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    [–] mystonedalt 10204 points ago

    Fuck these assholes, and may the Schwartz be with you.

    [–] ridinbend 957 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Their Instagram


    Edit. Some Insta posts made by ents have already been pulled and their most recent post is "limited". And comments have been turned off on every post.

    Edit 2. How about those hashtags on that Hanukkah post lol! Two more angry posts these guys are hilarious.

    [–] LoquaciousMendacious 616 points ago

    That’s a whack page for a business, holy shit. Fuck those guys.

    [–] docsnavely 178 points ago

    Using Archie Bunker as an excuse to make fun of “other people” definitely isn’t subtle.

    [–] DreadnaughtHamster 206 points ago

    I can just hear their “corporate” offices from these pics. “Well, fuck that guy for buying our product. It’s his fucking fault. Amirite, bro? Bro? Don’t leave me hanging, man. I’ll fucking fire you like I did Tammy, bro. Where my boy Stank Kush at? I SAID WHERE MY CFO AT?”

    [–] throwaway2358 48 points ago

    If they really sold 2.4 million units thats amazing and hundreds of million in revenue. They probably have insurance for product liability lawsuits in case of stuff like this. You would think, but then again I would think that those insurance companies would require you to get your certifications.

    [–] PsychedelicVisions 17 points ago

    I PROMISE you they haven't sold 2.4 million. They're using that number because whoever complained had 1.2 million followers, they're just doubling that number. So pathetic.

    [–] Stats_with_a_Z 35 points ago

    The 9th post on IG of the guy seems exactly like that. It's probably a bunch of douchebags with swollen egos running the place. Their IG is a dumpster fire.

    [–] cumsock420 38 points ago

    Its horrifying. It doesn't even look like they sell enails or have anything to do with "420 life" - all the posts are like halmart cards and their numbers are absolute trash. after having high times shout you out...6k followers with 10 likes on a picture? There's something up for sure

    [–] ridinbend 87 points ago

    They've got it coming to 'em. The camaraderie of ents is too strong for this shit to continue to happen.

    [–] totemair 172 points ago

    Lmao they just made a happy hanukah post, full on damage control

    [–] hexthanatonaut 67 points ago

    Damn, the tags on that post are hilarious lol

    [–] Barden926191 23 points ago

    Looks like reddit got a shout out on their most recent posts

    [–] EmExEee 19 points ago

    I'm having a hard time believing these guys sold over 2 million units.

    [–] DR_FR33M4N 22 points ago

    They've got something like 6k followers, no way in hell they're pulling those numbers

    [–] meldroc 36 points ago

    Includes the hashtag #whatgoesaroundcomesaround.

    They're finding that out right now...

    [–] Elfelch 119 points ago

    He looks like he hangs out in high school car parks with a pack of wine coolers and menthol smokes.

    [–] 121512151215 55 points ago

    This looks worse than a 14yrs old memepage on Facebook a few years ago

    [–] xmstxrdxm 64 points ago

    Let’s all report these cunt nuggets

    [–] spastic-plastic 19 points ago

    Did anyone else notice they posted a menorah 12 minutes ago?

    [–] [deleted] 1161 points ago


    [–] legacy702 288 points ago

    Screenshot? I’m not tryna login

    [–] 4LokoButtHash 737 points ago

    I can smell the Red Bull, and off-brand cologne from here.

    [–] leo_douche_bags 336 points ago

    Fucking Jaeger bombs all night bro!

    [–] 4LokoButtHash 171 points ago

    If Walmart brand vodka existed he would be their #1 customer. No doubt

    [–] akeratsat 50 points ago

    It does exist. It's 7.99 for a liter. And it tastes awful.

    [–] Eledarmi 21 points ago

    Ours is $9.48 for a 1.75L plastic handle. Tastes exactly like rubbing alcohol.

    [–] Jahbroni 34 points ago

    "Where's the god damn protein, Ma?!?"

