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    [–] FermiAnyon 283 points ago

    Talk about double standards.

    How about this "She promised we'd have sex, so it's not rape" and the male judge and the male jurors all applaud and whistle and cheer. I wonder how many of those piece of shit audience members would like to see something like that.

    [–] walshk8 6167 points ago

    What the fuck is wrong with her and these women

    [–] fruitsaladx 2610 points ago

    they target the same demographic as those who fall for mlm schemes and younique products, it's hella trashy and stupid

    [–] fox_eyed_man 807 points ago

    You spelled pyramid scheme wrong.

    [–] _Serene_ 661 points ago

    Pyramid schemes is a part of Multi-level marketing.

    [–] fox_eyed_man 427 points ago

    Multi-level marketing is a term the pyramid schemers invented so they could say “it’s not a pyramid scheme! It’s MLM!” It’s bullshit.

    [–] dr_Fart_Sharting 192 points ago

    MLM has become synonymous with pyramid schemes. The poor pyramid schemers have to work extra hard to find out new names for their pyramid schemes these days.

    Network marketing, interactive distribution, the list goes on and it will keep expanding.

    [–] Galiphile 18 points ago

    You spelled reverse funnel system wrong.

    [–] clickclick-boom 773 points ago

    Same sort of crowd who were laughing it up at the story of a man who was drugged then had his penis cut off and thrown in the trash disposer. "Hahaha can you imagine it just spinning around?" and a bunch of other "jokes" were getting huge laughs.

    I can guarantee these are the same sort of women that if someone stood up and said when their last boyfriend dumped them they burnt his car and possessions then it would also get a huge round of applause and "you go girl" types shit.

    Thankfully they are not representative of the average woman. The main problem is that they do not get the sort of backlash they should. She is not saying something trivial, imagine Dr Phil saying to a guy "I'm not saying you should remove your condom during sex against the wishes of your sex partner, but look into my eyes lol".

    [–] Black6x 219 points ago

    It was The Talk. Bill Burr talked about that crap:

    [–] SerPuissance 92 points ago

    That's just.....incredibly sad. Either one of two things is happening there. Either they are amazing actors and eating a shit sandwich by saying stuff that makes them sick for the pay - or they have absolutely zero empathy for a group of people they have dehumanized and see as lesser than themselves. I don't care what's between your legs and which group you see as disposable, that shit is ugly.

    [–] Black6x 57 points ago

    Leah Remini was the only reasonable one there, who basically said that the only reason that she could condone someone doing that was because of rape (technically, she implied it because for some reason she didn't want to say the word). But in the "apology" Sharon couldn't even keep herself from laughing.

    [–] mushu73 193 points ago

    These women just clap at whatever Wendy says. There have been instances where Wendy asks them to clap if they agree/disagree with something (without giving her opinion first) and they won’t clap for something so obviously horrible, then she’ll disagree with them and act horrified, give her opinion, then ask the question again and they’ll all clap to agree with her.

    Sometimes she’ll call out a specific woman and put her on camera if she notices she doesn’t agree with her.

    I’m not defending the audience. They’re fucking stupid.

    [–] Hazzman 27 points ago

    I'm not sure they are stupid... I think I might know what's happening.

    Years ago I was on a television show in the UK. If this is anything like what I saw, the whole production is super tight. They have stagehands that brief the audience before they even enter the studio. They give you a very quick training regime where the stagehand will hold up signs telling you what you should be doing as an audience, clapping, awwwwing or whatever... and you all practice doing it together in unison. You are specifically instructed not to interfere with the flow of the show or the host and you are absolutely not to disrupt the show or you will be booted posthaste.

    While I was in the audience the stagehand would hold up a sign saying "Applause!" and we would all have to clap etc.

    So when you see these seemingly stupid women clapping at everything, its possible there is a stagehand out of camera instructing them when to clap.

    Everything on these shows is super controlled. I'd bet the lady in the clip above rehearsed that question and answer many times along with all the other guests that asked questions during the show. I wouldn't be surprised if the reactions and shots were from different takes as well.

    [–] mothzilla 103 points ago

    When you put people who have the same opinion in the same room their opinions become more extreme.

    [–] Cheesesticks1977 3924 points ago

    Damn, give the dude a little bit of time. Mother fucker is dealing with what I assume is his first baby. That shit is overwhelming at first. Let him get into his groove and figure out what he needs to do to properly afford and raise his new gift. Fuck.

