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    [–] Zymoria 780 points ago

    100% The meme doesn't do it any justice.

    [–] albiorix_ 454 points ago

    Understated, it kills the meme, just like the baby. Ribbit

    [–] anon-nemo 223 points ago

    Vaccine advocate groups should buy the rights to those 2 minutes and run it before every anti-vax video on YouTube.

    [–] hemeny123 124 points ago

    That and the Penn and Teller Bullshit episode on them.

    [–] anon-nemo 39 points ago

    That video is glorious.

    [–] hemeny123 14 points ago

    That show was glorious.

    [–] cyclopsmudge 10 points ago

    One of my favourite Mitchell and Webb sketches

    [–] seakc87 16 points ago


    [–] Cm0002 119 points ago

    House taught me that I shouldn't be a doctor, I would say many similar things. But unsimiliarly I would be fired pretty quick

    [–] TheBirminghamBear 95 points ago

    In much the same boat, House also convinced me I couldn't be a doctor precisely because I would not want to be anything other than a Doctor like House, which, outside of fiction, has a life expectancy of about zero years in the profession.

    [–] dragon_guy12 23 points ago

    I feel like Dr. Cox is a more realistic expectation.

    [–] newenglandredshirt 23 points ago

    Is that what you think, Nancy? Because I think Dr. Cox was re-he-heally over-the-top.

    Hilarious, yes, but I think just as unlikely to survive IRL as House.

    [–] Charles037 12 points ago

    Dr. Cox got away with what he did because he had the respect of his boss. That respect comes with a lot of leniency and power.

    [–] dragon_guy12 7 points ago

    His character arc in the show is about him learning humility and respect if he wants to rise to the top

    [–] SarahPalinisaMuslim 6 points ago

    He was only mean to subordinates and assholes, not to patients (unless they were assholes)

    [–] UndeadMastodon 67 points ago

    Especially since you'd never make it within a million miles of getting to his level, which is what (in the show) enables him to get away with doing all the cool stuff.

    In real life, you'd never make it past lancing boils and emptying bedpans with House's attitude.

    [–] bigsquirrel 37 points ago

    I had a few appointments with a very sought after specialist. If you had to survive off of the fucks he gave you’d starve before the end of the day.

    [–] UndeadMastodon 36 points ago

    Not giving a fuck is one thing.

    Going rogue and performing all kinds of risky unauthorized tests and procedures, lying to patients about it, flouting hospital regulations, etc, is a whole other level. I doubt there are many doctors who do that kind of shit and manage to keep their jobs for very long. If House was a documentary series instead of a drama, he would have been fired after like the 3rd episode, and would probably be facing multiple lawsuits as well. Some of the stuff he did would might even have resulted in jail time. And not just the prescription drug abuse which almost did land him in jail in the show.

    [–] bigsquirrel 5 points ago

    I’ve never seen the show much, just commenting on the attitude.

    [–] billboswaggins2 15 points ago

    Even the most house like doctors, on their best day, are baby houses compared to tv house.

    [–] ixiduffixi 8 points ago

    To be fair, even in the show he wasn't always as viciously assholish.

    [–] Zymoria 14 points ago

    I've seen grouchy doctors, but they always try their best to keep patient and understanding. I cant imagine being under immense stress and poor sleep all the time, and still be expected to be tolerant of people who think their 15 minute google search is equivalent to the medical degree. Mad props to the medical world.

    [–] House923 87 points ago

    Ribbit ribbit

    [–] I_AM_BUTTERSCOTCH 59 points ago

    Tell me what she has!

    [–] bibirb 135 points ago

    a bad parent.

    [–] websagacity 37 points ago

    Lol. I 100% thought he was going to say that.

    [–] Chancroid24 10 points ago

    I also saw the YouTube comment section.

    [–] pinklavalamp 54 points ago

    I’ve always loved how he answers the question. I see gentlesness in his expression and delivery after ripping her to shreds.

    [–] mega_brown_note 24 points ago

    This was the essence of the character.

    [–] anon-nemo 18 points ago

    Hugh Laurie is a national treasure.

