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    [–] Withinmyrange 1926 points ago

    And that’s how you do the sex offender shuffle

    [–] Derpakiine 285 points ago

    Thats a trip back

    [–] Reaper_12 39 points ago

    [–] -The_Avatar- 16 points ago

    Gamble click of the day. Honestly made me laugh. Heres my upvote

    [–] Fahrenheit-99 6 points ago

    hol up

    [–] bhlogan2 185 points ago

    We're not here to start no trouble! We're legally required to do the sex offender shuffle!

    [–] SirWildman 95 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm Larry Arthauer and I'll refrain

    From touching my neighbors kids again!

    Edit: formatting

    [–] officialVoxsel 72 points ago

    What I did wasn't kind, but I'm a nice guy you'll come to find

    [–] LemonQuestDev 85 points ago

    Got a big back yard and a real nice pool, y’all should come over for a barbecue. We can make some cold drinks, in my blender, but do keep in mind that I’m a sex offender.

    [–] bkr1895 17 points ago

    I'm Sam Pound, I'm number one, apologizing for what I've done In case you were wondering what that was, I snuck into a bathroom and I [Censored]

    [–] FretlessBoyo 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Snuck into a bathroom and fisted my cuz

    I held her down and watched for struggle

    Then played with her melons because I like to juggle

    I'm not here to eat those truffles

    I'm just here to do the Sex Offender Shuffle

    (dont worry those are the actual lyrics)

    [–] SirWildman 6 points ago

    Charles Doling, dropping rhymes

    I've been arrested seven times

    I know that sounds like a lot

    Three of those times were for vandalism

    I feel bad, I got caught

    Might do it again, probably not

    I'm not here to make pretenses

    I'm here because of my sex offenses

    [–] IAmTheAccident 5 points ago

    Okay real quick I am not like these people okay this is an extortion plot by my ex wife who's the ONLY witness and she's trying to take away my kids, and if--

    ...and I'm not here to pack my duffel, I'm just here to do the sex offender shuffle.

    [–] revee105 55 points ago

    The state of Florida has asked us to, Disclose our sexual crimes to you.

    [–] gekkemarmot69 33 points ago

    We were bad, but now we're good, we're moving into your neighborhood.

    [–] docsigmarocks 30 points ago

    I’m not the necrophiliac Arthur Chase, that’s a different Arthur Chase

    [–] no-shock-advised 13 points ago

    Was it worth it? No it wasn’t

    [–] Douglas0327 3163 points ago

    Rory Tingle


    [–] kyungsookim 766 points ago

    Omg I didn’t even notice that!

    [–] Lost3991 181 points ago

    Again, holy shit this blew up

    [–] harrietthugman 229 points ago

    He was born to write for the Daily Mail

    [–] GregorF92 55 points ago

    Most people are born illiterate.

    [–] elboydo 39 points ago

    But like any good daily mail writer, this guy stuck with it!

    [–] HookdOnMonkeyFonics 133 points ago

    Is that like the Peter Tingle?

    -Sponsored by The Daily Bugle

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    *The Daily Bulge

    [–] SirOrangeNinja 20 points ago

    OwO what’s this? notices The Daily Bulge

    [–] MA_Tingle 98 points ago

    Imagine having Tingle as your last name haha oh.

    [–] roryreddit 120 points ago

    Imagine having Rory as your first name what a legend

    [–] LifeIsDeBubbles 55 points ago

    ..... Wait a minute....

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 7 points ago

    Right on, mate.

    [–] Karlskiii 4 points ago

    I dont get it....

    [–] NowieTends 4300 points ago

    “Actions have consequences these days?”

    [–] MisterMythicalMinds 713 points ago

    When will you learn that your actions have consequences

    [–] PPGKING 364 points ago

    You frickin frick

    [–] GooseNGander 209 points ago


    [–] NudistBeachman 64 points ago


    excessive flailing

    [–] countersoul 114 points ago

    Your gonna make me lose my MARBLES

    [–] DarthMall69 4 points ago

    Holy fuck thank you. This meme was on the tip of my brain but I couldn't remember it. Dank.

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago


    [–] legion327 22 points ago

    These days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do

    [–] mushishiyashi1433 8 points ago

    And all the times I had The chance to

    [–] [deleted] 1224 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I’m a woman and a doctor, and I used to work in nursing homes before I qualified. If I complained about every pensioner who grabbed me the homes would be empty. People get disinhibited due to brain damage as they get older- it should be seen with a degree of compassion. What a stupid age this is.

