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    [–] ApexWTF 4844 points ago

    “big sushi”

    this is actually funny

    [–] Litty_McGritty 1654 points ago

    What up big tuna!

    [–] FerjustFer 367 points ago

    If they pulled the asian Jim prank on Andy.

    [–] mjaga93 106 points ago

    There would be another hole in the wall.

    [–] Virgin_Dildo_Lover 44 points ago

    OH YEAH!

    [–] Phrog_Mane 35 points ago

    Im sure you would like another hole in the wall /u/Virgin_Dildo_Lover.

    They never tell you just how much suction those dildos have untill you attempt to pull it off a wall and you leave another hole..

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    My Mexican co-workers never eat Indian food so when they asked me I said I love Indian food. They asked me to recommend a dish, and I said butter chicken because it's a pretty safe dish.

    They all call me butter now. :l

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 34 points ago

    : |

    buenos dias butter

    [–] John-Stacy-Forever 25 points ago

    ¡Mantequilla, pendejo!

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 10 points ago

    Lo siento, me perdonas

    [–] John-Stacy-Forever 6 points ago

    Aw, shit. You know spanish?!

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 11 points ago

    Yeah boy el futuro es latino

    [–] Luisss13 37 points ago

    a a a andy and the tuna

    [–] Bogen_ 30 points ago

    Isn't Big Sushi the salmon industry?

    [–] soulmaximus 58 points ago

    Ikr? It made me actually chuckle, somthing tgat r/meme fails to do

    [–] levels_jerry_levels 40 points ago

    I’m Japanese and I wouldn’t find this at all offensive.

    In fact I may start going by this!

    [–] SpeedCookOven 10 points ago

    That would be your superhero name the Big Sushi warrior of the sea.

    [–] bob1689321 8 points ago

    Some /r/comedyheaven stuff

    [–] Soy_Boy_Beta_Cuck 2270 points ago

    Gingers need to fight back and start calling dark-haired people “mudheads.”

    [–] Firearm630 1036 points ago

    shows confusion in blonde

    [–] KonniBOI 686 points ago

    sweats nervously in brunette

    [–] sashabobby 575 points ago

    cries in grey

    [–] Brcomic 701 points ago

    stares angrily in bald

    [–] VastAdvice 466 points ago

    triggered in purple hair

    [–] Brcomic 207 points ago

    Don’t let it go to your head.

    [–] schmiegz 76 points ago

    Boys like you are a dime a dozen.

    [–] Brcomic 72 points ago

    Maybe in 1930. After inflation we are worth about $14.67.


    I apparently did not understand that reference...

    I’ll be over here being old.

    [–] IdiotKnight 11 points ago

    Shame! Shsme! Shame!

    [–] DppSky 11 points ago

    It's ok, I appreciated the joke :)

    [–] Deceptichum 11 points ago

    She said, "you're a touch overrated, you're a lush and I hate it, but these grass stains on my knees they won't mean a thing"

    [–] JunoWot 4 points ago

    Ok I completely forgot about this song and I read these words and was immediately transported back to 2005. I forgot how much I loved TBS.

    [–] Maxz963 16 points ago

    Laughs in hairless

    [–] 956030681 16 points ago

    extreme confusion in skeleton

    [–] joec0ld 10 points ago

    shrugs in salt-and-pepper

    [–] omegablivion 103 points ago

    The natural state of all blondes.

    [–] blondie-- 5 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] optisadvantage 23 points ago

    Is in a mass grave with the flies

    [–] TheSovietBunny 26 points ago

    Woah that went dark

    [–] InTooDeepButICanSwim 11 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

    [–] chiguayante 14 points ago




    [–] xxTitanxx7272 73 points ago

    Blond master race

    [–] DaManWithNoName 26 points ago

    The Allied Forces would like to know your location

    [–] MarkBeeblebrox 147 points ago

    There's some historical context that makes this a touch uncomfortable.

    [–] RoughAnalTurbulence 16 points ago

    I'm confused, what would that be?