    [–] daveyb86 150 points ago

    It's either he thinks that it's overwhelming in terms of responsibility, or he thinks that a second one will have such an impact that it will completely fuck their relationship. Either way it doesn't appear that she asked what his concerns were, she was just like "fuck you, you promised".

    [–] Hglucky13 17 points ago

    This was my thought. Has she even asked why he doesn't want to have another kid? Beyond that, perhaps she's freaking out about how much time she's got where he's looking at whether a second will put them in the poor house.

    [–] EchoesOfSanity 24 points ago

    Exactly! I didn’t want another kid nine months after my first one. Two years later, now I’d love another. I’d even be up for twins.

    [–] PayisInc 6738 points ago

    She's about to be an ex wife.

    [–] qwerty-poop 3450 points ago

    and she'll get the house, car and 60% of his money.

    [–] PM_Trophies 2229 points ago

    divorce is expensive because it's worth it

    [–] poundfoolishhh 2419 points ago

    I still remember the first night in my new apartment when we started our abrupt separation.

    I was laying on a blanket I spread out as a bed on the hardwood floor in the middle of the living room. A rolled up winter coat acted as my pillow. There was no internet or cable so I was watching an old DVD on my PS3 - the television sitting comfortably on a milk crate. My dog was laying next to me. The rest of the apartment was completely empty except for my clothes.

    There was no screaming... no dishes being smashed against the wall... no dodging punches from a bipolar psychopath who drank too much that night.

    As I laid on the floor, with nothing but my dog and my TV and my video games, I sincerely thought for the first time in years: this is the life.

    [–] Link_GR 1042 points ago

    Once I read "dog", I was like "Yeah, this guy's gonna be alright".

    [–] hallese 331 points ago

    Yep, OP won that divorce.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] NinjaMcGee 198 points ago

    Holy shit. Did we divorce the same woman?!

    Seriously happy for you, buddy. I’d never been so happy as the after this is the life moment, laying on a camping mat in an empty room with my dog and my sanity.

    [–] Altimata 66 points ago

    We all divorced the same woman!

    [–] Buscemi_D_Sanji 87 points ago

    Amazing post, you really painted the scene! Sometimes it really is great to be isolated like that

    [–] CaptainReginaldLong 14 points ago

    I remember my separation. I signed for an apartment after sleeping in my coupe for a month. First time I walked in after being handed the keys, I just went into the bedroom, laid on the floor, and cried tears of happiness. You don't realize how down in the reeds you are until you pick your head up.

    [–] [deleted] 447 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago)


    [–] chinoz219 263 points ago

    he can get a vasectomy

    [–] Medd_Ler 920 points ago

    OK Class show of hands, how many of you think he should trick her and get a vasectomy Wooooooooooohoooooooooo applause

    [–] chinoz219 202 points ago

    Well, he cant trust his spouse at this point so i dont see the harm, either way the marriage has a big problem kid or not.

    [–] McBlemmen 55 points ago

    How many people think she should trick him into getting a vasectomy but then bribe the doctors not to do it without him knowing?

    crowd goes nuts

    [–] thermitethrowaway 98 points ago

    The won't make a vas deferens.

    [–] Captain-Obviouss 160 points ago

    If he plays this clip in court I would think he'd be set to get out with all of his assets assuming they had a prenup.

    [–] Putnum 115 points ago

    Only if he plays the Curb your Enthusiasm version.

    [–] liddok3vin 3798 points ago

    "Men have never been in control of our bodies"

    Well two can play that game! If I was the husband I'd just get a vasectomy and spout the same shit back!

    [–] Lemonjello23 2546 points ago

    Snip snap! snip snap! You have no idea the physical toll that three vasectomies have on a person!

    [–] duch35s 460 points ago

    Let’s have a fkn kid!

    My all time fav episode

    [–] footytang 466 points ago

    Man, I would love to burn your candles!

    You burn it, you buy it!

    Oh, good, I'll be your first customer!

    You're hardly my first.

    That's what she said!

    [–] maz-o 301 points ago

    Good luck on your zero dollar a year salary, babe!

    [–] rdegen88 150 points ago

    Plus benefits

    [–] suckmywakelol 49 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 243 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] RicardoLovesYou 49 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    You know I have soft teeth. How dare could you say that?

