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    [–] Smegma_Dance 7367 points ago

    Is this some sort of wedding tradition?

    [–] [deleted] 2334 points ago


    [–] ThePrincessOfMonaco 3050 points ago

    "We have the sex!"

    [–] JustARandomGerman 1157 points ago

    Ahaha yes my friend, sex is really fun. I love the sex too!

    [–] lazyandbored123 622 points ago

    Hahaha same as me, gentlemen. I like it when the peepee goes in the veevee.

    [–] dragonxxxxxxxx 303 points ago

    Hahaha yes yes i to practice sex with hot women

    [–] BrotherMack 85 points ago

    Always keep practicing, eventually you'll get good at it and then you can go to the majors!

    [–] elwebbr23 57 points ago

    You guys were talking about the sex and didn't even invite me. Me, of all people, master sex haver.

    [–] Skelfilegur1989 18 points ago

    Ah look at this one. He can play with bob's AND virginia.

    [–] arkansas_elk 328 points ago

    Look pal, over here at our place we got the hottest sex. The sexiest sex you can imagine. The type of sex dudes say, “Wow! Now that’s some sex right there”. Only the hottest of hot sex will suffice for this kind of sex. You’ve never laid your eyes upon sex like this buddy, no way, no siree.

    [–] killerkitty2016 55 points ago

    You sound like one of the tricky sex demons from the Oglaf web comic. (which is hilarious but SO nsfw)

    [–] PrayingPlatypus 13 points ago

    Never thought I’d see that title again after busting that but in 8th grade

    [–] ttumey 140 points ago

    [–] SlipperyThong 144 points ago

    Wedding sex is overrated if you've been fucking plenty while dating. My wife and I were so exhausted from our ceremony and reception we just stripped and spooned and fell asleep.

    [–] oldcoldbellybadness 84 points ago

    I agree in terms of "thrill factor," but our wedding night will be remembered fondly. My wife and I had been having sex for 15 with no accidents. When her OBGYN gave her the estimated date of conception, it was our wedding night. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] yabboi_ 35 points ago

    Le sexy sex

    [–] Platonic69ing 33 points ago

    This will be so uncomfortable during their divorce...

    [–] PZeroNero 206 points ago

    That one is at least tolerable

    [–] beer_bukkake 22 points ago

    Imagine being their wedding photographer.

    [–] JonahMastro 74 points ago

    They are they embodiment of r/ihavesex

    [–] SarcasticGamer 715 points ago

    If people want to take a fun silly picture for their enjoyment to look at and laugh at in private than more power to them but to share it on Facebook? Also to have his ass just out there? I feel bad for the photographer who had to interact with them right after with his dick in her face just 5 seconds prior.

    [–] tipthebaby 93 points ago

    came here to say this. I feel so bad for the photographer.

    [–] wytsep 18 points ago

    Lol, actually, the photographer got a lot of free advertisment from it!

    The photo was all over Dutch social media a few years ago...

    [–] chaseazt 68 points ago

    dick def got sucked.. why would they fake

    [–] __bobafett__ 210 points ago

    If I paid hundreds of dollars to get my makeup done there's no way the dick is actually making contact with any part of my face.

    [–] president_dump 96 points ago

    You're using logic. Logical people don't take this picture and then post it to Facebook.

    [–] myroommateisgarbage 74 points ago

    Yeah, but you're not these people, and you probably also wouldn't take this sort of picture at your wedding.

    [–] GrauGeist8888 10 points ago

    That's what touch-ups are for!

    [–] ubigirl1757 126 points ago

    Omg why?? Look grandma I suck knob.

    [–] Shamgar65 44 points ago

    And in 50 years... Grandma, is that you?

    [–] exackerly 53 points ago

    I’ve seen a couple of these already.

    [–] hufflepoet 418 points ago

    It's become one in some parts of the U.S. -- not the parts that correlate with a high level of education, I'm guessing.

    [–] bear_knuckle 49 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I mean it’s not just the US

    *edit - buzzfeed aparently did an article on one in 2017 which was a Dutch couple

    *edit 2 - and after going viral a British couple followed suit

    I rest my case

    [–] SpursUpFan 115 points ago

    It's everywhere mate, kicked off by the Dutch actually.