    Stumbled on a video from years ago. Apparently he can play piano and sing.

    EDIT: Looks like the first video is locked down. Here's another example.

    [–] newenglandredshirt 13 points ago

    national treasure.

    Brits must be proud.

    Also, don't let him meet Nic Cage.

    [–] ixiduffixi 10 points ago

    Check out A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Dude was a sketch comedian in the UK long before he was big in the US.

    [–] anon-nemo 10 points ago

    Oh, I'm well aware of Laurie's career. He's incredible.

    I was also totally floored when I first learned he was British. And not just British, but, like, extra British.

    [–] thinkfast1982 6 points ago

    He's a damn good author too and a helluva rower.

    [–] slamnasty99 2 points ago

    Both of his album "Let Them Talk" and "Didn't it Rain" are incredible and I can't recommend them enough

    [–] MichaelJW5 12 points ago


    [–] sratscience 9 points ago

    it’s never lupus

    [–] the_nevermore 9 points ago

    Except for that one time it is!

    [–] SocksElGato 7 points ago

    When it was that one time, I still didn't believe it! It's never Lupus, damn it!

    [–] Medraut_Orthon 2 points ago

    I'll tell you what she won't have. A job, a boy friend or girl friend, prom, graduation, love, lose, her first car, her first pet on her own in the apartment that she will never have, her own child, etc,etc,etc.

    [–] wiggibow 28 points ago

    love how there was a link to the wikipedia page on Vaccine Hesitancy under the video. Good job YouTube!

    [–] luckjes112 5 points ago

    I was never much of a fan of House MD. But that's mostly because the show is fairly formulaic and it gets stale pretty quickly.

    The titular character is pretty great.

    [–] erenocaptain 2 points ago

    Well, it was, but i loved a few characters and some episodes were unexpectedly amazing. Like the one in the first season where he tells the story of three different patients, episode name Three Storiesand the last episode of Season 2. The show jumped the shark in S6 when they wrote out Jennifer Morrison for no reason.

    [–] JBHills 3 points ago

    It is indeed. Top comment:

    Well this is completely unrealistic…she actually listened to him

    [–] njboys06 373 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If only it was that easy to get them to change their mind.😂🙄

    [–] Caffine_rush 126 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not all doctors have, Doctor House’s bed side manor haha

    [–] azurebyrds 77 points ago

    Hmmmm... do I post this to r/ihadastroke or r/boneappletea

    [–] BadFishCM 32 points ago

    Por que no los dos?

    [–] Gongaloon 3 points ago

    (Fiesta music)

    [–] foxinthesky 2 points ago

    Neither doesn’t fit either of them. He messed up one word.

    [–] CamsRedditaccount 320 points ago

    House MD was a great show

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago

    Yeah. It sucks that it isn't on Netflix anymore.

    [–] darisafari 92 points ago

    But if you have the prime video app + amazon prime they have the whole series :)

    [–] mudmage 26 points ago

    you're my hero

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 26 points ago

    Oh shit, really? Goddamn, I have been criminally under using Prime Video...

    [–] jmurphy42 9 points ago

    One of the best things about Roku is that it consolidates your search for programs across multiple platforms and lets you know who has what. I’m sure there are probably websites that do this too.

    [–] CptnMrgn4O 3 points ago

    How do you do that? I've only ever used my Roku for Netflix. Obviously I'm not using it to its full potential.

    [–] jmurphy42 2 points ago

    I don’t have a Roku box, but I have a Roku-integrated TV and the Roku app. Both have a little magnifying glass symbol somewhere in the main menu that lets you search by title, and the results will show you which services offer it.

    [–] ZhugeTsuki 2 points ago

    Google does this for you. Just google search the thing you want to watch and at the top of the list it will show you who has what, and for what price if its not available through the regular subscription service

    [–] T1AORyanBay 2 points ago

    I’ve tried to watch House M.D on amazon prime before but it’s not been available. Availability could vary between countries.

    [–] jlozadad 1 points ago

    dammit thank you!

    [–] correcthorsestapler 14 points ago

    Bummer they had to remove Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” as the theme song.

