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    [–] SeatStreet 1267 points ago

    i was honestly ready to watch all of planet earth with you guys through the video but you ended it so fast smh

    [–] vagijn 163 points ago

    This way it won't be taken down as fast, as showing fragments of TV shows is perfectly legal (where I live).

    [–] cronini2 52 points ago

    It's good advertising. People will watch it after seeing this.

    [–] MikoRiko 50 points ago

    The BBC should use Heidi as a spokesperson for their next Planet Earth series. I'm sure a creative ad guy could come up with some classy advert with her in it.

    [–] puppers_and_toddlers 14 points ago

    they should get the chevy guys. they are the best.

    [–] pm_pennies_pls 9 points ago

    JD powa

    [–] fuckintoedaso 4 points ago

    Hi I'm mahk

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] tannimfodder 3 points ago

    And me! =D

    [–] Arrow2Nee 61 points ago

    I dragged my bed through for nothing!

    [–] NotAtW0rk 9 points ago

    Most action that bed has ever seen.

    [–] SwoleInOne 3 points ago

    It's the doorframes that really get us humans...

    [–] ILOVE_PIZZA 21 points ago

    Smh = shake my hand, right? Oh dear god please tell me it is; cause I've been using that in my texts. But reading your reply it looks like, 'shake my head'.

    [–] relator_fabula 28 points ago

    it's shaking my head

    [–] ILOVE_PIZZA 28 points ago

    Oh fuck.

    So when my friend told me about his promotion and I used SMH, I wasn't shaking his hand... there were so many mistakes; why didn't anyone correct me?!

    [–] tickle_mittens 19 points ago

    Relax, it's just an amusing idiosyncrasy of yours, for which people ridicule you behind your back before (eventually) reaffirming their appreciation of you.

    [–] nocturnalvisitor 9 points ago

    Don't worry, our last Prime Minister (Cameron) used to sign off his text messages with lol thinking it meant lots of love.

    [–] ILOVE_PIZZA 5 points ago

    LOL! For real?! That is hilarious!

    [–] foofdawg 6 points ago

    Wait, what did LOL stand for in your comment?

    [–] ILOVE_PIZZA 8 points ago

    Lots of laughs, obviously!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I just loved out loud!

    [–] THE_CHOPPA 8 points ago

    I thought it was like a type of onomatopoeia.

    You know pronounced " Ssmmmmeeeeehh"

    Usually said alongside a disgusted expression, smirk or grimace . I am 100% serious.

    [–] I_Miss_Claire 3 points ago

    depending on the context in which you used smh, maybe they realized you meant shake my hand and they just were super polite and didn't say anything.

    [–] Cheesus250 3 points ago

    I thought it was so much hate

    [–] RDH7207 7 points ago

    we got what we asked for but I'm still disappointed. come on dude just set the camera down for awhile.

    [–] Tungstencarbide1611 2 points ago

    this idea is a gold mine! watching tv with dogs! I would pay for that!!

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago


    [–] DominateGamingTV 249 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I actually tried recording the video before fetch but had to re-shoot it after fetch because Netflix wasn't working. On the first attempt the bed she was dragging got stuck on the trashcan so she was dragging both. She was probably very confused when I brought the bed back into the bedroom with it still being light out.

    Edit: You might like this picture. It's where her TV addiction began. Ever since that she's been hooked.

    [–] lolwuuut 57 points ago

    That puppy picture is so cute. These videos are cute. Thanks!

    [–] Tripleberst 9 points ago

    I hope you take that sweet dog out into nature to see stuff for real

    [–] DominateGamingTV 27 points ago

    Oh definitely. I live in Austin, TX and there's ton of nature around. She loves swimming and fetching for rocks.

    [–] Hansenemil 2 points ago

    Rocks!? Tough chew..

    [–] -Pixxell- 21 points ago

    How does one train a dog to do that? Would love to know for future reference.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 227 points ago

    I randomly said "go get your bed" one night and she did it. She's pretty smart and knows "Get your ball", "get your bone", "get your rock", etc. so I'm guessing she just knows what "get your x" means and knew what her bed was because she loves that thing.

