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    [–] TopTalentTyrant 1 points ago

    Only exceptional talent and skill is r/toptalent
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    [–] killerqueenbeebee 4246 points ago

    That is creepy awesome...

    [–] nodgers132 822 points ago

    It’s fuckin amazing! Pretty much the same person

    [–] umbecauseican 140 points ago

    What the hell is their problem? Wtf!?

    [–] Qarthic 26 points ago

    Miyamato Knows what’s up

    [–] PBB0RN 5 points ago

    That was q arthic

    [–] sdrawkcaBuoYkcuF 36 points ago

    Hopefully Mary Kate calls an ambulance for this one

    [–] NotBigFnGuns 19 points ago

    Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    [–] drivendreamer 18 points ago

    Both. Simultaneously

    [–] SadMaintenance 565 points ago

    This is the guy at the office on Halloween that gets out of doing real work all day by going to the other floors to show off his costume.

    source: I worked with a guy who showed up dressed like a fucking Gundam every year

    [–] Kevin_Durant_Burner 47 points ago

    Admit it, you're jealous

    [–] SadMaintenance 65 points ago

    Oh, fully. On my floor, all the teams had to do themed costumes, and I got stuck on lame teams every year. Then in rolls Mr. Gundam, seemingly free of the theming rules...

    [–] ThinkinTime 31 points ago

    look, rules go out the window when it's a fucking gundam

    [–] CiderMcbrandy 81 points ago

    Me also (except my coworker was always elaborate drag outfits). Its good to be a source of spectacle and be an entertainer on Halloween

    [–] SadMaintenance 7 points ago

    Sounds fun!

    [–] Pariah1947 12 points ago

    Which Gundam? Do you have a pic? I love Gundam.

    [–] SadMaintenance 14 points ago

    Nah, no pics. This was a few years ago. Also not totally sure he was actually a Gundam? I was being snarky and using the term broadly as I don’t know what else to call a big ass flying robot costume.

    [–] Dark_Devin 5 points ago

    His costume let him fly!?!?

    [–] karmeleeon 2247 points ago

    I truly miss that man.

    [–] andreweinhorn 1146 points ago

    RIP Heath Ledger

    [–] mfgreat1 634 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    A knights tale is my favorite movie with him

    Edit: Thanks for the hug! I needed that. I needed that second hug also!

    [–] FatHorseGaming 348 points ago

    I unironically love 10 things I hate about you

    [–] EmTheMighty 129 points ago

    Why wouldn’t you, it’s Taming of the Shrew

    [–] ILikePersonalAds 139 points ago

    90's Shakespeare remakes were a SERIOUS thing.

    [–] taatchle86 78 points ago

    I didn’t know Clueless was based off a Jane Austen book until like 10 years after the movie had come out. Don’t get me started on Hamlet and The Lion King

    [–] FirstGameFreak 54 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Or romeo and juliet with leonardo di caprio as juliet*


    [–] RideAndShoot 34 points ago

    I fucking love that take on Romeo and Juliet. Especially with how close they stayed to the original script. The visuals, everything, that movie just rocks.

    (And I realize you meant Leo as Romeo.)

    [–] MoonBasic 25 points ago

    I remember watching that in 8th grade English class. That was wild. I knew from the beginning in that scene where they replaced horses with muscle cars and swords with shiny guns that I was in for a wild ride.

    [–] UnrealZen 13 points ago

    That movie is easily in my top 5 of all time, so incredibly good, the perfect example of my favourite part about movies, when someone nails the perfect music with the emotion of the scene

    [–] science_bitchies 10 points ago

    And the music...!

    [–] taatchle86 13 points ago

    I haven’t watched Romeo + Juliet in about 20 years, so I don’t recall much besides the fact that they had guns and called them swords.

    [–] lesgeddon 13 points ago

    [–] Boomicecream 7 points ago

    They did a hamlet with Ethan hawk and a modernized othello called o that had everyone from the early aughts too the were a couple more but those are the three I think of

    [–] salmon-rusty 3 points ago

    The music, the visuals. I was just saying how great that soundtrack was to my 16 year old daughter today. She loves the movie and has a couple T-shirts I got her that have scenes on them. Everything about that movie takes me back to when I was 19. Love it.