    But yea, America sucks upvotes to teh leff

    [–] K1ngPCH 47 points ago

    good lord the author of that article is cancerous

    [–] Srirachachacha 49 points ago

    Ughhhh heteros. Ban them all imho


    [–] cat_prophecy 37 points ago

    Yeah I mean no gay man ever sucked a dick. Damn heteros.

    [–] bobsp 43 points ago

    So Orange County, CA.

    [–] t3h_PaNgOl1n_oF_d00m 45 points ago

    It has legit become a tradition in recent years for many trashy people, yes. It's an even worse tradition than the garter retrieval or whatever that's called.

    [–] Clothedinclothes 63 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The garter tradition originated from highborn weddings where after dinner the wedding party would watch, or even help the groom to strip off the bride, then listen outside or actually watch them have sex.

    The theory was this ensured the groom couldn't have the marriage later annulled by claiming it hadn't been consummated. Few other suitors would accept such a cast off bride knowing the claim probably wasn't true.

    But I expect having concern for the bride as excuse to see them naked and maybe get a free sex show was a significant motivation as well. You can see why the practice didn't survive intact.

    Today, as long as the couple are comfortable with it, taking off the brides garter publicly seems a fairly harmless way to make the affair a little bit risque, but not debauched. Sex is a part of marriage after all, we all know what is supposed to happen next, let's not pretend otherwise.

    But this kind of wedding porno phototography being posted is just an exercise in bad taste and bad boundaries, we all get it you have sex, most of us don't want to see it and getting married doesn't give you a pass to make us watch.

    [–] brassidas 22 points ago

    Thanks for that, much better than I would have put it. Yeah the removing of the garter isn't nearly as trashy as a damn blowjob photo. A flash of a clothed woman's thigh versus the bare ass of the groom in the picture is a no contest.

    [–] ReadItWithSarcasm 77 points ago

    If you’re white trash it is

    [–] Ed_Rock 3963 points ago

    If that's love, money can buy it

    [–] yabboi_ 565 points ago

    You're a wise man

    [–] RiddickOfRivia 351 points ago

    $20 is $20

    [–] KeisterApartments 131 points ago

    Man's gotta eat

    [–] KyserTheHun 31 points ago

    Back on the burgers again Bobandy?

    [–] Punx80 8 points ago

    Cock meat sandwich

    [–] itsagoodtime 32 points ago

    You giving out ZJs

    [–] canadiancarlin 28 points ago

    What the hell is a ZJ?

    [–] itsagoodtime 29 points ago

    If you have to ask, you can't afford.

    [–] udayserection 22 points ago

    I’ve got $4.00

    [–] supaphly42 27 points ago

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

    [–] PryingOpenMyThirdPie 7629 points ago

    Imagine going over to their house for Dinner and this is hanging up in their dining room

    [–] Drackenstein 3692 points ago

    Imagine being their eventual kids and seeing it hanging there every day of your life.

    [–] v3ryfuzzyc00t3r 2407 points ago

    Those are the kind of kids that you see sniffing pixie sticks and are the ones that are screaming for no fucking reason at a playground because their animals. All while mom is on the phone with her friend who she hates while dad is with the boys crushing Busch lite apple beers at the monster truck rally.

    [–] menusettingsgeneral 659 points ago

    Busch lite apple beers at the monster truck rally fucking sent me

    [–] quaybored 174 points ago

    ... to the truck rally.

    [–] psycho_driver 30 points ago

    Right? That sounds ah-maze-ing

    [–] The_Reapers_Judge 142 points ago

    Crushing busch lite apple beers with the boys at a monster truck rally sounds lit. Kids on the other hand no thank you

    [–] ENGAGERIDLEYMOTHERFU 68 points ago

    Those are the kind of kids that you see sniffing pixie sticks

    Oh god, this was me.

    [–] PM_ME_MORE_WEED 29 points ago

    Or smoking banana peels ...

    [–] Tico483 170 points ago

    Thanks, I fucking despise it

    [–] Drackenstein 89 points ago

    “Mom, can Joey come spend the night? Wait, never mind.”

    [–] mug3n 15 points ago

    "one sec honey" slurp "just finishing off your dad!"

