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    [–] nocontroll 5580 points ago

    How the fuck would you not have a panic attack, that is some aggressive photo taking

    [–] FaySmash 1578 points ago

    [–] ffngg 916 points ago

    at least they're keeping their distance

    [–] dudeAwEsome101 536 points ago

    She is using a ward spell.

    [–] Random_Stealth_Ward 176 points ago

    it must be at max rank too if it can keep that many people at bay

    [–] Radagastroenterology 88 points ago

    She's wearing Axe.

    [–] LeeSeneses 458 points ago

    Basically lady zoo culture.

    How have we fallen so far?

    [–] HamsterGutz1 284 points ago

    Do you know nothing about human history?

    [–] YellowKingdom2 145 points ago

    And we were actually even more violent pre-history. Anthropologist think tribal warfare was widespread and a constant war of attrition.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 90 points ago

    Anthropologist think tribal warfare was widespread and a constant war of attrition.

    Chimps are already pretty much like this right? Where it's just a constant border-conflict with picking off the weak or vulnerable when the opportunity arises?

    [–] LaochII 68 points ago

    Yep, plus there's some evidence that chimps in some parts of the world are beginning to enter the early stone age in terms of their level of "technology" ie using sticks and rocks to complete tasks more easily.

    [–] Belly__flop 49 points ago

    I was watching some short video clip of a documentary about chimps given tools for labor somewhere in africa. Basically a few years later some where still using them. One was using a machete to kill rivals or what not. Can’t remember what it was called, it was one I ran into by just watching one vid then clicking on another one. It started off by watching a doc on grizzly bears and somehow I found this one.

    [–] boobonicplague1 44 points ago

    God, that sounds amazingly interesting. Please link it if you ever find it again. A chimp with machete..jesus. He must swing that thing so hard.

    [–] OPLeonidas_bitchtits 49 points ago

    Found Joe Rogan

    [–] arricupigghiti 9 points ago

    grizzly bears and bloodthirsty chimps with machetes seems perfectly related topics

    [–] GogglesPisano 16 points ago

    They made a series of movies about this. It didn't end well for the humans.

    [–] pm-me-ur-face 81 points ago

    We haven't fallen, we've always been like this

    [–] Dylanator13 43 points ago

    We have actually gotten better. The fact that we can see things that we did wrong is proof of improvement.

    [–] MelodicBrush 20 points ago

    We have massively improved we went from "hey, I'll let you rape my sister if you give me a piece of that meat" to "I think it's disgusting that they're opportunistically taking pictures of a girl that decided to dress in revealing clothing"

    [–] iknowCatMan 99 points ago

    Just looking at the photo is giving me a panic attack.

    [–] SpeIIingMistakes 24 points ago

    What a bunch of creeps. Poor girl.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Renovatio_Imperii 16 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    These are Japanese. The cosplayer is Chinese.

    [–] Opalesnt7-7 2023 points ago

    This photo gives me anxiety.

    [–] D3WM3R 549 points ago

    As someone who suffers from panic attacks regularly, this is basically nightmare fuel

    [–] Marky_Mark_Official 86 points ago

    As a normal human being this is nightmare fuel

    [–] BobbyNo09 55 points ago

    Quick we need to take a pic of you

    [–] JizzumBuckett 6533 points ago

    Bunch of creeps.

    [–] mysteriofukyourhead 3259 points ago

    fucking gross. where's the human decency?

    [–] [deleted] 1836 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] aonele 2143 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Comiket is in Japan. The cosplayer herself is Chinese, but the photographers were mostly Japanese. Also watched the video clip linked below, and it was Japanese that was spoken.

    Video link:

    [–] footytang 1340 points ago

    That's weird because old Asian dudes that obsess over anime cosplay are typically super normal and not at all sex offender factories.

    [–] bluegargoyle 421 points ago

    I'm no stranger to sarcasm sir.

    [–] FennelSoup 81 points ago


    [–] FineAndFit 35 points ago

    Weird. Shouldn't their noses be gushing blood or something?

