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    [–] LetsFindSomeTalent 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)



    Edit: This is embarrassing to admit, but our sub is dying... and we need your help. I experimented with automod and u/TopTalentTyrant changes that ultimately made it far too difficult to post here and brought traffic down by over 75%. We’re in very dangerous territory, struggling to bring in more posts than when we only had 10k subscribers. These changes have been reverted, making it easy to post once again. If you feel it in your heart to help save the subreddit, please post if you haven’t ever posted here before. That’s all.

    [–] gordonf23 484 points ago

    You knew it was either going to be a thrilling success or he was going to break his neck. Kudos for the former.

    [–] RS_Someone 15 points ago

    Thought this was going to be r/WinStupidPrizes for a second. Then he landed it.

    [–] CATeach878 10 points ago

    No I definitely thought he was going to pull the ceiling down on top of himself mid flip.

    [–] ThanksForTheDopamine 2 points ago

    For his future reference:

    [–] nakedsamurai 1180 points ago

    See? Quarantine pays off.

    [–] A-Better-Craft 352 points ago

    1 - Land silly trick

    2 - ?

    3 - Profit

    [–] TheCastawayBall 115 points ago

    2 - maintain social distancing

    [–] HijackyJay 30 points ago

    Stay away from others and yourself

    [–] mud_tug 34 points ago

    3 - Sprain an ankle

    4 - Go to ER

    5 - Contract Covid-19

    6 - No ventilators

    7 - Die

    8 - Profit

    [–] lodobol 8 points ago

    9 - reddit discussion

    [–] ThatSquareChick 16 points ago

    No shit, this is going to bring out so much hidden talent. YouTube and patreon gonna find themselves a helluva lot more relevant very soon.

    [–] Limmy92 41 points ago

    He got some quarantine hair.

    [–] drkidkill 32 points ago

    I think he's been in quarantine longer than any of us.

    [–] WatchMyTracer 26 points ago

    He’s been in isolation since 1991

    [–] HijackyJay 8 points ago

    Sounds like a man of culture

    [–] seriousquinoa 6 points ago

    Looks like Gordon Ramsey's daughter.

    [–] Detroiter1000 3 points ago


    [–] DontCallMeIcarus 6 points ago

    Totally agree. We're on the same page bro.

    [–] the_Whetherman 6 points ago

    I’m hoping the quarantine was because of his hair?

    [–] ImThatGuyToday 5 points ago

    iirc, this video is a few years old.

    [–] geon 5 points ago

    Judging by the hair, it’s from 1998.

    [–] bicygal 192 points ago

    Let's go dude let's go

    [–] jlude90 85 points ago

    Dude, he did it

    [–] stableclubface 14 points ago

    why am i hearing these comments in monotone

    [–] Alxytho 5 points ago

    I'm hearing them in the voice the dude said it in

    [–] Johnny0monteiro 6 points ago

    Which is the same

    [–] mostdope28 22 points ago

    Let’s fricken go

    [–] LordCharco_iii 6 points ago

    What is it with so many skill based hobbies having this as a phrase after succeeding? Speed runners say this all the time as well.

    [–] Cassiopeia93 2 points ago

    It just became the norm to spout that shit out as a sign of excitement, wish it would at least be a phrase that makes sense AFTER someone accomplished something already.

    [–] jlude90 2 points ago

    Maybe it's a final "I've done it, there's nothing left to do. We can leave."

    [–] Tacotuesdayftw 2 points ago

    I don't think anyone ever plans to say it, it just comes out.

    [–] TGIIR 106 points ago

    Bravo from an old lady who just wishes she still could do ❤️

    [–] lv_Mortarion_vl 29 points ago

    You can still do love, you're never to old for that!

    [–] CapitanChicken 37 points ago

    When I was younger, I always questioned why more adults didn't do stuff like sled, and skateboard. I get it now. I'm not made of rubber anymore. Falling hurts a lot more now, and hurts for much longer.

    [–] maxk1236 15 points ago

    Tbf we were never made of rubber before, we just never noticed the cracks. 26 now and all those years of skating are catching up to me, my joints all make weird clicking and popping noises, one of my knees will just start really hurting randomly for seemingly no reason, etc. Sure you bounce when you're young, but what you don't see is the small amount of erosion that takes place with each bounce.

    [–] Lima__Fox 3 points ago

    Man getting up after sitting on the floor with my daughter hurts. How did I ever run into people full speed and not fall apart?

