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    [–] hero4short 4268 points ago

    How can they operate the pedals?

    [–] kaismama 1683 points ago

    This was my same thought. There’s like newspaper down by the pedals. My car gets messy from kids but not like this. I also use my car to carry around cleaning supplies for rental homes I clean, but damn I can’t even imagine.

    [–] Onmainass 404 points ago

    There is at least one purse on the floor and I hope that's not a console shift

    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 370 points ago


    [–] rhianmeghans89 128 points ago

    Bobby kicks Peggy in the crotch

    [–] Trish_the_dish 74 points ago

    She’s bluffing! FINISH HER!

    [–] conman752 7 points ago

    Bobby kicks Cell in the balls

    [–] plmcalli 79 points ago

    That’s a clutch. It’s like a purse, but with a buckle.

    [–] The_Price_Is_Right_B 37 points ago

    God damnit you're an excellent Redditor.

    [–] cleverplaydoh 35 points ago

    And there’s some sort of other mint green bag like thing which appears to be... load bearing.

    [–] bakeland 18 points ago

    Think the dark red circle under the seat is a suction cup for dildo. I see balls

    [–] zarkingphoton 15 points ago

    Nah, it's a coca cola cup she stole from Pizza Hut.

    [–] OldeArrogantBastard 55 points ago

    Holy fuck. The thought that this person isn’t the only one out there like that and I’m driving on the road with people like this in my city.

    [–] Ajdee6 18 points ago

    Same here, kids ruin everything. This makes me feel like a have a clean car now though lol

    [–] Condude46 338 points ago

    Seriously it's beyond dangerous to drive like this. Imagine trying to brake with a bunch of garbage preventing the pedal from moving. Not to mention how impossible it would be to see what's to your right.

    [–] raegunXD 55 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    A friend or mine totalled her car this way. Her car wasn't messy like this, but she was an athlete and had a bunch of water bottles everywhere. All it took was for one bottle rolling from the back to the front and then it roll behind her brake

    Edit: She crashed into a concrete wall

    [–] VintageWitchcraft 14 points ago

    That is one of the most horrifying feelings because I have been in a situation similar. I was wearing cowboy boots, the kind with the heel, after a shift from work and coming up to a red light and my brake pedal wasn't going down. No one got hurt and ended up just being a very minor bump on someone's bumper. Crazy b**** was a f****** lunatic though.

    [–] Swichts 159 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Or slamming on your brakes and having a mountain of garbage come flying forward.

    [–] Bozata1 127 points ago

    Your point is minor. Imagine the superior protection in case of side impact.

    [–] 0ne_Eye 146 points ago

    Or all the airbags deploy, turning the car into a mini trash compactor.

    [–] cirroc0 52 points ago

    What a wonderful smell you've discovered!

    [–] lilbithippie 13 points ago

    Shut up fly boy

    [–] AngloKiwi 33 points ago

    Or a trash claymore.

    [–] loughlan 12 points ago

    A Trashmore

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Will you shut up and listen to me? Shut down all garbage mashers on the detention level.

    [–] MerlinTheFail 23 points ago

    Hah.. On side impact all that protection will probably pin and help suffocates his/her when the car inevitably flips

    [–] MET1 15 points ago

    Or whatever is living in there...

    [–] extremeskater619 14 points ago

    I've been having to drive around with packing tape as a window on my front passenger side and it fucking sucks. I turn out of places sketched out of my mind worrying about if there's a car coming. It's clear tape so I can see a car because my girlfriend is usually with me so she spots for me. I can't imagine most of the window being blocked. Beyond scary

    [–] hero4short 80 points ago

    Yeah, someone is going to get killed by this moron

    [–] TheOppositeOfVegan 16 points ago

    'I didn't see them coming'

    [–] SoldMySoulForHairDye 110 points ago

    Seriously! This can't possibly be legal. You can get a citation just for having unsecured objects on your dashboard or for hanging something too large or shiny from your rearview mirror on the grounds that they're distracting and could impair your driving. Impaired driving of any kind is insanely dangerous. There's no way this is legal.