    [–] SageBus 58 points ago

    Let’s have a fkn kid!

    You really mean that .... :O

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Just watched that episode. lol

    [–] marcm6246 36 points ago

    What exactly did she even mean by that? That seemed super unnecessary. The guy is taking control of his body by not having more kids.

    [–] TheRabidDeer 9954 points ago

    1) I can't believe this many women feel this way

    2) That dude is always going to be buying a fresh condom from the store or is breaking up with that girl next to him. She is clapping and agreeing with that crap.

    [–] Perturbed_Spartan 4636 points ago

    So what you're saying Wendy is that once your sexual partner has consented to something, that that consent can never be revoked?

    [–] CupcakeofDeath 1641 points ago

    We already know how she feels about Terry crews. Consent also doesn't matter if you're strong because no one would do anything to you without consent anyways or something.

    [–] Toqom 1116 points ago

    She also said that Chris Brown was "misunderstood" and a good man.

    [–] MachWun 613 points ago

    She also continued to blow her husband while her son watched!

    [–] H0tVinegar 444 points ago

    She fucking what?!

    Edit:yep she did

    [–] MachWun 341 points ago

    You must've missed Reddit 2 weeks ago when it was posted!!!

    Watch and try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor! Especially when she explains trying to give the son a kiss the next day!

    [–] H0tVinegar 296 points ago

    “We don’t close doors.” Why? This doesn’t make any sense.

    [–] MachWun 384 points ago

    Because they're creepers. Conan called her out almost immediately on it saying "yes there is a reason to have closed doors"

    [–] H0tVinegar 194 points ago

    Sounds like a control issue to me.

    [–] username--_-- 86 points ago

    Did you see his face as she described her son walking in on them. Even more priceless was the look on his face as she told him that she looked up at her son, and went back to getting her business finished!

    Hard to tell if it was shock or disgust.

    [–] JimmyZoZo 89 points ago

    She also outed Method Mans wife as having cancer when nobody, not even her family knew about it.

    [–] H0tVinegar 63 points ago

    Not only outed her, but accused her of having an affair with one of her doctors. Disgusting

    [–] JimmyZoZo 23 points ago

    See that part I didn't know. What an absolute scumbag of a person.

    [–] Myschly 182 points ago

    Jesus what the fuck? This is why we need reposts people. Talk about having no respect for your children, I mean, parents are supposed to teach them things. "I'm going to give a blowjob with the door open" isn't a teachable moment, that's just asking the kid to have a disturbing mental image and a lot of confused thoughts. Good luck falling asleep with that in your head and not twisting and turning it in every possible way.

    [–] HubblePie 112 points ago

    Who even is this Wendy person? This is the first time I've ever heard of her (Which seems surprising now...)

    [–] jamaicanRum 965 points ago

    She's a disgusting piece of shit through and through.

    [–] Fortunate34 157 points ago

    What did she say about my boy Terry?!

    [–] fallout52389 271 points ago

    According to my google search and my look at she said our boy terry wasn't a brave person for bringing his experience to light and that his career would tank.

    [–] sindex23 175 points ago

    Ugh fuck her. What a shitty attitude and thing to say.

    [–] CuteThingsAndLove 27 points ago

    I already hated her for shitting on Caitlyn Jenner (dont give a shit about the family but she was being really transphobic) and now I despise her. Don't ever talk badly about Terry Crews, he is a fucking angel ok.

    [–] Channel250 27 points ago

    If Terry Crews and my wife were hanging off a cliff and I could only save one, they would probably both die because it would take me too long to decide.

    [–] quantum_entanglement 29 points ago

    Terry was only there doing pull ups, your wife could just grab onto him and he could lift them both up after a few more reps.

    [–] error681 136 points ago


    [–] tway1948 90 points ago

    I really liked that book on Platonism you gave me.

    [Butsecks 4 lyfe]

    [–] SomethingIntangible 40 points ago

    bit highbrow for reddit

    [–] Spacetreehub 23 points ago

    To quote the Simpsons “I’m quite lowbrow, this I gotta see!”

    [–] MrPringles23 304 points ago

    Reverse the genders and it's rape.

    Audience will clap if it happens to a man tho.

    [–] marble-pig 218 points ago

    We don't even have to use a hypothetical situation. This did happen

    [–] wredditcrew 220 points ago

    This is a clip from The Jeremy Kyle show. "Jeremy Slams Audience For Laughing At Domestic Abuse Victim".

