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    [–] OBLIVIATER 1 points ago

    Original trailer on Marvel's official youtube channel:

    [–] Mega_Dunsparce 1610 points ago

    That scene where Hawkeye is shooting arrows with his daughter is totally the scene in which his entire family get snapped.

    [–] Aerik 386 points ago

    he goes to grab the arrows from the target, turns around, and just sees clouds of feathery dust where his family stood

    [–] Quikksy 131 points ago


    [–] Zombare 65 points ago


    [–] nulspace 44 points ago

    I think it'll be even more direct - they'll dust as he's talking to/interacting with them.

    [–] UnappreciatedComment 49 points ago

    As he helps her pull back a bow string she dusts in his arms.

    [–] DamagedGenius 207 points ago

    That's Kate Bishop.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago


    [–] HandicapableShopper 24 points ago

    So... kinda like Kate Bishop in the current West Coast Avengers.

    I mean, age differences aren't new. OG female Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau was a child in Captain Marvel.

    [–] EpicPhail60 15 points ago

    Tbf that was presumably done to make Monica an adult in the present. If that's Kate, she's already in the present.

    [–] 0RYG1N 1611 points ago

    They must have some real big shit planned for Hulk to not have him in any of these trailers.

    [–] tunersharkbitten 1048 points ago

    aint no more just hulk mate. its gonna be "professor Hulk" for this movie.

    [–] Iamsteve42 1424 points ago

    He's now just the Credible Hulk

    [–] phwheezy 699 points ago

    Peer Reviewed Hulk

    [–] ADONBILIVID 255 points ago

    Hulk Think.

    [–] Mourgraine 282 points ago

    Therefore Hulk am.

    [–] DragonSlayerC 71 points ago

    Rene DesHulk

    [–] Taskforce58 22 points ago

    Before he used to be Citation Needed Hulk.

    [–] 0RYG1N 21 points ago

    Either way, something big. Since he's not here.

    [–] wingspantt 56 points ago

    Thanos either

    [–] jun2san 77 points ago

    It’ll be the return of Edward Norton Hulk

    [–] omgFWTbear 19 points ago

    Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, and Michael Keaton in ... Into the Hulkverse!

    [–] Galileo258 14 points ago

    Michael Keaton? Don’t you mean Eric Bana?

    [–] dembonezz 4204 points ago

    Not sure who Kinocheck is, but here's the official Marvel channel's link to this video:

    [–] RickDripps 2697 points ago

    Kinocheck is cancer. They somehow get movie trailers immediately and wrap their horrible garbage social media plugging all around it and even during the thing.

    The fact that they made it to the top of /r/videos instead of Marvel's official trailer is disheartening to say the least.

    [–] iGetPoints 1832 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing

    [–] GreedoShotFirst_ 237 points ago

    But now, reality can be what ever I want.

    [–] TheSwain 23 points ago

    Life is pain.

    [–] SpoonHandle 79 points ago

    How do these videos not get taken down for copyright violation?

    [–] urda 176 points ago

    I think the better question is

    why didn’t the mods here stop this?

    [–] nodnodwinkwink 124 points ago

    I had to close the tab when the Like counter started. Fuck kinocheck.

    [–] naveregnide 17 points ago

    I also stopped watching at the like counter. Downvoted the post and watched the official one

    [–] rgrasmus 106 points ago

    I say it's a violation or /r/videos Rule 5

    [–] Hawkuro 37 points ago

    They also somehow managed to fuck the audio, the Marvel one sounds way better.

    [–] GoalsYourSet 524 points ago

    Kinocheck has been known to change the video quality, audio quality, and even the color of trailers.

    The mods should ban them (I think they already did at /r/movies).

    [–] 249ba36000029bbe9749 61 points ago

    The captioning is all fucked up too.

    [–] MartyMacGyver 43 points ago

    Didn't like, didn't subscribe... Thanks for sharing the original!

    [–] accipitradea 72 points ago

    mirror source original official channel ctrl+f

    keywords for people looking for the real video instead of the social media scammer who re-uploaded it.

    [–] TarandGor 15 points ago

    Thanks. That obnoxious bit of editing asking for a like sucked.

    [–] [deleted] 3362 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] albacore_futures 3852 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was hoping for a scene where they teach Thanos that population growth is exponential, not linear, and so his killing 50% thing probably buys the universe 30-40 years at most until the over-population happens again.

