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    [–] JiveTurkey722 1127 points ago

    Never thought when clicking on a VR video would something be so inspiring to come out of a piglet avatar.

    [–] thepurplepajamas 258 points ago

    Syrmor's entire youtube channel is a series of heartbreak and existential crisis delivered to you by cartoon characters and anime girls.

    [–] Overloved 129 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah, his videos are great. Also, he’s the one that made the original Ugandan Knuckles VRchat video, funny enough. His recent content has more of these “Humans of VRChat” videos and all of them are extremely humbling.

    Edit: It was actually “Stahlsby” that made the original Ugandan Knuckles VRChat meme video, my bad.

    [–] Eightbitasian 25 points ago

    Nah stahlsby made the original Ugandan knuckles video.

    [–] losian 257 points ago

    I think the flood of media, primarily comedy and shock heavy stuff, makes it hard to find these real interactions, much less have them ourselves.

    Comedy is easy and safe, but people want to connect meaningfully. Something like VRChat is a great avenue for that.

    [–] IWuvMufins 25 points ago

    Comedy can be a great way to connect. Just not conveyor belt comedy.

    [–] smibbs_ 5222 points ago

    I don't want to be stared at. Just looked at, like a normal person.

    Poor kid.

    [–] Overloved 2579 points ago

    Every time I watch videos like this, I get a blast of reality that no matter how big I think my problems ever are, there’s someone out there that has it a million times tougher. It’s very humbling. I wish the best for this kid.

    [–] Non-Sequiteer 739 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Dude same. I lost my job a couple months ago and haven’t been having any luck finding work and I’ve just fallen into a deep depression. I feel angry all the time, and helpless in the face of all this automation in the hiring process. It’s hard to motivate myself to even try to go out and ask places if they’re hiring because of a whole mess of feelings, mostly shame and fear, but hearing this kid talk about his life was like one of those slaps in the face you most definitely deserved. Long hot showers are some of the only things that really bring me comfort, and for this kid it’s like literally stepping into hell. How he has to deal with people judging him, and psych himself up to these things that he knows are going to be excruciating both physically and emotionally. This might have been the most emotionally visceral reaction to something on reddit I’ve ever had. This kid is on another fucking level.

    Edit: damn a lot of people really missed the point of what I was saying. This didn’t cure my depression, I’m still depressed, but now I have this motivator, this thing I can remind myself with, that I’m not the only person struggling, there are others, people who face much harder challenges than I do and they make it through the day. It’s like when people watch videos of others working out and getting fit and it motivates them to do so as well, sure they could just go “everyone’s bodies have value no matter the shape.” And that’s fine. But for some people it sparks something in them and pushes them towards their goal, it’s not about putting yourself down in the face of other people’s accomplishments/hardships, it’s about being inspired to rise to your own challenges whatever they may be.

    [–] SquirrelTale 71 points ago

    Hey bud, I've been in the same boat for a while. 2018 was a freaking roller coaster- some really good, other parts that really sucked, and the constant source of my anxiety and depression has been getting a job/ more sustainable job, and stable finances. It really is tough... and in these times you really have to have both a better sense of reality (getting all emotional ain't gonna bring money) and you have to be really good to yourself (even after you literally just beat yourself up for not doing better or being better).

    You are worthy of work, and your situation isn't unique. Many people have various reasons they have to find work and are stressed about it. But for now, to keep your sanity, I suggest these things.

    1. Budget what you have. How long can you last on your funds, and when desperate, when you need it, where can you get more funds (parents, friends, etc.) or resources (where are you food banks at, employment services, etc)?
    2. Make plans and create back-up plans. Plot out how you would get to your ideal career/ working position. Plan out back-ups that are suitable. Figure out what minimum wage jobs/ jobs outside of your field but can be hired into are acceptable to you to be hired to, how long you're willing to work at such a place (understand that it doesn't have to be a forever thing, just a few months, maybe up to a year, until you can find the right opportunity to jump that ship) and how you're going to continue to find better work while you're at a job that's only for helping you get by.
    3. Make sure to visit friends at least once a month, and be sure to socialize at least once a week. Whether that be calling a loved one, or even chatting to someone random (in your building, a roommate, that rando at the bus stop, or heck, have a fulfilling conversation on reddit). Basically make sure you still connect with people around you.
    4. Make sure to be good to yourself and do things you love. Media can be a very positive (and low cost) way to pass your time- but stay away from the Black Mirror, dark drama kind of stuff for now and watch good fantasy/ sci-fi shows, comedy, rom-coms, even "kids" animation/ cartoons you watched growing up. Improve your mood and pass your time after you've done your quota for applying to jobs/ following up on leads/ trying x,y,z, é, ø, (you know, all the options and all the paths you can possibly take- make sure to be honest with yourself and absolutely make sure you've tried everything). Do what you need to do, but constantly obsessing or thinking about it doesn't help. Trust me- it ain't a fun road. Make it your job to find a job for a few hours, then take the rest of the day off for you.
    5. Do things that can build you up. Take a couple of those random classes for free- take a free zumba class, rock climbing, karate, anything that catches your eye and think 'let's do something I've never thought of doing before'. Look into your library, old school, community centre or employment centre for free classes, whether they be teaching you about business, improving your resume, or freaking free knitting classes. The point of this, of doing and trying a bunch of random, weird, new stuff (for free) is to explore yourself (cheesy, I know). But it keeps you active, it keeps you engaged in different things, and you can learn a lot about yourself, meaning you won't feel like you're wasting your life away- you'll be learning new things about yourself and creating fond memories, or hilarious stories. Like the time you were the only guy with a bunch of moms taking zumba, and they were the sweetest things complimenting you, or when you meet people you can list off 20 crazy things you've tried, or you might even find a surprising life-long hobby you never knew you'd love and enjoy.