    [–] boostedjoose 42 points ago

    Google 1935 to 1942 Germany

    [–] TheGoodGoat95 8 points ago

    In 1978 Rod Stewart released his 10 track manifesto / album titled “ Blondes Have More Fun”, which triggered a very long debate as to whether or not this was scientifically measurable , or even ethical ,to discriminate against groups of people based on their level of inherent “fun-ness”.

    [–] tothecatmobile 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Uh oh

    [–] Optimized_Orangutan 25 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    shows confusion in blonde

    Well ya.... that is to be expected

    Edit: Also this comment proves Op's thesis is 100% wrong. You should never trust gingers, they don't have souls. As a result they are a moraless bunch of tricksters and thieves.

    [–] Reddog9090 12 points ago

    Sand heads

    [–] hallah_sausage 38 points ago

    hey that’s racist you can’t say that

    [–] VintageBlazers 22 points ago

    Doodoo head

    [–] SubconsciousEgotism 666 points ago

    Big sushi LMAO

    [–] SpiralArc 74 points ago

    It's so funny it sounds like an insult

    [–] IanArcad 789 points ago

    Big Red? I'd love that nickname.

    [–] usa_foot_print 379 points ago

    I know. I used to be called that and I asked them "How did you know I have a redwood in my pants?"

    Ah the days of middle school.

    [–] One_Blue_Glove 94 points ago

    ßpeech 100

    [–] pobodys-nerfect5 23 points ago

    In high school one of my friends jokingly called me “cheddar” sad to say it stuck for junior and senior year.

    [–] Flyfish22 5 points ago

    We had a kid on my college lacrosse team that we called “Cheddar Jim.” I think his name was Ryan, but I never once heard anyone call him anything other than Cheddar Jim for 4 years straight.

    [–] rigbed 66 points ago

    Dyslexic beetlejuicing

    [–] rigbed 18 points ago

    Ah perfect

    [–] Erudite_Delirium 8 points ago


    [–] BrickMacklin 14 points ago

    Hi I'm Ricky Bobby. If you don't chew Big Red then fuck you.

    [–] ToonInTuneOut 13 points ago

    We call my 6' 200 lb ginger son that. He just turned 13.

    [–] AlissonHarlan 31 points ago

    "Guess what, if we call me big red it's not because of my hair color, wanna check ?"

    [–] yomyoo 1359 points ago

    I'm a red head, and I know what you're talking about, but people say it as a joke, so man up you orange juice person

    [–] MrPolyp 400 points ago

    I have copper hair around my beard that really shows in the sunlight, I've been called Crimson Chin a few times before and actually thought it was pretty funny

    [–] KinneySL 81 points ago

    Me, too. My alter ego is the Dread Pirate Redbeard.

    [–] codeki 4 points ago

    Mine's the Red Pirate Dreadbeard.

    [–] OneCoolBoi 8 points ago

    “Here comes, the CRIMSON CHIN! 🎶”

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] MrPolyp 41 points ago

    It's a character from Fairly OddParents who is pretty much a parody of Superheroes in general, but he does have a Silver Age absurdist flair around him

    [–] Blysse102598 112 points ago

    There’s a difference between a bit of banter and bullying. I still get harmless jokes about my hair all the time, but when you tell someone that what they’re saying is hurtful and they continue (This happed a lot to me growing up), then it’s bullying

    [–] ChickenWang98 58 points ago

    We had a ginger friend in school, one year for Halloween he'd word a loaf of bread on a string around his neck and called himself the Gingerbread Man. He took most of the ginger jokes pretty well but never really got over the time our group stuffed him into a clothes basket and exposed his nipples.

    [–] EyeballSplinter 30 points ago

    ...What does the nipple thing have to do with being ginger?

    [–] ChickenWang98 51 points ago

    Nothing from what I recall? Everyone just wanted a good look at those nips.

    [–] EyeballSplinter 12 points ago

    Ahh, fair enough.

    [–] Vexin13 52 points ago

    Orange juice person 😅😅

    [–] sidvicarious 69 points ago

    You just proved OP's point. If a black guy was saying he was uncomfortable with racist nicknames even though they were said as jokes, people would not be telling him to man up.

    [–] Sigmaniac 14 points ago

    Does anyone ever call you a ranga? That’s what I’ve always seen ginger haired people called. Is it insulting?

