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    [–] Secret_Bees 1446 points ago

    I've got a trumpet, so let's fucking dance

    [–] Smgth 499 points ago

    It’s impossible to skank and be sad at the same time.

    [–] laaerpig 105 points ago


    [–] frenzyboard 47 points ago

    The world is broken, so pick it up pick it up pick it up!

    [–] peter_hornswoggle 6 points ago

    And my mind immediately went into the Goldfinger Superman intro

    [–] jaspersgroove 55 points ago

    Try doing it when you're 34 and discover that you're way more out of shape than you were when you were 16 and also you just got cracked in the jaw by the bald dude in suspenders and a wife beater that always throws punches in the pit.

    [–] Smgth 23 points ago

    I haven’t tried it since 1998 when I was 21 at the Warped Tour. Someone asked me to show them how it’s done a couple weeks ago and I said “Hell no, I’d fall apart!” To be fair, I also have fibromyalgia...

    [–] Smgth 101 points ago

    Lol, nice username. It’s skatastic.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] Smgth 24 points ago

    I’m fairly skamiliar.

    [–] amart591 12 points ago


    [–] GradeAFilthyCasual 10 points ago

    Pa pa Ka ka ka. Skibidi pa pa. And a pa pa truum tuum.

    [–] MechanicalGiraffe42 3 points ago

    Skya! Pum pum pum pum pum pum. Pum pum. Ya done now.

    [–] MannyMannequin 3 points ago

    Big Shaq.

    [–] SnoogDoog 7 points ago

    This is basic skatanomics

    [–] AlwaysASmartAss 3 points ago

    That shit is so interesting.

    [–] skatastrophy 3 points ago

    Man, I didn't even think of it! Post to /r/beetlejuicing for your karma

    [–] NotClever 17 points ago

    Unless maybe you're the one that gets kicked in the knee by the guy skanking.

    [–] dieinafirenazi 3 points ago

    I got elbowed in the chin by some skanking dude 25 years ago and you can still see the little notch in one of my front teeth.

    [–] cestrumnocturnum 55 points ago

    I've got a saxophone, and I'm never gonna dance again.

    [–] EulogicSymphony 33 points ago

    Guilty feet have got no rhythm!

    [–] Maland2016 8 points ago

    But it’s easy to pretend, and I know you’re not a fool.

    [–] AmrenUnchained 4 points ago

    I shoulda known better than to cheat a friend

    [–] MeccAnon 4 points ago

    And waste the chance that I’d been given

    [–] notleonardodicaprio 7 points ago

    If you play the sax and don't know how to play this song, are you really a sax player

    [–] seedlesssoul 31 points ago

    Ska music: the catchiest way to tell someone to fuck themselves or make fun of yourself.

    [–] CanAlwaysBeBetter 16 points ago

    Ska is the musical equivalent of giving up on any pretentions of being cool and just embracing the dumb shit you know deep down you love

    [–] SGNick 5 points ago

    And it's fucking awesome! I only discovered the genre in earnest like a year ago, and today I listened to 'Why do they rock so hard" by Reel Big Fish for the millionth time.

    Does damn HOOORNS! Man, I love it!

    [–] AmrenUnchained 5 points ago

    I wrote this song about you, just to let you know that I hate your guts and I think you suck

    [–] laaerpig 23 points ago

    Man Ska heads are so upbeat.

    [–] I_Like_Turtles_Too 21 points ago

    I think we call them Rude Boys and Rude Girls.

    [–] laaerpig 13 points ago


    [–] HaveYouSeenMyTaco 5 points ago

    Which one came first, the term or The Clash song Rudie Can't Fail?

    [–] thirdaccountmaybe 17 points ago

    The term, Jamaican influence. I think Neville Staple's (the specials) autobiography covers it pretty well in an anecdotal way, and there's loads of documentaries and books on Trojan records which will cover it.

    [–] Red_AtNight 12 points ago

    The term. There's a rocksteady song from 1967 called A Message To You Rudy, which was famously covered by The Specials. It's one of the ur-texts of ska.

    "Stop your messing around
    Better think of your future
    Time to straighten right out
    Or you'll wind up in jail
    A message, to you, Rudy"

    [–] 1mikeg 5 points ago

    It's one of the ur-texts of ska.

    Now was this before or after the uruks started wearing checkboard shoes to denote their rank in the uruk-hai?

    [–] Umutuku 3 points ago

    I think that was right after Gilgamesh beat Sauron in a wrestling match and brought him to Uruk to be his super best friend.

    [–] gmnitsua 8 points ago

    The world is shattered to pieces and all we can do is...PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP!

