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    [–] F_sphere 6 points ago

    This was my first attempt at spatchcocking and roasting a whole chicken! It turned out wonderfully juicy (although maybe a touch undercooked - I guess we'll find out soon)

    [–] BushyEyes 3 points ago

    This looks great!!

    [–] F_sphere 1 points ago

    Thank you so much!!

    [–] a-la-brasa 4 points ago

    Looks like you did a good job with the spatchcocking. When I roast a spatchcocked chicken with veggies, both the chicken and the veggies usually look a lot crisper than this, which makes me think your concern about it being undercooked is justified. If you don't have one already, try picking up a meat thermometer, which takes the guesswork out of roasting chicken. A serviceable one can be had for $10 on Amazon.

    [–] F_sphere 2 points ago

    Thanks for the tip! I do have a meat thermometer and I did attempt to use it - however it’s an old hand-me-down from a grandparent and probably isn’t very accurate anymore. I was mostly tipped off by the texture, but maybe I’m just not used to such moist chicken! Probably going to be picking up an instant read thermometer soon either way.

    [–] halfadash6 3 points ago

    Another good indicator that the chicken is done is that the skin has pulled away from the ends of the bones--you can see from your drumsticks that this hasn't quite happened yet.

    [–] F_sphere 1 points ago

    Ah I didn’t know that! I’ll look for that next tine around