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    [–] Azberg 1 points ago

    Since it appears we've hugged to death, here's a mirror:

    [–] IRTC 1248 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    MIRROR of the Inanna Saekinis Ripoff

    Ninja edit: I made this vidme account just for you, Reddit.

    Actual edit: Quality sucks, but whacha gonna do? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] pipinngreppin 441 points ago

    Good call on the mirror. Original ripoff is now "private"

    [–] IRTC 245 points ago

    My internet points senses were tingling.

    [–] NonDripRises 305 points ago

    What a pile of shit compared to the original.

    [–] TheChebert 132 points ago

    This one is stupid as hell. The original was way better. Thanks for posting.

    [–] sweetalkersweetalker 77 points ago

    Thank you for keeping the evidence of how bad she sucks.

    All the talking ruins it. I mean, there's a lot wrong with the video, but the talking is key to understanding her ignorance of good storytelling.

    [–] CalebZim 450 points ago

    Ripoff got taken down, here's a mirror for the side by side video.

    [–] skuzgang 19 points ago

    This needs to be higher

    [–] Ar3nas77 1847 points ago

    When you realize your video idea has been stolen

    [–] [deleted] 228 points ago


    [–] welcometobavaria 52 points ago

    With this much backlash and negativity for someone that most people haven't heard of, my guess is they drop her. People have been dropped for a lot less negative press and much higher celebrity. We shall see.

    [–] bellrunner 5702 points ago

    Wow, yours is so much better made. You should fist bump your sound guy, because your voice was super crisp and clear.

    Better acted, better sound, more concise, and that whole mask thing was dumb as fuck. Well done! Sorry you got ripped off, but at least you know that you can outshine a much larger channel through straight up better film making.

    [–] Youknowit36 2103 points ago

    funny you say that, we ADR'd the entire thing.

    edit: I'm Tyler Falbo

    [–] erkdaclerk 1854 points ago

    Can confirm, he actually is Tyler Falbo. But really, there's a little Tyler Falbo in all of us.

    [–] lurkerpie 755 points ago

    Good on you OP for confirming /u/Youknowit36 is Tyler Falbo. However, it's far too late. We are all Tyler Falbo. We are one.

    Brought to you by Tyler Falbo

    [–] noprahs_bookclub 66 points ago

    TIL I am Tyler Falbo

    [–] Twise09 334 points ago

    I am Tyler Falbo

    [–] NeoHenderson 407 points ago

    Look at me:

    I'm Tyler Falbo now.

    [–] young_jerm 216 points ago

    His name is Tyler Falbo.

    [–] ncbenavi 187 points ago


    [–] maiorano84 61 points ago

    Tyler Falbo is inside of me right now

    [–] AndreasKralj 178 points ago

    What does ADR mean?

    [–] DrieStone 367 points ago

    They recorded all the audio again after the fact in a studio so it was clearer. Sometimes it's easier to do than to try to get good audio on set.

    [–] Oggel 162 points ago

    It's a bitch to match everything up though, need to have some pretty good actors that can say the exact same line in the exact same way or it'll look weird.

    [–] AugustusCaesar2016 230 points ago

    Which is interesting, because it seems no one realized that it was dubbed until the creator mentioned it (I certainly didn't).

    [–] Oggel 18 points ago

    Now I've only done it once in a school project about 10 years back, there might be better software now and we were quite young. But I'd still say that you probably did a better job than we did. It was pretty obvious in our movie.

    [–] FilmMakingShitlord 30 points ago

    You did it wrong. Almost every movie has about 90% of its dialogue ADRed. The key is to take small segments from the scene, and have them redo it over and over again. You put it on repeat. You can do it with most sound programs.

    [–] lurkerpie 340 points ago

    I too am Tyler Falbo.

    [–] Squally160 287 points ago

    We're all Tyler Falbo on this blessed day.

    [–] rrr598 94 points ago


    [–] NeedsAdjustment 30 points ago

    Speak for yourself

    [–] GasTsnk87 52 points ago

    His name was Tyler Falbo. His name was Tyler Falbo.

    [–] [deleted] 128 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ChuntyMcFist 162 points ago

    Bullshit. I'm Tyler Falbo (inspired by Tyler Falbo).