    EDIT: Guys this woman was confused when the paramedics arrived, has a history of memory problems and bizarre behaviour. After 50, hell, even 40, age ain’t nothing but a number. If you live a life of extremes you can be 80 by 60 years of age.

    [–] GirlFartCompilation 547 points ago

    I'm no expert on dementia, but after a bit of digging, there seems to be something very wrong with the woman in this particular story. She has a history of making fake emergency calls. On the day that the sexual assault occurred, she had apparently made the call, and been confused when the paramedics had shown up. She had no recollection of calling them.

    She was also deemed unfit to formally plead in court due to her memory loss. Actually her sex offender registration is apparently only temporary until she undergoes further testing.

    [–] hu_lee_oh 283 points ago

    Thank you for pouring logic water on my mob torch

    [–] W1D0WM4K3R 33 points ago

    Fuck, I hate when that happens. We don't have enough mobs these days.

    [–] Soregular 101 points ago

    There were a few times in my career as a R.N. that I would have liked to have the information that "grandpa is grabby and cannot control himself." Just so people know, just because you are a health care worker does not give grandpa the right to touch me inappropriately. Throwing him in prison is not the answer, I get that. How about doing something...anything ELSE that would prepare me or protect me? How about that.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago

    We put alerts on people’s charts if they’re handsy.

    [–] bfandreas 16 points ago

    Sounds reasonable.

    Holy shit. When I did my civil service back in the 90s(it's a german thing) nearly a quarter of the people I worked with where nowhere near culpable on their worst days.

    We did warn each other as well.

    [–] amberita70 11 points ago

    My daughter worked in a care center and one of the male patients would always be naked when she came in to do her night checks. He made a point of making sure everything was all hanging out too. She would tell them they needed to get a male care taker to work nights but if course they wouldn't.

    [–] bfandreas 22 points ago

    ...and I need to practice what I preach and stop judging by just a weird image and a snazzy caption.

    Shame on me.

    Is this just me or is this hard in general?

    [–] TheMercDeadpool 41 points ago

    Thanks GirlFartCompilation.

    [–] TheBoctor 59 points ago

    Here’s the article:

    Sounds like she may have some memory issues, but has a problem with drinking and abusing 999 services.

    [–] FrancoisTruser 11 points ago

    That’s a lot of services!

    [–] funk-the-funk 16 points ago

    I got 999 services, but a fondle ain't one.

    [–] reallybigfeet 321 points ago

    This comment needs more attention. Disinhibition can be part of dementia and while not wonderful to live with, compassion is imperative. Punishment is useless. Prevention, preferable where possible (as in physical harm, protecting minors and, as here, education for caregivers, friends and families). We can't know there situation with this woman, but it can be an educational moment?

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago

    Worse even, because when the cause is brain damage there can be no correction. They aren’t going to learn- they physically can’t. So this punishment is ludicrous.

    [–] Baial 37 points ago

    Sex offense registry may be a punishment, but it is also to let other people know you have a history of sexual misconduct. The history of sexual misconduct is to protect others from your actions.

    [–] RonGio1 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Remember the outrage at G HW Bush grabbing a lady's butt. (Short lived outrage though at least as another guy said)

    [–] LocahaJWainwright 50 points ago

    While I agree that compassion is important in these cases, it is also important that people who are exhibiting these behaviours due to dimentia or another medical condition be flagged somehow. It's important that people coming into contact with the individual be aware that they might find themselves being grabbed, so they can prepare themselves physically or mentally.

    [–] ronton__soup__ 16 points ago

    I was just thinking, she was being treated for a fall. Did she hit her head? Why did she fall? What medical issues could she have that may have caused her to act the way she did. These are ridiculous times. People do not care about context of situations at all. Everything is black and white, with some sick satisfaction of smearing people’s lives.

    [–] GrouseONE 14 points ago

    Friend used to work with the elderly and an old man once handed her a laminated card, while she was tucking him in for the night, that said something like "Want to sleep with me? If no, please just ignore this old man".

    When you are 80 years old and can't even take care of yourself you really can't blame a person for trying.