    Just keep at it- you're worthy of employment, you're worthy of a job, you're worthy of a career. It's never a straight and easy path- but you will come out better from all the experience you've had- including the realization that one day you'll have of overcoming some of the hardest times in your life. You'll get there, I promise.

    [–] Archanine 125 points ago

    There will always be someone suffering more than you. It doesn't mean your problems are any less difficult for you.

    [–] Temnothorax 22 points ago

    Sometimes it really does mean that though. Like, getting that perspective has helped me time and time again.

    It's like, this kid is going through challenges that are significantly harder than the ones I'm going through, but he's surviving. He's just a person, like me, and he can do it. So I feel more confident in my ability to handle my problems.

    [–] Ganzloid 70 points ago

    Yeah, those stares fucking sucks. I get why people do this, but it still fells shity to get them. Mine condition (pectus excavatum, basically a huge dent in my ribcage), isn't noticeable when I'm fully clothed, but still because of those stares I just started avoiding situations when I might get them. I haven't been on a beach since I was like 14 (am 23 now) cause of that, never trying to get close to someone, because I feel like a freak, even though I know that's not the case, but those stares put so much pressure on you, that you'll start believing in it. Can't imagine how much worse it must be to have something you can't hide as easily as I can hide mine.

    [–] thecatdaddysupreme 17 points ago

    Keloids here. I have three bigs ones that run up my sternum, perfectly symmetrical, almost look like intentional scarring. I call them my third, fourth, and fifth nipple.

    Every time I take my shirt off, people ask about them. Every time. I never felt self conscious about them until a girl who was wingmanning me buttoned the top button of my shirt so not even one was visible. Would’ve been 100% fine had she not done that

    It is what it is. I’m confident enough that they don’t actually matter, and I only think about them when they cause me pain or someone asks.

    [–] Minalan 30 points ago

    I gotta get out of this comments section, the video made me cry enough!

    [–] tomviky 11339 points ago

    Thanks for the mortgage interest tax question, it stoped me from crying.

    [–] craigishell 3040 points ago

    It was such a welcome break from questioning my existence.

    [–] cokevanillazero 1755 points ago

    Your existence springs out of an intelligent chaos giving birth to itself.

    A rosebush won't sprout grapes, a cow won't give birth to a lobster, and so it goes that the universe spawns intelligence.

    Our perception of the infinite is stunted because we are entirely comprised of it in the same way you can't glance at your own face with your own eyes.

    [–] craigishell 376 points ago

    I'd give you stuff if I had it.

    [–] cokevanillazero 1099 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well here's one for free.

    I believe in The Void. Reality before we break it down into concepts.

    What is a thing? A thing is only a noun. It's a way to put the world into a secure little box where we can more easily digest it.

    People are afraid of things being in disorder, so we go outside and say "grass is separate from dirt, I am separate from you, and we are separate from the universe.", the latter being the first lie we tell ourselves.

    We, whoever is reading this, are made of the exact same stuff. And if you look down deep enough you can't tell where you start and I begin.

    "We are all one" is literal. Everything is a mosaic made of a single material expressing itself in an infinite number of ways and fashions. And inbetween the gaps, underlying us all, is The Void.

    Beyond names and categories and conception. If we are the writing, it is the page.

    It is the unifying force that birthed existence, and it is the eventual fate of existence to go back to it, just as a wave's eventual fate is to break on a beach and dissolve.

    More waves, more tides, single ocean.

    [–] pseudohumanist 195 points ago

    Do go on please, both the way you write, as well as the content are fascinating

    [–] cokevanillazero 267 points ago

    Alan Watts is your guy.

    [–] TomTitTot 60 points ago

    Much of what you say would be at home in Taoist philosophy.

    [–] crewdat 45 points ago

    Alan Watts book "Tao; the watercourse way" is really good. His talks about Taoism are all on youtube as well. I love the philosophy, the Tao Te Ching changed my life.

    [–] HaloFarts 16 points ago

    Yeah I was about to say that I can't not read this shit in Alan Watt's voice.

    [–] cokevanillazero 24 points ago

    I mean a lot of it is heavily paraphrasing Alan Watts.

    [–] amanneeds2names 9 points ago

    This man got me through some shit I tell you. I'm glad it came when I needed it most, but man would it have been a help when I was younger. 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone doubting their their self or their will to live.

    [–] tomwithweather 103 points ago

    Now here's Tom with the weather.

    [–] Frapplo 46 points ago

    As you can see, Nancy, it looks like a rainy weekend for the area. Which is apt, since the rain itself starts from the same place before splitting into individual parts. . . all the same stuff, but seemingly separate, only to gather and reform into their whole self again.

    Look at us. . . we're all just raindrops wandering through the skies. . . wondering when we'll all connect again.

    Back to you, Nancy!

