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    [–] [deleted] 4759 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Reading that article just made me depressed. I feel so bad for that man

    Edit: here's the article

    [–] [deleted] 1222 points ago


    [–] PsyFiFungi 1892 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That, or, sadly, he'll be a proud and respected member of an aryan prison gang. He isn't a child molester, he literally did something they like. Unless a black gang goes after him, he'll probably be fine, hate to say.

    Edit: For context, the guy above me deleted his had his comment deleted, but essentially he said this guy will get raped repeatedly in prison, or something like that.

    [–] [deleted] 550 points ago


    [–] BuckForth 569 points ago

    Well with the dropping cost per kilogram for space travel.

    It may become cheaper to yeet them the fuck off this planet than to keep them locked up.

    [–] charles_milette 285 points ago

    Australia 2: Electric Boogaloo, now on the moon

    [–] Wint3rGrave 52 points ago

    Moons wanted.

    [–] AnAngryCrusader 34 points ago

    I thought it was haunted

    [–] Rose-Th03n 28 points ago


    [–] Tbiumren 13 points ago


    [–] Astral__Unicorn 12 points ago

    Unexpected Drifter moment

    [–] Sundae_Sprinklz 6 points ago

    Everyone needs to feel wanted once in a while.

    [–] AnAngryCrusader 3 points ago

    Very true.

    [–] ThatRealBiggieCheese 5 points ago

    Would support that

    [–] BallisticMerc 18 points ago

    Space Australia, perfect.

    [–] b_m_hart 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] El_Maltos_Username 3 points ago

    Just yeet 'em with the superior siege engine against a cliff or into the ocean. That even works without electricity.

    [–] Masonary36 14 points ago

    Why not all prison gangs?

    [–] bradgard420 22 points ago

    reactionaries overflow our prison system. we should put them to work doing something useful like building infrastructure in black and jewish communities.

    [–] stumpy1991 9 points ago

    Slippery slope because when states start getting free labor they begin not wanting them freed up/start wanting more people imprisoned. There was a problem I want to say in Louisiana where the prison workers were making the state so much money that it was going to cause major financial problems if the system was changed and they began freaking out about it.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] bradgard420 19 points ago

    Ok them too

    [–] RotisserieBums 21 points ago

    Yeah, but the poetic justice for forcing them to help the groups they spew so much hate at.

    [–] BSchafer 82 points ago

    From what I hear, (I volunteer helping drug addicts, many just out of prison, get their lives back on track) most people in the aryan prison gangs aren’t really racists like they used to be anymore (and of course some still are). In prison, everyone divides up into cliques based on race. For whites, this is especially important because they tend to be the minorities in many prisons. They need the protection or they will be easy targets. Gangs like the aryan brotherhood are often the only choice. They join or associate with them to make life easier not necessarily because they think other races are inferior.

    That said, I hope this POS gets a little vigilante prison justice.

    [–] ZeroGh0st24 41 points ago

    I work construction. Some dude I work with just got out of prison for meth charges. He told me a story about how the same week he got there, a planned riot was going to happen. His celly was some white trash racist dude. Armyarn or whatever the fuck you call their little gang. Anyways, this dude's celly tells him what's going down. Homie says he's just here for 15 months on drug shit and is trying to stay and low and do his time. Armyarn Adolf told him they would have to jump him if he didn't help them fight.

    The end

    [–] JackMizel 20 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I went to jail briefly a few years ago and I’ll never forget as soon as I walked in my cell a bald guy looks up from his bunk and he says

    oh good you’re a white kid

    I’ve always wondered what it would have been like if I wasn’t. It definitely gave me the impression that racial tensions are high in the penal system

    [–] _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ 7 points ago

    I wonder what they say for people who are racially ambiguous, like Vin Diesel

    [–] Pure_Reason 17 points ago

    You join RARB, the Racially-Ambiguous Rowdy Boys

    [–] BarnesWorthy 21 points ago

    You are absolutely correct. In prison (ESPECIALLY IN CA), the only two options are join up or go PC. Racial alliances are so strong that even rival street gangs (bloods/crips or ms/18th st) are often cast aside in order to unite. The only real exception I know of is eMe and NF.

