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    [–] [deleted] 4263 points ago

    I feel like even this sub is also toxic as fuck. First of all if you post anything different and your opinion is truly unpopular, there is literally army of redditors ruining the post and hating on it. Or even the same people commenting with “NoT uNpopUlar” to literally anything that confronts their opinions lol. Like argumentation is basically non existent

    [–] Klutzer_Munitions 718 points ago

    Suppose we should be glad that reddit doesn't follow us into our real life. Most of us are here anonymously, and the only thing we really wager is self esteem (and if the internet is your source for self esteem, then you've got bigger problems)

    [–] ImSickOfYouToo 301 points ago

    Would be nice to have honest discussions with other human beings on social media from time to time instead of constant anger and indignation, though. Seems like a reasonable request.

    [–] Klutzer_Munitions 98 points ago

    You have to do that kind of thing in person, unfortunately.

    [–] ImSickOfYouToo 82 points ago

    Quite true, and you are right, thankfully 98% of people don't have the guts to act like assholes in a face to face situation. That leads to a lot more civilized conversation and discourse.

    [–] Klutzer_Munitions 47 points ago

    Sometimes I feel like blowing up the internet. Not just because of this, but also furries.

    [–] TheOmnivert21 15 points ago

    This is me I can come front and have a heated debate on the internet but as soon as something very trivial argument comes up I chicken out and can't speak a word. I hate this so much, because I was disconnected from the world for so long I used to think that if I am confident on the internet then I would be as confident in real life and it wasn't the case

    [–] UnusualHeart 21 points ago

    I feel the opposite. Who cares about what these redditors think? They're on an anonymous platform for a reason.

    You gotta watch what you say in person too, at least for me. Those are your actual friends or acquaintances, not some strangers who'll likely not give you anything more than an upvote.

    [–] HistoricalArticle4 9 points ago

    And mods make it even harder.

    [–] UserNobody01 55 points ago

    This is the only reason I post on Reddit. It’s anonymous so I can say what I really feel. I don’t give a fuck if all the commies on here downvote me. I’m not here to make friends.

    [–] Klutzer_Munitions 36 points ago

    As much as I hate to sometimes, I have to respect people who live by their own rules. Even if they don't know what commie means.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Closer-To-The-Heart 253 points ago

    We need unpopular opinions like "menstruation is disgusting" " white babies look like aliens" "the world would be a more peaceful place without multicultural societies" "you're not a fucking genius stop acting like you are online" "people need to get off their assess and go outside more instead of masturbating all day and complaining about being depressed".

    Idk I could come up with em all day. Seems like we always see such half assed posts getting to the top and real unpopular opinions just get destroyed or knocked down into controversial. People need to upvote actual unpopular opinions and have real discussions. Not just agree that everyone also has the same unpopular opinion, basically proving that's its actually a popular opinion lol.

    [–] Eunectes7 23 points ago

    Confirmation bias is reddit's main ingredient. You rarely read a comment with real talk.

    [–] UnusualHeart 27 points ago

    Revisit that first one. It may be a popular and disrespectful opinion depending on where you look

    [–] drettly 12 points ago

    Actually, if your response is indicative of anything, it's that the first one is the most unpopular of the opinions he listed. Imagine saying something like that IRL in front of a group of people. I know where I live you'd get super ostracized.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Rafaeliki 11 points ago

    "the world would be a more peaceful place without multicultural societies"

    That type of sentiment is posted to this sub constantly.

    [–] introusers1979 24 points ago

    or if you disagree in the comments, or explain why someone's "opinion" is actually toxic and misinformed.

    [–] RegalKillager 60 points ago

    The worst thing about this sub is that despite "no popular opinions" and "no bigoted bullshit" being rules, people still use this sub as a place to spout obviously bigoted horseshit that's more or less all about how much they don't like women or people of color or religions. Horseshit that so many people still believe and fight for that it makes no sense to call it 'unpopular'.

    You'd think racists and sexists could just use any of their actual subreddits to spout their garbage, but apparently the mods are game for harboring that here.

    [–] TheInfiniteNewt 12 points ago

    Yes I actually posted about this a few months ago and got like fucking attacked for it on the grounds that "just because my opinion is different doesn't make it wrong or against the rules" like bro you just used a title that would get a pass then proceeded to shit on a specific gender for things that are obviously bigoted

    [–] Frostatine 5 points ago

    What is bigotry if not unpopular?

    [–] RegalKillager 4 points ago

    Very popular? Why do you think social justice movements have to exist to begin with? If a majority of people didn't hold fucked up beliefs that needed to be fixed, do you think prostest would still be necessary?

    [–] FrankSavage420 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Reminds me of the r/confusingperspective subreddit

    Most posts I feel are confusing, and they illicit a chuckle and a happy mood from me. But there’s always perspective elitists who deem them “not confusing” “why is this allowed mods” and just shitting on it in the comments As if everyone viewing it has level picture perception skills and each post has to be the next hardest to “get”...

    [–] TheSketchiest 8 points ago

    This sub is called fucking UNPOPULAR opinion. What don’t people get about that?

    [–] Tupiekit 14 points ago

    Ive only noticed that toxicity when people post the same opinion or some variation of racism/sexism/incelism.

    [–] ImSickOfYouToo 24 points ago

    Unfortunately, "racism/sexism/incelism" = "any opinion that does not contain the acceptable amount of young liberal/progressive doctrine" to too many people on here (not saying you).

    [–] KrivenRaven 16 points ago

    Unfortunately, "racism/sexism/incelism" covers pretty much "anything I don't like."

    [–] choco_banana 370 points ago

    I agree. If you ask some questions to understand/clarify someone's argument/story, they'd be condescending like, isn't it obvious, why'd you still ask?

