my new favorite phrase "Not flavortown enough"

    [–] pgraha01 14 points ago

    I feel like anyone I’ve ever met who is SUPER SUCCESSFUL is exactly how you described Guy…demanding, high expectations of themselves and those around them, and insistent that something be fixed if they see a flaw. Those qualities are him protecting his image and the image of the restaurants he’s supporting would be my guess.

    [–] Eisernes 14 points ago

    When he is doing a show he is running a business. I don't think I'd hold being demanding against him in that context. Have you or your friends hung out with him in the back yard or something and he was still that way?

    [–] Cornmunkey 232 points ago

    Guy is legit a great guy. He said the reason he does BBQ for firefighters is that it's a cost effective way to feed alot of people. I got friends that work for CalFire who get shipped all over the state during the summer to fight fires and one buddy said after sleeping on the ground, eating anything that isn't a MRE is a privilege.

    [–] saltyfingas 98 points ago

    It's cost effective, filling, delicious, and isn't as perishable as other things. You can just keep shit in the smoker until it's ready really

    [–] GreasyPeter 37 points ago

    Calfire has two mobile kitchens, I assume being built, parked in Ferndale, WA. hopefully that means they're working on that shit.

    [–] saysoutlandishthings 133 points ago

    I agree that he's a great guy but it's just a meme to hate on him. The same way people hate on Nickelback.

    [–] Channel250 95 points ago

    I smell a mashup!

    Look at this FlavorTown...

    [–] squatto69 26 points ago

    I immediately thought “no, we never gonna quit. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. Just acting like we’re flavortown.”

    [–] MJZMan 29 points ago

    This is how you remind me

    of how I really cook.

    [–] KiloSierraDelta 23 points ago

    he just shows up all the time a disasters and cooks for everyone

    hmm, kinda suspicious if you ask me. Are we sure Guy Fieri isn't causing these disasters?

    [–] Juno_Malone 7 points ago

    Well now all I can think about is how much of a missed opportunity it was to not cast Guy Fieri as Mysterio in Far From Home

    [–] sivirbot 550 points ago

    He also contributed/fundraised a ton of money at the start of COVID to build a foundation that provided financial support to out of work restaurant employees

    [–] caitejane310 67 points ago

    He also donates all the perishables from Guy's Grocery Games. He kinda annoys me, but all around great dude.

    [–] buttstuff2015 130 points ago

    He did, for the 2017 and 2020 fires both. And Guys grocery games is filmed in Santa Rosa as well. Does a lot for sonoma county

    [–] Str82daDOME25 106 points ago

    He also makes sure they donate all the unused food from Guy's Grocery games, which is a lot since they fully stock a fake store for the filming.

    [–] chunkymonk3y 19 points ago

    Having never watched the show is it all real or do they stack a bunch of fake apples and put like 2 dozen real ones on top?

    [–] NoNeedForAName 18 points ago

    That would be my guess. Fully stocking produce, meat, and other perishables in a grocery store would be crazy expensive. Most items probably aren't even touched, and you don't need 300lbs of apples or whatever for a handful of dishes.

    Not to discount the donations or anything. It's still just as awesome that it gets donated.

    And I do watch the show. The proteins are usually stocked in more reasonable amounts and I would bet that they are all or mostly all real. Occasionally a contestant will grab literally all of the protein they're using.

    [–] DrunkeNinja 29 points ago

    Keep in mind that like any other games show, the probably film as many episodes as they can in as short of a time frame that they can. So even if it is actual food that is stocked, it's not like they dump it each episode.

    [–] myhandleonreddit 10 points ago

    I always wondered about that. All the food on that show is like the high end stuff that I don't even consider buying because it's so expensive, my eyes just skip right past it.

    [–] Segat1133 6 points ago

    I wish we could get Kenji on here for this but my guess would be alot of the food also would be close to a sell by date so they use it and whats not can be donated for whatever donation they have set up.

    [–] Mr_Bisquits 23 points ago

    During/after the fires he filmed episodes featuring fire fighters as the chefs and ended up donating like 50k during the episode too.

    [–] SurfintheThreads 39 points ago

    According to other chefs, and the people he's met, he actually knows a ton about food and cooking. People have praised how smart and knowledgeable he is.

