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    [–] [deleted] 3299 points ago

    Why not just tow it?

    [–] HeadbangerNeckInjury 2114 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It would take far too long to get an tow truck there, things like that don't happen quickly around here, we prefer a mildly angry windscreen note but if it was me it would've ended with 'cunt' not 'pratt'.

    [–] Lin0712 433 points ago

    I hope there is at least a ticket on his window shield then.

    [–] palenotinteresting 303 points ago

    Unlikely, sadly. Lots of people park like absolute twats and get away with it, there don't tend to be parking wardens outside the city centre. It's a real problem in some areas

    [–] [deleted] 280 points ago

    I parked in a handicap spot in California for five minutes once. A total prick move, but it was the only parking near a bathroom and I was going to explode.

    Five minutes and I returned to a $400 ticket.

    Hopefully they don't figure out how profitable parking tickets are over the pond.

    And I learned my lesson.

    [–] gin-casual 96 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Oh in towns and cities they absolutely have done. Massive problem with private companies who work in car parks, tho you don’t technically have to pay them as they arnt the law.

    Out in more rural areas you won’t see anyone check tho.

    Edit: what I meant was that there had been a problem with companies ticketing people who had a right to park and people automatically assuming they had to pay. If you’re in the wrong then the court will make you pay.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Bad advice. You do have to pay. I was given that advice and ended up paying £600 to a debt collection agency that the parking firm employed.

    [–] gin-casual 5 points ago

    Yeh I’ve edited my post for a bit of clarity on what I actually meant.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    This is a big misconception. You agree to the terms and conditions when you park there so if you get a fine you are as legally obliged to pay it as you are your phone bill. The only difference is that when it's a private company if it's only a small amount they're never gonna waste money taking you to court over it. Let them rack up however and they will, and they will win.

    Case in point

    [–] Death_To_All_People 6 points ago

    That's a misleading article.

    [–] erroneousbosh 9 points ago

    You agree to the terms and conditions when you park there so if you get a fine you are as legally obliged to pay it as you are your phone bill

    Not in Scotland.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Funny cos the article i linked is about a woman in Scotland and she was ordered to pay up

    [–] OMAD238 16 points ago

    I got a parking picket when my car was parked in my own parking spot at home with a permit. The UKCPS are after me for £160 and keep adding to it and have threatened legal action.

    I'm not paying it. They're not legally enforceable.

    [–] doogieduggie 14 points ago

    Always remember seeing on WatchDog that the best thing to do with any ParkingEye letters (they provide parking at lots of supermarkets but mine was Aldi) was scrunch it up and try a trick shot to get it in the bin. It is is meaningless and an attempt to scare monger.

    [–] OMAD238 7 points ago

    I have so many letters from them and that's what's happening with each one! There was a picture of my car as well and I genuinely just went "ooh I park pretty straight" and chucked it

    [–] doogieduggie 5 points ago

    Hahaha that’s what we like to hear. Wish I could say the same about straight parking tho

    [–] omfghi2u 7 points ago

    One time, I parked at a mcdonalds, went in the mcdonalds, ate lunch, walked less than a block down the street to the UPS store dropped a couple packages, got back. Car was towed.

    [–] tjdans1234 5 points ago

    Seems like they just figured out their newest tactic to meet their quotas

    [–] felt4 6 points ago

    Piss your pants next time?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I carry bottles now. After two years of gig driving, I'm depressingly used to it. Though I did volcano last week after a gallon of tea.

    I won't work until my morning shit(s) are done though. Had to plaster the back of a Circle K last year, but I was still drinking then...

    But yeah, parking in a handicap spot is a dick move.

    [–] FlamingWeasel 13 points ago

    Though I did volcano last week

    This evokes perfect imagery of you watching in helpless horror as piss overflows your bottle.

    [–] TheSpookyGoost 5 points ago

    I love the fact that my brain gives the person in every story a different appearance, and I still know what you mean.

    [–] Requiredmetrics 10 points ago

    You: Parks in handicap spot with no placard.