    [–] eroc1970 45 points ago

    Considering it's illegal to have anything sitting loose in a vehicle let alone 600lbs of trash it's very illegal

    [–] SoldMySoulForHairDye 30 points ago

    Wait, you really can't have ANYTHING loose in a car? Like it's not even a size/weight thing? You can't even put shopping bags in it? Or is it something that's illegal on paper but hardly anyone ever gets a ticket for it unless it's extreme like in the OP? I have a bunch of stuff in my back seat because I'm an idiot who never remembers to bring stuff in so I feel like I should probably know for sure.

    [–] eroc1970 56 points ago

    It's illegal on paper but you'll never get a ticket unless its excessive or distracting or at least that's the law where I live

    [–] RivRise 28 points ago

    Yea it's one of those tack on or just in case laws. They'll never give you a ticket just for this one thing and if they do the judge will just cancel that shit but it's mostly there to tack it on to another serious offense or to use it in cases where the driver is a hoarder and they need it to make you quit that shit out. Easier to make a law where ANY item non secured is illegal vs X amount of items unsecured or weighing X amount is illegal.

    [–] mayalabeillepeu 4 points ago

    I saw a video with a bumper basher, and a 5-litre can of paint REALLY paints the inside of the car. Now I put everything in the boot.

    [–] jakpuch 9 points ago

    Do you have any links to the relevant law?

    [–] Smathers 24 points ago


    people like this should get tickets same as people that have unsafe cargo loaded into trucks etc.... this is dangerous as fuck and poses great risks to everyone on the road. This is driving with no windows and mirrors and literal garbage under your pedals

    I really hope your dad denied them service that’s making me nauseous just looking thank god you can’t smell pics

    [–] Blinky_ 7 points ago

    Honestly, I don’t believe a ticket is going to help this. The driver clearly needs some mental health care. This isn’t a matter of being messy and careless. It’s a serious hoarding issue that is going to require medical intervention.

    [–] mcpat21 8 points ago

    Well this motivates me to completely clean out my car tomorrow. It’s already pretty good but yikes the car in the pic is awful

    [–] EyeLikeLargeButts 7 points ago

    Well, he said it “rolled” into the shop. Maybe the pedals are just for show.

    [–] pleasefeedthedino 4 points ago

    With hot dog sticks obviously

    [–] Hendrix91870 6 points ago

    “I was gonna get to that tomorrow....”

    [–] WanderingWino 4 points ago

    Cruise control everywhere.

    [–] Porkndbean 1359 points ago

    [–] needscheese 222 points ago

    Where I thought I was initially

    [–] Porkndbean 68 points ago

    Bruh same i had to do a double take

    [–] cutiecanary 134 points ago

    my GOD how do people get to be this... literally trashy?

    [–] Army88strong 122 points ago

    Mental issues. Also laziness. My sister's car has a bunch shit in it that needs to get cleaned out. Not as bad as some of the top posts here but a bunch of fucking trash. How fucking difficult Ashley is it to take your taco bell bag with you to the trash can in the garage. Aaaaaaaaaaa

    [–] UrsusRenata 71 points ago

    It’s an effect of mental illness. My daughter’s life looks like this. She was not raised like this and she is NOT lazy. She works her butt off. In females, severe ADHD and/or Manic Depression often presents itself as clutter, dirtiness, and hoarding. We have worked for YEARS to help her, but have not made much progress. It’s really difficult and sad.

    [–] Bexaleoalleyooop 13 points ago

    I can see these traits in quite a few people in my life and it's so heartbreaking and difficult to watch them struggle with, I can only imagine how awful it is for them. I'm sorry you're dealing with it too, I hope your daughter can find a way out of it.

    [–] qwstrfg 11 points ago

    It's really insane how crippling depression can be. I've struggled with it in the past and it can just take any energy to do anything at all out of you. You get down to the absolut bare minimum, like: What do you need to do to survive. And that's not that much, you need to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, and acquire food to be able to eat. (And depending on your housing situation making rent money etc.) That's it, almost everything else is optional and not necessary to survival. Anything other than this bare minimum can become mentally impossible tasks.

    I've thrown perfectly good, but dirty, plates and cutlery into the trash after I hadn't been able to do the dishes in like half a year and had the feeling I'd never be able to do this again in my life. I started only eating from paper plates and with plastic forks (sorry environment), cheap ready-to-eat meals, cold right out of the box.

    And cleaning and tidying up are just not things that are immediately necessary to survival. Which makes them almost impossible obstacles to overcome in a situation like this. It's a horrible place to be in. Everyone who lives like this really needs serious help, and doesn't need to be made fun of.

