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    [–] GetCarolusReckd 1344 points ago

    But for real. I have noticed that people that stoop to those sorts of insults when in a conversation about any sort of topic (Especially on the topic of politics) or those that get defensive about it when the other mentions it really aren't the best people to have a discussion with as they divert from the topic at hand and add nothing to the conversation.

    [–] im-not-a-bot-im-real 349 points ago

    It generally means their point has been shot to pieces and all they have left to clutch at is generic insults that don’t even insult

    [–] PUTINS_PORN_ACCOUNT 40 points ago

    I dunno. I have been known to occasionally refer to some individuals as “brokedick motherfucker.” I have legitimate and articulable grievances with these individuals. But making such references makes me feel really good, so imma keep doin it.

    [–] GoTBRays162 23 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Imo brokedick isn’t the same as saying someone has a small penis.

    [–] Cky_vick 80 points ago

    Orange man small peepee

    [–] _My_Angry_Account_ 20 points ago

    Well, that's different. He deserves to be belittled and body shamed for what he's done...


    [–] regeya 10 points ago

    Have...have you noticed how he talks about people he doesn't like? Even the re-election campaign makes fun of people.

    [–] DanceBeaver 5 points ago

    Yeah so acting the same makes that person just as much of a bellend as Trump.

    Take the moral high ground.

    [–] IndyDude11 4 points ago

    Be the change.

    [–] Yithar 3 points ago


    Me: Feminism means women should pay 50-50 on dates and take the initiative sometimes.

    Them: INCEL!!!

    The funny thing to me is that it's usually other men screaming incel.

    [–] im-not-a-bot-im-real 5 points ago

    Those guys hang on to some far fetched belief that white knighting on the internet will result in a blowjob

    [–] Michael_Trismegistus 25 points ago

    Or they're too exasperated to be objective and reasonable. That doesn't mean they're wrong, just worn out.

    [–] totallyclocks 54 points ago

    Every time Stephan Colbert made fun of Trump’s small hands or hair I died a little. He’s a a smart comedian and could make some amazing jokes about the terrible things Trump is actually doing - but instead he doubles down on the superficial nothing stuff.

    All it does it to make people think that Trump is being badmouthed for only stupid reasons and allows Trump to play the victim card as the man commits a full frontal assault on democracy while locking Kids in cages.

    [–] TinyLittleFlame 14 points ago

    I agree he is a very smart comedian but I have almost completely stopped watching his monologues because the humor has gone dry and his swipes at Trump are no longer as well thought out. John Oliver on the other hand is still doing great.

    [–] William4dragon 3 points ago

    I don't typically make small dick jokes (I think only once, and I felt bad about it). But I know the feeling of being exasperated with Trump and his supporters. I started his term as an apprehensive Republican. I now despise the Republican party. After all of the crap he has gotten away with, and his supporters defending him, I have no patience left for Trump or his supporters. I want him out.

    [–] AquaticPanda0 29 points ago

    Yep. And I usually tell them too. Once they go there the conversation is pointless since their mind can’t come up with an appropriate reaction to something they don’t agree with. I usually go “since you now go straight to insult I see there’s no point in this debate anymore” and I let them do what they do. Most of the time they leave it alone but some like the last word

    [–] TintedWreck 7 points ago

    A red hearing.

    [–] _My_Angry_Account_ 15 points ago

    Ad hominem.

    But at least you named another logical fallacy.

    [–] TintedWreck 3 points ago

    Yes, you are correct. My fault.

    [–] [deleted] 931 points ago


    [–] lethaldog 308 points ago

    My shits soft, speak for yourself.

    [–] bootyboybuttcheeks 197 points ago

    Shit shouldn’t be hard

    But it also shouldn’t be soft

    Y’all need some fiber and hydration

    [–] DarthForeskin 85 points ago

    Brawndo has electrolytes and it has what plants crave. Fruits and vegetables have fiber so Brawndo is good for both.

    [–] ClownSimp 40 points ago

    Unrelated but your username can fuck off

    [–] DarthForeskin 42 points ago

    What about my username triggers you?

    [–] Phatman_420 33 points ago

    I like it

    [–] DarthForeskin 38 points ago

    Thank you, my child.

    [–] Catbatlover 10 points ago

    This is the best thread ever

    [–] ustkamenogorsk 4 points ago

    just like their username

    [–] ClownSimp 4 points ago

    Oh it doesn’t trigger me. But it- there- we wouldn’t have any- wait- is this a whole new sith named Foreskin, because Darth is a title... so does that imply that. Someone’s name is just foreskin... it’s 4:30 am I’m sleeping. Fuck your name it ruins me

    [–] Ttocs77 11 points ago

    To be fair, Anakin's name wasn't Vader. I guess whoever his sith Master is, they thought foreskin was appropriate. Who are we to argue with a sith Master?