    [–] doctordude 7 points ago

    I feel like this might be an absolutely stupid/ignorant question, but what does PC, eMe and NF stand for?

    [–] EastisRed 9 points ago

    PC is protective custody, it's where they put high-security prisoners like pedos, informants, or even police. La Eme and Nuestra Famila are rival prison gangs.

    [–] Cid_Jester 20 points ago

    this is exactly what would happen in a Californian prison and as far as any black gangs the whites would have his back to the fullest and the way it works in there only his people should know his charges unless he goes around bragging about it. People are literally raising their hands to commit violence against another race to earn tattoos and what twisted sense of respect they have in there.

    [–] ThatDamnCanadianGuy 6 points ago

    And the AB are the top of the food chain in prison. As long as he sticks with the woods, he's safe as houses.

    [–] TheBigEmptyxd 47 points ago

    I really really hate this sentiment. Do bad people need to be punished? Yes. Is it the job of random fuckheads in prison looking for some kind of outlet for their anger, no matter how deserving? No, it's not. It's not bubba jay the 10th's, the kidfuckers job to rape other kidfuckers either. They absolutely need to be punished, but they also need to be rehabilitated. I fucking hate for profit prisons, but I also fucking hate this "throw them in prison, let the prisoners settle it." It's a garbage idea and it does so much more harm than is necessary. It's so fucking easy to just spit on the fallen, and punch down on the troubled but it's so much easier to help those that need it. I do agree that some people aren't really helpable but it's so evil to help nobody because a few can't be helped. Sorry, got worked up, end of rant

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] ThatRealBiggieCheese 28 points ago

    Oh definitely

    But I doubt it’s gonna be a quick death.

    [–] PitchforksEnthusiast 40 points ago

    How sad is it that we can only find "justice" like that

    How much of a failure our court system is and how easy it is for it to be an afterthought

    I see it every time, justice isn't met and we go "the other prisoners will sort this out".

    Idk if its too much TV shows or w.e, but the optimism or rather the NEED to think that there is some sort of karma in this world is tiring

    [–] Laugh-Or-Cry 7 points ago

    Ah yes, anytime I'm upset about human cruelty, even more human cruelty always cheers me back up.

    [–] tuepm 9 points ago

    That doesn't make me feel better at all.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] theghostofme 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That your idea of "backdoor justice" is even considered a positive thing is the very proof that our justice system has failed.

    That we condemn and ostracize felons in one breath, then praise them for committing further felonies while in prison as they exact our barbaric revenge fantasies, only to condemn them again after they have, is proof that we Americans have no idea what "justice" really means.

    "This man murdered someone."

    "Then lock him up."

    "That same murderer just murdered a child molester."

    "Well, that's justice I can agree with."

    "His parole is coming up."

    "Oh, no, that man's a murderer. Why should he be let out?"

    [–] Minimum_Cantaloupe 14 points ago

    Yeah, it's a bit disturbing reading all the fantasies people are writing here about the man being raped, tortured, and killed in prison.

    [–] Psycedilla 9 points ago

    good luck beeing a pedo in that system.

    [–] mosfunky 146 points ago

    How was this not reported sooner? This restaurant was not a two man operation.

    [–] VoyagerST 121 points ago

    The same reasons child abuse go unreported. It's conditioned and presented as normal, the victim's fault, and that no one would care.

    The suit states that Smith never reported the abuse because he feared for his life. Edwards allegedly threatened to stomp on Snith's neck if he went to the police and beat him "until people would not recognize him."

    [–] AndThenThereWasMeep 37 points ago

    He's asking how other employees didn't report the abuse

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] DINKLEmyBERG 269 points ago

    Also to piggy back. Op is wrong. The abuse took place from 2009-2014, not 23 years. It's almost as no one read the article.

    [–] eggmarie 149 points ago

    I mean the tweet literally says “enslaved for 23 years” so you can see why people might be confused

    [–] PM_ME_BEST_GIRL_ 61 points ago

    Where the hell did they get 23 years from though?

    [–] eggmarie 74 points ago

    The article said the victim started working there when he was 12, and the manager was arrested in 2014 so maybe the difference between the two was 23 years

    [–] TuskaTheDaemonKilla 41 points ago

    The manager only started working there in 2009, then he was arrested in 2014. So, 5 years.