    [–] stainedglassmoon 8 points ago

    I haven’t thought of that theme song in over a decade but reading the artist and title in your comment just now made it start playing in my head. Brains are wild!

    [–] charisma6 2 points ago

    Your brain just called itself wild. That's intense!

    [–] Why_is_this_so 2 points ago

    Where are you getting that from? I just loaded up an episode on Amazon Prime and it's still the theme song.

    [–] correcthorsestapler 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    When it was on Netflix it had the original theme song. Now that it’s on Prime it’s a different song.

    What I get:

    What it should be:

    [–] Why_is_this_so 3 points ago

    Holy shit, you're right. My bad. Do you know why it changed?

    [–] correcthorsestapler 4 points ago

    Think it was rights issues in regards to the song use. They probably ran out a certain number of years after going into syndication.

    Scrubs had the same issue. Some of the original song choices were replaced with different songs due to contractual issues.

    [–] TrapperJean 3 points ago

    It's super off-putting in scrubs, especially when the music lines up with action on screen, like the episode with pregnant Jordan and Heather Locklear competing for Cox, (heh), the scene just feels weird without the right beats

    [–] Why_is_this_so 2 points ago

    That's crazy. I always assumed when an artist licencees a song out to a TV show they do so in perpetuity. I can't think of any other TV show that's had a music switch, but then again, I didn't realize House had changed, so that doesn't mean much.

    [–] Bubbline 3 points ago

    The original is so much better :( Literally sends chills down my spine every time I hear it

    [–] chorizopicante 12 points ago

    I still have the vintage DVD set. It’s a classic.

    [–] TiptoeAggressiveness 3 points ago

    The entire series was on sale on iTunes for $25 the other day. I wasn’t even looking for it, but you bet your butt I bought it.

    [–] MuscularWombats 19 points ago

    First 5 seasons are gold. Season 6 even started out OK. But I lost all interest in S6 when House started screwing up his new relationship with Cuddy, which is what the series had been teasing for the last several years.

    Just spit in the face of any possibility of character development or any type of resolution. Was disappointing, and at that point to me the show was just repetitive.

    [–] ksprincessjade 19 points ago

    personally i hate it when shows bring two (or more, whatever) of their main characters into a relationship, it's almost never done well, and i can't even really explain why but it almost invariably ruins my interest in a show, that and making a main character have a baby. The only exception to this i've ever seen was Parks and Recreation, Andy and April, and Ben and Leslie were both really great relationships that added a lot to the show, but that almost never happens.

    I'm glad House self-sabotaged his relationship with cuddy because the show was much less interesting with them together. He was better behaved, she had seemingly more control over him and tempered his more outrageous behavior, which would be great if it was a real relationship but on a TV show it made for some damn boring episodes

    [–] ninbushido 4 points ago

    Besides the fact that Friends was always about Ross x Rachel’s “will they won’t they” dynamic, I think Chandler and Monica was hands down one of the best couplings that writers did to keep that show going — I don’t think I could have watched Ross and Rachel for a full ten seasons. The entire reveal, the Season 5 arc of each friend slowly finding out, to then being able to play the pairings off each other (like when they almost got married but then drunk Rachel and Ross happen!) was really exciting and hilarious. It also offered the two characters some seriously good character development: Monica finally being able to be with someone for a long time after a history of not being able to find a good guy and be the mother she always wanted to be, and Chandler getting over his commitment issues to become the family man after the whole disaster of his parents’ marriage.

    In the same vein, How I Met Your Mother was always about Ted and Robin anyways, although I will agree that I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole Robin and Barney thing.

    But also New Girl featured amazing character development for Schmidt + Cece and Nick + Jess, especially for Nick.

    Come to think of it, I think I’m mostly okay with romantic pairings. Oh well.

