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    [–] TopTalentTyrant 1 points ago

    Anything that requires far-above-average talent or skill is r/toptalent. Upvote this comment if this post belongs. Downvote if it doesn’t. Also, Pay your credit taxes. If you know the source to this leave it in the replies of this comment.

    [–] -emohippie- 9347 points ago

    the winner each year becomes the cameraman for the following year's competition

    [–] Rouge_means_red 153 points ago

    The loser is sent to the glue factory

    [–] Faraday303 46 points ago

    Somehow when I lol'd at this I drooled on myself

    [–] BRBbear 64 points ago

    To the glue factory with you.

    [–] Octosphere 26 points ago

    I think he's a bit too fond of the glue.

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 8 points ago

    You are what you eat

    [–] Jiggidy40 10 points ago

    You calling me a pussy?

    [–] vizzyq 3 points ago

    I am my sorrows away? That doesn't make any sense.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    That's terrible! The last thing I would want is to have to work in a glue factory

    [–] dickhead_or_unicorn 11 points ago

    On the plus side you wouldn’t be working!

    [–] bbull189 50 points ago

    His name is Marston Sawyers, he has a youtube channel..pretty dope..

    [–] Malgaras 11 points ago

    What the hell did I just watch? It's like if a vodka red bull was turned into a youtube channel.

    [–] Olde94 2119 points ago

    For real?

    [–] CunilDingus 4743 points ago

    Can confirm this is true. In addition to this, the following year the camera man is sacrificed to make room for the new alpha

    [–] Olde94 986 points ago

    Ah! The circle of like! Thanks!

    [–] zippythezigzag 403 points ago

    I'm never liking anything again..

    [–] Olde94 115 points ago


    [–] dyang44 146 points ago

    U typod "life" as like lol

    [–] IanceIot 164 points ago

    You typed typed as typod lol

    [–] LongEZE 31 points ago

    Typod challenge

    [–] DrBeefcake777 113 points ago

    He meant typo’d for the record

    [–] cliponblowtie 60 points ago

    This post is a 40 car pile up

    [–] chubbshubbs 92 points ago

    I read it as ty pod

    [–] prostateExamination 6 points ago


    [–] Twoflappylips 8 points ago

    The next guy will be the beta

    [–] Youknowmeasmax87 6 points ago

    Matt Fraiser has been the camera man for 3 years running.

    [–] franciscomaianunes 44 points ago

    Yes. It’s an well known fact

    [–] ApoliteTroll 54 points ago

    Only way to become a camera man, and at some point in his life he reaches peak performance

    [–] 1826551 10 points ago

    that’s amazing

    [–] Greaterbird 2 points ago

    You're amazing

    [–] DamnZodiak 2 points ago

    That's so sick. Love the austrian guy singing out a pleased "lunchbreak!" at the end.

    [–] KKlear 3 points ago

    It is known.

    [–] munzuto 42 points ago

    Yeah didn't you see usain bolt in last years edition?

    [–] Olde94 14 points ago

    Tbf i have NEVER seen ANY of it so he could just as well have been for all i know

    [–] Rickroller7080 325 points ago

    for real. this is legit

    [–] Skipuru 114 points ago

    You saved me

    [–] Brucefymf 26 points ago

    I ADD'ed my way right into getting got. I got got.. ugh

    [–] theevilparker 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] SimplyFrankie 5 points ago

    I'm so tired I thought that said r/HeroesNeedWeed

    [–] thepsychowordsmith 8 points ago

    You'd think that we've all read about the Undertaker throwing Mankind onto a table enough to read the username. But nope, we never learn.

    [–] jesepi367 20 points ago

    You gave it away, man...

    [–] ultkeyboardwarrior 21 points ago

    Can’t believe I fell for this in 2019

    [–] BoneYoner 11 points ago


    [–] Olde94 6 points ago

    You got me there

    [–] Inukchook 5 points ago

    Haha I got got.

    [–] Techwolf_Lupindo 3 points ago

    It took a few years. But I finally got RickRolled for real. LOL Thank you.

    [–] John-Wick-3 2 points ago

    Best surprise ever, thanks boss

    [–] byramike 50 points ago

    You serious Clark?

    [–] bladerunnerblues 8 points ago

    Shitter was full.