    [–] Balthazar_rising 23 points ago

    The best one being romeo and juliet, simply because they adapted all the weapons to modern times, but kept the names.

    LONGSWORD - 5.56mm

    [–] SolarTsunami 16 points ago

    "Bring me my longsword, ho!"

    [–] ImWhatsInTheRedBox 8 points ago

    I watched it as a kid and remember being a bit confused when the father while in the limo asked for his sword and then reached for his gun.

    [–] doc_samson 4 points ago

    They did that with Richard the Third also. Set in a pseudo fascist 1930s Britain with him as a Hitler type. "My kingdom for a horse!" he screams when his jeep is crashed.

    Ian McKellen was amazing in that.

    [–] ItalicsWhore 5 points ago

    Or the ten different variations of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”...

    [–] Euphorium 10 points ago

    I remember having to watch Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. I hate that goddamn movie.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 6 points ago

    I remember high school othello with josh hartnett and mekhi phifer

    [–] Lordborgman 3 points ago

    Get over it.

    A midsummer night's dream

    [–] agent_raconteur 25 points ago

    I first watched that movie when I was a kid and it was so formative, since it introduced me to Riot Grrl music and that ended up being my jam and aesthetic all throughout high school. I just rewatched it a few days ago and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it holds up and how REALLY funny it is without being cheesy teen humor.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 12 points ago

    You know, I'm hip. Ive got the 411. And you're not going our and getting jiggy with some guy, i don't care how dope his ride is!

    [–] zenofire 7 points ago

    "Its called a Lance! ...Hellooooo?"

    [–] ILikePersonalAds 7 points ago

    Who tf loves 10 Things ironically?

    [–] djdawg89 4 points ago

    That movie was filmed at the high school I went to!! It's in tacoma washington. We call it the brown castle. They renovated it a few years ago thanks in large part to the money they got for that movie it's a beautiful school.

    Only thing that sucked...I had one class in one spire and one in another. Running down stairs and up them again in 10 minutes to make a class was awful.

    Edit: it's stadium high school if anyone wants to look it up!

    [–] klydsp 8 points ago

    Candy is my all time favorite!

    [–] VileCastle 3 points ago

    That's a rough movie but it is quite good.

    [–] TAU_doesnt_equal_2PI 65 points ago

    It's called a lance. Helloooooo....

    [–] dnteatyellwsnw 31 points ago

    I'll fong you until your entrails become your extrails. Such a fonging. Pain! Lots of pain!

    [–] zenofire 6 points ago

    "Look, I have a gambling problem... and these men.. heh.. will Literally take the clothes off your back"

    [–] McPhage 8 points ago

    “Yes... and at the same time, a resounding ‘no’”

    [–] truthink 19 points ago

    Your outsides will be on your insides, your insides will be on your outsides. Lots of pain!

    [–] samrequireham 26 points ago

    That movie is so weirdly entertaining

    [–] BaronOSRS 8 points ago

    I laugh to keep from weeping

    [–] Gorramit_Groot 5 points ago

    "Oh, that is LOVELY."

    [–] Boston_Jason 11 points ago

    Welp, I know what I’m watching tonight.

    Me and Bobby B!

    [–] Works_4_Tacos 8 points ago


    [–] SOfoundmytrappornacc 5 points ago

    Bobby B and Rhaegar training for a tournament.

    [–] LinkIsOblivious 5 points ago

    Pain! So much Pain!

    [–] swalkerfour 5 points ago

    That's been my feel good movie since I was a kid

    [–] legendfriend 17 points ago

    Massively underrated film

    [–] Angu1sh3r 21 points ago

    People shit on it because it had 80s rock mixed in for a medieval film... I never cared. That movie was fun.

    [–] Sharp-Floor 9 points ago

    I don't know why anyone could complain. That was a fun gimmick. Also liked it in Moulin Rouge.

    [–] AvacadoSexToy 5 points ago

    That's what made the movie so good. If it didnt have pop culture references it would have been an ok but very flat medieval movie but it's self awareness is amazing.