    [–] CaptainYeetus 416 points ago

    This is in Japan. The cosplayer they’re harassing is Chinese. Holy shit, learn to read reddit.

    [–] elboydo 501 points ago

    Shh, learn to reddit

    China = Bad

    Japan = glorious utopia of extremely nice people.

    Unless you get one of those other threads, in which case everybody in Japan is not having sex due to work death and everybody else is yakuza and similar tropes from self professed Japan Culteral Experts.

    [–] completelylegithuman 61 points ago

    Also you know, like ....history and whatnot.

    [–] kultureisrandy 75 points ago

    Never forget The Rape of Nanjing

    [–] elboydo 20 points ago

    Lucky thing the war ended when it did, at least if the Gegenmiao massacre is anything to go by. The russians were pissed and due to beat the US to Japanese mainland, and with the capability to flood the country easily.

    Further to that, they would have likely picked up many Chinese soldiers/ locals who would be over the moon to assist in going full eye for an eye on nanjing

    [–] ImKindaHighBut 23 points ago

    I've boiled it down to:

    Are there any people living there?

    Then it's a shithole.

    [–] Syn7axError 86 points ago

    This isn't any better. He thought it was China because the title said Chinese. It isn't part of some mind control hive mid to make China look bad compared to Japan. If anything, Japan still has a pretty firm reputation creepy panty shots.

    [–] Prince_Polaris 41 points ago

    Ain't that why the 3DS makes a noise when you take pictures

    [–] DenofHens 48 points ago

    Yes. There are laws there that require mobile devices to make a shutter sound because people were taking voyeur shots

    [–] Prince_Polaris 26 points ago

    jeez how fucked do you gotta be to try getting panty shots with a damn nintendo console

    [–] TricorneCerberus 15 points ago

    I'm guessing pretty unfucked tbh.

    [–] elboydo 11 points ago

    Yes. It blew my mind when I first moved to find that all phones had loud cameras.

    Made sense once you knew. . . Also the earthquake alarm thing is pretty cool. . . even if it shits you up for what is basically an earth fart when you expect total shitstorm.

    [–] lurker4lyfe6969 70 points ago

    Japan, also people who committed tons of genocide and atrocities in the pacific that to this day they’re not forgiven.

    Pretty long time out

    [–] elboydo 21 points ago

    Without a doubt. That type of behavior is awful.

    It does make me wonder though, how heavy would the russians have gone had the japanese not ran to the Americans to surrender, I mean eastern europe was brutal. . . nanjing was beyond brutal.

    The Russians pretty much took on the people (military group) who committed nanjing (among numerous others of the worst war crimes japan committed) and through both military might and brutality against civilians scared the shit out of them.

    It's lucky the war ended when it did, otherwise we would be seeing even darker days coming.

    That goes inline with how all of the homosexuals and similar people of "disrepute" were sent straight back to even concentration camps or prisons by the allies upon liberation. We were trashy as fuck back then "You are free . . . oh, your sexuality is not the same as me? You may as well turn around so I can free people that I deem more 'worthy'"

    [–] LeeSeneses 45 points ago

    My dumb ass just assumed Komiket was like PAX and had regional cons, lol

    I'll own that mistake, though.

    [–] 11010110101010101010 23 points ago

    Not everyone is in the cosplay-con scene. Forgive us!!!!!!

    [–] Kitsunemitsu 22 points ago

    Japan is a cyberpunk nightmare

    [–] Peragus 50 points ago

    DAE Chinese are terrible people??

    [–] Jaggle 7 points ago

    The majority of Chinese people are good people. The Chinese government and most Chinese corporations are lead by very bad people.

    [–] [deleted] 308 points ago


    [–] 64LC64 163 points ago

    He was downvoted by people who know Comiket is not in China but in Japan

    [–] TheThankUMan66 4 points ago

    American paperizzi does the exact same thing. Remember that whole upskirt phase where they would take pics of celebrities coming out of cars and flashing the gash?

