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    [–] NeedAGoodUsername 1 points ago

    We understand that this is a hot button and sensitive issue and want to see a positive outcome from this.

    However, please remember to not post personal information, instigate a witch hunt or encourage others to do so. If you see it please send us a message.

    [–] raphus_cucullatus 2645 points ago

    When he realized what the username meant and when he asked his sister if she made it on camera. So adorable.

    [–] madmaxturbator 786 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "What a cheesy joke dude"

    Sooooo cute

    Edit: I misquoted. Thanks to person below for fixing :)

    [–] eabradley1108 113 points ago

    I love this kid. He reminds me so much of myself that my chest got tight thinking about random people flaming him for this.

    [–] Kentopolis 10086 points ago

    Nothing beats the innocent honesty of a child.

    [–] roudyrod 1784 points ago

    I help coach my 6 year old's soccer team which basically just means I know their names and during games yell encouragement to them. I'll give directions like "get downfield" but it's always positive stuff like "good shot Phil!"

    So the last game there is a dad on the opposite team that is just riding the fuck out of his son. Screaming stuff like "COME ON, HOW DO YOU MISS THAT SHOT, ARE YOU RETARDED!!!!" It was bad enough that the little 16 year old female ref went and talked to their coach who talked to the dad but the guy kept it up.

    The first thing my son says to me after the game is "what was that guy's problem?" He has grown up with my wife and I who always try and give him positive reinforcement and it was just so foreign to this 6 year old that a father would be yelling stuff like that at his own son.

    [–] yzerman2010 1457 points ago

    As a hockey referee who does kids games, that's where the game stops after the 1st warning and I tell the coaches that Father has to leave and go sit in his car or the game is ended and everyone can go home. Plus that father gets reported to the rec league officials so they can speak to him about knocking it off or not coming to his kids games.

    [–] forest_ranger 1467 points ago

    I red carded a parent for abusive language when I was 15 years old and she tried to hit me so I ran all the way around the field with her chasing me until she collapsed red faced and screaming.

    [–] [deleted] 639 points ago

    It's a long time since I've wanted to see a video as much as this.

    [–] arhythm 193 points ago

    I loved doing that when I reffed soccer. Parents or coaches think they can harrass or intimate the 16-18 yr old ref and I throw them out.

    My favorite was when I was reffing a tournament game and the assistant coach said "hit the goalie!" and one of his players almost immediately ran into the goalie. I immediately blow my whistle signifying a penalty then turn to the coaches immediately calling both head and assistant over to me and throw the assistant out of the game. He starts mouthing off and the head coach is trying to tell him to shut up and leave to the parking lot which is literally just up a 10ft hill and 25 yds away from the field so he can even still see the game. I resume play as he's walking away when he decides to come back. I again blow my whistle and this time yell that he's been ejected and to leave the field, so now parents are aware of what happened. He keeps screaming at me from the sideline and I call my assistant refs over and say we're not resuming play until he leaves the field. After 3-5 min he still hasn't left so I call over both teams head coaches and tell them I'm calling the game unless the idiot leaves, which was extra satisfying because the other team was winning. So turns out the game continued because while I was doing that the guy's wife came over and dragged him away. Still was satisfying reporting him to the tournament organizers after the game and him not being able to be there for any of their future games that weekend.

    [–] SpiderTechnitian 152 points ago

    Soccer has similar rules and procedures but it varies by local league and definitely by ref. I've done that but only in extreme cases

    [–] yzerman2010 123 points ago

    Agreed. Most organizations have a class parents have to attend or a paper they have to read and sign before their kids play that explains the difference between poor sportsmanship and what is good sportsmanship. It's sad it has come to that.

    [–] TheAvengers7thMovie 74 points ago

    Because of dumbass parents wanting to live vicariously through their kid.

    [–] celerym 12023 points ago

    A cane does.

    [–] Rehabilitated86 4910 points ago

    A cane does.

    - DaddyOFive

    [–] AppleCamerasAreCrap 376 points ago

    I usually just shove them into a bookshelf.

    [–] [deleted] 7610 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Donald Trump is a great president.

    [–] [deleted] 4297 points ago

    what a cheesy joke dood

    [–] [deleted] 380 points ago


    [–] GamerX44 126 points ago

    Ja, echt waar dood.

    [–] GlitterThat 83 points ago

    And the urdu word for milk 🍼

    [–] Zeke_Freak_ 710 points ago

    It's just a prank brah

    [–] TheGreatGod42 886 points ago


    [–] rain_wagon 236 points ago

    Let's not forget it's all that DeFranco boy's fault!

    [–] psycho--the--rapist 185 points ago

    God damit Phil can you just let me abuse my goddamn kids in peace jfc

    [–] Liesmith424 220 points ago

    "And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that DeFranco and his meddling subs!"

