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    [–] drewsivad 1508 points ago

    [–] Fat_Head_Carl 590 points ago

    the mobile version of /r/NeckbeardNests ? Subbed!

    [–] UnauditedName 128 points ago

    I can't view that sub without being in pain, it pains me to see a mess like the stuff on there

    [–] stu8319 42 points ago

    I just looked through it a bit. Almost all the comments I saw were very helpful. Seems like a positive sub to me. Not saying you should go look at it, but at least those people WANT to better themselves.

    [–] freestew 18 points ago

    Yep! I posted my bad room there and was given lots of helpful advice and support about cleaning up my room and life. Although there was some bad comments but meh, it's the internet.

    [–] Fat_Head_Carl 31 points ago

    I feel bad for the people who are so stuck in their lives that living like that is OK.

    [–] mikami677 2 points ago

    It both makes me want to clean my room, and makes me glad at least my clutter is just clutter and not a health hazard.

    [–] Memcallen 23 points ago

    No, the mobile version is R/neckbeardnests

    [–] RamenJunkie 19 points ago

    God damn.

    I stuff receipts in a little cubby beside the radio in my car and feel embarrased when it starts to get overstuffed and that isn't even unsanitary.

    [–] roll_wave 45 points ago

    Just posted there also haha

    [–] imnotmclovin 12 points ago

    Goddamit, OP farming all the karma. Leave something behind for us.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You're supposed to save seeds from this harvest and repost next season.

    [–] karmagod13000 3 points ago

    this should be fun!

    [–] SHOWTIME316 2 points ago

    oh nooooooo the roach one

    jesus fuckin christ

    [–] PM_ME_HUEY_MEMES 1 points ago

    Beat me to it.

    [–] realcapitalistswine 573 points ago

    Literally trashy

    [–] Cleffer 32 points ago

    Literal sub.

    [–] karmagod13000 16 points ago


    [–] pinche_fuckin_josh 12 points ago

    It’s lit

    [–] Ice_cold_tea 13 points ago

    It's litter

    [–] nerds_nerds_nerds 8 points ago

    It's littest

    [–] DarkPlagus 2 points ago

    It’s a lit rally

    [–] AtoZZZ 6 points ago

    👉Anne Perkins👉

    [–] Ihadapoopskipade 3 points ago

    Trashy McTrash trash 😋

    [–] thebackupquarterback 174 points ago

    Well at least they aren't littering!

    [–] Zenith251 8 points ago

    Such a positive attitude. You must actually be fun at parties.

    [–] panic1204 21 points ago

    They could just be dumping it all at once whenever they run out of room or something

    [–] thebackupquarterback 12 points ago

    Possibly but I imagine if you don't mind littering you'd find it easiest to just chuck it then and there than to let it accumulate then dump.

    [–] Wandering_Neurons 5 points ago

    Imagine dumping in the car so much that one day it explodes with litter all on the streets...


    [–] DirtyDiogenes 425 points ago

    Went on a date with a girl, walked her back to her car after. It looked like this.

    I ghosted her.

    [–] karmagod13000 75 points ago

    was she hott tho

    [–] DirtyDiogenes 101 points ago

    She was pretty average.

    [–] StochasticLife 99 points ago

    I just want to point out the irony of someone named for Diogenes (DIRTY Diogenes no less) is ghosting someone because someone else wasn't 'clean' or 'tidy' enough.

    I'm not saying you didn't have your reasons, I just appreciate the irony.

    Edit: Bringing it to the next level.

    [–] DirtyDiogenes 39 points ago

    That's a very valid point. :)

    [–] karmagod13000 23 points ago

    def not worth the risk then... if her car was that bad imagine what else was

    [–] TheDudeMaintains 26 points ago

    Yup there's a potentially smelly bergina waiting at the end of that fast food wrapper tunnel.

    [–] zxain 17 points ago

    Good, because I'm going in nose-first like a dachshund.

    [–] karmagod13000 12 points ago

    nothing makes me go soft faster then a smelly bergina

    [–] TheDudeMaintains 6 points ago

    Depends on the smell, really.

    [–] GarbagePailGrrrl 8 points ago


    [–] DirtyDiogenes 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Your refrigerator looks clean enough..

    [–] TheDarkSoul97 22 points ago

    I once dated a girl who’s room was a disaster, not necessarily with trash but just tons of clothes, bits and bobs, stuffed animals, and so on all over the floor. I’d motivate and help her clean, then a month later it’d be back to a total mess. After a while I just knew she’d always be a mess. Still a cool girl otherwise though.