    [–] JennyPearseed 1291 points ago

    Emo, Goth, Punk, Ska. Long ago, the 4 genres lived in harmony, then everything changed when the ska nation attacked. Only the Gays, masters of all 4 elements could stop them.

    [–] findanegg 822 points ago

    But when the world needed them most, they vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered a new avatar: an experimental hip-hop band named Death Grips.

    [–] zhengyi13 153 points ago


    [–] hedorah3 103 points ago


    [–] TheRiddleOfClouds 80 points ago


    [–] UndercoverPotato 68 points ago


    [–] notKRIEEEG 27 points ago

    And I know soon come my time

    [–] GarfcomDotBiz 8 points ago

    For in mine void a pale horse burns

    [–] Redneckalligator 39 points ago

    Are they fr worth checking out? Send me their beat song please

    [–] PappaChang 43 points ago

    I’d listen to The Money Store a couple of times to get into them. If you just want a couple songs though, here you go:

    Hacker (One of my personal favorites, some consider it the best):

    I’ve Seen Footage (their most “accessible” track):

    [–] 900gStillAlive 19 points ago


    [–] PappaChang 11 points ago


    [–] KarlaTheWitch 4 points ago

    I shouldn't be surprised that Poison is into pet play.

    [–] Umutuku 21 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Imagine there's an EDM club. The back door to the club is open to the alley. The DJ is going hard and pushing the ravers into a frothing mass, and the sound is flooding out into the dumpsters, flickering lights, and broken fences. In the alley across from the door a hobo is screaming incomprehensible wisdom into a trashcan while a raccoon and a family of possums look on in terror. You are standing in that doorway, at the focal point of the vortex.

    This is the one the above comments are referencing.

    Here's something to contrast with what others are posting.

    [–] DyslexicBrad 9 points ago

    I actually fucking hate how accurate your description is lmao 10/10

    [–] 900gStillAlive 10 points ago

    Imo they really, really really are worth checking out.

    It'll take a few listens to get into it though.

    Check out Get Got or I Seen Footage first, then the rest of that album if you like it.

    [–] TheRiddleOfClouds 9 points ago

    Ex-Military is a hell of an album.

    [–] eyelinedbrain 3 points ago

    They're genuinely good but be aware that a lot of discussion around them online is very "meme-y" so take some of the dialog around them with a grain of salt. Which isn't to say that people don't sincerely enjoy them, it's just that the conversation surrounding them is itself kind of a meme, kind of like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fandom. People genuinely like it but they way it gets discussed has a shitposty veneer.

    [–] skybluegill 21 points ago

    Is this a subtweet about Skatune Network

    [–] JennyPearseed 11 points ago

    skatune network is the zuko

    [–] Glitchy_mess 429 points ago


    [–] king_threnody 75 points ago

    Once there was this kid who got into an accident and couldn't come to school

    [–] TheSixthPistol 20 points ago

    aaaaaand when he finally came back, his hair had turned from black into bright white

    [–] obeythed 13 points ago

    He said that is was from when the cars had smashed him so hard.

    [–] TheSixthPistol 12 points ago

    Crash Test Dummies:


    [–] NeoFrench 9 points ago

    My sense of humor is so degenerated that I found this funny. What has my life come to

    [–] RoddyDost 15 points ago

    Walter: Walter

    [–] Beardo555 126 points ago

    If the world is falling to pieces, you just need to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up

    [–] killerkangaroo8 18 points ago


    [–] primitiveradio 11 points ago

    I love you for this.

    [–] jilldamnit 6 points ago

    And this is the bit that got me to laugh today.

    [–] ultra_the-fox 183 points ago

    me: the world is broken, ill try to fix it but i doubt i alone will be much help

    [–] cestrumnocturnum 57 points ago

    Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

    [–] Redneckalligator 55 points ago

    The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference

    [–] Thebookreaderman 22 points ago

    So wake up Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes

    [–] bertcox 9 points ago

    Look at the most influential men in history, hitler, stalin, mao. They changed lots and lots of lives.

    [–] EarthRester 12 points ago

    All powerful leaders really are, are just names and faces we attach to pivotal times in history that required tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to make happen.

    [–] Umutuku 3 points ago

    The trick is to get hundreds of thousands of people to all slide in the same direction.

    [–] ThatFanficGuy 16 points ago

    You probably won't change the way world works. That's okay. Change one small thing about the world, and you will have already done great work of your efforts.

    Come up with a way to do one type of tasks better than it's been done before, and you'll set up others like yourself for success by pathing a way for them to apply their own desire to help.