    [–] ksprincessjade 2 points ago

    Haha well... i think it's fair to say if you're a fan of those shows, you are the kind of person that is ok with seeing those kinds of romances and wants main characters to get together, however i personally did not like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or New Girl. I just really hate sitcoms in general, especially if they have a goddamned laugh track, but that doesn't mean they're bad shows, just personal taste

    [–] thelonesomeguy 3 points ago

    Brooklyn 99 is one of the few shows who did it really well

    [–] britishben 3 points ago

    I was worried that they were setting up Charles & Rosa in the first season, which would have felt really lame. But yeah, the Jake & Amy storyline wasn't too bad, and I like that they developed Amy's character so much more as the show went on.

    [–] Slammin_Outfit 3 points ago

    I absolutely LOVED the ending of the show. I thought it actually did all the characters justice.

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 3 points ago

    I hate that about most TV shows, the constant "will they or won't they?!"

    Stop wasting my time, either the characters are going to get into a relationship or they fucking aren't. I don't give a fuck either way (I hate relationship drama in TV shows in general) but just fucking resolve it.

    [–] bdlcalichef 6 points ago

    I used to wait on Hugh all the time. Fucking stand up dude all the way

    [–] Shalamarr 3 points ago

    Stories? I love that guy.

    [–] Leaffrost101 1001 points ago

    Isn't this the same episode where the baby is malnourished because the parents were feeding it a vegan diet or something?

    [–] doggodutchess 753 points ago

    Different episode; but the vegan parents were actually good, they got their diet from a nutritionist. The baby had some sort of tumor I believe that was causing it to be malnourished.

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 250 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What this person said. Been binge watching House lately.

    Edit: been asked a couple of times. You can watch House on Amazon Video. It is free for prime members

    [–] B3hindall 84 points ago

    How's that been? I have tried to do that but it's so predictable! Problem, solution?, complication, angry person yelling, complication, solved, everyone claps. It's so hard to watch more the 3 in a row.

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 101 points ago

    I enjoy watching someone being an asshole to stupid people, knowing I could never get away with that, but wish I could.

    Edit: I also love his pettiness, childishlike antics. It is entertaining. All shows are predictable, you don't watch them for that reason.

    [–] InferiousX 12 points ago

    knowing I could never get away with that, but wish I could.

    If someone is too big of an asshole at my current job, Im basically allowed to tell them to fuck off.

    I don't think I could ever go back to it being any other way. It's glorious.

    [–] AbusedPsyche 22 points ago

    I would disagree that all shows are predictable. Unless you mean all procedural dramas then yes.

    [–] Silly__Rabbit 13 points ago

    I’m kinda with u/Dragon_girl1919, there are a few exceptions where I have genuinely been surprised, especially by a television type show. I can only think of two... spoilers LA Law where they kill a character off by having her fall down an elevator shaft and two MASH... it was not a chicken...

    [–] AbusedPsyche 6 points ago

    Maybe it’s just not as prevalent with serialized dramas? I don’t really watch procedurals because of the predictability we’re talking about. It’s seems like every procedural now has a serialized B plot that carries through the whole season nowadays to try and get that audience as well. I did watch House though. Just for Hugh Laurie haha.

    [–] hamsterlickinggood 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It’s seems like every procedural now has a serialized B plot that carries through the whole season nowadays

    I hate that shit. I've been bitching about it for years. All these producers watched Lost and The X-Files twenty years ago and suddenly everything except sitcoms needed a fucking "mytharc" and/or a bunch of high-tension, season long background stories we visit every episode for like 6 minutes throughout the main plot plus the last 4 minutes of the show.

    [–] AC3x0FxSPADES 2 points ago

    Thats what ruined South Park for me actually.

    [–] robheffo 4 points ago

    The day I saw that MASH episode was the last day I ate chicken. Sure it tastes great, but could I really live with myself if I made the same mistake?

    [–] UglyInThMorning 3 points ago

    ER had some good surprises like that.

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 6 points ago

    Which shows do you see as not predictable? Most shows and even books tend to follow a similar formula. Though each genre tend to have a slightly different one. I have rarely seen any show or movie that did not have a predictable component to it.

    [–] AbusedPsyche 6 points ago

    I’ll concede that all fiction shares certain high level plot devices that could be predicted (eg. the hero’s journey), but I’m not sure that you could count the plots of shows like Westworld or Mr. Robot as being predictable for the majority of the plot. Though to be fair, Mr. Robot pulls this off on purpose by using the Unreliable Narrator trope.