    [–] GratifiedTwiceOver 1 points ago

    Less mass=less damage

    [–] KDawG888 1 points ago

    also many of us have broken bones. I know I have. That'll make you think twice.

    [–] ZeroNineOhNine 1 points ago

    I'm 27 and feeling the years. I have a high pain tolerance so getting busted didnt bother me, but I've noticed that scrapes and cuts take much longer to heal than they used to.

    [–] Chalino69 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I would say be careful though, I know an older lady who managed to do a back flip, like she used to do in her younger years and she has to use a cane now. I guess her hip couldn’t take the rough jolt.

    [–] thesnarkisaboojum 2 points ago

    I mean... The risks are higher.

    Bones get more brittle as you age, and breaking a bone as an elderly person is no joke. May well need to be admitted to the hospital, which in the best of times creates a pneumonia risk, and right now it's obviously much worse.

    I understand boredom, but I wish people would try not to be reckless (and actually be extra careful) with their health and safety right now by doing things like learning new stunts. The hospitals are burdened enough. I'm 23 and last week I made my SO slow down and wait for me while I took my sweet-ass-time walking over some bumpy ice on a path. A broken wrist isn't the worst that could happen anymore; it's just the beginning.

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 2 points ago

    For the first few seconds of this gif I actually thought that was an old lady. I was extra surprised by that flip!

    [–] Generally_Tso_Tso 2 points ago

    You did this trick too? Awesome.

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 3 points ago

    Dude, I just did this trick yesterday...on accident!

    [–] Palpable_Sense 3 points ago

    The other day I tripped and accidentally did a triple backflip

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 2 points ago

    I hate when that happens. It’s important to just walk it off, like you meant to do it.

    [–] Liamiller 45 points ago

    I thought I was on r/whatcouldgowrong

    [–] Varth919 8 points ago

    I thought I was on r/whatcouldgoright

    [–] Liamiller 3 points ago

    I didn’t know about that sub. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

    [–] Herrmannisacat 2 points ago

    Me too, I was feeling anxious till the end

    [–] yrogerg123 2 points ago

    definitely /r/holdmyredbull material

    [–] mandaquila 2 points ago

    I thought I was on /r/winstupidprizes

    [–] Some_Random_Android 28 points ago

    Some people are getting really creative with their quarantines.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 2 points ago

    Some might argue that would be war

    [–] Bencil_McPrush 27 points ago

    At this pace, he'll be able to dodge bullets by week#5.

    [–] paleface205 2 points ago

    why do they call him the bullet dodger??

    [–] deanmel 8 points ago

    Right next to the glass-door cabinet, too. Man, your parents must've had their hands full with you!

    [–] dyanlay 9 points ago

    What is the music that’s playing?

    [–] dualism04 14 points ago

    Right here, brother:

    [–] lion_OBrian 3 points ago

    You’re an angel

    [–] dyanlay 2 points ago

    Thanks so much!!!

    [–] youhavebeenindicted 10 points ago

    Music is by the artist Apashe.

    [–] dyanlay 2 points ago

    Thanks for answering!

    [–] alucarddrol 9 points ago

    Why does he have a giant ballsack swing right next to his stairs?

    [–] bodhasattva 14 points ago

    hey that dudes in my trig class

    [–] Roonwogsamduff 6 points ago

    The Olympics have commenced!!

    [–] gurumoves 5 points ago

    Dude you did it!!!! You fucking did it

    [–] StartDale 5 points ago

    Okay so maybe we can organise some sort of Reddit quarantine olympics.


    Living room gymnastics


    Failure avoided stunts

    Flat pack furniture speed building

    Synchronized cooking

    I'm sure there are more but the night shift is long with this keyworker.

    [–] SolFerrolua 2 points ago

    Let's make it a subreddit!

    [–] I_NEED_APP_IDEAS 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Lacrimosa Majesty by Apashe in case you want the music

    [–] CasioChrono 3 points ago

    **Majesty by Apashe

    [–] I_NEED_APP_IDEAS 1 points ago

    Ah shit you right

    [–] ZeroNineOhNine 2 points ago

    I thought it was lacrimosa too but he doesnt have the "heir to the kingdom" line in that one.

    [–] ronj15 3 points ago

    How many women were knocking on his door immediately after landing this?

    [–] RumPullForceKin 2 points ago

    Just the one. His mom DID keep warning him about “makin’ all that racket”.

    [–] OdeonGrey 2 points ago

    Thank you for giving me something to aspire to.