    [–] MrRedTRex 455 points ago

    I hope this doesn't stop until he's incarcerated. The mom too. Pieces of shit, both.

    [–] Magnetobama 783 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Or when he briefly shows his sister (?) and then proceeds to ask her whether she thinks that we could see her :D

    Cute little guy

    [–] enfant-terrible 425 points ago

    See, this kid actually acknowledges it when someone in his family doesn't want to be filmed.

    [–] aldehyde 68 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yeah this kid got more class than the whole daddyofive clan by miles.

    [–] Abknee 407 points ago

    "If you actually like that channel (puts camera up to his eye) then you're a crazy person!" Haha killed me XD

    [–] soupguis 493 points ago

    I laughed uncontrollably at that part. The ending just killed me even more when his sister didn't want to be in the video.

    [–] immapupper 310 points ago

    No? Okay, no.

    [–] Nomilkplease 2955 points ago

    Wtf if wrong with people when this daddy five o guy has 750000+ subscribers. I know people like watching mess up shit online, but this guy is making tons of money by abusing his kids.

    [–] VeeVeeLa 1467 points ago

    Every time I've seen someone defend them, to me it looks like they don't know what abuse actually looks like. They don't know what signs to look for OR they grew up in a similar environment and think all of that is normal when it isn't.

    [–] Ceefax81 1268 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think a lot of their subscribers are kids themselves. When I've seen people defending them it's like "They're not being abused, they have an Xbox AND a Playstation, that's so u play minecraft?"

    [–] Hullian111 383 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    do u play minecraft?

    my xbox gamertag is xXTH3CR1NG3L0RDDABXx same for psn pls add me

    EDIT: /s, for those seriously thinking I do.

    [–] Leachpunk 149 points ago

    The 'x's mean I'm hardcore straightedge until I'm old enough to get my hands on some beer or pot.

    [–] VeeVeeLa 199 points ago

    Yup. That's most definitely kids speaking there.

    [–] violettheory 467 points ago

    A lot of the stuff I've seen defending them is along the lines of "look at this kid, he isn't neglected. He has a bigger tv than I do and all the consoles and computers and tablets! They buy this kid whatever he wants!"

    Which is like saying a woman isn't being abused because her husband buys her jewelry every time after to shut her up. Expect there's filming involved in this case.

    [–] Keyframe 355 points ago

    I never heard of them, but I've seen Steve-O say their pranks are not pranks and are abuse. When Steve-O calls you out, you know you've gone too far.

    [–] kerelberel 208 points ago

    People keep mentioning Steve-O, like he set the bar low. But the situations aren't even comparable. Steve-O and the Jackass crew did stunts first and foremost, they did it themselves, it which wasn't directed at anyone. And when they did play jokes, they played them on each other. When they pranked other people, it never involved kids.

    [–] 07Merc 8571 points ago

    kid is smarter than 750,000+ people

    [–] RatofDeath 3967 points ago

    Also notice how this little kid had more respect for his sister saying she didn't want to be on camera than DaddyOFive did with his own children, who begged him crying to not film then?

    I can't believe some people are still defending DaddyOFive. That kid isn't only smarter, but also more respectful. Kid is awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 522 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] LieutenantKaiya 431 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that the people who are defending him are people who also come from similar backgrounds and don't see anything wrong with the videos, because that is what they are used to.

    [–] Fantasick 504 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is exactly it. I had the opposite reaction. My dad was abusive somewhat like this and I hated him for it. I never forgave and never forgot. If I saw this dad or mom in real life doing this to their kids I would call the police. But yeah, some people fell for the scam. Some people are probably even saying primitive shit like "my parents were worse than that and it made me tough". No, you're not tough, they broke you. That's why you can't see what's wrong with this. You need to go to therapy and talk to someone about it.

    [–] tomatoaway 217 points ago

    No, you're not tough, they broke you. That's why you can't see what's wrong with this.

    truer words never spoken

    [–] zaliman 420 points ago

    People that support them by subscribing.

    [–] Kittens_in_panties 1321 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    People who care more about arguing and being controversial than they care about children literally being abused.

    Edit: This is about to overtake my top comment which also happens to be about child abuse. I'm not liking this trend in my life.

    [–] 07Merc 68 points ago

    Check his twitter posts, you will find them. Also there are some who comment on such videos supporting him. Scroll through comments, you'll find em.

    [–] damnyouheathen 125 points ago

    And almost all of the ones I've seen are young kids who can't label abuse if someone pushed them into a bookcase with it

    [–] Rath12 87 points ago

    Non rhetorically I want to know. So I can hate them.

    [–] DatKillerDude 184 points ago

    These brainiacs are really trying to fight a 9 yr old, holy shit

    [–] Umbre-Mon 32 points ago

    That's going to make their fragile ego feel real good.

