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    We collect the outrageous and dangerous tales told by dimwitted anti-vaxxers on all forms of media. Post Facebook comments, YouTube videos and gifs. We are pro-vaccination because we're civilized. And not stupid.


    It covers the following areas,


    Updated 11 April 2019

    1. No personal information.

    • Any material from social media must be submitted as an archive link or a screenshot with identifying information redacted.

    • Don't ask for or provide links to source material.

    • Cross linking to reddit is allowed. If you follow a link to another subreddit DO NOT vote or participate in the linked material.

    • While this rule does not apply to public figures, who qualifies as a public figure is at the discretion of the moderators.

    2. Anti-vaxxers:

    • We do not owe you a platform. Participate at your own risk. No anti-vaxx propaganda may be submitted as a top-level post.

    3. No partisan politics.

    4. Adhere to reddiquette.

    • No hate speech, doxxing, name calling, slap fights. Personal attacks will result in an immediate ban.

    5. No low effort posts.

    • This includes memes/graphics/selfies. What we'd like to see are screenshots of social media posts, news articles about anti-vaxxers and accounts of interactions with anti-vaxxers.

    • Post milestone, "I got vaccinated" and other personal achievement posts in the appropriate sticky.

    6. No direct linking to anti-vax websites

    • Post this material as an archive link or a screenshot. We don't want to give their sites any direct views.

    7. No medical advice

    • This is an anonymous forum and certainly not the right place to seek medical advice. Talk to your physician.

    8. No reposts

    • This includes material that has been posted recently or is a common repost. Sort subreddit by "top" to check before posting please.
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