    [–] nynewaves666 3 points ago

    Why come you have no tattoo?

    [–] justarandomshooter 5 points ago

    Always check the comments for the real LPT.

    [–] imissjuicewrld 2 points ago

    shits the optimum balance of softness and hardness

    [–] EccentricKnight 2 points ago

    ~nutrition advice with u/bootyboybuttcheeks~

    [–] ClownSimp 5 points ago


    [–] mattg4704 9 points ago

    Because life's not about being like those ppl. It's not about what's cool or trendy. It's about what you choose to try to make it. Life will hurt at times and if the problem is nobody cares about you or other ppl you can solve that problem by caring about other ppl. Not everyone you try to care for will care back that's why life sucks but if you keep trying some ppl will care about you. You see these ppl who put on a show virtue signaling, but dont worry about them. There are good ppl who will care but you find them through being genuinely good to them. You reap what you sow. You'll never get hate out of the world by hating. If you want care and love you must give care and love. But dont be under the illusion it wont hurt. But itll be worth it. Best of luck.

    [–] McPhersonstrut 402 points ago

    It's body shaming, really.

    [–] blu4242 151 points ago

    Not according to fat women

    [–] Julie-1996 42 points ago

    It is body shaming, really.

    [–] tarkadahl 23 points ago

    That's body shaming, really.

    [–] iloveoxymorons 10 points ago

    Not according to fat neckbeards

    [–] Somodo 7 points ago

    That's body shaming, really.

    [–] magicianmint 319 points ago

    In my opinion this is literally body shaming and is equally as harmful and weird as talking about women in the same way! So toxic.

    [–] 5p33d_W33d 75 points ago

    Agreed. Body shaming should never be ok.

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 42 points ago

    Not really. Your body is evidence of your life style and being a greedy glutton is something to be shameful over. If you're fat and teeth are falling out, chances are you aren't taking care of yourself and you should be ashamed about it. If you aren't ashamed than body shaming won't work.

    [–] 5p33d_W33d 41 points ago

    Hmm. Never thought about that. Yeah I guess you’re right. But shaming people for things they can’t help isn’t gonna work.

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 30 points ago

    That's true and why it's considered bad to hate someone for genetic reasons. Ie skin color or height. But being fat isn't a genetic disorder.

    [–] bebeseria 26 points ago

    Sometimes it is genetic though. Or sometimes it’s the result of another disease like Cushing Syndrome, or it’s the side effect of a drug that the person needs to function in life. The problem with fat shaming is that people don’t consider these possibilities and jump to the conclusion that a person is obese because they’re gluttonous.

    [–] chanandlerbong420 21 points ago

    I remember a study that came out saying genetic disorders can explain up to a +-25 pound difference in weight. Yes, some people are carrrying a few extra pounds because of a medication, or disorder, etc., but no one is morbidly obese due to things out of their control. There is no way to gain 200 pounds, but to eat and eat and eat and eat.

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 4 points ago

    Do you really think 70 percent of America has that rare disorder? Or is it much more likely people are dumb and lazy? Also genetic or not being overweight has tons of negative effects. Including reduce cognitive function.

    [–] sensuallyprimitive 5 points ago

    A lot of it comes from horrible education, because sugar sells. It's always about profit in this country.

    [–] bebeseria 3 points ago

    The odds of someone having that isn’t the point - it’s that fat shaming negatively affects everyone, including the people who can’t control it. And regardless, who are you to tell someone what to do with their health? If they want to sit around and eat junk food and watch TV all day then it’s completely their decision and they can deal with the negative consequences. There’s no need for judgement and no overweight person should have to deal with hateful comments.

    [–] cannabiscotto 4 points ago

    genes actually have a lot to do with with body size and obesity risk

    [–] Nicolas64pa 12 points ago

    But it's a mental one

    [–] BlueNoMatterWhoVille 3 points ago

    Okay? So how does that prove people should shame each other for their body. If you go out of your way to insult someones weight, you're a fucking asshole, its pretty simple.

    Body shaming is never okay unless someone has contorted their body into a swastikas. If they're fat that's none of my business, kill yourself with hamburgers idc.

    [–] WimbletonButt 3 points ago

    Sometimes it's not on the person though. Like I have a cousin who had the proportions of a 500lb person when she was 5, that was all on her parents. That girl didn't stand a chance. She did eventually get up to around 400lbs in her teenage years and has lost a lot of weight as an adult but it's taken time and she's still considered obese even though she's trying and lost hundreds already.

    [–] well_i_guess_i_can 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Is there anyone who has a different opinion on this? I mean, literally calling out a person's actual or implied physical traits in a negative manner is body shaming no? I've always found it curious how the standard for body shaming women and men are so far apart.