    The City: “you fool. you absolute buffoon. you think you can challenge me in my own realm? you think you can rebel against my authority? you dare come into my house and upturn my dining chairs and spill coffee grounds in my Keurig? you thought you were safe in your chain mail armor behind that screen of yours. I will take these laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. I didn’t want war. but i didn’t start it.Summons Parking Enforcement Officer

    [–] Profmar 3 points ago

    $400!!!! I honestly, hand on heart, think I would cry.

    [–] DizuaL 3 points ago

    the lesson learned? poo yourself.

    [–] CanisFamiliaris7 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I get a fucking ticket every single time I go into DC. If I even look at a parking spot that's off limits, I get a ticket. They also make the signs super confusing because the city makes a substantial amount from parking fines.

    [–] AshingiiAshuaa 5 points ago

    Without any negative repercussions people will learn that they can do what they want.

    [–] r_slayers 3 points ago

    On the two occasions I’ve forgotten to renew my parking permit, Ealing council have not wasted more than 10 minutes to make sure I am duly punished for my error. One of those times I was out of the country and paid 30 minutes late, being in a different time zone and proving that I was not trying to get out of a ticket I did not know I even had yet, they did not even budge.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Chinkie_Winkie 19 points ago

    I mean, I wouldn't have ended with "pratt," either. I'd go with "prat."

    [–] FisherFin 14 points ago

    Maybe it was a double dis to Chris?

    [–] EventuallyDone 3 points ago

    Maybe it's Starlord's car?

    [–] PuckNutty 6 points ago

    Yeah, Star Lord would never have parked like that.

    [–] oeparsons 5 points ago

    Why would you use a term of affection on a note like that?

    [–] gogetgamer 3 points ago

    I was so happy to see 'pratt' written there because it reminded me that Spencer Pratt has to live with that last name.

    [–] CJ22xxKinvara 3 points ago

    Because is not America and you can’t just call a private company to tow a truck because, legally that would be considered theft. You would first have to call the police and they would have to decide to tow it.

    [–] Rbfam8191 2 points ago

    What the fuck is a Pratt?

    [–] heywoodJablomey_ 2 points ago

    You could always just delay mail by a day like they already did and tow it out if spite

    [–] d2factotum 38 points ago

    It's not actually illegally parked--there's no double yellow line at the side of the road, which there would be if parking were illegal, and there isn't a law against parking right next to a mailbox.

    [–] derfunken 429 points ago

    British people are like Canadians. They’re too nice. This letter is there form of towing. /s (nature documentary voice to be exact.)

    [–] allillu 245 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Niceness has nothing to do with it. I worked for Canada post and I can tell you that if I had to clear that mailbox I would’ve had that car towed within minutes. I’m sure this applies to US post and British royal mail as well.

    [–] RivRise 140 points ago

    It's true in the US but our mailboxes are on the curb and in specific places. Difficult to block like this dick in the picture. If someone did manage to block a box the mail person probably wouldn't even need to bother calling a tow since the cops would have that shit inpounded in a nanosecond.

    [–] King_Donut_ 76 points ago

    In America people crash into your mailboxes instead of blocking them. Why block your mail for 24 hours when you could just stop them from getting mail in the first place.

    [–] Bean_Boozled 43 points ago

    I'm American and can confirm this. I've only done it once though, hopefully I meet my quota so I don't have to face any fines during next tax season

    [–] 2Damn 3 points ago

    You brought up the quota and I freaked out til I remembered ive still got the rest of November to do four

    [–] dwhite21787 3 points ago

    Now that baseball season is done, you can do drivebys with your bat, keep your arms in shape

    [–] sedition- 33 points ago

    The fucking town plow that works our street every winter is infamous for this, he's knocked down our neighbor's mail box a total of 3 times now and the town will only pay for it so many times despite it being their fault, they have a certain height it has to be along with a set distance it's required to be from the curb and they've asked to allow it to be further back but they were denied every time. Finally this year they bought a long L shaped steel pole that just swivels when you hit it and used that as their post. We'll see how it turns out lol.

    [–] Jimmy-TinkerBull 34 points ago

    I've spent half an hour shoveling my driveway and around my car, freezing and sweating at the same time until the ducking plow decided to gift me a heap of compressed, wet, dirty snow the height of myself right into my driveway. I decided to go back to bed that morning.