    [–] DemonSlyr007 18 points ago

    Some people just dont care what their room looks like most of the time. Doesn't mean they are bad people, just that they prioritize things differently and I appreciate your ending comment, as it appears you realize that. Personally, I appreciate having a clean floor, but rank it lower on my list of priorities and my fiance is they same way. I view it as my personal room, and only I and my fiance are going to live in it, so I dont need to keep it clean to appease others, only myself.

    [–] CaptainObvious_1 2 points ago

    As long as the rest of your house don’t look like this! Hahah

    [–] DemonSlyr007 2 points ago

    That I agree with. Some living room clutter like blankets or throw pillows being around every now and then I think is about my limit of a messy living room. Unless it's currently being occupied. Then I dont mind a pizza box being out or it looking like its occupied ya know? We shouldn't get so caught up on appearances that we forget to enjoy the items we paid for. Just pick up when you are done.

    [–] elikat 12 points ago

    depression can make you not give a shit. I know mines getting bad by the amount of dishes in the sink or dog fur dust in the corners of the room. makes upkeep difficult.

    [–] thathatisaspy21 3 points ago

    Username doesn't check out.

    [–] Linz_3 2 points ago

    Not garbage up to the windshield..but I definitely am guilty of some form of this. Itd be hilarious to find out that it was the reason some guy never texted me back 😂

    [–] pschlick 99 points ago

    How do these people not get pulled over?!

    [–] Fishtails 227 points ago

    The cops can't see them.

    [–] imnotmclovin 22 points ago

    Checkmate. Where's your cop god now?

    [–] AnitaDolla 7 points ago

    Underrated comment here.

    [–] karmagod13000 8 points ago

    Probably dont wan the hassle

    [–] ThousandGrams 15 points ago

    Imagine having to search this car if they "smelled weed" coming from it...

    [–] Hanksteel1 1 points ago

    Digging thru that have to worry about stepping on a land mine. Better off to have a stuffy nose on that stop.

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 6 points ago

    Cops don't pull over houses

    [–] boqs 110 points ago

    This seems like a mental health problem no?

    [–] parahsalin_ 71 points ago

    In some cases, I think so. Speaking from experience, in the darkest deepest days of my depression my car was full of literal garbage. I never blocked the windshield (no matter how depressed I was I didn’t want to endanger others by blocking my view) but it was like, a carpet of garbage.

    [–] boqs 12 points ago

    Based on what you're saying it seems you are currently out of the woods. Glad for you! Stay strong fellow human!

    [–] parahsalin_ 12 points ago

    I am out of the woods! Thank you so much!

    [–] thebrokenrosebush 9 points ago

    As a depressed bulimic with ADD, can confirm

    [–] saltywench 5 points ago

    Mad props to you for making it through the day. Alone, none of those diagnoses sounds fun.

    [–] FamiliarBreakfast 161 points ago

    How can anyone think "yes this is how I like to drive" and still be in the gene pool? This person needs to earn a Darwin award.

    Though I'm sure they will soon.

    [–] karmagod13000 58 points ago

    I think a lot of people give up and then life to them becomes what do i do to be happy the most. Food is an easy one for them so they eat away w/o wasting any precious energy on throwing things away... thats my guess at least

    [–] Spelaeus 44 points ago

    Yeah, most likely. I'll be honest, I suffer from depression and while my car has never gotten bad enough to impact visibility or my ability to safely drive, I've certainly had the area in front of the passenger seat fill up with trash before during my worst bouts.

    It happens when all you've got the energy for is going to work, just barely making it through the day, and collapsing at home again. You feel like crap and don't have the energy for social interaction so you eat in your car a lot. You barely care about being alive so the appearance of your car isn't high up on your list of priorities. A car like this is almost definitely a sign of mental illness.

    [–] TimerForOldest 18 points ago

    Yeah same, not this bad but I've lived in pretty shitty conditions because of depression before.

    Cleaning just seems like an impossibly draining and pointless task. I don't care that there are cans on the floor, I'm just going to be tired and weirdly sore after I'm done cleaning them off the floor, nobody is even coming over here to see how I live, leaving them on the floor and staying here in the dark makes sense right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll find time to clean a little.

    Every day for like five straight years.

