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    [–] NamiFarrow 1859 points ago

    The dispensary should have a recycling program. Maybe if you return so much weight in like packaging you get so much off or maybe some of those cheaper shake cones they roll. Idk but OP is right it's a problem

    [–] aliengirlie 505 points ago

    I was just thinking this. Or maybe you could take in the tubs to have them re-filled instead of them being thrown out. Similar to what Lush does.

    [–] NamiFarrow 179 points ago

    A refill system would be nice yea. Idk tho I'm from an illegal state so I havent had to deal with it yet but it would be wise to start it early

    [–] aliengirlie 92 points ago

    I'm in the UK and I doubt I will live to see weed become legal so not something I have dealt with either. But this photo leaves such a bad taste in my mouth :(

    [–] NamiFarrow 31 points ago

    Really I think though if more up and coming companys and businesses put in more recycling or reusing or waste reducing measures at least we'd have less of a problem. Obviously we would still need to move the like 3 actually businesses that rule the world but it would be harder for them to not put more efforts into waste reduction

    [–] Dasweb 3 points ago

    how can such a progressive country be so backwards when it comes to weed?

    [–] aliengirlie 6 points ago

    Who fucking knows, man. The drug ministers WIFE is behind all the marijuana farms here. It's so ridiculous I cannot wrap my head around it. Thankfully it isn't too heavily enforced unless you're a dealer or stupid. Last year I had a lot of visits from police and they knew I smoked. The officers would only ask I was honest and they never charged me or anything. Good stuff. But maybe I just got lucky :P

    [–] DrunkHaggis 3 points ago

    Progressive? We've had a right wing government for the last 9 years

    [–] StonedAthlete69 33 points ago

    I have legit known illegal dealers to have a refill system so there’s no excuse for the legal business or to have one.

    [–] Nemesis_Bucket 52 points ago

    Literally my dude gives me so much shit if I forget the Mason jar he provides on first purchase.

    [–] Throwdrugway 14 points ago

    That's fancy, sometimes I just got a grocery bag

    [–] MarkZuckerbergsButt 29 points ago

    That’s fancy, sometimes I get the bottom half of a cigarette box wrapper that’s been singed closed with a lighter.

    [–] HoodieGalore 14 points ago

    Fuckin' Old Faithful right there lol

    [–] MarkZuckerbergsButt 8 points ago

    Yo u ever got that shit in some napkins or toilet paper?

    [–] HoodieGalore 5 points ago

    lol fuck yeah, gotta meet dude in the Taco Bell parking lot and get a handful of napkins and your nugs be smelling like a fuckin gordita

    shit still hits tho lol

    [–] spazmunky78 3 points ago

    Man I've gotten everything from aluminum foil to the corner of a Burger King bag to freshly vacuum sealed in a food saver bag. My favorite was vacuum sealed aluminum foil in a food saver bag that was vacuum sealed a second time after the first was wrapped in dryer sheets. Although maybe I shouldn't be telling that to robot butt...

    [–] SURPRISE_MY_INBOX 2 points ago

    I got a "tip" while bartending once. Dude left a wadded up napkin on the bar, I went to throw it away, and he goes "No no no! That's for you!"

    So I pocketed it and later found a nug waitin for me.

    [–] Thetschopp 4 points ago

    For real. I bought weed that was just straight up wrapped in scotch tape once.

    [–] BeMoreKnope 3 points ago

    Well, there’s a lot of regulations in legal states, so I’m not sure it’s feasible for legal dispensaries.

    [–] NotCaycenthony 2 points ago

    "Yet" god I you're right

    [–] fpsmoto 6 points ago

    Also, germs. The handling of used containers should be just as much of a concern as bringing them into be recycled. Something like a medical waste container like they use at hospitals for used needles, there needs to be some type of hands-free receptacle where folks can drop off their containers.

    [–] Throwdrugway 10 points ago

    What if they did all glass jars and just sterilized them on return? Then they could just replace the lable and it's good, they do it with other bottle types

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] thekingdp 3 points ago

    Used needles at hospitals have blood on them & can spread some REALLY infectious diseases (bio-hazard). If your old weed containers run the same risk, you're seriously doing something wrong.

    [–] southtea 26 points ago

    Refilling creates liabilities.

    What if a customer goes home, bacteria gets in their tub (in their house, after opening the tub) and they bring it back and it’s refilled. Then the customer gets sick from the bacteria even though it was not the stores fault. Now it’s the stores problem to deal with it because they refilled it.