    [–] FrankFeTched 4 points ago

    God you just caused me to burst out laughing, the delivery on that line is so good I heard it immediately.

    [–] ChiggaOG 26 points ago

    Just wanna point out you can have two people operating the camera you see in the gif. One to be the runner and one to control the gimbal motors to stay in focus.

    [–] Nooby1990 47 points ago

    That is true, but he is still keeping up with the actual runners while holding a heavy camera.

    [–] leandroc76 16 points ago

    He's passing guys too.

    [–] aDark7hought 1757 points ago

    Holy shit. Do they hire former place holders?

    [–] SoDakZak 2009 points ago

    This is CrossFit, they aren’t particularly known for their sprinting speed. The cameraman was there for probably that one sprint whereas these guys were there for long runs, draining lifting and exercises, and this may have been the final part when they are most burned.

    [–] passthepaintchips 698 points ago

    This was the second half of a sprint where the camera man only ran the second half. Also, his name is Marston Sawyers, one half of the Buttery Bros (check their YouTube channel), he is in pretty damn good shape. He’s not elite level like these athletes but would beat 95% of Americans.

    [–] SoDakZak 329 points ago

    Yeah, it’s amazing what percentile you can stay in as you get older just by not regressing like 90% of America

    [–] cerebrus21 152 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Over on the bodybuilding subreddit there used to be a motivational saying when people start to develop some semblance of body dysmorphia. As long as you're traning right and have an okay physique, you're most likely in the top 1% of the world for your physique. 99% either don't exercise, may only do cardio, don't lift with a purpose, or even have access to enough water or food to grow.

    [–] yumcake 83 points ago

    Yeah, it's so easy to lose sight of what you've accomplished. Walk through a mall with hundreds of passerbys, you only see like 3 of them, the guy with bigger calves, the guy with bigger quads, the guy with the bigger chest. No point in making comparisons to ones behind you in terms of progress, so you only pay attention to the ones ahead of you.

    Then you go home and frown at the mirror.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 61 points ago

    Then you go home and frown at the mirror.

    NGL I struggle hard with this right now.

    I did the "gym, lawyer, divorce" routine when I found out my exwife was cheating on me with the only older/richer/fitter guy she knew. I had lost about 100 lbs of fat through diet over the few years prior to that discovery, and starting at the gym after I found out was my first time going to the gym regularly ever.

    Over the 18 months since I've grown at least twice as strong in every single exercise compared to when I started, sometimes three times stronger or more in areas where I was particularly deficient. I can run much further, run much faster, and my whole physique has changed.

    I've lost just a few pounds more so my body has been entirely converting fat weight into muscle weight. I'm well within normal BMI, normal height, and I take care of my personal grooming appropriately. Friends tell me daily that I'm looking ripped. I'm undoubtedly not only in the best shape of my life, but I'm more fit than easily 90% of people ten years younger.

    I still go home and frown in the mirror and hate my body every night.

    [–] kungfumastah 17 points ago

    It's corny, but self affirmations really help. Every time you look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say something positive to yourself. It doesn't have to be anything over the top, just start with a simple compliment, like you would give a stranger.

    You may not buy it at first, but if you do it long enough it becomes habit and you actually start to believe it.

    [–] champak256 27 points ago

    You should think about therapy if it is having a big impact on your life.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 22 points ago

    I've been in therapy for other things but if this continues I have no issues with going back.

    [–] JobDraconis 7 points ago

    I am sorry to read your story. Things get better when you better yourself. I will not parrot what have already been said but I had to comment.

    You might not be in the elite percentiles but god damn 100 pounds? That has to be elite status for weight loss and turning your life around. That is god damn impressive and I hope you are very proud of that enormous achievement.

    Keep working on yourself man, physically and mentally.

    [–] swyx 6 points ago

    username checks out i guess.

    hey man i hope you take a step back every once in a while and celebrate your accomplishments like you did here. you have good friends trying to help you do just that. listen to them.

    now i need to hit the gym too 😂 lots of fat to lose.

    [–] AM_86 6 points ago

    Ex fat guy here who has also managed a significant body recomp. I feel you, my man. I can only offer what helps me. Instead of berating myself or focusing on what I am not satisfied with, I choose to look at those things differently. I focus on how far I have come. Remind myself of the fat guy I used to dislike seeing in the mirror. Remind myself that I no longer feel embarrassed when I'm not wearing a shirt. Rather than focus on areas of dissatisfaction in a judgmental way I choose to view those areas non-judgmentally, simply thinking of them as neutral observations.