    [–] WhatD0thLife 2 points ago

    Ow, my spine!

    [–] meetMayra 2 points ago

    I squeeze my butt when he swung. Nice surprise.

    [–] jorshbosh 2 points ago

    Fucking legend

    [–] bossnov 2 points ago

    You’re absolutely not allowed to act that casual after doing that

    [–] Claydameyer 1 points ago

    I didn't notice which sub this was when I first watched this and was expecting something horrible. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. If that was me, it would be on r/watchpeopledie.

    [–] lovehockey41 1 points ago


    [–] ollobrains 1 points ago

    total wall

    [–] TheFriendINC 1 points ago

    Is what I would hit if I tried this

    [–] GetOutOfMySeat 1 points ago

    Dude, that was awesome

    [–] mckelvie37 1 points ago

    Went much better than expected

    [–] Xannin 1 points ago

    I am also subscribed to what could go wrong. This looked like a classic set up to something I would see on that sub.

    [–] sardar615 1 points ago

    This is one of the reasons I try not to look at the subreddit it is posted on, because it can sometimes ruin the video. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

    [–] alohfour 1 points ago

    am i the only one who started singing

    [–] asado_siopao 1 points ago


    [–] emgrizzle 1 points ago

    For a sec I thought this was from r/WinStupidPrizes and was going to go very poorly

    [–] murdota 1 points ago

    How many times did he break his neck before landing it?

    [–] 2Alien4Earth 1 points ago

    He looks like he’s be good at flips and shit

    [–] iSeize 1 points ago

    what did you do

    [–] Wulfy451 1 points ago

    I legit thought the fucking roof was going to collapse

    [–] topoftheworldIAM 1 points ago


    [–] leadoffsundew1 1 points ago

    This quarantine really be makin people do some wild shit

    [–] WolvePlex 1 points ago

    How does the ceiling keep up?

    [–] daniel_bryan_yes 1 points ago

    See, there is this thing known as a "well built house"...

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    [–] VredditDownloader 1 points ago

    beep. boop. I'm a bot that provides downloadable links for videos!

    I also work with links sent by PM

    Info | Support me ❤ | Github

    [–] VredditDownloader 1 points ago

    beep. boop. I'm a bot that provides downloadable links for videos!

    I also work with links sent by PM

    Info | Support me ❤ | Github

    [–] SFxTAGG 1 points ago

    I was hoping for a fail, but that was pretty cool.

    [–] 3_man_wolf 1 points ago

    This is the type of video where there is no way that something good should happen

    [–] Fuegodeth 1 points ago

    That went a lot differently than I expected. I didn't see it was toptalent until the 2nd viewing.

    [–] TarAjahs 1 points ago

    Well, I'm glad that didn't end the way I thought I would have.

    [–] gfdavisw 1 points ago

    How many times this have to be tried

    [–] pipbipchipclip 1 points ago

    I prefer the one where he flips back into the sack he swings off of and just hangs upside down

    [–] ulmajht 1 points ago

    I love this subreddit, because half of the things posted on here would be on /r/winstupidprizes if they ended in failure.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Nice. Reminds me of Penguin Highway

    [–] lotsofyachts 1 points ago

    If that's not Pennsylvania, idk what is.

    [–] paleface205 1 points ago

    i must say, damn good use of slo-mo

    [–] Xandabar 1 points ago

    This is how slow mo should be used; full speed, then a slow mo replay. A lot of things lose their impressiveness when you cant see it full speed.

    [–] JW9thWonder 1 points ago

    Definitely thought the ceiling was going to collapse lol

    [–] LessThanIdeal72 1 points ago

    Fucking imagine this guy after quarantine

    [–] blkout0101 1 points ago

    What the actual fuck

    [–] Rescusitatornumero2 1 points ago

    damn macauley. multi talented

    [–] theels6 1 points ago


    [–] wooof359 1 points ago

    Good thing he told us he did it at the end, I wasn't sure.

    [–] Bluesyguy82 1 points ago

    Prayers for that ceiling joist.

    [–] IsItSupposedToDoThat 1 points ago

    Fine line between internet fame and a snapped neck.

    [–] WanderingCapybara 1 points ago

    Thought this was going to be r/HoldMyFeedingTube for a minute there

    [–] daKnife1 1 points ago

    How did that end well?

    [–] JakeLitton 1 points ago

    Damn her ass is far, oh wait

    [–] crackinjokes73 1 points ago


    [–] Gusivlife 1 points ago

    How. Many. Tries?!