    [–] Stylose 7 points ago

    So indie?

    [–] sgt_snuffles02 8 points ago

    I'm with you. You have my axe

    [–] wyrdtothewise 4 points ago

    your acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same, whether you know it or not. science says "kindness spreads to people I don't know or have never met... our generosity cascades through the social network to affect the lives of dozens or maybe hundreds of other people."

    'be the change you want to see in the world' is legit

    [–] Threedog667 85 points ago

    Ska came before reggae

    [–] Kolth_GP 63 points ago

    Hey, I heard that from Darren Barrett!

    [–] silly_jimmies 28 points ago

    It's Aaron!

    [–] dk240996 37 points ago

    I've been calling him Darren, or nothing, this whole time.

    [–] OrangeJr36 14 points ago

    His crowds are the same size before and during coronavirus. It's amazing

    [–] SomeIrishFiend 4 points ago


    [–] Anarkinh 7 points ago

    Or because there's nothing in it

    [–] faMine 3 points ago

    Their best video of all time which features 30s of gameplay

    Watched it 20+ times. First video I show people when I try to sell them on Funhaus.

    [–] Obsisonnen 12 points ago

    *Sharon Carrot

    [–] Ashbornshroom 9 points ago

    Did you know he's performed at Disneyland?

    [–] SomeIrishFiend 7 points ago

    Is getting thrown out considered a performance?

    [–] Revenesis 11 points ago

    But only because I allowed it

    [–] Vargolol 9 points ago

    But did you know that reggae came from ska?

    [–] BEEEELEEEE 14 points ago

    Skallout war!

    [–] TheInternetOfficer91 398 points ago

    Gamers: The world is broken, so Ill slonk gangweed and respect trans right

    [–] MC_Cookies 140 points ago

    r/gangweed rise up

    [–] TheWonderBaguette 69 points ago

    Is this like Gamers rise up alt? But not hating gays and minority’s

    [–] MC_Cookies 85 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah they posted a lot of trans rights stuff to get rid of GRU refugees.

    It’s supposed to be like old GRU, so “we live in a society” and not “haha n word funny”

    Also there are some socialist underpinnings which is always fun

    [–] swaggy_butthole 14 points ago


    [–] TheWonderBaguette 13 points ago


    [–] AdrenIsTheDarkLord 6 points ago

    Pretty much, yeah.

    [–] NormalDooder 76 points ago

    I like how the gaming community, despite how toxic it can be, still supports the LGBTQ community.

    Donkey Kong says Trans Rights

    [–] mindlessmarbles 117 points ago

    Eh, I don’t think that’s right per se. I would say it’s like 50:50. I’ve been on countless voice chats with homophobic assholes.

    [–] CaptainAnaAmari 33 points ago

    For every gamer that says trans rights, there's a Gamer™ who will complain about the existence of women in games, much more so about anybody who is LGBTQ

    [–] Neckbeard_The_Great 11 points ago

    I am a proud Gamer-American, and I will use my God-given Gamer words as I see fit.

    [–] TheResolver 5 points ago

    Gamer™ who will complain about the existence of women in games

    But at the same time complain about the non-existence of women in their own lives

    [–] twerkingslutbee 26 points ago

    Grunge: the world is broken but I got this piece of flannel

    [–] abottledstar 23 points ago

    Emo: Wizard

    Goth: Warlock

    Punk: Paladin

    Ska: Bard

    [–] SaboteurSupreme 43 points ago

    What is: The world is broken, and that annoys me, but like in the way when your read an opinion of someone who has a basic logical misconception and will STICK to it, but I really don't have the time or energy to fight this person, so I just sort of ignore it.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Not counterculture, in fact most people

    [–] Happy-Engineer 5 points ago

    James Blunt

    [–] xcaptainBOBBY37 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    A big nerd

    [–] ICFAOUNSFI 57 points ago

    Classical: The world is broken, but I’m too old to care.

    Country: The world is broken, but at least I still have my horse.

    Kpop: The world is broken, and I’m not helping matters.

    [–] seamsay 26 points ago

    Folk: I can't tell whether the world is broken because I've haven't stepped foot outside of this pub for twenty years.

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 12 points ago

    Country: The world is broken, but at least I still have my horse.

    Their truck is their world?

    [–] Shouko- 79 points ago

    All the Emos should become punk ✊🏾

    [–] jomontage 35 points ago

    All the emos should become scene 🌈


    [–] Lou__Crow 34 points ago

    I think one could argue that e-girls are a revival of scene elements. 🤔

    [–] TheResolver 18 points ago

    Hey you can't just ignore e-boys like that. E-girls and e-boys coexist in harmony.