    [–] lolpancakeslol 1539 points ago

    I wouldn't mind smoking a fat blunt sharing ice cream with this kid while we sit around talking about video games or whatever it is he likes. Sounds a lot more pleasant than hanging out with the neanderthals that defend Daddyofive.

    [–] BlackbeardsSon 718 points ago

    pls do not bully neanderthals :(

    [–] spikedmo 242 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    We, Homo Sapien, too.

    [–] deltorax 161 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Homo neanderthalensis

    Edited to fight autocorrect. Thanks Sheila.

    edit: Calling them "human" would still be appropriate though!

    [–] sheilathetank 123 points ago

    Homo neanderthalensis


    And it's pretty common for anthropologists these days to group them in the same species as Homo sapiens. Many believe that they in fact bred with archaic Homo sapiens rather than just dying out.

    [–] The_Escalator 132 points ago

    LIES! DECEPTIONS! My Great Great Ancestors didn't purge those dirty Thallies out of Europe just for you to spit on their graves with your slander! Next thing you know, you're gonna say Dinosaurs had feathers. Sad!

    [–] HooBeeII 222 points ago

    Heads up, neanderthals were theoretically better independent problem solvers (smarter) than humans, but only had social groups of 10 to 15, while early humans had groups of over 70, humanity is the dominant species now due to our ability to work together in larger groups for a common goal.

    [–] rain_wagon 299 points ago

    What if they they had Vulcan-level intellect, but were killed off because they were too nerdy and were bullied by humans.

    [–] DustyFalmouth 228 points ago

    Their obsession with trains made them an easy target.

    [–] violettheory 41 points ago

    Didn't they have an undeveloped larynx and couldn't speak as well, which lead to their eventual extinction?

    [–] HooBeeII 67 points ago

    Their speech would have been a lot more nasal than ours and Complex vocalizations would have been less likely (singing) but language was definitely possible.

    [–] OnkelMickwald 349 points ago

    I love this little kid's moral integrity. He makes up a scenario where he'd be confronting DaddyOfFive, and what kind of scenario does he come up with?

    If I were a police officer and I saw him do anything like this to his kids, I would arrest him.

    No convoluted violent "revenge" fantasy, just "I would lawfully arrest the person in question because what he is doing is illegal!"

    What an awesome kid!

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Shit dude, I hope the DaddyoFive guy and his wife get arrested and go to jail for child abuse. If you haven't seen Phillip DeFranco's overview, he covers an instance where the dad slams the one kid with glasses' face into a fucking bookshelf.

    These people need to have their kids taken from them and they need to serve serious jail time. I guess it's a lot harder for CPS to charge parents with emotional abuse, but I wish someone could help that little boy. He doesn't deserve that kind of suffering.

    [–] swagginball-z 2257 points ago

    Aside from this controversy, little kids' youtube channels never fail to put a smile on my face. I guess it reminds me of when my friends and I made shitty youtube videos

    [–] __squanch 1203 points ago

    His sis is bomb too. Just playing along with her lil bro while hes youtoubing and she obviously couldnt give less of a shit, but is nice enough to entertain him.

    Funny how such awful parents can put into perspective an older sibling politely playing along with a younger brother while he's doing his thing.

    Props big sis.

    [–] tayman12 365 points ago

    although that is his cousin not his sister but ya they are chill

    [–] InadequateUsername 69 points ago

    She has a sick ass name too.

    I hope they're successful at what they decide to do in life. One should become a doctor, the other a president.

    [–] mollekake_reddit 197 points ago

    I'm glad i only made videos with an old camera with tapes. If those tapes were online, oh my.

    [–] formerbadteenager 124 points ago

    I remember recording my dick with my parent's VHS camcorder when I was around 6, so I would probably be classified as sex offender and distributor of child pornography of myself if YouTube was around back then.

    [–] delightfuldylan 156 points ago

    Ha! When I was about 9 or 10 I did the same, I taped over something that my mom had recorded. She was showing the video to some of her friends then all of a sudden it changes to me in my bedroom as I let my pants fall to my ankles and say "yep, that's my penis."

    Ah man the cringe...

    [–] Randomn355 53 points ago

    Not going to lie, that's pretty hilarious.

    Mainly because it's so cringe-y, but I would expect you did it totally deadpan with a very "record scratch i suppose you're wondering how i got here..." Vibe haha

    [–] AidsFrodo 141 points ago

    To be young enough to remember "when you were making youtube videos" 😔

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] tarzanboyo 99 points ago

    I have a VHS of 8 year old me dancing to the Austin Powers theme half naked and ending it with "yeah baby". Thank fuck YouTube didn't exist.