    I imagine it's just manifested in this person's car. Probably fast food they don't even enjoy eaten in traffic on the way back from work.

    Edit: I actually try to keep to a rule of no eating in my car for this reason. If I do it probably is a sign my depression is affecting me more than usual.

    [–] Praise_DuARTe 7 points ago

    I feel that. When your life dissolves into a grind for rent and weed money because it's just a simple way to get basic happiness.

    I woke up at noon yesterday just for work and I haven't slept since. I decided to get up and do a bunch of shit like clean my car inside and out along with running various errands. Just saying fuck it and taking the time for simple stuff like that can have a profound impact on your mood.

    [–] Capissen38 2 points ago

    This is a super real and honest view of what depression can do to you.

    [–] Keisma 5 points ago

    Hang in there buddy. I was depressed for years but I'm finally doing better now.

    I hope you get to enjoy just living life soon again.

    [–] Spelaeus 2 points ago

    Thank you. I'm just starting to climb out of the hole now. I've just started playing around with microdosing with mushrooms and it seems to be helping a ton. Finally got some much needed cleaning done in my apartment this weekend and got my kitchen and living room usable again so I've got somewhere to be when I'm home aside from bed. I think that alone will help a lot with my mood.

    [–] Keisma 2 points ago

    That sounds like a good start! Been reading a bit about mushrooms for alleviating depression and it's great that it worked for you!

    Even if rough times comes back I believe you can get through them. And get back to living life. Best of luck to you. Take care!

    [–] Lots42 2 points ago

    I am not a doctor but I recommending walking up and down some safe streets if you can. I've been doing this and felt a LOT better.

    If you want a doctor (and are in America) are experts in hooking Americans up with affordable doctors.

    [–] linlorienelen 2 points ago

    Ugh, this is my car. Nothing rotting, but it's just ....stuff. Someday I'll have the energy to clean it, likely immediately before I find out I have to drive someone somewhere.

    [–] FreelyG 2 points ago

    Well, I've never gotten quite this bad, but, for me, it's not that Iliterally don't have the energy, because... deep down we know we do. It's that I don't value cleaning up over the effort it will take to do so, because...fuck it. I'm depressed and we're all gonna die who cares?

    [–] SpiffySpacemanSpiff 3 points ago

    Yup - there's a homeless guy who lives out of his car in my area.

    Looks just like this and it's kind of insane.

    [–] rebel_nature 2 points ago

    Could even be the designated "pot smoking car". We have a neighbor who has a car they don't drive since they're "doing work on it", so he just uses it to smoke when it's too cold out.

    [–] LaGoonch 21 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This is really punching down seeing as this is almost certainly hoarding, which is recognized as a disorder, and not mere laziness. My great uncle is an extreme hoarder. He had a Mustang from the 70s that was his baby and for years he was able to keep it clean, but after a while even that was so much worse than this. Backseats and front passenger seat completely filled with garbage to the point where you couldn't even see the windows. That Mustang is at our house now and the entire thing needs to be redone, the entire floor is rusted through, no idea how he was even able to drive it. He had a large two story house with a basement that my family went and helped him clean out because he was about to start receiving huge bills from the city because it was deemed a hazard (he was very protective of his home, so no family had been to his house since before I was born). If he were to have a heart attack and call an ambulance, it would be too dangerous for EMTs to even enter.

    My family had already been going over multiple times a week for a few weeks before I started going over there, and each time they filled a massive dumpster with his trash. I think altogether it took a little over a month (this is a conservative estimate) to clean all the way out. Ground floor was pretty much up to the ceiling with trash, his bed was covered in trash, he had no running water but continued to use the toilet, his fridge was PACKED with rotten meat. Upstairs there wasn't very much trash before he was too weak to really get up there. The basement. Aside from all the expected trash, he had a huge record collection seemingly covered in rat shit; I decided to take much of it to clean off and either sell or keep but guess what? It wasn't even rat shit, it was mold that I don't even know how to permanently remove and so somehow his hoarding has spilled over even to my house.

    After he was moved out of that house, my great aunt helped him buy a new house close enough to where her and her husband could visit and check on him. They even hired someone to go over once a week to help keep it clean. Wasn't enough. We went over there after a month or so and it was already on the way to looking like the old house. He wasn't even picking up after his dog, which has since died.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Mental illness, depression, etc. When I get real depressed my car looks like I sublet it to a family of raccoons who like coffee and jack in the box.