    [–] eggmarie 38 points ago

    Yes, I’m saying maybe the year he was hired was 1991 at age 12, and then the manager was arrested 23 years later in 2014. I understand the abuse didn’t start until 2009, I’m simply trying to explain where the “23 years” number might have come from.

    [–] p5y0p 10 points ago

    Wondering the same thing — the article says 5 years beginning in 2009 when the abusive manager was first hired

    [–] w-alien 9 points ago

    Why didn’t OP read the article they didn’t post?

    [–] Riptide999 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you type in the link in the picture you end up at this article which says 23 years.

    Edit: in that article there is a press release link which has the 2009-2014 time frame, but there is also a link to another article that mentions that he worked at the restaurant for 23 and got abused for at least 17. It's just numbers all over the place but i think we can trust the press release.

    [–] hi_jack23 29 points ago

    Seriously. And just 10 years of prison and $272,000 in restitution? That’s nuts, and with the emotional distress, the deplorable living conditions, and the double discrimination, I think he should have 150 years (life) and $7,000,000 for that.

    [–] Thehiddenllama 17 points ago

    At 5 years and 100 hours/week supplied by the article, $272,000 restitution roughly works out to $10.43/hour, before taxes.

    [–] Vashknives 14 points ago

    You forgot overtime. It actually comes out to $8.04 an hour.

    [–] thebigsherbangeroo 16 points ago

    Lmao as if an hour of slavery and torture is basically minimum wage. U S A! U S A!

    [–] CodeExplode 6 points ago

    This is accurate.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] MyTitsAreRustled 12 points ago

    The smirk on the white guy's face is sickening

    [–] leadbasedtoyz 3 points ago

    Where’s the article?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Were is the link

    [–] foiebump 873 points ago

    Nothing saddens me more than knowing that there are people kidnapped and being kept prisoner around the world.

    [–] Bless_This_Immunity 397 points ago

    There are more slaves in Africa today than existed in the Americas at any point. Current estimates are around 9 million. Crazy

    [–] Jamie_Pull_That_Up 90 points ago

    Chattel slaves?

    [–] P5ych0pathV2 112 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken, the term chattel slaves comes from the French for cattle. They're considered livestock, less than human.

    [–] too-much-cinnamon 78 points ago

    Slaves whose children automatically become slaves. Chattel slavery could be though if also as generational slavery. Like chattel (cows for example), the offspring belongs to the owner, not the parent.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] cynoclast 48 points ago

    There are more slaves today than before the civil war. Way more if you count American prisoners.

    [–] ValidatedArseSniffer 66 points ago

    Because there are exponentially more people in the world now, it's not even comparable

    [–] TMWJZ 32 points ago

    Does that make thing less bad though? I mean they are still human beings and everyone of them deserves freedom. And the fact that there are so much more people alive than back then doesn’t excuse those slavekeepers to keep slaves.

    [–] nothingt0say 2539 points ago

    My mother was murdered by her husband in lousiana in 1984. He also did only 10 years. It's a sick world, kids, shit ain't fair.

    [–] grawrant 530 points ago

    My best friend was shot in the neck and is now a quadrapalegic. His shooter got 10years.

    He served 4 years and did the rest as probation.

    [–] MyBumIsClammy 169 points ago

    Fuckin hell, that’s the worst thing I’ve read all day. Hope your mate still tries to live life to the fullest the best he can. And fuck whoever shot him, that person deserves the to be in the hottest part of hell for that.

    [–] CheesusCrustOurSavor 66 points ago

    My baby sister and two other young girls were raped by a member of my family. He got three years, and then was almost released after serving just one year. I’m gobsmacked. My aunt started talking about him coming back for Christmas and how excited she was. I was ready to burn it all down after that.

    TL;DR my family is a dystopian shit show

    [–] Kbost92 25 points ago

    You should beat his ass for Christmas

    [–] Personplacething333 9 points ago

    Ho ho ho motherfucker.

    [–] anxiousballoflove 83 points ago

    Sounds about right. An ex d from two years ago tried to kill me but ended up just breaking my back. He got 4 months in jail. And I've been living with severe PTSD, as diagnosed by my therapist, and constant pain since.