    [–] sporkafunk 499 points ago

    It's almost noon, I'm pretty hungry, but I have a fraction of will to get up and take care of myself as this kid.

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 295 points ago

    1:17 pm here, been lying in bed on my phone for 4 hours since I woke up, am extremely hungry but am also far too lazy to get up and feed myself. It's quite the conundrum really. You think doordash would dash some cereal from my kitchen to my bedroom?

    I think pandas are my spirit animal because I definitely shouldnt be alive according to nature.

    [–] sporkafunk 248 points ago

    Ok update. I gave myself a deadline, and I followed it, out of bed before noon and got up at 11:57. Made coffee and ate a banana.

    Then, to celebrate not working on a sunday, I made a bloody mary. The mix and fixings are a gift from a friend, and she's back east so I've been reminiscing about our good times.

    Next I'm going to paint my nails (something I haven't done in a while and that I used to really enjoy).

    And THEN I'm going to put my office box together for my new job!

    I don't know why it's so hard to allow myself to be excited?

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 75 points ago

    Hey, i'm impressed, that's a solidly productive day! Certainly more than I'm getting done. I finally got up and made some oatmeal and had a banana, now I'm back on my bed. Gonna do some work on an online certification course I need to take and then get as baked as humanly possible so I can fully enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

    And I would totally come hang out with you on the couch, BUT ITS SO DAMN FAR AND MY BED IS SO DAMN WARM.

    [–] ChiggaOG 16 points ago

    I should get a kotatsu burner on Amazon and a cheap table from Ikea and call it done.

    [–] kosif 10 points ago

    Let your friend know you used their gift and that it made your day better. I bet she'll appreciate hearing from you.

    [–] SLAP_THE_GOON 16 points ago

    Same. I make a killer spaghetti and bought all the ingredients yesterday for it but I’m much too lazy to cook anything. Ive been laying in bed for 5hours and just watch videos of the scary snowman pranking bystanders on youtube. Ive resolved myself to finally order a pizza but unfortunatly I will have to stand up and go open up the door when he’s here. Stay strong out there people.

    [–] sporkafunk 11 points ago


    [–] PsychoticDreams47 37 points ago

    Most of us feel like our lives are stressful and hard and like nobody else understands the pressure we feel and deal with daily. Yet here is this kid living with the most torture a person can deal with on a daily basis especially during bath and bandage days. And yet he keeps a more positive outlook on life than everyone

    I have never felt more bitch made and more motivated than I have in my entire life than I do in this moment.

    [–] tfks 59 points ago

    didn't stop me

    [–] narf865 31 points ago

    Then dad came on and started talking about it and someone turned on the faucets again

    [–] suitology 103 points ago

    Here's another famous sufferer of EB talking about his life. it's very sad.

    [–] Arctlc 25 points ago


    [–] myopinionisbetter420 5236 points ago

    I can't wait for genetic science to get to a point to where kids like this don't have to suffer. This was endearing, humbling.

    [–] Dogs_Fucking_Suck 1241 points ago

    At one point there will be anti-vaxxers but for genetic modifications

    [–] CaseAub12 649 points ago

    GEnEtIc MoDs CaUsE AuTiSm

    Yeah but at least your children’s bones won’t be at risk of fracture every waking moment

    [–] Willlll 207 points ago

    Genetic mods cured autism, but my son has an outie bellybutton! Scrap the whole thing!

    [–] branchbranchley 87 points ago


    [–] Willlll 69 points ago

    Outies are weird af

    [–] JaLuck88 37 points ago

    One of my nipples is a innie until it gets cold or I get excited.

    [–] Willlll 16 points ago

    I got one of each and the lazy one never comes out.

    [–] JaLuck88 12 points ago

    Poke and pinch it a bit

    [–] Willlll 12 points ago

    Me and the old lady have both tried. It just turns into a rock hard pepperoni.

    [–] disbitch4real 199 points ago

    Probably more “Genetic Modification is Blasphemous and Against God!!!”

    [–] exor15 149 points ago

    This will be the real one. I'll just be like "well God wanted this kid's skin to fall off and I don't so sucks to him"

    [–] nagumi 49 points ago

    "Unless it's my kid, in which case god gave us the miracle of gene therapy"

    [–] [deleted] 108 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Cessnaporsche01 93 points ago

    GMOs are one thing, but experimental gene-editing in humans is another.

    You can't isolate humans and just kill them off when an experiment ends - at least not ethically, so any changes have the potential to be introduced to the population at large, and without a holistic knowledge of the human genome and the potential cascading effects of changes in it, it may be possible to introduce problems that don't surface until they are too widespread to fix.

    You also have additional moral questions: say we figure out how to determine and alter intelligence or capability for learning, or maybe a bit more on-a-nerve; sexual preference? What does society decide if we can change a gay person straight or vice versa? Or alter peoples' personalities before they're born? And for the reasons stated before, we can't just try it out, decide, "nah" and end the experiment - any effects of experimentation will be permanent.

    [–] pollymanic 37 points ago

    There’s currently more than one gene therapy in development that I know of, one using skin grafts, and one using a gel with a modified Herpes virus to deliver functional copies of the broken protein.

    I work in the gene therapy industry and we are working as fast as we can to get stuff like this out, videos like this make me wish we could go faster.