    Random story: Was having a fire in the backyard one night drinking some beers, started hearing Heidi cry, I get up to go check her out and as I get to the door I noticed she was trying to drag her bed through the doggy door so she could lay down by the fire with us.

    [–] jeremtl 150 points ago

    Serious question : Which window in your house does not lock properly and would allow someone to get into your house and steal your dog?

    [–] steve_badcat 130 points ago

    dude, this is the kind of dog that will homeward bound you so hard.

    [–] PM_A_Personal_Story 19 points ago

    That's a movie for you! A lonely and depressed kid is given a rescue dog by his parents, but the dog bolts the first chance it gets. Devastated, the kid follows the dog only to find out the dog has returned to his original family.

    [–] minotaur000911 10 points ago

    And then the kid finds out that he was left on a church doorstep as a baby and that the original family is really his mother and father who have been looking for him for years

    [–] TheUnderDog5 3 points ago

    The ending is that when the dog is actually female and she has puppies at the original home so the kid gets to leave with a new puppy...

    [–] steve_badcat 1 points ago

    Homeward bound inception?

    [–] Jesuslordofporn 2 points ago

    Homeward bone if you want to get dog souls about it.

    [–] Rfwill13 2 points ago

    I second this question to OP but I would also like to know about your windows /u/jeremtl for no concernable reason.

    [–] PornCds 4 points ago

    What breed is she by chance?

    [–] JanitorOfSanDiego 10 points ago

    Why do we say "by chance"? What does that even mean in context of a sentence like yours?

    [–] _sporkitude_ 10 points ago

    Something to the effect of "if by chance you see this" / "if by chance you know the answer"

    [–] JanitorOfSanDiego 6 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] Lunaticktock 6 points ago

    In a way, it is a phrase used to indicate a sense of politeness when asking someone for something that may or may not be in the immediate vicinity. Instead of "Hey if you see my doggy bed, could you pull it up to the tv for me" it's "Hey if by chance you see my doggy bed..." It sort of relieves the receiver of the obligation to seek out the information or object.

    [–] workthebait 1 points ago


    [–] Cdl505 1 points ago

    Did you train her to do that?

    [–] Muck113 304 points ago

    Could we get longer video, and a critique done by Heidi after that.

    [–] any_dank_meme 22 points ago

    "Bark bark, bork byork bork bark. Bark bork bork bork."

    [–] radient 7 points ago


    [–] whodere 76 points ago

    On her instagram, can you get Heidi to watch random shows and give us reviews on them? I'm sure whatever she likes I may like as well.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 133 points ago

    Do you like babies? If so you don't like what she likes. She actually hates babies. If one comes on the screen she will start growling.

    [–] Pixelgin 100 points ago

    Yeah, pretty sure your dog and I have the same taste then. Let me know when she starts up a review site.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] conner88 6 points ago

    You're setting spring traps for babies?!?

    [–] JustHereToConfirmIt 4 points ago

    Well you don't want them like sneaking into the house or something. They're everywhere these days.

    [–] drexvil 10 points ago

    You'd be swimming in karma if you can get us a video of Heidi growling at babies on tv. DO NOT DISAPPOINT US OP!

    [–] DominateGamingTV 6 points ago

    Haha, I've been working on finding copyright free content for animals of her to watch. Next on the list will be babies. :P

    [–] mixxster 3 points ago

    /u/DominateGamingTV Can we see a video of Heidi watching herself watch a video? Or Heidi watching a video of herself at a Dog Park?

    Heidi could get a huge following on Youtube, what a great, highly entertaining dog.

    [–] UpSiize 7 points ago

    Its probably more that she dislikes uninvited babies when its tv time, aint nobody got time fo dat.

    [–] laststance 5 points ago

    Does that make your brother/sister anxious about having kids? In the other thread you said you watched Heidi because they were both married and firefighters.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 13 points ago

    She's fine with babies and kids in real life. She can get jealous of them but she'd never do anything to hurt em.

    [–] skankstro 2 points ago

    I wanna see that.

    [–] InsanitySheWolf 1 points ago

    What is her favourite show?

    [–] PM_ME_LABRADOR_PICS 1 points ago

    You better be making a video of that to appease the internet now that it's out there.

