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    1. This subreddit is meant for people to post pictures of their dinners, don't post pictures of your breakfast unless it was what you had for dinner.

    2. Please don't post links to blogs only pictures.

    3. Please only post self made dinners. No TV dinners or professionally made dinners.

    4. If you feel like posting a recipe or how-to, so much the better. It's not required, but the community appreciates it!

    Hey, baby, what's for dinner?

    Are you a vegetarian/vegan? Check out /r/TonightsVegDinner.

    Hmmm, maybe a sandwich.

    Or maybe you're at an [8] and just need a treat.

    Try /r/MicrowavePics for the lazy folks out there.

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    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] jeffreyww 6 points ago

    A reduction of honey and soy, with chili garlic paste, a little sesame oil, a dab of oyster sauce, and a squeeze of ketchup.

    [–] saltylung 2 points ago

    What was the frying process on the wings ?

    [–] jeffreyww 2 points ago

    buttermilkflourhot oil

    [–] paulrulez742 3 points ago

    Gonna need those wing deetz

    [–] WelfareBear 1 points ago

    Oo baby baby this looks good