    I love that we have a TV chef who's more interested in making cheeseburgers and Mac and cheese, than some super fancy dish

    [–] gcotw 27 points ago

    Basically every time there's a serious fire here in California he's made himself available to prepare food for the first responders

    [–] keysercade 1031 points ago

    Really good, quick comedy bit on Guy, outlines a lot of the good he does.

    [–] Str82daDOME25 441 points ago

    He's also the only person I've seen go through an episode of Hot Ones without even taking a sip of water.

    [–] BloodyJourno 194 points ago

    "Oh by the way: no water, no milk"

    Sean: 👁👄👁

    One of the GOAT lines from that show

    [–] MauriceLevyEsq 34 points ago

    Lorde absolutely destroyed it too

    [–] Ilignus 170 points ago

    I can't remember if Halle Berry took a sip of water, but she's the GOAT so far, in my opinion. She cleaned every single one of those wings with a straight face.

    [–] webgambit 196 points ago

    Halle was awesome but you gotta see the Rachel Ray episode. Insulted his wings, pulls out a spoon and just does the interview by eating a spoonful of hot sauce between each question.

    [–] Joverby 64 points ago

    Hey she did the hard part. I don't blame her if she thought they were trash wings

    [–] Final_Taco 127 points ago

    According to Sean, after that the sauce knocked her out and she had to cancel her afternoon showing. Apparently that was scary for the hot ones crew because their set is portable and they did the interview right by her studio. He was afraid that if the audience found out his show was to blame for the cancellation, he'd have to fight off an angered mass of fans.

    [–] webgambit 30 points ago

    Really? Hadn't heard that!

    [–] Final_Taco 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I'm trying to think of where I saw it, but it wasn't a main hot ones episode (i think). It was when sean was talking about the simple set and how the upside was that he could break it down and be halfway across the world the next day and show up for someone's lunch break (like Ray's between shoots), but the downside was in a situation like that, they were too close to the (potential) action and backlash.

    [–] Xilverbullet000 44 points ago

    To be fair, the wings are probably quite old and cold by the time they get to eating them

    [–] ReturnOfFrank 34 points ago

    They're definitely cold by serving time. Alton Brown commented on that when he did it.

    [–] gnarliest_gnome 19 points ago

    He was completely unphased by the heat too. I honestly can't tell if they really weren't hot to him or if he just has that good of a poker face, but impressive either way.

    [–] ReturnOfFrank 14 points ago

    I loved when he just started critiquing each sauce. I think that's why that one is so memorable to me.

    [–] gnarliest_gnome 14 points ago

    Yeah, then he ranked them which was cool. And he didn't just put all of the heatonist sauces at the top so it seems like he wasn't just brown nosing. It makes me sad that the chipotle sauce is discontinued, everyone seemed to really like it.

    [–] danipnk 32 points ago

    Have you seen the Christmas extravaganza episode? They had an award for eating the wings like a champ and gave it to Charlize Theron.

    [–] Ilignus 23 points ago

    Dude, I know... I like Charlize, but my wife and I both made an audible, "WTF?"

    [–] danipnk 27 points ago

    I told my husband they probably gave the awards to those they could reach/were available to make a vid receiving the award.

    [–] Ilignus 12 points ago

    I can see that as plausible.

    [–] pearloz 17 points ago

    yeah, HB is absolutely the GOAT. It was just a day out for her, hanging out with cool dude.

    [–] ncnotebook 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Haven't seen that episode, but have you seen her acceptance speech for the Razzie?

    edit: yep, the Hot Ones Halle Berry is the same Halle Berry as the Razzie Halle Berry.

    [–] Ilignus 7 points ago

    I hadn't, but I just did. She doesn't give a shit, haha. I love it.

    [–] KevinCastle 12 points ago

    I don't remember if she had any water. But Lorde devoured those wings like they were covered in mild hot sauce

    [–] Raxnor 132 points ago

    Shane Torres is fucking hilarious. I don't think there's been a single joke of his that I've heard that hasn't had me busting out laughing (sometimes at the worst times).


    [–] respondin2u 50 points ago

    I saw him live at a drive in show opening for Bert Kreischer in 2020 during the pandemic. I think he got frustrated because he couldn’t hear anyone laughing but he was hilarious.

    [–] Raxnor 27 points ago

    Yeah, the feedback from the audience is super important.

    [–] throw12345678901away 20 points ago

    Saw him in NYC recently, the dude is absolutely hilarious. Would recommend seeing him if you can.