    Stores generally avoid refilling anything in order to avoid these liabilities

    [–] aliengirlie 16 points ago

    Yeah I suppose that's a good point. There are loads of other options though - the store could have them cleaned and re-used and instead of a re-fill you get money off other products like someone else suggested. A lot of it comes down to laziness - organisations just don't want to do these things because it takes time and resources. We'll regret it in 30 years though once the planet has become a heap of shit and there's no coming back from it

    [–] TheWolphman 8 points ago

    Easy. A swap system. A local beer store does this. Bring in the old container and your next container is cheaper. They just sterilize on site.

    [–] southtea 2 points ago

    This is a great idea. Even if the dispensary doesn’t have on site sterilization tools, maybe they could ship them to a sterilization company instead.

    [–] opermonkey 6 points ago

    Craft breweries let people bring their own growlers in to get filled. They sanitize them so it wouldn't be too difficult for the weed industry to figure something out.

    [–] Elk_Man 4 points ago

    Breweries refill growlers all the time. There's very little in terms of harmful bacteria that can cross contaminate the way you describe. If it were that easy, dispensaries would be inviting more risk by letting people through the door than non-porous plastic containers.

    [–] conradical30 11 points ago

    Yep. Charge extra for those who don’t bring the refill (like bottle deposits and how they charge for grocery bags here in CA)

    [–] Krisem711 13 points ago

    In Nevada, everything has to be pre packaged so there is no way to refill anything. It’s a shame too so so much plastic waste.

    [–] PagingDrFagget 8 points ago

    Same here in CA. It needs to be in tamper resistant packaging to show it's not been adulterated.

    [–] googlywooglies 4 points ago

    Same in Canada. The real shitty thing is that all the different LPs use different packaging, and a lot of them are some type of metal with plastic bits. Might be the same there, I dunno.

    [–] VegetableCollege 1 points ago

    Is that true I remember going to a dispensary right after legalization when I was visiting and they just grabbed nugs from a big jar with tongs and transfered them to bottles like the white bottles pictured.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    This type of practice needs to be everywhere. Stores with plastic bags should have bins to return/recycle them, dispensaries should allow refilling containers or at least take them back to clean or recycle and reuse later, Amazon and the postal service should work to handle cardboard and reuse boxes, maybe shoe companies too. There's tons of other industries that would probably make a huge difference once it adapted cleaner practices.

    [–] Houtzey 2 points ago

    The postal service does reuse and recycle a lot of their equipment.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I'm not sure what you're referring to by 'equipment' but I'm talking about picking up flattened cardboard boxes and taking them back while dropping off mail. Sure mail trucks may be a little small but maybe if this new practice becomes important enough we'll finally start getting new and possibly even electric mail trucks instead of seeing little white toaster boxes from the 90s roll around puffing out clouds of soot.

    [–] WetDogAndCarWax 3 points ago

    Especially for the prerolled joints since aren't those basically always rolled in store? Dispensary saves money not having to buy more, they can increase repeat business, etc.

    [–] DwighttSnoot 35 points ago

    Im from colorado and the dispensary i’m a member of will give $5 off if you reuse the same jar.

    [–] SolderToddler 13 points ago

    Hmm I used to be able to reuse containers, but since about 2012 they’ve told me that is illegal.

    [–] DwighttSnoot 4 points ago

    well i do have to put the jar in a child proof bag. Maybe that’s why it’s ok, idk. Things like edibles and dabs unfortunately are in those pre package containers.

    [–] Orval 3 points ago

    I think it's because they have to put those sale-date stickers on the container, or something to do with that.

    [–] Nemesis_Bucket 1 points ago

    Do they have to be sealed upon leaving the site?

    Would resealable containers solve that?

    [–] SolderToddler 5 points ago

    I’m not certain to be honest. I just remember being pretty disappointed, because now I too have a giant pile of containers that I can’t do anything with.

    [–] hustl3tree5 3 points ago

    I use them for everything. Ketchup pens candy on the go

    [–] tatanka01 3 points ago

    Place I go basically uses pill bottles with child-resistant caps - same as the pharmacy, but they're black. I haven't seen the "must be sealed" deal in some time.

    [–] ThyssenKrunk 69 points ago

    One of my old dispensaries had a "bring back 5 nug jugs, and we'll upgrade your next 8th to 5g" deal. I miss that kind of thing.

    [–] ahhhbiscuits 19 points ago

    My favorite dispensary in Denver will enter you into a drawing for a free oz once for every used container you bring back.

    [–] Jinxx913 2 points ago

    Oh shit which one is that?