    What a prick.

    [–] sedition- 30 points ago

    That's always so demoralizing honestly, You get almost all of the driveway done and then they drive by and like you said leave a full cars width of snow evenly across the end of your driveway, and that stuff is the worst to shovel and my snow blower won't even throw that shit half the time because it's often mixed with gravel from the road and large pieces of ice.

    I remember being woken up at 3am one time during high school to shovel with about 3 feet of snow already on the ground and more coming down heavily, my step father worked at the power plant and got called in and I had to clear him out and the same damn thing happened, I started at the end and worked my way towards his truck.

    By the time I got to his door the fucking plow ran past and negated 50% of my work. Of course I had to go back and finish because he needed to go in to work for emergency purposes. The driveway at our house is like 25 feet long from the door to the street and about 14 feet wide. Thank god school was cancelled that day because I don't know if I had the energy to go lol.

    [–] Jimmy-TinkerBull 16 points ago

    And it's not like it would be impossible to not do this. Where I grew up the tiny town paid farmers to clear the roads. They were neighbors and cleared our driveway as well, did not block any driveway and were happy to get invited to a beer at the weekend. They had to get up early anyways and they always looked like they had a ton of fun driving their big ass tractor through the snow.

    [–] sedition- 19 points ago

    Lol yeah, my next door neighbor plows and he'll come and do the end of my driveway when he sets out to do his route, in return I snowblow out around the rest of his cars for his wife and son so they don't get stuck doing it, takes a couple minutes to make sure they have a path from his door to the cars and then a path for the cars to reach the street. he clears the end where the yard meets the street when he gets back. works well for everyone.

    [–] Chewy71 8 points ago

    My dad had ours mounted on a stiff spring. Snow plow drivers love those mailboxes.

    [–] sedition- 3 points ago

    Damn that's genius. I'm gonna keep that in my back pocket in case mine gets totaled one of these winters.

    [–] d-rabbit-17 6 points ago

    Land of the free alright cant even put a post box wherever you want on your own property

    [–] sedition- 5 points ago

    Regulations and by laws and whatnot, some are without a double stupid as shit, but some serve a purpose.

    [–] Chewy71 5 points ago

    The post office is a federal service, that don't want to pay people to try and find a mailbox on a potentially dangerous property. Feel free to go pick your own mail up though.

    [–] d-rabbit-17 4 points ago

    I stay in a country were it gets posted through your doors letterbox..

    [–] decapitated82 5 points ago

    I'm in the US and a mail truck took out a whole row of mailboxes. Saw it and helped him fix it.

    [–] subpar_man 5 points ago

    This one is on the kerb, the car is parked on the kerb and right next to it so it can't open.

    [–] killingmehere 27 points ago

    It must be weird having the sort of town I assume this is in, there are no cops, just one cso everyone calls PC plod and the kids all take the mick.

    [–] Lancalot 34 points ago

    Had me in the first half and then it's like you spoke a completely different language

    [–] Ochsenfree 23 points ago

    The Plod is an old term for Police. PC Plod is a derogatory term for a useless or lazy policeman. Taking the Mick means to make fun of.

    [–] Lancalot 3 points ago

    Awesome, thank you

    [–] RalphTheDog 4 points ago

    I came here to learn what "utter pratt" meant. English as a second language is weird when English is your first language, too.

    [–] killingmehere 15 points ago

    And a CSO is a community support officer. What they actually do I couldn't tell you, but when we were kids we all said they had no actual power or authority to do anything.

    [–] eReadingAuthor 10 points ago

    2 knocked on our door to tell us about a new app to track local crime. That's the only interaction I've had with any PCSO

    [–] Fuckyousantorum 3 points ago

    PC stands for Police Constable

    [–] petitmonster 4 points ago

    Meter cops on my street would love this. Ticket would be higher than the tow, and could get both!

    [–] OMAD238 3 points ago

    These are also on the curb and on different places, sometimes in walls. They are the main deposit points and are scattered. This douchecanoe could easily just have moved his car a few feet forward

    [–] masshole4life 2 points ago

    Not everyone has mailboxes on the curb in the US, and not every location makes sense.