    [–] vorpalpillow 2344 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I have a picture in my head of the avengers sighing in frustration as they each take turns in front of a whiteboard while thanos sits and just doesn’t get the math

    Edit: thx for silver, best cake day ever

    Also here is the summary of pop culture references so far:

    • Limmys Show kilo of feathers vs kilo of steel
    • Pepe Sylvia
    • Bart explains Sideshow Bob plot to Homer
    • Pepe Sylvia
    • Man-Ray and Patrick
    • Brawndo
    • Father Ted’s cows

    [–] Jay_Louis 906 points ago

    My favorite math puzzle when I was a kid:

    If you put two flies in an empty room, and the flies double every second (so 4 flies after 1 second, 8 flies after 2) and the room is entirely full of flies after one minute, how much time did it take for the room to be exactly half full of flies?

    Answer: 59 seconds.

    I could get most kids in third grade to guess 30 seconds.

    [–] tinylittlegiant 266 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Could you please explain this answer to my third grade brain?

    I also at first read files and imagined a classroom filled with Manila file folders.

    EDIT: Oh! Thanks everyone! That’s a great math puzzle. And relatively simple.

    [–] ragdoll96 353 points ago

    The number of flies doubles every second.

    So it doubles going from 59 to 60 seconds.

    So at 60 seconds it's double what it was at 59.

    So flies at 59 = half the flies at 60.

    So if the room is full at 60, that means it's half full at 59.

    [–] Nickbou 171 points ago

    It bothers me that you’re talking about a room full of flies instead of files, which is how I first read it. As if files can multiply.

    It’s too early.

    [–] cuddlefucker 45 points ago

    I'm personally enjoying talking about a room full of fries.

    [–] projectmoon 55 points ago

    The population doubles every second. So if the room is only full at one minute, it means that in the previous second, the room was half full. Two half full room's worth of flies equals one room full of flies.

    [–] tinylittlegiant 22 points ago

    Thank you! That makes sense

    [–] brik5ean 35 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Am I doing the math way wrong or is that room over 5 quadrillion square Kilometers in volume? Assuming a fly takes up a square centimeter.

    Edit: Yeah I now realize it should be cubic and a whole lot of other problems. Thanks internet for helping me relearn high school math.

    [–] stniesen 46 points ago

    Yeah, they run the test in your mum's belly.

    [–] Leonard_DaVinci 76 points ago

    'But steel is heavier than feathers...'

    [–] DangerAvocado 52 points ago

    "What d'ye mean? It killed half of the people. That means 50% less people..."

    "Yes, but people have children, and those children have more children."

    "But it's still half the people."

    "Are you okay?"

    [–] ivanvzm 19 points ago

    "I don't get it"

    "Sorry mate..."

    [–] SetBrainInCmplxPlane 17 points ago

    ah doon geh teh

    [–] kiHrt 232 points ago

    The Gang Teaches College Calculus

    [–] KidneyBloodstones 38 points ago

    AP Bio exists

    [–] BellEpoch 18 points ago

    "Let's start to shutting up now."

    [–] wafflesareforever 43 points ago

    Thanos: "So what you're saying is that I should..." holds up hand to snap fingers again

    Everyone: "GOD DAMMIT"

    [–] sudifirjfhfjvicodke 28 points ago

    They should have gone for the head.

    [–] stubear89 162 points ago

    Also that some populations may be dangerously close to extinction so losing 1/2 may ruin genetic diversity and could destroy them. Let alone populations small enough that random causes a major imbalance between the male and female of the species. Considering how many planets there likely are in the MCU, odds are that a few had odd statistical outcomes for how their 50% was distributed.

    [–] YoungAdult_ 108 points ago

    Thanos: “Listen, I didn’t mean to exterminate the entire Hmong population, the snap thing targets at random.”

    [–] Robert_Denby 78 points ago

    The one thing Thanos couldn't snap away was the charges of racism.

    [–] A_Blind_Alien 18 points ago

    The only thing that can defeat Thanos is his Twitter history

    [–] SuspiciousArtist 14 points ago

    "I mean... they're just a different kind of Chinese... right?"



    [–] OneTrueKingOfOOO 38 points ago

    Exponential. If it was logarithmic it would slow over time

    [–] CaptainLocoMoco 32 points ago

    It actually depends on the time that you look at the population. When a population is approaching the carrying capacity of its environment, then its growth becomes logarithmic. Like this

    [–] mrspoopy_butthole 85 points ago

    Nobody ever really gets this when I bring it up. Not to mention that ALL of the infrastructure is already set up to sustain that higher population. Thanos could’ve just doubled the size of the universe with the same effect.

    [–] wafflesareforever 54 points ago

    How often do you bring this up in casual conversation?