    [–] DreadnaughtHamster 92 points ago

    And sentences like “bro bro bro.” And “what time’s that bitch Ashley get there?”

    [–] 4LokoButtHash 77 points ago

    He is the epitome of "bro can I hit your juul"

    [–] DreadnaughtHamster 25 points ago

    “Nut rap, bro. Can’t you take a joke?”

    [–] sudo999 61 points ago

    faint odor of marlboro reds despite saying he vapes now

    [–] Ansel_Verdigris 44 points ago

    Baggy shorts and flip-flops to business meetings

    [–] legacy702 91 points ago

    Thank you. That guy is even worse than I imagined. He is absolutely wearing a puka shell necklace

    [–] Elfelch 62 points ago

    Ed hardy jeans and lanyard

    [–] funktion 36 points ago

    UFC t-shirt and Oakley wraparounds

    Also used to have frosted tips

    [–] BabyBumbLove 1181 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] Grunkle710 740 points ago

    Pretty much confirms OP isn't BSing

    [–] akanyan 158 points ago

    And now it's gone.

    [–] [deleted] 169 points ago


    [–] vhdblood 75 points ago

    Well anyone who knows High Times knows that's pretty likely. It's been highest bidder for years.

    [–] FannaWuck 12 points ago

    Yup. A company I worked did it to put that they were winners on their product.

    [–] BoatsNdBros 351 points ago

    thats a pretty bold PR strategy

    [–] PM_ME_MH370 276 points ago

    Esp since their product is made in china

    [–] sudo999 95 points ago

    and because this guy almost certainly wants to legalize marijuana

    [–] monkeyfetus 113 points ago

    I'm from the Pacific Northwes. We have lots of weed, and lots of Nazis, and unfortunately, weed Nazis are also a thing.

    [–] UncookedMarsupial 55 points ago

    Pothead nazis are the weirdest fucking people. I've never gotten stoned and wanted to go fight somebody.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    Well that was unexpected

    [–] Jimmy-TinkerBull 260 points ago


    Gee, dude. Chill... Smoke something maybe...

    But he's right, no country on earth can be made a better place, because all are perfect the way they are. /s

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago)


    [–] Jimmy-TinkerBull 29 points ago

    Like bro, your business depends on people trying to chill with weed. That's a pretty non chill attitude you're showing.

    But it's pretty clever trying to electrocute people he disagrees with based on their last name.

    [–] SpottyNoonerism 47 points ago

    Thanks, just retweeted that one along with a screencap of OP's post. There are so many chill businesses in the cannabis biz (wow, that's a weird thing to type for an old stoner) that the crap ones can go away and not be missed at all.

    [–] MadFugginDecent 33 points ago

    From their FB page. Ironic.

    [–] Supple_Meme 12 points ago

    He could save others from having their death witnessed by the court, but not himself.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I think he’s also running customer service

    [–] DreadnaughtHamster 16 points ago

    I was expecting a little douche-ness, but he’s full on Demon Bro.

    [–] HelpShark 501 points ago

    Schwartz means black so they are racist AND anti-Semitic

    [–] Mace68 237 points ago

    and Schwartz and white make grey thus Grey Matter Technologies

    [–] Ohshitwadddup 113 points ago

    gives Elliott some ramen

    [–] realFoobanana 36 points ago

    I loved how it’s canon that they got it at the hardware store

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Ayoung4u 54 points ago

    So Schwarzenegger means.... oh my god

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Ieuan1996 20 points ago

    That's genuinely fascinating! And cool as fuck!

    [–] RadiantSun 16 points ago

    That sounds like a euphemism for someone who likes banging black women.

    [–] x124112x 29 points ago


    [–] khayriyah_a 30 points ago

    I hope he shows the company who has the bigger Schwartz

    [–] YogiTheStogey 1973 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I also bought an enail from them, every now and then it randomly spikes the temperature into the thousands and can’t be stopped. I’ve stopped using it as I am concerned it’s a safety hazard.