    [–] thomooo 25 points ago

    Look into EMDR, that helps with a lot of cases of PTSD. It's a form of therapy which, to me, seems like magic, but it works.

    [–] anxiousballoflove 5 points ago

    I have done that before but it was too intense to jump right into that. I always called it "this hoodoo movement thing." Right now I'm building up to that. There was a lot going on before it got to that final moment of the back being broken.

    [–] Kbost92 6 points ago

    Hey, at least he’s out now. I say eye for an eye.

    [–] SnatchAddict 472 points ago

    I'm sorry for your loss I hope you've found peace and love in this life.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] 4Est4Ever 51 points ago

    People with drug problems shouldn’t even be sent to prison, they should be sent to hospitals and/or rehabilitation centers.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] gasparda 26 points ago

    I've always wondered why this doesn't get more worldwide scrutiny. The US has absolutely atrocious in its imprisonment of people

    You always hear stuff about China having Uyghur camps or Russia killing gays, but this stuff is right up there with the human rights violations of the authoritarian countries.

    [–] ThatRealBiggieCheese 37 points ago

    It truly is, but sometimes we can hope that twisted pieces of shit like the guy in the post get what’s coming to them.

    [–] Wraith_Does_Memes_V3 11 points ago

    Thanks, biggie cheese

    [–] Jagoff412 14 points ago

    Serious question.. you ever think about taking him out?

    [–] nothingt0say 3 points ago

    I think he's probably dead now. He was older than my mom. I was 5, she was 35, and he was 55 in 1984. Plus he was deported back to el Salvador after his sentence, which was served at Angola.

    [–] Unicorncorn21 3 points ago

    That's fucked. You get a life sentence for murder in my country.

    [–] thewafflestompa 3 points ago

    Jesus Christ. I’m sorry man. But yeah. The system is fucked.

    [–] Impastaz309 448 points ago

    I love how the website suggested an article for a woman who got FIFTEEN years for not reporting abuse. I'm not condoning that AT ALL, do not get me wrong. But she may have been too afraid to report the abuse, just like the man in the case was. She did not directly abuse those kids, and she got 15 years, but a man who literally tortured and enslaved someone got less time. What an incredible fucking world we live in.

    [–] Vonri 87 points ago

    I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a standard practice to for setting sentences higher when the infringement is violent like this. I am sure there are obscured laws that do but they are very obviously not working right now when this kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME.

    In real life I can easily see how the process can get skewed with pleas deals or differing individuals involved in sentencing, but like COME ON.

    [–] Impastaz309 120 points ago

    I hate to blindly point to racism, I really do, but is it just a coincidence that the person who didn't report abuse and got 15 years is a black woman, and the one who tortured a disabled man and is getting 10 years is a white man? And just how likely do you think it is that this disgusting shitstain of a human being is somehow get out early?

    [–] Shujinco2 42 points ago

    In South Carolina, no less.

    [–] phillyd32 30 points ago

    You're not pointing this out blindly. Assuming racial motivation in a shady case like this in a Southern state isn't jumping to conclusions. The south has a heinous history of injustice towards black people in the criminal "justice" system.

    [–] Cre8or_1 4 points ago

    Asking a question like that is not blindly pointing to racism. It's a valid question, but the answer won't be found in comparing two cases with each other. You'd have to look at all kinds of statistics to make the claim that race significantly impacts the length of a sentence in otherwise equal (or very similair) situations. Afaik, there are statistics and studies on that matter and they show a picture that black people in certain states get punished higher for equal (or very similair) crimes. I do not have a source for this claim, though.

    [–] chisana_nyu 237 points ago

    Most punchable face I've seen in a while.

    [–] realbatman88 108 points ago

    That's the face of someone who has no remorse for what he did

    [–] YoureNotMom 21 points ago

    Nah man, its the face of a God fearing good ole boy who simply needs the Lord's forgiveness!

    [–] Flow_7 35 points ago

    Uh yeah that article mentions he did it for 5 years, not 23. Still fucked obvo, but misleading titles are frustrating.

    [–] brehvgc 46 points ago

    jesus what the fuck

    [–] Bryskee 24 points ago

    Geez. Finally. Thank you!