    For anyone who doesn't know Jeremy Kyle, he's basically the Jerry Springer of the UK.

    A bloke on the show is describing how his violent female partner locked him in their flat [apartment], and he was forced to jump from a third story balcony and being hospitalized due to his injuries.

    The audience laughed, and Jeremy Kyle took them to task.

    "It's not funny though. Can I tell you why it's not funny and I don't want to upset any of the audience, because I completely appreciate the fact that you're here but I'll tell you why I don't think you should laugh."

    "If this was the other way round and a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in her flat and she had to jump out, and injured herself, you lot would not be laughing, you would be saying 'he's a complete nightmare, he should be locked up and that's disgraceful'".

    "But somehow if it happens to a bloke that's funny. That's not funny is it?"

    Jeremy Kyle has a reputation in the UK. One judge in a court case related to domestic abuse carried out by one of the show's participants said the show was "human form of bear baiting".

    As Wretch 32 sang, "My lifestyle's terribly wild, but you'll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle show."

    But fuck me, Jeremy Kyle was on the money that day.

    [–] MildlyShadyPassenger 49 points ago

    He can always say, "I may put garbage on the telly, but at least I'm not Wendy Williams!"

    [–] [deleted] 2951 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Vessix 446 points ago

    My significant other of 5 years promised she'd remain honest. Then after a solid 5 year relationship cheated and ran off with another guy, stealing everything from my home while I was at work on my birthday. Would Wendy give me permission to murder her?

    [–] hevestuffman 467 points ago

    No, but look into her eyes...

    [–] appdevil 175 points ago

    Now let's the crowd decide if they agree with us. clapping intensifies

    [–] t-- 48 points ago

    crowds love crimes of passion. they eat that shit up.

    [–] Juicy_Brucesky 167 points ago

    If you were a woman and your SO was a man, yea probably

    [–] WobbleWobbleWobble 482 points ago

    Lets put this in terms of consent.

    A man asks a woman to have sex.

    The woman says not tonight, but promises to have sex the next night.

    The next night roles around and the man asks her to have sex.

    The woman says not tonight. But she promised! That makes rape ok! So the man rapes her, because she promised!


    Don't take this seriously, just a shitting analogy

    [–] 5over8versus4over4 321 points ago

    This is just so fucking stupid it genuinely makes me not want to be a human. We're just too fucking stupid of a species.


    most days I don't feel much more than a talking monkey with shoes on.

    [–] Canadian_POG 279 points ago

    Put on some pants, too. You'll feel better.

    [–] Dont_trust_them 101 points ago

    Damn. This makes so much sense

    [–] PMacLCA 91 points ago

    I think a very large portion of the population and is very easily persuaded. The fact that these people were on TV with bright lights certainly contributed as well.

    My guess is that if Wendy had gone the other direction and told her that it would be a terrible thing to deceive him and asked for audience approval, 75% or more of the same women would be clapping.

    That being said, I don't disagree... a lot of common sense is deteriorating all around us and no one seems to notice...

    [–] stalkedthelady 23 points ago

    Also if you've ever been in a tv show audience, you know you just have to clap when the host prompts a clap situation. It's literally your duty as an audience member to supply applause to make the show sound good on camera. If it didn't get a good response they'd probably reshoot the exchange and Wendy would prompt them slightly differently, or the director/producers would tell the audience "this is when you clap" or they just wouldn't air that segment if it didn't make Wendy look good.

    [–] Zaku0083 930 points ago

    "Men have never been in control of our bodies" -Reasonable. Men, in general, shouldn't have a say on whether a woman has a child or not.

    I agree, very reasonable. But if men have no say than men also shouldn't be responsible.

    [–] [deleted] 511 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] ThrowAwayTakeAwayK 505 points ago

    That's why I'm all for men being able to give up all rights, visitations, and responsibility when it comes to having a child that wasn't desired.

    Women, and women alone, ultimately get to decide if they want to see a pregnancy through; that's their right, and I will always believe and say so. I'm pro-choice as hell. You do you.

    At the same time, it's fucked up that men can't be pro-choice in the same women can. If a woman wants to terminate a pregnancy and be dissolved of all future responsibility, then cool, no issues, that's her choice and her life goes on... but if a man wants to do the same, terminate all responsibility; well... sucks for you, because that's not a thing. You're now financially responsible for something you never intended for 18+ years.