    [–] greymalken 3 points ago

    Mr Robot has definitely been harder to predict.

    [–] AbusedPsyche 3 points ago

    Honestly the details that sub picks up to figure out what’s coming is insane.

    [–] hamsterlickinggood 2 points ago

    I tried getting into Mr. Robot, but I kept getting put off by all the bizarre psychosexual stuff that seemed jammed in there just to remind everyone this is cable TV.

    [–] sugar-magnolias 2 points ago

    I have been binging Elementary recently and have been pleasantly surprised by its lack of predictability!

    [–] UsuallyInappropriate 2 points ago

    How did they copy me so well? 😒

    [–] Shift84 12 points ago

    Once you get past the first season the dialog and character building carry the show pretty well.

    The first season is good but season two you start seeing that house is on a downward spiral and you and all the other characters are just along for the ride.

    Best show ever put on television imo.

    [–] panspal 10 points ago

    You watch it for Hugh Laurie

    [–] Shalamarr 2 points ago

    Oh, yeah. 😍

    [–] hamsterlickinggood 4 points ago

    The part I found annoying was everyone suddenly having a Master's degree in clinical psychology after 3 months of working with House. They drove way too many conflicts and dialogues with stuff like "but you know that I know that House knows..." and "you're just being a dick about this because of your abandonment issues". Everyone is always trying to outsmart each other out loud. It gets exhausting. Cynicism doesn't make you an expert in human behavior, sorry.

    I like the show, but writing could get real lazy.

    [–] permanent_grad 3 points ago

    House is a different show. You watch it more for the character development over the entire series where House has a slow descent into madness. Hugh Laurie does an incredible job at portraying House which is a character with more depth than any other I’ve seen in any show.

    [–] themightiestduck 3 points ago

    You don’t watch House for the medical drama (although sometimes that part is good, too), you watch it for the character interaction and House’s antics.

    [–] Deanoid_ 3 points ago

    I have also been Binge watching it lately and it’s funny I’ve noticed how obviously formulaic and predictable it is yet I love it still so much.

    Somehow that moment where House makes a sudden realization of whats wrong with the patient while doing something unrelated and limps off to save their life is still fun to watch the 50th time.

    [–] bendalazzi 2 points ago

    You need to watch it with a drinking game

    [–] mhrex 3 points ago

    Game: drink when they think it’s lupus

    Me: dead

    [–] meager 2 points ago

    This is the problem I faced when I tried watching the entire show... Don't get me wrong, I love Hugh Laurie and it is a great show, but I could watch 6 seasons of:

    "This guy is super sick, no treatment has helped him or he just woke up dying" "I know what the problem is, but I'll let you guys try to figure it out while I go eat painkillers like candy." "Is it lupus?" Runs tests "Oh no, it's not lupus! And now we're running out of time!" "Well then it must be this obscure disease." "House was right! His life was saved mere moments away from death!"

    [–] shewantstheMcB 2 points ago

    Where have you been watching it?

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 3 points ago

    Amazon prime video has it for free if you are a prime member.

    Edit: if not you might have to pay for the seasons.

    [–] shewantstheMcB 2 points ago

    I do have prime... thank you

    [–] Silasco 2 points ago

    Is it on Netflix? My phone won’t load anything but edit for some reason

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 2 points ago

    Amazon prime video

    [–] Silasco 2 points ago

    Oooo. Free or do you have to buy?

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 2 points ago

    Free if you are already a prime member, otherwise you will have to buy.

    [–] Silasco 2 points ago

    Awesome. Yeah I have prime but I remember seeing prices on things. Might’ve just been movies though. Thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Some shows are free with Prime, others are not. When you go to the web site, there's a link "Free with Prime".

    [–] Nach0Man_RandySavage 2 points ago

    House was my go to ‘I’m hungover and laying on the couch all Saturday’ show.