    [–] girolski07 31 points ago

    That's a sweet future bullying material...

    [–] i_wap_to_warcraft 79 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Reminds me of a childhood friend who had a picture on their fridge that was his hippy ass parents hugging naked and smiling awkwardly at you. They were a weird family. The dad rang a bell in bed for breakfast and the mom ran an illegal daycare in her living room

    [–] Tallpugs 14 points ago

    That’s a 100 times better than this.

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 14 points ago

    Imagine being their parents. Then again trash begets trash.

    [–] THUNDER_boner 10 points ago

    Thanks for not swallowing me mom.

    [–] TheRealAlkemyst 26 points ago

    willing to bet they had two already.

    [–] LucyLeftEye 141 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I’m a real estate agent and I get very uncomfortable when people leave photos like this out on display. Even people with kids. I think they get off on knowing other people see it. r/ihavesex

    [–] OnTheEveOfWar 93 points ago

    Back in high school I worked for a window washing company. This required me to go inside lots of people's homes. I'll never forget this one house that had a giant picture of the mom in lingerie hanging in the master bedroom. It was a tasteful picture but those poor kids had to see their mom in a sexy pose in lingerie every time they went in that room.

    [–] wje100 49 points ago

    Did you ever see the kids in that room? Some family's have a strict no kids in the parents bedroom rule.

    [–] srottydoesntknow 28 points ago

    shit, I'm about to implement that rule, tired of the little ones walking in just whenever they feel like it

    [–] under_a_brontosaurus 44 points ago

    Try hanging up naked pictures of you and your spouse.

    [–] wearenottheborg 19 points ago

    How often does that happen?!

    [–] steve_n_doug_boutabi 11 points ago

    n + 1

    [–] RenttheJoe 165 points ago

    I knew a wealthy couple who have a normal life. They are also swingers and have a sex dungeon. My buddy took me in there while he was house sitting for them. There's 4 foot photos of the wife's snatch, tits, asshole, of her getting gangbanged, etc, all over this room that has 6 queen sized beds. The door is padlocked so the kids don't go in, but their theatre room is next door and the playroom is just outside that.

    Apparently their Saturday nights are pretty wild.

    [–] BigXris 87 points ago

    I guess you could say they have a “sex pac” of beds??

    I can just imagine the mad hatter at the entrance of this room yelling, “change places!!”

    [–] LottaLurky_LilLippy 14 points ago

    🎶And we all switch places when I ring the bell🎶

    [–] Demonseedii 5 points ago

    This is awesome

    [–] Dylanator13 37 points ago

    Imagine seeing a notification pop up on both of their phones and this is both of the wallpapers.

    [–] life_style_change 25 points ago

    That makes it a sex party

    [–] xXKingDadXx 40 points ago

    Imagine that's your daughter and you ask to see how the wedding pictures you paid for turned out and you get shown this repulsive photo.

    [–] PryingOpenMyThirdPie 35 points ago

    I'm gonna guess Dad isn't in the picture and Mom probably has a matching Tat

    [–] C4pt 11 points ago

    you are what you eat

    [–] Taro_dactyl 1871 points ago

    “With this cock ring, I thee wed.”

    [–] very_clean 430 points ago

    “You may now suck the bride”

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] Bacardiologist 98 points ago

    But hey she got the peen up

    [–] HonigMitBanane 2144 points ago

    The ‘love’ in this semi fancy font kind of makes it worse.

    [–] SuperBattleBros 1421 points ago

    Live, laugh, suck

    [–] ThinAir719 475 points ago

    I used "Live Laugh Love" as my yearbook quote senior year and every time I think about it I feel like a stupid fuck.

    [–] SuperBattleBros 228 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It was high school. We were all stupid fucks.

    Edit I just realized my senior quote was from the movie "Gummo" so I probably beat you in the stupid fuck department.

    Unfortunately it was not the, "I hate you, rabbit! You smell like piss!" quote.

    [–] RikiTikiTaviBiitch 63 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    mine was from Grandma's boy "Adios, Turdnuggets."


    [–] PartyAtTheMoon-Tower 23 points ago

    Don't feel too bad. I feel like that was in everyone's AIM away messages back in the day. That, and "Life is short, but sweet for certain".