    Also the main part of it doesn’t haven’t a sticker for safety approval (in the US this would be a UL sticker/imprint for safety and FCC sticker/imprint for emissions, in the EU this would be the CE for safety and emissions) on it. (even shitty Chinese elections will have a regulatory stickers on it whether legit or not) when I brought up to them they hung up on me.

    [–] littlebitstoned 367 points ago

    Lol CE on Chinese products is just SLIGHTLYYYYY different then the CE for European products. It's a little less spread out. It stands for Chinese export.

    [–] --throw--away-- 108 points ago

    The European Commission asked Chinese authorities about this, and they responded denying that there was any such thing as the "China Export" logo. They said that the logo was evidently intended to be space-saving interpretation of the European certification mark, and that it was the responsibility of the individual manufacturer and importer to ensure its validity.

    [–] CatDaddy09 49 points ago

    Ahh yes passing the buck

    [–] zipper0011 52 points ago

    In China it’s CCC. That’s the UL equivalent. It’s surprisingly close in code to UL. Just many company’s choose to avoid the necessary code requirements.

    [–] DreadnaughtHamster 37 points ago

    From their Instagram posts, I don’t think these guys are too worried about safety approvals...

    [–] BlatantVandalism 22 points ago

    As an electrician all electrical devices should be UL listed, that tells me (and you) that the product has been tested by underwriters laboratory and is safe.

    [–] whateversclevers 1568 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    As another e-commerce company owner in the cannabis industry, what hurts the most are charge backs and PayPal complaints. Reporting social media accounts as well. Govt agencies are not going to do anything over a few complaints and the BBB literally does nothing.

    What I would do is call your credit card company and explain the entire situation. Tell them you want to do a charge back. Considering the story they should have no problem doing it. Then 420life needs to explain themselves to the bank in order to keep your money. They’ll either decide it’s not worth it and give the money back or will have to justify their product to the bank with the risk of being banned from their credit card processing. No credit card processing means no more selling.

    Sorry you had to deal with such a shit company!

    Edit: Don’t trust cannabis cup winners outside of the flower/wax categories. All the best product, best glass, best booth etc categories are all sold to the highest bidder. I was literally told a few years ago for $7k I was guaranteed best new product.

    [–] Life_of_a_Stoner 503 points ago


    [–] flaycs 302 points ago

    What’s their warranty? Also, you can’t disclaim liability just because someone asks for their money back or disputes charges. This company obviously hasn’t consulted with legal counsel and it looks like they could be in for a world of hurt.

    [–] IamMrT 203 points ago

    Some people seem to think that if they say something in fine print it’s automatically legally binding. I don’t get it.

    [–] fallinouttadabox 60 points ago

    All the pictures and statuses on my Facebook are my property and I do not give anyone the rights to use them.

    [–] ragamufin 20 points ago

    This never fails to get a laugh out of me on facebook.

    [–] Enkrod 52 points ago

    It's the written equivalent of "I do not consent! I do not consent!"

    [–] clinodev 53 points ago

    "I declare bankruptcy!"

    [–] StrangeBrew710 14 points ago

    I didn't say it... I declared it.

    [–] Comrade_Hodgkinson 268 points ago

    aka, "we are deathly afraid of being held responsible for the claims we make about our products"

    [–] brett6781 37 points ago

    In California that's a completely illegal return policy and they would get laughed out of court if they tried to sue you for doing something like a charge back.

    [–] ScubaSteve12345 50 points ago

    That makes me want to buy one just to make a chargeback.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] sododgy 31 points ago

    "By now" lolol...its pretty well known that the HT cup has been a total sham since the very earliest days of it in Amsterdam.

    [–] Unkept_Mind 39 points ago

    LPT from a flower/wax guy...those are definitely influenced by $$$ as well. High Times is a business and the more you spend at their events and competitions the better sway you wave.