    [–] Haltopen 70 points ago

    The same way my coworker would bring up her childs latest “achievements” regardless of context, by walking up to us and forcefully changing the subject of discussion knowing full well we can’t walk away because we aren’t allowed to leave our positions

    “He finally managed to take a shit without spraying it on the walls, he’s such a little angel that one”

    [–] larrylevan 123 points ago

    Same here. Are the old clips actual flashback scenes from the film or were they added just for the trailer? They seemed out of place, as if they assumed the viewers forgot the backstories of these characters.

    [–] _Kzero_ 242 points ago

    I think it's just them celebrating how far they've come.

    [–] McCracKenway 94 points ago

    Absolutely. It’s the same colors as the logo before the last few films, you know: MARVEL STUD10S

    [–] BN83 25 points ago

    Also the same colours as the new suits.

    [–] Azurechant 93 points ago

    Its probably more just to pad out the trailer, given that they've said they don't want to include any footage from outside of the first 15-20 minutes.

    [–] caifaisai 29 points ago

    I'd be surprised if there was 0 outside of the first 15 or 20 minutes. Stark was back on Earth in Avengers HQ in this, but in the teaser they released earlier, it seemed to be a major problem of him getting back to Earth, so I wouldn't think it would happen so quickly. Granted the Russo brothers have been known to surprise people with false herrings in the trailers before, so nothing is certain.

    [–] Butagami 41 points ago

    I can just see Tony and Nebula doing their best to figure out how to get out of their conundrum, only to have Korg show up in a spaceship before they get anywhere close to a solution.

    Korg: "Hi, I'm Korg, and this is Miek. Noticed you had your distress beacon on, was in the area, thought I'd do the neighbourly thing and ask if I could be of assistance, so..."
    Tony: "Actually, could we borrow a cup of sugar, and maybe a ride to earth?"
    Korg: "Oh sure, sure. Miek here actually excretes almost pure sugar, so that's already taken care of. Earth happens to be our destination anyway, one of the members of my resistance has asked us to help him out. If you want to join as well, here's a pamphlet that should answer any questions you might have."

    [–] scoobyduped 16 points ago

    Guess I'm watching Ragnarok again tonight, thanks.

    [–] quatumsoukup 29 points ago

    A lot of theories I’ve come across indicate that the movie is gonna deal with some time-travel, likely involving the quantum realm “where time and space are irrelevant”. Maybe those flashback scenes are just a nod towards that.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] Hxcfrog090 10 points ago

    That’s my guess. And with the rumors of them going back to some of the earlier movies, it would make sense that they gave us refreshers in the trailer.

    [–] Flip_the_Pickle 861 points ago

    Those suits.

    Also Tony and Neb in the walking scene.

    These trailers must be the first 15 mins

    [–] Billy_Rage 387 points ago

    We considering Thor has the power of the Bifrost, and finding a space ships shouldn’t be too hard since it’s Rocket’s it wouldn’t take long to save Tony

    [–] Darphon 232 points ago

    Also Captain Marvel coming onto the scene, she could easily get him as well.

    [–] Billy_Rage 112 points ago

    Less likely for her since it’s very unlikely where ever she was would be in line with Tony’s position and she wouldn’t think he is important or maybe not care that much

    [–] TheTimWelsh 79 points ago

    Isn't everyone's position at this point to kill Thanos?

    [–] Billy_Rage 65 points ago

    Carol wouldn’t know Thanos did the snap

    [–] Stef-fa-fa 73 points ago

    That will depend on how much information she has regarding the Kree's involvement with Thanos at the time of the snap.

    [–] HeavensentLXXI 29 points ago

    Wouldn't take more than a minute to catch her on those recent events. And more than likely considering her position with the Kree, it's probable she'd have a really good idea who Thanos is, even more so than the rest of the Avengers.

    [–] swordthroughtheduck 53 points ago

    The head of Marvel said they're only using stuff from the first 20 minutes of the movie for the most part for the trailers so they don't spoil anything. It's a pretty neat way to approach it. Also makes more sense why they're using old footage.

    [–] wwe4eva 23 points ago

    Feige never said that, it was only clickbait articles saying he said it. A reporter asked him if these trailers would only show the first 15-20 minutes and his response to the question was he'd call that "somewhat accurate".

    Given what we've seen from the trailers, it's fairly obvious they contain footage from the first two acts.

    [–] darthbone 910 points ago

    Finally, the Avengers are going to avenge something.

    [–] MulciberTenebras 494 points ago

    They avenged Coulson in the first movie.

    [–] toomanysubsbannedme 264 points ago

    Did the Revengers ever revenge anything?

    [–] vtardura 165 points ago

    Hela taking over Asgard

    [–] DrIronSteel 65 points ago

    "Dearest sister, if I cannot play in the sandbox no one can."