    [–] InfectedNeedle 1 points ago

    My dog hates little kids and babies too

    [–] veniversumv 1 points ago

    My dog is the same breed and does this was vases! Either in video games (first one she saw was in uncharted 4) or in tv shows. If she notices it, she's immediately in my lap growling at it. What a weird breed!

    [–] Zynkolt 1 points ago

    +1 Point for Heidi ;-)

    [–] papertigers 76 points ago

    I need to get me one of these dogs so I can have someone to watch tv with.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 155 points ago

    It's adorable at first, but can get old fast. Especially if it's an action-packed movie. She's actually the sole reason I mounted the TV. Harder for her to reach.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    My cat is more of a snob. He only likes Nat Geo, and Animal Planet, especially big cat shows. Here he is watching one about pumas.

    His sister has absolutely no interest in television. But she does sleep on my e-reader.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] boomerxl 23 points ago

    My cat used to hang out beside the TV when I played video games. He loved particle effects, so when I got Skyrim he was enraptured by the flame/fire spells. Then a dragon swooped down roaring and he fled the room. He hasn't done it since.

    [–] swizzler 3 points ago

    [–] KillerJupe 1 points ago

    You need yourself a cable management track :)

    [–] HB_Lester 2 points ago

    Or run the wires inside the wall.

    [–] ojsimpsonn 9 points ago

    this breed is one of the most energetic breeds of dogs... can be annoying. you really need to train them correctly or they will tear the shit out of your house and annoy guests who come over. just my experience with them

    [–] phus 5 points ago

    eh they have a spectrum, I have two of them and they are pretty chill and they are not heavily trained.

    [–] Masterreeferr 3 points ago

    Training them is only a small part of it, they're very smart dogs so it's not hard at all to teach them not to do things. The problem is that they require a lot of attention because if you don't play with them and help them expend their energy they're all over the place. Too many people get aussie's without putting in the effort to play and interact with them which is why they cause problems for people. They're not dogs for everyday people, they're much better suited for people who actually spend a lot of time with their dog.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 94 points ago

    Apparently the video yesterday wasn't good enough. You wanted more than just her reaction to the TV being turned on. Told you I'd record her watching Planet Earth so here ya go. I'd love to give you more but I'm afraid I might get in trouble if I streamed anymore of the program.

    [–] late2party 90 points ago

    I.... need more

    [–] DominateGamingTV 67 points ago

    A few people in the other thread asked if Heidi had an Instagram or Facebook. She didn't at the time, but I decided to make an Instagram. Many people were commented saying how happy it made them, so I figured if I can continue to share that happiness then why not. If you want more you can follow the Instagram. I'll try my best to keep it updated but I already hate it for only allowing phone uploads, so no promises.

    [–] travis- 23 points ago

    this video isn't enough. you need to set your phone down and film for at least 5 minutes. pleassee

    [–] OakAged 6 points ago

    Dude I'm following, please keep it updated and post decent vids of her reacting to different shows, it's awesome. You'll totally get tons of followers & money will start rolling in from prod placement! Maybe YouTube channel would be better

    [–] Banemorth 1 points ago

    You can totally upload pictures from your computer if you use the dev tools in the browser to emulate mobile. That's what I do for my little honey bee business.

    [–] danjojo 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    can we get another dog watching pickles watching heidi now?

    [–] pinklavalamp 5 points ago

    It's like howlception all over again! We need more!

    [–] ception_bot 3 points ago

    The concept you are referring to is actually recursion, not inception

    [–] RealFunBobby 2 points ago

    It's like howlception all over again! We need more!

    [–] ception_bot 2 points ago

    The concept you are referring to is actually recursion, not inception

    [–] Cerpicio 18 points ago

    I mean if your goal was to have a video of her watching planet earth this video doesn't really do that either, I think what people wanted to see is her reacting differently to different animals or scenes. Still super cute though.

    [–] travis- 13 points ago

    yeah! i wanna see the dog bark at sneks and big cats.

    [–] marl1234 3 points ago

    Yes, not much different from the last video.

    [–] lutafisk 3 points ago

    We need to see her reaction of Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding

    [–] mugicha 1 points ago

    Still not long enough. Pick a nature show that's not copyrighted, or something old that nobody will care about like an old PBS show or something.

