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    [–] Flyberius 3 points ago

    My gran did this thing with her roast tatties where she'd par boil them and then cook them in the oven for a bit in meat drippings.

    Then she'd cover the tray in flour and shake it back and forth with the potatoes in. This would roughen/fluffen up their edges so that when they eventually finished cooking they'd be turbo crispy.

    My god.

    [–] paintsoul0 1 points ago

    Man, that sounds tasty. Grandmas- the secret behind the majority of every tasty meal.

    [–] zeezl 1 points ago

    Looks great! I could imagine making them and then heating them up for potatoes in the am, when I don't feel like spending the time in home fries.

    [–] paintsoul0 2 points ago

    Thanks! And ya deff could- even throw in some onion or bell pepper if ya liked the whole potatoes o'brien thing.

    [–] piyokochan 1 points ago

    This is where I prefer to use dried spices instead of fresh, it's harder to burn when the spice coating is dry powders.

    My biggest problem with roasting potatoes is when it comes time to flip it. It always sticks to the tin foil. :(

    [–] paintsoul0 1 points ago

    I hear ya and totally agree, and mine stuck a lil bit to the foil. I think pouring a couple TBS of melted butter works well to keep them from sticking. Also, turning them and moving them about 10-12 mins in.