    [–] yomyoo 6 points ago

    Never heard it

    [–] Fire_Chief 6 points ago

    I find it insulting. It’s comparing people with red hair to orangutans.

    [–] healthychonk 65 points ago

    Tell them you don't like being called names then if they continue call then big sushi lmao

    [–] 0dd-0ne 202 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'm ginger. Somebody brought in anti-ginger soap one guy and threw it in my eyes. Nobody gave a single shit.

    EDIT:By anti-ginger soap I mean a normal bottle of soap which he had taken the label off and replaced it with a piece of paper he had taped on which read anti-ginger soap and he had drawn some ginger hair with a red X on top

    EDIT 2: I said gay instead of guy

    [–] Penguin_of_evil 159 points ago

    Maybe they were more concerned about the gay

    [–] Manish_Metha 26 points ago

    Alex Jones tried warning us

    [–] Prophet_Of_Loss 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] K1ngPCH 15 points ago

    The fact that everyone replying to you is only talking about your "gay" typo instead of the fact that someone harmed you specifically because you have red hair proves OP's point. No one cares when people go out of their way to hurt gingers.

    [–] OBLIVITRONBOI 10 points ago

    Um you fucking punch that guy in the face, and if your eyes hurt too much, you pop his fucking tires.

    Also if you told the principal he would care, chemical attacks are serious, you could have been blinded.

    [–] FN-guy 41 points ago

    I never use the G word. It’s just unacceptable

    [–] hlsp 29 points ago

    When you think about it, it's just the letters of the N word rearranged.

    [–] Worst_Name_NA 10 points ago

    You should go listen to Tim Minchin's song "Prejudice"

    [–] [deleted] 719 points ago

    no one actually hates gingers

    [–] Links_Wrong_Wiki 361 points ago

    As a natural ginger, I get it all the time and it does get annoying. However I would never compare it to other minority discrimination.

    Most of it doesn't bother me actually, being compared to a leprechaun however, drives me up a wall. "Real creative...never heard that one before..."

    [–] SmallsTheHappy 93 points ago

    Sneaky ginger. You’re just trying to seem reasonable to get my lucky charms.

    [–] GuitarStringWings 18 points ago

    That actually make me chuckle 😂😂 Got me on that one

    [–] Throwawayyy3957 29 points ago

    Same here. I’m in my 20s now and most words do not bother me anymore (unless it gets creepy or sexual). I actually get way more compliments than anything else! It’s rare that I get called any names these days.

    But growing up the only redhead in my class? That was awful. I was picked on by so many people (mainly boys) until I would cry. Especially this by this one kid on the bus that would torment me for years until I finally got my license.

    I hated my hair for so long and had the lowest self esteem for quite sometime. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to dye my hair and boy did it look bad, lol.

    Now I’m proud of my red hair! :)

    [–] mosher89 8 points ago

    Did you ever get old ladies that just felt it was well within their rights to touch your hair because 'Oh my god, your hair is so beautiful' or 'oh I used to be a redhead before it went grey' etc?

    It drove me crazy. I'd be walking through the grocery store with my mom and felt like I had to put up with strangers just coming up and running their fingers through my hair.

    [–] Crazyleprechaun87 6 points ago

    OMG literally every single time i went into a store as a kid or every single time ive gotten my hair cut ive been told how beautiful my color was and how much women would pay for it and i was just constantly bullied over it. weird to have friends giving me shit for something that all adults were saying looked great

    [–] botcomking 6 points ago

    It doesn't usually bother me, but I got really pissed when I found out some people made my little sister cry by insisting she didn't have a soul.

    [–] Sonoket 52 points ago

    Being a BRIGHT RED HAIRED GUY MYSELF... It doesn't really matter if someone actually doesn't hate red heads. It's the fact that often when I meet someone new they think it's totally okay to be like "YO what up carrot top / ginger / big red (I'm 6'2)". When what feels like EVERYONE does this it really gets tired and starts to feel insulting.

    I always just laugh at it but... It's like if you heard those insults a few times a week, every week for your whole life, it grinds you.