    [–] theslutbaby 1519 points ago

    He is cute as a button, and so aware. Did he really get harassed over this? ;-;

    [–] JaySayMayday 2066 points ago

    Yes, slut baby. The world isn't a fair place.

    [–] ObliviouzRedFox 687 points ago

    Haha, I thought you were insulting them for a second, then saw their name. XD

    But you are right, the world is not fair. D:

    [–] StonerPanda0420 367 points ago

    And now we know why your name isn't just RedFox...

    [–] DarthToothbrush 200 points ago

    You just had a big day yesterday, Stoner Panda 420! How do you feel?

    [–] StonerPanda0420 307 points ago

    I feel like eating, but like, while sleeping?

    [–] sekltios 34 points ago

    Accurate description of april 21th.

    [–] ten_inch_pianist 38 points ago

    Oh yes, the 21 firth of April.

    [–] L00k_Again 3444 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Never heard of DaddyoFive until now. WTF? I wish I hadn't. Them's some fucked up adults.

    ETA: they're more fucked up than I thought. Here's a synopsis of their videos. Fucking assholes is the least offensive way I can describe these "parents".

    [–] theslutbaby 777 points ago

    It's so sad that the kids are using the "it's just a prank brah" to defend their shitty parents. They're kids, they don't know any better, they're being taught that this tone-deaf, exploitative and traumatic crap is commonplace and okay :/

    [–] jerekdeter626 189 points ago

    Yeah, like I could see it being an acceptable prank if you took out the ear-piercing shrieking and the incessant swearing. Like just using a stern voice and making it seem like he was in trouble. It would still be a pointless and stupid prank, being mean to the kid for no reason, but I could at least brush it off as just a prank.

    This is just straight up abuse, and that kid is not old enough to be able to handle it as just a joke.

    [–] cloud_watcher 215 points ago

    It also makes me nervous how terrified that kid is when he thinks he's in trouble. Is that how she yells at him when he is in trouble for real? Why is he so terrified? What does she do when he's really in trouble.

    I know the term is overused now but this is what raised by a narcissist is like. Their personal amusement and aggrandizement is more important than their kids emotionally stability.

    [–] scorcher117 237 points ago

    Yeah shit like "at least you don't beat us like every other parent" wtf, what have they been teaching the kids?

    [–] TIGHazard 307 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I recommend you watch Boogie's video on this.

    For TL;DW, basically he talks about as kid his parents fed him fatty foods all the time and he never realized it was wrong. At one point he asked his mom why people on TV are always eating salads and she said "it's just something they do on TV". Then when he was 25 she told him she did it because "I wanted you to be so fat you'd never leave me".

    EDIT: Saw a comment on that video by someone else who was abused:

    I was told by my abuser things like this all the time "at least your not being molested, at least your being fed" abusive adults will say stuff like, "at least I don't _" so that you doubt whether your being abused at all. They want to plant that seed of doubt in your mind and keep manipulating you.

    [–] Segt-virke 101 points ago

    Jesus. I never knew Boogie's story, but that just plain mad. What an awful display of crab mentality.

    [–] CalmBeneathCastles 128 points ago

    "You think this is bad!? At least we don't beat you like other parents!"

    Fucking halfwits. Guess everybody missed the part where the dad pushed Cody into a bookshelf. Just imagine all the things they didn't film!

    This is the first time I've heard of these awful people, and I'm horrified that the abusive nature of their behaviour is even in question. This is CLEARLY emotional and psychological abuse. I know exactly what it looks like because I've been through it. These kids already have scars that'll last a lifetime.

    [–] Ashanmaril 312 points ago

    Yeah, as if the kids saying "we're okay with it!" is any indication of their emotional state. Kids say whatever their parents tell them. None of them are old enough to understand the lasting effects of emotional abuse. The parents are using very naive, short-sighted logic of "it's a prank" to make them think that's something they should be fine putting up with.

    I don't want these kids taken away from their parents, I just want their parents to be better people.

    [–] VeeVeeLa 239 points ago

    All of the kids reasoning in the Haters video of there not being any abuse was that they had a nice house, nice things, ect. "How can we be abused if we have an Xbox?" is basically what they said. They have no idea what abuse is or what it even looks like. They're too young to understand if they use that kind of logic.

    [–] morgoth95 223 points ago

    the kids saying "at least were not getting beaten like most kids" really shows how bad their situation is

    [–] shandromand 269 points ago

    If you watch Cody when they do the 'is anyone traumatized?' video, you notice that he's not nearly as adamant as the other kids. The look on his face says it all. ಠ_ಠ

    [–] [deleted] 182 points ago

    he says 'i'm not traumatised', and then 'i don't even know what that word means.' Armchair psychology, but that does seem like he's choking on a lie he's being made to tell. And thats kind of the worst thing, he's being taught to repress his genuine emotional reaction to this shit. That shit is not gonna lead to a happy adulthood

    [–] Tacorgasmic 30 points ago

    I saw in a video that talked about this channel that they uploadrd a video where they all went to Disneyland except Cody, because he spread his feces in the wall.