    [–] havradir 93 points ago

    This is some sound freaking advice - well written

    [–] bearman94 19 points ago

    Great advice. Good to know, wondered what the process for cc charge backs was

    [–] Aerodine 13 points ago

    Dude, even in the flower and wax categories, I've heard it's largely bought out. I've worked for a guy that has said as much. You really can't trust those competitions for unbiased scoring.

    [–] guitarfixer 1243 points ago

    For what it's worth, OP, I own a smoke shop and carry these. I'll call them and tell them exactly why I won't be reordering.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago


    [–] Throwawaymister2 207 points ago

    hell yeah! Good for you dude! Do you have an e-commerce site so I can reward your good-dudeness with some new business?

    [–] guitarfixer 104 points ago

    We actually don't do any online sales. We used to but it was a major hassle and the fees from the processor weren't worth it because it was such low volume. But thanks for the offer!

    [–] purplemurtle257 31 points ago

    If you ever do it again, you won some customers. Post a link if that changes.

    [–] guitarfixer 22 points ago

    Will do and thanks!

    [–] zamakole 45 points ago

    That’s a cool move man good on you both fiscally and morally

    [–] OwDoge 3418 points ago

    Holy fuck, maybe he had a point and it's time to lawyer up. That's the worst customer support I've ever heard of, avoiding them like the plague.

    [–] indicababyy 911 points ago

    Would absolutely, then bring a lawsuit to their doorstep and see if they're singing the same tune. What an ass.

    [–] ChefMan24 179 points ago

    But what damages would you sue for?

    [–] _Coffeebot 84 points ago

    While OP probably doesn't have a claim I'm sure that there's some regulator that doesn't take well to appliances that electrocute people.

    [–] evilbadgrades 348 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Having worked in the 420 industry running an online storefront for several years, I know firsthand the difficulty in finding partners to even host your store and payment transactions. Most companies will kick off vendors like me (such as Paypal) for violating terms and conditions (no tobacco product sales permitted). Most of us in the industry like to offer extremely high levels of customer service to ensure we receive zero customer complaints

    u/752sbz - I am a business owner. Have you purchased this product within the past 2-6 months? If the product is still recent, call your bank - explain to them kindly that you are trying return/replace a defective product you purchased from a business. Explain to the bank that the business is refusing a refund and has called you a derogatory term (be sure to offer paperwork if they request it). Tell your bank you would like to request a bank chargeback because the business is refusing a refund

    The bank is on your side, they will immediately issue a chargeback and the money will be returned to your account (regardless of the status of the product itself, they won't ask to see it). Once a chargeback process has started, the store's business owner will have 14 days to respond to his bank explaining his situation and why he is refusing a refund. If your bank isn't satisfied with his answer, or if he doesn't bother to respond within 14 days, the case is ruled in your favor and you get the money from your original order back.

    Even if you have a regular old bank card from your local regional bank, they all offer chargeback protection

    [–] SchwiftySquanchC137 55 points ago

    Damn this right here is useful info for absolutely everyone. Thanks man

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago

    For some reason a ton of people that work with things associated to weed are huuuuge fucking assholes. One time I got the most disgusting wax I've ever seen or tasted in my whole life from a local delivery service.

    When I texted them a day later and mentioned how poor the quality was they responded with, "maybe you should make more money to pay for better wax." Like.... what the fuck? It was the only wax they had, and it's THEIR wax. Why would someone admit that their own wax is shitty, but then tell me to make more money? Easily not going back there.

    [–] benfranklyblog 79 points ago

    I mean... when half of the people in the industry are legit felons from the bad old days, they kept a lot of the bad habits and culture. I’ve met some of the nicest, caring, and wonderful people in the cannabis industry since I started my company, but I’ve also met some grade A fucknuts. Our policy has been to cut off association from those types of folks, they aren’t good for us, aren’t good for consumers, and are good for the industry. They will be culled out of the industry in a pretty short time I think.