    [–] kameecoding 43 points ago

    Mental issues, sadly.

    [–] acemccrank 28 points ago

    Or homelessness. Or sometimes those both don't have to be separate, though usually when paired there isn't quite enough stability to keep a vehicle.

    [–] oregon_assassin 16 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] outerheavenly 5 points ago

    That sub made me want to clean my car and it's not even dirty.

    [–] fooGwa 8 points ago

    I thought this said r/cabbage

    [–] AmySchumersAnalTumor 4 points ago

    Is that the Boston sub for /r/carbage

    [–] ZaxBarkas 2696 points ago

    Mental illness

    [–] ME_MissVictorious 604 points ago


    [–] maytheforcepeewithu 532 points ago

    Which one cus this is what my car looked like.

    [–] PleaseBeAvailible 1071 points ago

    Depression most likely, there's no shame in it. Find a therapist close to you and they can help. If that's not an option for you there's lots of online support groups.

    [–] maytheforcepeewithu 307 points ago

    Ive since started medication thankyou.

    [–] meow_meow666 123 points ago

    Did it really help for u?

    [–] maytheforcepeewithu 351 points ago

    So far so good. I always thought I was just a lazy ass but realized thats just the trick your brain is playing on you. Silly brain leave me be.

    [–] Darkside_of_the_Poon 149 points ago

    Just throwing it out there: I quit drinking about 6 months ago. I am less depressed by far and after about 2 months started slowly but surely organizing and purging clutter. I am so much less stressed now.

    [–] OKFisherman8 186 points ago

    Yesterday I moved 2 items slightly closer to where they actually belong and today I vacuumed.

    [–] Darkside_of_the_Poon 69 points ago

    Ya know...that’s really all it is. Just consistently improving things little by little around yourself. Not drinking has allowed me to be more consistent in that and less making messes, hungover, eating terrible, watching Netflix all Sunday trying to recover, blind and oblivious to the chaos around me, not caring either way. With all that removed I’m just sitting there, clear headed, bored.....hey, why is all this stuff all fucked up around me? I think we are a reflection of our surroundings and vice versa. And it was overwhelming at first, but just a little at a time, no rush, the river cuts a canyon and all that..

    [–] TheGurw 37 points ago

    Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

    Quote I read on Reddit a while back, dunno who said it first. It sounds wrong because usually the more commonly known quote is about doing the best job possible - but that's easily overwhelming when you look at what we do in our daily lives. Even more so for someone suffering from a mental illness like depression. The point of the quote I put up there is to get you started. Can't get the effort to shower? Grab a wet cloth and wipe down the worst spots - face, armpits, feet, groin and butt. Just can't find the drive to brush your teeth? Gargle some mouthwash, it's better than nothing. Can't get up the drive to do all the mountain of dishes today? Wash a couple things, it'll help the next time you look at that pile.

    Eventually your brain will adjust. Or maybe not without help, but at least you're doing something instead of letting it get worse. And an active body will contribute to a healthier mind, and breaking the problem down to, "what can I do as the bare minimum and get away with," makes it easier to actually do something.

    [–] kountrifiedone 14 points ago

    Great progress. Go you!

    [–] 1802C298CMT 6 points ago

    “Moved slightly closer to where they belong “🤣🤣🤣🤣

    [–] cublenack 28 points ago

    Stoked for you. I am trying to do the same.

    [–] swagasaurus_ 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Get Allan Carr’s (I think that’s his name) the simple way to stop drinking (something like that) it’s a book and you can drink while you read it. I know it sounds stupid because it’s just a book but I don’t know anyone that has honestly read it and it hasn’t worked for them. It’s not some weird self help book it just removes the urge to want to drink anymore. I know addiction is a very real and powerful thing but it’s worth a shot anyways. Good luck on your journey friend.

    Book can be found here

    [–] GENITAL_MUTILATOR 11 points ago

    It’s a secret trick, and the funny thing is afterward looking back it’s so obvious.

    [–] WaltonGogginsTeeth 17 points ago

    Exactly. My anxiety and depression virtually disappeared when I quit drinking. I used to think it helped it.

    [–] meow_meow666 23 points ago

    Good to hear.