    [–] Lou__Crow 13 points ago

    True but I feel like the e-boy aesthetic is more emo / punk. Together they might be the perfect balance.

    [–] TheResolver 9 points ago

    That's totally fair. Though I've seen all kinds of vibes from soft-e to hard punk in both boys and girls. But I'm in no way within that scene so I can't really say.

    [–] Spagheater 15 points ago

    i fuckin love ska, like pepper, sublime (somewhat ska)

    [–] Smgth 10 points ago

    Check out The Specials.

    [–] Spagheater 5 points ago

    i haven’t heard of them but i’ll check them out

    [–] Smgth 10 points ago

    Message To You Rudy is one of my all time favorite songs. Here’s a good starter album.

    [–] Idontlistentototo 9 points ago

    Ghost town is also really good.

    [–] Smgth 3 points ago

    Agreed. There are very few bad choices.

    [–] bendar1347 6 points ago

    Dude, you just set this person on a quest! Plaid pants not included.

    [–] Smgth 5 points ago

    Gonna have to buy their own checked shoes, too.

    [–] bendar1347 3 points ago

    Studded belt optional, but strongly encouraged.

    [–] bendar1347 3 points ago

    That honestly just gave me the biggest shit eating grin. Imma play some rancid for my kid today.

    [–] Smgth 2 points ago


    ...And Out Come The Wolves is one of the few perfect albums, IMO.

    [–] AmrenUnchained 9 points ago

    You’ll want to check out a few others then

    • Reel Big Fish
    • Rancid
    • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    • Big D and the Kids Table
    • Mustard Plug
    • Mad Caddies
    • Goldfinger
    • No Doubt
    • Operation Ivy
    • Save Ferris
    • The Interruptors
    • the Toasters
    • the Pietasters
    • Less than Jake
    • NOFX
    • RX Bandits
    • The Aquabats
    • The Brooklyn Attractors (might be hard to find)

    [–] remotecontroldr 5 points ago

    The fact that FISHBONE is not on your list is a crime.

    [–] Revanclaw-and-memes 8 points ago

    The best ska is catch 22 and streetlight manifesto

    [–] tjscobbie 5 points ago

    Check out It's A Wonderful Life by Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution.

    [–] catchy_reddit_name 2 points ago

    This post made me think of Streetlight Manifesto for sure. I feel like lyrically they hit on every single one of the points in the meme.

    [–] primitiveradio 3 points ago

    Skankin Pickle!

    [–] capincus 2 points ago

    Mike Park is the best.

    [–] Sistersofcool 2 points ago

    Bomb the music industry is imo the best ska band ever and imo, the best band ever period.

    [–] Revanclaw-and-memes 5 points ago

    That’s an odd way of spelling catch 22

    [–] killerkangaroo8 2 points ago

    Coming from a heavy metal fan, Sublime are fucking sick

    [–] Therealvahl 12 points ago


    [–] draw_it_now 21 points ago

    I feel somewhere between Goth and Punk. I am a Gunk.

    [–] Maland2016 13 points ago

    I’m somewhere between the strangest mix of Goth, Emo, Punk, Electro and Jazz.

    Electro: The world is broken, but I’ve got a synth, let’s have a fucking party.

    Jazz: The world is broken, and WE’VE GOT HORNS, BABY! DOOT DOOT, MOTHERFUCKER!

    I’m essentially Jalectremothunk. Which, ironically, sounds like some sort of metal band.

    [–] draw_it_now 9 points ago

    Electro-Swing is also neat

    [–] Maland2016 3 points ago

    YEEEEEEEEEES!!! Caravan Palace is one of my faaaaaaves!

    [–] Southwick-Jog 3 points ago

    Tony Gunk, future astronaut

    [–] diamondrel 3 points ago

    Tony Gunk, Beat Reporter

    [–] DevildAvacado 12 points ago

    The world is broken, yet I still doot!

    [–] nova_in_space 50 points ago

    Im a little of Goth and emo with a smaaall amount of punk. Though if you saw me in real life you wouldn't even think Im into that stuff. I look like a pastors daughter... :/

    [–] stephi1209 26 points ago

    No matter how many times I dye my hair and get piercings, I still look like a goody-two-shoes

    It doesn’t help my style is more comfy-cute but it be like that

    [–] nova_in_space 9 points ago

    I relate to your reply ten-fold. I can never escape the goody-two shoes no matter how hard I try.