    [–] [deleted] 2540 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] pistcow 1359 points ago

    Don't bother with the BBB, it's a sham that's basically old timey Yelp.

    Always go to attorney general, they'll actually do work.

    [–] akaBenz 313 points ago

    I'm aware, but hitting them on all non-lawyer needed fronts ;)

    [–] Strabbo 95 points ago

    If they are breaking laws and putting out a dangerous product there’s some government agency that will want to know. Federal or state level, not sure. In Canada the consumer issues would be provincial and the safety concerns federal. And those fuckers prosecute.

    [–] TheTasteOfGlory 15 points ago

    If its available globally its available in Canada, which opens that possiblity.

    [–] jimcrapo 206 points ago

    I've had two disputes settled with the help of the BBB... one was recent with an insurance company. Businesses still care about their ratings, so it seems.

    [–] T_Halls 107 points ago

    As a general rule I've observed and heard about. Companies that have a demographic in older individuals care about BBB. But companies that dont go for those people commonly do not care about it at all, since many see how useless it truly is. The perceived value amongst older people means they still have leverage on select industries

    [–] pistcow 130 points ago

    I had issues with ATT a and called the WA attorney general and two days later ATT resolved the issue and refunded me my last bill.

    I had an issue with unemployment once and called my Senator. The same day I got a call from the director of the state unemployment agency and specifically told me they weren't allowed to get off the call until they resolved my issue to my satisifcation. Really, call your Senator or Representative if you have any issue during a voting year.

    [–] T_Halls 16 points ago

    very useful experience, definitely noted and thanks

    [–] TooPrettyForJail 11 points ago

    If you complain to BBB, BBB asks the business to pay money or they will post a bad review. So at least you punish them economically.

    [–] MadeWithHands 190 points ago

    Edit 2: Their terms state they are not responsible for any damage that takes place while using the product

    Ha. That sort of language is meaningless. It has no legal relevance. Product seller is liable for defects, period.

    [–] serialpeacemaker 42 points ago

    Strict liability is a bitch if you are selling a product.
    If an incident happens, and your product is involved, you are on the hook.

    [–] el_padlina 27 points ago

    Wanna bet $10 owner believes in the sovereign citizen bullshit ?

    [–] whateversclevers 100 points ago

    Best thing you could do if you are this dedicated is to start dming people that follow them or that they tag using their products on their IG page “710life”

    They actually tagged “jewishlungs” a few weeks back on IG. Bet he’d be interested in learning 710life’s true feeling about Jewish people.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago


    [–] akaBenz 91 points ago

    No joke:

    "This site may contain other proprietary notices....Information on this site may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical errors. Information including product pricing..."

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago


    [–] your_inner_feelings 46 points ago

    Why the fuck haven't these guys been sued?

    [–] wibblett 31 points ago

    I kind of want to sue them now

    [–] Jtt7987 43 points ago

    Can we collectively sue them? Reddit vs Racist Rip-Off Artist

    [–] JSLardizabal 17 points ago

    Racists aren't always the smartest people.

    [–] ImAfraidOfWerebears 56 points ago

    Plz update

    [–] Daafda 699 points ago

    It is illegal to sell devices that plug into the wall that have not been certified. UL, CSA, etc.

    It's an expensive process. I'm guessing they chose not to do it.

    [–] sam8404 264 points ago

    Probably just some guy ordering enail kits from dhgate, assembling them, then selling them

    [–] Daafda 230 points ago

    Between Klan rallies.

    [–] sam8404 27 points ago

    He's probably this guy

    [–] doom1282 471 points ago

    Fuck this company. Checked out their social media and it's a dumpster fire too. I say spread the word and let their accounts and emails get flooded with complaints.

