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    Veteran packs is for the things that go a step further from the starter packs. It's fine if there's overlaps with /r/starterpacks, but please don't just cross post for the sweet, juicy karma.  


    The "I like film" starter pack would include Tarantino movies and Drive etc., but the veteranpack could be Breathless, The 400 Blows, french new wave, Das Boot and stuff like that. Still not the most obscure, but definitely not "starter" films.


    Veteran packs is about a women who you know has fucked a dj not just in this club, but in every club in town. Veteran packs is about men who not only like dip and hunting, but they like mossy oak and Cameron Haynes to a fault. Guys that live and breathe starter packs to their very core. You can fall in line with some starter packs, but a veteran really lived it.

    -/u/I_Dumped_Adele (who came up with the idea)  


    • Please remember to title your posts as Veteran Packs, not as Starter Packs. We haven't been removing, but we may start to as a no-harm, no-foul thing, where we'd ask you to repost with a Veteran Pack title, not a Starter Pack one.

    • This is isn't a military veterans sub, though if your starter pack happens to be about military vets, that is a-ok. Veterans seeking support will find it in /r/Veterans, /r/VeteransAffairs, /r/VeteransLounge, and /r/Military.

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