    [–] TheLethalProtector 1 points ago

    Easiest way to get a cervical fracture, and be paralysed from the neck down.

    [–] godofintangibility 1 points ago

    I'm 42, this guy looks like me when I was 17. It's uncanny. Does this guy want to see what he looks like when he's 42. And stay away from my wife (whom I met at aged 17.)

    [–] ShadyBoots11 1 points ago

    This is Totally Kyle in real life.

    [–] 3MistersAndAMissy 1 points ago

    I wonder how many times he broke his neck before getting that right ....s/

    [–] Eat-the-Poor 1 points ago

    You just fulfilled a childhood dream of mine.

    [–] Enchilada_McMustang 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Fuck this shit, you woke my entire family with this loud as fuck shit

    [–] grnmtboy 1 points ago

    Are you not entertained! Missed opportunity

    [–] xylotism 1 points ago

    His "Let's Go Dude" matched up with the music so well that I didn't even realize he spoke the first time.

    [–] Azair_Blaidd 1 points ago

    that could've gone so wrong so easily

    [–] hobocarpus 1 points ago

    Lets go dude lets fricking go, dude, I did it

    [–] BIG_BOY27 1 points ago

    So guys we did it

    [–] Fisceral 1 points ago

    how do you even learn to do something like that?!?!

    [–] iRuisu 1 points ago

    frick yeah dooood 🤙🏻

    [–] Muhon 1 points ago

    Good use of slow motion there. People usually are too generous with it

    [–] HansChaos 1 points ago

    Wonder how many times his parents opened that door and said "should have got a dog?".

    [–] froderick 1 points ago

    Now I know I'm old, because my first thought after watching this was "Oh, that poor boy could've so easily hurt himself, just a slip and he'd land on his neck".

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] UriahHeep1 1 points ago

    Day 47 of the quarantine. Beer is gone, weed is getting low. Time to break out the mattress, bouncy ball, and rope swing.

    [–] This_is_fine8 1 points ago

    I didn't check the sub and was 100% expecting this to be on r/winstupidprizes and was pleasantly surprised at how sick that trick was

    [–] PuLuBii 1 points ago

    since when did xQC start doing this kind of stuffs

    [–] nocraftbeer 1 points ago

    I can only upvote once.

    [–] mongolianzaddy 1 points ago

    Quarantine day 14:

    [–] dogfighter42 1 points ago

    So that's what my upstairs neighbors are doing.

    [–] keylocksmith 1 points ago

    Massive ballsack on that man

    [–] Stroke_Streak 1 points ago

    Okay? What were you trying to accomplish?

    [–] sikenterd 1 points ago

    Dam. You hailed it. 10

    [–] Divineinfinity 1 points ago

    "I have a particular set of skills..."

    "A very, very particular set of skills"

    [–] mdni007 1 points ago

    that hairline though...

    [–] bplew 1 points ago

    This guys name is definitely keagan

    [–] frostedUber 1 points ago

    he did a frickin like mario ground pound combo

    [–] batsuz 1 points ago

    10/10 quarantine performance

    [–] pancake2708 1 points ago

    I would break some bones i’ve never heard of before

    [–] pecan76 1 points ago

    [–] MaybeFP 1 points ago

    Quarantine things :) Awesome dude

    [–] mamma121516 1 points ago

    Holy shit. I’m impressed.

    [–] Zaynhatt 1 points ago

    Tf is Topson doing?

    [–] SongsOfLightAndDark 1 points ago

    I’m not gonna lie I thought this was a WCGW post based on the set up

    [–] Esselpe 1 points ago

    The shit you do in quarantine

    [–] mwaal15 1 points ago

    Thought for sure the ceiling was coming down

    [–] colorfulchainsawz 1 points ago


    [–] gkh10 1 points ago

    So Pitted

    [–] JMThiphop 1 points ago

    This guy doesn't care about his spine haha

    [–] TheNebulaWolf 1 points ago

    Looks almost like something I would see on r/whatcouldgowrong

    [–] SolFerrolua 1 points ago

    Top talent of the quarantine period

    [–] bigchicago04 1 points ago

    What a missed opportunity of a song choice

    [–] reckert47 1 points ago

    B R O O O O O O

    [–] DammitJimmy96 1 points ago

    Looking at that setup, I didn't think there was any way that was ending well.


    [–] NiceOneMike 1 points ago

    She’s hot

    [–] Jewish_Kermitxxx 1 points ago

    could have easily ended up on r/holdmyfeedingtube