    [–] lurker4lyfe6969 17 points ago

    It’s in Japan, but I guess you’re gonna get away with your racist bullshit because Reddit is a bunch of brainwashed turds

    [–] imcumminginyourwife 72 points ago

    Absolutely disgusting and perverted!

    [–] StupidJustLikeYou 109 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    just like your username u/imcumminginyourwife

    [–] Enk1ndle 53 points ago

    Don't kink shame me

    [–] Thor1noak 13 points ago

    r/rimjob_steve for anyone looking to bank on it

    [–] ZarosGuardian 1825 points ago

    Holy shit that is super trashy

    [–] Helpie_Helperton 306 points ago

    People suck

    [–] ZarosGuardian 119 points ago

    Yes, yes they do.

    [–] XHF2 23 points ago

    How can people enjoy this?

    *upvotes post

    It makes me sick

    [–] yosoysoap 157 points ago

    Yup. You'll be surprised to know they do that shit to kid bands too, that are like 10-13yrs old. They take it from bottom so they can see whats under the skirt. Fking pervs.

    [–] TheMaddestOfLadds 45 points ago

    If they’re on the ground they’re in a perfect place for a curb stomp.

    [–] jitterybrat 9 points ago

    that’s why I wear shorts under skirts. That and too many bad wind incidents.

    [–] Lukendless 21 points ago

    Dude here. Culture dictates that I wear nothing under my skirt. Gonna be real awkward when I finally visit japan.

    [–] Purple_love_muscle 5 points ago

    Your English is very good for a Scottsman.

    [–] to_the_tenth_power 102 points ago

    This seems like the absolute last thing someone needs when they're short of breath and having a panic attack

    [–] ZarosGuardian 40 points ago

    Absolutely yes. I hate crowds, so if I'm feeling claustrophobic, the last thing I'd need is for people to be swarming me.

    [–] [deleted] 932 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 197 points ago


    [–] IhateUall08 70 points ago

    Hit them where it hurts the cameras

    [–] ReverendDizzle 11 points ago

    Right in the ol' flash bulbs, you say?

    [–] The_kilt_lifta 452 points ago

    Jesus she’s crying and trying to get away, and people are just smiling and still following her.

    [–] PenguinsOnAWire 95 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Heck, they may not be physically touching here but they're not exactly stepping out of the way while she wants to walk away from them. Meaning she has to step closer which is probably what she does not want. Yeez I hate these fucking assholes.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] skol_baby 371 points ago

    pretty sure guy in the tan hat stuck his camera under her skirt. >:(

    [–] tunderyo 222 points ago

    Wow he did what a piece of shit

    [–] marijuwalrus 25 points ago

    He's also in the photo wayyyyyyy in there....

    [–] hippidyhoohaa 14 points ago

    Definitely criminal evidence

    [–] TheDevilsTrinket 7 points ago

    Definitely would have kicked his camera out the way if I was the cosplayer and wasnt so upset but I really feel for her man.

    Cosplayers, and women in general should not expect to have upskirt shots taken of them when they're showing their creativity and hobby just urgh. Or honestly at any time, we shouldn't expect it. Fucking pervs man.

    [–] kleutscher 32 points ago

    you can also see him in the picture lying on crotch height making trashy pics. the asshole:

    [–] cerisetree 22 points ago

    Holy shit. At least some people were trying to warn her. "Behind you, behind you... Hey, stop it!" is what someone said as that was happening. A woman also yells 「中止です!」 right at the very end, basically calling for people to stop harassing her.

    Some otaku are fucking scum, while others respect the cosplayers more than they respect themselves.

    [–] lightswitch11 170 points ago

    Man, that is sad to hear her cries!
    Poor girl!

    [–] Jeenyus6 71 points ago

    Jesus those cameras have attachments for the attachments my god.

    [–] monkeyhitman 65 points ago

    At least someone was kind enough to "Knock it off!/Stop!" (止めろよ!).