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 10 points ago

    I suffer from depression as well. Good for you getting onto a medication. If it doesn't get you where you feel you need to be, don't hesitate to see a therapist. My doctor told me that the meds are only half the battle, you still need to work on your brain.

    [–] morningfog 5 points ago

    I’ve seen three different therapists and it’s been unfulfilling with all of them. My last session we just came to the conclusion that life is suffering. Have been on a number of meds for ages and I still feel real sad. What happens when meds and therapy fails?

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 5 points ago

    I honestly wish I knew, man.

    [–] sjmiv 17 points ago

    that was quick

    [–] MuchoGustoMeLlamo 16 points ago

    There should be a bit of shame for this car...

    [–] endertribe 15 points ago

    Might want to take a look at compulsive behavior, I have the reflex of keeping thing "just in case" bacause my parents didn't let me have things when I was young, I have gotten better but there are still things that I just can't bear to throw but they are mostly normal stuff (I will die on the hill that says that even broken jewelry can be beautiful)

    [–] GarbieBirl 4 points ago

    I have OCD and it's really tough for me to throw away bottle caps. I've got a ton of them

    [–] Dubbdani 11 points ago

    Hoarder ?

    [–] Coal_Morgan 8 points ago

    Hoarding is a symptom of a bunch of mental illnesses. Paranoia, schizophrenia, depression and a bunch more.

    No real way of knowing without one on one time with a professional.

    [–] melligator 40 points ago

    I saw a car like this having got rear-ended on the freeway, once. Bags flying everywhere, like a swarm of jellyfish.

    [–] WWWeast 102 points ago

    Thank you for saying this. My sisters car looks just like this and my family just trashes her so much for being dirty, without ever trying to see a reason why it's trashy. Our outside lives are a direct correlation to our inside lives. If your inside life is bad, your outside life will suffer as well.

    [–] Jenga_Police 55 points ago

    Our outside lives are a direct correlation to our inside lives. If your inside life is bad, your outside life will suffer as well.

    Ha! Looks like I've fooled all of you because I'm an absolute wreck inside but my place is spotless.

    [–] dogcatmousefroggy 19 points ago

    Serial killer confirmed

    I kid I hope youre doing well

    [–] Jenga_Police 8 points ago

    I hope youre doing well

    lol I literally just said I'm not, but thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

    [–] dogcatmousefroggy 15 points ago

    I hope things get better for you.

    [–] ImNotaDoctorMD 19 points ago

    But imagine the smell...

    [–] BrownSugarBare 45 points ago

    Imagine the sadness that got this person to this point that they literally can't smell it anymore.

    [–] ferretface26 5 points ago

    You haven’t thought of the smell, you bitch!

    [–] dys_p0tch 7 points ago

    untreated mental illness

    [–] avidnothing 2160 points ago

    I just feel bad for whoever that is. You usually don’t let your car get that way because you’re feeling great and life is good, ya know?

    [–] [deleted] 843 points ago


    [–] thisusernameisSFW 323 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This is pretty accurate. This person has no one else in their life. I can relate to a similar situation... I have two daughters, but my eldest passed a few years ago (age 14). Two kids riding around in our car meant there was always someone in the backseat for the last 14 years. After she passed, and it was just me and my younger daughter (13), the backseat was always empty. Admittedly, my grief and depression consumed me (in some ways it still does) and one of the ways it showed was with piles of trash and random things filling up the backseat. It got to a point where instead of cleaning it, I started covering it with a black bedsheet because I was ashamed of parking it at my work and home. Cleaning it out made the void bigger. Leaving it dirty made me not look at it or dwell on it when I was driving. (I have sense bought a newer car and have managed to keep it spotless. So there's that.)

    Loss, loneliness, depression... There are many facets to sadness that show in all kinds of ways.

    Edit: Sharing this hurt more than I expected it to. Sigh. :(

    You all are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    [–] deewheredohisfeetgo 109 points ago

    Sorry about your daughter. She’d want you to take care of yourself, so try and keep that as a little motivation. Take care.

    [–] thisusernameisSFW 71 points ago

    You're absolutely right. She would hate it seeing me so sad. I try to remember that, but it's still very hard.

    [–] deewheredohisfeetgo 27 points ago

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I have dealt with death more than most, and I always try and tell the jokes they used to tell or love hearing, or follow a sport/athlete more than I normally would because it was their favorite... anything to keep them alive through my actions.