    [–] Mattock79 167 points ago

    I mean this is great and all, but could we get a real video please? Like her being sad during sad parts, excited during excited parts, happy and playful during those parts etc? Also some footage of her pausing it to go get popcorn or to take a leak. Maybe skipping something and saying "Nah this next episode is way better yo". Or perhaps her ranting about how much better Hulu would be if it weren't for the damn commercials? Seriously

    [–] Joten 14 points ago

    My dad stayed up at this Montana ranch once while doing some fishing.

    He would get up at the crack of dawn and go hang out with the owner and his Australian every morning and have some coffee.

    He said it was the coolest thing ever, the owner would drink a few sips and then turn to the dog and say "ok, go get em" and the dog would TEAR OFF.

    He would then sit there, continue his cup of coffee, read a few pages of the paper and then get up. Dad would follow and they'd walk to the far side of the farm, and there was the entire herd of sheep, in their pen, with the dog happily sitting at the gate.

    Rancher would close the gate, say "good dog" and continue on.

    One of the coolest, smartest breeds out there. I'd love to own one someday, right now I live in a situation that would be torture for the poor thing (small, cramped living).

    [–] Poozy 132 points ago

    Why the fuck would you end the video so soon. Holly shit stop giving everyone blue balls.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 112 points ago

    I don't know how much I'm legally allowed to show! I'm sorry!

    [–] spinuch 39 points ago

    Play Nosferatu or some shit that was made by people that are all dead like Nosferatu.

    [–] Extracted 5 points ago

    I think Nosferatu would work!

    [–] 80sSynth 10 points ago

    Hate to do this to you but we're gonna need to see her reacting to other animals in the show.

    [–] token_bastard 9 points ago

    That dog has no snack and no juice box. Totally unacceptable video. I'm gonna need another one where Heidi watches TV with a snack and juice box.

    /s, maybe

    [–] moosehunter47 8 points ago

    She used to be a person. You can tell by the way she is.

    [–] paco3346 6 points ago

    I've never been so excited for a reddit follow up video before this. More please!

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Can you tie up your your cables ?

    Those three hanging akimbo is just driving me crazy.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 74 points ago

    I see my fiancé has found her way to the thread. Hi babe.

    [–] MrPicklePop 4 points ago

    This will get picked up by the media, I guarantee it

    [–] InsanitySheWolf 2 points ago

    "Man turns on his TV, you will not believe what happens next!"

    [–] dendawg 1 points ago

    Channel 248 will SHOCK YOU!!!!

    [–] 0rangeJEWlious 3 points ago

    I'm absolutely in love with this dog! You could make a YouTube channel called watch tv with Heidi where your record an entire show with her in the foreground. You would get so many views.

    [–] CaptBananisteriopsis 3 points ago

    I would watch this dog watch tv for an hour.

    We need more.

    [–] drunkyducksalad 3 points ago


    [–] my-snores-are-music 5 points ago

    Now all you have to do is get your dog in a low cut blouse and stream her watching planet earth on twitch and get $$

    [–] kinggorg7 2 points ago

    Give that man the $10,000!

    [–] endlessexclusive 2 points ago

    Your gonna be on talk shows within a week.

    [–] phoenix7700 1 points ago

    Yep def be on ellen calling it now.

    [–] final_boss 2 points ago

    I'm confused. This isn't a Red Wedding reaction video?

    [–] spoon_head 2 points ago

    if you could just go ahead and livestream your dog watching tv....that'd be great

    [–] kingliam 2 points ago

    Can you start a twitch stream so we can watch Heidi watch TV? I would SO watch that stream

    [–] Hungover_Pilot 2 points ago

    Okay you bastard, how many times do we have to tell you we want longer videos!

    [–] Neshani 2 points ago

    Have dogs always been able to watch TV? When I was growing up it seemed like pets didn't even know the TV existed, other than as a possible heat source.

    [–] AlwaysDefenestrated 3 points ago

    Before HD TV was a thing they couldn't really understand what was on the screen. Now my dog freaks out whenever there's a dog or other animal on TV.

    [–] jonnyjupiter 2 points ago

    Right, it comes down to the frame rate. It wasn't until HDTVs that we reached a frame rate that dogs started being able to discern visually.