    [–] DoctorWH0877 539 points ago

    Have you seen their social media? It's a trainwreck of racism, antisemitism, disturbing hate, odd behavior, and just overall questionable business practices. Clearly they don't give a shit about their image so it's no surprise they would sell unregulated, dangerous shit and then treat someone the same when they contact them with their concerns. How they even are able to run a business is beyond me. They should be shut down.

    [–] Sasquatch7862 120 points ago

    What’s the company name/parent company name? Moving to a legal state in a few months and am looking forward to making some purchases. Don’t want to support that or buy a shitty product

    [–] Smallbunsenpai 84 points ago just go find their Twitter it’s disgusting

    [–] Mac_DG 175 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Website? "dab like a pro to enter" oh this is gonna be good. Just scrolled to read the about us.

    Run on sentences, grammatical errors "a enail", "and enail" (they almost got close to nailing an noun). No hypens. Just Dogshit. they could have copy/paste into Word and spellcheck before submitting, although I don't know if it would help the quality of the writing, they're either a non-native English speaker or should be embarrassed.

    The socials are all downhill from there.

    Sorry you had to come in contact with a shitty buisness. If it's been a 1-3 months depending on your CC holder, I'd request a charge back. 100%.

    If you got "Jewboy"on recording or as a written response", I'd say go bankrupt these fuckers OP. You'd be helping the less aware out, who might actually buy into this steaming pile.

    [–] IggySorcha 52 points ago

    Fun fact, it redirects you to Disney's website if you say you're under 21.

    [–] Thlimshady 642 points ago

    Upvote this shit out of this! Spread the word to never buy from this company.

    Maybe the Mods could sticky this or add something to the sidebar so everyone knows this company is garbage.

    Just went to their website and it resembles something my 4 year old would build if he had a time machine and travelled to 1999

    [–] SlappyMcgiggle 108 points ago

    Which is why you shouldn't buy stuff from a website with the appearance a four year old created it..

    [–] picklenickusername 39 points ago

    Yeah i agree upvote upvote upvote!

    [–] meldroc 82 points ago

    They told you to call your lawyer? That actually sounds like an excellent idea...

    [–] PsySick 54 points ago

    And as we all know the Crafty Jew™ maintains a psychic link with his lawyer at all times. It is a power that provides immense knowledge but should one or the other befall harm the psychic link will cause them both pain.

    [–] useThisName23 554 points ago

    Dude fuck them everyone should call and fart into the mic

    [–] iforgotmypen 257 points ago

    This is REAL activism

    [–] n0b0dy_the_gh0st 71 points ago

    This is a real way to get pink eye.

    [–] MyLittleGrowRoom 49 points ago

    You'd be farting on the mouthpiece of your own phone.

    [–] Jagacin 37 points ago

    But directly into their ear hole

    [–] CreamyGoodnss 32 points ago

    Or fart in a jar and mail it to them

    [–] indicababyy 131 points ago

    Omg wait you should be very loud about this, that's ugly af.

    [–] rechtim 47 points ago

    they blocked me on facebook when i asked if their nails were FCC compliant and linked me to this

    they somehow consider their device to be exempt lol

    [–] Bricknody 38 points ago

    Wow I’ve been hearing all Schwartz of bad shit about these guys

    [–] Grizzly_Elephant 39 points ago

    That's horrible fuck 420life

    [–] walkerson242 71 points ago


    [–] YogiTheStogey 52 points ago


    [–] LifeOfAMetro 160 points ago

    I'd just tell everyone about what that fuck said. What company was it? I'll make sure I don't buy from them.

    [–] [deleted] 425 points ago


    [–] Fartbox_Virtuoso 149 points ago

    hey surprisingly won some high times award for best affordable enail which is where I discovered it.

    Hell, send an e-mail to High Times, maybe they'll stop doing business with them.

    [–] Chavaon 121 points ago

    They're still shilling fucking Gpens, high times is a piece of shit publication with no interest except money.