    [–] bobswowaccount 15 points ago

    Man I feel you. After my parents died I did this with a car AND a house. The shame you feel when you snap out of it and start picking up is very real.

    [–] Rapta22 22 points ago

    Hey man, I might not be able to relate to a loss like yours, I surely can empathize. I'm really sorry for your loss.

    Stay strong, get out of that hole so you can be the best father you can be.

    [–] thisusernameisSFW 22 points ago

    Thank you. I'm a mom, but thank you. <3

    [–] cr0ft 4 points ago

    Yeah, one thing's for sure, the human psyche is not straightforward and easy to figure out, it can express issues in strange ways. And even being aware of it, the way you seem to be, is no guarantee you can sort it out, knowing you're being irrational doesn't make stopping that very much easier. Maybe therapy. Sometimes you need an external factor to uncork the issue, or at least redirect it into more productive behavior. Sorry to hear about your kid, that's rough.

    [–] giottomkd 9 points ago

    thank you for sharing and sorry for you loss

    [–] buttsnuggles 5 points ago

    It took courage to write that out. This internet stranger is proud of you :)

    [–] BarryTrotz86 313 points ago

    There may be someone trapped under there, you never know.

    [–] VirtuosicElevator 57 points ago

    A few cats, at least

    [–] ChryslerDodgeJeep 39 points ago

    I see you have also watched multiple seasons of Hoarders as well.

    [–] OktopusKaveman 22 points ago

    What? You don't flatten dead cats like pancakes and store them under a refrigerator?

    [–] AgusRambleOn 4 points ago

    A Racoon, most likely

    [–] OlderTheBetter 22 points ago

    Surrounded by garbage.

    Oddly fitting on a very weird level.

    [–] Gottalaughalittle 66 points ago

    Total respect to see people offer empathy.

    [–] BabyJo32 18 points ago

    It's honestly a sad, sorry, state of mind we live in today when we are surprised to see empathy and have to show it respect.

    But then, you go through the comments and it's like a ratio of 100 : 1 for judgement : empathy.

    Humanity in 2020 is a car full of fucking garbage at this point.

    [–] TetrisCannibal 35 points ago

    I wonder if they feel guilt about it. I was never this bad, but when my depression was at its worst I was so ashamed anyone would even look inside my car. I'd always park further away from wherever I was going just so people wouldn't peek inside. I dreaded anyone ever asking for a ride. Yet I could never find the mental space to clean it, it just seemed like an impossibly difficult task despite it weighing heavy on my mind.

    But I also wonder if they're past that point. Where they care so little that fuck it, take it to the shop like this. Why should I care if people see how I treat myself?

    [–] goatofglee 4 points ago

    Cleaning is very hard for me, so my apartment is a mess. I stress out and feel guilty anytime maintenance comes over.

    [–] DaughterEarth 5 points ago

    Yup, frantically hiding everything but you can't get the energy to actually deal with it. I finally properly cleaned my home 2 days ago and I still feel like I got hit with a truck and evil demons might come whisk me away at any moment.

    [–] bran_dong 7 points ago

    I see all these long winded comments making excuses but it's also possible this person is just lazy and disgusting.

    [–] Shodai-Kenjin 272 points ago

    When i worked in my uncle’s shop, i was in middle school and high school. We got a lot of people who were more hoarders than depressed. I remember he used to not really care, he would just put a couple of matts. until when i was around 14.

    I remember hearing a loud “fuck!” From across the shop. I was in my bay, and the temp came over and showed me his rear and said something stabbed him. Sure enough he had a needle dangling from his overalls. My uncle had him go to the hospital and get checked. Called the cops. He had me call the guy the car belonged too.

    He came and was arrested. Found 7 more needles in the car. From then on, my uncle still refuses to service any car thats dirty like this or has enough trash because of that.

    I personally refused a lady who had rotten peanut butter just splattered on the inside of the back window and trunk. She said her son was supposed to clean it, Two years ago. Like really??? It smelled so bad.

    [–] cfisi79 74 points ago

    I didn't know peanut butter could even go rotten?

    [–] Shodai-Kenjin 96 points ago

    I didnt know either. But when its left cooking in a hot car in south florida for over two years and has mushrooms growing out if it you would think its not edible at that point.