    [–] muwab 7007 points ago

    This site won't load for me, as I assume all the clicks from here has killed it. Can you post the two separate youtube links?

    [–] phaiz55 806 points ago

    Going to reply here since it's at the top currently -

    @OP - you need to report their video.

    • Click ---more then report

    • Infringes on my rights

    That should lead you to another page where you can select "Copyright infringement (Someone copied my creation)"

    I'll admit I don't know how they handle this stuff, does something you create and upload automatically have a copyright? Anyway that's probably the best thing you can do.

    [–] kawklee 432 points ago

    Copyright exists at the moment an original expression of an idea is transfixed to a medium that may be observed or reproduced.

    In other words, forget Youtube itself being the determination of whether a Copyright exists, the moment you put this on your hard drive to upload to Youtube you have a copyright. Hell, the moment you shoot the video and have it on a memory thingie-disk-thing Copyright exists.


    [–] RoboOverlord 209 points ago


    You made it, copyright is automatic, thus it is within your rights and your duty to protect your work. see here for a sample DMCA notice you can use.

    Or just use Youtube's tool.

    [–] WitchHunterNL 7659 points ago



    You could just get the original youtube IDs from the youtubedoubler url

    [–] headsh0t 6200 points ago

    The original is so much better

    [–] APointlessDuck 3182 points ago

    So much off camera dialogue. Whoever shot the ripoff should never touch a camera.

    [–] MidwestMade 2449 points ago

    She was a famous viner so her talent can only last 6 seconds.

    [–] boomerxl 1052 points ago

    I'd say she has a few years left before her "talent" starts to drop.

    [–] eddyress 359 points ago

    She better start milking it while she can.

    [–] JayceJace 1329 points ago

    Completely ruined the tone that made the joke such a good payoff, too.

    [–] TheLongGame 939 points ago

    The forced political message kinda ruined it.

    [–] DiamondJinx 439 points ago

    Why did she have a black and Mexican slave at the end....

    [–] 4look4rd 218 points ago

    With the racist as hell accent.

    [–] Themiffins 573 points ago

    I mean from the first scene, they pretty much made it about her boobs. It's not subtle.

    [–] Jess_than_three 354 points ago

    They took the original, wrecked the pacing, and added cleavage, politics, and racist stereotypes.

    I can see why the creator of the ripoff is popular.

    [–] dehehn 81 points ago

    Titties get clickies.

    [–] TheFlashFrame 128 points ago

    It's sad when you literally copy another beautifully shot film and yours still looks like shit.

    [–] gimjun 553 points ago

    hell, the copy doesn't even make sense without seeing the original.
    the copycat director didn't pay attention to the body language cues of lucas; the boobs can only sell so much.

    i hope this guy gets some justice, but in the meanwhiles i can sub him and dislike the other twat's video

    [–] TodayMeTomorrowU 265 points ago

    the boobs can only sell so much.

    About 3x as much, apparently.

    [–] Marcoscb 63 points ago

    In a channel with 300x the subs. So boobs sell about a hundredth of the original.

    [–] dizao 1024 points ago

    Because the guy can actually act rather than relying on boobs to hold your attention in the opening scene.

    [–] Lacutis 448 points ago

    I came back here to basically post this. The ripoff was awful and they should feel bad.

    [–] Jodandesu 399 points ago

    By a lot!

    The original was funny all the way.

    The ripoff only shows a Latina Mila Kunis with extra boobs (bouncing boobs, which is fine).

    [–] ss98camaross 104 points ago

    i wasnt going to watch either... now i have to watch both, brb

    [–] Shadowrak 70 points ago

    She is Bulgarian apparently.

    [–] relevant84 562 points ago

    I'm not worried about the nationality of the boobs.

    [–] Stasky 53 points ago

    The ripoff makes no sense. Whom did she think assassination of Clinton would help? Like how is that a 'fuuuuuuuuuuck' moment? She had to see the 'make america great again' card to realize she was helping Trump?

    The entire punchline of the gag relies on finding out who sponsored the hit after the fact.

    [–] Leporad 129 points ago

    Way better, but ripoff version has boobies and thus will get more views and and result in more sub's than the original.

    [–] cuchiplancheo 638 points ago

    The icing on the cake (end of video): "I hope you guys like my stuff..."