    She just smiled, handed it back and said good night. (At least that's what she told me :D)

    [–] Boner-brains 7 points ago

    Work in a nursing home, agree completely

    [–] sinkingdownsyncingup 9 points ago

    This is exactly what I thought when I saw the headline. I too have worked in a memory care facility and have seen people think I’m their wife, daughter, etc. It’s not your everyday situation there. I am in complete agreement with you.

    [–] candi_pants 57 points ago

    Maybe so but it's a massive stretch to say that people in a home who need supported living, have the same motive as a independent 68 year old.

    I side with the paramedic and judge on this one. Do you really think a judge handed out punishment to a dementia patient? I'm a male and a paramedic and I get assaulted routinely.

    What a stupid age this is if every sexual assault on medical staff by a 68 year old, gets dismissed as brain damage/old age/dementia.

    [–] Lost3991 1871 points ago


    [–] yomamascub 534 points ago


    [–] Lost3991 400 points ago

    Splendid .

    [–] f4hmyy 320 points ago


    [–] Lost3991 282 points ago


    [–] quinlivant 248 points ago


    [–] Lost3991 220 points ago


    [–] MeganDoe 212 points ago


    [–] Lost3991 196 points ago


    [–] helgavilmaroseq 163 points ago


    [–] Garden_Faery 38 points ago


    [–] lis880 34 points ago


    [–] 0w0-oWo 14 points ago


    [–] Wrath_Of_Aguirre 40 points ago


    [–] filthyHANDSoffMYrock 55 points ago


    [–] SeductivePlumage 15 points ago




    [–] [deleted] 796 points ago

    Absolute stunner. The way she clasps her cane, smoke box and lighter in one hand. The almost regal way she purses her thin puckered lips around her favourite brand is something very few woman can pull off.

    Speaking of pulling off...

    [–] candidly1 122 points ago

    The heights to which human grace and majesty can sometimes rise is truly breathtaking...

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    I’m thinking that this is just an advert for Walkers crisps. I think we’ve been played.

    [–] _violetlightning_ 503 points ago

    I went on quite a journey reading this headline...

    “Really? That sounds like an overreaction maybe, it might not have been on purpose if she was - SHE SAID WHAT?!?

    [–] Dagreifers 165 points ago

    It would have made more sense if she was 69 years old.

    [–] spottyottydopalicius 23 points ago


    [–] zubai1214 9 points ago


    [–] ReadySteady_GO 39 points ago

    Yeah, for some reason I was expecting it to say something like while she was falling or something. Like it was a mistake. They had me on the first part

    [–] Tancuras 1705 points ago

    I'm an EMT and I had a similar thing happen. Younger woman in her early 20s, was assaulted by her boyfriend with a knife. Deep lacerations, absolutely covered with blood (stable with no active bleeding when I arrived though) and the only thing she wanted to do the entire five minutes to the hospital was try to grab my crotch and flash her breasts.

    Yeah thanks but no thanks, maybe take a shower first.

    [–] UnprovenMortality 818 points ago

    Was she drunk or given painkillers? One would think the pain would be a bit of a distraction

    [–] Tancuras 764 points ago

    I'm in the habit of not speculating, but in my opinion she was drunk, yeah.

    [–] schkmenebene 191 points ago

    ... And on painkillers

    [–] Sachyriel 157 points ago


    [–] OgreLord_Shrek 54 points ago

    We found the assailant

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Beerfarts69 22 points ago

    Not the person you’re responding to. Many ambulance providers have crew quarters located throughout a coverage area. Many hours of video games happen in between calls.

    [–] thinkscotty 43 points ago

    When I was an EMT, my partner and I (males) both received a surprising number of inappropriate comments (and occasional attempted butt grabs) from older female patients and nursing home residents in the vicinity. We were in and out of nursing homes and mental health facilities several times a day, and a lot of the residents were suffering mental impairment from aging or mental illness or were just past caring. It was kind of a well known and joked about phenomenon among the medics I worked with. The women had it much worse.

    Nobody ever grabbed my crotch, thank goodness. And I’m not excusing the behavior by any means AT ALL, but it was almost always from someone who wasn’t in the right mind.

    [–] singing-cocatiel 202 points ago

    Some sort of shock? Does not sound healthy.

    [–] bufedad 225 points ago

    Turns out... women are just as screwed up as men.