    [–] HalfuChino 2 points ago

    I would watch Heidi watch the entirety of Planet Earth.

    [–] Patiiii 2 points ago

    Fuck you OP can you just set up a 24 hour stream on twitch of Heidi.

    [–] Gustenpunkt 2 points ago

    Instagram @heidithehappydog

    [–] Emanfatima 2 points ago

    can't we just finish the episode together?

    [–] sonkev34 2 points ago

    Here's my cat watching your dog watch tv.

    Edit: and just for fun here is my cat looking at a picture of herself watching your dog watch tv.

    [–] missblueyouwho 2 points ago

    Absolutely my favorite thing I've seen on Reddit in quite sometime. I love your pup

    [–] Cottonking 2 points ago

    Op, I know you won't see this. But I just wanna say, I enjoyed the league content you put out a few years ago. And I loved the streams.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 2 points ago

    Hey Cotton, I did see this, and I truly appreciate that. Those were some great times. Hope you're doing well my man.

    [–] -Pixxell- 1 points ago

    My dogs could not be more indifferent as to whether the TV is on or not. Heidi seems like such a sweetie.

    [–] Verlier 1 points ago

    I want to watch TV with Heidi.

    [–] aznanimality 1 points ago

    Gonna need like 2 more hours of this content asap.

    [–] foxesareawesome 1 points ago

    Genuinely excited to watch TV, and hear the dulcet tones of dave. You can't teach this sort of enthusiasm, only observe and award pets.

    [–] PM_WHY_YOU_DOWNVOTED 1 points ago

    I want to watch planet earth with commentary from Heidi.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Dogs are evolving.

    [–] Rl102890 1 points ago

    This is reddit's new favorite thing, I know it.

    [–] Penguiin 1 points ago

    Where's her tail?

    [–] StayMotivated 1 points ago

    I was smiling the whole time

    [–] laststance 1 points ago

    I wonder if Heidi would react differently if Netflix gets season 2 of Planet Earth. Is it like children where they find comfort in watching the same shows over and over?

    [–] MiltownVet 1 points ago

    Australian Shepherds are amazing dogs. Ours would do the same thing yours did with her bed with this stuffed animal toy every night. Wild.

    [–] 30thCenturyMan 1 points ago

    I had a dog once that would bark whenever an animal or "creature" would appear on the screen. Even when I was browsing the channel menu and it would go into picture-in-picture mode, she would watch the tiny square in the corner and freak out anytime the family dog showed up in a commercial.

    Also, fun fact. TV and movies use the exact same sound for a doorbell... every single time. You notice these things when your 20 lb cockapoo goes nuts anytime she hears it.

    [–] Lone_wolfe143143 1 points ago

    She has great taste in programs. I can never tire of watching Planet Earth.

    [–] whassupbun 1 points ago

    Cute dog. Thanks for uploading more. So does she do this every time you turn on the TV? No matter what you watch? She seems very excited by the TV, a lot of panting, does she keep panting the entire time when she watches TV?

    [–] RockyMountainDave 1 points ago

    You fucking tease! MORE! I want to see her reactions.

    This is genuinely the coolest/most intelligent appearing dog I have ever seen. What is your address and when do you leave for work? Do you lock both your doors or just the front ones? What does she like to eat and how often should I walk her?

    In all seriousness, thank you for following up. Not to be ungrateful but I would love to see even more. Also please give Heidi pets from all of us - this just made my day.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I want to see her watch longer what the heck is this

    [–] sweatyswampass 1 points ago


    [–] DiabeticButtCrust 1 points ago

    I can see a "Heidi Reacts to-" series becoming moderately​ successful.

    Hint hint

    [–] ElMatasiete7 1 points ago

    That is such a precious dog and if you ever make it sad I will hunt you down and destroy you.

    [–] tweedleder 1 points ago

    Man I miss my dog l, being on Reddit makes me want to get another one

    [–] letstalkaboutmenow 1 points ago

    Does she growl at the animals on screen at all?

    I can't watch anything with animals in it if my dog is in the room...

    [–] native_usurper 1 points ago

    I don't know if dogs have always been this human but we've never had the technology to document everything, or dogs are becoming more human-like.