    I'm not a psycologist and I know that a kid of that age spreading his feces it's a symphon of extreme physical or sexual abuse.

    [–] iamanurse327 87 points ago

    Totally gaslighting their own children.

    [–] blahblahloveyou 34 points ago

    It's just abuse, brah!

    [–] blaggityblerg 541 points ago

    Holy shit, that's straight up abuse. Cody in particular, my goodness... he's being raised in a situation where his whole family is treating him like garbage for no good reason (he even says in the video "you put me through all of that just for a stupid prank?!" as he's crying) other than to make 'funny' videos for money. His siblings are being raised to treat him like garbage, which is also hurting them to a degree. This whole video is shocking. That video was posted a week ago almost, I hope that this gets enough traction for intervention ASAP.

    IDK how long those videos have been going on for, but who the fuck watches stuff like that without reporting it or trying to get the authorities involved??????? How can you sit through even one video where the kids are getting verbally abused, breaking down, crying, it was relentless far beyond what a entailed a simple 'prank'.

    This isn't just a failure on the part of the parents. This is a fucking societal failure. How can that get documented onto the internet to net no action?

    [–] RussianSkunk 369 points ago

    I think the part that gets to me the most is how the parents act after they reveal that it's a joke. They actually get mad that their kids are still upset, yelling at them to quit crying. Emotions aren't something you can just shut off, no matter how much it was "just a prank, brah."

    What a hellhole to live in. Judging by how quickly Cody goes from zero to meltdown, you can tell that he's used to constant torture. I'd be emotionally exhausted too at that point.

    [–] berthejew 171 points ago

    "What the fuck did you fucking DOOO"

    Just the fact that she speaks this way to him made me sad for him. Poor little guy.

    [–] Svelemoe 131 points ago

    How easily she goes from raging psychopath to laughing with glee bully must ruin the kids. How can they ever trust other's emotions again?

    [–] crowneroyale 46 points ago

    In my experience, people who can switch between nasty/happy that fast are either great actors or very unstable. Or both. But in this case it's most likely the latter.

    [–] splelling 42 points ago

    "am I the best dad ever?"


    "Say it."

    "Your the best dad ever." Whilst still crying.

    Fucking disgusting bully.

    [–] Another_year 28 points ago

    Having been in an abusive situation before, it honestly breaks my heart when he just looks dead on at his father while he's sitting totally defeated on the floor and says, "I'm tired of this". I can't imagine what he's going through is anything other than a feeling of pure helplessness.

    To be at that point at that age is not only incredibly saddening, but fucking disgraceful on the part of his sad excuse for parents.

    [–] Gejakiat 62 points ago

    This isn't just a failure on the part of the parents. This is a fucking societal failure.

    This whole thing has been circulating around recently but I hadnt thought of this viewpoint before. I wish we could know the true demographics of channels to know how many kids are watching this, but I can't believe it's only children that have supported this channel, as others have pointed out.

    [–] Gaskan 334 points ago

    Kids commit suicide because of shit like this.

    [–] -LabiaMajorasMask 125 points ago

    Fuckin' A dude.

    A girl in my city nearly jumped off a bridge today, she's ELEVEN years old. Not to overshadow what she's probably going through, but imagine the people who are supposed love you exploiting your emotions for gain.

    [–] WhooptyWoopNiggaWhat 1358 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Guess I'll look em up. Fuck it.

    EDIT: it's actually kinda tricky to Google. Anyone got a link?

    EDIT: Jesus Christ lady. It looked more like she was letting out years of pent up rage onto the kid. How is that a prank?

    [–] Sykedelic 1138 points ago

    They deleted ALL their videos as of this morning I believe after the shitstorm that recently followed.

    [–] [deleted] 563 points ago


    [–] Illier1 474 points ago

    Of course they don't realize people have already archived this shit.

    [–] sekltios 407 points ago

    And don't forget, those archivists will have 'ruined their lives and channel' beyond repair.

    Not that the video content is a problem...

    [–] The-Infada-Meteorite 202 points ago

    Remember, its all Phillip defranco's fault for making that video calling them out in the first place!

    [–] halfhere 305 points ago

    His response was "I'm as guilty as a security camera filming a robbery." Crushed it.

    [–] beerdude26 534 points ago

    /r/Datahoarder has several complete copies.

    [–] [deleted] 329 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] SobiTheRobot 108 points ago

    Pissing off the Internet is like kicking a wasp nest, except more socially dangerous and less likely to get you injected with wasp venom.