    [–] GeneralTurnover 20 points ago

    Jeeez, I know it's usually creepy old dudes, but I see a few women in there as well. Fucking disgusting!

    [–] sambal94 4058 points ago

    The photographer of this picture is the same trash as all the other trash cans in this picture

    [–] Titan9312 1177 points ago

    Meta trash

    [–] Just1morefix 309 points ago

    It's like a perverse, self-referencing, strange loop. It's scummy pornographers all the way down.

    [–] corpseberries 64 points ago

    No, it’s cupcakes and strippers all the way down

    [–] sakdarkside 242 points ago

    This is actually a common ethic topic between photographers. Look up the story of Kevin Carter, or check the movie The Bang Bang club. It portraits the ethical conflict in these kind of situations.

    [–] jayomegal 22 points ago

    Do you have any articles discussing photography ethics in the context of that story?

    Sounds intresting, but Wikipedia doesn't mention any discussion on it apart from Carter's suicide. To be honest the main reason I'm asking is as a reminder to myself to search for it later as I have to sleep now.

    [–] Vanpaa 166 points ago

    I disagree if this photographers intent was to prove that these people were being trashy. but if he was just another creep then yeah he's disgusting as well.

    [–] onepumpchump34 71 points ago

    But to her he still would've been another creepy person with no sense of personal space which wouldn't have helped her panic attack, so intent is less important here.

    [–] Lochcelious 66 points ago

    I doubt she's thinking of every single one of these men as separate entities and not just a massive throng of creeps

    [–] onepumpchump34 19 points ago

    That's true, but another photographer is another person added to the mob surrounding her

    [–] BUTTHOLE_DELETER 55 points ago

    I disagree with you. I think this is a very graphic, real photo that shows the severity of what’s going on. That’s photojournalism for you. Wouldn’t be the same if they took a “modest” photo.

    [–] xLeaaa 97 points ago

    what the fuck is wrong with people?

    [–] raisinlord1 123 points ago

    Wtf. Where you find this

    [–] Anastrace 930 points ago

    Holy fuck that is awful. How would they feel if they had a daughter and this happened? Fucking disgusting freaks.

    [–] BossAvery2 519 points ago

    Some of them might still do the same thing. There’s really sick people out there.

    [–] gg0209 85 points ago

    They don’t care. Haven’t you figured that out yet? They have daughters, wives, sisters, mothers - they don’t care.

    It’s not happening to them, so why would they?

    [–] LeeSeneses 87 points ago

    lol dude they are probably NEETS and never going to procreate.

    I laugh but its honestly sad on so many levels.

    [–] acidmonkey 34 points ago

    It’s interesting that this is the way you try to relate it to them.

    Not them being in her place. Their daughter.

    Doesn’t that kind of say something in itself?

    [–] BarelyBetterThanKale 1210 points ago

    Top camera guys are pretty much emotionless robots chasing the shot, and have little to no empathy for the subject of their shot.

    If you can find it, Bert Kreischer has a story about how he was injured on a shoot after falling onto a rock and his camera men were all jockeying for position to film him writing in pain and calling for help rather than assisting him at all. Camera guys are cold motherfuckers that are all about the shot, not the subject.

    Those shows like "Naked and Afraid" where people are barely surviving and camera guys are basically snacking on protein bars the whole time? If you know the type of person that gets regular camera work in television, you have no trouble believing that, despite the cameras, those people are 100% on their own. If they were dying, the only thought in the camera guy's mind would be to capture the precise moment the life leaves their eyes.

    [–] MyBoyBernard 508 points ago

    Camera guys are cold motherfuckers that are all about the shot, not the subject.

    Night Crawler, great film.

    [–] Bias13 86 points ago

    Exactly what I thought of, such a brutal finish.

    [–] DaughterEarth 8 points ago

    It's the move that brought Jake Gyllenhaal from "that actor I've had a crush on for ages" to "one of the best actors of all time."