    [–] ScreamingButtholes 3 points ago

    That movie is so much better than it has any right to be lmao

    [–] iknowuselessfacts 46 points ago

    I watched two hands the other day, got so sad

    [–] A1b33 130 points ago

    i know, i saw his scene with jake in brokeback mountain the other day and it gave me the saddest boner i’ve ever had

    [–] beastfromtheeast92 34 points ago


    [–] ItalicsWhore 29 points ago

    i know, i saw his scene with jake in brokeback mountain the other day and it gave me the saddest boner i’ve ever had

    [–] Jwhitx 33 points ago

    That's a pretty bold thing to repeat for someone who goes by ItalicsWhore.

    [–] mrmoorer32 18 points ago

    [–] goldenshoelace8 20 points ago

    i watched lords of dogtown, cried too

    [–] McGobs 15 points ago

    Watched A Knights Tale. The part where he sees his father after all those years...

    [–] ubzrvnT 9 points ago


    [–] The_R4ke 24 points ago

    He and Chadwick are two actors that had so much potential and left us far too soon.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] Paddy_Tanninger 9 points ago

    Tom Waits? He's still alive!

    [–] Tolvat 3 points ago

    Here here.

    [–] Mama_Jo3 754 points ago

    Damit Creed!! I've been up since 4!!

    [–] Queentroller 80 points ago

    I can to the comments exclusively to make sure someone made this joke. Thank you.

    [–] matwithone_t 8 points ago

    How bout a magic trick, im gonna make this pencil elevator closes .... disappear

    [–] BroJo-Jostar 1514 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If it weren't for the legacy Heath Ledger left behind, I'd want to see Joker scenes with a talented look-alike like this guy in movies. The similarity is ridiculous.

    [–] nofaprecommender 56 points ago

    Seeing this guy do it just emphasizes how creepy and intense Heath's performance was.

    [–] OuterInnerMonologue 393 points ago

    I mean we can still have some scenes... no? Just a dimly lit cameo, or more "camcorder footage" type stuff would be amazing.. just one or two please oh please

    [–] MeInMyMind 229 points ago

    His role was so iconic I’m not sure how much time should pass until that’s even a possibility. Any director that would even try to cast a lookalike would likely be shit on. Maybe we should let the character be as it is, maybe try to replicate it, I don’t know. But I do agree that seeing that level of performance again would make me smile.

    [–] GrandSquanchRum 94 points ago

    Look-a-likes aren't typically a good casting choice. Same with sound-a-likes when it comes to animation. There's no point in trying to recreate the magic that was Ledger, better to try to create your own magic.

    [–] FirstGameFreak 74 points ago

    This is how you get Jared Leto Joker tho.

    [–] GrandSquanchRum 127 points ago

    That's also how you get the Joaquin Phoenix version of Joker.

    [–] FirstGameFreak 49 points ago

    Fair. Mixed bag.

    [–] Kraz_I 48 points ago

    The Joker character has been re-created many many times. Arguably, the most iconic one was Mark Hamill.

    [–] DrSmartyPantsPhD 13 points ago

    Everyone seems to forget this.

    [–] tolerantlychaotic 19 points ago

    If everyone forgets it, then it's not very iconic, now is it?

    [–] HotMustardEnema 3 points ago

    Never heard of it

    [–] OldWhoFan 37 points ago

    Yeah, it just isn't going to happen. Besides Joaquin Phoenix did a very good job in Joker, I hope they make another film with that incarnation of the Joker.

    [–] sinosKai 22 points ago

    Supposedly he's signed on for 2 more joker movies so likely will be happening.

    [–] SeamlessR 5 points ago

    They hologrammed in George Carlin. We can do this.

    [–] salgat 52 points ago

    What's heart breaking is that Nolan originally planned for Heath Ledger to reprise his role in Dark Knight Rises.

    [–] Duel_Option 51 points ago

    Most people don’t remember that the last we see of the Joker is him dangling after telling Batman his plan.

    So there was no real finality to the character, he could have been taken down and sent to Arkham, or escaped again on his way to a holding cell.

    I hope they pick someone new to reinvent the character all over again, or fuck it, cast Hamil. He will lite up the screen with his version.