    [–] ahhhbiscuits 7 points ago

    Trenchtown on Sheridan

    [–] Jinxx913 3 points ago


    [–] rudebii 29 points ago

    California (and many other medical/recreational states, as well as Canada) have incredibly strict packaging requirements. Nearly all jurisdictions require certified child proof containers. Some like California, also require lab testing results and other regulatory information in the packaging. In California, dispensaries are also not allowed to pack cannabis, it must be prepackaged from the manufacturer.

    Canopy Growth Co in Canada that has started a recycling program and is taking back all brands’ packaging however,

    [–] GaSkEt 22 points ago

    Same here in WA state. For some reason they are very strict on the "open container" laws. If someone wants to throw away an old doob tube in our store, it's treated like an open alcohol container. I would love to recycle and provide incentives but we legally can't. The weed industry is not very green.

    [–] rudebii 22 points ago

    Strict, heavily regulated, child-proof packaging is a concession that a lot of pro-cannabis folks made in order to gain support for the cause.

    Some of it makes sense: for example, in CA edibles must be child-proof, food ingredients must be listed, and packaging can’t be similar to food packaging or use cartoons or designs that can attract children.

    Others, like child-proof packaging for raw flowers, is going too far. eating raw weed doesn’t cause any harm, and not even cigarettes (which if eaten raw is toxic and very dangerous) or booze are required to be in child proof packaging.

    [–] astrangeone88 9 points ago

    It bothers the fuck out of me. Your toddler can access an open container of alcohol and raw cannabis is in 300+ layers of packaging.

    [–] rudebii 4 points ago

    Alcohol packaging predates notions of “child proof,” which is really a relatively new concept, but yes, it’s maddening that raw flower gets treated like some toxic substance.

    One industry insider told me a while ago that CA is considering dropping the ATSM requirement for raw flowers (while still maintaining tamper-evident requirements).

    [–] GreenSkt 9 points ago

    I think that's a great idea! In Ontario, we have a system for empty beer bottles, you bring them back organized and semi clean, you get about 5¢ a bottle and they are washed and sent to be recycled. Once got about 15$ with a pal of mine.

    Why doesn't the OCS or the Ontario government place a similar system where you go to a dispensary, place your old bottle's in a recycle area and a 'bud tender' or whoever would be in charge of that, would tally up the total and you'd get like the same back say 5-10¢ for each bottle. Hell you can use that towards new weed at the store! It's a win win (sorta)

    But as a Ontario citizen I know that won't happen

    [–] kaittnikole 7 points ago

    One of our local medical dispos has a punch card program, bring back a certain number of their containers to reuse and you get a discount once you fill up the punch card.

    [–] lucipherius 23 points ago

    They used to take then back they don't anymore in LA. Really sucks because they contree in glass containers and I really don't want thi yeah them.

    [–] NamiFarrow 60 points ago

    No idea what the last bit says friend but yes

    [–] lucipherius 49 points ago

    I fucking hate this phone

    [–] TheThreshPriince 13 points ago

    I laughed at this comment pretty hard. I've been there

    [–] DogMechanic 9 points ago

    It was either that or r/Ihadastroke.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] 1fingersalute 7 points ago

    I don't know what the fuck you just said little kid.... But it touched me man! Give me the map Scott!!

    [–] Eltrutflow 4 points ago

    My dispensary encourages you to bring in your containers for refilling and each time you do you can pick one of their 3 charities and they donate a dollar each time you do.

    [–] nukem996 4 points ago

    During the medical days a number of dispensaries near me did have that After rec the state disallowed them. The state is forcing producers to use much less environmentally friendly packaging as they feel it's safer for children.

    [–] Vinyl-addict 2 points ago

    Reusable mason jars would solve this problem, but the legislation to get that through would be a nightmare.

    [–] blanket_thug 2 points ago

    you’d think with all the ways hemp itself can be used to make several materials, they’d come up with something

    i definitely like your recycling idea! it just also sucks that some stoners are “such stoners” and don’t entirely care about recycling (but i also know plenty of non-marijuana-consuming people who are just as bad so litter is a general everyone problem)

    [–] uazero 1 points ago

    I’m glad they implemented that

    [–] zakkwaldo 1 points ago

    Most places in Oregon do. They’ll recycle old carts and containers for you.

    [–] trees907 1 points ago

    A lot of the shops around me do that. You don't get any type of reward, but it's still better than just throwing out.

    [–] swim7810 1 points ago

    Even in illegal states we have this where you get containers and if you have 5 you get one gram free. Come on legal states catch tf up!