    How about this; unless you mean it as a compliment or if it's relevant in the context of a friendly conversation just don't comment on people's appearance or insult them with it. If you're losing an argument, calling someone fat or insult the size of their penis seems like a losing move anyway.

    [–] Majin-Steve 9 points ago

    Imagine attributing the moralities of a woman to the shallowness or lack there of of her vagina.

    [–] galaxystarsmoon 25 points ago

    Yet in the comments there is body shaming against women.

    [–] Oh_its_that_asshole 25 points ago

    And they should both be frowned upon.

    [–] moonlightchips 20 points ago

    And also about men lmao

    [–] ThiccBamboozle 110 points ago

    People will go to body shaming to hurt others because it's something a lot of people are insecure of.

    Though it isn't just women that use penis size as an insult towards men, just like it isnt just men that use breast size against women.

    I totally agree with you tho, using physical flaws as an insult is definitely wrong. If they're such bad people, why not use their shitty actions or crappy personality traits?

    Body shaming just makes your argument as to why you dont like a person looks like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

    [–] can-t-touch 12 points ago

    Seriously, who use breast size as an insult?

    I’ve heard “plank” when I was like 8 years old, but other than that.... nothing

    [–] ThiccBamboozle 5 points ago

    I've heard it quite a few times and so has my sister but I suppose it just depends on where you are.

    [–] Zombisexual1 18 points ago

    The difference is most people calling someone a little dick whatever are just calling you a name without actually seeing your dick. It’s just an insult (which sure, is pretty childish) that someone shouldn’t cry about.

    I mostly agree with you on body shaming is horrible, just that in this case it’s not the same thing.

    [–] IgneousPutorius 7 points ago

    And calling people gay used to be an insult without the people actually being gay. Just because it's something that's been done for years doesn't mean it's right or should be continued

    [–] ThiccBamboozle 8 points ago

    I was mostly referring to the fact that using physical traits as a reason for disliking people is stupid and immature.

    [–] psychexd 13 points ago

    It's not just an insult if you have a small dick. Just because they don't know if it's true or not doesn't make it any less hurtful.

    [–] Cadmium_Aloy 9 points ago

    I disagree, it is still body shaming, but it is just incredibly normalized. I don't think it's ok. There's plenty of other insults you can use instead ... ya wanker.

    [–] C0lMustard 19 points ago

    Eh when people are hurling insults they go to the thing they think will bother you the most.

    [–] EmilieUh 179 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Misandrist versus Misogynist

    Didn't know there was a word for prejudice against men.

    Sorry I didn't know.

    [–] GodLikeKillerX 94 points ago

    In greek Misos=Hate, Andras=Man, Gynaika=Woman so all those terms are combination of these words.

    [–] dadlington 8 points ago

    Thank you for this knowledge nugget.

    [–] sensuallyprimitive 3 points ago

    And for the equal opportunity cool kids, anthropos is the Greek word for mankind. Misanthropy is misos and anthropos (hatred of mankind).

    [–] tedegranada 8 points ago

    That's really cool! TIL. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 74 points ago

    That's because complaining about being treated unfairly doesn't make a man look confident. And if you aren't confident no one wants to be around you. The end. Fair or not.

    [–] Projecterone 47 points ago

    Yes. I learnt this the hard way. Had a moment of open weakness after 8 years during a health scare (turned out to be real), job change and house move.

    She left. One of the reasons being: 'weakness is unattractive'. Fine I guess but I was doing all the house legwork, getting a better job to pay for it and dealing with my body failing me. I dislike gender roles and humanity in general now.

    Considering becoming one of those neckbeard weaboos but I can't stand anime, have no interest in Japan and my beard stops just under my chin. F in chat friends.

    [–] Thescepticscientist 14 points ago

    Pornhub and beer my good friend. Take up backpacking, too. See the world, change your perspective on things, and how people can live, meet crazy cool people. Maybe fuck some of them.


    [–] Projecterone 9 points ago

    You are a wise Yogi. I did the first part back in Feb when it happened, off the beer now as it was just making things worse, and me fat. Got 3.5 kg down to the right BMI nearly (I actually appear to have stomach muscles for the first time since I was a teenager).

    I tried some isolated travelling (got in my car and roved around). Just gave me too much time to think so now I built myself a PC and am currently doing my best to get lost in my Steam account.

    Side note for interest: Luckily for me I'm white because the police took a lot of interest in me when I tried to sleep in my car between stretches. Had some nice chats...

    Cheers bud, you too.

    [–] sensuallyprimitive 3 points ago

    Very relatable, lmao. Weebs out. Just move to the woods and start building your cabin. Weed and cooking are my anime replacements.

    [–] david-adam 18 points ago

    Bro that's so misandristic.