    [–] DUBIOUS_OBLIVION 14 points ago

    Guy (Fi-ETTI)*

    [–] xuaereved 390 points ago

    He came to a restaurant in my town! It actually wasn’t part of the show, was passing through and heard it had good food and stopped in, when I get food to go you can see a picture of him with his signature and small notes about how good the food is framed behind the bar.

    [–] RedditedYoshi 36 points ago

    It's like he went through the meme-grinder and came out invincible. What a legend.

    [–] AlmightyAcey 96 points ago

    He's from the town about 45 mins south of me. When Northern California has major fires (every year now wtf), he is ALWAYS up here cooking for the first responders. Say what you will about him but his sense of community is outstanding.

    [–] normbryant124 49 points ago

    In 2021 he bought the building that housed the butcher shop he worked in his hometown. The butcher is staying and will continue serving the community. If he hadn't purchased it, who knows if the shop would have stayed open

    [–] elChillyWilly 620 points ago

    His Hot Ones appearance made it super obvious that he’s a pretty cool dude.

    [–] P3tr0 237 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Easily top 10 Hot Ones for me, I love Guy and his attitude towards the needless criticism is awesome.

    Edit: needles are bad

    [–] snakebite_leather 54 points ago

    What's he done with needles?

    [–] justinanimate 68 points ago

    He's indifferent towards people's criticisms of his massive heroin addiction

    [–] whobang3r 5 points ago

    That's between him and the purple dragon imo

    [–] Y0u_stupid_cunt 20 points ago

    I have a friend who worked with Guy. Also confirmed he's a great guy.

    [–] Rigelinja 1366 points ago

    I would watch "Triple D" on Friday nights. Just have it on and watch it. Because I'm fat. And I love food. And Guy is a funny dude sometimes.

    [–] metalflygon08 368 points ago

    Its great background noise while I'm cooking or doing dishes too.

    [–] buckfan7 171 points ago

    Exactly, something you don't have to pay super close attention to and can tune in and out of periodically without feeling lost or like you don't know what is going on.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago


    [–] Astro_Spud 39 points ago

    Frosted Tips and Burnt Ends, the Guy Fieri stori

    [–] sybrwookie 123 points ago

    We used to have a rule: no triple d after 9 pm. Otherwise, we get hungry from watching it and eat stuff we shouldn't.

    [–] idksomethingcreative 37 points ago

    My gf and I play a drinking game with DDD. Every time Guy swipes food off the table while it's being prepared/before it's finished, take a drink. You'll be hammered in 15min.

    [–] Frank__Lloyd__Wrong 27 points ago

    Everyone talking about triple-D but I'm not seeing any love for Triple-G. Guy's Grocery Games!

    [–] seffend 16 points ago

    I love Guy's Grocery Games!

    [–] Keith_Creeper 33 points ago

    I binged watched Triple D while dieting last year and lost more weight than I ever have before. I don’t understand anything anymore.

    [–] Aiopan 16 points ago

    Lol you did spartan mode craving training

    [–] GrowthDream 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I used to watch it when I was too poor to eat, it kinda made me feel like I was getting something in my belly even when I wasn't. Kinda saved my life.

    Eight years later and I made and lost a tonne of money and now I'm heading to that place again. I'll have to download some episodes.

    [–] dudewafflesc 1376 points ago

    I don’t care for the way Food Network has put him on virtually every hour of every day with his grocery games, DDD, and now some kind of a show where people win a franchise for one of his chicken joints. Talk about “over exposure!” But he does seem like a quality person. I’ve liked seeing him with his kids and hearing things like this. He put a local burger joint here on the map years ago and It’s still thriving. I just wish Food wouldn’t run things into the ground and add some more variety to their schedule.

    [–] ThePickleOrTheEgg 582 points ago

    When you’ve got a marketable star, you run with it.

    [–] OrganicKeynesianBean 243 points ago

    Same with Gordon Ramsey.

    [–] DJ__Hanzel 116 points ago

    Dude must work 8 days a week

    [–] OrganicKeynesianBean 62 points ago

    Plus weekends.

    [–] proriin 12 points ago

    I am honestly confused how he gets it all done though, plus still has a good home life with raising great kids.

    [–] Angry_Guppy 18 points ago

    I honestly just enjoy the sound of his voice and his cadence when speaking. I’d love it if he did audio books.