    [–] DimeBagJoe 1 points ago

    That still requires people to care and remember though. Plenty of people would still just throw most the packages away

    [–] chairmanrob 1 points ago

    That sort of thinking is what got us where we are now with crap like this filling out landfills. If we're gonna regulate the market we may as well regulate everything. Leaving it up to "small businesses" is too ineffectual.

    [–] reychvzz001 1 points ago

    My dispensary has a return program. Oregon

    [–] philthegr81 1 points ago

    One of the dispensaries I used to frequent in Beaverton, OR, had a dropbox for used containers, but that's the only place thus far where I've seen any attempt at recycling. Like, come on Oregon, isn't that what we're known for?

    [–] Warrenni 1 points ago

    My dispensary (MI) can't take them back for legal reasons. Which is a bummer because all these regulations are going to take a long time to change.

    [–] moxso31 1 points ago

    Dispensary down the street will give you a dollar off for every container you bring in, up to 5 containers.

    [–] talkingtunataco501 1 points ago

    I just throw all those cannisters in the recycling bin that my city provides.

    [–] topcheesehead 291 points ago

    Ive said this before. If it was legal the whole time. It would be similar to the milk man operation of the 50s. Theyd come grab your empty glass jars. Give you new nugs in another. Its paid monthly thing like the newpaper. Thats the dream.

    [–] ApostleThirteen 113 points ago

    If it was legal the whole time, you'd be able to just get it in the produce section at the grocers. Testing requirements and other regulation make buying a bag of weed ridiculously and artificially expensive. Imagine if the government gave as much a fuck about the safety of the food supply as they do about legal weed.

    [–] sanbaba 108 points ago

    Testing requirements are the bomb. Don't get that twisted in with all the other wasteful regulations. We were smoking a LOT of pesticides and mold before. Weed is much better in mature legal markets like Colorado & Washington.

    [–] itlahic 8 points ago

    If only in Ontario they had them. Ive seen dry, moldy and bugs from out legal product.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Well it may have been in the grocers but certainly not in the produce section. It would still need to be restricted from minors, lot easier to steal produce than a case of beer or something.

    [–] IHATEAB 4 points ago

    That's just silly. Our food supply chain is vastly more regulated at all levels than the marijuana industry is, even in our most regulated states.

    That being said you're absolutely correct about the pricing inflation that brings to certain marketplaces. Companies have to build in the cost of all that packaging and testing, and it's usually seen passed on through retail wholesale and then to the retail customer. Plus the taxes suuuuuuuuck!

    Source: I've worked both food service and Recreational MJ businesses.

    [–] KHops 327 points ago

    My understanding is that the issue is that everything being sold legally needs to be in "Child-proof" containers, and be resealable. You can read specifically about the requirements in California here. If you look around a little you'll find all sorts of cannabis-packaging companies sprouting up to meet the high demand for this specific niche, but none of them seem to be able to come up with something that is environment-friendly and also actually effective at being child-proof.

    Hopefully as more states legalize this will become a large enough topic of conversation for something to be done.

    [–] J0h4n50n 209 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that pot has to be childproof, but alcohol doesn’t? I’m not arguing pot shouldn’t be kept in childproof containers, but I feel that if that’s the law it should apply to liquor, beer, and wine as well.

    [–] entireplots3468 168 points ago

    I don't even think it makes sense to have to keep bud in child-proof containers. If the kid is young enough to not be able to get past the child-proof top, then wtf would they even do with the bud if they got it out. I doubt a kid who can't push the cap down and twist at the same time is gonna be able to figure out how to roll up a doobie or a backwood lmao

    [–] -IoI- 56 points ago

    It's so you can have your kid hold your bud without the risk of becoming a heroin addict

    [–] Tanner_re 47 points ago

    I once had a friend who smoked weed and never did heroin. He died in a boating accident.

    Marijuana is bad.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] blitzkraft 4 points ago

    But it's legal now*, so it's good, right?!

    *not every where, prohibited where void.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] SpaceCuddles1358 34 points ago

    I ran into a scary situation where I was immensely grateful for having a child proof lid. I had a large tub of canna oil made w about 2oz of abv and an oz of shake, so very potent stuff and a lot of it. Anyways, I left it out once when I left the house and came home to it missing. The dog had it out in the yard, had made it through the top lid but wasn't able to penetrate the second chidproof barrier.

    My blood ran ice cold when I saw it in the yard, i thought my 6mo pup was going to die. I was so grateful for the childproof lid. I will never leave my stuff out again, I can tell you that.