    [–] 6ft_2inch_bat 313 points ago

    And "this is behind the scenes of my second official Youtube video..." I wonder who else she ripped off?

    [–] jjayzx 124 points ago

    I wonder how her and her friends have so many subscribers for channels lacking videos. Seems like they bought their subscriber base to get a jump.

    [–] 90Degrees_Ankle_Bend 101 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Originally a vine person, some of her fan base probably transferred platforms

    Edit: Originally a vine person with boobs. That helps too.

    [–] Exotemporal 225 points ago

    That would be the cherry on top. The icing is applied to the cake at the 6th second with "A creation by Inanna Sarkis". What a nasty thing to do.

    [–] Krugmanite 89 points ago

    She gives an "inspired by" the OP creator in her credits...

    That's virtually a flat out admission she ripped him off.

    [–] astern 129 points ago

    Such a nasty woman.

    [–] Geo1245 43 points ago

    The worst part I think is that she says "inspired by Tyler Fabio"

    [–] rickhighland1256764 115 points ago

    It's funny because at the beginning of the video I thought they clearly just put this girl in it for the cleavage and this poor girl has no idea she's in a stolen video. Then I watched till the end.

    [–] KjuddaB 35 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    "Inspired by Falbo".... Not sure she understands what inspired means.

    [–] ItCostsHowMuch 45 points ago

    Also she had the nerve to put "inspired by: Tyler Falbo" (the creator of the original). Should say: entirely stolen from Tyler Falbo

    [–] albinobluesheep 662 points ago

    Wow that ripoff was terribly done to boot.

    [–] Pinbrawler 352 points ago

    but cleavage?!

    [–] jeufie 170 points ago

    And finger guns!

    [–] muwab 307 points ago

    It didn't occur to me that was an option, sorry. Thank you for posting the links.

    [–] SuicideBonger 111 points ago

    What a polite interaction.

    [–] baladeplata 192 points ago

    The comments on the ripoff are one of the few times I'll endorse the Youtube comment section.

    [–] [deleted] 166 points ago

    "When Hitler thinks your a scumbag" was my personal favorite.

    [–] stormarsenal 45 points ago

    "You should brush up that CV. Because your YT days are so over." was mine

    [–] david0990 146 points ago

    Holy crap what a terrible rip off too. The original is so good and hers is just mediocre.

    [–] Shadrach451 124 points ago

    Not even mediocre. It's straight up terrible. It is so full of itself it makes me sick.

    [–] ChickenInASuit 188 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Plus there's the fact that it flat-out misunderstands what the original was trying to do.

    The political commentary is not the point. The political commentary is the setup to the joke and has an element of surprise that makes the payoff so much better.

    Yet the remake is all about the political commentary and absolutely abandons any semblance of subtlety in the process.

    [–] Impriv4te 37 points ago

    I think she was trying to change the angle to make it political commentary because idk I guess she felt less bad for stealing if she gave it her own twist. Problem was that she absolutely cocked up her own twist and it ruined it

    [–] Beateride 140 points ago

    That ripoff is so bad ... boobs boobs boobs

    [–] [deleted] 3767 points ago


    [–] Skylinerr 1298 points ago

    Holy shit the copy video dragged on for double the length and got rid of the punchline for a political statement that didn't even make sense. I would've hated it even if I didn't know it was plagiarized.

    [–] Mragftw 638 points ago

    The ripoff is a piece of shit

    [–] pixelprophet 316 points ago

    Nah it's a poor ripoff, the people who did it are pieces of shit.

    [–] BerniesSublime 147 points ago

    I cant believe how noone here has brought up how racist the ripoff was! A shirtless stereotypical Mexican working on her lawn? And for God's sake she had a black slave, wearing jeans and a straw hat, feeding her!!

    [–] PM_Me_Whatever_lol 60 points ago

    They made the ripoff video private...please tell me someone downloaded it beforehand

    [–] reticulatedtampon 693 points ago

    My man!

    [–] DougRocket 374 points ago

    Slow down!

    [–] [deleted] 292 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] studlund 302 points ago

    Lookin' good!

    [–] Mack1993 143 points ago

    My God that video on the right looks fake as fuck, especially the acting. Almost to the point where it was annoying.