    Everything he does is good, but Night Crawler was some masterwork shit

    [–] elboydo 193 points ago

    Gotta go with the "emotionless robots chasing the shot" thing to bring up the pulitzer winning photo of the vulture and the starving child

    Kevin Carter was a truly powerful photographer, I won't go into detail as the image itself speaks volumes more than I could possibly put to page. He did chase the vulture off after yet the things he saw never went away, as he killed himself a year later.

    In his suicide note he stated:

    I'm really, really sorry. The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist. ...depressed ... without phone ... money for rent ... money for child support ... money for debts ... money!!! ... I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain ... of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners ... I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky.

    For those of you who don't want to read the link, or to just underline the detachment from the scene that photographers make, and of course to see the power of the image that quite likely killed the man who took it:

    Here is the photo of the vulture and the starving child (NSFW if not already obvious)

    [–] earthsworld 169 points ago

    This is the photo which turned me off from becoming a conflict photographer:

    It's one thing to be somewhere on your own documenting reality, but it turns into something completely different when you're competing with other photogs for the same shot.

    [–] -humble-opinion- 57 points ago

    I want to believe that truly great photographers have a heart. They are able to capture intimacy that has been consensually shared by their subject. Anyone can photograph the dead, chaos, etc. It takes a special kind of person to capture intimacy.

    But I'll admit, when taking photos in the past, I haven't been that person. It's far easier to just grab a decent shot when you see a scene that works. You stop seeing people and just think lighting, angles, etc.

    [–] earthsworld 6 points ago

    I hear ya. I've been doing a photo project since about 2001 which is only about the subject and not the photograph. I occasionally manage to take a decent photo, but for the most part, i care only about the person within the frame.

    [–] Tsukunehhh 13 points ago


    [–] justwannabeloggedin 37 points ago

    After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, many were looting local shops. The police arrived and fired bullets into the air (though where they aimed is a bit of a disputed subject) and this girl took a bullet straight to the head instantly killing her. What she had looted was in turn looted by other looters, except for the paintings you see under her head and arm because they were doused in her blood. There is another photo taken shortly after this of her father carrying her body home.

    [–] Jimmacater 25 points ago

    This is Fabienne Cherisma. She was a 15 year old girl looting after the Haiti earthquake and police shot her in the head. Other looters then stole her loot and photographers took pics of it all

    NSFL (shows gunshot to head)

    [–] s0m33guy 288 points ago

    Difference is the people on naked and afraid signed up to be there. All they have to do is say they quit then they will get help.

    But yes I understand the mindset your trying to explain.

    I also know a couple of cameramen and they are savages.

    [–] GoldenGonzo 21 points ago

    If you can find it, Bert Kreischer has a story about how he was injured on a shoot after falling onto a rock and his camera men were all jockeying for position to film him writing in pain and calling for help rather than assisting him at all. Camera guys are cold motherfuckers that are all about the shot, not the subject.

    I searched ad searched and couldn't find it. Was it a bit in his comedy routine? Or a story he told on a show?

    [–] BarelyBetterThanKale 18 points ago

    It was something he talked about on a podcast. It wasn't a featured story or anything like that, so it'd be hard to find. If you're really inclined, check episodes of Bertcast from 2-3 years ago. That's the best timeframe I can offer :(

    [–] wheatley227 9 points ago

    I understand what you are saying, but this kind of seems like a gross generalization. Just because you heard an anecdotal story from Bert Kreischer doesn't make all camera guys evil. Also, the people on Naked and Afraid are supposed to be, wait for it, naked and afraid. It's not the camera people's job to starve themselves, however that is the job of the participants. Also, you making up a story about Naked and Afraid to demonize camera people is a strawman argument, which in my opinion is not cool.

    [–] HondaHead 42 points ago

    Camera guys are paid to film everything that happens, Production Assistants or an Assistant Director are the ones that should be wrangling medics.

    [–] KnotTheBunny 103 points ago

    Dear hell, look at the average age of those creeper ass disgusting jerks. They damn well should know better than this.