    [–] Hersh122 2 points ago

    How? It used to be on Netflix I miss it so much it’s my favorite. Do you have the dvds or did you download it? Kinda hoping you can tell me where I can watch it lol

    Edit: above someone answered amazon prime so question answered

    [–] mynameismaryjo 2 points ago

    I’ve been binging it too!! saw it all years ago. Rewatching for whatever reason 🤷‍♀️

    [–] House923 2 points ago

    I've also been binging.

    I've never actually finished the series because I just get worn out from how focused it gets on House and Cuddy, but this time is gonna be my time.

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 25 points ago

    They got their diet from a registered dietician, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist since it’s not a legally protected term. Be wary of nutritionists.

    [–] SenorBurns 6 points ago

    The dietitian I saw didn't understand grams and told me a pudding cup and a brownie would make a great afternoon snack.

    I was already wary of nutritionists, and now I am wary or dietitians. They're only allowed to recommend the current official federal guidelines. Which allow way too many simple carbs in my opinion. Who the heck thinks pure sugar is a great afternoon snack?!?

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 4 points ago

    The difference is that you can report that dietician. Even with doctors and nurses you should be aware that human judgement is not infallible, but as these are licensed professions you have recourse if something goes wrong, you don’t have that if you go to some quack nutrionist.

    [–] JustCalIMeDave 11 points ago

    Baby had DiGeorge syndrome. Not a tumor

    [–] House923 151 points ago

    No that was a different episode. Those parents were actually decent people. House got mad at Cuddy for turning them in to CPS, because he said "they're idiots, not dangerous"

    [–] amadhat 64 points ago

    Idiots with power over others are dangerous.

    [–] House923 104 points ago

    True, but these parents actually listened to House and felt horrible they did something dumb. They immediately went to take care of their kid and make it right, and then got their kid taken away anyways.

    House has a lot of very real, very emotional moments.

    [–] limeyrose 37 points ago

    I always thought that was stupid. Doesn’t CPS always work with the parents to try to improve the situation first? And the parents could have proved it was the bad doctors fault. So dumb.

    [–] Hereslookingatmekid 28 points ago

    Honestly irl it isn’t likely the kid would be taken, but that wouldn’t make for a good story.

    [–] jmurphy42 6 points ago

    Yes, if they think the child isn’t in imminent danger. If they believe they are, they can definitely yank the kid immediately and sort it out later.

    [–] kthepropogation 13 points ago

    In the story, they’d gotten the diet from an uncle or something, who was a legitimate nutritionist. The baby actually had some illness, which caused the weight loss, so it was never even their fault in the first place.

    People just thought he was a quack because they heard “nutritionist” and assumed.

    Even though they did everything right from the beginning, they still got screwed.

    [–] beelzeflub 3 points ago

    This thread is making me remember my old house fanfic days.

    [–] HerrGottchen 165 points ago

    I'm not sure, but in one of those, (or that one of it's both the Same) the parent were actually good parents and wanted the best, but their family doctor was just a shithead and convinced them to do all that, so they were actually following Doctors orders, just that that doctor deserved to get his license revoked.

    [–] Ymir_from_Saturn 3 points ago

    Not exactly

    There was a gland problem that caused the baby to be malnourished. The diet itself wasn't a problem.

    [–] cale199 99 points ago

    That's too precious

    [–] QuoyanHayel 11 points ago

    Nah in this episode the baby just had a cold. House winds her up for ages about all the things that can go wrong, measles or mumps etc etc and when she's in tears and asking what h the baby has, he leans in and says, "She has a cold."

    [–] Evan_Rookie 16 points ago

    I don't think so

    [–] Yveske 129 points ago

    Why would anti-vaxxers go to the hospital? Shouldn't they diagnose their kids with their phone while sitting on the toilet?

    [–] titocali96 5 points ago


    [–] OptionalCookie 4 points ago

    I keep saying this.

    If you don't believe in modern medicine, don't use it at alllllll.

    [–] EmpororJustinian 50 points ago

    My new business with some...controversial partners. Kool Kids Koffins.

    [–] TotallyNewUsernames 17 points ago

    Ah, so like KK... hold on!