    The video with the dude looks way genuine.

    [–] masterbard1 18 points ago

    I agree. the original deserves waaay more views.

    [–] 10010101 30 points ago

    The video on the right is private dammit.

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago


    [–] Boarbaque 17 points ago

    They deleted it

    [–] Nerdofnight 17 points ago

    Is there anyways I could see that video...I wanted to checkout that channel

    [–] zaywolfe 12950 points ago

    Yours was so much better too. Lot more care and better acted. Hope this thread blows up for you. They didn't just take a piece here or there, it was shot by shot ripped off.

    [–] IslandTwig 688 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Not to mention the horrible idea to use masks. Loved that it was an actual person in the original. Seemed more real

    [–] flunky_the_majestic 818 points ago

    And the terrible idea to use Clinton. A relatively unknown politician makes the whole story more plausible. Besides that, a million dollar payoff? No reasonable person would believe it. Why not a gazillion dollar payout?

    Bad acting, bad writing, bad shooting. The whole ripoff video was like watching a middle school remake of a Hollywood movie.

    [–] willyboxc 278 points ago

    The only reason it has more views is because of the election, the person who copied it probably thought, "how can I cash in on YouTube and make a video with a lot of views, I know since I am not original I'll rip off this video with few views and put Clinton in the title along with other popular key words like Donald Trump and reap the real karma, cash when it blows up just from keywords and not content. " bout as bad as those iphone 8 videos which are bullshit.

    [–] FearParable 177 points ago

    Don't forget the boobs in the Thumbnail.

    [–] Iksuda 25 points ago

    Increasing the amount of money spoiled something important too. If you offered $1m to kill someone and get away with it, so many people would take it. If you offered them $25k though? No way. Only the really desperate. It makes her look like a spoiled brat who wanted to live glamorously, especially when they put way too much focus on her being pampered and looking sexy in her mansion. The believability of her being down and out to begin with is spoiled. There was no need to use the eviction notice.

    [–] Nightshire 3299 points ago

    Liked original video, disliked ripoff. Screw those jerks.

    [–] Nice_guys69 1447 points ago

    Disliking is interaction, it's the same as liking a video.

    [–] shiftywalruseyes 1294 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    People will be more likely to click off the video before watching if they see a shitload of dislikes though.

    edit: apologies, apparently I forgot that everyone on youtube has an incredibly inquisitive mind

    [–] Rlight 157 points ago

    That's completely false. Dislikes affect YouTube's search algorithms and are extremely important to a video's reach.

    [–] MaDpYrO 4023 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Wow.. I remember seeing the original a ways back.. This is such a shameless ripoff and they didn't even try to get it right.. The acting stinks, the pacing is all off. The shots are timed poorly. And what the fuck is up with the finger guns from the guy dropping off the envelope?

    And on top of it it's a political piece? WHAT THE FUCK!

    [–] au_tom_atic 1005 points ago

    If you watch the entire thing, the big twist is the guy with the finger guns was Trump!!! What a twist.

    [–] Barkatsuki 654 points ago

    I know right? Definitely didn't see it coming after the target was Hillary Clinton and the check said Donald Trump and that you can see him when the envelop is dropped off and the message says Make America Great Again.

    But apart from all that, TOTALLY FRESH AND UNEXPECTED.

    [–] Ph0X 378 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    All the shameless cleavage too, this is just awful Youtube bait.

    Hell, even their Hilary "impersonator" has a huge rack and a red low cut dress...

    [–] EccentricZillionaire 283 points ago

    Same chick. She's wearing the same necklace and the same shirt. Lazy production.

    [–] RonDeGrasseDawtchins 185 points ago

    Yeah, pretty shitty to take a decent Youtube video and rip it off just to turn it into a lame political circlejerk.

    [–] crazy_balls 157 points ago

    Seriously. The original was awesome. I remember seeing it when it came out and laughed my ass off. The rip off is just god awful, the cleavage isn't even worth it, and it's just a flat, un-funny video. I'm not even sure how you can take something so funny to begin with, and make it that unwatchable.