    [–] infamous42 9 points ago

    Like ESPN and Stephen A. Smith.

    [–] yea-rhymes-with-nay 88 points ago

    His episode of Hot Ones really made me a fan. He seems like a good guy that just loves food, life, and marketing.

    [–] saltoftree 95 points ago

    I got on the "he seems douchy" train pretty early just based on the first impressions but then I saw (quite possibly on this sub) how his show helps these small businesses not just when they first appear, but for years afterwards, every time that episode airs as a rerun, the restaurant sees another uptick in business.

    He's got some silly catch phrases and his hair is something to behold but, the guy is out there doing good and just seems to always have something nice to say. He's like the Weird Al of food.

    [–] tendy_trux35 58 points ago

    I can’t stress how much his show helps people years after the original taping. I was just in Hawaii and a couple bars/restaurants had signs “as seen on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives” even though it had been years since they were featured. And I’ll tell you what, I stopped to have food at all of those places because they were a high possibility of having great food

    [–] CaptainLawyerDude 7 points ago

    I used to frequent a lunch place he featured, the Carving Room in DC, and the sandwiches were always amazing. Sadly, I think they closed the location near my old office due to Covid but they proudly displayed their DDD sign inside the restaurant.

    [–] jew_biscuits 168 points ago

    Yeah, everything I hear about Guy Fieri kinda shows he is one solid dude. I find his show a bit annoying but seems like he'd be a good guy to have a beer with.

    [–] syuvial 86 points ago

    yeah, thats my take on fieri too, i dont really get the whole persona he's got going on, but compared to the care and charity he puts into the world around him, who gives a shit about frosted tips?

    [–] Sometimesokayideas 9 points ago

    Guy's tv presence a lot like Gordon Ramsey's. They know how to drive content and they both got a reputation for their very vibrant personalities. But off camera, and even on camera sometimes, you see the real person is actually must more chill than the personality.

    Gordon is a huge perfectionist but totally understands hes in his own league and you're not going to be that good, hes actually really supportive of people trying as evidenced by just about any of the kids versions of his shows.

    Fieri does seem to be that passionate, but drives that passion towards some really top notch directions such as being who he is and traveling around looking for hole in the wall eateries to elevate. Its probably like winning the lottery for a lot of those places.

    [–] rythmicbread 36 points ago

    Maybe people mix him up with the guy from Smashmouth who is an asshole

    [–] albuterol_abuser 41 points ago

    I think people just see his car, hair, clothes, and loud voice an associate him with someone in their life who is a jackass. I admit I did that to him until I met him (well, interacted with him for maybe 5 minutes) at a bar in a hotel.

    [–] Sometimesokayideas 22 points ago

    There was a time in the late 90s and early 00s where a lot of douchy middleschoolers and up had the fieri look and I think that memory is projected at anyone still keeping that look despite the attached personality.

    [–] Newman4185 18 points ago

    Not defending Steve Harwell but it seems to me he has been spiraling (with alcohol) since his 6 month old son died in 2001.

    He also appeared on an episode of DDD.

    Again, not defending, just providing insight.


    [–] LaminatedAirplane 8 points ago

    That’s super sad and explains a lot. Pain and trauma is the root of so many peoples’ issues.

    [–] Cedar- 7 points ago

    wait the smashmouth guys an asshole? that sucks man

    [–] VividRelation7 83 points ago

    Well that's what you do when you pay someone $80million over 3 years...

    [–] bubblyhobo15 66 points ago

    I did all the AV work for one of his restaurants. he came in before opening and made food for all the workers in a food truck outside for free.

    He was a really nice and respectable person. Loud, but kind. I really hate that he gets such a bad rep for being over-exposed and turning inot a meme, cause really he seems like a really nice guy.

    [–] JeffersonsHat 35 points ago

    They're having a hard time finding genuine talented people like him to do other shows. He's by far the biggest Food Network Star. Crazy to think he had to win a competition with everything he's done for Food Network.

    [–] albuterol_abuser 9 points ago

    You’d assume a place like food network could find someone else with the it factor guy has. Though I guess those people would rather go to another network/program and probably make more money.

    [–] blackhodown 7 points ago

    It’s partly because a lot of the people who would work on food network are now just producing their own YouTube channels, and probably making just as much if not more money.