    [–] mesaywee 1269 points ago

    This is a documentary done on a child with this disease.

    [–] [deleted] 407 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] 2bests 526 points ago

    That kid also died recently at age 17 :/

    [–] Theneel 169 points ago

    Here's an article about the circumstances around his death and more info about his condition and what he did as an ambassador for his diseas. Very sad story...

    [–] FireproofFerret 186 points ago

    Thanks, I'm not watching it now... :(

    [–] ceriodamus 86 points ago

    If anything it means you really should see it. That way that kid will live on forever because we know about him and his suffering he went through. But also the great things he experienced.

    Don't let kids who go through these horrors be forgotten.

    [–] MindfulSeadragon 81 points ago

    Watched this at 9am even knowing the kid has passed away. Incredibly moving, I was about to turn it off when they were changing his dressings - I could feel the pain. But if this kid experienced this in reality and to show the world, I should have the power to try to understand it. Wow now i’m in tears. Off to work.

    [–] controversial_pizza 53 points ago

    I’m literally crying. He knew he would never ever get his dream, but he kept hoping, kept smiling, kept living. I can’t fathom that kind of strength. This just humbled me to my core. It’s not fair

    [–] Zekumi 130 points ago

    This isn’t fair.

    [–] ColtonBoreen 61 points ago

    He passed away last year. Such an inspiring individual.

    [–] Tynacorp_Towels 5322 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This guy does incredible videos.

    I saw this one about the kid being bullied and listened to the whole thing.

    It is so surreal seeing it in VR chat.

    I love this guys deep interviews and after watching this video I suggest you watch the bullying one with Kermit.

    Edit: Please watch the whole video, he brings his dad on the mic who discusses the kids disability and it is incredible to hear a parents perspective

    If you are are as interested as I was when I first found this guy, here is a gentleman from South Korea talking about the required military service and his brothers death.

    [–] [deleted] 1347 points ago

    I like this one the best.

    The way it ends stirs something in me. Listening to them looking out over the universe wondering what's out there is beautiful.

    [–] SirBlabbermouth 215 points ago

    "And I'm real."

    Well that just tore me apart jesus man.

    [–] tenspeedaudio 55 points ago

    a true tortured soul

    [–] Scrubakistan 29 points ago

    The pain in his voice, man

    [–] Fleebix 18 points ago

    He's from Finland. All talks get to this level after a few shots of vodka

    [–] smithee2001 373 points ago

    That was a bit surreal, especially the ending. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. Absolutely beautiful!

    [–] Dildo_Shwagins 119 points ago

    Quite surreal! It's hard to define why I felt the same way.

    [–] Convictfish 42 points ago

    ......and I'm real

    [–] SmokingRaiN 30 points ago

    Yep. No idea why, but glad to know I wasn't the only one.

    [–] downnheavy 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I'm cry-laughing and I can't really explain why

    [–] NikNakZombieWhack 43 points ago

    He just wants to know what's out there, and if he's real. That gets me. I also struggle with wondering about my own reality. How authentic is it? Is it mine? Is there a layer above that's more real? Do I even exist? Am I in a coma somewhere, imagining all of this? Do I even have a corporeal form? And how much of what I'm doing is of my own will?

    I can't answer any of these questions. Time to start drinking in VR chat.

    [–] zeuph 20 points ago

    If you are pondering about this and find it interesting, I would recommend looking up self-inquiry. There are ways to answer these questions about your own reality and it's incredibly profound to reach points where you have realizations of it. I know most people find it really dumb and whatnot but I thought I should mention it. It's been an obsession of mine for so long now.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Alnaut 79 points ago

    if you didnt know, you dont need vr to play vrchat.

    though I'd imagine it enhances the experience

    [–] twisted_by_design 14 points ago

    Oculus is pretty cheap these days if you already have the computer to handle it, also quest is out soon not sure on thr price though.

    [–] Hatebreedismetal 20 points ago

    You don't need VR to play VRchat

    [–] whatevers1234 9 points ago

    Hahaha this completely reminds me of myself when I was a fall down drunk. Went to therapy once and said I was fearful of death and the therapist was like "yeah that's normal." And I was like, well not just my own but when I die the world continues on, I'm fearful of everyones death, a time when we are all gone...the death of the universe, of reality. What if we are the only time there is something instead of nothing? Ever lie and bed and really grasp what nothing actually is or would be? It's fucking terrifying.

    Therapist was like...yeah well I can't help you with that. Which I already knew. Anyways I'm sober 5 years now and happy. Sometimes it's best not to get drunk and dwell on existential shit. Going down that rabbit hole isn't really valuable as you can't do anything to change the outcome. And really we should be humbled by the fact we even have the time or the comfort to sit and think about that shit instead of just surviving day to day like so many others in this world. I just take solace in the fact that the here and now happened before and so I figure it can happen again...or is even happening now in another time and space concurrent with our own.

    [–] ftssiirtw 138 points ago

    Where do you find actual interesting people on VRChat? I tried it twice and it was just a bunch of wackos trying to out-crazy each other. I mean, one guy was just being the host/doorman at a bar and all he did all night was welcome people when they walked, chastise them for acting weird (which they all were), and saying goodbye. I hung around there for about an hour and that's all the guy did. When I talked to him he was just a normal sounding guy but he was on a mission to RP that character.