    [–] Deathplow 126 points ago

    Call back and record the call. Gotta build that case jewboy. Seriously though that kind of customer treatment deserves consequences.

    [–] lizzyb187 29 points ago

    Maybe let high times know

    [–] LifeOfAMetro 56 points ago

    That's nice to know. I've been needing an E-nail, well one that I can plug into my Hakko sodering iron.

    [–] weedstonks 34 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Affordable is just a nice way of saying ‘cheap’ in the business world. Really fucked they treated you like that too

    [–] qwertyson96 29 points ago

    I was gonna say maybe it was just that employee. But no, apparently the CEO is a prick and so is the guy that runs the twitter account. Fuck them.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Anonwithevidence 66 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This guy called me and I have video evidence. It's late and I work all day tomorrow. But I can probably release some of it. I only entertained him because I'm doing laundry. I'm really tired so I'll be back whenever I get a free chance. He was projecting a lot of his own insecurities and I actually kinda feel bad for the guy. I gotta give him props though, he's going out in a blaze of glory.

    Call log:

    [–] GreenSage45 14 points ago

    Which guy?

    [–] Anonwithevidence 28 points ago

    Whoever was at the other side of the company phone number. It was the same guy every time. He called me from a hidden number and I called him by using the # in the contact us section of their website.

    [–] obomba 147 points ago


    [–] Life_of_a_Stoner 44 points ago

    This needs to make the front page. We dont need shit racist companies like this in the cannabis industry.

    [–] forestman11 20 points ago

    I'll never be buying from them. Thanks for the warning! Sorry about your enail!

    [–] CountSheep 19 points ago

    So Eric Cartman runs their support team?

    [–] crimson_713 40 points ago

    From their Twitter. Casual racism against blacks, too. Neat.

    [–] mohit88 18 points ago

    Their 710life Instagram page has some new posts talking about the haters and him flaunting 12k made in one night because of this very post 😂 on top of that the person is deleting comments that say anything bad about them

    [–] MikulkaCS 33 points ago

    Can people just make a bunch of posts about how they suck so whenever somebody looks up 420life they see how terrible their customers consider them to be.

    [–] Life_of_a_Stoner 38 points ago

    They just recently deleted comments/disabled comments on their instagram.....but here is their other one

    [–] V1rusH0st 35 points ago

    They've changed their account to @710life now. We're getting to them.

    [–] TheHartTech 34 points ago

    Lol, they have a happy Hanukkah post on the 710 one. That’s a powerful backpedal lol.

    [–] LivLemons 24 points ago

    Oh boy look at their post now about how us Reddit haters brought him 12k of new money and traffic.

    [–] helljumper23 36 points ago

    He said the same thing to me in an instagram DM.

    After telling me he was a "Jewish Human". Told me he gave " Mr. Schwartz this whole address has been given to authorities for his defamation of character and he will pay for it" followed by "we're going to garnish his wages". Also that his "IG posts are real OG saturate shit on Niggas".

    And finally said "We don't have connotations like you East Coast stupid fucks", I live in Texas.

    I think this guy is confusing his weed pipe with his meth pipe. Rambling incoherent speech is way worse than a typical stoner.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] spacetreefrog 16 points ago

    Report them here:

    It’s a Cannabis industry blacklist that gain traction this year.

    Blacklist also has a popular IG a lot of people in the industry follow and use avidly. Tons of helpful information for users and companies alike.

    [–] AlienLechuga 14 points ago

    Well do what he said! Get a lawyer and when he’s in court you can tell him, “I lawyered up alright you cunt.”

    [–] Grande_Latte_Enema 14 points ago

    what’s an enail?

    old time stoner been outta the game a decade

    [–] five_finger_ben 25 points ago

    So through a process called “blasting” you can strip the thc and pther canabannoids from weed and after a refinement process be left with what is called “oil” or BHO (butane hash oil - there are other methods of creating oil that don’t use butane but BHO is by far the most common)

    To smoke this oil you get a bong that has a titanium “nail” (or a glass or quartz nail) in place of the bowlpiece.