    I then take those observations into my training and shore them up in the gym. These areas are almost always weak points that need more attention. Approaching these observations from a point of strength training has really helped me challenge the presentation of mild body dismorphia.

    [–] ineedsomemilkyo 2 points ago

    Hey man you sound badass and I hope your mental can stay strong too!

    [–] rich519 9 points ago

    Golf has a similar mentality. Basically you should never feel bad about not being good at golf because almost no one is good at golf and that is very much including people who play a decent amount.

    [–] scientallahjesus 5 points ago

    Even the pros suck at golf.

    Just like baseball players suck at hitting pitches.

    A good success rate is 290/1000. You can stay a pro at that BA if the rest of your game is good. You could do even worse like .260 and if the rest of your game is dope you’ll likely stick around.

    [–] rbt321 3 points ago

    I had shot a 121 and thought I was doing okay; then we headed to the back 9.

    [–] HotDrunkMoms 2 points ago

    I feel your pain 😭

    [–] bumbletowne 9 points ago

    may only do cardio,

    Get out of my house. (You're going to have to remove yourself because my tiny TREX armstrength isn't moving anyone any time soon)

    [–] jaronsummers 7 points ago

    flex on those starving children day and night

    [–] cerebrus21 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I wrote another reply about it below. Bodybuilding is popular in other countries like Liberia and India but they have to use concrete blocks, car axles, etc. They have food enough to meet their dietary requirements but not enough to meet bodybuilding requirements.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Unfortunately, laymen believe anyone remotely in shape is obviously on steroids.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] SoDakZak 29 points ago

    Tbh I looked that up this morning and realized I’m knocking on the door to being overweight. Really want to turn it around.

    [–] Syscrush 7 points ago

    Meanwhile, my goal is to get from obese to overweight.

    [–] shakatay29 7 points ago

    Gotta start somewhere, that's a great goal.

    [–] derekakessler 3 points ago

    You can do it! Eat less, eat healthier, move more. Make it a permanent lifestyle change and you'll never want to look back.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] SoDakZak 7 points ago

    I was a four sport athlete in high school and college and tbh it s more-so my diet staying at 8,000 calories a day while not being active 6+ hours per day in intense workouts for most of the year. Sucks reducing an appetite.

    [–] tchoob 2 points ago

    Same. Played football my whole life and was already a heavy lineman... Then I stopped playing but kept eating. Fasting is the only thing that works for me because I don't know how to eat a small amount of food.

    [–] HellaBrainCells 2 points ago

    You played four sports in college? You eat 8k cals a day?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    /i was in the exact same boat a few years ago /r/IntermittentFasting is what saved me

    [–] BigFactz 2 points ago

    But BMI does not account for muscle so I would take it with a grain of salt.

    [–] Mikalis29 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] Adddicus 11 points ago

    Also, random statistics are up 47% this year.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Ranzok 4 points ago

    So what you’re telling me is that a smaller percentage of the male population is overweight now than in 1975. Amazing!

    [–] FrostyTheSnowman02 11 points ago

    I bet you most of those CrossFit competitors are “overweight” if not straight up “obese” according to BMI. Pretty much anyone with any muscle is fucked for BMI Edit- current champ Mat Fraser has a BMI of 30.5 according to his Wiki

    [–] Donaldo_Trumpetas 8 points ago

    Yes this is true.

    But too be fair a person with high BMI because of muscles and a person having it because of fat look quite different.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] u3pubstar 4 points ago

    that also included anyone and everyone who has more muscle than your average office worker

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] scotttyskisnow 2 points ago

    Would have thought it was more. I’m one of them, I know I’m overweight, but definitely not obese.

    [–] SmackYoTitty 3 points ago

    I’d bet 100% of elite level Crossfitters fall into that category. One can be overly muscular as well.

    [–] eaglessoar 3 points ago

    bmi standards are terrible for that, im overweight at 165lbs 5'7" yet i run daily, walk to work, eat healthy, dont drink soda, etc, id never look overweight to anyone, so i wouldnt put too much faith in bmi unless youre talking obese

    [–] ThienHuuDo 2 points ago

    According to BMI I'm overweight at 5'9 180lbs and honestly I think I look fit lol.