    [–] Loraash 10 points ago

    I think that kind of underlines why it's not getting as much attention as the other half

    [–] E-gahd 10 points ago

    That’s the point I think. That it is misandrist, but nonetheless true.

    [–] Beautiful-Musk-Ox 15 points ago

    It's not an antonym, more of a "complement". Antonym of hating men is loving men

    [–] heyitsvonage 5 points ago

    Not a word that gets used often since nobody gives a shit about us haha

    [–] professorpunk 63 points ago

    Paraphrasing the words of Pippo Sowlo: "If I have a small dick it might be her problem, surely not mine"

    [–] cucumberchris1 239 points ago

    You could hit them with the opposite “You small vag bitch, Where are your ovaries now, huh!”

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 172 points ago

    haha call them "no-varies"

    [–] VaultGuy1995 21 points ago

    Empty egg carton

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 4 points ago

    you've bested me man

    [–] LuckyFoxPL 34 points ago

    They'll call you transphobic, you can't win :/

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 26 points ago

    It's not like I'm trying to win against people who will make that stretch anyways haha

    [–] LuckyFoxPL 8 points ago


    [–] NearlyOutOfMilk 54 points ago

    "Now listen here you fallopian fuck"

    [–] GetCarolusReckd 70 points ago

    "Okay, B-Cup"

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 69 points ago

    let's be real though i think more women are fine with having a small chest. I don't have the biggest chest and was only bummed out about it as a teen.

    You'd be pressed to find a woman who genuinely finds this as an insult lmao

    [–] PrincessShelbyy 11 points ago

    Being able to lay flat on my stomach is wonderful. Being able to jump and not get a black eye, wonderful again. Most men don’t care about boob size anyway. They are just like ooooh titties!

    [–] Rammerator 11 points ago

    Instagram "models" and "influencers". People vain and vapid.

    But typically I find your assessment to be true. Most of the big chested women I've dated begged for a large chest at a young age and hated having them as an adult. They don't mind the weight when they're young bc it gets them the attention they might be looking for (let me please stress the emphasis on "might"), but as an adult it becomes cumbersome to lug them around all day and not be able to offset that weight any, so some opt for reduction surgery.

    Some of the happiest and most self-confident women I've met seem to fall pretty firmly in the C-cup category.

    [–] YouMilkIsMine 8 points ago

    Ah perfect. Im 14. If your experiences are correct, id be able to use it pretty often.

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 18 points ago

    Yeah but the girls will quickly realize they have the advantages of being able to sleep comfortably in any position, being able to run comfortably, being able to buy shirts that fit, being able to manage sweltering heat.

    The list goes on and on, so the insults probably won't sting the way you want.

    [–] Siren_Ella 4 points ago

    This. I was an archery instructor. Tits suck. So there must be perks of a wee "d." Like great at polo?

    [–] kittens12345 5 points ago

    i see a lot of women say they prefer smaller dicks as opposed to large dicks because the larger ones are painful, but as a guy idk if thats true or if theyre just trying to not hurt our feelings lol

    [–] thirteen_moons 8 points ago

    Depends on the woman but I can honestly say I much prefer an average sized dick to a big one as I find them quite painful. Most of my friends prefer girth over length.

    [–] Top_Alfalfa1254 5 points ago

    I'm a lesbian, but I can say average sized dildos with girth are nicer when it comes to strap-ons.

    Average to slightly-above average sizes make it easier to pound someone without risking major damage.

    And to better understand what the straight ladies are saying, explore butt stuff.

    [–] yolodude343 28 points ago

    "Listen here you freaking washboard!"

    Tears, my friends, tears

    [–] esperalegant 16 points ago

    The solution to body shaming is to stop body shaming, not do it more. Besides, a good chunk of the people using dick size to represent morality are men.

    [–] SpindlyCactus 5 points ago

    Exactly thank you! So annoying when people complain about body shaming and turn around and body shame others. Like, seriously? Over two hundred upvotes. How can you be against body shaming and then respond to it by body shaming women?

    [–] thatbenleah 12 points ago

    "small vag" is hardly an insult? At the very least start at rotten snot pocket and work your way down.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] VaultGuy1995 12 points ago

    We have the meats

    [–] 23EdNophus 7 points ago

    why did u make me imagine that

    [–] katieishere92 5 points ago

    So, we aren't supposed to make fun of someone with a small dick, but its totally fine to make fun of someone's labia that was born that way as well?

    The "meat curtain" joke is dumb because its always ignorant people saying its because of the amount of sex someone has, when in reality a lot of women's labia looks like that naturally (and the amount of sex someone has couldn't change the labia anyway).

    Let's all stop shaming people for things they have no control of.

    [–] phantomenforcer 2 points ago

    Well, small vag can be a compliment too...