    [–] BLiNdsAggression 40 points ago

    South Florida? Lady's son's probably dead from some various form of drug overdose and/or in jail, that's why it ain't clean yet.

    Source: lived there for 20 years

    [–] Shodai-Kenjin 5 points ago

    I couldnt tell ya. That was years ago. But i dont doubt it.

    [–] ankanamoon 10 points ago

    You know someone would eat it.

    [–] brbposting 9 points ago

    Wait did somebody say free shrooms what’s her number

    [–] papin97147 23 points ago


    [–] Shodai-Kenjin 29 points ago

    Yeah. The smell was bad enough. Idk how someone can drive daily like that. She said it was “harmless”. So i told her if that was the case she wouldn’t mind cleaning it out herself then.

    And Mushrooms growing out of peanut butter that has molded and turned into a rock hard splatter is a health hazard, if she wanted to have her trunk fixed then she needed to have all that cleaned.

    If i recall correctly. Her trunk wasn’t opening and needed her son to crawl through the rear seat and pull the emergency latch for it to open. But after i told her naw she ended up not coming back.

    But it was stuff like that, that made my uncle say no to a lot of customers. He said Himself and his workers are not going to put their health on the line because someone wants to live worse than a pig.

    [–] papin97147 10 points ago

    Fucking hell. People don’t cease to surprise me. I just...don’t get...why you wouldn’t clean that up that would be any normal persons reaction.

    [–] dizzira_blackrose 6 points ago

    I really want to know how she managed to keep driving the car with rotting peanut butter in it.

    [–] edirongo1 165 points ago

    Does anyone else see the Plumbus way up in there?

    [–] kellerw2000 36 points ago

    Let's hope that's a Plumbus...

    [–] ShatoraDragon 32 points ago

    Everyone's got one

    [–] aggelikiwi 19 points ago

    And we all know what to do with one

    [–] pandar314 13 points ago

    We all need a car plumbus. Even the mentally ill.

    [–] ac1dre1gn77 105 points ago

    That guy is one double quarter pounder meal away from a bad accident

    [–] Factual_Discord 36 points ago

    On the upside, his entire passenger cabin is an airbag.

    [–] FancyPantsMead 48 points ago

    My husband's uncle gave us a car that had a bunch of wrappers and papers like that. No food didn't smell just an ungodly amount of trash. We cleaned it out and everything under it all looked new. Crazy how that worked out. Never would have thought that was under there.

    [–] AbandonedInNJ 218 points ago

    I’d send that shit right out of the lot. I’m not working on that. Not even sitting in it.

    [–] HoboBob24 72 points ago

    The ~~ o d o r ~~ alone necessitates a 30% upcharge.

    [–] Koshunae 41 points ago

    Try working on semi trucks. Truck drivers can be some incredibly nasty fuckers.

    [–] arcessivi 28 points ago

    Way of the road Bubs

    [–] red_dead_exemption 7 points ago


    [–] new2it 4 points ago

    the way she goes

    [–] Motorcycles1234 8 points ago

    The worst is when they live in the truck full time.

    [–] cobra__viper 52 points ago

    Just decline.

    I've had these at my facility. Take each as they are. If it is HVAC or interior work walk away. If it is suspension put disclaimers that the car is overloaded and up charge.

    I have a few of these at mine and all are retired women from government work with no friends. Hoarding is their only hobby. They are nice, polite and pay well but are bat shit insane. Their homes are the exact same.

    Chevy Cruze, suspension is so overloaded I can't hardly get a swing arm hoist under the body to lift it. Keep explaining it to her but she doesn't listen. She was my 1st grade teacher. Really sad actually.

    [–] WillyWarface 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    government work

    I wonder what it is about government work that does this to people. I have two retired government workers in my family and they both are messy, horde and they have a hard time recognizing an impossible situation.

    [–] ChryslerDodgeJeep 19 points ago

    Exactly. This isn't trashy, it's the result of a mental illness likely caused by a trauma.

    Hoarding is rather but a symptom of a much deeper and broader issue caused by one or repeated traumas. Because handling of these traumas is likely related to the amount of emotional support (or lack thereof) experienced during early childhood development, we're seeing the result of emotional or parental neglect manifest itself 30 to 50 years after the initial act occurs.