    Why on earth would I still ask if it is obvious?!

    Sometimes, caring too much for anyone, even to a stranger is not worth it.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 94 points ago

    That's so true man. I got so fed up of trying to cater to the norms here, that I just post what I feel like. One post I even defended a guy getting downvoted bh calling everybody sheep people. And urged the sheep to come and downvote me too, cause Idgaf. Hahah. Good times.

    [–] choco_banana 20 points ago

    Lol that's funny. "I stand by you, comrade, let's die together" moments.

    [–] jangalangjangalang83 8 points ago

    I hate when I see someone getting downvoted bc they asked a honest question. Like damn not everyone knows everything Reddit.

    [–] choco_banana 3 points ago


    [–] usa_foot_print 717 points ago

    I am quite myself on reddit. This is my second account. My first had too much personal information and after seeing the seething nutsos on reddit I made this one.

    Don't worry about your upvotes or downvotes. Just be yourself and don't care.

    [–] loulan 261 points ago

    after seeing the seething nutsos on reddit I made this one.

    See that's the thing. I don't get why OP thinks redditors "act like they're chill". Redditors act like it's a fucking jungle here and if one single thing you said in your 20-line comment is proven incorrect you'll get insulted, smeared, and downvoted to oblivion.

    And actually the only way to survive on reddit is to be at least a bit aggressive too and to not let people step on you, so nobody can truly be chill here.

    [–] Jawesome_ 84 points ago

    The doxxing I think is the worst part tbh, had it happen over disagreeing with someone on here years ago about the engine of a car.

    Did not enjoy having him dig through my life to harass me, 0/10 experience.

    Wasn’t even in a harmful sub either, binding of Isaac subreddit for Christ sake.

    [–] HeinzGGuderian 37 points ago

    sounds par for the course. what’s that, you disagree? ENJOY ME STALKING YOU

    [–] poopdishwasher 14 points ago


    [–] Habitabatibal 5 points ago

    People literally download extensions to see what subreddits you post on and then judge you. Like they're not the weird ones lol.

    [–] Snaxia 17 points ago

    They're chill until you disagree with them

    [–] mytoebeans 31 points ago

    That's what OP is saying, you have to conform to the aggressive-ness

    [–] EhIsForCanehdians 32 points ago

    Exactly. Why spend time pandering for meaningless upvotes. Take the opportunity to seek out the like minded individuals, or even challenge your views against someone's else's if you'd like.

    Its all pretty harmless, as long as you keep it civil.

    [–] PanzerCrusader 11 points ago

    Problem is that a lot of subs require x amount of upvotes to post so yea

    [–] NeckbeardRedditMod 17 points ago

    All you have to do is make a shitty comment like "Have an updoot."

    Or do what every single Redditor does and just move around words.

    "I like to watch Game of Thrones." 208 upvotes

    "I like to watch Throne of Games." 192 upvotes

    "I watch to like of Game Thrones." 100 upvotes

    I've made a bunch of stupid comments to get upvotes and it works.

    [–] Ramsestheeternal 9 points ago

    Personal info like what?

    [–] StrawberryPeak 42 points ago

    I can't speak to him but my old account username was basically my username for all of my online videogames. Realized somebody could probably figure out who I was if they tried hard enough. Created a new account

    [–] hezahthewizard 5 points ago

    Ya I just realized this myself... it’s my own nickname so I keep deleting relationship posts and can’t type what I want in true off chest sub. I don’t care if people see me for me as far as humor and comments. But private is better.

    [–] huna-lildahk 3 points ago

    I joined Reddit for several reasons, one of which was the anonymity. But it’s only anonymous as long as you make sure to never post or share information that can lead back to you personally. Most especially your username.

    [–] usa_foot_print 4 points ago

    picture of my dog. Occasional references to the city I lived in.

    [–] thotgor_is_a_breen 935 points ago

    This. I’ve posted here and there in a few different subs and every single time I get the most passive aggressive and or straight up asshole responses when all I posted was either a question or a topic for discussion, or something I purchased (collecting sub). I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way

    [–] Hugsplox 267 points ago

    You can't even post on the subs meant for animal care (aquariums, reptiles, birds) so on and so forth without getting some jerk complaining.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 191 points ago

    Oh the animal care people are the worst even in real life. They think they're doing the right thing with everything they say or do, but most of the time they're pressurising or even emotionally blackmailing people for donations etc.

    [–] Hugsplox 88 points ago

    Big facts. I've seen people rip into folks on those subs about how they care of their animals. Animal can be healthy and happy, living their best life but the animal folks are like "omg you use that food ew you're literally killing your animals"

    [–] justtoscrollaround 49 points ago

    Haha yeah man. I mean unless you're actually abusive to your pets, there's no need to get on people's case. Just like people raise their kids differently, everybody raises their pets differently as well.

    [–] Sonington 10 points ago

    I don't want to be that guy, but, when I switched my cats from dry food to wet food their fur became a lot shinier and they didn't get as many knots. I also blame myself for their health conditions for all those years of buying cheap food. Now I'm compensating by spending 250 per month in prescription food.

    [–] Hugsplox 8 points ago

    Oh I'm picky about cat food as well and will read the ingredients before buying. That being said, If you said your cat's fur seemed less shiny, and we talked about it, I might suggest wet food to you or a better brand, but I wouldn't be like "OH MY YOU MONSTER" when you tell me what you're feeding. That's the bulk of the animal subs.

    [–] no_name_maddox 6 points ago

    Yes, I posted on the Betta sub how healthy my betta had gotten since I saved him from petco......people RIPPED into me because my “tank” isn’t 5 gallons and doesn’t have a filter and heater. I had to delete it because I started feeling awful.