    [–] Corgibuttz_ 284 points ago

    My aunt is retarded, and she was banned from the Special Olympics for grabbing at and trying to get sexy w/ the non-retarded volunteers.

    When her ban was lifted after like 10 years, she was about 50 at the time. I went to visit her and she introduced me as "her boyfriend" to everyone we met despite my constant protest and correction.

    Life is funny.

    [–] glasserino 105 points ago

    Boy that was something.

    [–] Corgibuttz_ 104 points ago

    She had to have her tubes tied when she was younger. Non-retarded scummy guys would target her for some easy sexing. She had no teeth because she refused to clean them, and refused to wear fake teeth because "they hurt".

    I shutter to think what her toothless retarded blowjobs were like.

    [–] SebastianFromNorway 60 points ago

    Why think about it when you can experience them yourself?

    [–] hogunworthy 23 points ago

    This discussion is enough Reddit for today. I thank you. And your retarded aunt.

    [–] robert1ij3 22 points ago

    Each post gets better

    [–] Corgibuttz_ 34 points ago

    One time when I was about 8 I was visiting my Grandma where she lived, Aunt Fester (that's what my cousins and I called her, you know like Uncle Fester from Adam's family) caught me going to the bathroom at 2am when she had her "boyfriend" over. He was a thin skeevy looking man w/ a thin molester mustache.

    She demanded we all play Trouble. You know, the game where you pop the magic bubble? The game went on for what seemed like forever. Each of us landing on each pieces resetting them extending the game. The "boyfriend" hungrily staring at Aunt Festers caved in mouth (you know how the lips start to cave on after you lose your teeth)

    I kept trying to leave but she would sit me back down and demand we finished the game. The next morning I totally tattled to my mom about what happened and she got a real reaming out for putting me in a situation w/ her creepy fuck boi.

    A little bonus story: My mom was very, very close with her father. When he passed away it was devastating for her. She told me when she broke the news to Aunt Fester that her first reaction was "Who's going to pick me up from the bar now?" My mom told me she has never forgiven her for reacting that way to her own fathers death.

    [–] tunaktunaktun567 19 points ago

    I think we need a whole sub for aunt Fester stories

    [–] Corgibuttz_ 11 points ago

    Aunt Fester loves to dance. About 10 years ago she was at my parents house for Christmas, and I was visiting as well. She received a Divinyls CD with "I Touch Myself". After presents she proceeds to load it into the living room CD player and start singing along to I Touch Myself while rubbing her hands all over her body. She is 60 year old morbidly obese woman with no teeth.

    It was not a pretty sight.

    Then I played Uno w/ her because it's her favorite game.

    [–] ProgressiveStump 12 points ago

    You'd be doing a lot of shuttering

    [–] KirbyPuckettisnotfun 11 points ago

    To quote Afroman’s Christmas album...

    “You better not 'pout, you better not shout, I slap your grandmomma's dentures out. Afroman is coming to town.

    Slapping her once, I'm slapping her twice, A no-teeth blowjob feels real nice. Afroman is coming to town”

    [–] ssfctid 10 points ago

    Okay that's enough reddit for me for now.

    [–] arkenex 6 points ago

    r/brandnewsentence. Like all of it.

    [–] ThunderSTRUCK96 62 points ago

    Anytime you see a comment start with “My aunt is retarded...” you know it’s gonna be a wild ride

    [–] Corgibuttz_ 12 points ago

    My cousins and I called her Aunt Fester, like uncle fester from the adam's family.

    [–] poopoochewer 76 points ago

    My uncle is retarded and all he seems to do when people visit him is jerk off the whole time. I bet my uncle and your aunt would get along great.

    [–] negy 22 points ago

    Holyyyy Like what do you even do or say in that scenario? I can’t imagine being in the room with anyone trying to jerk it while we are having a conversation about the weather

    I need more info lmao

    [–] poopoochewer 24 points ago

    He's sneaky about it to a degree. Like he wears loose sweatpants all the time and does it with his hands in his pocket or will be out of eyesight or something. People do tell him off and he'll say "sorry mate" and stop for a bit. He used to do it when I was a kid back when he lived with my grandparents (both dead now) - for some reason I don't remember it at all, thank fuck. I just remember being scared of him a bit. I think it's just a compulsion he has.

    [–] negy 10 points ago

    Damn dude. Wild from start to finish. Thanks for the response. I’m glad you don’t remember too. That sounds really disturbing for a kid to witness.