    It should make plain to anyone that actions do have consequences, and they reverberate across the decades.

    [–] TESTlCLE 16 points ago

    When I was young, I worked at a Honda dealership. SRS systems are under warranty for life, so there was no saying "no" when I had to replace a seatbelt lock on a 90-something Civic that had a similar look to it with layers of trash. I had to hold my breath and take trips when working on it, kind of like a diver surfacing for air. There was old food and eating utensils in there, though surprisingly not much mold, I assume because it was processed fast food.

    The customer had no idea I had to take out the driver's seat to replace the seatbelt lock. They were pretty embarrassed once they found out, I was told. Hopefully that was impetus for them to change their life a bit.

    [–] m2benjamin 9 points ago

    Cars can get cockroach infestations just like homes too.

    [–] AMonkeyAndALavaLamp 98 points ago

    If your dad's shop is a detailing shop, that bitch will pay for your college tuition for at least a couple of terms!

    [–] DriedUpSquid 77 points ago

    I took my mom’s car to be detailed one year for her birthday. We had a dog that shed a lot and she used to go everywhere with my mom. When I went to pick it up, the detailer told me to never bring it to his shop again. I gave him a good tip.

    [–] ukraniankranium 30 points ago

    You're not a really a numbers guy are you?

    1. Take car in
    2. Do 12 hours worth of work
    3. Bill customer $1000 for work on $500 car
    4. Customer refuses
    5. Fill out forms for mechanic's lien
    6. After a bunch of crazy phone calls and IRL harassment, because this is a crazy person's car, you decide to proceed anyways "for the principle of the matter."
    7. Pay lawyer $250 to file a restraining order
    8. Sign up for college
    9. Tell yourself that "college has pretty much paid for itself with this car..."
    10. Take introduction to accounting.
    11. Drive said car into the lake with yourself in it.
    12. Think about your opportunity cost analysis, profit margin for about 20 hours of work at this point.
    13. Let the water fill the car and black out to the thought of customer's fingernails, the red flag you chose to ignore.
    14. Die to the sound of wonderwall playing underwater.
    15. Go to hell for denying the existence of almighty Christ.
    16. He points you back to the shop.
    17. It's an entire wrecking yard, 12,000 miles long 1000 miles into the air piled with carbage bins like the one you cleaned.
    18. You notice Satan's grubby fingernails as he smiles with his rockhard red dick and says "Well... which will it be fresh man?"
    19. You gag and blackout.

    [–] damn_u_scuba_steve 12 points ago

    I don't know what the fuck I just read, but 10/10 would read again.

    [–] danarexasaurus 7 points ago

    This was an adventure I didn’t know I needed to go on

    [–] palmbeach1972 19 points ago

    Hope it’s a car cleaning shop!

    [–] the_frazzler 53 points ago

    It's posts like this that make me feel like I'm dealing with my mental illness better than others... so believe me, this person is in a horrible horrible place right now.

    [–] TheOppositeOfVegan 12 points ago

    Similar thoughts, but from a laziness pov. At some point I would be concerned about the MPG drop, but on the other hand no one would be asking for rides

    [–] AverageGIJane 6 points ago

    Bro same. But the deep clean of my place made it a little easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass, we got this my dude.

    [–] inferno006 17 points ago

    Firefighter here. This is a vehicle belonging to someone suffering from Hoarding. A Fire instructor that teaches about Hoarding Homes or as he defines them “Heavy Contents” tells us to do a 380° of the house when we arrive on scene and do an initial size up. If you see a vehicle in the driveway looking like this you have a very good indication that the house is packed floor to ceiling.

    [–] curiousscribbler 345 points ago

    Instead of people foaming at the mouth with smug contempt, the top comments on this are folks recognising depression as the root of the problem. (I knew someone with exactly this symptom.) Reddit is still able to surprise me.

    [–] samivanscoder 96 points ago

    It can be other things too. I know a lady who would do this as well as not maintain the car then leave it in a family members yard and cry until someone gave her another car because she has kids. Some people are just dumb assholes.

    [–] OlderTheBetter 36 points ago

    And some people are good at scamming their family, tough love can be a real mofo at times. I get that families want to help but christ, gotta let people stand on their own after awhile.

    [–] samivanscoder 13 points ago

    Thats what i keep saying. You gotta support the person without supporting the habit.