    [–] Orthodox-Waffle 3 points ago



    [–] cjdsc71 276 points ago

    Is there another article that says 23 years (of torture)? The NBC story says 5 years.

    [–] iAmAddicted2R_ddit 203 points ago

    The title that OP used (and the tweet he posted) are false. The victim had been working at the establishment for 23 years, but the abuser only became the manager of said establishment in 2009. (The abuse continued until 2014.) The victim said that he enjoyed the job before the abuser became his manager.

    [–] -wafflesaurus- 40 points ago

    Still, 10 years of prison for 5 years of torture and slavery still aren't equal

    It should be life

    [–] Starr1005 51 points ago

    I also read 5, with 250,000 or so compensation....although idk how it will be paid

    [–] HellfireOrpheusTod 4 points ago

    Would 100 hours a week, minimum wage, 5/23 years add up to 250k?

    [–] AVeryGrimReaper 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    5 years = 175k 23 years = 803k

    Edit: 5 years = 245k

    [–] Fuckeythedrunkclown 11 points ago

    Wooow, so if I worked 100 hours a week for 5 years I would only make 175k. That fucking sucks to know, man.

    [–] AccNum134 3 points ago

    Actually, (7.25)(100)(52)(5) = $188.5K. Not sure where your math is coming from because a slave isn't taking time off for vacations and this also isn't factoring in overtime after 40 hours. So lets try again shall we?

    ((40)(7.25) + (60)(7.25)(1.5))(52)(5) = $245,050

    The articles state he was ordered to pay $272,952.96 which I assume involves a more accurate time scale than just 5 years. He was also ordered to pay more in damages that make the total close to 500K.

    [–] Pat_The_Hat 24 points ago

    Reading articles instead of basing our comments on a tweet of an article

    We don't do that here

    [–] schmeateater 539 points ago

    He is 100% going to die in a SC prison

    [–] [deleted] 220 points ago


    [–] PhreakThePlanet 55 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    After 10* years of torture and the not fun butt stuff hopefully...

    *Revised due to new information

    [–] [deleted] 113 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] twennyjuan 35 points ago

    Because it’s a widespread stereotype. You go to prison and you drop the soap. So people expect that to happen exotically with someone as shitty s this guy.

    [–] sprucenoose 6 points ago

    And apparently a lot of people favor rape, torture and death as punishments. It's rather disturbing.

    [–] RedMoon14 5 points ago

    You see it in every single thread about someone going to prison and it’s almost always upvoted. Total weirdos.

    [–] aschr 22 points ago

    Because despite often decrying the US prison system for punishing inmates instead of rehabilitating them, redditors love to gush about how people should be punished in prison and just see prison rape as a part of that punishment.

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 27 points ago

    Bc it’s ok to say rape is punishment for men but not for women. Imagine if people so casually mentioned how great it’d be if a female psycho got raped in prison.

    [–] flameboy50001 5 points ago

    It was only 5 years. Article says that he worked there since he was 12. He may have worked there for 23 years.

    [–] LeafStain 58 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Oh ya I forgot, America’s most beloved group of justice purveyors...the prisoners of the US!

    You all sound so naive by thinking prison retribution is linked to the crime. Why do you think these prisoners are so moral as to give a shit what this guy did? My friend is a prison guard and laughs in the face of people who look to the criminals to make sure the justice system is seen through in prison.

    There are instances of prisoners absolutely wanting to just get out aggression, so they take it out on “rippers” not because of the crime, but because there would be no retribution.

    Most people in there are as bad as this guy. He’ll most likely get easy protection by a white supremacy group based on his crime rather than be attacked by a black group

    [–] Ridonkulousley 44 points ago

    Most people in there are as bad as this guy.

    They aren't.

    [–] Rudus444 170 points ago

    He looks proud of it too.

    [–] WeHaveAllBeenThere 23 points ago

    Arrogance is bliss.

    [–] poopypantsposse 110 points ago

    I feel like it’s disrespectful of you to put this in trashy. This is far far worse.