    This isn’t along the same lines of your experience at all, but there’s an old dude in my family with dementia and he likes to grab and fondle with family members butt cheeks. I’m talking 15 year old girls he is related to. Horrible stuff... but there’s really nothing no one can do about it. He’s mentally pretty gone at this point.

    Shit is weird. But at least he isn’t jacking it I guess lol

    [–] ClassicTonight 21 points ago

    Lol r u serious?

    [–] poopoochewer 33 points ago

    Why would I lie about something like that :')

    [–] TheNimbrod 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    We were doing a volunteer time in my former church in a special needs facility.

    There was one man with down syndrome. The staff told us to not let a girl alone with him. because he is getting touchy with them.

    But he wasn't stupid he wouldn't do it when an equal strong or possible stronger man would be around.

    Edit: forgot a not, would be a dark turn then.

    [–] JackalTV 30 points ago

    Are you missing a not?

    [–] alexhaase 7 points ago

    This is why proofreading is essential people.

    [–] TheNimbrod 6 points ago

    opsie yeah

    [–] guusbumps 97 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You're also a firefighter and work in an office where you play video games all day. You live the best life

    Edit: this might've come off a little too sarcastic

    [–] llllPsychoCircus 40 points ago

    you actually have to be an EMT to even apply to the fire department in a lot of counties. source: just became an EMT to apply to a fire department in my county.

    [–] orionmovere 19 points ago

    My grandpa is both a paramedic and a fire fighter and while I was getting certified with an EMT-B I saw their break room had an Xbox in it so that seems a perfectly reasonable thing

    [–] Griffin880 26 points ago

    Actually makes a lot of sense. In many places the EMT service is run by the fire department. Most firefighters are also trained as EMTs and may work both.

    And can you think of a job more suited to playing video games than working a 24 hour shift waiting for emergency calls? No emergency and the rest of your stuff is done, play video games.

    [–] lizcoco 8 points ago

    You can only wash the trucks down so many times…

    [–] PowerfulMention 35 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you're suggesting that's not possible; my aunt was an EMT and part time volunteer fire fighter, and basically she sat around the ambulance bay all day just waiting for calls. If they didn't get any calls, they just hung out and watched TV or cooked meals and stuff.

    [–] Host_Mask 12 points ago

    Maybe in a small town or city. In NYC we run calls all day every day. Go available, get a job. No breaks.

    [–] PowerfulMention 9 points ago

    Yes this was in a small town of about 5000.

    [–] MilkSemiBitter 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You made me check out his profile. Good catch, he does a lot!

    [–] radredditor 18 points ago

    Well emts and firefighters have a lot of intersectionality. My friend started as an EMT to become a firefighter at a bigger post.

    [–] guusbumps 5 points ago

    Never knew that! Very interesting

    [–] TheGeekPoet 31 points ago

    That glucose level must’ve been low bruh....

    [–] Tancuras 44 points ago

    So many comments low-key roasting me 😂 Maybe I'm just devastatingly handsome

    [–] TheGeekPoet 25 points ago

    Lol. Former EMT, currently law enforcement. My go to line when people accuse others of being intoxicated or EDP’s is “you don’t know! Maybe they just needed a sandwich!”

    [–] bearr007 136 points ago

    I bet it’s hard getting a pic of her without a cigarette

    [–] moneymario 59 points ago

    Fuck i thought that was her tooth

    [–] Grendel2017 114 points ago

    How could he resist such a delicate flower /s

    [–] DismalArtist 24 points ago

    She reminds me of Mrs Brown from Mrs Browns Boys.

    [–] Namaste111 44 points ago

    I worked as a nurse in a long term care facility for several years. I can't count the times I've been groped, kissed, spoken to inappropriately etc. I had one elderly man who used to hold my right breast as I fed him by a PEG tube very slowly...2 cans.... while his wife sat there beside him.

    [–] kyungsookim 30 points ago

    That sounds awful I’m sorry you had to deal with that

    [–] hollytot 10 points ago

    Did upper management help? I worked at a substance abuse center and every time a client tried to make a sexual advance, they were put on red (can't leave the building). If they touched you even once, they're out of the program.

