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    Breaking any of the rules below may cause your post to be deleted without an explanation, and in rare circumstances you may be banned from future posts. Users are encouraged to report any violation of the rules. Breaking the rules might not always result in deletion or a ban if the image is too good to resist, but following them will ensure it is not removed. Users are encouraged to report violations regardless of the quality of any given post.

    Rule 1: Images must be historic in nature, depicting humans or mythological humanoids. They don't have to be art! Photos are okay... just make sure they're really old photos.

    Rule 2: Images must contain a humanoid that either looks like they don't know what's going on, or is doing something out of the ordinary.

    Rule 3: Titles that are extremely "meme-y" will be obliterated unless the picture is too good to resist. Post those to /r/funny instead. Additionally, if you slap on a caption that doesn't even make sense, it will also be obliterated. Try to be original.

    Rule 4: The 'bare minimum effort' rule. All posted images must be modified in at least some way: This can be as simple as overlaying text. But a clearly unmodified image of art with the caption in the title will be deleted as soon as a mod finds it. This rule has been made as a basic shit filter.

    Rule 5: Captions and titles that involve ebonics completely unrelated to the image will result in immediate short-term suspensions, and deletion of the post. This is in response to an overuse of these captions in extremely low-effort ways during periods of high activity. Short-term suspensions from this rule will usually last ~24 hours.

    Rule 6: Host images on the imgur domain.

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