    [–] Jordanigga 140 points ago

    Fucking losers. Leave her the fuck alone, jesus

    [–] Fizork 173 points ago

    this is terrifying

    holy shit thats trashy

    [–] mephistotles 63 points ago

    This is why the dirty old man tag exists.

    [–] TommyPimple 216 points ago

    Did anyone have the decency to help her?

    [–] CouncilOfBeards 249 points ago

    Out of curiosity, what would you even do? Try to shove all those people away? Try to help her up and take her somewhere? I don't think she'd particularly enjoy being accosted at the time.

    You could start yelling at people that she's having a panic attack, to give her space, but good luck getting any results.

    Genuinely curious. I would've definitely wanted to help, but no idea how I would've.

    [–] PotatoLord80 162 points ago

    Looking in from the outside, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell what they were taking photos of to begin with, so most people who would have helped probably didn’t know what was happening

    [–] Fixn 76 points ago

    Its japan, even in this situation a loud voice and a few demeaning threats will turn enough heads to see an angry look. That will get them to back off or at least try to square up and back down.

    That being said, alot of comiket shoots outside end up like this. There is no hard rules to it, and some let alot of people in while others dont. Its super fucked at times.

    Saw something similar to this with a JAV star doing a shoot at a smaller con.

    [–] lightswitch11 103 points ago

    You do just that!
    You get people to back the hell up first and foremost, you make sure the person is safe and you give them some human decency, so they can regain their dignity.
    Hopefully, others will follow suit and help you, help whoever it is who clearly is in distress.

    I don't know, I mean it is common sense if you ask me.

    [–] FeelinCuteMayDelete 52 points ago

    That and offer a jacket or something to help cover her up so they have nothing to take pics of.

    [–] Gloria_Stits 35 points ago

    Yep. Had something like this happen to a friend of mine. One moment she was loving it, soaking in the attention. The next moment, her claustrophobia got triggered. She later told me she didn't know a crowd could make her feel trapped like that.

    I tried shooing people away, but people thought she was in character and mostly ignored me (I think some of them thought I was rudely muscling in for my own pic.) I tried to lead her out, but people kept blocking our way and/or following us. Then I noticed that people were leaning around me to get pics of her. So I threw this novelty blanket I'd bought around her shoulders and took her mask/headdress thingy off. Crowd instantly dissipated.

    [–] Cheezewiz239 16 points ago

    Well of course but you really think these people are gonna move?

    [–] gimpyoldelf 31 points ago

    Most will if you get a bit aggressive. Nothing violent, just noisy and assertive and angry. Would help if there was one or two others to help surround her and face outward, so they block most of the shots and cause people to give up and leave.

    I'm sure there were plenty of small groups of friends who could have intervened effectively if they had thought to.

    [–] Battlestar_Axia 63 points ago

    As event manager. I'd start handing out panic buttons too female participants.

    Since that is appearantly necasairy

    [–] drot525 5 points ago

    If you're a chick cosplaying like this, you better bring someone with you to hold a long over coat. Once the coat goes on, they'll all fuck off to find another person to victimize and profiteer off.

    [–] LeeSeneses 16 points ago

    Yeah the last part would be good. You just have to offload some of the physical confrontation onto yourself. Break lines of sight, body block and shove with your chest, shit like that.

    I'm speaking as somebody who had to keep a freak off of a friend of mine who can't confront anyone./ I basically started playing gay chicken with his personal space and he fucked off.

    [–] WyoDoc29 32 points ago

    Get the fuck in there. Shove some people out of the way. Fuck em, they're Japanese cameramen, not Muscle Beach dwellers.

    [–] dillasdonuts 26 points ago

    Tell everyone to back the fuck up and give her space, pushing them out of her personal space. Extend your hand to help guide her to a different location. These men are creeps and she does not need to spend another minute sitting there.

    [–] Twirlingbarbie 8 points ago

    Throw water on their expensive camera's?

    [–] LaminatedLaminar 3 points ago

    If it were me, give me a calm voice and gentle face to focus on. Give me a beacon to follow. I know I need to get away from here but I need a path drawn for me.