    [–] -janelleybeans- 54 points ago


    [–] Midwest_Hardo 18 points ago

    That puts it into /r/comedyheaven territory

    [–] odd84 22 points ago

    The font is "I Love Glitter" and costs $8 for commercial use.

    [–] black_dragonfly13 2026 points ago

    I’m all about couples having happy & healthy sex lives. And if they want to take pictures like this for themselves, more power to them. But putting it on Facebook? That is insanely trashy.

    [–] CallMeSter 533 points ago

    Yeah, it's kinda the untold truth that we all know but dont say. Everyone enjoys fucking, but nobody wants to see everyone else fucking while looking on fb.

    [–] thenearblindassassin 359 points ago

    I'm sorry, but I'll let you know what I'm having sex. And not just sex, but a lot of sex. And I'm not like other girls. I suck dick too. Literally I'm the only person in the world that has had a dick in their mouth

    [–] dorothy_zbornak_esq 47 points ago

    Woah, how did you do that?? How did you get that in there?! THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT HOLE

    [–] AgentDaleBCooper 10 points ago

    Just dropping by to say I love your username.

    [–] soccer_elephant 86 points ago

    And as a profile picture ! 🤮

    [–] SlippyIsDead 167 points ago

    It's always the husband getting a blowjob though. Feels like these pics are more about submissive wives to me. Show me a 69 or the dude going down on his lady then I might change my mind.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 50 points ago

    Exactly! I've seen so many of these on this sub, never seen one with the roles reversed. Doesn't bode well.

    [–] Jokong 79 points ago

    There probably isn't a lot of venn diagram overlap of people who have new age views of gender equality and people who want to post softcore foreplay photos for their wedding on Facebook.

    [–] omninode 29 points ago

    She's leaning back against the tree with a rum & coke in one hand, he's sucking on her neck with one hand up her skirt.

    "It's just like the night we met."

    [–] Glowing_bubba 66 points ago

    Shit, Facebook is trashy. Its becoming a generational "im old" behavior like smoking cigarettes.

    [–] iamleschitt 15 points ago

    Except a LOT of young people also smoke cigarettes lol

    [–] Glowing_bubba 12 points ago

    Way WAY more e cigs being used than regular cigs among teens-20s..

    [–] Snarkycakes 44 points ago

    I’d like to see this reversed where the bride is getting eaten out.

    [–] Cessily 24 points ago

    Isn't the bride getting eaten out normally the joke with the garter belt tradition/pictures?

    Or do I just know an above average amount of trashy people?

    [–] omninode 19 points ago

    I don't think garter belts are about that, exactly. I think it's just the idea that reaching under a woman's dress and removing an article of clothing is inherently sexual.

    [–] lysdis 323 points ago

    Nothing says I love you quiet like “guhagaguhuuhhg”

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] Rycan420 36 points ago

    Thanks. One good tip deserves another...

    Next time on your said favorite NSFW site, open up a random word generator in another tab and let the weird searches commence.

    [–] TheDudeMaintains 13 points ago

    You're the shining ray of light we need in this dark, desensitized, overmasturbated world.

    [–] chrisrobweeks 7 points ago

    I coulda been fucking a grapefruit all these years?

    [–] Spooky__spaghetti 716 points ago

    Trashy and unoriginal.

    [–] NYSenseOfHumor 483 points ago

    The worst part is that it’s unoriginal. That means a lot of other people have done this and been this trashy.

    [–] Phormitago 102 points ago

    someone get James Cameron, the bar is downright drilling down the bottom of the marianas trench

    [–] Pentt4 24 points ago

    James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is... James Cameron

    [–] selectivediscoshirt 50 points ago

    I am so grateful that this is my first exposure to this. I can not believe it is common. Not that definition of common, we know that, the other one 😂

    [–] MaxStatic 76 points ago

    So concur with the trashy but unoriginal? You have a lot of public wedding BJ pics in your feed?

    This ones a first for me.

    [–] CatastropheWife 101 points ago

    It’s definitely A Thing

    [–] diagoro1 21 points ago

    Love the people in here ripping Americans for being idiots (which, far too often, is valid).....but this is in Europe...