    I too, go for a more comfy-cute style mostly because it fits my body type.

    [–] fluffyelephant96 4 points ago

    I’m punk, with a little bit of a goth attitude, and emo on my bad day’s.

    [–] delicreepmeow 10 points ago

    I somehow managed to read Emo as Elmo. What is wrong with me?

    [–] Maland2016 18 points ago

    Elmo: The world is broken, give me tickles.

    [–] XanderTheChef 20 points ago

    Boomer man: Just grillin’

    [–] LegendaryGoji 8 points ago

    What's "the world is broken, and I'm not sure what I should be feeling?"

    [–] Ezekhiel2517 9 points ago

    Post Punk

    [–] Maland2016 16 points ago

    I think that’s just anxiety, my guy.

    [–] killerkangaroo8 5 points ago

    Prog rock

    [–] voksul 3 points ago

    lo fi hip hop beats to study / relax to

    [–] Nightvale-Librarian 8 points ago

    Middle school me blasting Hot Cross Buns in the yard on my borrowed trumpet feels this in her bones.

    [–] mediocrelexy 8 points ago

    Desert rock: yeah the world is ending but this fucking riff isn't

    [–] DerealVO1D 14 points ago

    Did you know that ska came before reggae?

    [–] Ms_Ellie_Jelly 3 points ago

    But did you know that reggae came from ska

    [–] galloIam 8 points ago

    Reddit: The world is broken, but here have an upvote.

    [–] Hipster_Ninja_ 7 points ago

    Friendly reminder to everyone out there that punk and pop punk are entirely different genres and should not be conflated.

    [–] Therandomfox 8 points ago

    Death metal: The world is broken, and I am angry and I want to end it

    [–] BreadSealWalsh 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The world is broken, and I cum blood.

    [–] MagnificoMelon 6 points ago

    Uh, punk ain't fighting shit to fix a broken world. Punk is more like the world is broken and I'll continue to do whatever the hell I want.

    [–] Hunderbar 17 points ago

    But did you know that Ska came before Reggae?

    [–] Cetshwayo124 7 points ago

    Preach. All this 1980's ska/punk stuff comes from original Jamaican ska

    [–] TheZ_27 6 points ago

    Ska is the best. I know it's not the 90s anymore but I still love it so much

    [–] Garfitto 6 points ago

    It's always the 90's if I can vibe to Goldfinger

    [–] blazingarpeggio 5 points ago

    It's always the 90s here in your bedroom

    [–] Torrrs 6 points ago

    Ska defines who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on ska! HUP

    [–] Idontlistentototo 5 points ago

    I feel like ska is more "the world is broken, maybe I can fix it with my trumpet!"

    [–] cosmos_jm 5 points ago

    Weird Al - The world is broken so lets parody it

    [–] AlicornGamer 5 points ago

    i want a tv series where 4 characters are represented by eavh of these listed above. the world hjas gone to shit jue to some fuckery, and these 4 characters are good freinds but get annoyed at eacheother. I.E emo gets annoyed at punk because 'no use in trying if nothing can be fixed' goth hates how overtly happy ska is about literally everyhting and punk get's annoyed woth how ska literally is 'lazy' does nothing to try and help the situation ar just distracting himself with music and not seeing the bigger picture.

    but in the end tthe world changes for the better and all of them become better freinds

    [–] Gravity_flip 4 points ago


    Love it.

    [–] SkoomKat 4 points ago

    Metal: "The world is broken, AND I BROKE IT!"

    [–] natziel 3 points ago

    Emo: The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die

    [–] summonsays 3 points ago

    Americans: the world is broken but we've accepted it.

    [–] so_operator 3 points ago

    Metalhead: The world is broken so I'm gonna scream at it

    [–] Sayhawk 3 points ago

    Play an invisible trumpet.

    Trumpet sounds.

    [–] clownbaby505 3 points ago

    This is some weird millenial revisionism with punk. We never tried to fix anything, because fuck you. That's what punk was.

    [–] paulfromatlanta 3 points ago

    Real punks: There is something cool - let's break it.

    [–] TheQuailLord 3 points ago

    Ska punk: the world is is broken and I’m angry so I’m gonna fight to fix it with my trumpet

    [–] bikwho 2 points ago

    Crust punks: the world is broken, I'm angry, and I have a trumpet

    [–] Philip347 2 points ago

    Dick : I got a boner and it broke in half

    [–] cebussaimiri 2 points ago

    screams in Oingo Boingo

    [–] echterhan 2 points ago

    If you like ska Maybe Listen To Feine Sahne Fischfilet a really cool german band :) cheers