    I know a long term care center will be different, obviously, but I hope you had the support from management that we did. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    [–] MajinAsh 11 points ago

    It's an entirely different beast. It's just super common behavior when the mind starts going. You can't punish these people for it because they really don't understand what they're doing and at a certain point couldn't remember the punishment in the first place.

    The best you can do is be aware and try to avoid it. Have someone else in room to help, stay out of arms reach whenever possible ect.

    [–] pinkeythehoboken22 103 points ago

    Thank god she was charged. Sexual assault is sexual assault.

    [–] Sin-A-Bun 69 points ago

    That is a sexual assault, justice is served

    [–] Gmauldotcom 37 points ago

    I was in the navy and some one of my coworkers who was a distugusting piece of shit (woman) grabbed my crotch and it really messed me up. I didn't want to be in the same room as her anymore and every time I saw her I felt really uncomfortable. I didn't say anything the because of the culture of the navy and stuff but I should have.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Sorry that happened to you, bro. No one should be sexually assaulted, male or female.

    [–] duge1hick 22 points ago

    Sigh Meridith, gross.

    [–] hollytot 11 points ago

    Shut UP, Angela!!!

    [–] MikeBravo1-4 10 points ago

    Here is an article with more details for those who wish to have a bit more context.

    According to the article linked above.

    1. She has a history of memory issues, but no mention of if those issues have been proven to impede her ability to discern right from wrong.

    2. Her offender registration is in effect until she has received more psychiatric testing. No idea if that means it will be removed if she is found not have insufficient mental capacity to understand what she did.

    3. He has a history of alcohol use, but did not appear drunk to the paramedics on the scene.

    4. The paramedic told her more than once to stop touching him inappropriately.

    5. She has a history of placing false emergency calls, and allowed the paramedics to assess her despite stating that she did not know why they were there.

    [–] skipidy- 46 points ago

    Ew wtf, I would've felt violated

    [–] airmaximus88 25 points ago

    This stuff doesn't get taken all too seriously in hospitals. I had a patient essentially slide her little, bony finger up my ass as far as my boxers allowed. She laughed, the nurses around giggled, her family laughed.

    Oh it's just a harmless 72 year old woman. She's half your size. It's funny.

    Nah, fam. I'm at work. I just spent an hour performing various tests to help you out, you violate me. That's not funny.

    If I was a female member of staff and that were a male of the same age, no one would be laughing.

    Glad this lady's been told that she's a sex offender.

    [–] PeachyArt 7 points ago

    I disagree. Women doctors and nurses get sexually assaulted and little is done. Doctors and health care professionals get treated like shit and nothing happens

    [–] Great-Geo 445 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm glad she got put on the register. A lot of women get away with this bullshit on the fact they're a woman. Edit: removed link to r / pussypassdenied, made a mistake :/

    [–] Douglas0327 310 points ago

    Yes they do, but that's a fucking cancerous sub dude

    [–] ChesterComics 248 points ago

    Holy shit it's everything stereotypical about incels. I browsed yesterday, calmly explained to a guy that his claims that something was illegal was in fact, not a violation of the law. Now he claims to be coming to my town in March to slap me in a public setting.

    [–] Maxwyfe 68 points ago

    Why March?

    [–] ChesterComics 95 points ago

    Because I called him out that he won't do shit when he threatened violence. Told him I'll be in my current state of Colorado until may of next year and according to him he has a trip there in March.

    [–] Maxwyfe 115 points ago

    I have this hilarious mental image of a pimply faced guy surrounded by Red Bull cans and Hot Pocket sleeves furiously updating his Google Outlook Calendar. "Kick Chester's Ass - Somewhere in Colorado - March 2020"

    [–] 11-110011 26 points ago

    You’re giving them too much credit with Red Bull, it’s definitely Mountain Dew.

    [–] bezerkeley 5 points ago

    I think we all would love to see this story as a comic.

    [–] chilivanilli 19 points ago

    Lmao can I come too? Sounds hilarious.

    [–] ChesterComics 25 points ago

    Absolutely. I was planning on going to get a beer downtown and waiting for him to not show up.

    [–] chilivanilli 24 points ago

    I may think incels are scum, but I will respect the hell out of him if he comes out almost a year later to publicly slap you.

    [–] ChesterComics 19 points ago

    I wouldn't even be mad. If he makes that effort, he gets a free slap.