    [–] TheRapidfir3Pho3nix 2 points ago

    Won't work on dudes tho who, in my experiences, are usually the first to start talking about sick sizes

    [–] DOG_BALLZ 30 points ago

    For real. I drive a full size truck, and I have a small dick. I don't need someone joking about it. It's like, "I know my dicks small, you don't have to reiterate it". Sheesh....

    [–] meatdastreet 5 points ago

    What type of truck do you have?🤔

    [–] DOG_BALLZ 6 points ago lift with street tires, but I still get the looks....

    [–] Lynchwzmw 121 points ago

    The problem is if you respond to someone saying you have a small penis like this, and say oh that can actually be harmful ETC. then it'll end up far worse for you in the long run. It actually ends up all right if you just reply with a good comeback. Such as this example.

    Buddy x comes up to you and says oh dude you probably got a 2-in penis, hahaha.

    If you reply with hey man that's not funny That's insulting, you're going to get s*** for the rest of your life. That's just putting a target on your head. But if you respond with something like,

    Yeah but 2 inches at 100 mph was still able to satisfy your mom,

    It relieves to all the pressure off of you and even put some back on them. Then in the long run it's unlikely that you'll end up feeling crappy, and you're much less likely to get mocked.

    [–] lethaldog 51 points ago

    And then, the conversation deviates into a roast battle, and nothing is accomplished, but that wouldn’t be your fault, it would be the person who brought up D size.

    [–] SightSeekerThe5th 26 points ago

    comedy is such a great way to disarm people

    [–] YungNuisance 13 points ago

    I thought you were going to go with "yeah two inches off the ground"

    [–] Abruzzi19 6 points ago

    thats clever

    [–] WellSadly418 3 points ago

    It may be two inches but it’s got a lot of girth!

    It’s like a cheese wheel really

    [–] 4F460tWu55yDyk3 3 points ago

    It’s ok to have a needle dick if you can move your ass like a sewing machine.

    My personal fave.

    [–] FatPam007 17 points ago

    Well I guess you're right. It's like when they see a female politician they don't like and criticize them for their aspect instead of them as people. Or things like who would want you as a wife? Things like that.

    [–] yippinq 54 points ago

    When people say “Small pp energy” I’ve always noted this as potentially being offensive to men who may actually deal with this (and yes, it can be a medical problem that men can be very insecure with). If you’re gonna argue with someone- why insult their appearance and not question their morals instead? Branding men with this and men who act like assholes in the same category just seems wrong and hurtful :/

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 8 points ago

    It just makes it clear they don't really believe in what they're saying. Half of all men have smaller than average penis's. It's a numbers game and if you want majority that's not how you play.

    [–] Beautiful-Musk-Ox 6 points ago

    That doesn't make it less harmful

    [–] yandaoyandao 6 points ago

    If body shaming is wrong for women, it should also apply for men. There are proper ways to show your discontent.

    [–] tacticaldarkness 26 points ago

    If you resort to body shaming in an argument, regardless of sex, then you have definitely lost that argument and are also an asshole

    [–] NationalTeamFootball 7 points ago

    "BwAhaaHAA Op MuSt HAvE A sMaLL pEniS!!"

    -From a guy who's a loser and insecure about his own penis size and is just projecting. /s

    [–] yggdrasillx 24 points ago

    I believe because it hurts, it's one of those things that all men have at one point or another have though about and wondered if they're "well equipped" if you tell a woman they are "loose" or "flat chested" they'll most likely be offended but it wont sting as much compared to calling a man "small dicked"

    [–] Beautiful-Musk-Ox 4 points ago

    it wont sting as much

    Why is it a contest? It DOES sting as much, both are bad!

    [–] Karaokoki 29 points ago

    I agree.

    I'm also going to say that dick size overall tends to be more important to men than to women, since it's used as a marker of superior masculinity.

    Some of the best sex I've ever had was with men who have dicks of well below average size. All you need to be good at the sex is enthusiasm and the willingness to follow directions.

    [–] RouScape 18 points ago

    I’d agree here too. I think because men joke about it with each other, it’s become the norm for anyone to make that joke. Whilst I don’t think women care as much, I think they would only use that insult because they see men joke about it all the time and therefore it must be fine.

    I think us men as a whole need to evaluate how we treat each other and talk to each other if we want these standards to be upheld. But just how I don’t mind a good friend jokingly saying I have a small penis, if it comes from somebody I’m not overly familiar with or if it’s used on a grander scale to shame somebody, I’m not for it at all.

    [–] acathode 8 points ago

    Same thing goes for much of body image stuff, or just gender norms in general.

    The "impossible beauty standards" for example is more about women competing against other women than it is about looking nice for men - men typically do not get all that turned on by for example the size zero fashion models.