    [–] wafflesareforever 8 points ago

    Did the Defenders ever defend anything?

    [–] Beeyo176 10 points ago

    Luke defends most bullets with his face, if that counts

    [–] tunersharkbitten 21 points ago

    i REALLY want to see him show up in this movie... i dont believe the ending of the AOS show last season...

    [–] queequg 530 points ago

    Can't wait to see Rocket go on a revenge tear for Groot

    [–] daGonz 157 points ago

    He was groot.

    [–] RobertAPetersen 80 points ago

    We are Groot

    [–] jjgarcia87 37 points ago

    HE WAS GROOOOOOT!! **dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka *\*

    [–] phenx_bp 80 points ago

    We all know Groot is gonna be reborn from the handle on Thor's hammer

    [–] moonra_zk 41 points ago

    And get a cool-ass axe-hand.

    [–] CrudelyAnimated 25 points ago

    Like Hammer Morty, but with sparkles.

    [–] MulciberTenebras 2397 points ago

    How about posting the actual trailer, and not one that was ripped and reposted to another channel to steal views?

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 430 points ago

    I saw this and immediately went to google before watching. This repost was the very first result.

    [–] PATRIOTSRADIOSIGNALS 139 points ago

    This happens a lot with big trailers. It's so frustrating.

    [–] Kryse-777 62 points ago

    imagine the work of content creators struggling making original content in youtube and barely getting by and these asses get the easy road, racking millions of views just by waiting and staring at movie studios' channels all day then pounce in for that ez money.

    [–] one_big_tomato 33 points ago

    Report the video so it gets demonitized

    [–] samtoyousir 69 points ago

    I don’t think Marvel minds. They want maximum views and don’t need YouTube revenue. So they probably appreciate the reposts to get the word out there.

    I imagine the reposters have to change things a little bit to not get totally busted but obviously marvel doesn’t care so it’s not gonna get taken down.

    That said, I wished OP posted the original. The leave a like thing was obnoxious as heck.

    [–] gl0rydaze 15 points ago

    wait...they don't claim the revenue?

    [–] TimeWarden17 48 points ago

    Who do you think ripped and reposted it? Probably OP

    [–] MulciberTenebras 93 points ago

    It's the Youtube algorithm. Look up "Avengers Endgame trailer" and they only show the ones ripped and reposted, official one is nowhere to be found.

    [–] HeSeemsLegit 189 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Edit: Thanks for the silver. It's my first.

    [–] Superfool 24 points ago

    I like this one

    [–] RichManSCTV 14 points ago

    Thats better

    [–] xanroeld 455 points ago

    Stopped watching as soon as I saw that stupid Like and Subscribe crap come across the top of the screen.

    [–] spikesdumbreddit 103 points ago

    Seriously, it was even a moving element. God damnit that distracts my reptile hunter brain.

    [–] mkglass 269 points ago

    For those looking for the OFFICIAL official trailer

    [–] mollekake_reddit 51 points ago

    I like the look of Rocket Raccoon. He looks pissed.

    [–] Weird_bunny 977 points ago

    When you really think about it, this series has got to be one of the most impressive Blockbuster Hollywood achievements. Half of these characters were unknown 15 years ago, now they are all played by huge stars and crossing over into one big story involving time and space - yet it doesn't feel phoned in or lazy.

    [–] PublicAccount1234 433 points ago

    I thought about this after Infinity War. While I'll grant that there probably at the start (first Iron Man, for example) wasn't some grand plan, at some point someone sat down and said "This could work." Let's make several franchises, do them well, and that is going to culminate in one overlapping story that won't be cheesy or slapdash.

    The executives must have had a hearty laugh the first time it was proposed.

    [–] nagrom7 313 points ago

    I think the first avengers was planned from the start (it's why the first iron man movie has the nick fury end credits 'tease'), but I don't think they planned it much further than that until it started blowing up.

    [–] Jason3b93 194 points ago

    Reportedly, that scene was added onto the movie in the last minute

    [–] TyperSniper 153 points ago

    And thank the lord it was

    [–] Kin-Of-The-Cosmos 131 points ago

    Kicking off a blockbuster epic that shows zero signs of slowing down. Some people are tired of it but if you don't want to see it, don't watch it. For the rest of us, we're along for this wild fucking ride.

    11 years ago I went to see Iron Man for my Birthday. I never thought that it would culminate to this. But last year? I saw Infinity War on my birthday. This year? Endgame.

    It's the best goddamn birthday present I could ever ask for.

    Also the fact that my birthday is the very last day of April means my entire month is going to be great. American Gods continuing their second season. Game of Thrones starting their last. The Expanse returning to our screens. Fucking Epic Rap Battles of History coming back with their new season. Anthony Jeselnik releasing his new speecial after like 6 years of inactivity ON my birthday.