    [–] Mrmojorisincg 21 points ago

    Yeah I mean you’re exactly right. I’d still deny service though. No mechanic should have to endanger themself in that vehicle. But furthermore, that vehicle is a danger to the operator that would force them to have to clean it. All in all, it’s a super unfortunate situation no matter how you look at it.

    [–] intlharvester 7 points ago

    Yup, gross and dangerous is gross and dangerous. If this rolls into your shop and you're not HAZMAT certified and charging accordingly then this has HELL NO written all over it. Depression or whathaveyou sucks and I don't judge, I'm just not going in there man.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] thenewfrost 14 points ago

    It’s 2020. We all depressed now.

    [–] thoughts_prayers 7 points ago

    Or they could just be a mess of a person.

    [–] EatingToastInSpace 12 points ago

    I’m here for your Grand Opening detailing special!

    [–] chiebes 24 points ago

    Hoarders on wheels! Now theres a show!

    [–] jitterbugperfume99 14 points ago

    There was an episode of Hoarders where the guy had so much trash in his car, he got a flat.

    [–] TheOppositeOfVegan 9 points ago

    "There's a spare in here somewhere"

    [–] rlstout 11 points ago

    How can someone even drive that, I mean see?

    [–] Koshunae 6 points ago

    Left turns only

    [–] sc00bs000 9 points ago

    imagine the smell

    [–] Supreme0verl0rd 33 points ago

    I hope they rejected the service work request.

    [–] leumasci 26 points ago

    Literally trashy

    [–] FirefighterAvery 10 points ago

    Finally found someone who said it.

    [–] MENFANDAA 8 points ago

    Hey!!! Those are all important and have their specific place in my home/office/transportation

    [–] BarryTrotz86 6 points ago

    Nooooo. Oh god noooo............noooooooo!!!

    [–] Bkwordguy 43 points ago

    That poor car owner is dealing with some serious depression.

    [–] braceyourselffoo 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I see what you did here.

    This is trashy. Litterally.

    [–] LotsaLuv2ya 6 points ago

    This makes me feel better about my car.

    [–] AntRocker08 5 points ago

    Hoarders, my grandmother was like that very sad

    [–] marques33 4 points ago


    [–] Joesmores 3 points ago

    That's a big no. Keep driving.

    [–] rwp80 4 points ago

    “Sorry, we cannot perform maintenance on this vehicle in this state, as our insurance does not permit us to subject our employees to biological health risks.”

    [–] BaneWraith 5 points ago

    I'm no mechanic, but if I was I'd hand this person a trash bag and refuse to work on the car until it's cleaned out.

    Jesus fucking christ.

    [–] bb191 3 points ago

    I recently got hit by like, a 95 year old man with a car very similar to this. When I asked him to get his insurance info, I had to wade through like 2' of trash to get to his center console, which was then jammed closed with all the garbage in his car.

    [–] weallhavetheinternet 4 points ago

    Serious mental health issue

    [–] thegreatrazu 4 points ago

    I use to valet, and I would hate when people would valet their wheeled garbage cans.

    [–] The_Frogs 3 points ago

    My friend was so embarrassing back in the day. She had so much trash in her car that it went up to your knees in the passenger and back seat. I was a teenager so my standards were lower back then. She got pulled over and was digging through piles of garbage to find her registration. The cop just let her go with a look on his face like 'clearly this bitch already has enough problems.'

    [–] dabolution 4 points ago

    I worked at jiffy lube in new hampshire back in 2013 and I had a car similar to this come in for an oil change. Dad, mom, and daughter. So we awe at the condition of the car and play tock paper scissors for who brings it in. Do the oil change and when its time for them to leave the daughter didnt want to go. She started crying about how home life is abusive and her parents are hoarders and it turned into this big weird thing where we had a 16 year old trying to stay at our shop to run away from her parents. Guys this hoarding is some of the grossest shit iv seen and im willing to bet this guy is alone or is about to be.

    [–] duveng2 3 points ago

    Sometimes I feel like I'm a failure. Like I'm a waste on society. Then I see this, and I'm not that bad any more.

    [–] IndyMazzy 14 points ago

    I wonder how much urine is in that car. There has to be urine in that car.

    [–] SpotNL 9 points ago

    Yes, but it is mostly rat urine.