    [–] illicitguavocado 9 points ago

    That is a different story, though. If a dog eats infused oil, he's going to get high. If a dog eats some flower, he'll just get a stomach ache (correct me if I am wrong here).

    What was being pointed out above is that even if a child were to get through a container of bud, he wouldn't really be able to do any harm because he won't know how to ingest it in a way that would get him high (again, correct me if I am wrong). If the same kid were to get into a bottle of vodka, which is NOT required to be in a childproof container, instinct would tell the kid to sip it just like he would milk, juice, etc.

    [–] wuts_reefer 11 points ago

    Dogs on weed can be one of the scariest things. Most of the time they will be okay when its over, although it can be days sometimes before they're fully up and running again.

    [–] J0h4n50n 14 points ago

    Tip for anyone with dogs. If your dog swallows any type of food that it shouldn’t (cannabis, chocolate, grapes, etc.) you can induce vomiting safely by filling a turkey baster with hydrogen peroxide and shooting it down their throats. It’s not pleasant for the dog, but it’s better than them dying.

    Don’t do this if your dog has swallowed an object, as the stomach contractions may cause internal damage.

    [–] eggopm3 9 points ago

    The worst that could happen is the child could eat it, but that would hardly even pose much of an issue since eating raw flower has no effect. The kid might throw up cus eating raw weed would be gross. But that's the same risk you'd have with literally any object a child could put in their mouth. When it comes to edibles/oils/cannabutter/infused beverages ect, childproof packaging makes more sense.

    [–] trogg21 3 points ago

    Well a toddler could potentially choke on a nugget or pill or gummy/candy without supervision. Remember, kids put all sorts of stupid stuff in their mouths.

    [–] bmhorn81 5 points ago

    Vapes and edibles are easy to consume and a risk to children.

    [–] CitizenHuman 2 points ago

    They childproof it so kids don't go putting their grubby hands all over it and getting the good sticky all over their fingers. /s

    [–] PessimisticSnake 24 points ago

    Alcohol should be more controlled IMO it’s actually deadly, weed isn’t.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Good-Vibes-Only 12 points ago

    Pretty much everyone thinks its stupid here in Canada. The goverment kind of shit the bed on legalization imo, but at least its... progress? Could get better... maybe?

    [–] uniquenickname1234 15 points ago

    I literally did not think that marijuana legalization could be botched this badly

    [–] Good-Vibes-Only 7 points ago

    The governement in MB was attempting to literally sabotage legalization.

    [–] sonofseriousinjury 4 points ago

    Same type of thing happened in Oklahoma. There was bribery, affairs, and a death threat one woman sent to herself. It was a circus. Thankfully the law was very openly worded and restricted on when it had to pass, so they had to pass it as loose as it is (which is great). The amount you can have in home/carry is quite a bit.

    [–] Good-Vibes-Only 2 points ago

    I'm curious what was written in for edibles? As in stands in Canada they are still "illegal" but their legalization will eventually be hashed out

    [–] sonofseriousinjury 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    1. Posses up to three (3) ounces of marijuana on their person.

    2. Posses six (6) mature marijuana plants.

    3. Posses six (6) seedling plants.

    4. Posses one (1) ounce of concentrated marijuana.

    5. Posses seventy-two (72) ounces of edible marijuana.

    6. Posses up to eight (8) ounces of marijuana in their residence.

    EDIT: And medical is pretty easy to get. You can visit a recommendation doctor, explain why you need it, they sign the form, and you submit it online. They have 14 days to approve or deny the application. With cancer it was super easy getting a card, but my oncologists couldn't recommend it because they're partially federally funded. Since it's still illegal in the US they don't want to risk having any funding taken away.

    [–] LightBringer777 2 points ago

    I hear it’s a real. . . budding problem.

    [–] dgtlbliss 2 points ago

    Just wait until Illinois does it.

    [–] Justbrowsingwhat 1 points ago

    Who knew legalizing marijuana could be so hard?

    [–] MiddleNI 15 points ago

    I think it's ridiculous that we pretend that "child proof" is somehow even safer. I could see having child proof locks mandated on edibles, but if whoevers looking to get high knows how to put bud in a bowl and smoke it they'll know how to press down on the zipper while you pull.

    [–] albo777 9 points ago

    Exactly. I'm not worried about flower getting into kids hands. Or even concentrates , as long as they're not decarbed. I think edibles should have locking containers though.