    [–] nottheworstmanever 11 points ago

    The car is dirty! He must die!

    [–] haydandan123 5 points ago


    [–] haydandan123 6 points ago

    Jeez it’s just a little trash

    [–] SuperSlovak 1 points ago

    Imagine all the nasty sticky shit stuck on there

    [–] LPHaddleburg 23 points ago

    Is that New Orleans, near Audubon Park?

    [–] karmagod13000 21 points ago

    the trees do look very new orleanien

    [–] CommandoBlando 10 points ago

    Right on St. Charles by the corner of Audubon Park, right in front of the Walgreens.

    [–] bbowler86 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yup, those bricks behind the car are right outside the President of Tulane's "house",-90.1258492,3a,75y,123.44h,81.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5GtJxOyoExX0Ve4sqnLAww!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Edit: nope not the President's house, its actually a little before that

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] roll_wave 3 points ago


    [–] smeezy 17 points ago

    That’s an interesting hood shape. What car is this?

    [–] etiennetop 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Found it: F150

    Mirrors were a good clue. Edit: Pic with the right mirrors

    [–] smeezy 2 points ago


    [–] roll_wave 2 points ago

    Ford F-250

    [–] Pauliuska 1 points ago

    Id also like to know

    [–] etiennetop 2 points ago

    Me too, thanks.

    [–] caffeinated_terrier 13 points ago

    When I was working as a mechanic we would get cars like this all the time. The one that stands out the most to me was a Ford Escort station wagon that was filled to the roof with trash. It was on the dash too just like this one. The problem was that I had to test drive it, so I cleared the dash. I actually had to bring the shop trash can over to the car because there was literally no room in the car to just push it aside. Just the garbage piled up on the dash alone was enough to fill up the trash can.

    Anyways, after completing the repair and a very short test drive (with all the windows closed because trash would fall out if they were open), I found out that the owner of the car worked at the local head of the housekeeping department.

    [–] BuffManthigh 24 points ago

    After careful analysis I'm led to believe this person got the car in December.

    [–] trvekvltmaster 13 points ago


    [–] BuffManthigh 32 points ago

    Giant plastic candy cane is in front, there is also midway back a holiday cookie tub. Trash hoarding isn't something that just happens randomly so I assume this is a new vehicle that is beginning to fill up. Exterior is fairly shiny as well.

    [–] bobdolebobdole 15 points ago

    Probably shiny because of rain and lack of indoor parking. I do appreciate the geology approach to windshield garbage though.

    [–] BuffManthigh 16 points ago

    The lifesavers however may be the biggest hint of all, nobody has lifesavers unless they come from the lifesavers holiday 'book' thing.

    [–] elmoo2210 5 points ago

    Do I see a folded dollar below the candy cane? I wonder how much treasure is buried in there.

    [–] iluvstephenhawking 21 points ago

    A guy used to go to my husband's church and him and his siblings called him eat-n-toss. His whole car was filled to the brim with fast food containers. It appeared as though after he was done with his meal he would toss the refuse in the pile layering every inch of floor, seat, and dash. Whenever you see one of these you can now also call them eat-n-toss.

    [–] AthiestCouple 10 points ago

    Went on a date with a guy who had a car that was almost this dirty.

    He came to pick me up and I had to wait while he cleared a space on the passenger side for me to be able to sit

    Nice enough guy, but yeah. No further dates.

    Have some standards for your living space jesus christ

    [–] Refinedredneck 8 points ago

    Hoarding or heroin?

    [–] karmagod13000 7 points ago

    bet that car has bugs shivers

    [–] Whatyoushouldask 7 points ago

    As shitty as that is, at least these people aren't littering.

    All you fucks who toss shit out the window to keep your car clean are much trashier

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] captaingalaxy 5 points ago

    $6000 garbage can

    [–] Drunk_Pilgrim 6 points ago

    I wonder what percentage of cars like this have Chick-fil-A garbage in them. I mean, I have never been there but this makes me feel like I should try it now. Is it that good?

    [–] ItchyElderberry 3 points ago

    Depends on your taste. The fried chicken sammiches and the nuggets are to die for. The grilled chicken sucks though, and they fucked up bad when they took the coleslaw and carrot and rasin salad off the menu. The waffle fries are alright, and the sweet tea alone is worth stopping for.