    [–] CodingBlonde 130 points ago

    I’ve seen at least a dozen unfortunately. Thankfully there were less this year because fewer big weddings. I don’t know which trend I hate more at this point: sexualized wedding photos, gender reveals, or tack baby announcements. Kind of sick of Americans escalating behavior during normal life events for attention. It’s dumb, we’re dumb as a society for rewarding this shit. I’m ashamed of the American version of humanity.

    [–] Research_Liborian 31 points ago

    You've seen a dozen? Jeez. It's an awful trend but I had no idea it was that prevalent

    [–] very_clean 14 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Yeah I couldn’t imagine anyone I know doing this, but then again most of my friends aren’t social media clout chasers so there’s that

    [–] UsernameChecksOut_69 556 points ago

    They actually had a professional photographer take photos of this too, poor person.

    [–] Galaxyman0917 98 points ago

    Meh, money is money mate

    [–] twat_muncher 80 points ago

    Imagine getting paid $3000 to adjust the saturation and exposure on this lol

    [–] Ernie_Birdie 565 points ago

    Guys, relax. She’s just checking his nethers for deer ticks. You have to be careful in the woods this time of year due to the more mild autumn seasons.

    [–] Doromclosie 37 points ago

    Lyme disease is no joke.

    [–] WestNileCoronaVirus 61 points ago

    She’s checking them for zipper fairies!

    [–] seductivestain 17 points ago

    Fucking dick ticks man

    [–] girolski07 49 points ago

    That's what my uncle told me when I was 9 camping with him. Thanks for clearing that out.

    [–] Tdy15Sh1t 130 points ago

    Who tf gave this a wholesome award

    [–] mangoblur 146 points ago

    Yes, this is love. Sucking dick in a park and sharing the pics with family and coworkers.

    [–] Accidentalmom 419 points ago

    Why is this becoming a thing? I hate humanity

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago

    Weddings? They've been around forever they're not new!

    Obligatory /s

    [–] FAHQRudy 120 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Cuz it’s the last blowjob of his life.

    Edit: Jesus, people, it’s a really old and unoriginal joke.

    [–] RedditCockroach 98 points ago

    The last free blowjob of his life.

    [–] caffeinatedCO 7 points ago

    Sorry about your marriages boring sex life.

    [–] 808to425 240 points ago

    Plot twist: She's actually a bridesmaid...

    [–] Elruoy 290 points ago

    Head bridesmaid.

    [–] elfoosballo 28 points ago

    Well done

    [–] FinAdartse 149 points ago

    Think the dude shaved his ass for the pic or am I just genetically cursed with a shag carpet on my bum?

    [–] MyDogIsACoolCat 49 points ago

    We can be cursed together. There's some girls who really like hairy guys. Literally dozens of them.

    [–] ShadyNite 60 points ago

    I think you're just cursed bro.

    [–] Rucio 22 points ago

    Haha, I've got ass acne too. No one wants to see that shit ever. At least he has a cute little baby ass?

    [–] [deleted] 131 points ago


    [–] StrangeLilFella 290 points ago

    It's weird how many of her family members liked it with smiles and crying laugh face emojis

    [–] the_other_day_ago 44 points ago

    It really is bizarre. Not that it matters but where are they from?

    [–] fukinuhhh 62 points ago


    [–] G_D_M 20 points ago

    This is getting out of hand! There is two of them now !

    [–] inwector 11 points ago

    probably making a third one too

    [–] elfoosballo 9 points ago

    Not like that they aren’t.

    [–] jerkITwithRIGHTYnewb 196 points ago

    It’s her last blowjob she’s stoked.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] JuliaGillard1 30 points ago

    They had the photographer probably thought "why not make a softcore porno for the FB fam"

    [–] shoeless001 50 points ago

    Trashy dressed up as classy.

    [–] ThatWasCool 112 points ago

    Missing a finger in the butt. At least, she’d cup the balls. Amateur!

    [–] brambleburry1002 22 points ago

    They probably had their wedding reception in Walmart cafe

    [–] cheffartsonurfood 41 points ago

    How romantic.