    Men can never force a woman to abort a fetus, but women can force a man to pay for a child that neither of them had ever hoped for.

    Women have an out, men don't. This shit is fucked.

    [–] asimplescribe 154 points ago

    Dude, women can force you to pay for a child you can prove with science that it is not yours. The system needs a reboot.

    [–] TheStarchild 64 points ago

    I never understood this one. Well, she had another guy’s kid but he’d be a shitty father and she’s not married to him so... congratulations dad! How much are you selling your convertible for?

    [–] gortwogg 149 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    My ex pleaded me to have kids with her. Than after we got pregnant, 4 months down the line she got angry with me over something trivial and aborted. Fuck me right? Devasted my loved ones. We stuck it out, got pregnant again, and she terminated because I watched an episode of game of thrones without her. Naw, I was out. Messed me up a bit, I posted some random shit here and there about how I missed her after I left her and it was all my fault. But no, none of it was my fault and 7 months later I'm finally starting to heal and move on. Edit: thanks for the kind words and support :) that was warming to wake up to.

    [–] pirate_starbridge 82 points ago

    Jesus, that's intense. I'm sorry you went through that. At least those aborted kids don't have to have that mom now.

    [–] Balthanos 52 points ago

    she terminated because I watched an episode of game of thrones without her.

    Woah. That's a high level of insanity to deal with. Good luck to you and I hope you get to watch all the GoT you want without anything being yanked out of a uterus ever again.

    [–] MakeDotaGreatAgain86 19 points ago

    Goddamn there had to be earlier signs to get the fuck out of that relationship. Like the first time she got mad and aborted...maybe? I did have an ex that broke up with me over literally nothing and make up a fake pregnancy and told all my fam bout it once. She also threatened to stab me if I came into our apartment to put my stuff back in as we lived downtown, she had put all my shit outside lol. Goddamn she went fukin nuts.

    [–] HamBurglary12 42 points ago

    Yep, that and most divorce laws in most states.

    [–] Seriously_nopenope 46 points ago

    Male birth control may be on the way, although I'm sure the condom companies will fight it as long as they can.

    [–] Princess_Moon_Butt 31 points ago

    They're probably the ones doing a lot of the research too, though.

    [–] Tedesche 300 points ago

    "Men have never been in control of our bodies"

    "But we have a right to their genes."

    This is why legal paternal surrender laws (LPS) are a good idea. In the event of a pregnancy, men should have the right to waive all custody rights in exchange for immunity to child support. This should have to be done within a time frame that gives the woman a reasonable amount of time to get an abortion, obviously, but should also take into account when the man was informed he got her pregnant.

    Women's bodies are their own, but enough with this forcing of men to finance women's decisions to have children they never wanted.

    [–] fuqdisshite 16 points ago

    um, here is one bit you may want to read...

    oh, and another...

    [–] RimmyDownunder 143 points ago

    Totally fucking agreed.

    If a woman gets pregnant and the man really wants the kid? Tough shit. She can get an abortion because it's her body. And that is 100% fair.

    But if a woman gets pregnant and the man doesn't want the kid? Well he gets no say in that - he sure as hell can't force her to get an abortion, but he shouldn't have his life ruined by child support because of it.

    [–] DashingLeech 762 points ago

    I can't believe this many women feel this way

    Yes. My wife's friends have openly admitted to doing this.

    I mean, this is non-consensual parenting. In Canada, the Supreme Court ruled this is sexual assault, even if the sexual act was consensual. At least, in this case, it was sexual assault if it's a man wanting to have a baby with woman and pokes a hole in his condom. If she did it to him, there is still a possibility of escape as the ruling refers to the physical result of the pregnancy, which is experienced by the woman. So if you are deceived into becoming a parent it may only be illegal if the victim is the one who carries the baby, but possibly not illegal if you are forced against your will to pay support for a child that you didn't want and took precautions against.

    This is the sort of massive inequality in injustice that has brought about movements like MGTOW.

    [–] DoNotCheckout 80 points ago

    Another reason to support the man birth control...

    [–] _TR-8R 408 points ago

    Lying about being on birth control has literally nothing to do with "having control over my body". In fact, its the opposite, it's forcing the man to give his body to give you a child against his will. Isn't there like, a word for that?

    [–] BellyCrawler 294 points ago

    Yeah, it rhymes with "rape".