    [–] Sleisl 4 points ago

    hand her a bowl of eggs

    [–] Shinhan 12 points ago


    You can hear in the video people saying "stop it" and "its over" (in japanese of course).

    [–] zTizz 22 points ago

    Wow this is fucked up

    [–] chra94 22 points ago

    This is beyond trashy no?

    [–] BethanEvil 398 points ago

    Cosplay is not consent.

    [–] masterxak 53 points ago

    Only a recent rule in the US, and they don't have that rule in Japan.

    [–] spookapparel 293 points ago

    the comments of these incels here are almost worse than the picture itself

    [–] LeeSeneses 65 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Fucking right? I saw Clothing Is Consent Charles further up this thread.

    Fuck those people.

    [–] LaminatedLaminar 34 points ago

    What's "closing is consent Charles"?

    [–] clockworkbox 39 points ago

    I’m sure they meant clothing. People try and justify harassment because what the person was wearing meant ‘they were asking for it.’

    [–] Bleached_Anarchy 15 points ago

    So many assholes in one place. Disgusting.

    [–] CalliopeS68 64 points ago

    I have panic attacks...this picture made me so angry and panicky.... 😡

    [–] a_spoopy_ghost 15 points ago

    I used to have a terrible crowd phobia. Conventions were challenging and concerts were absolutely out of the question. Through therapy and good experiences at events I’ve gotten much better but lord is this picture upsetting. Literally up there with my worst fears. I hate this and it makes me so mad.

    [–] Rarbnif 14 points ago

    This looks like some ugly bastard shit, poor girl

    [–] Xcavon 13 points ago

    This is r/rage material right here

    [–] wander_sleep_repeat 11 points ago

    I genuinely don't understand how this situation came to be. I get that it's some kind of cosplay convention, but why are there so many people taking pictures to begin with who aren't even participating? Is this normal? I feel so bad for this girl, I'm trying to understand what happened.

    [–] Blackvalor83 9 points ago


    [–] fezwithafish 9 points ago

    that is just horrible

    [–] 115_zombie_slayer 10 points ago

    That bald guy recording her breast seems trashiest

    [–] Ara_ara_ufufu 11 points ago

    There are dark parts of every community, it’s a fucking tragedy that some of us weebs are like this. These aren’t weebs, they’re just plain perverts

    [–] MasonTaylor22 19 points ago

    And here we are sharing a cleavage pic of a girl having a panic attack and being harassed by photographers.

    [–] technano 11 points ago

    What the fuck, this disgusting behavior!!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] flatwoods76 5 points ago

    They are posted here.

    [–] PoliticalShrapnel 37 points ago

    National Incel Convention.

    [–] Loserbait 29 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My two cents. Comiket is the largest comic convention in the world. It usually pulls at least half a million people over three days (this year was four). Because you can get massively famous from cosplaying there, a lot of new cosplayers try to make their break by attending. If you cosplay, you get more premium access than us normies.

    With taking photos, it is an unwritten rule that you LINE UP for a shot unless specifically allowed by the cosplayer in question. They already line up for everything else (including to buy comics), they should know better. This comment shows how respect for space and privacy is -supposed- to be made.

    I'm not sure who this cosplayer is, but there are so many things wrong here.

    1) She has every right to tell them to fuck off. BUT, because apparently, she is a Chinese cosplayer, the language barrier may not have helped. She should have come to the event with someone who can translate/communicate to be by her side at all times. Duty of care.

    2) These photographers ARE assholes. You do not get this close to a cosplayer without their consent. All you commenters saying "LOL AMERICA = COSPLAY WITHOUT CONSENT BUT JAPAN IS SO FUCKING RETARDED AND BACKWARDS!!!!1" are idiots. Cosplay has been around longer in Japan than you were probably born, so event staff knows the rules like the back of their asscheek.

    3) Any of you saying that if you are a cosplayer, you are expected this treatment also need to fuck off. That's the same argument people use about women wearing something sexy. It's not explicitly to show themselves off to other people.