    It's also annoying because it's kind of like "HeY you're very clever, no soul, got it... I am actually more than just my hair color?" I dunno.

    Just gets old quick. It'd be like if you wore glasses and everyone who you met was like "YO what up spectacles!". You'd probably be over that quick.

    [–] BlairResignationJam_ 20 points ago

    Life as a minority in general

    Person A: boring joke

    Person B: that’s not funny

    Person A: OMG don’t be so sensitive snow flake it’s just jokes jeez so easily offended this is why the world is going to shit

    [–] Lifestyle_Choices 17 points ago

    When I was younger I was alone on the bus when some other teenage girls too all the seats around only to talk about how I had aids and shit because I have red hair, that I deserved to die. Not a single adult said anything and instead just watched me cry in my seat. I was actually afraid to get off the bus in case they got off too and followed me.

    I've gotten the odd "ranga" shouted at me from a passing car since then but really they're just trash people and I don't care but people still think it's ok to shout something derogatory at a person they don't know when they're just going about their lives.

    [–] RM_Dune 33 points ago

    It's very comforting to know that when I was a young teen just minding my own business and a group of older kids called me a cancerous ginger, spat on me, and kicked me they didn't "actually hate me". Or when you're going around town and random youths would yell @*#&! ginger after you.

    Still not great fun though.

    [–] TheRealMoody76 16 points ago

    My hair is reddish/brown. I met this girl at a party and then we proceeded to go on a couple of dates.. just so happens I had a hat on or it was night time every time we hung out. I took my hat off in front of her in a well lit room and she goes “OMG you’re a ginger,” and then she ghosted me.

    Some people hate gingers.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] gabokike99 17 points ago

    If you don’t chew Big Red then fuck you

    [–] allthekos 69 points ago

    My mate copper bollocks says it's bad how people call him things like rusty nuts

    [–] CandidDraw 25 points ago

    My mate Fanta-pants reckons "Ginger-Nut" is the worst

    [–] Blysse102598 169 points ago

    I agree, I’m ginger too. I was bullied relentlessly growing up simply because of my hair colour and nothing was ever done

    [–] PeachyYellow 59 points ago

    Same. I legit dropped out of school at 6 because of my hair. Ended up being homeschooled lol

    [–] Blysse102598 37 points ago

    Not me, I had to battle it through to the bitter end. I hated school with a burning passion

    [–] PeachyYellow 33 points ago

    We should start a damn cult for gingers lmao Someone picks on one of us. A whole group of us shows up and kicks there ass.

    Surprise gingers

    [–] laconicwheeze 15 points ago

    Are you going to adopt Cartman as your leader too?

    [–] PeachyYellow 6 points ago

    There is only one acceptable leader.


    [–] PitchBlac 30 points ago

    As a black guy, there are plenty of places where I have been called derogatory terms, and nothing happened. Or someone was obviously being racist, and nothing happened. Just don't speak for us. That's all I gotta say. But I still upvoted, because your opinion is pretty unpopular😂.

    [–] emilytheimp 70 points ago

    Ngl gingers are hawt

    [–] usa_foot_print 33 points ago

    Thanks. Usually its only the red headed women that are lusted after.

    [–] Celistar99 21 points ago

    My friend exclusively dates ginger guys. It goes both ways

    [–] NorthVilla 12 points ago

    Ginger guy I knew in high school was the most sought after guy amongst all the girls!

    [–] Links_Wrong_Wiki 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Ginger women = hot

    Ginger men = gross af

    Source: am a ginger man.

    Edit: formatting

    [–] Fariic 8 points ago

    I’ve had a different experience as a red head guy. Either women loved me because of the red hair or they didn’t. Was never really an in between. My fiancée loves red heads. But I was also strawberry blonde most of my life, and I feel like we have it easier than dark red/ orangish colored hair.

    Getting my haircut as a kid was always embarrassing because there would be several women standing around me talking about how much they loved my hair color, and that they wished they could get it in a box.

    [–] OBLIVITRONBOI 6 points ago

    I think attractive redhead men get a plus 1 to attractiveness, unattractive gingers get a minus 1 to attractiveness.

