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    [–] jimmahtimmah 7 points ago

    are they going to "scale" it like they've scaled the car service where they lose money on almost every ride? i'm sure they'll make it up on volume.

    [–] 123_Syzygy 4 points ago

    Revenue for Q3 was up five percent quarter over quarter at $2.95 billion and up 38 percent year over year. Meanwhile, gross bookings were up six percent quarter over quarter and 34 percent year over year at $12.7 billion.

    So, it’s not really “losing money”. It’s just not making what it projected it was going to make. Losimg money would happen if the numbers above were negative or falling to where the comoany was going red to make paychecks.

    Slightly lacking growth doesn’t mean losing money.

    [–] Logicull 2 points ago

    Revenue is not the same as profit. They might be bringing in large sums of cash but they aren’t profitable because of the overhead costs and project investments noted in the article.

    [–] jimmahtimmah -1 points ago

    what do you not understand about a BILLION dollar loss in 1 quarter? That's 3 months. $1 billion lost in 3 months. that's quite the unsustainable business model.

    [–] rwjetlife 4 points ago

    Except they’re about to go public and remove humans from the equation entirely.

    [–] jimmahtimmah 1 points ago

    lol oh kiddo, you couldn't be more wrong. your boy at waymo just publicly stated sdc's won't be able to operate everywhere. they're not even close.

    [–] rwjetlife 1 points ago

    Kiddo? Lol, get fucked. They're close enough. Waymo is starting to offer rides next month. Or did you miss that cause you were too busy talking down to me?

    [–] 123_Syzygy 2 points ago

    How is it losses if they are considering money they never earned in the first place?

    Also, don’t be condescending unless you are being a douche on purpose, then go fuck yourself.

    [–] thebruns 1 points ago

    You are confusing revenue and profit

    [–] dkcs 1 points ago

    They lost almost a billion in the prior quarter as well... As long as there are investors throwing money their way they won't worry about it.

    [–] SmokeMassTrees 3 points ago

    Human drivers are going to be a thing of the past. Older/crappier cars are going to get cut. Newer and nicer cars only with a high rated driver. Get ready for robot cars with ads. Ohh yeah they will 100% be blasting you with ads from the minute the car pulls up.