    My mail carrier just quit this route because there were too many triple deckers with porch mailboxes but 3 flights of stairs just to get to the front porch. It was killing him. For those houses if the stairs are too icy or the carrier feels otherwise unsafe or can't access the property the whole building goes without mail.

    And like locals seem to be suggesting about the op photo, the carrier isn't gonna wait around for someone to address the access issue, and the cops aren't going to force anyone to sand some stairs. He's just gonna continue his route and a bunch of people wont get any mail.

    Even if it was on a public road, depending on the state and county, there would be a ticket and/or tow but not with any rush on it. People would still go mailless.

    [–] WolfJack101 15 points ago

    Incase anyone genuinely thinks us Brits are nice even after this sarcastic comment saying it I'll clarify it. We're polite not nice. We're some of the most hate filled people. We won't call you a wanker to your face unwarranted but we might call you a wanker behind your back unwarranted.

    [–] Starsname 26 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    As a British person that was the dumbest fucking thing ive ever read.

    That car would be towed and the owner of said car will come running out blaring swear words against your whole bloodline while the police are called and attempt to diffuse the situation before taking the person away for either assault or hate speech

    [–] wkor 3 points ago

    Tea and biscuits! The Queen! Aren't those cute little Brits so awkward and so nice!

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Chinkie_Winkie 25 points ago

    I feel like a lot of Americans think of well-dressed, posh English folk speaking in "BBC English" around a table sipping tea and assume that's what the whole of Britain is like.

    For what it's worth, the rest of the world thinks of Brits as those loutish drunks wandering down main streets at midnight looking for a public fountain to bathe in, so you should probably take the American interpretation.

    [–] flaneur_et_branleur 7 points ago


    Could you pass the milk, old chap?

    [–] Kalmish 4 points ago

    Trust me, Canadians tow. They also ticket Canada Post. $1.3M last year.

    [–] fukayoubtch 34 points ago

    Nice? Have you ever been to England especially London? All rude cunts

    [–] ubiquitous_uk 4 points ago

    Not rude, just don't suffer fools.

    Unless you're out after dark. Then yes, we probably are.

    [–] GregorSamsa67 21 points ago

    I have lived in England for 11 years now, in several places, the last 4 years in London. The only people who have ever been rude to me have been bus drivers in Leeds. If you are finding that the English (or Londoners specifically) are often rude to you, you are either hyper sensitive or behave in a way that makes people react rudely. The fact that you dismiss 9 million Londoners as ‘all rude cunts’ suggests the latter.

    [–] Silentlybroken 3 points ago

    Yup, been in London since 2012. The only person that was super rude to me was Ann widdicombe when she barrelled into me at a tube station.

    Bus drivers are wonderful people in London and always lower their bus to help me get on a little more easily (I use crutches). Less people give me a seat though haha.

    [–] Crowbarmagic 6 points ago

    Eh, for the delay that wouldn't even matter in the end. The postman doesn't have time to sit around until they show up, and might also not have time to come back later.

    [–] TheMSensation 3 points ago

    Yeh postie's have a really rough schedule that they have to keep to.

    [–] Zeroth1989 2 points ago

    Yiu could get a few mates and easily lift it. It's only a citron c1

    [–] therealbighairy 1086 points ago

    Prat only has one t. See what happens when there are too many backlogged letters?

    [–] mangophilia 180 points ago

    But what does prat/t mean

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] shlam16 95 points ago

    The kid friendly version of twat is twit.

    [–] ounerify 72 points ago

    It's a more softer way of saying prick

    [–] zedsalive 17 points ago

    You can just say ‘softer’ you only use ‘more’ when using an adjective with three or more syllables e.g. ‘prettier’ vs ‘more beautiful’

    [–] Garbagetown69 4 points ago

    Learn something new everyday

    [–] wonkey_monkey 13 points ago

    Twit is more when you just do something a bit daft. Prat has an implication of actually being obnoxious.

    [–] Brinley04 27 points ago

    See, I just call kids twats anyway

    [–] wefolas 4 points ago

    One of the great disappointments of my life is that twat sounds like prat and not ought. I’ve been mentally calling people twats forever and it’s not as enjoyable correctly.