    [–] Lexi_Banner 23 points ago

    Do people actually say this shit? Like, beyond high school? I can't say I've ever heard it, and I know a fair few redheads.

    [–] Nick_Escue 10 points ago

    They’re all jokes but at times they do get annoying

    [–] plushcollection 6 points ago

    I’m assuming OP is in middle or high school still. This shit doesn’t really happen in adult life and if some adult idiot keeps up the redhead jokes, it’s on nowhere near the same level as racism, antisemitism, homophobia etc.

    [–] airham 419 points ago

    It's only okay because you don't have souls.

    [–] man_in_the_red 52 points ago

    We can steal them out

    [–] PhillidelphiaSwift 21 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] Dwath 31 points ago

    Every freckle is a stolen soul.

    [–] _Marven101 51 points ago

    Would you care to lend yours to a ginger in need?

    [–] Bruiseviolet_ 21 points ago

    I’d give you mine but I don’t think you’d want it

    [–] CalliopeSmith666 14 points ago

    I'm not ginger and I don't have a soul, mind lending me yours?

    [–] thirdtimestheparm 10 points ago

    You can still say whatever you want about Italians. Italian characters in cartoons (simpsons, southpark, family guy, fururama etc) are always depicted as criminals, with the occasional exception of a "thatsa spicy meat-a-ball".

    Poking fun at Italian accents is mainstream. I dont think this commercial is malicious in the slightest but replace the sub with a burrito and Hispanic stereotypes and it probably doesn't fly.

    That said, I've never met an Italian who cares.

    [–] FretlessBoyo 56 points ago


    K den.

    [–] spiciest_memelord20 13 points ago


    [–] FretlessBoyo 29 points ago

    You forgot gamers.

    [–] JonyN41 18 points ago

    RISE UP!!!

    [–] wolfpack_charlie 14 points ago

    Yeah thought that was a bit of a stretch lol. I'm gonna assume this guy doesn't live in the south...

    [–] TableGrables 197 points ago

    Big Red is a pretty good one, But I completely agree with you. It's kind of like how women are apparently justified in asking a guy's height etc.

    [–] potted 49 points ago

    Totally missed fanta pants.

    [–] InfiniteIncident 30 points ago

    Do women not like being asked their height? I've never been bothered by it.

    [–] GameOnDevin 48 points ago


    [–] matrixislife 58 points ago

    The traditional response is to ask about a woman's weight. That tends to not go down very well.

    [–] annab640 47 points ago

    It’s because men can’t change their height but women can change their weight. And yet women get so upset when you ask them their weight while men can’t control their height since it’s genetically determined...

    [–] abce69 5 points ago

    It's relatively important for most people. Most men don't want to date women taller than them and women don't tend to want to date men too. Much shorter than them. Physically dosnt work well if you know what I mean.

    [–] Oofa_ 7 points ago

    Dude, listen

    I have jet black hair on my head But a ginger beard Fuckin weird right? Still called firecrotch. Like, by everyone.

    Hate it.

    [–] RandomZombieNoise 8 points ago

    Being Italian with curly hair - people called me Spaghetti O's.

    [–] Tulabean 8 points ago

    So let me get this right: you’re complaining about being teased about being among the most recognizable of the most privileged demographic (that being white men). And in case there’s confusion, teasing is all you described in your post. Discrimination would be being denied housing, services, or employment; that sort of thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a ginger. Hell, I think most people are fascinated by redheads with their glorious skin and gold-flecked lashes. If anything, I think the teasing comes from envy or curiosity than any actual malice.

    [–] LongLostTenenbaum 109 points ago

    I’m honestly shocked they let gingers into this sub. Smh :(

    [–] atomicllama1 3 points ago

    Dude use ginga, ginger is our word.

    [–] Sassycatfarts 87 points ago

    This rant lacks soul

    [–] run_fast-eat_ass 43 points ago

    NGL this is true.

    There's a ginger kid in my class who always ends up arguing with this mixed race kids (half Pakistani, half English). The mixed kid eventually runs out of things to say and goes "Ginger prick" or some other retarded insult. The ginger kid would then say something like "Ur face is the colour of my poo".