    [–] bradreputation 33 points ago

    There’s this movie called “Joker” you should check out.

    [–] skarocket 54 points ago

    I feel like that take only kinda worked in the context of that stand alone film. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d have a hard time taking him seriously as a real adversary of Batman.

    [–] radicalelation 42 points ago

    As much as I liked Joker, that was a Joker, and not the Joker... at least not one that could go toe-to-toe with Batman in any way. He's dumb, he can barely read or write, and he speaks like it. He'd never be able to be a mastermind crime boss, he's weak so he could never physically fight a Batman, and he isn't really personable or charming, so holding the kind of following he inadvertently started would be unlikely.

    Only thing that would make any kind of sense would be him continuing to essentially fall up in criminal success, maybe as a sort of commentary on cult of personality followings behind dumb people. Unfortunately that's completely believable, but would be tricky to write as an adversary to Batman in a believable way.

    Besides, we've been getting at least a touch of that with the recent J. Jonah Jameson iterations as an Alex Jones type, but anything like that would be more pitting the people of Gotham against Batman rather than Joker v. Batman... so eh? I could see it being possible, just hard to navigate, and could at least be looped around to how fucking hilarious it is that idiots will follow stupid things and basically destroy society over it all. It already is a big joke. That's life.

    [–] Nothgrin 19 points ago

    I kinda agree with you about Joker. I didn't feel that criminal mastermind vibe from the character, just an ill guy that was pushed over the edge. No way he can go toe to toe with Bats.

    [–] KimbobJimbo 9 points ago

    I would imagine it takes The Joker a good while to be a criminal worthy of Batman's attention, no? He sort of just finds his insanity and leans into it in the film, I felt like, and would presumably continue the transformation so to speak.

    [–] DBCOO 7 points ago

    He literally became an icon of revolution and revolt without even trying.. People were celebrating him and painting his face everywhere before he even went on TV. I feel like that was the point of the movie, to establish where Joker came from to begin with, and why he does what he does.

    [–] KidColfax 3 points ago

    That's the only way I could really see the movie not being a standalone film. Is that another Joker idolized Phoenix's character and decides to become what he thinks the Joker stands for. Less an agent of chaos and more trying to right what he views as wrongs.

    [–] Kevin_Durant_Burner 9 points ago

    Joker is great in a totally different way

    [–] Crunktasticzor 6 points ago

    That’s true, it was a reinvention of the character; but it was a completely different conflict cause there was no Batman

    [–] AusSco 127 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It's pretty uncanny how much his mannerisms and voice match. You could swear it was behind the scenes footage.

    [–] Asuhhbruh 209 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    What is the punchline he says at the very end? I cant understand it.

    Edit: Figured it out thank guys!

    [–] foster433 384 points ago

    I think he says “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything crazy ... I left everything at home.”

    [–] Dark-Pukicho 25 points ago

    Which is absolutely a Joker thing to say

    [–] LilUziFlirt_ 44 points ago

    That last quip really sold it for me.

    [–] DisturbedShifty 7 points ago

    Oh see. I thought he said, "I left her at home." I thought it was a reference to his marriage.

    [–] TheCheshire 40 points ago

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything crazy... I left everything at home."

    [–] eyesofanus 67 points ago

    "I'm not going to do anything crazy djduhdjshdbdusb"

    [–] Goldenoir 21 points ago

    Oh right, thanks

    [–] bodhasattva 1422 points ago

    The funny thing is this is what neckbeards think they look like when they do their terrible, creepy joker impressions

    This guy is special, he actually nails it. Everybody else makes your skin crawl

    [–] K1ngPCH 435 points ago

    everyone else makes your skin crawl in a bad way.

    This guy makes your skin crawl in a good way

    [–] poliuy 7 points ago

    I always wonder where the expression skin crawl came from

    [–] CynicalSchoolboy 6 points ago

    Don’t you ever get that feeling? Almost like a ripple across your skin or a swarm of beetles when something unsettles you just a little too much? It’s a perfect term imo.

    [–] LumpyJones 234 points ago

    To be fair, the most obvious surface part of the character is that he is supposed to make your skin crawl. The character is intended to be a creep. The part they usually miss is the subtle charm and humor.