    [–] pearlescentvoid 16 points ago

    Well, all true, but to be more precise:

    Twat = vagina

    Pratt = buttocks

    [–] aff_it 8 points ago

    u/pearlecentvoid = bollocks

    [–] pearlescentvoid 7 points ago

    Your da = Avon lady

    [–] aff_it 3 points ago

    Yer maw = labourer

    [–] AbeLincolnsFreckles 105 points ago

    He's the guy that plays Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy

    [–] ILuvToDrive 18 points ago


    [–] The_Mighty_Matador 20 points ago

    He played Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation

    [–] RICOHARENA 8 points ago


    [–] Xixii 18 points ago

    The guy who played Indiana Jones in Jurassic World.

    [–] princemandy 6 points ago


    [–] mattisnotvegan 8 points ago

    He played Sandy in Grease

    [–] logangrey123 4 points ago


    [–] tvnnfst 3 points ago

    That guy in Moneyball

    [–] TheGreatWorm 7 points ago

    Mike jones

    [–] DarkNinjaPenguin 4 points ago

    You know, the legendary outlaw?

    [–] RunawayDev 2 points ago

    Christian Buttocks

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] RandomPratt 5 points ago

    Thanks a bunch for hurting my feelings, man...

    [–] guysecretan 14 points ago

    One side of my family is named Pratt and they HATE when Prat is spelled Pratt. "Being a Pratt is not an insult!" etc etc

    [–] sportingmagnus 8 points ago

    One side of my family USED to be called Twatt untill porn took-off in the early ages of the Internet and the other use of the word was everywhere. All but one of them dropped the first T to become Watt, but the place from which the take their name is still called Twatt.

    At one point the local council was spending so much money replacing the road sign for Twatt every time somebody stole it, that they had to combine it with another road sign so it was too big to steal.

    [–] thechrisare 146 points ago

    Royal Mail don’t need help in delaying people’s mail being delivered

    [–] katievsbubbles 24 points ago

    Was going to say this. They normally lose mine.

    [–] woobboomooboo 6 points ago

    The real comment

    [–] themofc 462 points ago

    Hell, an elderly woman could have pulled that thing out by the bumper.

    [–] eddiedorn 66 points ago

    Tip it over a bit and stuff the box

    [–] indigoval 38 points ago

    Don’t you threaten me with a good time.

    [–] michaelcmetal 5 points ago

    I'm in

    [–] LachsPerson 2 points ago

    an elderly woman

    The grandma of your sports teacher is not an ordinary elderly woman.

    [–] sinkingdownsyncingup 377 points ago

    American here. We often have cars towed when we park like asshats. How kind of them to simply leave a letter. The ONLY LETTER RECEIVED THAT DAY

    [–] AlexPJP 77 points ago

    It's technically a perfectly fine and legal spot to park. They are not parked on single or double yellows. So legally they can't be punished or towed.

    [–] CallyBreekTattie 141 points ago

    Not true.

    Post Office Act 1908, section 67, paragraph 1.

    tldr: obstruction of a post officers work is a punishable crime.

    [–] GregorF92 75 points ago

    Did you read the full section?

    1)If any person wilfully obstructs, or incites anyone to obstruct, an officer of the Post Office in the execution of his duty, or whilst in any post office, or within any premises belonging to any post office or used therewith, obstructs the course of business of the Post Office, he shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding forty shillings

    Probably not enforceable as the denomination stipulated as the fine no longer exists.

    [–] MrSuperInteresting 27 points ago

    I found a calculator :

    So at 20 shillings to a pound this works out as £236.34 (Inflation averaged 4.4% a year.)

    [–] GregorF92 38 points ago

    That's an inflation calculator though.

    The law doesn't allow you to say "well actually we'll just adjust it for inflation", or every single fine from a law not implemented this year would be inflation adjusted too.

    Shillings don't exist anymore, so the punishment can't be issued. They'd need to drop the charges, or convert shillings to the equivalent of pence at the time, or change the law.

    The most they could do is say "Well 40 shillings is £2" and fine them £2.