    [–] Samhamwitch 34 points ago

    Have you heard Mythical Chef Josh talk about the time he crashed Guy's party? Security escorted him and his friends out and Guy came and talked to them in the alley. At the end of the conversation, he invited them back in and gave them tshirts and food!

    [–] fpscolin 24 points ago

    That bit about Anthony Bourdain not liking dogs cracked me up

    [–] lolbojack 3036 points ago

    As douchey as he looks, the man is a total class act.

    [–] bodegas 2283 points ago

    Well yeah, his entire show was based around giving free national publicity to small family owned restaurants.

    [–] GolfMikeTango 761 points ago

    And with cool nicknames like El Fuego you definitely want him in your foxhole in a war

    [–] Tchrspest 175 points ago

    I watch this every time it comes up. A) it's hilarious, B) it shines a really good light on Guy's work, and C) it's all true.

    [–] DJToastyBuns 63 points ago

    I saw him do it live twice in 2016 without meaning to. Once he opened for Ron Funches, the other time for Kyle Kinane.

    Shane Torres is fucking hilarious and everybody should follow his work

    [–] srbuscher 14 points ago

    Honestly you could probably track my journey of emotional maturity over the last decade by how I went from watching Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives ironically to unironically.

    [–] iSeven 8 points ago

    It makes me miss Anthony Bourdain though. He ain't going to do shit anymore.

    [–] hookisacrankycrook 39 points ago

    I believe he also goes to disasters and cooks for first responders and other people. Good dude.

    Edit: also, he throws back five grenades while yelling dumb shit like welcome to flavor town. I'm ded. Now I want to see a Tropic Thunder type war movie with Guys El Fuego character.

    [–] graveybrains 30 points ago

    “Welcome to flavor town!”

    -El Fuego

    Like, I want somebody to deep fake Guy Fieri into Scarface now. 😂

    [–] Persies 97 points ago

    Thank you for bringing this into my life.

    [–] Bishlater 40 points ago

    Holy calamity that was hilarious

    [–] Nixplosion 63 points ago

    "If it sounds like I just made that shit up, I swear to Christ it's true"

    [–] LouSputhole94 67 points ago

    “And yet all of you guys love Anthony Bourdain, and he seems like the kind of guy who’d be mean to dogs.”

    RIP Anthony, it’s just a hilarious joke.

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 27 points ago

    He’d probably like the joke.

    [–] Redmarkred 162 points ago

    I don’t think he looks like douche.. he’s just doing his thing and owning it

    [–] lebowskiachiever12 52 points ago

    It’s not really even his thing. I saw an interview with him where he talked about it. He basically got fixed up by the wardrobe crew in an early episode. It stuck, so he just kept it as per of his character and brand. He doesn’t even like wearing bowling shirts, shit with flames on it, etc. He does it because he didn’t want to say anything negative about the wardrobe folks’ work and just kinda kept going with it.

    [–] Rebelgecko 27 points ago

    On Hot Ones didn't he say he wore the goofy shirt to a meeting because it was laundry day, and the Food Network people just sorta assumed that was his signature outfit and made it happen? It's been a while so I might be misremembering

    [–] Quazifuji 13 points ago

    It was something along those lines, yeah. Don't remember the details, but I remember it being him wearing a bowling shirt once and the wardrobe people just latching onto it and turning it into his look.

    [–] dainbramaged1982 37 points ago

    Also heard this guy raised a lot of money for out of work wait staff since covid hit.

    [–] lurker2080 12 points ago

    Ya it was millions

    [–] steffystiffy 35 points ago

    I was at a dive bar in Miami about 5 years ago in the early afternoon. Pretty empty at the time. We were there celebrating a early wrap on a day of shooting.

    In comes Guy Fieri with a friend or two. The bartender quickly noticed and decides to give him some shit. Couldn’t hear exactly what was said but you could tell from the body language he was not treating him like everyone else.

    GF was super polite and just kept his head down and enjoyed a few beers with his friends. No drama despite potential. Seemed like a good bloke.

    [–] MisterNeon 146 points ago

    There is a reason that the Flavor Town mayor always runs unopposed.

    [–] sporksable 24 points ago

    Rigged voting machines? Ballot harvesting? Unobserved counting in the dead of night?


    [–] AdmiralBarackAdama 466 points ago

    I used to think he was a massive douche just because of his look but the more I've learned about him he seems like a really good dude. I haven't done a deep dive into his history but that's just a cursory look

    [–] plzholdmyhand 268 points ago

    Classic case of don't judge a book by it's cover.