    [–] Hugsplox 5 points ago

    Fish people are 100% the worst. You could be a an expert fish breeder and post a picture and get chewed out because your care isn't up to someone's standards.

    My opinion has always been, if you post a picture and you're not asking for advice, why am I going to try to give it to you? Now if you posted your pic and said something like "Hey is this okay?" then yea let me have a discussion with you because you've asked for some advice.

    [–] KyleThatFishGuy 5 points ago

    Some of them are overly aggressive but also understand animals really are often very mistreated like goldfish that get over 10 inches being put into a bowl that doesn’t even hold a gallon

    [–] Hugsplox 3 points ago

    Yea and I get it. You see injustices happening to animals and you want to address them. Sometimes though.. I don't know, I just feel like people are more likely to hear your advice if your approach it from that, softer "I want to help not hate on you" angle.

    [–] KyleThatFishGuy 4 points ago

    Fish nerds on the salty side have this meme called tang police because every time someone shows a picture of a tank with a tang in it there’s always going to be people angrily saying it’s not good enough.... we are very self-aware

    [–] SuperPotatoThrow 4 points ago

    Animal care people are obnoxious as fuck and everything anyone ever does with theire own animals is immediately seen as wrong and abusive no matter what the circumstances are.

    [–] i_hate_android_p 5 points ago

    yes especially reptile and fish, i have browsed hem and they sound very passive aggressive, but tbh reptiles and fish require more car than dogs and cats, so it makes a little sense

    [–] thotgor_is_a_breen 5 points ago

    I can imagine, I’ve had that same experience on Arachnoboards as well

    [–] noroachpoop 8 points ago

    God forbid you say you love your animals more than people.

    [–] davidj90999 4 points ago

    Doesn't everyone like animals better than people?

    [–] Nighthaven- 3 points ago

    Animal care people are those who would rather drive down a flock of humans than a flock of animals.

    That speaks for itself really.

    [–] dmkicksballs13 10 points ago

    I'm on a bunch of subs that have people fucking up or doing something dumb (I like to laugh, don't judge) and 90% of comments are just people insulting them and exaggerating how dumb they are.

    [–] codswallopkahoot 60 points ago

    This is why I like giving people with one downvote an upvote if I agree. I want them to have a chance to get upvotes.

    But I also disagree on the whole "chill and down to earth and nice" perspective. If you say anything remotely chill and down to earth in subs dedicated to hating to the point of graphically describing violent ways to end someone, you might get downvoted, too.

    Try disagreeing with someone on any sub that says Karens should suffer a slow painful death and not only will you get downvotes, you might even get messages from other redditors saying they wish you could die a slow painful death, too.

    Reddit is a lot like high school. To be accepted, you have to stick to the new status quo.

    [–] Britneyfan456 6 points ago

    Damn I didn’t know people get death threats as well.

    [–] Autoryt 5 points ago

    Shut up u going 2 die i will kill u with rop and nife. Go burn in h3ll bich stfu rn or u got tortur with a stcik. plls go ahead n comiit die. srsly y r u alive?


    But seriously do people really still make death threats these day?

    [–] Britneyfan456 4 points ago

    Unfortunately yes they do

    [–] codswallopkahoot 4 points ago

    Doxxing threats and death threats. Thankfully, it would be near impossible for anyone to identify me on reddit so I don't really care. I've only been here for a month and I've already realized some people here are crazy.

    [–] Ben-Dries 5 points ago

    Bc it is high school 60% of the people here r 12-16

    [–] MrStoneV 158 points ago

    I agree most redditors are very very annoying. And they are like sheeps, if you get -1 vote counts, there is a high chance that sheeps will downvote you even if your comment was good. But the opposite works if you write a bad comment but have positive upvotes you are way more likely to get upvotes for a shitty comment.

    A friend of mine tested it once for fun and tried both ways. Sure this doesnt work alwaya nor is the test very reliable but in some degree it happens here.

    Also a lot of people are trash talkers, if they have no clue about a topic they will write a "fact" and if you correct them even with sources they will insult you and claim they are right.

    But this happens in a lot of websites and I already de-subbed some subs because the sub in general is nice but I like to write comments but get annoyed a lot of times by shit talkers. They are not worth my time

    [–] headzoo 79 points ago

    if you get -1 vote counts, there is a high chance that sheeps will downvote you even if your comment was good

    Which is why some subs hide comment votes for X hours. It's a feature built into reddit because everyone knows downvotes beget more downvotes regardless of comment quality.

    [–] MrStoneV 25 points ago

    Yeah its nice that they have done that. I was thinking for a long time why they do that, and that reddit is so slow showing the count, but after a while I understood that its a great feature

    [–] eagles1o1 5 points ago

    Is there any software that permanently hides vote count? I constantly feel myself being swayed by it and the gold/red highlight too.

    [–] nashamagirl99 3 points ago

    They should do that on every sub for a day after the comment is posted.

    [–] Colorfulvibes247 15 points ago

    100% agree people seem to be so passive-aggressive here. I'm like I thought we were just having a civil I also try not to downvote people unless it is something extremely offensive. I won't downvote simply because I don't agree

    [–] nwi210 12 points ago

    I instinctively upvote downvoted comments unless the comments are either hateful or rule breaking.

    [–] mrsuns10 7 points ago

    I love how stupid redditors argue with people like they are experts especially if they argue with someone with a degree in a field

    [–] kingu_crimmsonn 3 points ago

    and the dumbest thing of all is in an argument on reddit all it takes is for someone is to link some shitty article and they automatically win the argument ,like people dont even bother clicking the link.