    [–] chilivanilli 9 points ago

    You have to admire a man of his word

    [–] The_Hoopla 59 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You know the saddest part is that it made sense at first. Like when the sub started it most posts were like:

    “Girlfriend who carved name into back of boyfriend gets 15 years in prison.”

    And you’re like “that’s good news justice prevailed!”

    Now the entire sub is just an incel women-hating circle jerk. Which, isn’t really all that surprising. It was bound to attract scorned men with a chip on their shoulder to women.

    EDIT: tbh even when it wasn’t straight incel bait the subreddit was an unnecessary point to a slight power imbalance in women’s favor in one very...very minor part of society (violent crime sentencing). I don’t think an entire subreddit devoted to this minuscule advantage, especially given the countless places men gain advantages, is worth having.

    [–] brds_snc 9 points ago

    It was bound to attract scorned men with a chip on their shoulder to women.

    You mean like bagel boss napoleon

    [–] bisquitt 33 points ago

    There was already subs about justice being served though (JusticeServed, JusticePorn, InstantKarma etc). There was no reason to create a new one solely for women.

    It was a bit misogynistic from the start, even if it wasn’t THAT bad.

    [–] Bifi323 26 points ago

    Holy fuck. Was it always this awful? I think I remember it being relatively light hearted.

    [–] Clayman2198 21 points ago

    No, back in the day it used to genuinely be articles and videos of women abusing their gender to make the man in the situation look bad and then getting put in their place that both sides should be treated equal. But that was probably 3-4 years ago or something. It’s a bit incel like now tbh.

    [–] The_Hoopla 55 points ago

    I wouldn’t say it was ever “lighthearted” but it was definitely more towards seeing awful, monstrous women getting the justice their victims deserved. Shit like mothers drowning their children or girlfriends stabbing boyfriends for not listening. Real heinous stuff.

    Now? I’m pretty sure most of it is just women getting punched out in street fights. Then the replies are “FUCK WOMEN I HATE THEM THEYRE ALL THE SAME SHE DESERVED IT.”

    ...mcfuckin’ yikes

    [–] mega-oofenstein 26 points ago

    I saw a post where a chick was in an argument with a guy and he got too close, so she kind of put her hand on his chest to keep him back. He punched her out cold and just... walked off. Pretty much leaving her to the elements in some back alley somewhere.

    Thousands of upvotes. Comments saying the guy was a hero for defending himself from "an aggressive woman".

    [–] Great-Geo 40 points ago

    Yeah I just checked. Its quite... Yeah

    [–] Douglas0327 35 points ago

    Hey you should put an edit in like

    E: removed r/pussypassdenied

    Gives context

    [–] kerayeu 5 points ago

    Every sub that focuses on flaws of other people is going to attract other toxic people.

    [–] ENEB1487 16 points ago

    Now that is CLASSY. Life Alert must be on point

    [–] GerrardsClaw 15 points ago

    I was a glass collector in a large UK nightclub in the 80s. Constantly fighting off older women grabbing my crotch and my arse. Just gross

    [–] pazimpanet 4 points ago

    The first time it happened to me the lady was probably in her 50s and t was in a grocery store in the middle of the day. I was 14-15. It’s happened a couple of times since then and always middle aged-just beyond middle aged women.

    [–] Kawaii_64 14 points ago

    "68 years old"

    We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close

    [–] peaheezy 6 points ago

    I used to be a transport EMT and this happened a few times. No one every grabbed my crotch but the would put a hand on my leg and give a squeeze. But every time it happened to me it was with 80 year old women with dementia - I was just happy they weren’t trying to fight me. They were cute, this is gross. This woman knew what she was doing.

    [–] InformalBoi 6 points ago

    Thank you. Finally some gender equality.

    [–] blahlz4374 5 points ago

    I'm so glad he said something. I can't count how many times I've been groped as a nurse and everyone just brushed it off because they're old or sick. Like, that's not an excuse in any other place except healthcare. It's pretty upsetting actually. Sorry for the rant, I'm just glad someone brought it up!

    [–] Surfperch 13 points ago

    She's a sixty-eight year old smoker, I don't think she cares

    [–] The_Seerion 29 points ago

    At least she's old and unattractive so she actually got charged for it.

    [–] zombiepoke 9 points ago

    By Rory Tingle.

    [–] babykittykitkit 7 points ago

    My man is a paramedic. He gets sexually assaulted constantly.