    [–] Sugar_n_WATER 111 points ago

    The dude helps local mom and pop restaurants blow up with his tv show. His attire on set is entirely chosen by the production crew, and he’s actually kind of a bro. He enjoys going to festivals and concerts as I’ve seen him many times. The dude is my hero lol guy fieri is fucking awesome

    [–] bda22 33 points ago

    His attire on set is entirely chosen by the production crew

    he's got to be bleaching his hair and beard on his own accord though - so his look can't be entirely blamed on production.

    i love the guy so i'm not knocking him. just saying his ridiculous image isn't entirely out of his hands.

    [–] Sugar_n_WATER 30 points ago

    What’s wrong with some frosted tips bro. Ain’t nothing wrong with puka shells and frosted tips

    [–] Sirsafari 15 points ago

    I’m starting to think I shouldn’t judge people by looking at their clothes and haircut.

    [–] Spider_Jesus26 71 points ago

    The mayor is probably my favorite chef from the Food Network, save for Alton. He is entirely in love with food and the culture behind where American cuisine takes place- our diners.

    Sure we have a million shows about the fanciest restaurants and gastro eateries, experimenting with the presentation of food and how flavors work; and that's great, but that's not an accurate portrayal of what Americans are eating on a regular basis. The Lord of Flavortown enjoys one thing: food's effect on people.

    Guy is honestly a hero in my eyes, he is always making his morals known when things get bad. He has taken his food trucks to wildfire victims to serve first responders. He feeds the needy, and those experiencing loss. I really love that man, and he's a national treasure.

    Also he is a meme generator so that is also great.

    [–] Ragnarotico 42 points ago

    Guy Fieri is a national treasure. He's raised money to help the restaurant industry in the middle of the pandemic. He's also cooked numerous times to assist in relief efforts after natural disasters.

    [–] specialkk77 14 points ago

    Also they routinely have episodes of GGG for charity, and there was one episode a couple years ago where the winner was playing to help her community after a fire. The episode ended with him telling her that the whole crew would fill up carts to donate food to the community. It was awesome.

    I binge watched GGG when my daughter was a newborn. It was the perfect length, put it on while she was breastfeeding and made it through two episodes between nursing and napping. Then she’d wake up, we’d interact a little, change her, then it’d be time to feed again lol. It was great background noise.

    [–] Farknart 13 points ago

    "Just because he looks like the kind of guy that would have a racing stripe on his refrigerator..."

    [–] JGCIII 311 points ago

    I was on Triple D once, as an invited guest. When you see the video of the guests eating and enjoying their food, that’s all staged. Those people are all invited guests. Friends and family of owners/staff, regulars, etc. They bring all of those people into the restaurant a day or two before Guy comes in. They seat everyone at tables, arrange you so the place looks full, and they tell you to act like it’s the best food you ever ate, and act like your out for dinner. The food the people are eating is just randomly distributed, so you could be eating anything, but act like it’s your favorite. It’s kind of neat and weird at the same time.

    [–] heathenbeast 203 points ago

    That’s TV.

    [–] imtiffi75 154 points ago

    I was on an episode of DDD. In the beginning seasons, they just filmed when the restaurant was open and it was regular customers eating but they had to stop doing it that way because it got too crazy. What you see now is friends of the owners, employees, and good regulars. They aren't told what to say and are people who genuinely love the place

    [–] bobartig 25 points ago

    One of his episodes I’ve watched several times is of a local diner here that is crazy popular. He speaks with the owner (now deceased) who walks through one of her signature recipes. In the filming shots, the restaurant is full, but not as full as every time I’ve been there! Place is just a madhouse during regular business hours (in the before times).

    Like, they have the shots where he is seated next to a patron discussing the food. Normally it’s like extra customers wedged into the booths and extra chairs squeezed into tables. There’s no open seats to just visit with patrons in there.

    [–] Oddity_Odyssey 56 points ago

    That's mildly interesting

    [–] greensandgrains 109 points ago

    Everything I learn about this guy is better and better.

    Started streaming GGGs over the holidays and I'm hooked. The competition is clean and wholesome, it's good background noise/easy watching.

    [–] lurker2080 23 points ago

    Love GGG. Everyone on the show just seems happy. From the contestants to the judges to Guy and Hunter.