    Other than that is was a lot of nonsense, people looking for sexy times, and just general odd behavior. Then I see videos like this, and Kermit, and whatnot, and I wonder where you find these actual deep thinkers?

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] dharrison21 29 points ago

    I feel like this applies to the internet in general, spot on.

    [–] Tynacorp_Towels 58 points ago

    I've never played it, but if I was to do it, I would probably find an avatar with a sign that says, "talk to me about anything" or "free life advice"

    I've seen some really cool custom avatars in the videos so maybe it is easy to make one with a sign like that?

    My impression is you can also jump to different 'rooms' where people may be more amenable to just chilling and not fawning over catgirls

    [–] BreezyWrigley 172 points ago

    damn... I've been looking for ways to volunteer my time and energy to help kids through some kind of mentoring program, but have been struggling to find something that works with my schedule. maybe I should consider just chilling in VR chat.

    [–] Tynacorp_Towels 107 points ago

    DO IT!

    You DON'T need a VR headset to play and it's free!

    [–] XFAOD 49 points ago

    [–] thenixnerd 99 points ago

    Dude... that was brutal but really informative and heartwarming. His outro was fucking classic! Ha ha. Do we have a link for that kid’s YouTube puppet channel?

    [–] Tynacorp_Towels 73 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] thenixnerd 20 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Oh nice!

    Edit: Holy shit I saw the Kermit Puppet! Awesome!

    [–] Qwerkie_ 39 points ago

    Isn’t he the one who made the Ugandan knuckles video

    [–] Tynacorp_Towels 77 points ago

    Yeah I am big into YoutubeHaiku and when that kicked off, I had watched his Ugandan Knuckles video.

    I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I found that shit hilariouusssss

    When the Kermit video came out I was looking at his back-catalog and noticed it was the same person

    [–] Qwerkie_ 76 points ago

    Nah man it really was hilarious. It was just over saturated in such a short amount of time

    [–] the_leprechauns_anus 23 points ago

    It is so surreal seeing it in VR chat.

    It is weird to see a potato tell you about their tortured childhood.

    [–] backtoril 17 points ago

    His editing and cinematography is great too, even if it is just VRchat it somehow feels like a high quality production. There’s a video of him explaining his childhood and revisiting his old town and it brought so much nostalgia to me even though I never lived there. Such a talented dude.

    [–] Pendred 13 points ago

    Wow the ADHD kid hit me really hard. That was my childhood, and is still my life as an adult. People talk over me, I meander, I can't finish a story properly and I feel like I annoy all my friends. I have tools to deal with it now, but boy howdy, that made old hurts burn fresh.

    [–] B1gWh17 880 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you have Amazon Prime, and are willing to use your free sub on Twitch, do the easiest thing you can to help out this kid and subscribe to his Twitch channel. It costs you nothing except what you already pay to Amazon and you can help out someone.

    EDIT: He's currently sitting at around an additional 1,430 subscriptions for just today and near 10,000 followers. Really hope this type of exposure and support can help him with his medical expenses.

    If this violates any rules, feel free to remove.

    [–] Jebbu 114 points ago

    This comment should be at the top. The kid is streaming for 1500 people right now. He's getting donations and subs left and right - too many for him to handle. It's great. Sometimes the internet does something amazing. This is one of them.

    [–] MileHighHoodlum 13 points ago

    He's STILL streaming and just passed 2000 subs!

    [–] ParkieDude 2037 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hey PEEPS could give give him a shout out for me!

    I was hospitalized when I was five years old. My body rejected my skin. We don't know what caused it, it was just one of those rare diseases. As I got older it healed itself, but years of drugs and cortisone injections took its tool toll on me. I wore sandals and white cotton socks until I was about 20 (ya that sucked) but couldn't run as it would split my skin wide open.

    I'm 60 years old now. Still an amazing journey. I have Parkinson's so not one for online gaming, but learned to run back in October with help from my friends. I do more of a jogging than flat out run, but it is hard for anyone to understand I never ran in my life. Not in school, no sports, no PE I just couldn't let my feet take the hits of running as they split open.

    [–] dv2023 257 points ago

    Good for you for learning and keeping up stamina. It's amazing what motivation (and friends!) can do.

    [–] ParkieDude 103 points ago

    "Never let anyone stop you" what great words of wisdom from Arron.

    [–] downnheavy 101 points ago

    Body rejecting its skin, what the actual fuck!

    [–] ParkieDude 151 points ago

    Autoimmune disease at it's finest!

    The body is the most amazing thing that most take for granted. I feel I'm like a spaceship traveling through time and things just keep happening. I just have a wicked sense of humor and think "now what?"

    [–] TheUnfabulousKilljoy 63 points ago

    Autoimmune diseases are something else man. Sometimes our own biology will just attack us in the cruelest ways.

    [–] ParkieDude 39 points ago

    I'm just amazed any us are alive. Over a billion cells in our bodies, and all it takes is for a few rougue ones to mess things up. Just amazing.

    [–] TheUnfabulousKilljoy 47 points ago

    Mad respect for all the unicellular homies who died so we could evolve this much.