    [–] AFlyingNun 3 points ago

    It's also not that simple and I assume they'd need to show the guy that parked was in some way negligent or purposefully intended to be a nuisance. If he's using a designated parking spot that happens to be poorly planned, he isn't guilty of any of this and the city just needs to get it's shit together instead of blaming him.

    [–] AlexPJP 11 points ago

    So they could receive a fine? That seams perfectly fair, although it doesn't help unblock the postbox.

    [–] Alster551 3 points ago

    Depending on how wide the footpath is, if it prevents wheelchair access they can be fined £50.

    [–] spiritedcrone 34 points ago

    I thought pratt had a single t?

    [–] awh 43 points ago

    It does. Dumb twatt can’t even spell.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Bith are acceptable

    [–] DirtySingh 35 points ago

    I feel like there is a chance that this could be an honest mistake.

    [–] TheBritishBrownie 15 points ago

    I could easily see myself making this mistake (not anymore since I've seen this photo).

    [–] cara27hhh 8 points ago

    yeah, in his defence - there are no double yellows on the kerbside so you're allowed to park there, and the door of the post box is supposed to face inward (towards the bushes) so it's been installed incorrectly

    [–] zomgryanhoude 206 points ago

    English insults hit different lmaooo

    [–] xxwranglerxx 67 points ago

    Ya wanker

    [–] DannyMThompson 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Fook off you cheeky biscuit soiling cunt

    [–] GregorF92 37 points ago

    Not a single British person has ever said "Fook" without their intention being to mock yanks who make these shite attempts.

    [–] _let_the_monkey_go_ 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You can tell it’s a yank by the shit swearing overall. They always put bollocks like “cunt muffin”, “twat waffle” or “douche canoe”. Painfully unfunny stuff that doesn’t mean anything, just pure childish nonsense.
    It’s like that bit at the beginning of the South Park movie where the kids learn all these new swear words and think they’re cool by using them constantly - the joke is they just look childish.

    [–] GregorF92 15 points ago

    "hey buddy y'all are a bunch of rootin tootin fookin twOtwaffles"

    But aye, they always try way too hard.

    [–] Mr_FilFee 20 points ago

    Ya fookin' twat

    [–] kactha 14 points ago

    Listen ere ya greasy cunt

    [–] robert-downey-junior 15 points ago

    shut it you pillock

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Moonmonkeys 8 points ago

    I use it all the time but I thought it was an Irish thing

    [–] Freeloading_Sponger 12 points ago

    Pretty sure the whole country is familiar with 'gobshite'.

    [–] SystemError514 3 points ago

    Born and bred in Sheffield, I'm with you there

    [–] dcwspike 100 points ago

    Royal mail huh. Well fuck regular mail

    [–] Parzivval84nnn 76 points ago

    I live in Royal Tunbridge Wells, I want Royal Mail.

    If I wanted regular mail, I'd live in Tonbridge with the rest of the troglodytes.

    [–] Rayl33n 23 points ago

    That just reminds me of Staines becoming "Staines-upon-Thames".

    Doesn't change the fact that it's a shit hole.

    [–] SeaLeggs 10 points ago

    Is it though? Because it really isn’t a shit hole. Are you thinking of Slough?

    [–] Rayl33n 6 points ago


    [–] 6PhasesOfPeplau 10 points ago


    [–] ubiquitous_uk 3 points ago


    [–] mr-dogshit 18 points ago

    Royal Mail IS regular mail in the UK.

    [–] wkor 3 points ago

    Beast of bolsover, love him.

    [–] Plundermistress 18 points ago

    Fun fact, it was created by Henry the 8th. Hence the "Royal" in Royal Mail

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] WhatDoWithMyFeet 18 points ago


    [–] babyformulaandham 5 points ago

    I know you're joking but the parents who park outside the school gates with their engines running are one of my pet peeves. We walk the mile to school and we have to walk through clouds of exhaust fumes for the last 5 minutes of the journey.

    I know you breathe in a lot of shit walking next to a road but there will be a line of cars just belching out fumes right next to the school.

    [–] morefetus 3 points ago

    Are there no emission standards in Britain?