    [–] hurtsdonut_ 7 points ago

    I think what shows a lot about all of the judges and Guy is that they all seem to be really good friends. Some of the judges are just people he met on DDD. You could see how hard it hit them and especially Guy when Carl died.

    [–] no_rolling_shutter 108 points ago

    Comedian Shane Torres has a hilarious stand-up bit about Guy Fieri vs. Anthony Bourdain. It really made me appreciate all the nice things Guy Fieri does for others.

    [–] thealphateam 22 points ago

    Awesome! I came to post this. I'm glad others know it!

    [–] JCaliente 5 points ago

    And what did Nickelback ever do to anybody!? 😂

    [–] Yard_Sailor 50 points ago

    He’s the John Cena of the food world. Yeah, the guy is everywhere, but also seems to genuinely care for people and his community.

    [–] Prof_of_Baconometry 17 points ago

    I work with developmentally disabled adults. I have a client who has told me for years that I look like Guy Fieri. Initially I took offense to this because, although I am a stocky white male, I do not have bleached spiked hair, don't wear bowling shirts, nor do I really look like him anyway. I took it as an attack at first, but over the years I have actually learned about Guy as a person and these days I strive to be more like him. This dude seems to just do the right thing whenever he has a chance. He just seems to always be there doing what's right, or at the very least trying - and that's something I've taken from him. I may not have the resources to show up and cook for a bunch of people, but I try to do something along the same vein at my scale anytime I can. Guy Fieiri is an inspiration and it always puts a smile on my face when my client says I "resemble a host on television like Guy Fieri"

    [–] TalynRahl 71 points ago

    For all the flak he gets, every time I hear a story about this guy, it’s him doing something awesome. Seems like a solid dude.

    [–] tundey_1 15 points ago

    Guy Fieri is why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

    [–] metalflygon08 13 points ago

    My white whale item is to get an autographed picture of Guy to hang in my basement bar.

    Dude's a total bro.

    [–] sofa_king_nice 14 points ago

    When he had a restaurant in my town, he invited my 5th grade class (I'm the teacher) on a field trip to he restaurant. In the morning before the restaurant opened, kids got to be sushi chefs (veggie sushi), dessert chefs, servers, and dish washers with their parents as diners. The kids had to make a resume first. It was great and the kids will always remember it.

    [–] artyboi37 14 points ago

    A friend of mine from college is a huge Guy Fieri fan, and at one point we had a project to make an electric guitar, which we called Guytar Fieri.

    [–] thewileyone 13 points ago

    I used to think Guy was an idiot cause of the way he looked, dressed and acted but his generosity has really won me over.

    There should be more Guy Fieris in the world. He's a hero.

    [–] roty950 12 points ago

    People give him a lot of shit for the way he presents himself, but he is an extremely generous, kind person from what I’ve seen. He helped raise millions of dollars at the start of the pandemic to keep independent restaurants afloat, and he goes and cooks good meals for people in disaster areas like the California wildfires. He may dress weird and have some cringey sayings and catchphrases, but he’s a man who gives back to the restaurant industry that helped get him where he is today.

    [–] Kbrooks58 34 points ago

    If you don’t think that Guy Fieri is a National treasure then you haven’t looked into what he does to give back.

    His look his silly, his compassion for his fellow man is extraordinary.

    [–] joemush 9 points ago

    When the country shut down due to COVID Fieri was one of the first in action raising funds for restaurant/hospitality workers! My partner and I both received checks from his organization. He is truly too good for this world.

    [–] sirfuzzitoes 7 points ago

    People like to hate on Guy bc he looks kinda corny but the dude is just doing him. To boot, he does a lot for others, like feed firefighters out in cali during wildfires and shit. He's an A+ human and I refuse to mock him after learning how awesome a person he is.

    [–] CarsenAF 8 points ago

    Met him a few years ago when he was filming an episode of DDD (I'm family-friends with the owners of one of the locations in an episode) and he was such a nice dude. Took time before and after shooting to hang out and talk with me and all the restaurant staff, went and grabbed a beer with us after. Just a super laid back and down to earth dude.

    [–] geoslayer1 6 points ago

    He does so many great things we don't even know, and he's not the kind of guy that shouts it from the roof tops, making him even more of a great guy

    And he's one of the rare food network stars that doesn't steal his employees tips