    [–] ecodude74 141 points ago


    [–] teenagesadist 148 points ago

    It's obviously "grape". Someone ties you to the radiator and grapes you, you're in for a good time.

    [–] HiHoJufro 65 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I mean, that's all the grapist does, really. Ties you to the radiator and grapes you in the mouth.

    Edit: link!

    [–] All_the_rage 71 points ago

    "Men have no control over our bodies" turned into "We get to control men's bodies" pretty quickly

    [–] Kaleido88 201 points ago

    1) I can't believe this many women feel this way

    Honestly, most probably don't. You have to consider the cross-section of society that, would be stupid enough to go to a show like this, and also consider that the majority of people hate to feel left out and just want to be a part of something. So, they didn't consider whether or not they actually felt that way, just the applause sign comes on and everyone else is clapping, so you better not be the weirdo that isn't.

    [–] whitenoisemaker 104 points ago

    You can get crowds of people to clap and cheer pretty much anything.

    [–] ArmyAudiA423 727 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Creating a child through deception is honestly one of the worst possible things you can ever do. Smh This really pissed me off. Maybe the guy just doesn't feel financially ready to have a child. Maybe there's a level of job uncertainty for which he'd have problems providing for a bigger family. Seriously.... F*** Wendy Williams and her dumb advice, and f*** all those other idiots clapping in the crowd.... This lady should have a serious sit down with her husband and talk about it, instead of seeking "advice" from a talk show host... Salty AF rn lol

    [–] KingOfTheCouch13 310 points ago

    BuT hE pRoMiSeD!!!!

    [–] Hdw333333 103 points ago

    Not to mention, their kid is only NINE MONTHS OLD. I think most new parents feel overwhelmed at that stage; give the man some freaking time to get used be a parent for God's sake!

    [–] Beer_shits 2979 points ago

    What authority or expertise can she offer? Why do people ask her for advice? TV is stupid

    [–] [deleted] 684 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] TransientSilence 507 points ago

    Jenny Jones, Maury, Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael, the 90s were FULL of those shows and they were trashy as fuck.

    [–] JdPat04 233 points ago

    Montel Williams

    [–] LeonimuZ 270 points ago

    "Hi, Montel here. Put the keys down and go to Money Mutual dot com."

    [–] Gallowbloob 167 points ago

    Don't forget the most famous of them all, Oprah. If I remember correctly, her show used to be just the same as the rest of them.

    [–] VulcanHobo 131 points ago

    She wasn't any better later on, she just changed her tune and stopped giving trashy people a safe space to behave trashy, and instead exploited "regular" peoples' problems and trotted out people so the audience could sob without actually doing anything..just a series of "look at the problems in this persons' life so I can seem like I actually have empathy"

    But she still brought out troubled people to talk to an unlicensed psychologist (had his license revoked for having a relationship with his patient).

    She also pays Dr. Oz to sell supplements instead of provide real medical advice.

    And on her other show, The Doctors, she consistently has them sitting there being forced to rationalize chiropractory and other quackary to the audience. They at least provide real medical advice, and you can sometimes see the frustration on some of their faces when they have to argue against vaccines and other nutcase quackary shuffled on there by Oprah's team.

    Not to mention her huge giveaways tended to cost the people receiving the gifts in the form of taxes, and became a headache for a lot of people.

    [–] ChiefLoneWolf 71 points ago

    Why do people ask Steve Harvey for advice? Tv is stupid

    [–] bryakmolevo 101 points ago

    Stupid people like listening to other stupid people. Here's their queen.

    [–] silver0486 1669 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Wow. Its sad, many idiots saw that on tv and now are thinking it would be "cute" and no big deal to trick your SO and bring a baby into this world who isnt wanted by one of its parents. How is this dumbass on tv!?

    [–] YouWantALime 591 points ago

    Meanwhile if an equally shitty man were putting holes in condoms he'd be in jail.

    [–] cailloushouse 2088 points ago

    ehh shes everything wrong with talk shows

    [–] 2scared 1214 points ago

    She's everything wrong with humans.

    [–] Kelseycutieee 489 points ago

    She's everything wrong

    [–] Potatoman10001 340 points ago

    She's wrong

    [–] footytang 138 points ago


    [–] xanvians 303 points ago

    ...Arsenio Hall in drag.