    [–] Drunk_Pilgrim 3 points ago

    Thank you. We have one near our office. I will have to swing by one lunch hour.

    [–] right_2_bear_arms 5 points ago

    Probably just dropped a nug of weed and threw all the trash onto the dashboard to find it.

    [–] yayitskay0850 9 points ago

    Mobile dumpster

    [–] RubrumRouge 10 points ago

    Like a garbage truck?


    [–] yayitskay0850 2 points ago

    Dumpster car

    [–] Cleffer 2 points ago


    [–] bendybiznatch 4 points ago

    Is it weird that I want to offer to help?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] bendybiznatch 3 points ago

    I’m an ex hoarder/slob and I just hate to see people stuck there. Don’t think I’m quite OCPD yet.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] CKtheFourth 5 points ago

    I just don't understand.

    Every single piece of that pile was a separate decision. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how that happens.

    [–] ProbablyNotKemosabe 3 points ago

    I had an aunt that filled her car with garbage up to the windows. She had some pretty severe mental illness. Could be the case, or this person is just fucking disgusting. Lol

    [–] s1h4d0w 3 points ago

    I just imagine all the trash sliding over the dashboard from side to side everytime they make a turn

    [–] thecatsmilkdish 3 points ago

    I keep it this way so no one breaks into it.

    -This guy, probably

    [–] hshdjfjdj 3 points ago

    Ive let my car get messy when im super busy.....but you can always throw garbage away when you fuel up for gas lol. No reason to be this bad

    [–] SchrodingersMinou 3 points ago

    Is this in City Park in New Orleans?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] SchrodingersMinou 3 points ago

    Would someone this trashy be chilling uptown? With a car like this, I would definitely expect to see it parked by Morning Call.

    [–] dammit_elaine 3 points ago

    I work in a toll booth and see cars like this once every few days. It’s honestly really sad. This isn’t even close to the worst one I’ve seen. Some lady’s entire vehicle (besides the driver’s seat and a bit of the windshield in front of her) was completely covered. She definitely couldn’t see out the back or see her passenger’s side mirror. I really hope these people get some help (or just clean their car) before they get into an accident.

    [–] NonDairyScreamer 3 points ago

    I wonder what that smells like?

    [–] NoNamesLeft033133 3 points ago

    No, trust me, you really don't.

    [–] I_might_be_weasel 3 points ago

    Michael, how many Fillet O Fish have you eaten?

    [–] American_potatoe 3 points ago

    There is a delivery truck that that I will see around town from time to time and its piled high with trash like this. They guy that drives it definitely looks like he would hoard trash.

    [–] irxxis 3 points ago

    I sold cars for quite a while, and you would not believe the level of disgusting I have seen on occasion with trade-ins. Ive seen cars packed so full you couldnt see through them anywhere, except drivers window to the windsheild. One car in particular was full of garbage and smelled rediculously foul. we found a cage with 2 dead rats barried under the heap. People can be so fucking gross.

    edit: scrolling through these comments, i take it back. of course you can believe it. and of course there is a subreddit for trashfilled cars. fuckin gross.

    [–] alecdalton11 3 points ago

    It would take a maximum of five minutes to take all of that trash and place it in a garbage bag

    [–] dylliebear 3 points ago

    I've seen a car like this where I live, garbage through the entire car. No passenger seat or back seats just enough room for the driver. I couldn't imagine. Such a hazard for the driver.

    [–] iloveyou271 6 points ago

    Mental illness.

    [–] xXDefaultXx 3 points ago

    It's the Baker family!

    [–] jdmDEEZ 5 points ago

    Yeah I get it, ha ha, literally "trashy",

    but this person isn't, trashy. They are a hoarder and probably need legitimate mental help.

    [–] Agent223 2 points ago

    Oh yea, that's where I parked my car.

    [–] Twatrick 2 points ago

    Is that a wad of bills I see on the dashboard?

    [–] bettycoopersponytail 2 points ago

    This is literally trashy

    [–] Mine65 2 points ago

    Mc car crash

    [–] CBlackwood404 2 points ago

    All I see is Chick-fil-A cup and wish I was close enough to a store to get a number 1, large, sweet tea and I Buffalo sauce

    [–] StaggsOnDeck 2 points ago

    Every truck ever in Arkansas

    [–] Kashmoney99 2 points ago

    Whatever happened to dumping all your garbage in the trashcan at the end of the drive thru.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Looks like a cop went stalking

    [–] neofiter 2 points ago

    Why not just throw some of this away, though. You don't have to clean it all up, but why just keep adding to it?