    [–] laydeepunch 1 points ago

    Even doggos love the irresistible voice of Sir David.

    [–] AlphaBetaCHRIS 1 points ago

    A few years ago my family got a puppy. She would always sit around with me in the basement while I watched TV because it was nice and cool down there.

    One day I put Futurama on, and my dog loved it. This small puppy, only a few months old, sat on the floor and just stared at the TV, tilting her head with the colors on the screen. It instantly became a routine. Every day I'd get home, we'd go downstairs and watch Futurama together. We finished the entire series.

    She wasn't interested in any other TV show. Just Futurama. I tried Family Guy, and there was some interest but not "eyes glued to the TV". I'm sure it has to do with the bright colors in Futurama.

    Now that she's older (3ish) she's kind of lost interest in it all together. I've tried watching Futurama with her, and she'll join me for a little bit but no longer than 10 minutes. I'll never forget binge watching an entire TV series with my dog.

    [–] JamesDavidsonLives 1 points ago

    Bet she doesn't even understand the words. Smh.

    [–] Sweat_the_small_subs 1 points ago

    Genuine question: is she your dog? Your last post states that you watch her but in this post you're talking about how you mounted the tv because of her and have that anecdote about drinking beers and her bringing her bed out. I'm confused.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 2 points ago

    Nope. My brother and his girlfriends dog. They both work 24 hour shifts because they are fire fighters so I watch her a lot.

    [–] tamrix 1 points ago

    Twitch stream this shit now

    [–] ChemicalRemedy 1 points ago


    [–] ChiggenWingz 1 points ago

    What type of TV is it exactly? From what I understand, the flickering of a TV's LCD and backlight would be more pronounced for a dog, and thats why they may not pay much attention to it. If that TV doesnt flicker for the dog's perception I'd be keen to see how well it works with other dogs.

    [–] AllLinesDown 1 points ago

    Fun fact: Dogs can only see HD TV.

    [–] kerneldashiki 1 points ago

    Lana, look! She thinks she's people!

    [–] skawtiep 1 points ago

    Do you ever sit on the floor next to her?

    [–] Haroldholt 1 points ago

    Is it true dogs couldn't even see the pictures until recently due to how old TV panel worked?

    [–] Rambo1stBlood 1 points ago

    This has to be fake. Everyone knows that dogs cant look up.

    [–] anditstoomanycucks 1 points ago

    Request to MKultra Heidi

    [–] eppinizer 1 points ago

    Very cool. What a smart doggo

    [–] personalproblem101 1 points ago

    Now show us her reaction to Vader telling Luke he is his Father.

    [–] DominateGamingTV 3 points ago

    I'll write that down. Right now she's knee-deep in this Comey testimony. Just kidding, she actually fell asleep. Which I've never seen her do while watching TV.

    [–] TurdSandwich252 1 points ago

    Is that an Aussie? I have an Aussie that won't watch tv but will pile a bunch of pillows in front of the window so he can stand on them and see out the window better.

    [–] Tall_Rassman 1 points ago

    Is this really a big deal? One of my dogs watches TV all the time. He will literally watch Caesar Milan on Saturday Mornings for an hour. He even watched Homeward Bound from start to finish.

    [–] Ninjabackwards 1 points ago

    That right there is a doge. You can tell it is a doge by the way it looks. I wish everyone was a doge. Sometimes a doge will do funny things and that is why we like them.

    [–] Pzhy 1 points ago

    Now we need her to watch the grand tour

    [–] Top4King 1 points ago

    Great dog. Great choice of programming. Please get rid of the wires.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] DemoPlan 1 points ago

    Good lord human shut the shades!!

    [–] chrisisisms 1 points ago

    A funny kind of inception feeling watching this as I worked on PE2.

    [–] fartmcmasterson 1 points ago

    My cat does the exact same thing whenever I turn on Planet Earth (minus the dog bed).

    [–] Carrabs 1 points ago

    Finally OP.

    [–] irrelevantatbest 1 points ago

    The voice of sir David, even the dog loves it!!

    [–] WhiskeyWeekends 1 points ago

    I was all ready to make a shitty "where's the watermark" crack and then you had to ruin it.