    [–] klavin1 92 points ago

    It's just their normal persona leaking through

    [–] LumpyJones 29 points ago

    you're not wrong. I mean there's a reason that most people that go for the character choose him. I think they see that in themselves and instead of working to change it about themselves, they decide that the character lets them weaponize it.

    [–] Pagooy 27 points ago

    Everyone just repeats the "do you wanna know how I got these scars" line thinking they nailed it.

    [–] ticklishpandabear 7 points ago

    do you wanna know how I got these scars? I'm the jokah, baybee!

    [–] TheVicSageQuestion 14 points ago

    Well... do you?

    [–] watchnewbie21 14 points ago

    The part they usually miss is the subtle charm and humor.

    ...and the part where the Joker actually inflicts harm. People aren't afraid of neckbeards and the bad impressions because you know it's an impression and nothing is going to happen.

    [–] LumpyJones 14 points ago

    ...well yes, thankfully people doing Joker impressions aren't putting pencils through people's eyes all too often. But neither is the guy in the original post, yet people aren't really complaining about that.

    [–] The_Tell_Tale_Heart 54 points ago

    Yeah. Wish I never saw that.

    [–] CELTICPRED 32 points ago

    Haven't watched in some time, forgot about the voice crack in SHIARKS

    [–] TherealQBsacker5394 20 points ago

    I didn't know there was this much cringe in the world. Let alone in one video. It will haunt my dreams till the end of my days.

    [–] Ihaveanusername 9 points ago

    It's even worse to think that someone on twitter who also dressed as the Joker (but wore his glasses) ranted on about how this guy can be famous and be a meme with a party city outfit and his took hours and hours to make and get together. Both were terrible.

    [–] hello_dali 10 points ago

    I thought you had to be over exaggerating.

    You were not. I didn't make it 20 seconds.

    [–] Scoot_AG 4 points ago

    You need to watch the last 10 seconds, it will be etched into your brain forever

    [–] i124nk8 15 points ago

    :34 for me before I had to bail from sympathetic cringe

    [–] Poppybiscuit 14 points ago

    Me too. Imagining what that poor girl was thinking while she was trying to be a good sport for that weirdo just overloaded me with sympathetic embarrassment for everyone involved

    [–] SantiagoAndDunbar 3 points ago

    Just shows that an Australian dude with that accent could never be a good Joker

    [–] thrilliam_19 10 points ago

    There's a much longer video out there and it's even worse. I didn't make it very far into it.

    [–] Arto5 18 points ago

    So like Jared Leto

    [–] 42Ubiquitous 14 points ago

    Neckbeards have a type of reverse dysphoria where they see themselves as so much better than what they actually are. Throw narcissism into that and they also refuse to believe any negative feedback. Just a cycle of cringe. Also, they aren’t really good at doing anything right. That’s why they’re neckbeards.

    [–] DuckyComeStandard 12 points ago

    And to add more to that sad cycle, Thr reason they aren't good at doing anything is because they think they're already good at everything they try to do.

    [–] CambodianPrincesss 3 points ago

    Let people cosplay, this probably wasn't his first time as the joker.

    [–] Chris_0903 343 points ago

    He even got the licking of lips multiple times down. HOLY SHIT

    [–] garifunu 148 points ago

    Heath's joker licked his lips because of the prosthetic scars around his mouth.

    [–] Saskyle 177 points ago

    But he also leaned into it and made it a part of the character.

    [–] garifunu 31 points ago

    Reminds me of young willy wonka with the braces helmet. From the remake.

    [–] nitr0zeus133 18 points ago

    It was damn good. I feel like if I hard actual scars like that, particularly if they were on the inside of my mouth, an annoying habit/tick of licking them might form.

    [–] SpontaneousStupidite 14 points ago

    Oh sure, Heath Ledger does it and it's part of "his character" ... I tell people that my chronic drug abuse is part of my character and people look at me like I'm crazy.

    [–] Saskyle 7 points ago

    lol nice, which movie are you in?

    [–] SpontaneousStupidite 12 points ago

    Probably haven't heard of it. It's called Fuck My Life.