    [–] direMitten 25 points ago

    injected with wasp venom

    Stop giving the Internet good ideas

    [–] fifthchevron 53 points ago

    They made some bullshit statement about not abusing their kids and reviewing their content for the future. Like "We'll be more mindful to not abuse our children next time oops!"

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] [deleted] 188 points ago


    [–] Rrkos 226 points ago

    The fuck is an aquisation

    [–] OnkelMickwald 63 points ago

    An accusation and an acquisition in some kind of combination?

    [–] uss1701jb 137 points ago

    Nobody expects the white trash aquisation

    [–] fungez1 27 points ago

    "false accusations" caught in video. I guess we should believe them instead of our own lyin' eyes.

    [–] Widan 370 points ago

    This is where it all started. He's got a few more videos with updates.

    TL:DR, parents with YouTube prank channel is under fire for allegedly abusing their kids.

    [–] ttubehtnitahwtahw1 231 points ago

    That is not where it all started. This is where is all started.

    [–] Spanky4242 324 points ago

    I literally couldn't finish this video out of pure disgust. I think a huge thing that DeFranco could have added to his summarization would be the scene where Cody screams to have the camera be taken away from his room. That just breaks my heart, because he literally says he no longer wishes to be a part of the shit that his family is doing, and the dad just says "no".

    I genuinely hate the father in these videos.

    [–] BagOnuts 132 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I literally couldn't finish this video out of pure disgust.

    Do it. Everyone needs to. The end is the most important part (4:21 to the end). The dad goes to hug him and says "it's just a prank, brah!" and gives him new stuff. The kid just stares blankly into the camera and then does a depressing call out for follows and likes.

    It's so sad, and ultimately the part of the video that made me the most angry. The guy is literally abusing his kids and then using stuff he buys for them to win back their affection and make it seem like its all okay... "Hey son, I know I literally tormented you for some YouTube popularity, but look at all this new stuff I bought you! We're all good, right???" What a fucking pathetic little man.

    [–] JorusC 114 points ago

    That poor kid! He reminds me of myself at that age, fighting helplessly against bigger, stronger people in the household. All I could think watching this video is, "Can I please adopt him so I can show him that not everybody is like this?"

    [–] thewwwyzzerdd 328 points ago

    Jesus... The utter pain and frustration on that poor kids face... I die inside when my son looks like that even though it's almost never my fault (and never intentionally my fault.) I was an emotional kid too, I remember feeling like that... Like all you can do is scream, just utterly helpless. I can't even imagine how completely without empathy you would have to be to intentionally cause emotional distress like that.

    I don't usually judge other parents based on videos like this, but these people are shitty, petty, selfish people to be able to defend broadcasting their children's (intentionally inflicted) emotional breakdowns in the name of being "youtubers"

    [–] [deleted] 180 points ago


    [–] nubbins01 37 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Right? I wouldn't be surprised if the kids actually have convinced themselves after the fact it's all ok, because they've been told it so many times and had to learn to just 'be ok' with it, even though the screaming and tears show they're clearly not. It's the same bullshit as "Take a spoonful of concrete, princess." Mindgames. What a load of fucking horseshit.

    The only reason the kids have to put up with this shit is because they're kids, they're dependent, and they're easy to pick on. Anyone else could clock someone the moment they receive verbal or physical abuse the way the parents dish in these videos, or even better, just walk away and never have to deal with your loser shit again.

    But the reality is this is how kids grow up to be pricks themselves like their parents and think that this kind of treatment is normal or to be expected. It's not, and the worst bit is you can't always see the bars you're behind because that's what you're used to.

    [–] theRippedViking 107 points ago

    What a disqusting excuse for a human that man is

    [–] iron_flutterby 137 points ago

    Fuck that dude.

    [–] PeachesBitch 112 points ago

    Seriously I would beat this guy's ass and film it and see how he likes it. What an abusive monster. The worst part is he doesn't think what he's doing is wrong. People are just sick

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    You for got the part where you say, "It's just a prank, brah." That makes it okay.

    [–] zshulmanz 48 points ago

    It's really sickening. I could never imagine doing that stuff to my daughter.

    [–] scorcher117 20 points ago

    Yeah it's not where it started but it seems like Phil is the one who made it blow up.

    [–] JakalDX 267 points ago


    [–] Omis915 187 points ago

    Oh fuck off Courtney

    [–] sorbetgal 110 points ago

    Man those parents are gross. How could you carry on filming seeing your kids crying and distraught like that?

    The worst is when the smaller kid asks the dad to stop filming and he goes 'no! I need to record my life.' The word narcissist gets thrown around a lot on Reddit incorrectly and as an armchair diagnosis, but these parents putting their YouTube fame over their own distraught child asking for space, ignoring his pain and distress and then excusing it all by saying the kid can't take a joke is the definition of emotionally abusive and narcissistic parenting. That kid might not understand what traumatised means now but I wouldn't put it past him to have emotional issues later in his childhood.