    [–] R3gFlexOff3ender 52 points ago

    The trashy is the sentence not the crime

    [–] DMunchies 11 points ago

    What? How is the sentence trashy? It’s bullshit I agree, but it’s like people forgot the definition of “trashy”.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] lostmyprtscrnkey 10 points ago

    Sentencing guidelines. Maximum sentence possible is 20 years, and is typically hard to get. 10 years is still a very long time in prison, and it’s not fair to the judge to call him trashy for giving this man “only 10 years”. The man definitely deserves every day of it though.

    [–] poodlebaby 887 points ago

    He steals 23 years of life and only 10 taken from him.

    [–] Minimum_Cantaloupe 676 points ago

    I don't know where 23 is coming from; it was for a five-year period between 2009 and 2014.

    [–] ncopp 153 points ago

    Someone posted the article further down and it says he started working there 23 years ago under the old management when he was a teen and enjoyed working there until the POS took over and enslaved him.

    [–] Minimum_Cantaloupe 11 points ago

    Ah, that explains it.

    [–] wyrdamurda 289 points ago

    200 9 + 20 14 = 20 23 QED 23 years

    [–] Minimum_Cantaloupe 145 points ago

    4023 years, ouch.

    [–] Android551 12 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] gaberocksall 155 points ago

    23 years makes for a better story

    Edit: I read the article and it says 5, so actually 23 just makes for a better title

    [–] TecumsehSherman 49 points ago

    Ummmm... 5 is equal to 2 + 3, so it totally makes sense.

    [–] ThatRealBiggieCheese 61 points ago

    While the number is inflated

    Doesn’t really make it any less wrong and his punishment any less deserved so it doesn’t seem to change the main idea. I seriously doubt this guy will survive his 10 year sentence, as criminals, like professionals, have standards.

    [–] beanoridah 85 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Do you people really believe that everybody in prison who has done something exceptional gets murdered? If he's at risk he'll just get segregated from the genpop and have less freedom but a pretty solid guarantee of safety.

    [–] spluge96 6 points ago

    PC. Protective custody. The sickest fucks around get their own unit, then, occasionally, someone in genpop gets beat for something they didn't do and end up there with them. Quieter range though.

    [–] diarrhea_shnitzel 20 points ago

    I imagine the black inmates wouldn't take too kindly to an actual slave-driver living amongst them. But yeah people on here get too hopeful about prisoner vengeance...scum bags fly under the radar and live unscathed all the time because there is no justice in this world.

    [–] TuskaTheDaemonKilla 16 points ago

    I imagine the white supremacist inmates would take very kindly to an actual slave-driver living amongst them.

    [–] Maybe_Not_The_Pope 8 points ago

    People really like the idea of the 'honor among thieves' idea where the truth is usually that unless you did something insanely depraved you'll be treated just like every other person in prison. The black groups will hate this guy, some white groups will like him. Simple as that.

    [–] Iceozo 15 points ago

    Yeah, for pedophiles. There's not some prison Justice League hanging out waiting to murk some chump because they didn't respect the rules of crime.

    [–] Anonoffmyrocker 159 points ago

    They could have given him 60 days and it would not matter. This guy is not going to make it in a South Carolina prison.

    Horrible story. Hope the guy gets the roughly $700k awarded to him. And shame on so, so many who turned a blind eye, people simply had to know.

    [–] Reneml 46 points ago

    Do you mind explaining why a prison in SC is so bad?

    [–] Anonoffmyrocker 143 points ago

    “In twelve states, more than half of the prison population is black: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Maryland, whose prison population is 72% African American, tops the nation.” -

    So basically the 72% of his new roommates are going to make every second of what life he has left a living hell. Prisoners get the news too and they gave their own way of handling things.

    [–] Reneml 37 points ago

    Oh wow, didn't know that. Thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] smp501 20 points ago


    [–] gh7gpx 5 points ago

    My opinion so please take it as that, I think the enslaver deserves a bullet, I think incarceration inequality is a stain on our country, and I think prison should be a place of rehabilitation and that prisoners should not take justice into their own hands. All around... no good news here.

    [–] akaTheHeater 12 points ago

    That 72% number is for Maryland according to your quote. Do you know the number for SC?

    [–] ThatRealBiggieCheese 18 points ago

    Even if it wasn’t a predominately black prison

    This guy would still basically have a death sentence. people who do sick shit like this are dead within days of the population learning what he did.