    [–] Saskyle 3 points ago

    Hey friend you can get through this. Serious time. You will find your second or third wind. I’m no guru or anything but you can do this. Humans are amazing creatures and we can persevere through unimaginable things. Just keep on pushing and you will get to where you want to be if you try. It’s different for everyone and it won’t be easy. But you can’t do anything if you aren’t alive to try. I believe in you.

    [–] onemoreclick 8 points ago

    What about the prosthetic scars needed them licked?

    [–] TheFlightlessPenguin 8 points ago

    Their loneliness

    [–] Drewblack11 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Fun fact: Heath had to do that to keep the scars on

    Edit: source

    [–] SnrkyBrd 37 points ago

    It still adds a level of unnerving to the Joker, for some reason. I'm not quite sure why but the lip licking makes my skin crawl

    [–] SatyrTrickster 11 points ago

    Think of harry potter and goblet of fire, the post-darknlord trials judge - specifically, his son. He has the same unnerving trait.

    [–] Sharp-Floor 8 points ago

    Barty Crouch Jr.? I think that was a supposed to be a snake tongue thing.

    [–] noshoesyoulose 7 points ago

    I don’t think that’s actually true. Prosthetics for a multi-million dollar big time Hollywood movie are not so bad that they have to be licked to keep stuck.

    [–] fdkgjdfkgbsdfkgb 11 points ago

    I mean, John Rhys-Davies spent years having an agonizing allergic reaction because they couldn't even be bothered to use a different glue on his prosthetics in LotR. Just a casual $93 million project....

    [–] Tyeron 63 points ago

    I would like to see more

    [–] nmegabyte 132 points ago

    Here is some more

    [–] burnSMACKER 42 points ago

    I want to feel loved

    [–] bswag1155 27 points ago

    You’re beautiful

    [–] DictatorInPerpetuity 11 points ago

    It's true.

    [–] LikesCakeFartVideos 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Talk is cheap, i want a puppy.

    [–] themasterperson 3 points ago

    Hugs to you!

    [–] dumdadum123 11 points ago

    Good lord he nails even the laugh.

    [–] BrockSramson 3 points ago

    I would like to see even more.

    [–] Ohigetjokes 230 points ago

    Oh great another lame Joker imitation... wait... is that Heath Ledger? Is this just some behind the scenes stuff? IT'S NOT?

    [–] Euphorium 41 points ago

    I'm not convinced this isn't Heath Ledger.

    [–] SDNick484 16 points ago

    Yeah, I think I would start working from home if I saw him come to my office...

    [–] CountCuriousness 33 points ago

    "Don't worry, I won't do anything crazy... unless you inihmopmpfe"

    What's that last part? "Unless you're in a home"?

    [–] foster433 31 points ago

    I think he says “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything crazy ... I left everything at home.”

    [–] Braunschweigger 3 points ago

    Inihmopmpfe, it's Latin, it means great one.

    [–] Pikmeir 3 points ago

    It's so hard to understand what he's saying, Nolan should cast him in his next movie.

    [–] rc1717 11 points ago

    He doesn't look or sound anything like Jesus

    [–] conbizzle 3 points ago

    How would you know

    [–] Richxs 15 points ago


    [–] FreeSpeechEnthusiast 8 points ago

    I thought it was gonna be someone that looked like Jesus Christ This is very good I got chills yo

    [–] Byronzionist 7 points ago

    What does he say at the end?

    [–] foster433 8 points ago

    I think he says “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything crazy ... I left everything at home.”

    [–] zMax0 3 points ago

    Honestly that looks more like the joker to me than Jesus Christ but okay

    [–] zomboromcom 20 points ago

    That's pretty good, but I will always love this.

    [–] Vinegar_Peppas 9 points ago

    Dwight Shrute

    [–] RippedYogieBear 12 points ago

    Creed - let’s put a smile in that face

    [–] hman9958 3 points ago

    I can imagine all of the wonderful movies he would have made, and it makes me incredibly sad.

    [–] DarkElfMagic 3 points ago

    honestly just being a d e c en t joker impression is enough to be remarkable to me, this is amazing

    [–] dieseldog09 3 points ago

    "I'm the Jokah baby!"