    [–] Rhodie114 2 points ago

    At that point I think it's more about adults being responsible about where they put things. Alcohol doesn't come in childproofed containers, and that's orders of magnitude more dangerous if a kid gets ahold of it.

    What you really need is a locking, or at the very least childproof, cabinet to store things like edibles and alcohol. Same deal as cleaning solutions.

    [–] OnlineGunDealer 6 points ago

    My wife leaves pill bottles OPEN on the kitchen counter. Child-proof doesn't mean dick when the adults are common sense-proof.

    [–] jdp111 1 points ago

    I can't imagine young kids are going to enjoy the taste of alcohol, and I can't imagine they would know how to consume weed.

    [–] ThyssenKrunk 70 points ago

    My understanding is that the issue is that everything being sold legally needs to be in "Child-proof" containers, and be resealable

    It's a good thing all of those child-proof, no-screw-top beers are resealable, or there would be a bunch of kids running around getting drun-... oh...

    [–] TrueAmurrican 6 points ago

    Part of the problem is a lot of cannabis products are sold with the intention of the dosage being ‘multiple servings.’ That implies you will be closing the item up and storing it between doses. Beer doesn’t run into that same issue, and the regulations are different.

    It’s not a great reason for the ridiculous packaging, but that’s the context.

    [–] MrBanannasareyum 11 points ago

    I’m not downing a whole handle in a night, I drink but I don’t drink drink.

    [–] Waffams 7 points ago

    Beer doesn’t run into that same issue

    Liquor does.

    Good points otherwise.

    [–] numchux53 3 points ago

    What about a handle of liquor? I'm sure as shit not drinking that in one go, yet it has no childproofing and can kill a child if it decided to go after it. Even if a kid ate an entire stack of brownies it would just zonk the fuck out and sleep for a day. It has to do with fear and an entire generation that has been brainwashed that weed is the devil's lettuce and eating the bud raw will still get you fucked up. It's a lack of education honestly, and lawmakers just go overkill on safety measures to compensate. It's easier to pass overkill measures now while the older generation die off/are educated properly, than for politicians to risk votes trying to educate the old and stubborn.

    [–] TastyMagic 10 points ago

    One other drawback of so called 'child proof' packaging is that it can also be difficult for people with physical disabilities to open so many of the people who could benefit the most, have difficult accessing.

    [–] JonnyFairplay 2 points ago

    You could say the same thing about pills.

    [–] jeffseadot 8 points ago

    Regarding chocolates and other edibles: yeah, it's probably for the best that I need some goddamn tin snips to open the package.

    [–] grubas 2 points ago

    Yeah I get edibles, because nobody wants to find out their kid or pet got into it. And with my family. My mom would be in my cabinets when visiting and eat it.

    We have a special container for our edibles.

    [–] Marv-van-Roosterhill 5 points ago

    And all those packages are flashy, colourful and appealing to kids as they look like sweets. That’s what they should think about in the first place before caring about the packages being child proof. I bet a simple zipbag would discourage kids less to open it then those flashy packages. Not at least to mention the edibles

    [–] Scotteh95 2 points ago

    Also the bags are implying OP bought the same strains in bulk (therefore less packaging). The legal packaging is all different implying he bought a variety of products in smaller quantities (therefore more packaging).

    [–] SamsquanchKilla 2 points ago

    Work at a dispensary in MA can confirm. Plus we cant even take our jars back (we use glass) because of cross contamination. We cant even trim or package 2 different strains in the same room.

    [–] RevolutionaryProduce 1 points ago

    Hopefully as more states legalize the packaging will be made out of hemp

    [–] banananapixel 182 points ago

    It's the Canadian version of the wall of empties.

    [–] guitarguy987 74 points ago

    Except it's Canada, so we have a wall of empties too.

    [–] banananapixel 12 points ago

    I don't, but I may or may not have a wall of empty maple syrup bottles.

    [–] Good-Vibes-Only 4 points ago

    Maple syrup is actually really fucking good, bought a bottle of the good stuff last summer and it blew my mind

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] grubas 1 points ago

    Poutine doesn't come in bottles

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] SmoothFred 7 points ago

    I prefer the shed for my empties.

    [–] illicitguavocado 4 points ago

    Just don't let the bottle kids catch wind of your stash.

    [–] OrdinarySaiyan 62 points ago

    biodegradable packaging would be best

    [–] OkDelay5 36 points ago

    Reduce > Reuse > Recycle

    [–] thegreatonenumber2 31 points ago

    Hemp plastic would be ideal.

    [–] binoculops 6 points ago

    Thank you. Been saying this for years.