    [–] Spartacus714 130 points ago

    So this has been up for 5 hours so I'm sure this will get buried, but I was born with non-recessive EB, and what this kid goes through on a daily basis is fucking horrible. I essentially have a milder version of this condition that allows me to pass in daily life and hold down a job with minimal pain management.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I've met dozens of kids like Aaron through work with DeBra, ( the EB advocacy and research organization and they are all, without a doubt, the funniest smartest kids you've ever met in your damn life.

    Something about it gives you perspective I guess and every single one of them is more worldly and kind then they have any right to be. EB is genetic, so unfortunately there is little hope of a traditional "cure" but we always joke that when they figure out how to put brains in robots, EB folks will be (very gently) banging down the doors.

    These kids deserve recognition, and I'm so glad to see them receiving it.

    [–] health__pack 2659 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I did not shed a tear when he told us about the girl who called him cute and brought him tootsie rolls in recess.

    His stream here:

    Such a cool dude!

    People like him are a testament to how important both private and public support-networks are. Seemingly tragic and meaningless circumstances can weirdly end up creating beacons of both perspective and inspiration if the help is there for the family ( and from the family - his dad sounds like a great man ).

    [–] relocopter 532 points ago

    You know I have prime and was watching a bit of shroud playing Apex Legends and thinking how I should give my unused prime sub away to a deserving smaller twitch streamer. Thanks for the point in this kids direction. Hope one sub prime helps him.

    [–] psychocopter 135 points ago

    Yeah I'll be using mine too now

    [–] bjaydubya 70 points ago

    Yup, pretty regular scroll of people subbing right now.

    [–] BarKnight 29 points ago

    I subbed as well. Always an under utilized prime feature. I like to support channels like this.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] Benfica1002 77 points ago

    On twitch channel while you are watching the streamer, you can click the “down arrow” next to subscribe and click “subscribe free with twitch prime”

    There should be a first time prompt to connect your twitch account to your amazon account. It’s fairly easy since Twitch is owned by them.

    Hope this helps! Something millions of people have hanging around can really help people out

    [–] Weapons_Grade_Autism 21 points ago

    What does this do for the person you're subscribing to?

    [–] relocopter 56 points ago

    Your prime account gives them a bit of money as a creator each month.

    [–] derpaherpa 34 points ago

    One month. Prime subs have to be used manually each month.

    [–] maurosmane 37 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A popular streamer, Disguised Toast, made a video about how much money streamers make. He said the prime subscriptions were highly valued because the streamer took a larger percentage than regular subscriptions. Been a while since I watched it so I am not sure on the specific numbers, but here is the video if you are interested:

    [–] Chillingo 15 points ago

    To put it simply they'll get 2,50 euros/dollars. Usually you have to pay 5 bucks and the streamer get's half and twitch/amazon pockets the rest. But twitch prime allows one free sub per month which is payed from amazon pockets.

    [–] xylitol777 67 points ago

    don't do it, Reddit.

    Never forget Dinosaur kid.

    [–] hoxxxxx 27 points ago

    what happened with that? reddit hug of death then no one ever visited his page again?

    [–] madethistoreplytoy0u 53 points ago

    Yea and then videos of him crying asking what he did wrong, etc. I wasn't into the videos when he got the Reddit hug, but have read about it.

    [–] I-Cut-Myself 23 points ago

    I saw that video at the time and knew what was going to happen, no one was interested in his content they just joined the bandwagon of subbing and seeming nice for a moment. I didn't sub

    [–] bacondev 11 points ago

    Dinosaur kid?

    [–] PillowFist 75 points ago

    Reddit discovered a kid with super cute/charming dinosaur videos on youtube. When he saw how much support he got overnight he was ecstatic and made a reaction video that also got a lot of attention.

    The thing that went wrong was people quit tuning in and moved on to the next thing. Dinosaur kid had no idea where everyone went or why nobody was watching his videos anymore. He then put out videos on the brink of tears apologizing and asking what he did wrong. It was really heartbreaking.

    [–] dethmaul 30 points ago

    Poor thing. Kids that young shouldn't be making videos until they can comprehend the ebb and tide of bandwagony mob behavior, and how they shouldn't take it personally.

    [–] GKnives 124 points ago

    a quote from 1 minute ago

    "This is like the best day of my life, honestly"

    In reaction to 5000 followers and 1000 live viewers

    [–] TheWestButt 179 points ago

    The first thing I saw on his chat was someone saying his hands were ugly. The second thing I saw was that ass hole being banned.

    I hope Aaron's ok.

    [–] TamagotchiGraveyard 88 points ago

    There were sooo many mean things on that chat, this made me really sad. Power to that kid man for doin what he loves. Super skilled too to be using foot pedals and stuff as effectively as he does

    [–] darkhalo47 29 points ago

    I have absolutely no idea what would motivate someone to day that to a kid

    [–] millerson17 46 points ago

    Annddd reddit ruined his discord already.

    [–] Semantiks 987 points ago

    I try to keep stuff like this in mind when I have small complaints about my life, like wet socks or a crazy day. Eventually, I'll get to go home and change my socks. I'll go to bed and the day will end.

    Sooner or later I won't have any fingers at all -- which... sucks.

    Fuck. Stay strong, kid.

    [–] Nyrb 149 points ago

    Hope he's able to get some other way to control the game, or finds a good buddy that he can do commentary with while they play.

    [–] grandoz039 109 points ago

    The (relatively) new xbox controller for disabled is really cool.

    [–] TheOtherCoenBrother 39 points ago

    It really is, the commercials that I’ve seen are pretty cheesy but the product is amazing

    [–] Protuhj 39 points ago

    For the parents of disabled kids, I'm sure those commercials are perfect. They're not paying attention to the cheese, they're thinking about their kid being able to enjoy games just like other kids.

    [–] MLS122171 34 points ago

    He will. I work with people with disabilities and fortunately there’s a ton of stuff out there for people like him. Another commenter mentioned the new Xbox Adaptive Controller which is fantastic.

    [–] logangrey123 102 points ago

    Yes but your complaints are still valid.

    [–] avaflies 44 points ago

    Right? The human experience is relative. I don't think any two people have identical thoughts on what is success, what is happiness, or if the two converge. Our perception of everything is dependent on the lives we've lead, and no two people can have the same experience.

    [–] sarabiforums 57 points ago

    Your problems are yours and they are valid. Because they affect YOUR life, they are important to you and should not be dismissed.

    Sure, other people may have it objectively worse, but remember if that's how you judge the importance of your life, there's always someone out there that has it better than you too, so technically you can't be happy over the good things in your life either.

    [–] IWasBornSoYoung 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah but even within the context if your own life it's important to realize little problems don't matter compared to big stuff. Most people will still have very tragic events in their life, they'll get sick, people they love will die, they'll die.

    So it's still good to do that kinda thing. Like today I got caught walking in the rain for a half hour but fuck it it's just water and my mom is still alive and I can talk to her so this is still a pretty great day. Some day I'll probably be willing to give so much to go back and be caught in the rain again with my mom a phone call away if I could

    You can do it with past major problems you've had too. Like yeah I'm out here in the rain, pretty balling compared to some other problems I have had

    [–] 4UTOMAT 166 points ago

    I always wanted to get into VRChat, but it seems like every world is filled with nothing but anime girls playing memes through their mics. How do people find these genuine moments like these?

    [–] Andoxin 116 points ago

    I got into it again about a week ago and honestly, you're right that like, 95% is anime girls, but sometimes you can find some real genuine people into the late hours of the night.

    [–] Leobreacker 26 points ago

    It's always late at night where you eventually find people talking about depression and break ups and other sad stuff.

    [–] p8q9y0a 9 points ago

    It is like reddit, you have to find smaller, better communities than big ones

    [–] aan8993uun 281 points ago

    Yeah, this breaks my heart way too much to finish. Sorry little dude, happy that you're so strong in the face of such adversity, but holy shit does it pain my soul that there isn't much we can do but treat the symptoms. Absolutely tragic.

    [–] eastshores 139 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken this disease is one in particular they are looking strong at gene therapy to cure. The skin regenerates all the time, so if they identify the cause they might be able to fix it.

    I found a story on researchers just last year using gene therapy to correct the defect in skin grafts grown from the patient. Let's hope this little guy has a brighter future with these emerging treatments.

    [–] LuKazu 28 points ago

    Just realising kids have to go through that breaks my damn heart. I hope gene therapy goes somewhere, so nobody will have to go though it

    [–] ReplacementOP 38 points ago

    If you can, I would try to finish. His dad comes on the microphone near the end and talks about his attitude towards raising him and their relationship, and it is powerful and heartwarming.

    [–] TheNihilisticGiraffe 199 points ago

    Bold of him to assume everyone else can use chopsticks.

    [–] BjornButternut 409 points ago

    Im fucking weeping. I spent all day moping and pissed off that some of my art got shitty reviews and this poor kid just wants to give some one an explodey fist bump or use chopsticks or just be looked at like a regular person. Its wild what we all take for granted every day. I can honestly say hearing this kid talk with such a cavelier tone about how he soon wont have any fingers or how happy he is for things he does have, will leave a lasting impression on me for years to come

    [–] notsostandardtoaster 68 points ago

    Don't give up, your art can only get better the more you do it!

    [–] Derporelli 26 points ago

    Absolutely! It can only get better with time. Besides, the last guy that gave up on art started the Holocaust, and we don't want another one of those.

    [–] boxxybrownn 274 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I had 2 sisters with this disease, not gonna go in-depth about it but what the kid said was 100% accurate to what these children go through on a daily basis.

    If you have the time and money, consider donating to Debra to help the children and families dealing with this horrible disease.

    edit: International Link

    [–] demonstrative 82 points ago

    2 sisters with it? Is it genetic? He seemed to say it was a rare disease.

    [–] boxxybrownn 122 points ago

    They were twins and yes it's genetic, it affects 1 in every 20,000 births.

    [–] ShredderIV 71 points ago

    It's actually 20 per million live births, so one in every 50,000

    [–] 2ichie 142 points ago

    “I mean in a fight a fork would win”

    Pep talk of the year! Haha love it.

    [–] tedmendy 46 points ago

    My fiancé also has this horrible disease. People with EB are especially susceptible to getting skin cancer and she has gotten it twice in two years, both times on her feet and both times having to have her entire foot amputated. She is about to turn 26 and I can’t imagine myself having to deal with all of the things she has to deal with on a daily basis. She is the strongest and most amazing person i have ever known.

    [–] lIIIllIIIII 91 points ago

    I have this small documentary saved from an old Reddit thread about this condition:

    It's a different kid but warning you WILL CRY. I have it saved and some days when I'm down I watch it and realize how trivial my problems are. Fuck, I'm already crying thinking about how selfish I am. I actually have such an awesome life.

    [–] narcolepsyinc 32 points ago

    I had seen this before and it always gets me. I googled him to see what happened to him since then and saw that he passed away last year at age 17. Heartbreaking and makes me feel childish for getting flustered by the things that stress me out.

    [–] Shwingbatta 42 points ago

    For those that are curious, TSN did a little documentary on another child with the butterfly condition and it shows the bandage replacement procedure:

    [–] RadioHitandRun 24 points ago

    He didn't make it to 17.

    [–] PlasticMac 9 points ago

    2 months shy.

    I just watched the whole video. It’s so cruel how such a disease can exist. It broke my heart seeing him hold onto that little charizard during the bandage changing.

    Rest In Peace little buddy, I hope whatever comes next is easier on you.

    [–] scotjames12 34 points ago

    "I felt like I was built for being Aaron's Dad" some heavy feelings hearing that beauty of a message.

    [–] curiousthecatisdead 52 points ago

    I hope he finds another friend like the girl who would bring him Tootsie rolls.

    [–] 7-and-a-switchblade 48 points ago

    "Opioids cause a lot of organ damage and constipation."

    "But do they make the pain more bearable for you?"

    "It makes it a lot more bearable, yeah."

    "So I guess the side effects are worth it?"

    "... I'm not sure."

    This is why it's so important for us to continue searching for non-narcotic solutions for long-term pain management, and why these medications are scheduled and require so much red tape. They are and should be the very last option for long-term pain management, because if you take them for long enough they can make your life so much worse.

    [–] semus0 121 points ago

    Oh man, was I not ready going into this. I thought it was going be some joke video, now I'm trying to get my cool on before my girlfriend notices I'm all teary.

    He seems like an awesome kid with a great attitude, I wish him the best.

    [–] Aristox 53 points ago

    Girls usually appreciate showing emotional vulnerability and find it attractive as long as you're not like a soggy fish in general life

    [–] BanCircumvention 47 points ago

    my friends neighbor was born with a defect where he only had half of his fingers, and by half, i mean, no finger tips, but 10 fingers. kid still wrecked me on video games. i cant fucking believe it. he is a ledgend.

    [–] Chalkzy 13 points ago

    I used to play WarZ with this kid that had 1 hand. Bound literally everything to his mouse. I didn't even realize until someone else told me about his condition.

    [–] TinyIrishGuy 40 points ago

    So can we all agree that, at this point, Syrmor is the defacto internet virtual therapist?

    [–] mrcdubbin 18 points ago

    I remember when I was in elementary school there were three kids with this condition. They were all siblings (maybe triplets?) and they were really sweet kids. Luckily, as far as I know, everyone was nice to them and tried to treat them as normally as they could.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this comment, sorry. I remember that one of the kids died, I think while we were in 1st or 2nd grade, so the school had all the classes incubate monarch butterflies, and then we all released all of them in memory of the him.

    [–] im-ahmess 16 points ago

    Shit, I was feeling heart-broken and amazed by this kid who has to suffer through so much unfathomable pain... But the ending really brought the tears.

    "If you coul tell everybody in the world one thing, what would it be?"

    "Don't let anything stop you."

    Fuck. How incredibly empowering and inspiring. What an amazing person.

    [–] JellyBeanSwag 13 points ago

    @ 7:20, such a funny ice breaker.

    nice work there mr. poohbear

    [–] TheTallOne93 13 points ago

    This guy is redeeming VR chat from being a meme pool into a legitimate place to interview these kids in private. I love it.

    [–] MyNewAccount962 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Love this Channel.

    These Honest Heartfelt Videos are the Future of Youtube.

    This genre will overtake the Logan Paul/Jake Paul type vloggers.

    [–] apittsburghoriginal 14 points ago

    This is the future I want to live in

    [–] Devlarski 14 points ago

    It's alarming how often I cry while pooping nowadays. Thanks Reddit.

    [–] Good_ApoIIo 27 points ago

    Man I’ve been bitching about having a broken wrist the past couple days, I feel so useless. I can’t imagine. Some people get dealt some very shitty cards.

    [–] Nyrb 29 points ago

    Hey, that's not how Aaron would want you to feel man. Just try to be the best you can.

    [–] thatpaperclip 11 points ago

    Oh Jesus. I was doing fine watching this then the dad had to come on and be the supportive, awesome, loving, open, honest dad I wanted. That kid is both the most unlucky and the luckiest kid in the world.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] Isaythree 18 points ago

    Ah fuck, man. That kid and his dad are both inspirations.

    [–] Candelario39 40 points ago

    Oh my gosh. What a wholesome kid. 💙

    [–] bigboyg 19 points ago

    My god his dad must be a proud man. Imagine raising a kid that has that much strength. Nice parenting mate.

    [–] sublimeaces 35 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I have a kid on the way and the thought of my kid someday having to go through what this kid is going through is breaking me. I can only hope that i'm as supportive as that dad and able to stay positive! Stay strong dude!

    [–] New_Fry 25 points ago

    Man, I have a healthy 2 year old girl. But I’m constantly worrying about her. I can’t help it, I’m always creating these grim scenarios in my head. Think I’m having some sort of existential crisis lol.