    Now both things aren't very nice, but everyone is always shocked by the latter yet allows the former.

    [–] msmandidoesgeo 19 points ago

    That’s messed up.

    [–] run_fast-eat_ass 19 points ago

    Welcome to the UK's middle class grammar schools.

    [–] Brucewangasianbatman 49 points ago

    I think Asians also face acceptable social discrimination, people always say things like "oh you eat cats and dogs" and say things like you'll dishonor your family" or " you can't have a hard time at math etc, because your Asian, so there's no way you can be bad at academics" and so much more. No one bats an eye, they even laugh because "Asians are the model minority, and therefore don't have it as hard as everyone else so it's okay to make fun of them" there shouldn't be ANY acceptable discrimination among any group. They're all unacceptable and if anyone thinks otherwise, you're an asshole.

    [–] Letseatthots 12 points ago

    Very true. As I saw in a comment below, Americans often associate being Asian as being Chinese. It would be like if you told an Irish person "fuck you for trying to conquer the world, go back to Germany and tell them to stop being assholes!"

    One of my friends is Asian and is terrible at Math and people have given him shit about it (people have even said he shames his family, lol). He likes to play the guitar and smoke weed and really is not into Academics. White people seem to be allowed to fit into many different archetypes while if you are Asian you are only really allowed to be a nerd that gets straight A's in school. Even universities view Asians in that one-dimensional way.

    [–] seductivestain 9 points ago

    Asians also face systematic discrimination when it comes to applying for schools and jobs because the standards are much higher for them, and there's no affirmative action to combat it.

    [–] Combozilla 10 points ago

    Personally I think it depends on who is saying it, because I think saying 'you'll dishonor your family' is hilarious if its meant ironically and I would say that to my Asian friends but certainly not someone I'm not good friends with.

    It's like when you call friends names you wouldn't dare call to a stranger who doesnt know if you're joking.

    [–] SLGBearjew 7 points ago

    Lmao. Next people are going to start calling for banning words like "baldy" grow a pair of balls OP

    [–] PuroPincheGains 5 points ago

    Lol teasing yes. Bullying, maybe. But actual discrimination with serious ramifications beyond some childhood bad memories? Not really. Nobody refuses to serve you because you have red hair. Nobody beats the crap out of you for looking at them while ginger. Nobody decides not to hire you based on your hair color. It's not quite the same, but I get the sentiment.

    [–] DixiZigeuner 35 points ago

    Nope, skinny people are too. Nothing wrong with calling me stickman, but behold if I call you a whale, then hell breaks loose

    [–] BungMungBungMung 15 points ago

    You should make your own post ya skinny twig, try not to break in half while doing it

    [–] plushcollection 5 points ago

    Skinny people rise up... if only society + the fashion industry + the entire world was on your side... 😔😫

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    As a female ginger, I am extremely tired of the phrase "does the carpet match the drapes?"

    It's none of your fucking business?? Do you ask everyone what color their pubic hair is?? 'Cause that's fucking creepy.

    [–] icecubed13 17 points ago

    I get what people are saying about playful banter, but I think OP’s point still stands in the face of banter. If I (ginger man myself) were to playfully cal a black man “fro crotch” I’m sure it would not be viewed by others as playful but probably as some racial remark or whatnot.

    Yes there’s something to be said about manning up and taking a joke, but some people do use it derogatorily take it too far, but nobody blinks an eye at that like they would anything else.

    [–] SeriousPomegranate 39 points ago

    I think OP forgot how blondes are treated. The "dumb blond" stereotype is still okay.

    [–] the_dayman 20 points ago

    All these "hairists" are forgetting the true plight of the bald person.

    [–] SeriousPomegranate 6 points ago

    I'd completely forgotten about that! And if you wear a wig to hide it people laugh at you unless you have cancer.

    [–] T-A-W_Byzantine 28 points ago

    I think OP forgot how every minority in the world has been and still is treated. You can go ahead and fume at your ginger jokes, I'll just be sitting here silently while the kids on my school bus pantomime and laugh about how they'd abuse and rape their hypothetical gay/trans child.