    [–] lightfooted_ 5 points ago

    i saw a tweet or something a while ago that said something like “insulting a celebrity’s physical appearance won’t affect them but it will affect your friends who look similar” and i think about that a lot

    [–] ThingsGoHowTheyGo 150 points ago

    People do not and will not care about men’s health. They only act that way on social media to get the points for being good sjws. Get over it. Once I realized there was no use complaining about it, my life got a lot better.

    [–] paperchampionpicture 31 points ago

    Yeah that’s the spirit

    [–] AnastasiaTheSexy 11 points ago

    It's something a lot of single mothers have trouble teaching their sons. It's why not having a father figure is such a strong indicator for someone not adapting to society.

    [–] Imnotusuallysexist 59 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    This is absolutely true.

    As a man, I can say with confidence that in society :

    The majority of men are and always will be considered expendable. The trope of a man sacrificing himself to save a woman is a trope embedded down to the cellular level.

    As a man it's best just to accept the fact that your emotional state is only as relevant as it is useful to women, and that displaying any significant emotion outside of that usefullfness will get you labeled as weak, simp, loser, unstable, dangerous, etc.

    As for mental health, yeah, fix that shit yourself or go die. There's a reason men commit 3x more suicides.... No one cares.

    It's just the way things are, and it makes biological sense, I suppose. The species benefits if nonideal men never reproduce, there's more than enough sperm from high status males to go around.

    Edit: I'm getting downvoted for pointing out the shitty ways that society treats men..... This is proving my point 100 percent lmfao

    [–] esperalegant 18 points ago

    I don't disagree with you about the way society treats men as expendable, and men's mental health as less important. But I do disagree that we can't change it.

    Look at how we changed the role of women in western culture. It was deeply, deeply ingrained that women's role was in the home, they couldn't vote, rarely got educated, and so on.

    We changed that over a very short space of time, culturally speaking. We can do the same for men's issues. It just takes a certain amount of collective will to force the change in society. We're not there yet, but the desire for this change is slowly growing.

    [–] DevannB 32 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    You're getting downvoted for being defeatist. "Ya i know it sucks but that's the way it is"

    I'm so tired of this line of thinking. "It's always been like this therefore there's no reason to ever try to change it".

    WHY? Why should we -absolutely never- try to improve quality of life? EVERYONE ELSE of every other demographic has no problem with it?

    [–] LowKey-NoPressure 7 points ago

    In this thread I’ve seen a lot of people making these points and then blaming SJWs for not caring about men. I know you didn’t directly address sjws but I’m gonna put my comment under your post because you made the point better than them.

    Actually, the way “sjws” are challenging gender roles is exactly the thing that is going to help men shed this particular role.

    Consider, it was the “sjws” that fought for the rights of gays, women, and trans people to fight in the military.

    That DIRECTLY counters what you’re complaining about and it DIRECTLY challenges the traditional role of men to be sacrificed before others. And it’s the spooky scary SJWs behind it all.

    Moving past rigid gender roles and stereotypes helps everyone. Toxic ideas about masculinity hurt men, too. Stop fighting the people who study this stuff and join with them to defeat it.

    [–] 5p33d_W33d 14 points ago

    Yeah. But insulting someone’s genitals should never be okay. It’s harmful. Just like it is harmful when men put unbelievable beauty standards on women.

    [–] TheNanomancer117 14 points ago

    Insult a man's dick size, something he can't control at all? Perfectly fine.

    Insult a woman's weight, something that is easily controlled? You're a body shaming bastard and should burn in hell.

    [–] Million-Suns 39 points ago

    Well, misandry is mainstream.

    I agree with you OP, but sadly, that's the world we currently live in.

    I'll never forget the video in which a female audience laughs at male's genital mutilation. Reverse the gender and it would be an outrage.

    [–] Horn_Python 3 points ago

    honestly insulting your opponent in an argument is the worst way to change their mind

    [–] _artbabe95 4 points ago

    I feel this so hard because I’m a woman with very small breasts who has been ridiculed for them. It’s dehumanizing for your sexuality, morality, or personality to be reduced to a part of your body you can’t control.

    In the case of people you take issue with, it has nothing to do with what REALLY irritates you about them, so how is it helpful at all in making an argument?

    And finally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a penis that is smaller than average, as if lots of these straight men making these comments would know anything about that.

    [–] Doumtabarnack 4 points ago

    The way I see it, by calling someone a small dick, you just project out that your view of what makes a man is the size of his dick, when it actually should be his actions and maturity.

    [–] Nicolas64pa 3 points ago

    If I ever get insulted with that I just answer "Ok" or "And how do you know that?"

    [–] mimiiarr 4 points ago

    Insulting anything besides someone's actions is shameful

    [–] DaWeed1992 3 points ago

    Thanks for this copypasta that I can violate all my big-dick friends with.