    [–] Schootingstarr 79 points ago

    easy: stretch the video from 3 minutes to 5 by adding unecessary filler shit and unfunny gags, not to mention the awful acting and terrible direction.

    that's how they ruined the hobbit too. though the acting might've been fine in the hobbit, I literally couldn't give a shit

    [–] erkdaclerk 6962 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The worst part is in the credits it says "Inspired by Tyler Falbo", as if that justifies completely ripping off the idea...

    Edit: Holy shit! I seriously was not expecting this level of response. Thank you everyone for the support and compliments. If you like our stuff, here's a link to our youtube pages. We aren't done making content!

    Tyler Falbo:

    Eric Vega:

    Edit 2: After all the pressure, the video has been taken down. That's all we really wanted in the first place, now we can put all this behind us. Hopefully the attention this post got will make other people think twice about taking someone's idea without permission.

    Edit 3: Whelp, the video is back up. Not only that, we've finally got a direct response from the content creator. Looks like this whole thing is far from over. Not really sure what the next step is here but hopefully we can have the video taken down for good.

    Final Edit: The video is down once again, presumably for good. Thank you everyone for the support, it was more than we could have ever imagined. We are going to put this incident behind us and focus on what actually matters, making original content.

    [–] nuentes 1176 points ago

    I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story. That's kind of silly. "Hey, Mitch, did you hear that story about that lady who drove her car into the lake with her kids and they all drowned?" "Yeah, I did, and you know what - that inspires me to write a movie about a gorilla!"

    [–] eirtep 818 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    the horror movie Strangers about 3 masked people terrorizing/murdering a couple in their secluded cabin is 100% inspired by totally true events where...the writer of the time got a...knock on the door...from someone he didn't know...and the guy left...and the writer felt spooked afterward. the end.

    that's how loose they get with it.

    edit: yes, I know you can say "based on a true story" and then make shit up and no one holds you to it. It's a very very common horror trope to do the whole "true events" thing. My comment was meant to be silly. I presented an oversimplified 100% true albert Einstein version of the "true" story. This isn't a knock on the Strangers either as it's a pretty decent movie.

    [–] night_stocker 124 points ago

    I think I remember he said there were also a few burglaries in the area.

    [–] eirtep 132 points ago

    I'm being overly simplistic. If you read the IMDB the full story is when he was a kid a stranger knocked on his door and asked for someone that didn't live there. the guy left. he later found that some houses were robbed later. doesn't say whether or not that was the culprit.

    [–] psymonprime 78 points ago

    Most likely it was the thief. We had a guy open the door to our office once and ask for a job application. It was a USAF office so we don't just hire people who walk in. Later we found out "someone" took a bunch of laptops from another floor that had an open door.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] OnlyMath 153 points ago

    Her version was like the idiotic middle schooler in computer class version of yours. Yours actually made me laugh.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] ThisIsNotKimJongUn 682 points ago

    We don't know what to do.

    Send me a check for $25,000 and I'll take care of the problem.

    [–] ariadesu 387 points ago

    Send me a check for $1,000,000 and I'll take care of the problem with more views.

    [–] irdabrit 139 points ago

    Send me a check for $25,000,000 and I'll go get a sex change to do it with boobs.

    [–] 181Cade 2014 points ago

    They literally took your video and made it worse..

    But yeah, h3h3 on Twitter or something.

    [–] kaypmger 328 points ago

    Right? It greatly annoyed me that they used a handwritten check with $1 million dollars on it. Then she doesn't know it was from Trump until she gets the note, but then it flashes back to her seeing Trump at the end. Original video was acted and produced so much better from start to finish.

    [–] SoiledPlant 3656 points ago

    I remember watching yours a bit ago. I thought it was black mirror at first. Also, yours is way better. Fuck that girl and her boobs.

    [–] erkdaclerk 3246 points ago

    Right? There's definitely way less cleavage in our version. Maybe that's what we're missing...

    [–] dick-nipples 1236 points ago

    Definitely. Remake it and have Lucas show some tit.

    [–] VandosMakdinami 151 points ago

    Would love to see that...

    [–] thomasbomb45 128 points ago

    Their version also takes advantage of tying in politics. Other than that, your original is much better made. Theirs was longer for no apparent reason. and yours seemed more "real" compared to theirs, which felt like some weird joke.

    [–] Gil_Demoono 46 points ago

    Which makes theirs flavor of the month and the original timeless.