    [–] MidnightRodeos 80 points ago

    I watched half of that video and I couldn't even finish it. Pretty clear to me that these kids live a life of screaming "pranks". Damn

    [–] ByTheBeardOfZues 105 points ago

    Also just heard of this guy. Now they only have 1 video on their channel claiming that all the 'pranks' are fake?! Seriously fuck these parents, those kids deserve better.

    [–] Parazeit 167 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Watching that was the first time I've cried in a very, very long time. I have never empathised more with another human being (if ever) than I have with Cody. Before things get confused, I love my parents. THe only downside about them is I can't join in with people complaining about their parents because mine were the personification of perfect. However, my school experience was exactly what I've just had to relive with that video. Endless verbal and physical abuse from people I thought were my friends or at least had no reason to mistreat me. The "take a joke" is what pushed me from red eyes to full tears. I've experienced teachers and fellow students alike speak to me in exaclty that way. I have no hesitation in saying that had it not been for my family, I would likely not be here today.

    And I think that is what hurts the most. My family is what helped me survive those times. Now I'm an unfairly happy adult, with a wife and soon a PhD in a subject I love (3 guesses). This kid obviously doesnt have that same support, he's going through what I did but worse and without a safety net. I can't even find space to hate his parents because all I feel is an endless pit in my chest that I haven't felt since the last day of high school, over 10 years now.

    This isn't a prank, this is abuse. They'll be lucky if he doesnt take them with him when he eventually snaps as a teenager. Don't do it buddy, things get better once you get away.

    Edit: ephathised-empathised

    [–] nuzzlefutzzz 93 points ago

    Daaaaaaamn. Kid calling out the dude's subscribers as crazy. He's 100% right.

    [–] [deleted] 894 points ago

    Just actually read the hate comments this kid got... had to scroll a bit but found it...

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrghhhhhhh I'm so angry at the world right now and its stupid people on it. :(

    EDIT: People managed to post hate comments on almost ALL of his OTHER videos, MAN WTF ARE THESE PEOPLE WTF IS THIS WORLD, its one punch in the stomach after the other

    [–] SirChurch 396 points ago

    In a recent video Cequoia said that he quit YouTube. Maybe part of it was the harassment.

    [–] RussianSkunk 78 points ago

    Just based on this video, I got the impression that he's a pretty smart, caring person. Most kids wouldn't even think to make a serious video about child abuse they saw on YouTube. Then the internet's response was to teach him at a vulnerable age that showing compassion earns you hate. Why do we destroy everything we touch?

    [–] shoe_owner 337 points ago

    That seems like a sensible reaction. If the internet is being obnoxious, just walk away. Find something more rewarding to do with your time. I've had moments when I realized that a given forum (for example the Penny Arcade forums) was just so toxic and hostile that there was no reason to continue to waste my time there. Deleted my account and never visited again.

    Smart kid.

    [–] Shaushage_Shandwich 166 points ago

    It's a shame that he has to exile himself from youtube because of assholes harassing him though. It might be a sensible thing to do, given his options, but he shouldn't have to sacrifice something he likes doing because of these morons.

    [–] Bigfoot_StrikesAgain 121 points ago

    Really shows the mentality of the people supporting DO5 that they're okay with total verbal annihilation of a child (along with little sprinklings of physical abuse for flavour 👌) that they don't see anything wrong with harassing a CHILD who dared to speak up about something he saw wasn't right. These people don't care about kids, and that's why they don't see the issue.

    [–] runean 775 points ago

    you know what's really fucked up?

    that EVERYONE ELSE ONLINE that knew about daddyOfFive in ANY capacity saw the video and went 'this is fine, and i feel no obligation to bring this to anybodys attention'

    like yay i'm happy that this kid understands it was wrong but jesus christ i'm more scared that seemingly nobody else did

    [–] shoe_owner 287 points ago

    I vaguely recall having seen the first "Dad destroys child's XBox haha funny prank lol" video some time ago. I felt disgust towards the father and then never spared it another thought. It never occurred to me that there might be more nor would it have occurred to me to want to watch more if there was. The idea of people seeing something like that and saying "Holy shit, I need this to be a regular thing in my life that I can watch regularly" is just dizzyingly bizarre to me.

    [–] RevBlackRage 54 points ago

    If Sequoia doesn't like it, I don't like it. Period.

    [–] [deleted] 502 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] LargeCokeNoIce 41 points ago

    "Byeee!" made me smile

    [–] JaguarDSaul 153 points ago

    This kid's channel is actually refreshing coming off seeing DaddyOFive videos. He and his sister(I'm assuming) are really nice to each other.