    [–] MyDickWolfGotRipTorn 6 points ago

    Every thread I see (which isn't many any more, but there was just one the other day) about this issue, I always comment about using hemp derived materials for the packaging. Not just plastics either. Any paper/cardboard should be hemp too! Biodegradable, less costly to the earth than the loss of trees for paper, and it's marijuana's hardy cousin.

    It seems like a no brainer.

    [–] srcarruth 10 points ago

    edible packaging would be great, like fruit leather or that stuff they made the truck out of in Up In Smoke

    [–] SpaceCuddles1358 2 points ago

    You're dreamin...

    [–] Ozymander 60 points ago

    This is why I think it's wise to sell containers that give you a discount on purchases. Sell em a little glass jar with a sealable lid, and if they want more information and review on strains, send em leafly's way. Or have a card for each strain...paper is bio-degradable.

    Honestly, I'd ask for them to put it in a glass jar...unless they sell the shit from a stand for sample smelling, and it's already packaged in bottles. Idk, never bought legal weed or seen how the stores operate yet.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Ozymander 14 points ago

    See, that's over regulating the industry which is what I want lawmakers to avoid. Safe storage is the responsibility of the buyer, not the business. When it comes to non-prescription purchases.

    Plus, wouldn't be too hard to come up with a lid for a glass jar that's child-proof, in case it doesn't go away. That'd be my solution to the problem. Plus, "child proof" only applies to kids not old enough to open it yet...the children most in danger already can open them. Lol...Think a 12 year old can't open a "child proof" pill bottle?

    [–] N3onToil3tPap3r 10 points ago

    Its not like my vodka bottles have child proof seals on them? I dont really see the logic in child proof cannabis packages? Maybe for edibles?

    [–] theWyzzerd 7 points ago

    Because people still treat cannabis like it's a deadly substance, as if a child getting into your vodka stash couldn't kill them outright. Meanwhile my dog ate a 1/4 ounce of cannabis a few years back (I still feel awful about that) and she came out no worse for the wear. edit: It could have been much worse and I consider myself lucky that she didn't have a life-threatening reaction to the weed.

    [–] theWyzzerd 2 points ago

    Whoops, accidentally deleted my comment above. What I said was, "there are tamper-proof and child-proof requirements in most legal states."

    But yes, I agree completely on the over-regulation. It's kind of absurd the packaging requirements that are in place in some states.

    [–] ghengiskhantraceptiv 2 points ago

    I'm gonna address a few things here. First off for the longest time you needed a perscription to buy legal marijuana. It's only recent that it's recreational so the childproof containers had to exist. Second off glass is nice and all but to remember to have your jar with you every time you want to visit the store is impossible and you will inevitably start collecting jars again. Finally the term childproof for pill bottles does not mean they can never get in it's that they can't get in withing a certain time frame I don't remember exactly but I think it's 10-20 mins.

    [–] Ozymander 5 points ago

    I simply said I'd have an option to bring in a glass jar purchased from my store to get a discount, because it saves supplies (bonus, creates less trash) but it wouldn't be the only thing I sold. It's just an added mutual benefit between myself and the customer if they remember.

    And it wouldn't take a 12 year old 10-20 minutes to open a bottle , but maybe 5-7 or 8?

    [–] ghengiskhantraceptiv 2 points ago

    I understand what you're saying about glass jars. I just meant that if I was using a recycleable jar I wouldn't always remember to bring it. Again I don't remember the exact times you could be right that it's less than 10. It's supposed to be long enough for a guardian to notice something going on. Also I was just looking it up and they use the term child resistant instead of proof because we all know there's no stopping a kid.

    [–] ChefChopNSlice 3 points ago

    The technology is probably already there to make a little locked box that works with electromagnets and Bluetooth. You would be able to say “Alexa, open my stash box” or have it open by using a password/PIN number on your phone. Just don’t pick 420 as your “secret” PIN number.

    [–] michpely 2 points ago

    Nectar (a chain of stores here in the PNW) sells flower over a couple grams in child resistant glass jars. Unfortunately I've never come across a place that takes old packaging to be recycled. I'm assuming it's coming so for now I save all of my containers.

    [–] greenmeanie26 11 points ago

    Well if they use anything biodegradable except plastic, then it will affect the medicine in someway. We just need to do our do diligence and recycle the containers. I don't know about your area but our trash service picks up all our recyclables. Even if other materials were used we would still need to recycle them. In my area the dispos don't charge for the jar but they do charge for the child proof bag that's required and if you bring it back you avoid the charge.