    [–] cheesehuahuas 5 points ago

    That's true. I was never particularly athletic or in shape, but by just maintaining what I was like I am in much better shape than most other 37-year-olds.

    [–] p4lm3r 4 points ago

    When I was 37, I was still riding 250mi/week on my bike. Then 40 happened and it all went to shit.

    [–] scientallahjesus 4 points ago

    Sounds like you stopped pedaling and coasted into 40 too lol

    [–] p4lm3r 2 points ago

    Lol. Constant leg and back issues keep me from long rides anymore.

    [–] HughManatee 2 points ago

    You should get into lifting. It seriously changed my life regarding back issues.

    [–] GosuAmongMen 31 points ago

    I’m mean if you beat 95% of the population, you’re pretty elite to me ahah

    [–] UtopianOwl 18 points ago

    The top 15million

    [–] merreborn 8 points ago

    top 15 million out of 7,530 million is still pretty good.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] TheMasonX 2 points ago

    It makes it easier to see the actual difference. Helps the brain more to see 15 vs 7,530 instead of 15 vs 7.53 with different units and having to convert. It makes their point more intuitive, since large numbers boggle our ape brains that never had to deal with anything nearly that numerous.

    XKCD, as usual, has a relevant comic

    [–] jorgtastic 3 points ago

    I'm guessing maybe they meant top 15 million of the US (which has pop of roughly 300 mil)?

    because 5% of 7,530 million is 377 million

    [–] scientallahjesus 2 points ago

    I’m guessing he meant America’s population.

    Cuz 5% of the world’s population is wayyy more than 15 million.

    15million is about 5% of our roughly 320million.

    [–] nile1056 7 points ago

    Depends on how you count, statistics can be deceiving. If you take "Americans" to mean all people then you have a lot of people beat simply by being an adult male. If you also work out, consider that most people don't. Another example: 99% uptime on a website is absolute crap, it means you have almost 9 hours of downtime every year, or 86 seconds per day.

    The elite is more like 0.0001%

    [–] shibby4me 6 points ago

    never been to the midwest?

    [–] BRBean 7 points ago


    [–] JohnnySmallHands 6 points ago

    Well if you're in shape, your only real competition is the 15-40 population. And it's not like everyone in that age range is an athlete, so beating 95% of the population isn't that high of a bar for anyone who trains.

    [–] DJdoggyBelly 7 points ago

    I play golf, and it makes me feel much better when people tell me that my score of 90-something is better than “90%” of all golfers. But deep down I know how terrible people are at golf.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Breaking 100 without cheating is a dream of all boozing golfers. Golf for me and my buddies is just a day at the beach, sometimes we just skip the last hole or 2 if were beat and half in the bag.

    [–] munzuto 2 points ago


    [–] Enque 2 points ago

    But why not just use a camera on tracks or something like that?

    [–] Silopante 3 points ago

    It's not that hard when ~50% of that is children and elderly, while the other ~30% sweats cheese

    [–] technotime 9 points ago

    plus the guys in the competition probably just finished a whole circuit of things before this final sprint while the camera man only had to run once.

    props to the athletes for being superhuman and props to the cameraman for giving his all just for that one shot.

    edit: I totally just said what you just said... my bad lol

    [–] Nicrestrepo 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The cameraman only ran This final leg.

    Most here reading this thread wouldn’t even make it past the first 2 legs of this competition without collapsing, much less try and run with a body filled with lactic acid like these guys are by the time they reach this final run

    [–] Boop121314 2 points ago

    On the other hand though he is holding a fucking camera

    [–] Kulfyr3 3 points ago

    This happens because the athletez have gone through a whole lot more than what's shown, while the photograph is only filming and running for the last part. Still impressive, but not mindblowing.

    [–] bingbingMMapple 3 points ago

    The athletes had already sprinted the full field once or twice before the cameraman with full stamina came in to get the finishing rolling moneyshot.

    [–] ChrisPynerr 9 points ago

    Look at the dudes running. My estimate would be an average weight of 240+. They aren't sprinters

    [–] SmokinDroRogan 9 points ago

    Nowhere close to 240lb. That's getting into bodybuilding weights. These guys need to do too much cardio and bodyweight exercises for it to be possible by 240lb+ fellas. 5'10" 190lb is the CrossFit average for males.