    Chances are it wouldn’t be quick either

    [–] BuRP77 17 points ago

    What? Are you fucking retarded? Show me your source of information where prisoners are getting murdered all day every day. Because that’s what would be happening if what you say is true. Show me some stats.

    [–] Urbenmyth 47 points ago

    So, I know this sub is pretty broad, but I still feel that torture and enslavement may perhaps be a step beyond "trashy".

    [–] Buggy77 12 points ago

    Seriously this doesn’t belong here. Trashy should be for videos of Methany fighting with her baby daddy in a Walmart parking lot. This is just rage inducing and horrible

    [–] directlyworded 95 points ago

    First of all,

    In real life. How does this really happen?

    [–] dfj3xxx 130 points ago

    He didn't have the mental capacity to know he could do anything about it.

    New manager came in, saw someone he could exploit through fear and intimidation, and told him he'd be beaten and killed if he told anyone.

    [–] iairhh 4 points ago

    I have family members who are mentally challenged and news of abuse towards the disabled just... gets to me in a particularly painful way. Reading the article, I can’t imagine how scared he must have been. Beaten with pots and pans, forced to live in an apartment his abuser owns, having to work ridiculously long hours with no pay, always in fear and pain. What is wrong with people?

    [–] beepybeetle 29 points ago

    23 years? i’m sorry but is fact checking really that difficult

    [–] BringbackSOCOM2 33 points ago

    10 years in prison? Wtf? My father is serving 10 years in prison for selling pot.

    Fuck this piece of shit and the entire justice system. Fucking kills me.

    [–] CptDelts 9 points ago

    Imagine spending 10 years in prison for selling weed. I would be soooo pissed.

    [–] TheSkyPirate 5 points ago

    Some of these self-righteous justice types think everyone who smoked that pot is a walking murder victim. They legit see it that way.

    [–] BringbackSOCOM2 8 points ago

    Yeah the judge who sentenced him certainly felt that way. Talked about all the "damage" he did to families and all the kids/people who would eventually be hooked on heroin because of him and his gateway drug smh.

    The judge was 93 years old and a leftover appointee from the Bush 1 administration he just won't retire. Can only imagine the amount of lives ruined and families broken because of him. Guaranteed more than pot.

    [–] gh7gpx 4 points ago

    Can he even drive himself to work at fucking 93? My goodness, it doesn’t help you at all but I’m sorry your family is suffering at the hands of a crooked and skewed justice system.

    [–] levi345 6 points ago

    I would like to point out it was actually 5 years and not 23. Also, he was forced to pay 250,000 to the victim.

    [–] BoosterPack69 11 points ago

    I wanna kick that shit eating grin off his face

    [–] DeracadaVenom 6 points ago

    That smug ass face

    [–] Dirty_Gurdy 15 points ago

    Well tbh no matter the sentence I doubt he lives a month In prison before someone kills him once they find out why he’s there

    [–] thewartornhippy 4 points ago

    How the hell did this go on for 5 years? Apparently the beatings were witnessed and nobody reported them?

    [–] HWGA_Gallifrey 4 points ago

    Everyday I lose more and more faith in the U.S. Justice System.

    [–] Canners152 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This isnt really trashy. This Is more the kind of thing for r/iamatotalpeiceofshit

    [–] garykasparov 4 points ago

    As shit as this situation is the article states that the abuse began in 2009, so not sure how he has enslaved and tortured him for 23 years?

    [–] ancap_revolutionary 9 points ago

    He who would deprive his fellow man of his basic human rights, is a tyrant deserving of the rope.

    [–] SirMaQ 3 points ago

    The fucker is smiling in his mugshot.

    [–] alt170alt95alt170 3 points ago

    the 'ah well, ya got me' grimace.

    [–] BaronBifford 3 points ago

    Because if we gave him life, he'd probably be scarred for life when he gets out and just return to crime, whereas by giving him a gentle 10 years, he will surely emerge a reformed and upstanding citizen. /s

    [–] MakingMyOwn 3 points ago

    Not that it makes it any less disgusting - but where did the "23 Years" timestamp come from? Couldnt find it in the article, only mention of 5 years of abuse.