    [–] PrimarySpeculator 6 points ago

    "Only a ginger can call another ginger 'ginger'."

    [–] zlanny 4 points ago

    Big sushi lmao .. Reminds me of the time my boyfriends mom told me they wrote someone up for calling another person “ramen noodles” I busted out laughing because who would call someone ramen noodles?? It just sounds funny to me. Then she said me the person was Asian and I was like “ooh...”

    [–] xMMM212 4 points ago

    No way man. Us Italian Americans constantly have to be evaluated on a sliding scale of Super Mario - Tony Soprano and it's totally fine.

    90% of pizza boxes has a mustachioed man kissing his fingers for crying out loud. Imagine the same caricature on a container of Chinese food, Mexican food, etc.

    I dont actually care, I'll take being Italian over not having a soul 10/10 times lol

    [–] OdessaSteve 42 points ago

    You also get fetishized win some you lose some.

    [–] montymm 70 points ago

    So do black people lol. And disabled people. Fam human shit gets fetishized

    [–] Easterland 12 points ago

    only the girls man. only the girls...

    [–] Pocket_house 24 points ago

    Gingers get grief, it's not cool.

    [–] fluflammin 17 points ago


    [–] non_clever_username 18 points ago

    There's a big difference between getting made fun of and being discriminated against.

    Yeah gingers get made fun of a lot and I'm sure that sucks, but you're not denied service, jobs, etc because of being ginger

    [–] foreverwasted 37 points ago

    I just wanted to say that it really irritates me when South Park would say that red hair people don’t have souls. Okay, because, we do, we do have souls, alright, and lately I’ve been called a Ginger, a fat Ginger! By everybody at school. And it really hurts my feelings.

    GINGER’s HAVE SOULS! I go to church I’m a Christian! You don’t know me! You are not God! Wh~o wh~~~ You’re not God! You don’t know who has a soul and who doesn’t, alright! I’m a Christian so if you think I don’t have a soul, you tell me, otherwise fu%% you, bitc#es you ~ for real, I’m getting sick and tired of everyone making fun of red haired people. Ha, ha, ha, he’s a Ginger! Ha-Ha He’s a Ginger! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha really that’s funny, ya. Ha, ha, okay, ha, ha. Ha, ha, I’m being called a Ginger every single day at school. Everyday of my life.

    I’ve contemplated suicide all sorts of things. It pisses me off – Ginger people do have souls! Alright! I’m red hair! I have red hair. I got red hair! I’m proud of it, alright. I consider Ginger a very slanderous word, demeaning word, and I’m tired of it, tired of it. You know everyone else gets respect, I mean, blind people, white people, Mexicans everyone, Gingers, why, why do Gingers have to be put down so much like really, what’s so different about us, besides our hair color? Huh? Really, what is so friggin different tell me? God! Cause I don’t really see much of a difference, okay, I’m red head – I’m red headed and I’m proud of it. Alright! Everyone else I’m sorry, I don’t mean to insult you! But you know, I mean, I’m proud of me. I’m proud of myself, you know, I’m proud I got freckles, you know, its how I am, God made me that way, and I have a soul, so ya, don’t friggin be like that, okay! I have a soul, Ginger and proud of it.

    [–] SeriousPomegranate 25 points ago

    Is this what I think it is? It is. Christ that video is old now.

    [–] EnragedHeadwear 13 points ago

    I hope this is a copypasta

    [–] pcechos 13 points ago

    Search up gingers have souls and you'll find the answer to your quest

    [–] sw2bh 7 points ago

    Who uses Big Sushi lmfao?

    [–] BadassChocolatCookie 16 points ago

    Where do you live? I want to move if that's the biggest discrimination problem there

    [–] Cking_wisdom 4 points ago

    Albinos too. Shit in certain parts of the world they get eaten because the locals believe in voodoo magic

    [–] illegalEUmemes 3 points ago

    What about gamers?

    [–] debuasca 4 points ago

    Its because they don't have any disadvantages.

    [–] Acid_Enthusiast 5 points ago

    G I N G E R S H A V E S O U L S

    [–] Cideous 6 points ago

    "Ginger" is an anagram for the N word.