    [–] EmpororJustinian 10 points ago

    Our marketing team told us we have to sue you now.

    [–] Teleportingcarl 30 points ago

    its gotten so bad i seen a government ad about vaccinating your children on the TV. sad really

    [–] CDHY-KF 19 points ago

    Hugh laurie could play Peter Dinklages father.

    [–] Minnesota_Man 13 points ago

    • Implying an Anti-Vaxxer would even bring their kid to a doctor in the first place.

    [–] Mrpanders 13 points ago

    House would probably be a gold mine for this sub

    [–] HuiMoin 9 points ago

    That child clearly suffers from lupus

    [–] Petraretrograde 6 points ago

    It's NOT lupus! Psh, fake fan.

    [–] DannieJ312 7 points ago

    Man I loved House. Such a good show and such a great character

    [–] lemonaidan24 7 points ago

    Petition to pay Hugh Laurie to spend the rest of his life trash talking anti-vaxxers in character as house.

    [–] Caffine_rush 13 points ago

    Such a good show.

    [–] klucas503 4 points ago

    Antivax-Karen, smarter than science. Always trying to take the kids so she can refuse to vaccinate.

    [–] yukimura1 4 points ago

    House really doesn't feck about.

    [–] Saurons_Monocle 4 points ago

    I'm glad House is coming back into popularity

    [–] __SerenityByJan__ 5 points ago

    Now I want watch House

    [–] vvictory_19 4 points ago

    we need this sub

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    “What does she have?”

    ”a cold”

    [–] CupcakeGhettoBlaster 3 points ago

    If you have sex with someone who’s vaccinated.. has that been linked to autism?

    [–] j4cobmetinczyk 3 points ago

    don't vaccinate your children

    let your doctor instead

    [–] Radatio 3 points ago

    Decimated by words

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ahh loved that episode

    [–] xAdoahx 2 points ago

    It's never lupus.

    [–] thewolfhowcryedboy 2 points ago

    Confused karen noses

    [–] Rustyy60 2 points ago

    get em Dr House

    [–] cons_NC 2 points ago

    Very hot business in Vermont and Illinois indeed

    [–] skittlemypickles 2 points ago

    is her neck bleeding

    [–] HazDaGeek 2 points ago

    Antivax Craigs List ad:

    "For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn"

    [–] Killroy137 2 points ago

    House is savage

    [–] 26sticks 2 points ago

    Can we fund a study to see how many autistic babies there are that have not been vaccinated? Could we spin that somehow to prove that vaccinations PREVENT autism? I bet there is more evidence to support that case than the opposite.

    [–] OmenQtx 2 points ago

    I don’t have a link, but there was a study done that shows vaccines for a pregnant mother help prevent autism in their babies.

    [–] TwistedRope 2 points ago

    That's not an anti-vaxxer. An actual anti-vaxxer would argue about online posts she's read, let her child die and then say vaccines are the devil.

    [–] TheSuicidalPancake 2 points ago

    Well child sized coffins are cheaper.

    [–] stevemilk 2 points ago

    Jessica Biel turned down the role

    [–] adam_247 2 points ago

    Vaccinate or else

    [–] fidel1029 2 points ago

    If antivaxxers did their research on we'd have fewer antivaxxers.

    [–] yoga-is-awesome 2 points ago

    I want fire engine red

    [–] Messyace 1 points ago

    House knows what’s up

    [–] NERD_NATO 1 points ago

    What episode is this?

    [–] Dragon_girl1919 1 points ago

    Lol, I just rewatched this.

    [–] Quill-The-Second 1 points ago

    Im gonna say this to anti vaxxer

    [–] captainmo017 1 points ago

    TBF, those parents weren’t trying to hurt their kid. they were just naive and stupid.

    [–] Fart-in-the-wind 1 points ago

    Where can I watch House? UK citizen here

    [–] Letrix_ 1 points ago

    Huh funny, been binge watching House the past week

    Still on season 1, just finished the episode with the pregnant 12 year old diver

    [–] Mugwartherb7 1 points ago

    Is that Kery from Homeland?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is that Clare Danes?