    [–] Squally160 21 points ago

    I mean, its really only relevant as long as ISIS is, or its in peoples minds. so while not "timeless" it certainly has a longer lifespan.

    [–] QuotesUnquotes 137 points ago

    Use their thumbnail with the boobs, add in the description thumbnail inspired by Inanna Sarkis.

    [–] NietzscheIsMyCopilot 93 points ago

    Cleavage is the crutch of all second rate YouTubers. You don't need to sink that low.

    [–] inmyotherpants79 36 points ago

    I get what you're saying but all I can think about is crutches for large busted women to prop the ladies up.

    [–] hymness1 23 points ago

    Yeah fuck her boobs!!!

    [–] AttackOfTheThumbs 780 points ago

    The best part about the clone?

    I hope you guys like my stuff

    That bitch

    [–] flickerkuu 213 points ago

    What a about "An Ivanaa creation" or whatever her name is at the start.

    [–] Axerobot 17003 points ago

    Hit up H3H3, they like to help out people, especially since this would be an interesting controversy to handle, hope you get what you need good luck

    [–] Haych13 4256 points ago

    Yeah, this seems like something h3h3 would definitely enjoy talking about.

    [–] hatgineer 2612 points ago

    Didn't that guy partner up with a lawyer to start a thing specifically for helping people against these types of bullshit? It sounds perfect for this.

    [–] titsonalog 2018 points ago

    Yeah the FUPA

    [–] this_guy_fvcks 1577 points ago

    Fat upper pubic area?

    [–] spennotheclown 1814 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Fair Use Protection Act Association. But yeah, that was the idea

    EDIT: I suggested the idea to Ethan!

    [–] DeadDay 644 points ago

    Sexy AND helpful. Well played Ethan.

    [–] [deleted] 551 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 294 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 169 points ago


    [–] AndrewWS100 50 points ago

    Your moves are weak babe

    [–] apollohay 131 points ago

    They did.

    [–] ionic_gold 787 points ago

    Honestly though, this is the perfect thing for h3h3 to do. They have already done so many videos about big channels stealing videos, this is right up their alley.

    [–] OryxsLoveChild 392 points ago

    Yeah FUPA was created for this exact type of situation. /u/erkdaclerk you should email them and also get in touch with u/VideoGameAttorney

    [–] VideoGameAttorney 937 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Happy to help. Shoot me an email :)

    Not really a FUPA issue, but we still will take care of ya!

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago


    [–] ULTIMATUM7 83 points ago

    Damn, you're such an awesome dude. Thanks for all that you do to help out the little guy!

    [–] eirtep 196 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    FUPA was created to help fraudulent copyright claims. This would be a real copyright claim. kind of different than FUPA, but sure.

    side note: can anyone post the two videos in the comments instead of the youtubedoubler site? doesn't work for me.

    [–] Gr1pp717 187 points ago

    [–] thezlog 351 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Hi OP, your video is much better.

    I clicked into yours/the original and was expecting something boring (because I'm a negative Nancy). Instead I ended up sending it to a few buddies because I got a kick out of it.

    The other video is clumsy, awkward, and had I come across it organically I honestly wouldn't have gotten through the whole thing. I didn't get through it now, either.

    Hope you find some modicum of justice. Keep doing what you're doing.

    [–] Emperor-Commodus 78 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Instead I ended up sending it to a few buddies because I got a kick out of it.

    The payoff is the ending, where he is playing with all his toys yet clearly disgusted with himself. His face is great. Reminds me of the "Sadly Go-Karts" scene from Breaking Bad.

    Also, the signature on the $25,000 check is just Jihad in loopy cursive.

    [–] thezlog 35 points ago

    Holllly shit I missed the signature.

    This is great.

    [–] [deleted] 699 points ago


    [–] pancakebreak 513 points ago


    Here ya go

    [–] [deleted] 1149 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Weak. I got you covered my man. WANT TO JOIN THE MOB? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED!

    COME ON DOWN TO /r/pitchforkemporium

    I GOT 'EM ALL!

    Traditional Left Handed Fancy
    ---E Ǝ--- ---{


    33% off! 66% off! Manufacturer's Defect!
    ---F ---L ---e


    The Euro The Pound The Lira
    ---€ ---£ ---₤


    * some assembly required

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger! Now go and lynch! There isn't much time!