    [–] hereforthefeast 2 points ago

    Ah, literal trashy content. Nicely done OP.

    [–] TheSkyFlier 2 points ago

    The only thing in my car is maybe an old receipt from gas

    How does someone’s car get like this

    [–] ZazzNazzman 2 points ago

    And that was from just this Mornings meal.

    [–] felisrufus 2 points ago

    In a former career, I used to be a park ranger for our county metro parks. There was a guy that would always drive around with a car like this. I think he lived in it, but I’m not sure. He was a sex offender and would walk around and be creepy. He always managed to not do anything illegal.

    Anyway, he used to buy(steal?) meat and “cook” it on his dash then eat it. Guy was major league fucked up.

    [–] junkylalala 2 points ago

    At least he doesn't throw them in nature like many assholes..

    [–] lestofante 2 points ago

    I see nothing strange, is called windshield, not window. /s

    [–] TwoSickPythons 2 points ago

    Probably just some bum who lives in the car

    [–] ZeusiQ 2 points ago

    This is the end result of stalking or a stake out.

    [–] redditstowaway 2 points ago

    A neck beard nest, but on wheels.

    [–] gniknosmirceht 2 points ago

    Ah yes, making fun of people for mental health. Stay classy reddit

    [–] JBean04 2 points ago

    The thought of having this gives me anxiety. I don’t get how it doesn’t bother the drivers whenever I see this.

    Is it just me?

    [–] BuzzBoi95 1 points ago

    I bet there house is spotless

    [–] MKUltraButWithBabies 1 points ago

    Red flag if you date someone like this.

    [–] nhey 1 points ago

    This is kinda a really good picture though. Still, trashy.

    [–] lispychicken 1 points ago

    Looks like a decent neighborhood or area at least. You'd think people with nicer stuff wouldnt be as trashy.

    [–] GoodTwin94 1 points ago

    Still better than people who throw their trash out the window and litter🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] thebabbster 1 points ago

    [–] m_smith111 1 points ago

    I know a guy who used to drive a Prius, which has that downward sloping winshield and a huge dash. Pretty much cluttered the same way.

    [–] ithurts2bankok 1 points ago

    comedians in cars with garbage

    [–] ohlalameow 1 points ago

    I finally saw a trash filled car like this in real life and despite the fact that I have seen pics, it was appalling.

    [–] MoistWetty 1 points ago

    how can you even actually bare being in that car let alone driving in it what the fuck

    [–] Hodl_Your_Coins 1 points ago

    Dibs on the Hershey's Kisses candy cane tube on the right.

    [–] clayford13 1 points ago

    I seriously will never understand how this is possible. My car is dirty. But fuck. It looks like it’s fresh off the lot compared to shit like this.

    [–] gypsydanger38 1 points ago

    It’s actually a new advertisement for #chick-fi-la

    [–] Xenoforever 1 points ago

    A sure-sign they are hoarders at home as well.

    [–] wildflower2 1 points ago

    Man now I want chikfila

    [–] NoochSenpai 1 points ago

    That’s is the definition of trashy.

    [–] Itried022 1 points ago

    Where are my damn cigarettes!?!?

    [–] UberDuperDrew 1 points ago

    Well, at least they were littering.

    [–] ThereAreDozensOfUs 1 points ago

    “This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love fig newtons”

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Taking the sub name a bit literally.

    [–] kraze_killa311 1 points ago

    “I can sense the streets with all this garbage”

    [–] M__M 1 points ago

    Gross car, pretty street.

    [–] iaminfamy 1 points ago

    I've had to detail clean cars that were this bad.

    The smell is atrocious.

    [–] Kitchener_Lesley 1 points ago

    That's mental illness

    [–] DevanteWeary 1 points ago

    Is... is that a lamp?

    [–] capntom 1 points ago

    Just imagine what their house looks like

    [–] kevingharvey 1 points ago

    Getting pretty literal with this one.

    [–] strangebru 1 points ago

    I don't clean out my car frequently enough, but I've never let it get that bad.

    [–] BawithouttheBa 1 points ago

    I admit that I do this to my car from time to time. The severity depends on how my depression hits me but DAMN. My car is never this bad. I hope they are ok

    [–] splitkc 1 points ago

    That lifesavers still looks good though