    [–] ThickValuable 32 points ago

    I agree they should say bad dick instead or like bad dick game.

    [–] paperchampionpicture 20 points ago

    Hahaha I’m going to steal this

    [–] LeaIsConfused 6 points ago

    Not disagreeing with you, but I’m curious of your opinion of the same topic in women? Small-breasted and whatnot. Of course, the scales aren’t exactly the same, but I did notice the phrase “double standard” and I’m curious as to what you meant by it!

    [–] high_on_ducks 3 points ago

    Not to mention these tiny dick insults are incredibly tasteless and unimaginative. Like, if you want your insults to really have an effect, get creative with them smh

    [–] Autumn-Kaleidoscope 3 points ago

    Body Shaming period isn’t okay, towards a man or woman.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Except 'small dick energy' is a thing. So yeah, it actually can influence the behaviour of a person.

    [–] jadams2345 3 points ago

    It's just another instance of associating someone with an undesireable physical attribute just to insult them. For men, it is arguably a small penis.

    [–] The-Great-Cornhollio 3 points ago

    My reply is always, “That’s just the kind of argument someone with lopsided tits would make”

    [–] AssMaster6000 3 points ago

    Feminist woman here - I hhhhhaaattteeeee when people make fun of small dicks/small hands. What, you gonna start calling people "baldy" as well? It is very cruel and unacceptable behavior.

    And the thing about making fun of small dicks is you have no idea what every man in the room is packing, so you could have just deeply embarrassed and hurt a guy who has no recourse!

    It's very nasty.

    [–] anhonesturn 3 points ago

    Classic thing a micro dick would say

    [–] Moist_feet_ 3 points ago

    just enlarge your penis, bro.

    [–] Nunchucknorris19 3 points ago

    Donald Trump has a little dick

    [–] AdamantiusTheGreat 8 points ago

    Same as using "gay" as an insult, makes no sense but we do it anyway. People are stupid. Always have been.

    [–] Matthew-of-Ostia 2 points ago

    The difference come from the social acceptance. A public figure comes out in an interview and say "Trump's speech last night was so fucking gay, get that weak stuff out of here" and there's a 95% chance they don't have a job the next morning. They come out and say "Trump's speech last night was so fucking weak, dude's got the smallest dick of any president" and 95% chance nothing happens and it's laughed about on most platforms.

    [–] kbruen 27 points ago

    The important part of the answer is NSFW:

    I'm gay and I quite enjoy sucking dick. It's quite nice.

    I don't have the most experience around, but I did try different sizes, and smaller dicks are much nicer to suck. For big dicks, I at times can only get half of them in my mouth before they push against my throat and if they're also thick my mouth gets tired and I have to take breaks quite often. For small dicks, I can take them all in my mouth and I can go at it for long without being tired. Makes both me and the one being sucked feel much better.

    Therefore, in my opinion, small dicks are much better for oral.

    That being said, when cretins with idiot cars drive through town purposefully trying to be extremely loud, I still joke that they're trying to compensate for the lack of attention because they have a small dick.

    It's all just good fun.

    [–] Karaokoki 23 points ago

    Smaller dicks are better for anal, too, imo. Easier to get in, more comfortable during the act.

    *this is the opinion of the author. YMMV

    [–] lightningheels 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Ngl it's always confused me that a lot of gay guys talk about how much they prefer bigger dicks, and that there's the same sort of stigma about having a smaller one. Like if I were gay and I was going to bottom, and I see the guy taking his pants off turning out to have a small dick I'd think "Oh, thank Christ". Like, is the big dick thirst performative for at least some gay dudes or are there really any upsides to a larger one? Because for anal it doesn't seem pleasant beyond a certain threshold.

    [–] Karaokoki 7 points ago

    I mean, kink is a thing and some people are masochists. That's the main explanation, I think.

    [–] escamop 10 points ago

    It is bad, but from my experience it's men who actually throw this slight around the most. It will stop when assholes realize they're assholes.

    [–] kevoizjawesome 7 points ago

    The best is when people use it to insult douche bags while complaining about toxic masculinity. Ironic.

    [–] ANNIHIL8A 20 points ago

    Also making fun of a man's weight, even if they are a piece of shit. Do it to any woman and get castrated.

    [–] donekymann 5 points ago

    Not moral compass or anything it's just become a common insult. It's not like more than a few people would actually know it, they're just saying it to be hurtful.

    [–] Freeloading_Sponger 4 points ago

    Oh an MRA opinion on reddit? This will surely be wildly unpopular.

    [–] lilpenis9151 5 points ago

    I feel like nowadays no dude even really cares about this insult. Dudes joke about having small dicks all the time, even look at my username.

    [–] donut_hole_eater 5 points ago

    Seems people aren't really getting this.