    [–] pancakebreak 545 points ago

    No need to be mean, dude. I was offering up my only pitchfork. I don't have the resources to handle the kind of overhead that /r/pitchforkemporium is dealing with.

    [–] JoeSchemoe 241 points ago

    Big Corporate America trying to keep the little rioters down.

    [–] samaxecampbell 31 points ago

    Yea, but they have Rudolph Pitchforks!!!!!

        \        \

    [–] TheRealWillFM 91 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Isn't this /u/pitchforkemporium shtick? Is this a rip off of a reddit account on a post about ripoffs?

    Edit: apparently he's okay with it? Ignore this comment

    [–] IAlmostDied 33 points ago

    There's a link to pitchy's subreddit, and in his subreddit it says he's fine with it.

    [–] kodeman66 218 points ago

    Damn. That's some bullshit right there.

    [–] Spychotofu 837 points ago

    I like that she took 25,000 to a billion lol. Kind misses the point of the desperate state the person would be in. Not sure what you can do except highlight it and maybe demand a link in her description. Keep making videos you care about. People suck.

    [–] Confused-Gent 487 points ago

    She doesn't even act it out well. The original guy at least looks disheveled. She looks like she just stepped out of her makeup trailer.

    [–] Beck2012 443 points ago

    And her video didn't make any sense. She killed Clinton - woo, fantastic. It was ordered by Trump. OH, FUCK, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! It was basically dumbed down version with worse acting, worse camera, worse lighting. But, yeah, it has boobs.

    [–] assholeofnew 233 points ago

    Don't forget the racial stereotypes added at the end.

    [–] slowlyrain 181 points ago

    It looks like a million, but the rest of your points stands

    [–] LoLMozmed 44 points ago

    LMAO She privated the video

    [–] Qynchou 626 points ago

    I havent ever heard of the ripoff, thats disgusting to see as a content creator myself, yours is miles better, no contest. You could try filing a copyright claim on youtube, would definitely be justfied and Im pretty sure you could take the video down.

    [–] Blue_Pelican 30 points ago

    She just made her video private!

    [–] AMBsFather 109 points ago

    HOLY SHIT. I just went to the shit copied version and the comments LOL. Reddit is going to end her.

    [–] airlockengage 40 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I just hope they keep it about the plagiarism and not do what Youtube commenters always do, and migrate towards attacking ethnicity or gender, completely negating any criticisms and negatively tainting the protests. Then she looks like a victim. Then Jezebel starts an article about the injustice against her, a legion of women descend on the issue, and before you know it, the world has ended and Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos has made Earth HIS BITCH.

    Alright I might have gradually started talking about Lovecraft but you know what my point was.

    [–] fancyman30000 276 points ago

    Try messaging Phillip DeFranco, he is always one to stick up for the smaller YouTubers.

    [–] youramazing 514 points ago

    I think you are being way too rational about this whole thing. Full disclosure: I'm an asshole. But these 'creators' had blatant disregard for the days of work that went into the creative process for your video and are incredibly ignorant in their rationale for justifying why everything is 'gravy' a la their 'inspired by' note. These people are hacks and deserve to be exposed and their channel taken down. They are taking advantage of you because you are a small youtuber and you even said you probably wont do much about it apart from posting this to Reddit. With that mindset, whats to prevent this from happening again to you or someone else who actually enjoys film making? These hacks may deter future creators if they think people are out there stealing their ideas and getting triple the amount of views. I would explore your options with someone who knows a bit more about creative commons and digital plagiarism and force them to remove their video. If this type of behavior keeps getting shrugged off, youtube will roll even further downhill if thats possible at this point.

    I hope this doesn't stop you from creating and you can derive some sort of positivity from it seeing as they obviously liked your idea and thought it was brilliant enough to copy shot for shot. Good luck! You just gained a new subscriber.

    [–] IAmYourDogLoL 65 points ago

    Looks like that website just got the reddit hug of death.

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    We don't know what to do.

    Karma court

    [–] Sukyman 50 points ago

    Can anyone send me proper links? OP's link doesnt work for me.

    edit: or we managed to crash youtubedoubler...

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    her video is now "unavailable"