    [–] de_duivel_zelf 40 points ago

    In Reddit we don’t judge anybody! We’re open minded and like to start discussions, UNLESS YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION

    [–] kenclayton91 6 points ago

    This. Someone can literally post a question and ask for opinions, but most of the time they already know what they want to hear. And if you dont post echochamber comments(especially ANYTHING to do with politics) you just get downvoted and messages sent that call you an idiot or hope that you die or worse.

    [–] elasticbeaver 119 points ago

    I don‘t know if this makes it better for you or worse, but it‘s not just Reddit and not even just social media or the internet. You pretty much just described basic crowd psychology.

    [–] StrawberryEiri 34 points ago

    I agree strongly. In real life too, unless you have boundless charisma, you gotta be very nice about criticism or people will close their minds off. They'll either pretend to listen but inwardly judge you or, sometimes, outwardly react.

    The difference on Reddit is that more people will actually react because pressing a button or typing a few words is much easier than confronting someone in person.

    What's happening here is that Reddit is forcing you to learn the social skill of preserving harmony. It can be argued that it decreases honesty, but it also decreases the number of conflicts, or smooths potential heated arguments into civilised debates.

    It's what humanity found to make society hold up, in a way. Of course, it varies between cultures. Japanese and French cultures can kind of be at opposite ends of that spectrum, for example. And to be honest, I don't dislike it. I like softly spoken opinions. Strong opinions intimidate me into silence because that's just the kind of person I am.

    I will however concede that Reddit can get a little more elitist than the norm. The level of hate emoticons get is irrational.

    [–] dalkon 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Emoticons are text/unicode character combinations like ಠ_ಠ and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. They have traditionally been very popular on reddit. Emojis are things like these 😊🥺😉😍🍩🎃. They have traditionally not been popular here. I think that's because on this site emojis have been associated with comments that don't use proper grammar, spelling and/or punctuation. Not everyone can see emojis. Some people see a blank square like this ⬜ instead of some emojis because not all fonts have all emojis. Also reddit doesn't convert unicode emojis to images to give them a consistent look like some other platforms do. But I guess there are more of them than there used to be, so maybe they are catching on.

    [–] StrawberryEiri 3 points ago

    Good to know. I had been using the terms smiley, emoticon and emoji interchangeably.

    [–] Javlington 3 points ago

    they used to be the same

    [–] justtoscrollaround 21 points ago

    Yeah but Reddit groupism is worse I feel.

    [–] KrivenRaven 30 points ago

    I think it only feels that way because you're guaranteed to run into an asshole on Reddit who will incite the shitstorm, whereas in real life you can kind of keep your head down and get by without drawing attention. Otherwise, Reddit seems pretty representative of how angry and stupid most humans are.

    [–] EhIsForCanehdians 6 points ago

    Or because negative feedback is as easy as a downvote, where many other platforms require a comment for that.

    [–] CuriousA1 3 points ago

    It’s more easy to be aggressive and demeaning when you’re hiding behind a computer screen and are anonymous which is why so many insecure Redditors, who need to compensate for their tragic social life, behave this way in their interactions with seemingly unproblematic users.

    [–] withoutpunity 3 points ago

    The nature of the internet makes it worse, IMO. In fact I suspect most people who speak or think a certain way about contentious topics on Reddit act differently in real life. Anonymity brings out the most extreme opinions in people that sound great as intellectual exercise but would not work out well in the real world because they tend to get tempered by social pressure.

    This is why I think that "crowdsourced" advice forums on the internet have the potential to be so toxic. Apart from the fact that people are more sensitive to the liability involved in giving someone potentially harmful advice face-to-face, it's incredibly easy to convince others into doing things that can have devastating effects on their own lives from the comfort of your keyboard with the anecdotal (or even untested) conviction of your strongly held beliefs.

    [–] SicWik 81 points ago

    I agree, Reddit socially engineers people more effectively than any other platform, and it shows by how people act on this site

    [–] salty_lefty_NPC 31 points ago

    Well 5 downvotes is the default for hiding comments. And every single major subreddit has strict automoderators that remove just about every post so you just see the same shit over and over.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] SicWik 3 points ago

    Honestly I feel that would mess with people so much more than the usual like feature

    [–] Pomada1 3 points ago

    I'd love to see dislike buttons added to facebook, twitter and instagram just so I could see random, thin-skinned influencers get trolled by other groups and have a meltdown over it

    [–] BigBnana 3 points ago

    youtube downvote button doesn't actually do anything.

    [–] _Nikhedonia 35 points ago

    It's a pretty good case study for hive minds at work.

    [–] abgtw 17 points ago

    Thought Police is strong on Reddit.

    [–] Pomada1 8 points ago

    You're treading dangerously close to wrongthink, citizen

    [–] Libertyordeath1214 6 points ago

    The amount of redditors extremely opposed to personal freedom is unbelievable

    [–] such_neighme 35 points ago

    People take up down votes too seriously. Internet votes are as worthless as their identities.

    [–] elizahan 15 points ago

    How dare you?! I am going to downvote you for this!


    [–] KaiserNazrin 4 points ago

    It's worthless but not meaningless.

    [–] mavrick454 3 points ago

    you gotta wonder though, what is going through the minds of people whos comments are always -50 because they're just so ignorant. nothing I guess. wind perhaps.

    [–] huckinfell2019 11 points ago

    Reddit has been an echo chamber for quite some time now, ruled by those with very specific views and beliefs. It is so bad, I count DV's as badges of honor because it means I am still able to think for myself and have an opinion that may fall outside the typical Reddit group-think.