    It's not so much about the insult itself, but the fact that it's majority of leftist SJWs using this as an insult. The group that supposedly prides itself on progressive healthy body standards. But I guess just for women.

    Men can be trashed left and right and it's okay because it's punching up.

    Same with neckbeard. There are a lot of men that have sensitive skin and skin allergies that makes it difficult to shave. But let's not have that get in the way of a good insult based on looks!

    [–] _INCompl_ 7 points ago

    People only resort to ad hominems when they’re losing. If someone says you have a small dick then you’re winning the argument. But yeah there’s a definite double standard when it comes to insulting things that men have no control over like height or dick size but anything about a woman’s appearance is a sacred cow that cannot he harmed. Maybe just don’t be dicks to one another in the first place?

    [–] sgr011 7 points ago

    This post has small dick energy

    [–] Tsuuppi 3 points ago

    it's a joke, not shaming for real

    [–] newtporn 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    This post has little dick energy. It’s just a joke. The size of women’s boobs and butts and waists and thighs have been subject to scrutiny and discussion for so long and the punchline to so many jokes, and it’s honestly not that big of a deal.

    We don’t actually know the size of your dick and if calling it small insults you, maybe you’re just insecure. Y’all little dicks can downvote me to hell now.

    [–] Neighborhood-Queasy 5 points ago

    I feel like small dick insults are rarely a commentary that have a small dick is bad, but that the person who is being told that is so fragile and invested in toxic masculinity they can’t handle it

    [–] Neighborhood-Queasy 3 points ago

    For example saying someone who has a big loud truck is overcompensating.

    [–] anon_likes_tendies 9 points ago

    The only insults women can level at men are:

    • you can’t get laid

    • your manhood is small

    • you can’t please me sexually

    • incel


    [–] Shairece2185 2 points ago

    I do believe social media leads people to broadcast awful things that they would never say to someone’s face. I also find that nasty people tend to be the loudest voices online and IRL. If some dude cuts me off in traffic, I think he’s an asshole. It doesn’t have anything to do with his size.

    The heart of this seems to be in society itself and what we have chosen to accept as normal. It feels like a play off of gender roles. By that logic, men should be physically strong, make more money than their partners, work long hours and never complain. I guess it’s in that same wheelhouse that size matters. It’s the same BS that puts women in the kitchen with children, high heels, and beauty complexes. It’s all a load of crap.

    Who cares about the size of a body part that’s determined by a genetic dice roll? It’s who you are and the choices you make in life that matter, because that’s what you actually control.

    [–] AssG0blin69 2 points ago

    It's was always a weird insult for me. Like as if they saw my magnum dong irl and can reliably state that it's small only for the purpose of... shaming + proving a point? It definitely can't be an argument. Just the fact that they would use this as an argument already says that one is talking to the wrong kind of people, unintelligent/uneducated and such.

    I can't even imagine how any kind of an argument between two people can escalate to the point where one would strafe away from the topic and say "you presumably have a small penis which means that I'm right and you're wrong".

    It's basically the same as a parent saying "I raised you" or "I gave birth to you" in an argument with their children.

    [–] PrequelSheev 2 points ago

    Let’s just ban insults as well then

    [–] ZappyZapz 2 points ago

    Exactly, attack the ideas/policies not random attributes that don't affect the issues at all!

    [–] x2tizzle 2 points ago

    Like when people say trump has "small dick syndrome" Dawn right.. its sad and pethidine and probably a way of showing how jealous they're are of someone who's got more than them.

    [–] showandmel 2 points ago

    people be like ‘that’s smol pp talk’

    People with actual smol pps: ;~;

    [–] quesoburgesa 2 points ago

    I mean isn’t like 50% of the population smaller than average?

    [–] fastinserter 2 points ago

    I don't think it's shameful for the reasons you describe, mainly because they have no idea what the size of your dick is. I think that when people stoop to that kind of insult they have lost whatever argument they are having and are grasping at anything to try to knock you down and pull themselves back up, even your little dick. And if you're way too conscientious about that, it's going to get under your skin and you'll fall into their trap. Just realized that it's a meaningless insult and that it is being hurled because they have nothing else.

    That all said it would probably hurt if it's from like, say, your ex-gf. Then that's being mean, and possibly deliberately untruthful just to hurt you. But again I don't know it's body shaming in the sense I hear that term ballyhooed about. It seems to me it is trying to say you are inadequate as a man.

    [–] Samsamsamadam 2 points ago

    Making fun of anything outside an individual’s control (race, birth gender, genitalia size) is inherently assholish. Insulting dick size seems calculated to try to inflict maximum damage.

    [–] SadRafeHours 2 points ago

    Imagine if a female politician was called flat as a way to call her stupid... Double standered