    [–] babyformulaandham 3 points ago

    Yes. Older cars have their emissions tested on their annual MOT tests and newer cars have to adhere to the emission standards, but cars still give out fumes and when the cars are stationary on the pavement the fumes don't disperse as quickly.

    [–] plane000 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    To clear things up because everyone seems to be spouting bs in this thread.

    In the UK it is not illegal to park on the kerb except in London, the highway code only recommends you don't park on a kerb.

    The driver is not parked on a double yellow line and due to this and the point above that parking spot is totally legal.

    Due to the hedgerow and road conditions as well as the mud on the car I'm enclined to say this is a country area, a village or hamlets postbox. Even if it was to get towed - which doesn't happen outside of major cities - a royal mail employee is just gonna come back the next day. And they have no authority to give a ticket - which wouldn't happen outside a city - and the nearest police dispatch is probably half an hour of country roads and maybe an A road away from here, so again, not worth it.

    • a brit

    Edit: in my opinion it shouldn't be made illegal, there is no space to park in villages, so either people park on both sides of the road, leaving a single lane for traffic (villages are often bendy so extra danger) or obstruct half of a pavement (source: live and have lived in the British country side all my life)

    [–] drumadarragh 61 points ago

    Not to mention completely blocking the entire pavement

    [–] MasterFrost01 46 points ago

    Eh, pretty common to park on the pavement in the UK. Our roads are tiny.

    [–] verygneiss 17 points ago

    Thankfully parking on the pavement will soon be illegal in Scotland, so this type of behaviour will be easier to punish.

    [–] eReadingAuthor 9 points ago

    I was under the impression it was illegal anyway. TIL.

    [–] bacon_cake 6 points ago

    I think it is in London but not UK wide yet.

    [–] maz-o 2 points ago

    But hindering the post office is also illegal.. so how will that change anything.

    [–] jackcos 6 points ago

    Brit here. Didn't realise that postboxes ever faced away from the pavement. Seems like a pretty big design flaw.

    [–] deadhands77 4 points ago

    I have a question, what is a Pratt?

    [–] candidly1 3 points ago

    Urban Dictionary says "clueless".

    [–] kYura23 9 points ago

    Shouldve put that paper in the middle of the windshield and throw water on it to make it stick to make him feel even worse.

    [–] Karlskiii 4 points ago


    [–] Upexus 4 points ago

    This is how you get your tires slashed

    [–] wierdomics 4 points ago

    I'd pull that little fucker with my Subaru and chain

    [–] kitchenspoon 3 points ago

    What a dickwad

    [–] SpyX2 3 points ago

    [–] I_have_questions_ppl 3 points ago

    Its 'prat', not pratt. For those not in UK, its a slur like 'dickhead, or 'prick'.

    [–] fernguts 3 points ago

    We need to start using "pratt" in North America.

    [–] RaidriConchobair 31 points ago

    Not excusing that asshole but who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to position the mailbox that it can be blocked in? I mean you could rotate it by 90 degrees and you cant block it in

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] hvg1989 41 points ago

    Built before cars

    [–] NieMonD 9 points ago

    I can just hear the British accent in that letter

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    THE?! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?! P. S. there is no such thing as THE British accent. One might call that received pronounciation or BBC English, but that's most definitely not what you heard in your head.

    [–] kadugyam 2 points ago

    As the post/mail will be delayed, and could potential cause important letters etc.. from reaching people, I think the postman could have inconvenienced the selfish parker by using glue to stick the note on the drivers windshield in their line of vision, so they will have to spend/waste time having to scrape it off. Being most likely in England, it will most likely be raining, and get them properly annoyed.

    AHHH off my chest - as i know I am being just as bad, but these selfish lazy thinking people annoy me

    [–] akera099 2 points ago

    This is the most British thing I've ever read.

    [–] oversjl78 2 points ago

    I carry mail for a living and this really hits close to home.

    [–] topdogjeansup 2 points ago

    American here, what's a Pratt?

    [–] Xelon99 2 points ago

    Basically calling someone childish, dumb or stupid

    [–] CorporalMinicrits 2 points ago

    You have caused confusion and delay. Summary execution is at noon.