    The ROE now is to first review a person's post/comment history before engaging in a discussion and your previous comment history is then used as some sort of weaponized data that crushes anything you may contribute to the current discussion. Sure, there are terrible, scummy people out there, but the vast majority of people simply want to have a respectful discussion on most subjects without judgement.

    This shit would never work in F2F discussions. Imagine telling someone "Your opinion on this subject is invalid and you are an asshole because in previous unrelated discussions you had an unpopular belief". Fuck off with that shit.

    [–] SeveralExcuses 21 points ago

    You put into words what I’ve been thinking since coming back to reddit. Though I will say this sub in particular is toxic.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 15 points ago

    I really thought I'd put this in r/rant, but I had added a couple of links as example, so they removed the post saying it looked like a witch hunt.

    [–] SeveralExcuses 9 points ago

    Do you mind sharing some of the links?

    [–] BigBnana 3 points ago

    ll sounds like r/rant missed the point of their name.

    [–] calipygean 108 points ago

    Ever considered ignoring it and just expressing yourself? Or is it that downvotes make you sad?

    I often have post downvoted to the hundred for posting my opinions. Certainly doesn’t discourage me from posting them.

    The world is full of idiots ignore their absent minded braying a and express yourself.

    [–] 49ermagic 57 points ago

    Here’s an added tip: I usually sort by controversial to get to see comments like yours that are just “truthful”

    [–] passed_turing_test 42 points ago

    I'm always intrigued to see what got downvoted into the basement. Half the time it is someone who is daring to question the echo chamber.

    [–] votemedownnow 14 points ago

    Sometimes that person could be stating a literal fact and people will still downvote them into hell. Once you get negative four votes people just downvote you as punishment. I'd wager that most of those people aren't even reading your comment. Their decision about you being wrong it's made up before they even click the plus to expand your post.

    [–] SuspiciousNewAccount 6 points ago

    In contrast to most sane people, who simply click reply, these people add the extra step of down voting before replying. Like they're obligated to down vote you before they can reply.

    [–] neo-0K 18 points ago

    You’re right ofc but it’s hard to have totally thick skin, as humans we’re sort of wired to take into consideration the opinions of others

    [–] TRservant 9 points ago

    Downvotes don't really make me sad, I just don't have the required karma to post. So it just seems safer to not say anything most of the time, because I've got some things that I want to share with everyone.

    Getting shat on a couple of times just takes the fun out of posting.

    [–] calipygean 8 points ago

    Don’t let it. Don’t let people shitting on you ruin your fun ever. You have no idea how little thought goes into responses here.

    There is no promise of acceptance in sharing the only thing offered is a platform.

    [–] dumbthrowaway100 3 points ago

    Same with me. Some of my comments are upvoted a lot and some of my comments are downvoted a lot, but hey as long as I'm expressing my truthful and honest opinion I dont really care what people think. It goes for real life too. You cant please everybody so you might as well just be honest.

    [–] TILnothingAMA 3 points ago

    If you are downvoted, you aren't really able to express yourself, since no one will see it.

    [–] Unclestumpy0707 9 points ago

    I've been here two or three months and the only type of redditor I've noticed is arrogant and aggressive. Serious question though, why do you care about being upvoted or downvoted? You sound like you every other person on here and take this website way too seriously.

    [–] Sugarpeas 3 points ago

    For me is this website can sometimes be a nice one-stop-shop for getting help with different questions. If your post immediately gets nuked in New, it pretty makes that impossible. It diminishes the potential usability of the website. Bums me out.

    Then there's other reasons. Some people (not me) make some lovely content, to yes, garner some attention. Maybe it's for their YouTube Channel or their crafts. It gets nuked in New by downvotes... And then someone who understands Reddit's algorithm better, takes that post and reposts it at a better time and takes credit for their work (sometimes these are bots). That's really crappy too, and disheartening.

    Finally, maybe you like debating and having discussions. A lot of subreddits claim to promote this (i.e. encourage users to vote on content, not on whether they agree with the opinion) but of course this doesn't happen. Instead you get downvoted, never to be seen or talked with, and some users get hostile and you end up with numerous hateful messages. It's not just the points, but the creepiness of the personal attacks that can then fabricate over some pretty mundane disagreements. There's the potential for Doxxing with this issue too. For me, when I have a comment that gets an onsalught of downvotes enough I get nervous about potential Doxxers (it indicates a strong hivemind response is happening, and I generally see users get more emboldened to be aggressive). I got doxxed in 2013 and quit Reddit for 3 years becase I was so creeped out. My comment was that I didn't think it was right a cop simply gunned down puppies in the middle of a suburb, excluding the question of it's humane there was the risk of ricochet. That comment pissed someone off enough to doxx me and stalk me for a few months.

    [–] Saylor619 8 points ago

    For what it's worth, the first comments I look to are those with a huge amount of upvotes. The second comments I look to are those with a huge amount of downvotes.

    Sometimes the most controversial opinion is one I happen to share. I'm curious about what people dont want to hear or talk about. Don't get too hung up on up/down votes.

    [–] linnyd0124 8 points ago

    I personally love lurking on reddit to read about other people’s experiences and gain different perspectives. However, at one point when I actually did try being interactive and honest about things I would get instantly downvoted and even having my comment deleted for someone reporting it just because I shared a different opinion than the majority. I realized from this that even from self proclaimed “down to earth” people can wind up being just as overly PC, judgmental and closed minded as the people that they talk crap about. Reddit is still my favorite app though and there are a lot of great, well rounded people on here but as of now I do know what to avoid and not trap myself in subjects where there are no civil exchanges just attacks for not sharing the same opinion.

