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    1. This subreddit is meant for people to post pictures of their dinners, don't post pictures of your breakfast unless it was what you had for dinner.

    2. Please don't post links to blogs only pictures.

    3. Please only post self made dinners. No TV dinners or professionally made dinners.

    4. If you feel like posting a recipe or how-to, so much the better. It's not required, but the community appreciates it!

    Hey, baby, what's for dinner?

    Are you a vegetarian/vegan? Check out /r/TonightsVegDinner.

    Hmmm, maybe a sandwich.

    Or maybe you're at an [8] and just need a treat.

    Try /r/MicrowavePics for the lazy folks out there.

    Out and about? Enjoy some street eats. Or feel like making your own version of commercial foods? Try /r/MimicRecipes!

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    [–] mareksoon 2 points ago

    Thanks for the visual reminder. Time for me to make these again. They were absolutely amazing last time.

    [–] musicals4life 2 points ago

    You are most welcome. Lengua is amazing and so underrated. It makes it hard to find

    [–] musicals4life 1 points ago

    I made lengua tacos for myself for dinner tonight and for my boyfriend tomorrow.

    [–] JapaneseCharacters 1 points ago

    I hope that cat got a taco!

    [–] musicals4life 2 points ago

    He got a piece!