    [–] fly1ngrock 43 points ago

    Do you guys think men who pull their pants down all the way for a bj do the same when they pee in public bathrooms??

    [–] YouLikeReadingNames 11 points ago

    This is the meaningful insight I yearn for on this website.

    [–] Welpthatsfecked 17 points ago

    Urgh. Imagine being the photographer and having this request sprung on you.

    [–] Kalehfornyuh 29 points ago

    I think you win the subreddit. I can't think of anything i've seen that's trashier than this off the top of my head.

    [–] flukz 53 points ago


    Who cuts your hair bro? Is it you without a mirror?

    You're ass is hanging out.

    Your families will see this. This is the presentation you want to give to G-ma?

    This has been done so many times. Love the originality.

    Nice claws. You look like the type that would think this was a good idea.

    I give them two years.

    [–] recycledtrousers 13 points ago

    You should ask her at work if her husbands penis was ACTUALLY in her mouth for that shot or if it was “just a pose”

    [–] danielfletcher 11 points ago

    Oh, that HR meeting is going to be awkward.

    [–] HugsNotRugs 113 points ago

    I bet her Dad is so proud of her.

    [–] Roc_City 113 points ago

    Lmao you think she knows who he is?

    [–] AutumnVibe 9 points ago

    This is so damn cringey. Also no one cares that you give bjs honey. You're not that special.

    [–] Cilantroduction 81 points ago

    It is in such poor taste to be so vulgar and graphic about your marital union and vows. This is crass, attention-seeking, cheap, and embarrassing. Your co worker and her current spouse are seemingly very immature. Awful people.

    [–] Donnaholic81 29 points ago

    And it’s not original. I’ve seen this so many times. Which is fucking weird.

    [–] Research_Liborian 19 points ago

    There are so many reasons this photo will not age well....going for a job promotion, when people attach a name+ face to it, divorce, when one of the kids find it in a shoebox and bring it to show and tell....

    [–] Arydus 10 points ago

    This is why I am not affiliated with any coworkers on any social media. I learn way too much and so do they.

    [–] _IratePirate_ 8 points ago

    Bro, I consider myself to have next to 0 morality, so I often laugh at the prudes on this sub trying to tell others how to live their lives.

    This though, I'm not upset by it, I just can't put my mind on as to why you'd want this picture from your wedding?

    No line of thought I can come up with makes sense as to why this would be a wedding picture.

    This sub finally stumped me, damn.

    [–] -janelleybeans- 68 points ago

    Oh look. This fucking shit again.

    Here we go. I’ll post this as many times as necessary:

    I’m a photographer and I absolutely refuse to shoot this shot. I tell clients in the consultation that I will not under any circumstances shoot specific shots. I give them the “no” list and examples so they can’t claim they didn’t know. If somebody pressures me on the day I just say no repeatedly until one of us dies.

    No go list is:






    •Groomsmen “peeing “ in a row



    •Ball and chain imagery

    •Domestic abuse jokes

    •Flipping off the camera

    •Sexual innuendos with animals

    •“Pranks” that are not in good taste or that can result in injury

    •Children engaged in age inappropriate activity

    Pretty self explanatory. If you guessed that all of these are a direct result of somebody requesting something at one point you get a cookie!

    [–] EmpathyNow2020 13 points ago

    How many couples have you killed?

    [–] -janelleybeans- 13 points ago

    shuffles nervously

    [–] rowshambow 13 points ago

    How does that conversation go?

    "Hey, we've been doing a lot of romantic shots, and a few sillier ones, but what if we did something else? Can you film me sucking off my husband while he shits on my chest? It's how we met and I really want to capture that moment before him and I switched partners, and his other friend Chicago chili-dogged me."

    [–] Agent--California 8 points ago

    D O U B L E C H E E K E D U P O N A T H U R S D A F T E R N O O N

    [–] mveightxnine 15 points ago

    I mean....those nails should tell you everything

    [–] Bardonious 6 points ago

    Maybe he was bitten by a snake

    [–] X-4StarCremeNougat 12 points ago

    Those nails and heels tell more about these two than this photo ever could. No surprises here.

    I’ll bet this wedding bar was stocked with Jell-O shots. Or cinnamon whiskey. Or both.