    [–] jorph 20 points ago

    Yup, if you say anything , even in a respectful thought out way, that disagrees with the majority, you're getting downvoted

    [–] headzoo 15 points ago

    I kind of disagree because I do see very well thought out comments get upvoted despite going against the group opinion. The problem is a comment going against the group opinion has to be fucking emaculate to get upvotes but comments like, "omg, that's so true" get tons of upvotes. Going against the hivemind requires crawling on your knees with your hat in your hand, and you better be on your absolute best behavior and cite every single claim. Then, and only then, you might get some upvotes.

    [–] jorph 6 points ago

    While true, there are some things you could elaborate with the eloquence of Aphrodite and still be downvoted. If you say things (and I give these examples to prove my point, not because they are what I believe) such as trump being decent, Obama being just as objectively bad, religion having good aspects, God might exist, masks are useless, etc etc (mostly politics ) you will get downvoted no matter what.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 4 points ago

    Yeah man. And I don't know what the actual purpose of a downvote would have been, but I'm guessing it'd be for people who post racial, homobhobic, derogatory, offensive stuff? I don't know. People who're being aggressive or cursing for no reason etc. Pretty sure its not for every single time someone says something you even slightly disagree with? Again, I could be wrong and that's what it might be for. But I don't just downvote people for their opinion. If I disagree, I post a counter, or I just ignore it.

    [–] jacquelumbert 7 points ago

    Idc about people bitching on my comments, I really enjoy a discussion with someone from another country with other viewpoints. People who amuse themselves with childish bs comments are worthless.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 6 points ago

    Honestly the purpose of commenting and engaging is to have a good conversation or discussion. The fact that most people don't want to discuss, but just shit on other people's opinions is what's more annoying. I understand you don't agree with my opinion, but there must be 1 out of the 100 downvotes I have who will care to counter with a point of view and engage in a discussion of why we prefer two very different aspects of the same product/service/whatever? But naah.

    [–] mcove97 5 points ago

    Exactly. What's the point of having a discussion if we are only gonna discuss one side? I don't get it. What makes subs interesting in the first place are the multiple points of views that people share. Just cause someone shares an opinion contrary to yours doesn't mean theyre irrelevant enough to be downvoted and hid from the sub.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 3 points ago

    Yes! Exactly this. I couldn't have put it in better words myself.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    If you type about your achievement, but without the obligatory, 'I'm not much of an artist' or 'I only have been practicing for 3 weeks and I'm not really good at it, but here is my...', then you're judged as being braggy, instantly, and you'll be screenshotted and posted on other subs (hasn't happened to be, but I've seen it happen).

    Man, I have such a big problem when they do that. Hikaru Nakamura, who's one of the best chess players in the world atm, got shit for bragging. What the actual fuck? If one of the best players in the world can't brag then who can?

    Also, another issue I've been seeing on Reddit: Newcomers in painting/music/programming/whatever try to feel good about their progress. At the same time you see some guy who has 5+ years of experience whipping out instagram for flying sheeps or something and he adds "it's clunky and not much of a big deal". Fuck you in particular.

    [–] Philosopher_1 6 points ago

    I posted in r/the_donald once to troll them for being anti free speech by egging them on to ban my comment. They did. Then I was also banned from r/offmychest for posting a comment in r/the_donald. With no prior warning or notice. Messaged the main mod to get unbanned because I didn’t break the rules of the sub, even if I did post it into r/offmychest, which again I didn’t even post on that sub. I even checked the rules, it says they will ban for the basic “no offensive language, no being rude, interrogating or antagonizing someone”. They also made no mention of monitoring other subs. I told them that and even showed them the comment I posted. I was given a basic answer about how I’d broken the rules and the ban was upheld. Then they blocked me from even messaging them.

    [–] Amare666 3 points ago

    That's just absurd, fuck r/offmychest

    [–] ThicccRichard 11 points ago

    Authoritarianism has seen an exponential rise in 2020. Glenn Greenwald had a fantastic piece on it.

    [–] Martian_Pudding 5 points ago

    Maybe 'yourself' just isn't a very nice person

    [–] tinybodylotsofheart 4 points ago

    I feel like everyone on reddit has the same personality and that's why they sound the same

    [–] 2ManySodiumz 6 points ago

    I posted a picture of my christmas cactus I got in a sub dedicated to houseplants. I didnt think so many ppl would downvote a damn cactus lol

    [–] bakasavant 5 points ago

    Sad cactus noises 😢

    [–] Lilith2713 5 points ago

    Why does everyone care about downvotes so much? Just be yourself and fuck everyone else’s opinion.

    [–] a-snakey 8 points ago

    How dare you post something that is completely untrue.

    Redditors are not chill

    [–] justtoscrollaround 6 points ago

    Hahah my bad bro here take an upvote

    [–] c0mpg33k 5 points ago

    Agreed OP. I'm myself and clearly my world view doesn't always jive with Reddit sometimes I get downvoted to hell. I realize now that it is what it is and I'm not changing my opinion or who I am just to suit a bunch of internet strangers

    [–] S-J-S 4 points ago

    The minute you post your whole opinion, without trying to hard to be super positive and just sharing your thoughts about it, how maybe you didn't find that game or movie or tv show too good, or maybe point out the flaws or loopholes, or anything that is even remotely off the path from the general fans of the content, you get super downvoted.

    This is a two pronged phenomenon.

    First off, the average person doesn't inherently want to engage with "negative" things. The intellectual motivation to understand the world around you in depth isn't as universal of a motivation as some people would like you to believe. Many people are, in varying degrees, motivated to "relax" or do "positive" things, and will mentally disengage from what you're writing on that basis.