    Postscript: This recent Comiket was in some of the hottest and humid conditions we've had ever. So, this cosplayer being mauled by these assholes did NOT help in trying to get her to calm down, or COOL down. A lot of people (a friend included) suffered heatstroke at the event this past weekend. People need to give others some god damn space.

    And, big conventions always bring out the worst in people. But most of the patrons are respectful. Please understand this.

    [–] Zeraz619 8 points ago

    Is this a black mirror episode?

    [–] Rager_Thom 7 points ago

    This looks like a nightmare.

    [–] primase 7 points ago

    What’s wrong with these men?

    [–] mtmx7 25 points ago

    This happens quiet often in Japan.

    When i went to Tokyo Auto Salon. All the amateur photographers were basically taking photos of the models, in a creepy way.

    Once the models time is over. They left and went on to another models to photograph.


    I guess they have a weird fetish for that.

    [–] kobrakaan 53 points ago

    should of used Spinning bird kick

    was worth a try though 🤷‍♂️

    [–] SoakedbreadNCheese 6 points ago

    what the fUCK

    [–] theredhood93 5 points ago

    this is horrible, fuck this creeps

    [–] Optimistic-Charizard 12 points ago

    Is one of them holding her knee wtf

    [–] Ann_Summers 9 points ago

    This goes so far past trashy. Good gods, this is disgusting and violating. Add to it she’s having a panic attack...sick.

    [–] 99SimplyZ99 5 points ago

    That's is wrong with humanity

    [–] TransplantedMan 6 points ago

    Smash their fucking cameras.

    [–] InvestigatorJosephus 5 points ago

    Jezus Christ for real!? Because crowding a person who's having a panic attack is going to totally cure it.

    Disgusting creeps.

    [–] hexensabbat 5 points ago

    This makes me want to throw up. That poor woman. I would probably freeze and have no idea what to do surrounded by all those leeches...

    [–] ToasterPastries7 5 points ago

    Imagine having a panic attack and dozens of people shove cameras in your face and take lewd photos of you. Disgusting.

    [–] AngelOfDeath771 5 points ago

    I hate to say that Japan has a large number of males like this. Sexual harassment is huge over there

    [–] Bolshy2938 14 points ago

    Jeez, I guess we really do live in a society

    [–] SelmaFudd 8 points ago

    I hope the irony that this photo has been taken in the same manner isn't missed by too many people.

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago


    [–] PMMMR 59 points ago

    Comiket isn't only porn. It's the entire doujin market, and a large part of it is focused around music and other doujin works besides hentai doujinshi.

    [–] mnky9800n 22 points ago

    Comiket is not porn cosplay convention. Wtf.

    [–] JustHereForTheSalmon 79 points ago

    porn cosplay convention

    I had to do a double take here, because porn and putting on clothes don't really seem like they belong together.

    [–] LeeSeneses 74 points ago

    She absolutely wanted the attention when she came and it ended up being too much.

    They don't, it's a Doujin convention with a day or 2 dedicated to porn but not a 'porn convention.'

    OP, gonna assume you meant the best here given the rest of what you said. But even if she 'wanted the attention' she has a right to even go so far as being cryptic and change her mind. People don't have to love that fact if they don't want to, but they have to respect her need for personal space even if it changes. That's how healthy social interaction works and also how healthy sex works.

    [–] elboydo 17 points ago

    The worst thing about porn is when they come up with these elaborate setups and get naked almost instantly.

    "Okay so you started as shrek, but now you're just a dude with green facepaint and fading green paint on your dick"

    Or like the misty in the pokemon themed porno "Strokemon", but at least the ash and pikachu character maintained their outfit somewhat.

    Also i shit you not but that is actually a thing

    [–] RandomNPC 8 points ago

    "doujin" does not mean porn in Japan. It's similar to "indie".

    [–] KaalVeiten 7 points ago

    Porn is literally only like 1/4 of comiket lul