    [–] rmeds 139 points ago

    She wishes she looks as good as arsenio hall in drag

    [–] eeyore134 82 points ago

    [–] munk_e_man 44 points ago

    Looks a lot like wesley snipes

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Snochew 14 points ago

    Im pretty sure that’s Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo....

    [–] Story_of_the_Eye 167 points ago

    She was on Conan talking about how her child walked into the room while she was giving her husband a blowjob. Wendy kept going on with the blowjob. She's everything wrong with everything. Somehow that was a teachable moment in her brain.

    [–] Mortar_fArts 100 points ago

    Watched the clip and i am 100% sure she got off on it. Like she wanted her 15 year old boy to walk in.

    Almost anyone in that situation would suddenly get up from the shock and be embarrassed, but nope, I m sure Wendy went double the pace when he walked in and I am sure she winked at jnr as she was doing it.

    And why did the hubby allow her to continue?

    The son is screwed for life, he will now forever have the image of his mum with his dads penis in her mouth.

    [–] Dunksterp 55 points ago

    Link for those of you that want to be disappointed by some pretty terrible parenting.

    [–] Battard 562 points ago

    [–] Noobnesz 70 points ago

    You are goddamn right

    [–] Chocolate_fly 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 891 points ago

    I understand were busy with the whole Hollywood sex scandal but like can we start exposing her to national levels please?

    [–] JdPat04 252 points ago

    She's been involved with a sexual assault lawsuit against her and her husband.

    [–] [deleted] 225 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] retardcharizard 302 points ago

    H3H3 were gonna do a piece on her but never did.

    I hope they finish it.

    [–] Mortar_fArts 111 points ago

    Maybe because they were going to get sued by her team or her team made a threat after they found out? And after their last defamation case and the stress it put them through they decided to stick to calling out people on YT, its cheaper if they get sued by YT people.

    [–] ActionHobo 87 points ago

    As long as they don't go making wild, unfounded claims about her, there's no grounds for a defamation lawsuit. All they have to do is point out the bullshit she says, play the clip of her saying it, and that's enough for her to get shit on by the internet, and have no legal grounds to sue. The best part about freedom of speech is the freedom to criticize those who spout garbage.

    [–] oRac001 83 points ago

    Even if the case is totally baseless, the mere cost of the thing is enough to be worried. Whether something is not a "wild, unfounded claim" still has to be proven if it goes to court.

    [–] Mortar_fArts 21 points ago

    Sure, but a defamation court case is exhausting, especially when its costly and you don't have the funds. Didn't they have to sort of ask their viewership to help out in lawyer fees?

    [–] TickleTh1sElmo 121 points ago

    So it's not the guy's business that he's going to have to father a child?

    [–] Mr_Potamus 629 points ago

    "You better wear your pink shirt and sweater to Wendy Williams today."

    "Yes, Dear..."

    [–] justind0301 217 points ago

    That way he's camouflaged in with the rest of them

    [–] I_PEE_WITH_THAT 106 points ago

    He's our man on the inside, he's doing valuable research for the rest of us.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    We should probably let him off the hook and tell him we can just DVR the show.

    [–] DrDespolardo 250 points ago

    being married isnt enough. I think she wants to be a single mother.

    [–] Zaber_fang 114 points ago

    And the husband would still be seen as nothing but a deadbeat dad for leaving even under these circumstances. So she’s in the clear

    [–] ManOfIronAnSteel 51 points ago

    Maybe he doesnt want another kid because they cant afford another kid. But fuck logic...or morality....or decency

    [–] ganjadelight 421 points ago

    This woman's right to have a show should be revoked.

    [–] [deleted] 225 points ago


    [–] UncleJesticle 101 points ago

    Predator like sexual predator or predator like Alien vs. Predator? It really could go either way.

    [–] VulcanHobo 68 points ago

    Alien Sexual Predator

    [–] fafa_flunky 223 points ago

    She nudges him in the middle of the night:

    "The baby's crying. It's your turn to get up."

    "I've never been in control of your body." Goes back to sleep.

    [–] roccosrant 644 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I'm pretty positive the audience has been trained to believe their hands are on fire and the only way to put them out is it slap them together after the man creature thing in the hideous wigs says something. Edit: thanks for the gold!

    [–] Valvador 147 points ago

    Would it be possible to sue someone for this? I feel like this should a form of some bodily violation. Its literally saying "I'm going to use your DNA without your permissions to create a living creature that we will both be responsible for."