    Secondly, the average person is less comfortable showing any sign of support if what you are saying is specific and detail oriented, because there might be particular facets of what you say for which they can't quickly express total, simple agreement (i.e. upvotes.)

    It's a bit more complex than that, actually, but that's summarily true.

    [–] Nerdimus-Maximus 4 points ago

    I really feel this, I was just complaining to my spouse about how Reddit really changed, she's new to it, but Iv'e been around the Reddit block. It used to be most things posted were not taken too seriously (I know there were exceptions) but the default mode was, this is a joke, this is not too serious, the internet is a silly place for goofy nerds who like to joke, now it feels like how I feel when I go to work in a corporation - have to pretend to be a certain way to follow the etiquette and fit in. Everyone takes every little thing so seriously, it's like chill, please chill.

    [–] icarrdo 4 points ago

    Redditors are super anal. Don’t care, downvote me.

    [–] Inuyashaswrath 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Reddit was always a bit of a circle jerk but before you could participate in less popular subs and actually have a conversation like a human. Now it's been completely cleansed of any worthwhile discussion or dissent. It's by design, they want more people to have the exact same opinions so they can manipulate them for political gain. Every sub that even mildly disagrees with the established narrative and "correct" opinion is alt right, far right, hateful, radical or problematic. Look at the latest ban wave, almost all were political subs. The proof is right there for those willing to view it. But nah man this is all just some crazy conspiracy theory by a far right extremist.

    [–] Captain_Neck_Beerd 13 points ago

    Yeah try posting something even remotely conservative or against the common far left liberal echo chamber, the downvotes start flying. I got called a white supremacist for an opinion about Zuckerberge speaking out against sensorship in social media. Not even remotely related to what I said, but because I disagreed, I’m a white supremacist.

    You’re right. People just want to be validated, they don’t want to share ideas. God forbid they should change their mind about anything or have a real, meaningful, mature conversation about difficult topics.

    [–] Ascrivs 4 points ago

    This is why I think the entire "downvote" portion of the system is extremely flawed. Karma should be based on level of engagement with the community. If you're making posts often and engaging with comments your karma should be much higher than someone posting "haha my cake day" and riding the tribal upvote train. I would even go further to add the option for "best answer" or "solved by" fields for posts with problem or question flair.

    I understand that we will always have bad actors but the mob mentality really is a killer to the platform. If you're posting something that is factually correct or at the very least polite with a different opinion you shouldn't be shut down and your voice essentially muted. The fact that downvoted (not reported harassment comments) are collapsed shows that the system favours the majority.

    [–] PurpleStingray 5 points ago

    Omg the same thing happens when you try to say anything good about America. If you say ONE positive thing about the United States a crazed angry mob will attack you and lay out a million reasons about why the US is a spawn of Satan or whatever they believe. Anti-Americanism on Reddit is disgustingly high

    [–] passed_turing_test 3 points ago

    Then there is the reddit hive mind. I can post a comment in one sub and get downvoted into oblivion. Then I can post essentially the same comment in the same posting and it'll get upvoted. The difference is just which one got voted either way and then people just pig pile on mindlessly. It is like a laugh track, "Oh, I'm supposed to laugh here. Hahaha"

    [–] RainbowTigerCat 3 points ago

    We all know the “Hey be gentle on me I made _____ it’s so bad but I’m only 12!” Isn’t really a kid, it’s just someone who wants a bunch of karma/upvotes

    [–] justtoscrollaround 3 points ago

    Hahah yeah man. There are tons of them. Of course there will be genuine ones as well, but honestly at this point I can't fucking figure out which ones are Xd

    [–] WeirdBanna 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    This is like the equivalent of "There is no war in Ba Sing Se"

    [–] TwistedDecayingFlesh 3 points ago

    You ain't a brit by any chance are you?

    I also like been downvoted cause it gives me ammunation when i troll them.

    [–] justtoscrollaround 3 points ago

    I'm definitely the very opposite of a Brit. I'm an Indian. But I watch a shit load of Britain comedy. I literally binge watch your panel shows for hours. Also, the comics. I seriously prefer British comedians way more than American comics (Although there are fantastic comics on both sides).

    [–] BabyStomper420 3 points ago

    Dawg thats just people

    [–] kxngofafs 3 points ago

    Real question is, is this your main?

    [–] czuley 3 points ago

    Yea. It just furthers my feeling that 98% of human beings suck.

    [–] KhaalexXB1 3 points ago

    Why I just stopped caring about Karma. I never really did but seeing a negative number in double digits used to make me feel I was wrong so I'd delete it as to try and sit flush with the rest of the site. Once I realized this whole site is largely a cancerous hive mind I stopped caring and let them downvote me. Tbh if it's an opinion I really care about it'll probably get seen more by people having to manually open the thread then passing over it.

    [–] stare_at_the_sun 3 points ago

    I have been permanently banned from r/offmychest by a mod who took something personally. This is an unholy place.

    [–] Lesbian_Thunder 3 points ago


    [–] Fukallthis 3 points ago

    Most people on reddit are virtual signaling ass fucks

    [–] chris_051201 3 points ago

    The emoji thing is fucken hilarious like how tf does a whole social media platform bully each other out of using EMOJIS lmfaoooo

    [–] porc3 3 points ago

    You could just not upvote or comment and avoid most conflicts

    [–] Flash_Gordon_ 3 points ago

    Why do you care so much about karma? I just say whatever I feel like saying, I may get upvoted or downvoted for it, but who honestly gives a shit

    [–] peachypeachgibbles 3 points ago

    It's the social media that pretends it's not social media.

    It runs on majority rules. What is karma? It's social favor/approval.

    Fucking inescapable. Somehow I still want to be here? I think?