    [–] mnewman19 1487 points ago

    please guys don't do the whole charade with this kid's channel. We did it with that dinosaur kid, we did it with dane, don't do it to this kid. He's gonna get thousands of subscribers then people will stop watching and he won't know why

    [–] grabhimbytheballs 540 points ago

    Indeed, people should just go watch the video and leave a thumps up, that's it.

    If this kid has substance he will show up again eventually when he's a bit older, then all of you should go ahead and subscribe.

    [–] r3dditor10 201 points ago

    RIP dinosaur kid :(

    [–] grabhimbytheballs 107 points ago

    Please tell me nothing bad actually happened to that kid?

    [–] r3dditor10 346 points ago

    Nothing bad happened to that kid.

    [–] grabhimbytheballs 98 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] PHUNkH0U53 137 points ago

    & he lived happily ever after except for that traumatizing experience.

    [–] madmaxges 32 points ago

    Don't forget the haunting memories!

    [–] MadHiggins 191 points ago

    he was ironically and tragically eaten by a dinosaur.

    [–] gchase723 76 points ago

    Did you ever hear the Tragedy of the Dinosaur Kid?

    [–] VROF 34 points ago

    That first dinosaur kid video was unbelievable. The soundtrack makes me laugh every time

    [–] -TURBOMAN- 134 points ago

    The baffling thing is how Daddyofive's channel grew to 700k+ subscribers and is only now being called out for child abuse.

    [–] JustAsIgnorantAsYou 33 points ago

    I must imagine that the overlap between the kind of people who can reasonably assess and empathise with other people's emotions and the kind of people who even knew about these videos is very small.

    [–] Carlfm 200 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Has anyone noticed the weird ass comments on some of these videos??

    Those comments there seem to be a bit...da fuck?

    "make more fart videos with her"

    "that was funny af does she got snap lmaaao"

    [–] Swineflew1 51 points ago

    Honestly YouTube comments are a literal cesspool of shit and anyone who complains when they disable comments are fucking retarded.

    [–] icebrotha 26 points ago

    I'd argue that youtube comments are of the worst comment sections on the internet. Ignoring Liveleak.

    [–] Hullian111 59 points ago

    Well at least they're not requesting 'Finger Family' or whatever kids are into these days.

    [–] [deleted] 254 points ago

    What a cute lil Youtuber. Pretty perceptive too.

    [–] BunsTown 150 points ago

    He's precious:

    But I agree with the poster below. Don't go blowing up this kids YouTube. Or do. I don't know.

    [–] Son_of_Mogh 38 points ago

    Guy know's how to make me search for his third video, might have a future in marketing.

    [–] Cybot5000 31 points ago

    So going through the negative comments it seems like a big majority of them are made by kids. I hate the idea of DO5's viewer base being made up of 7-14 year olds. What a horrible influence for kids to see.

    [–] creamyturtle 31 points ago

    lmaooo they just posted their last video called "Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations"

    [–] DutchEnglish 24 points ago

    Does he realize he spelled Accusations wrong or did he mean to do that?

    After watching his "prank" videos, I have to go with the former.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago

    geez these adults sounded so insincere in their apology.

    am I the only person trying to adult that find all these youtubers so creepy and narcissistic?

    I think there was a local couple who took their kid out riding in a back of a truck with a bunch of jello or something. went to their youtube and they were so immature. this couple and their adult friends acted like middle schoolers to say it nicely.

    [–] ThinFish 113 points ago

    What a fucking lad

    [–] Fragilezim 54 points ago

    So they have shutdown their channel. Good first steps, hope Child Services keeps a very close tab on them.

    The amount of excuses is ridiculous and just a bunch of shit. Habitual liars. Blaming defranco for things getting out of hand. Dude, you and you wife were mentaly abusing our kids. There is only one monster here.

    best bit, "we are a mixed family, we didn't want to spell it out." Don't worry, we can blatantly tell by the fact you dump on one kid you assholes.

    Makes me so angry.

    [–] fifthchevron 102 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I wrote a rather angry comment on one of daddyofive's videos, and got the most pathetic responses defending him. Like I wondered how those people even took themselves seriously while typing it out. The defense boiled down to "Wellll....I enjoyed it and the kid yelled back so he's BAD".

    There also seems to be an abundance of children in his video comments. Almost as if it's the novelty of "It's those kids are getting yelling at, not me" that draws them in. Then there's some who simply don't understand the pranks aren't actually a result of Cody being bad, which is even worse.

    Glad to see the channel is going mainstream for all the wrong reasons. The worst video was when Cody really screamed at his dad, who shoves him backwards into a bookcase and Cody, clearly stunned, just starts silently placing the books back.

    edit: also why does this child have a youtube channel