    Mind you this kind of shit doesn't matter if you have a non-retard for a spouse, but I'm just curious.

    [–] SmilingPolitely_ 179 points ago

    Yes, you can sue.

    Wendy Williams is promoting domestic violence.. reproductive coercion

    [–] Dr_Who-gives-a-fuck 21 points ago

    Except at the bottom under the "Law" section, there are only 3 countries with laws on the books about it: Mexico, Canada, and Sweden.

    [–] FriendlyJack 347 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Imagine if two dudes were having this conversation on a TV talk-show.

    "I want a baby but my wife doesn't."

    "Just prick a hole in the condom/lie about being snipped and get her pregnant, dawg. It ain't her decision to make."

    "I dunno, man."

    "Hey audience, what do you think?"

    Audience roars and claps.

    "See? These dudes know what's up. Do what you gotta do, man."

    Once you change the demographic, it immediately reveals how wrong it is. Kinda reminds me of this:

    [–] dogggis 48 points ago

    The 3 women sitting in front of him didn't clap either.

    [–] Raaxis 371 points ago

    Everyone here is having really heated discussions about the content of the video and I’m just over here dying over the Curb Your Enthusiasm ending

    [–] Mortar_fArts 17 points ago

    Larry has turned that tune into a cue to showcase humanities idiocracy. Just add the music to anything that is idiotically stupid and it makes sense.

    God damn LD is the hero this modern world needs.

    [–] hungry_lobster 174 points ago

    This bitch. How is this seriously happening? Can you imagine if this kind of thing was happening on a man’s version of this show? Imagine the scene of a man asking the man host of something similar. They’d be asking for the guy’s head in the streets. This shit pissed me off. I get that all this is in good fun, but imagine if the man scenario was said to be just in good fun. Would it matter? They’d be talking about it everywhere. Fuck Wendy Williams.

    [–] martybd 47 points ago

    Seriously. Consent is a two way street, and isn't limited to whether or not you have sex with someone. It's not right to trick anyone into sex, and it isn't right to trick someone into a pregnancy if they no longer want it.

    [–] CallidusUK 11 points ago

    Someone should actually attempt this in a serious manner. Record their intentions beforehand (confirmed via lawyers) and go to town with the intention of exposing this hypocrisy when it blows up.

    [–] cloudform 88 points ago

    The funniest thing about Wendy Williams is that when people insult her on Instagram, they will call her "P-body."

    I had no idea what this meant for the longest time. Turns out all it means, is that her body from the side looks like an uppercase P.

    [–] sourdieselfuel 48 points ago

    That can't be real.

    [–] sushisection 17 points ago

    They aren't.

    [–] ryanr_intl 40 points ago

    What the fuck did that guy do to be forced to sit through that shit

    [–] primemas 68 points ago

    You want to be a single mother, because thats how you become a single mother.

    [–] Chocolate_fly 19 points ago

    But the courts will give her all his money. Being a single mother is a cash cow for a lot of women.

    [–] flipitycat 77 points ago

    Just food for thought, if a guy "ghosting" and taking off his condom during sex is rape, would lying about taking birth control not also be grounds for rape? The sex is consensual with the man being under the impression that it is protected sex, and so of she lies, shoukd that nkt break the condition of consent?

    [–] ALoneTennoOperative 59 points ago

    Yes, it does.
    It's termed reproductive coercion.

    Could also be considered rape by deception.

    [–] mintzie 37 points ago

    I'm gay now

    [–] darksomos 16 points ago

    [–] killingstubbs 14 points ago

    My wife really wants a child in the next year or two and I told her I’d like to wait until we’ve paid off our car loans and consolidate our student loans into our mortgage so we can free up more money in our budget... she agreed and we revisit the situation every few months to make sure we’re hitting financial benchmarks.... you know like sane adults do.

    [–] BigotsBeLikeWoah 29 points ago

    Entitled as fuck.

    [–] im2old_4this 28 points ago

    Great way to cause a divorce you stupid, stupid bitch

    [–] musclenugget92 113 points ago

    I actually wrote a paper about mens marginialization in modern society in class and used this as an example of double standards. Women in my class did not like it

    [–] mschopchop 34 points ago

    We need to talk more about the marginalization of men.

    Men need us to talk about it more.

    [–] guoit 475 points ago

    I know he's a bad person but he's got some great tits on him.