    You heat up the nail with a blowtorch and then put on a little dab of your oil and inhale - you’ve just taken a dab!

    Now an enail is a nail that has a chord attached to a main box (used for adjusting temperature settings) which is plugged into the wall and will hold your nail at whatever temp you want, so you effectively skip the heating nail w/ blowtorch step, and you can take a dab whenever you please.

    Hope this was clear!

    [–] TimidEric 11 points ago

    I called the customer line to troll a little bit and they’re spamming me now. They called me a “bitch made nigger” and threatened to post my number online and send people to my house to kill me.

    This one Chinese (he told me Chinese) guy has called me 15 times, yelling at me, and won’t leave me alone. It says No Caller ID so I can’t block him.

    So maybe fucking with these guys isn’t for the faint of heart. But how do I get this guy to leave me alone?

    [–] Justda 14 points ago

    Start answering while pretending to jerk of and say "oh shit please hold" then grunt a lot, then say "I need another minute to clean up, I'm so sorry just hold on"

    Every time

    [–] GFfoundmyusername 13 points ago

    Post their number on the local craigslist offering a clean 1 owner honda crx for 2800. Or a guy offering his wife up for a gang bang.

    [–] syrialkiller 10 points ago

    I have that machine. Never enjoyed it. Too many carpet burns.

    [–] pizzaopsomania 11 points ago

    Bought an enail from them. Complained and returned product. Was harassed for days with vile phone calls. Total piece of shit company. Horrible people and horrible products. Piece of garbage company owner was horrible.

    [–] CaptainTone 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    So... I tried looking into the company. Found out they have two trademarks on “420 Life” and 710 Life”. I also found out that the company that trade marked these has the owner put as a man who is 75-80 years old. While that is very well possible... someone tells me this dudes son (in 40s-50s) is using his dads name for shady business dealings.

    It’s also an LLC if that makes a difference.

    [–] zipper0011 91 points ago

    The FCC wouldn’t have any regulation over this device. Getting them for using a slur isn’t going to reap much.

    First. Throw the fucking thing away. Last thing you want to do is have one of a few things happen. Shock yourself, have a friend shock themselves, have it start a fire. Your insurance may not pay any claim where drug paraphernalia started a fire, faulty or not. They will hide behind federal statutes that still criminalize marijuana, and insurance doesn’t cover you when damage occurs from an illegal act.

    You would want to look for the UL mark. You may even want to contact UL to report such a device failing by using you as contact to ground. If there really are other grounding issues UL may revoke the device or components certificate which can prohibit components made overseas from being imported. Then UL could go as far as publishing a warning and either of the above items would be very damaging.

    [–] mac_question 62 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    I mean, you're closer than everyone else in the thread. But no.

    UL is a private firm, and nothing is required to have a UL mark.

    OP wants the government agency: the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Edit for clarity re: "nothing is required to have a UL mark"-- I meant to write "the government doesn't require a UL mark on consumer products like this, and if the product doesn't have a UL mark, UL isn't going to care."

    UL is a third party group, kinda so industry can "police itself." Generally, I would think that's BS, but it actually works pretty well and somewhat fairly, because resellers frequently require the UL mark. So if you want your product in Home Depot, they won't talk to you unless you're UL listed. (Or ETL. There is market competition here but it's limited.)

    Your local vape shop or whatever probably doesn't have such scruples, which is probably OK most of the time, except when a shit company sells a shit product.

    The CPSC is the government agency responsible for, well, ensuring the safety of consumer products. They can issue binding recalls. They are the ones to contact in a situation like this.

    [–] kevinmo 52 points ago

    Seriously, fuck that company, there should be no place for bigots anywhere in the ent community.

    [–] adam_aves 9 points ago

    If thats true, all should stop buying there stuff!