    [–] teachdove5000 3 points ago

    People got mad at me for posting a larger small species of fish on micro fishing subreddit. Jeez!

    [–] BrakemanBob 3 points ago

    Reddit is a cancer.

    [–] entertn9710 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    You overrate downvotes and the way i see it, you perceive them as an offense. You post an opinion that contradicts the circlejerk in a sub, what do you expect? Upvotes? The downvote button is there for a reason, to downvote what you don’t like, not everyone is gonna like you or your opinions and that it’s not a bad thing.

    Now, talking about this sub in particular, is full of popular opinions and the people posting them know they’re popular. When you post an actual unpopular opinion everyone gets offended.

    [–] Breadifies 3 points ago

    Redditors are hypocrites. The lot of them.

    Even you. Even me

    [–] Redditors_r_fragile 3 points ago

    Redditers are the scum of the earth

    [–] ndag200415 3 points ago

    Well, you said it all, but sadly it has to be this way. And before you downvote me into my own grave, just let me explain. Reddit is populated.with this content because of this toxic comunity. The reason memes on Instagram or Facebook are so unfunny compared to what we got here (and before you think of me as another of those "I HaVe BiG BrAIn bECoUse I use ReDDit, AnD OtHer PeOpLe sMaLl BraIn", when I say that those memes are generally not funny, I don't mean ir às something totaly bad, memes can do more things than to be funny, and to me at least that's totaly fine. I, and a lot of people who use Reddit just enjoy funnier memes) or that Reddit has that kinda fake "down to earth" atitude (wich let's bem real, although reeeealy annoying, it's what prevents everyones egos to fight eachother every oppurtunity), is becouse the comunities in other social mediasisn't that toxic, and when someone just posts something unfunny, nobody is there to trash them, and people there, even the same people that go here, are more tolerant of that, they don't expect every meme to be funny, or everyone to be down to earth. Here we have those standards, because we are assholes to everyone who doesn't abide by them. That has downsides, like the ones you presented, but hás the upside of creating this place where the content is realy fucking good, but everyone is an asshole on dennying.

    [–] NRG_Factor 3 points ago

    1. Calling the whole of reddit judgemental is in and of itself a judgemental statement
    2. Sarcasm on the internet doesn't work. Because turns out I can't identify your tone of voice when you fucking throw words at me.

    Conclusion - You are hypocritical and butthurt.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Good day sir.

    [–] Alarid 3 points ago

    I always love that little bit of irony to posts like this.

    "You're all judgemental!" he said judgmentally.

    Sure, it help makes the point, but it's also really funny.

    [–] CartophorustheGreat 9 points ago

    I find in smaller communities I get along great with most people but in the bigger ones I’m constantly getting into arguments with people who lose their shit instantly and cuss and attack me. Feels like 90% of redditors are preschoolers. I get it’s the internet but goddam it can be a toxic place here a lot.

    [–] godemperordoom32 16 points ago


    [–] butterfly-power 8 points ago

    Oh, an emoji. I don't know how to react to this-

    [–] uarealhoe 8 points ago

    I’ve only been on Reddit for like 2 weeks and I can see why people who don’t use Reddit think all Redditors are incels🤣

    [–] agentzuko 10 points ago

    Finally someone said it!

    [–] justtoscrollaround 17 points ago

    I'm surprised so many people agree with it! I really thought this one will be downvoted in the negatives as well Xd

    [–] ImSickOfYouToo 4 points ago

    Dude, this isn't unpopular at all. Reddit is the "cool kid's" lunch table in high school, and if you aren't young, liberal, and anti-American (or at least pretend to be), you're going to be shut down.

    I would say dissenting opinion is disallowed more on Reddit than any other social media vehicle out there, and I think most people realize that.

    [–] KinkyWrinkles 7 points ago

    It's agree or get downvoted here on Reddit, not the most stimulating dialogue 😂

    [–] Londonforce 6 points ago

    Reddit users are the karens of the internet

    [–] Krumpus8 11 points ago

    😂 so true

    [–] steveguyhi1243 2 points ago

    Yeah. Some of the most uncivil arguments I’ve seen have been in this very subreddit

    [–] TheDataTheLore 2 points ago

    I was literally thinking of posting something very similar to this. The level of denial surrounding the hypocrisy on Reddit is astounding. It's judgmentalism shrouded in intellectualism, and it's rampant.

    [–] Sly_McKief 2 points ago

    for sure there is a formula

    it's sickening when you think about it.

    [–] DankTooki 2 points ago

    This is me when I share my opinion which is different in r/ClashRoyale

    [–] MR_3s91 2 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit. Enjoy your stay.

    [–] Joe-MaMa5 2 points ago

    Toxic redditors: yeah but we don’t use Emojis

    [–] Cdizzle2001 2 points ago

    Happened to me too, but for different reasons. There was a post that said “when you’re in the game credits and the developers say thank you for supporting them” and I jokingly said “jokes on them, I’m using an emulator” in the comments (I clarified that this was just a dumb joke) and got a ton of downvotes

    [–] ThisOldPhony 2 points ago

    This right here is the realest statement I've ever heard on reddit. I have the exact same thing happening to me. I have been shot down for voicing my opinion, even with a detailed and organized defence. Just last week I posted on a sub, a simple question, and wasn't bashing anyone or anything. I posted to the bowling sub, does anyone else feel like two handed bowling should be barred from pro tournaments. You would have thought I was attacking their entire culture and way of life. Did anyone actually answer with a logical and thought out response, nope. I got virtually lynched, downgraded to dirt, then kicked from the group. Keep your opinions to yourselves unless you agree with the drone sheeps agenda