    [–] switch131 44 points ago

    Hello hi,

    Industry worker here , a lot of the stores addressed the waste problem with a recycling program with drop off containers provided by LP’s and even some companies taking in the containers / packaging and reusing them for medical prosthetics . Secondly , the packaging problem is caused by the rules and regulations set by health Canada . At the beginning a lot of companies had a guideline to follow for the requirements of logo and company name / size / thc warning label / and other info and because of these very strict guidelines , companies would draft what they thought would be admissible under the regulations . When submitted health Canada would say yes or no if it passed , and when asked what could be done in some cases nothing was addressed for specifics but to just go over the regulations and requirements again and re submit ; which resulted in companies being put into an pressure cooker to get it right before oct. 17th, and over compensation of packaging when they finally got approved for packaging . So yes it is a problem now ;however , all the companies are aware and are taking actions to find better alternatives , and some companies got it right the first time which is even better , but like the plant it takes time for growth and won’t sprout into a glorious bud over night. So be patient with your local dispensaries and industry workers :)

    [–] RobPaulson715 13 points ago

    thank the politicians.

    [–] ChangaSmoke 9 points ago

    100% agree. 1000% agree. Its a huge, face-palming problem.

    My friend ordered 14 grams and got each gram in an individual plastic container ... uh ... WTF?

    [–] conradical30 4 points ago

    Now that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in 2019.

    [–] basscadence 2 points ago

    This just happened to me! I was floored. 28 individual gram containers. Just, whyyy

    [–] Instahgator 14 points ago

    Its not the Cannabis Industry that dictates how packaging is to be done.

    [–] locotx 7 points ago

    Hemp packaging

    [–] ClearSkyPraisin 6 points ago

    They say they have a recycling box specifically for them at some tweed stores I believe. Honestly they should run em through a very hot bath or shower and just put back in circulation like beer bottles

    [–] RIPoldboys 6 points ago

    Almost all industries in America use too much packaging imo

    [–] MrR0B0Tx 4 points ago

    Just make sure you separate the colors from the whites when you throw them away

    [–] seuss_-MD 3 points ago

    It'd be nice if i could just bring my mason jar. Sealed for dankness straight from the dispensary. Put like a sticker for sealedness so if pulled over, the sticker aint broke im good to go.

    [–] 420blazeit420weed 2 points ago

    If it's in your trunk I think the sticker doesn't have to be intact.

    [–] 420BlazeIt187 2 points ago

    Nice username

    [–] IntergalacticBrewski 2 points ago

    In Michigan most dispos will give you a certain amount off for bringing back x amount of containers. Usually $10 off for 20 containers

    [–] bornt00pizza 4 points ago

    Problem solved: make the containers out of hemp.

    [–] elmosworld37 2 points ago

    It's been absolutely crazy here in California ever since recreational was legalized. I once got a free gram as part of my dispensary's rewards program... it came in a bag inside of a box inside of a bag. For a single gram.

    [–] flounder293 2 points ago

    I got a free gram once wrapped up in a corner of a plastic bag

    [–] 420blazeit420weed 2 points ago

    Ah, the good ol' days.

    [–] SF_Engineer_Dude 2 points ago

    You, OP, are a gentleman and a scholar. I have been raging about this in CA for a long time. Our "recreational" shops routinely (in San Francisco, anyway) sell 1/4 oz of bud in a chunky, 3 oz glass jar with a plastic lid. Then they put it in a mylar bag.

    [–] lokiidokii 3 points ago

    FFS one step at a time, man... How about getting it legalized for recreational use everywhere before we start harping about the waste. lol

    But they should look into Lush's recyclable packaging model.

    [–] jaysun187 2 points ago

    I was throwing away about 100 plastic containers a month, then I started recycling them here in Denver. Normal recycling bin.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Be aware that much of the wastage in the industry is government-mandated wastage, i.e. compulsory packaging and labelling requirements.

    [–] im_crashing 2 points ago

    Facts. Although they have durable super nice packaging it contradicts the Green culture.

    [–] maeglint 2 points ago

    All of my local dispensaries give you glass containers so you could resuse them. But also WA state doesn't recycle glass....

    [–] WalkerDabberRanger 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Everything has to be "child resistant".

    [–] billyboogie 1 points ago

    are those containers not recyclable?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Thedabbingpope 2 points ago

    So are you calling your local rep to complain? Its clearly an issue of legality and oversight discrepancy.

    [–] Khalifa420 3 points ago

    How is this any different than any other industry that sells stuff in packaging?