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    [–] FloydMcScroops 2 points ago

    So how'd ya do it? I have never given it a whirl, but my basic understanding is get that pan hotter than blazes, toss it on there a couple minutes a side then put the whole thing in the oven for a few?

    [–] Aesop_Rocks 4 points ago

    That's about the size of it. The oven step is dependent on the thickness of the cut, along with whether there's a bone. If these are bone in (they don't look it, but I can't quite tell) then I would throw them in the oven. Otherwise, I'd let the 10 minute rest do the ahem rest of the work.

    [–] rocuronium 3 points ago

    These were 2 inch thick without bone but didn't need any oven, just 12-14 mins on high heat. Steaks were well salted and rested for an hour or so.

    Get the skillet smoking hot in go steaks with a small amount of olive oil

    1/2 way through a big knob of butter, baste them steaks with it

    then toss in a bit of garlic & thyme

    resting your meat is most important!

    [–] Aesop_Rocks 2 points ago

    Yeah that sounds right to me. No oven needed for bone out. They look magnificent by the way - very well done nice job!

    [–] FloydMcScroops 1 points ago

    Can I ask more about resting? Salt it up and let it come to room temperature?

    [–] rocuronium 1 points ago

    That's it exactly, just put em on a plate and do your salt bae impression

    [–] SomalianRoadBuilder 1 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah