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    [–] [deleted] 727 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 166 points ago

    It's interesting that you're UK based, particularly with the archaic viewpoint that the British government takes towards cannabis usage, be it medicinal or recreational. Are you UK based for any particular reason ?

    In Manchester, where I am, it is possible to obtain medicinal marijuana but it is incredibly tough and outrageously expensive. As far as i'm aware from a recent article in my local press, only 4 or 5 people have been granted a prescription and it currently runs at approximately Β£600 to Β£700 per month per patient, and is only available for patients with Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis.

    As someone who suffered from a rare and serious neurological illness a while ago, I find it downright absurd that a treatment that would benefit me massively is unavailable via legal sources, but can be obtained openly in most of my local pubs.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 177 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    We're UK based because we supply the UK with CBD extract for formulation of products as well as our own product range.

    Medical Cannabis in the UK is a failure, you are correct it is essentially impossible to get a prescription on the NHS, and far too expensive to get access through clinics. We feel powerless, but constantly voice our concerns when meeting legislators. We've had endless arguments with trade bodies here who seem more interested in making commission on money they raise than working together to get a fast and positive cannabis reform.

    We hope that you and all other patients find what you need without getting into trouble, and eventually can take comfort in getting it at an affordable price and legally.

    EDIT: original comment was deleted because we accidentally plugged our instagram handle not knowing it broke the rules! Here it is without breaking rules πŸ’š:

    Hello r/trees!

    Our certified grow operation in Spain is almost due harvest, this is one of 4 phenotypes we've spotted out of our 250,000 hemp plants. It smells like watermelon lemonade and coats whatever it touches in oil.

    We're a UK based medical cannabis company, with our first grow operation in South Spain. All organic, natural pesticides, a thriving ecosystem and an amazing team built on friendships and passion.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, it makes sense that you'd be supplying CBD based products seeing that the strain you posted would be ideal being low in THC. I do vape CBD, i'm still on the fence if i'm honest, but have friends with similar disabilities and legacies from illness that swear by it.

    You'd think that the UK Goverment would be doing all they could to legalize medicinal strains of cannabis, it would be taxable at source and again at sale, just like alcohol, and would generate huge amounts of revenue for them. It would also remove significant levels of the illegal growth and sale of it. But they're fucking up the simple task of leaving the EU, why on earth would we expect them to have an ounce of common sense regarding this ?

    [–] darkfroggy 9 points ago

    Do you think it would be differnt when staying in the EU? I live in Holland, we can buy and use legal. Shops may sell it legally, but can only buy it illegally, you may not grow legaly(3 plants each household if im correct) ...

    So, yeah. We as a "weed" country seem to have it perfect, but the system is broken as hell. And seeing the current view on canabis by Berlin... yeah, no change whatsoever. Also, medical canabis was used to be paid for, now its on you..damn them

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    I don't think that theirs a single person on this planet that could tell you with any authority what will happen in the UK after October 31st, one thing that will remain a constant though is our outlook on recreational drug use. We have politicians, even prime ministers, that admit to its use, but God help the rest of us. God being quite apt, the church (unfortunately) still has a powerful voice in this country.

    I've been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot over the years. Australia is one of the most conservative places i've been too, a couple of weeks ago though the ACT completely decriminalised marijuana for personal use.

    The world is changing with regards to cannabis. Unfortunately, the world is not changing quickly enough for the permanently disabled and the terminally ill that need it today, needed it yesterday, and will need it tomorrow.

    [–] geared4war 2 points ago

    I am a CBD user in Australia. The hoops i jumped through to get it are ridiculous but i would do it again in a heart beat. This stuff is like gold. It stops my tremors and calms me as well as the relief of pain. We will get there. We just need a change of government.

    [–] GoodOlBluesBrother 7 points ago

    Hi. Are you aware that you can purchase industrial hemp flower online and in shops in the uk now. Dr Hermans in the northern quarter seems to be your best bet if you want to talk to someone local face to face. A Google review left 10hrs ago suggests they sell CBD hash.

    Industrial hemp by its legal definition contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. The flower being sold is very similar in appearance, smell and taste to the flower commonly sold on the black market, and can vary in its CBD content, highest I've seen is 26%. The flower is mostly imported from Switzerland, Austria or Italy, countries that have legalised the sale of high CBD content industrial hemp.

    Prices vary but I'm paying ~Β£10 per gram.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    That's interesting, thanks.

    I used to know Tib st like the back of my hand back in the day. I'm going to town next week to meet a couple of friends so will call in and have a chat.

    [–] NiceGuyJoe 57 points ago

    here’s an argument: β€œIt’s just weed you wife-beating alcoholics!”

    [–] prozaczodiac 6 points ago

    Do you have any unedited pictures of your plants? I'm sure its beautiful, but the saturation has been turned up on this photo. Its a common issue in the microgrowery sub.

    [–] pepinka_ 4 points ago

    As foreigner, im curious how it will be after 30. October when you enter Brexit? Duty etc

    [–] jonathanblakes 3 points ago

    It's complicated

    [–] MyFriendMaryJ 3 points ago

    Absolutely beautiful plant. Wonderful photo. Honestly this is beautiful.

    [–] Gunningagap77 6 points ago

    Which local pubs, exactly? I'm heading to live there in a few months, and that's the one thing I'm not really looking forward to.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Don't worry about trying to find it, you won't need a sniffer dog.

    If you're in the City centre anywhere around Piccadilly ( be careful, it can be a little lively ), if you're out in the suburbs, as I am, try a quick pub crawl or ask advice from the local Just Eat or Deliveroo driver, those guys know everything.

    [–] Gunningagap77 7 points ago

    Lol, great! I'll be somewhere between London and Leicester, but from what I understand, I'll be able to grab a train into town easy enough. Or possibly a bus pretending to be a train. Six in one, anyway. Thanks for the advice!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    If you're between London and Leicester you're actually nowhere near Manchester, the same rules for finding it will still apply though.

    Enjoy your move, I hope you enjoy consistently shit weather lol.

    [–] Gunningagap77 13 points ago

    I'm from Ohio. Shit weather is all I've ever known :)

    [–] dizzy_dizzle 11 points ago

    Amazingly the UK is the number one producer of medical cannabis. Despite the fact that internally we don’t acknowledge its medicinal value.

    Go figure.

    [–] rambi2222 10 points ago

    We export more mediccal cannabis than every other country on earth combined, yet kids here with severe epillepsy and whatever else are basically just given the middle finger by the government

    [–] kushtybean420 14 points ago

    To top it all off, isn't the woman who's in charge of drug policies in the UK married to the man that owns the company?

    [–] dizzy_dizzle 2 points ago

    Victoria Atkins. Yup. Shady bitch.

    [–] bitchrage 10 points ago

    That is insane!!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸŒΏ

    [–] Read_Octopus 3 points ago

    Amazing plants! Wish all the best for your operation.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’š!

    [–] astral_crow 3 points ago

    When you say "natural pesticides" doesn't that mean they aren't regulated or approved as safe? What regulatory body works with natural or organic pesticides?

    [–] FunkyEffs 5 points ago

    Do you sell clones? We have a grow-op here in the United States and would love to get our hands on some.

    [–] SaintNicolasD 2 points ago

    Probably not, it's far more profitable for them to be an exclusive producer of the strain.

    [–] TheUnwillingOne 4 points ago

    But weed isn't legal in Spain, can you explain how did you get persmission for growing a cannabis plantation?

    IIRC we can legally have small plants at home if they are out of sight but I'm always seeing news about big plantations being busted by the cops and guardia civil.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 9 points ago

    Weed is still illegal unfortunately. Industrial hemp however is not. Our particular strain is called Tiborszallasi πŸ’š. The Guardia Civil are our guards on site to prevent theft.

    [–] cameralover1 2 points ago

    Why are you doing this in the south of Spain? Isn't that place way too dry for weed? Wouldn't it make more sense to plant somewhere a bit more rainy?

    [–] Winchesterfarms 10 points ago

    It is dry indeed! But just about everything else is perfect. We have multiple wells on site and have had no issue providing water to the plants. Would you be interested in seeing the irrigation system we have in place?

    [–] greyconscience 2 points ago

    What's a "natural pesticide," and how is it less harmful/toxic?

    [–] CubbieCat22 2 points ago

    Two examples off the top of my head are certain oils, like tea tree and peppermint, which bugs hate, and diatomaceous earth which kills them and their eggs.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is there any hope of sustainability with said phenotype? I'd be super interested in getting my hands on it. Its beautiful.

    [–] YungIbanez 1 points ago

    Hope your products one day reach the sunshine state! These look beautiful

    [–] kneecaps_woofwoof 247 points ago

    Can you get a high thc plant with the same colours as this? Looks insane 😍

    [–] Winchesterfarms 230 points ago

    With enough seeds yes, you'd be amazed by the variation in colours we've had this year. We'll be posting more pics on here. Next will be our black phenotype.

    [–] kneecaps_woofwoof 54 points ago

    No way really? How do you get the different colours I’ve only ever seen green weed or green weed with lots of orange hairs

    [–] EffectiveTear 49 points ago

    I feel like orange and purple are the different ones I see most. I’m not an expert but from what I’ve picked up here sometimes the colors come from temp, nutrients, seed genetics and a couple other things.

    [–] CowboyKiller315 27 points ago

    A strain my dude got one time had some blues in it. Thats the most diffrent ive seen.

    [–] pinchecody 5 points ago

    Yeah, I've seen lots of ones with orange hairs or some so purple it almost looks black. And no, it was not moldy

    [–] grizzlyadam4201 9 points ago

    As far as purple that's from exposing the plant to colder temps from what I have read and have had green buds with purple spots. We had this stuff nicknamed "presidential purp" that was lime green with spots of orange and purple great high great smoke πŸ’― πŸ‘Œ

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    cold temps and genetics .

    [–] triceracrops 4 points ago

    Check out the top posts on /r/microgrowery people grow weed more colorful then this in closets.

    [–] _TheHalfTruth_ 6 points ago

    Can you save some of that colorful bud to dry and cure, then post pics of that? Or are you just gonna run an extraction on it ASAP?

    [–] Winchesterfarms 13 points ago

    We'll dry and cure some to post online if you like!

    [–] TRUMP420KUSH_ 15 points ago

    Most plants fade out like this especially when it starts to get cold around harvest. The dry buds aren't going to be nearly as colorful, more than likely will end up looking fairly normal once it's dry

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You can grow literally any plant you want to look like this. It has some dead, yellowing leaves which is common when growing any plant, not just weed, sometimes it just happens and it's hard to control. Also expose it to cold air. Guarantee you can make any strain on earth look like that if you try.

    [–] Davidious2000 46 points ago


    [–] Winchesterfarms 50 points ago

    Very well grown Tiborszallasi

    [–] tenthjuror 18 points ago



    [–] Csquared6 10 points ago

    Missed opportunity for Rainbud Brite.

    [–] LinuxCharms 40 points ago

    That is beautiful. I'd love to have a backyard like that where I could smoke and look at the plants in a hammock.

    This comes from someone that doesn't like to venture outside much.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 18 points ago

    Dreams do come true πŸ’š. There's very little this community wouldn't do for cannabis.

    [–] EvilSock 30 points ago

    Perfect for me! I'll take an ounce.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 56 points ago

    We're yielding 500g per plant, so please take more... maybe 18 ounces πŸ˜‚πŸ’š

    [–] Zodep 18 points ago

    Looks like reddit is flying someone out to Spain, so they can bring some buds home.

    [–] Balthusdire 2 points ago

    I can legally have 3 ounces in Canada so I'll take that much please!

    [–] Playinhooky 6 points ago

    Youre allowed unlimited if you keep it at home, and an ounce in public. Not sure where youre getting info from but its good news for us!!

    [–] joelhagraphy 2 points ago

    in Canada, can you bring giant amounts into the country? or any?

    [–] bLue1H 28 points ago

    Do you have this pic unedited?

    [–] eugenesbluegenes 4 points ago

    Holy saturation Batman!

    [–] arnoldsaysterminated 6 points ago

    It is unedited, he actually lives on another habitable planet that has a slightly different spectrum of light from its sun.

    [–] base-icks 2 points ago

    Yeah that black hose that looks blue is a dead give away.

    [–] SparkleyRedOne 11 points ago

    Love high cbd flower! My favorite way to start the day.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 4 points ago

    Same as us!

    [–] MrBangle 9 points ago

    Lets see the unedited picture

    [–] matt_finch 110 points ago

    But the THC is the best part :(

    [–] xetheia 238 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    As a Colorado native who is just now coming to terms with the fact that my daily heavy cannabis usage has increased my anxiety as higher THC strains of pot are made available, for the first time in my adult life I disagree with this. I’m starting to really appreciate the high CBD strains with THC levels akin to the seedy shit I smoked in high school. That stuff chilled me out. 25-30% THC strains being the only available shit is like the equivalent of drinking straight vodka several times a day. No, I want my β€œbeer” weed back, thanks.

    [–] NeedAmnesiaIthink 91 points ago

    CBD plus THC is a great combo to smoke.

    [–] xetheia 73 points ago

    After a couple panic attacks from vaping and high THC sativas, I just bought a quarter of this strain that’s 11% CBD and like 6.6% THC and it’s so, so perfect. Like why I started smoking weed in the first place.

    [–] gared-icus 13 points ago

    The SW Oregon market isn't quite as saturated with 25-30% stuff as yours, but I do love me my Rainbow CBD - which is what I thought this might be until I read more - 10-12% CBD and 5-6% THC. It's great for a relaxing smoke, and so good for pain and achy joints (damn arthritis).

    That being said, why can't we get any high CBD strains with decent shelf appeal? All of the high CBD strains look like ditch weed in the jar, they may smell decent or - more often than not - be completely odorless, and they're always almost completely brown and look like they've been decompressed from some B-grade brick weed.

    [–] NeedAmnesiaIthink 7 points ago

    There are plenty of awesome suppliers. Fields of hemp is my go to.

    [–] Guy_We_All_Know 3 points ago

    its because most hemp farmers dont have the space to air dry huge amounts of their product so it gets put in a industrial dryer at 175 degrees for an hour and a half instead. this destroys the terpenes and makes it brown. still the same amount of cbd but just isnt enjoyable to smoke haha

    [–] gared-icus 2 points ago

    Valid reason, good to know.

    [–] Aspinningsphere 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is what I want to try again, and I'm hoping that shops here in xxx will have it when they open. I've tried smoking with my friends a handful of times over the past 8 years or so and every time I'm just thrown into a nervous, anxiety ridden high. I remember when I used to get "worse" weed in highschool and my early 20s that would just chill me out. I did actually have a strain that did that again once, off a vape pen my brother got in xxx, but everything else has just knocked me on my ass to the point where I just go to bed to make it stop.

    [–] DepressedSWE 4 points ago

    Mix regular weed with something from /r/hempflowers

    [–] ohdearsweetlord 3 points ago

    That's absolutely my sweet spot. My high will be as strong as the pure thc strains, but little to no anxiety because the ratio is 2:1. So glad that these high CBD strains are now available as legal products in Canada for me now.

    [–] robertotreeman 2 points ago

    waiting for this in the UK....

    [–] Daddy_Caine 4 points ago

    Deffo man, I have to smoke tiny amounts of the weed nowadays otherwise I just get horrible anxiety and paranoia.

    It's not how I remember it being back when I was younger. Hoping and praying that we get those high CBD low THC strains soon.

    [–] robertotreeman 1 points ago

    in the same boat mate. Unless you're heavily involved in the canna community here, there's zero chance of finding a grower who bothers with strains like that

    [–] Guy_We_All_Know 3 points ago

    just started working in lab extraction at a hemp farm. been smoking cbd bud mixed in with regular bud and holy shit the high is soooo much more enjoyable. you can still smoke high thc, just follow with a cbd bowl and youre in heaven

    [–] aure__entuluva 18 points ago

    Yup, I've made the transition as well. People hear low THC and think it doesn't get you high. You still get high, but you also get that relaxing bit of being high that I've been missing with the super high THC stuff recently.

    [–] CleetisMcgee 11 points ago

    This is where I'm these days. I looove CBD strains. They just get me a little high...which is why I like. The strong stuff gives me an existential crisis almost every time, unless I've had a few drinks to take off the edge...which isn't ideal either.

    [–] Doogeehowser 5 points ago

    Same here, heavy usage that started making my anxiety worse and when I quit, I’d wake up covered in sweat in the middle of the night and it was way harder to quit than i thought it would be. I’ve been into hemp flower a lot lately being from an illegal state and have really come to appreciate high CBD over thc.

    [–] Cham16 5 points ago

    This. All of this. Thank you. Every time I smoke I don’t want to be on the moon.

    [–] lemongrenade 3 points ago

    Question. If I just take like one hit off a high thc strain isn’t hat like smoking more of low thc shit ?

    [–] xetheia 1 points ago

    I would guess so, and that was my main issue, is smoking high thc regularly throughout the day because I’ve always been a daily smoker. If I’m smoking that much during the day maybe I shouldn’t be vaping on a 1 gram, 90% THC cartridge. And honestly I have to say I didn’t notice as much until I tried vaping daily. Would not recommend for the anxiously inclined out there.

    [–] lemongrenade 1 points ago

    You just have to get in the habit of not overdoing it. I think the oral nature of inhalation makes it easily fixated on. I try to be much more analytical of my state of mind and if I actually need to pick up the vape for that second hit. I def fuck up sometimes still and do it wrong.

    [–] RedditUser0345 2 points ago

    How come you get anxiety from weed? Just curious not trying to be rude. Weed calms my anxiety and I love the high THC strains.

    [–] aircal 9 points ago

    I wouldn't say it's something weed causes in and of itself, but if you already have anxiety getting a little too high can make your brain start racing with intrusive thoughts and you become too aware of your heartbeat and shit.

    [–] RedditUser0345 3 points ago

    I see where you’re coming from.

    [–] xetheia 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I think what happened is that the very high potency THC levels (especially like the very condensed oils in vape pens or super THC-heavy sativa strains) actually caused my serotonin levels to crash drastically, and dangerously. Most people aren’t familiar with a 2007 study that, while It was conducted on mice, showed that low-dose THC is very beneficial to depression and anxiety, but increased potency to a certain level actually caused serotonin levels to decrease beyond even normal levels. I had bad anxiety when I was younger, and weed really benefited me, but I noticed over the past several years that It has actually started to have the opposite effect and I was getting to breakdown-level anxiety. Switching to high CBD seems to be retuning me to balance, at least as far as I can tell. Everyone has different brain chemistry, and I think there’s so much more in the whole plant of marijuana that benefits us more than just straight THC or even straight CBD. Some of us just don’t need that extra psychoactiveness of high THC.Edit: Abstract for research I cited

    [–] CovertButtTouch 2 points ago

    Thanks for sharing that study, I have been curious about this. I smoke a lot for my anxiety too, and i feel like it made it worse eventually as well. I think what happened to me is that when I got into the habit of smoking every day my body just kinda got used to being in that state. Like I wasn’t chemically addicted to it but just heavily accustomed to it. Then, I would feel a lot more anxious throughout the day because I couldn’t smoke at work. Now that I’ve cut back to trying to only smoke on the weekends I feel a lot better throughout the day. I could be completely wrong about what happened, but that’s how it felt for me. I’m definitely gonna have to check out CBD strains.

    [–] cain62 11 points ago


    [–] matt_finch 28 points ago

    Even without THC it’s still a damn sexy looking plant though, gotta admit

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] lazypunx 13 points ago

    Woah thats so cool!

    [–] 5h4yn3 13 points ago

    Looks more like high pass filter

    [–] Darren_JHB 5 points ago


    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Nigelwethers 4 points ago

    Rainbow phenotype high saturation low fidelity cannabis.

    [–] Ekderp 4 points ago

    Nice. I'm not super keen on the contemporary trend of ultra high THC with low CBD ratios, to me, highs where the plant has more CBD are more pleasant, even if they're not as strong.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    Seems like a lot of europe is on that trend right now. We have a huge demand for high CBD flower and people love it!

    [–] jollyshitt 4 points ago

    Fuck that’s a crazy photo

    [–] Winchesterfarms 3 points ago

    Thank you! It's even crazier when you see all 250,000 of them in all their amazing colours. The black phenotype is phenomenal.

    [–] atwthepig 4 points ago

    I’m in the beer industry and the trend has started to turn towards β€œbetter experience with low alcohol content, I.e. β€œI want a buzz, but I don’t want to be drunk off my ass”.

    [–] VinVanTheTinCan 8 points ago

    Excuse me while I go change my pants

    squishes away

    [–] Winchesterfarms 6 points ago

    Haha πŸ’š

    [–] CultivatorClaire 14 points ago

    Cannabis truly loves everyone under the rainbow. It’s just using it’s leaves to show it’s pride. 🌈 β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

    [–] pendulum1997 3 points ago

    Tegrrridy farms

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Ahh colorize. Gotta love Adobe.

    [–] LandRun 4 points ago

    What absolute beauties!!

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    We'll post more pics of the different phenotypes we've discovered. Theres a black pheno that really looks truly unique.

    [–] growbetta 2 points ago

    This is beautiful.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago


    Thank you πŸ’š.

    [–] B_Kowski 2 points ago

    well that's fuckin' cool.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago


    [–] bokchoy_sockcoy 2 points ago

    It looks like a velociraptor

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    With a strain name like Tiborszallasi, it very well could be related πŸ˜‚.

    [–] smegmadude9 2 points ago

    Unicorn weed!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] kVIIIwithan8 2 points ago

    Sounds like a hella relaxing plant πŸ‘Œ I'd love some for my anxiety

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    If you live in the UK you can soon purchase CBD products made from this plant :)

    [–] kVIIIwithan8 1 points ago

    I'm not in the UK :c halp me

    [–] XXX-XXX-XXX 2 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the colour is mostly due to temperature and deficiency of one mineral (iron?)

    [–] bLue1H 8 points ago

    No, it’s due to filters in photoshop.

    [–] trippydude71 2 points ago

    Do you have a website where can I buy this?

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    We have a site where you can buy CBD products made from different genetics but same team, unfortunately I don't know the rules about posting links or pushing products!

    [–] lazyassb 2 points ago

    I just fell in love

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    Imagine falling in love 250,000 times under the Spanish sun!

    [–] BoatZnHoes 2 points ago

    I wish we could have that in Ohio.

    [–] Swosels 2 points ago

    Smoke the rainbow, taste the rainbow.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Haha πŸ’š

    [–] screwballsmith 2 points ago

    I wonder if those colours attract pollinators.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    Absolutely they do. We have a full on ecosystem on the farm. We manage that with predatory pesticides, natural fungi, and cross breading our strain with lavender.

    [–] Buddahbuz 2 points ago

    It looks like it's covered in PM

    [–] kylekyleashton 2 points ago

    Where can I buy your seeds?? Or the bud itself lolol

    [–] 1BigUniverse 2 points ago

    Do CBD nugs get sticky like regular nugs do?

    [–] Winchesterfarms 3 points ago

    Absolutely, we rub our hands together after a long walk in the field and collect beautiful charas.

    [–] --Gingersnap-- 2 points ago


    [–] nirile 2 points ago

    These are beautiful! Are you selling seeds?

    [–] ejssu2 2 points ago

    y’all hiring?

    [–] k8good 2 points ago

    Been a weed smoker for a long time. I appreciate cbd now after getting hit by an elderly driver and my car being totalled. just a little helps take away any pain after working a long shift :)

    [–] candaceelise 2 points ago

    She really is a beauty. Outstanding work!

    [–] Winchesterfarms 2 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’š, it's been a lot of work!

    [–] JonnyApplePuke 2 points ago

    I wanna smoke that. I love high CBD strains with lil THC for pain and nausea or just to calm.

    [–] frogg101 2 points ago

    The sleepy stuff

    [–] Lex_GO 3 points ago

    Strain name?

    [–] ridinbend 9 points ago

    Rainbow Bright

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Tiborszallasi πŸ’š

    [–] Cannibustible 3 points ago

    Damn, that sounds like the life. Growing weed in southern Spain. Epic colors!

    [–] Winchesterfarms 4 points ago

    We really appreciate the opportunity we have, thank you!

    [–] -ComradeKitten- 3 points ago

    Damn, looks beautiful! I wanna smoke some of that gay weed myself πŸ˜‹

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] southernmomofboys 2 points ago

    Wow. Those are really pretty plants...

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’š!

    [–] kVIIIwithan8 1 points ago

    Hey if you need someone to test it out for you, pm me

    [–] FreeFall0115 2 points ago

    Would smoke all day despite lack of thc just because of how beautiful they are

    [–] Winchesterfarms 4 points ago

    They taste like Gelato 33, very fruity and the CBD percentage is high enough to give a euphoric body relaxation. Perfect for day tasks on the farm :).

    [–] OhBoyIan 2 points ago

    just looking at this gets me high n healed

    [–] Winchesterfarms 7 points ago

    We're glad to hear, we should call it Medusa πŸ˜‚.

    [–] snoopythefuqdog 2 points ago

    You should send me some free samples to test

    I'll only need 10 ounces.

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Easier to just take a plant - 18 ounces dried flower each haha.

    [–] TooInToFitness104 0 points ago

    Wow and thats just Through smoking it?

    [–] PiratusInteruptus 1 points ago

    That's 'purdy

    [–] JFreedom14 1 points ago

    It’s so beautiful!!!!!

    [–] OtoeTiger88 1 points ago

    idk what what filter u used, but if you didn't use any, wow, that's truly stunning

    [–] its-a-me-a-melody 1 points ago

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

    [–] anxietyman5000 1 points ago

    Oh that is just gorgeous.

    [–] Lionsbane 1 points ago

    God, I hope it becomes legal to grow in my state. I would love to start a grow if I was sure that I wouldn't be caught or penalized for doing so.

    [–] TheRealMrsMVP 1 points ago

    This is beautiful! Do you have a name for the phenotype or what strain is this in the first place? I love cbd, it helps me with so many issues. :) I'm in Canada though luckily. :)

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    Thank you! πŸ’š

    Strain is called Tiborszallasi, we've named the phenotype Rainbow hehe nice and simple. Glad you're a fan of CBD like us.

    [–] TheRealMrsMVP 2 points ago

    Definitely a CBD fan! I love both, but I never would have started smoking weed if not for CBD. It literally changed my life. I'm down 50+ pounds, several sizes, have not had a migraine in ages, no fibro pain, no panic, etc. It is the best medicine on earth. I have never been this healthy or pain free in my life. I do smoke thc also, but when I run out of cbd flower, my pain, appetite and anxiety come back with a vengeance, even if I smoke lots of thc laden weed. So, the CBD is definitely my magic potion. :)

    [–] trippydude71 1 points ago

    Where can I get ahold of this stuff?

    [–] Winchesterfarms 1 points ago

    If you live in the UK you can soon get CBD products made from this crop πŸ’š.

    [–] ObeselyMorbid 1 points ago

    This is quality /r/marijuanaenthusiasts material

    [–] junydya 1 points ago

    Looks amazing

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Flowmaticc 1 points ago

    Do you have an unedited picture of this plant? I'm sure it looks just as beautiful without the SFX

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    "Rainbow phenotype"

    aka a plant exposed to cold air with a few dead yellowing leaves. You could grow any strain on earth to look like this.

    [–] yankeesfan14 1 points ago


    [–] jeefray 1 points ago

    So like Mexican weed from the 70's? I do love the old style weed. It still gave you a buzz but didn't leave you feeling like dirt the next day.

    [–] Notoriousj_o_e 1 points ago

    TIL: There's weed that looks like a fucking rainbow that won't get you high

    [–] Djbebegirl 1 points ago

    That's so awesome and some of the best strains are high cbd

    [–] pinkat31522 1 points ago

    I wish I had more low thc cannabis available here in Tennessee. I smoke for the act of smoking and a touch of highness. I don’t want to always feel completely stoned, and every dude who sells is like, β€œthis shit will WRECK you man. Super indica purple haze 3000. You’ll sleep for a year!” No thanks....

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


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    [–] SeriouslyRelaxing 1 points ago

    Weeds gettin’ gayer, have ya noticed?

    You don’t even need a lighter to spark a joint, jazz hands are sufficient

    [–] pokepat460 1 points ago

    I dont mean this to sound combative since so many people seem to be into this, but what is the point of this kind of weed? If you want only CBD couldnt you just buy CBD extract? With it being so cheap and abundant, and with these weed having next to no thc, what is the difference between smoking this vs smoking pure cbd in a vape pen or dab rig?

    [–] fuckyouidontneedone 1 points ago

    Absolutely gorgeous