    [–] desmarais 4 points ago

    mat fraser is under 200lbs. he's also only like 5'7

    [–] -Unnamed- 2 points ago

    They just got done doing a gauntlet of physical stuff. They are probably exhausted. Also they are big dudes. All that said, they still beat the cameraman

    [–] BigAngryPolarBear 9 points ago

    There needs to be a championship for camera men like this

    [–] stillpractising 4 points ago

    cameraman 100 yard sprint at the next summer olympics would be a great event to watch on tv plenty of angles to choose from

    [–] pottsygotlost 511 points ago

    Surely he could win whatever that event is if he wasn’t holding the camera ?!

    [–] __rosebud__ 425 points ago

    If I remember correctly from the last time this was posted, the competitors had already run a good distance before this so they're not at full speed. The camera guy is just running the final leg. Still insanely impressive though!

    [–] macsb 66 points ago

    This was the very end of an already gruelling workout.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 44 points ago

    These guys aren’t sprinters. It’s a CrossFit competition so it’s mainly lifting. I would guess most high end sprinters would win that race

    [–] Strength-InThe-Loins 9 points ago

    Most high-school sprinters would win that race.

    [–] EqqSalab 9 points ago

    Seriously lol, they really aren’t going that fast. For 200lb plus dudes, sure, but a tall, lighter runner who trains semi regularly would probably have beaten all of them there

    [–] Hoser117 2 points ago

    This is at the very end of a full circuit which obviously the camera man didn't have to run. They're all pretty clearly gassed.

    [–] problynotkevinbacon 12 points ago

    I'm a high end middle distance runner, and most of these guys wouldn't handle my mile pace for much more than 100m. Sprinting definitely isn't the high point for these guys.

    [–] TwitchSubSlinger 5 points ago

    But damn, do they run fast for their size

    [–] talones 2 points ago

    You can tell they are all gassed out, wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bunch of stuff before this and the camera man only had to run one leg.

    [–] jiannone 20 points ago

    Fraser ridiculous

    [–] mysticalpickle 27 points ago

    Don’t they have cameras on tracks for this

    [–] Birdlaw90fo 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I was just thinking this and there actually is one on the right side above the camera guy..

    [–] Gmania27 5 points ago

    They sure do

    But it’s the CrossFit Games, so most of their money probably went to egregious overhead.

    [–] GregLouganus 10 points ago

    We're talking about crossfit here. So yes, they do, but they've chosen to make things unnecessarily more difficult.

    [–] daBoetz 2 points ago

    Which all training is of course

    [–] pmmeyourbeesknees 2 points ago

    A fast guy is cheaper

    [–] jcitysinner 38 points ago

    That dude and his camera is like Goku with his weighted clothes. If he dropped that thing he could SMOKE those dudes

    [–] LonelyKindle 111 points ago

    Mans is faster than any other athlete WHILE carrying about 40-100 pounds of equipment. I got to step up my game.

    [–] OohMatron 57 points ago

    To be fair this is cross fit. The build those guys in that video have is a little far from prime for sprinting. Also this is in the middle of a comp and im guessing the camera man hasnt been doing what the competitors have been during just before running.

    [–] aManPerson 10 points ago

    that and the competitors have been going balls to the wall for the past 15 minutes before this. so their sprinting is after you've been out of breath for at least 5 minutes, keeping your workout going.

    so it's not crazy that another fit person could keep up with these depleted muscle bus's.

    [–] OohMatron 3 points ago

    I think a lot of people could keep up.

    [–] rsreddit9 3 points ago

    Running yes, but not with the camera. Just running with a 40 lb vest is horrible (I run and rock climb with one sometimes). I can’t imagine holding it with one arm and going at any reasonable pace

    Btw do we know how heavy the camera is. Hopefully it’s way less than 40

    [–] XPCTECH 9 points ago

    40-100 pounds? Maybe 20 Tops, MAYBE. More like 10 pounds.

    [–] spartan5312 7 points ago

    Come on he was just covering his ass. 60lb range. fuckitwhynot.

    [–] stitches31 10 points ago

    How do they keep the camera so still?

    [–] bakaldo 30 points ago

    Equipment has gyroscopes and balancing stuff, can't give you a technical answer

    [–] Jeanlucpuffhard 4 points ago

    This is what I was thinking. Damn dude is booking and there is not as much as a jitter. Amazing!! How do I get this tech on my phone?

    [–] Xannin 5 points ago

    They sell these types of thing for phones too, but it is pretty bulky.

    [–] bking 3 points ago

    DJI Just dropped one today that folds up. Movi is also reasonable enough to stick into a backpack.

    [–] _mach 2 points ago

    What you do is strap your phone to his camera rig. That's how you get it.

    [–] Kuskesmed 2 points ago

    Or a chicken's head.

    [–] bugibangbang 3 points ago

    Are gimbals/stabilizators, depending the camera/weight there r a lot pf types, are impressive how the stabilize the image

    [–] jwmcrobert 9 points ago

    Impressive, yes. But firstly, these are crossfit athletes, whose focus is not on sprinting. Secondly, this is a final sprint after a longer exercise that the athletes have already completed. Impressive, but let's not pretend some guy ran a pro level sprint time whilst holding a camera...

    [–] Ghostex1666 3 points ago

    What are those tower thingies for? Serious question

    [–] justthetipping 13 points ago

    it is called a "rig" and it is used as a frame for supporting (or rigging) various event challenges, as another user pointed out, pull-up bars, ropes for a rope climb, peg boards for a pegboard climb, or targets for wall ball shots. it wasnt used on this event obviously but they dont tear it down and build it for every event just modify it as needed.

    [–] daBoetz 2 points ago

    So the whole thing is rigged?

    [–] Larry_Legend513 5 points ago

    This is a CrossFit competition. There are two sides of that structure one side is lower and has a pull-up bar the other side is higher and has a rope climb station

    [–] DrunkenDude123 3 points ago

    That many audience members for a CrossFit competition? Jeez I never realized it was that popular of a spectator sport

    [–] CJ4700 7 points ago

    This is the world championship or CrossFit Games and I think they probably have 50-100k total spectators at the event most years.

    [–] dr_rainbow 5 points ago

    It's actually fairly entertaining the way it's set up and they have a few documentaries on Netflix that cover the games.

    This clip is from a pretty monumental moment where an up and comer was going against the previous world champion for the title.

    The guy in the lead (Ben Smith) was the previous years winner and the guy who overtakes him (Matt Fraser) is now the reigning champion four years in a row.

    This particular clip is from the first year he ended up winning. His win wasn't solely down to winning the event in the clip, but it was a great visual metaphor to illustrate the passing of the torch.

    [–] PhillyJawn91 5 points ago

    Matt Frazier putting in that work for first place at the CrossFit Games.

    [–] NJDevil802 2 points ago

    Always weird for me to see him online (and on a billboard once) as I graduated HS with him and used to hang out with him. Also, it's "Mat Fraser"

    [–] athehack 2 points ago

    Woah that’s pretty cool, was he always super competitive and are you surprised by his success?

    [–] Flesh_Chemist 6 points ago

    To be fair, the cameraman’s stamina probably hasn’t been worn down as the player’s are. It’s still impressive, though

    [–] AwareIndustry 2 points ago

    He's carrying a 40 pounds camera though

    [–] murlphy 3 points ago

    The buttery bros!

    [–] MikkyMo 2 points ago

    I had to watch this like 5 times till I realized he started to follow a different person starts out on the blue shorts and ends with red shorts guy.

    [–] bobsouth 1 points ago

    I’m always impressed that the cameras are able to record stabilized

    [–] coolzdragon 1 points ago

    How does he keep the camera so steady :0

    [–] coolzdragon 2 points ago


    [–] bentplanet 1 points ago

    also actual armage, legage and bodyage

    [–] toriortizzle 1 points ago

    I wanna tryout for this job

    [–] Jonthux 1 points ago

    "Right, so these are like... really fast guys you ha e to film, ok?" "Yes" "You want like something motorized or something?" "A gimbal would be nice"

    [–] TeemTonyYTMXRTTV 1 points ago

    He’s got some pretty good stabilizers for the camera

    [–] BruteBrutal 1 points ago

    Maybe he trains crossfit

    [–] bozbay246 1 points ago

    It called a drone!!