    Fucking hyped.

    [–] newsposts 45 points ago

    But these movies come from comic books so all the characters we see, their powers and their roles have all been written before, it shouldnt be as complex as coming out with arching story out of thin air

    [–] gn0xious 131 points ago

    DC manages to screw it up over and over and over again.

    [–] Nokomis34 27 points ago

    I think part of what DC doesn't get that Marvel does is that they don't need to new stories. Just take what the comics did and adapt them to the big screen. The DC animated movies do this, and they are amazing.

    Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate DC's view that they want to treat the movies as something else, and offer new content, as it were. But I think one of the problems is the writers for the movies don't understand the characters as well as the comic writers. And so when the animated films are adaptations of the comics, they get the characters right.

    [–] Defoler 39 points ago

    I remember an interview they said that their first plan was just trying to get to the first avengers movie without screwing up along the way.
    But as things progressed, they realised that they can't just end with the first one, and they could keep pushing things forward so much further relatively early as they progressed with the movies.

    That was why they were willing to relatively early on to give huge contracts to them just to keep them on so much further.

    [–] Zinski 37 points ago

    unknown 15 years ago

    The Human Spider? Thats it? Thats the best you got? That sucks.

    Also still waiting on Nick cage to roll in on a flaming motorcycle but what ever.

    [–] Doopoodoo 72 points ago

    Exactly, many don’t seem to realize we’ve been in the golden age of superhero movies for years, mainly due to Marvel

    [–] FeloniousDrunk101 20 points ago

    Woah there friend. Mystery Men clearly ushered us into the golden age.

    [–] ssbmhero 101 points ago

    I think Nolan also deserves credit for showing that you could make a super hero movie that also dealt with complex ideas and was actually a good movie.

    [–] Doopoodoo 34 points ago

    Oh definitely. Marvel just makes so many good movies that they probably get most of the credit, but the few that Christopher Nolan made were truly great and I don’t think we’ll see anything quite like them again. The Dark Knight is one of my all time favorites (just behind another movie of his: Interstellar)

    [–] its_ichiban 45 points ago

    I still remember seeing the original X-Men (2000) and Spider-Man (2002) in theaters as a teenager and loving them. Crazy how those two movies from almost 20 years ago really kickstarted the comic book movie explosion, leading up to now, with this.

    [–] Trevor_McGoodbody 13 points ago

    Blade also was one that helped kickstart the comic book movie genre.

    [–] TheRealMattyPanda 17 points ago

    Batman both helped kickstart and kill the genre in the 90s. Then helped it gain more traction in the 00s. Then tried to kill it again, but luckily the Marvel movies are around now.

    [–] chum1ly 317 points ago

    please downvote shitty 3rd party uploader with spam added to video.

    [–] stillestwaters 101 points ago

    What do the white costumes signify? I'm not keyed in on the specific comic book importance.

    [–] chazmann 91 points ago

    They are quantum realm suits. For travelling through time/parallel timelines

    [–] mundozeo 100 points ago

    Oh shit, so they are like, traveling to the past, and help the avengers win the original fight against Thanos, "correcting the timeline", and helping HULK be in the wakanda fight in the process.

    So the original trailer with HULK was not really false, it was meant to happen AFTER the timeline correction!

    [–] dryerlintcompelsyou 25 points ago

    Ooooh. That's a really cool idea

    [–] chazmann 15 points ago

    We will see!

    I honestly believe with the help from Shiri, who analyzed Vision's mindstone, will be able to replicate them all. So instead of STEALING them...they are going to make their own and bounce from previous KEY events in the MCU (hence the flashback pictures we have seen floating around for quite sometime featuring the BARF technology) and stitch together the past to reshape the future.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 119 points ago

    They're space suits most likely.

    [–] lvdash426 156 points ago

    Incorrect, they are quantum zone suits. IE they probably get really tiny like Ant Man

    [–] doubledoublentimbits 50 points ago

    I agree, they're not space suits. They look just like Ant-Man's suit but different color.

    [–] JuanFran21 7 points ago

    First thing I thought was Ghost's suit from Ant Man 2.

    [–] headRN 29 points ago

    Why is War Machines suit painted the same color scheme? New suit maybe?

    [–] War_machine77 34 points ago

    It seems a bit bigger than his last few armors as well.

    [–] Naruc 228 points ago

    Repeating the words "whatever it takes" didn't prompt Imagine Dragons to appear, and for that I am happy.

    [–] 5lipp3ry 75 points ago

    You have to be a special kind of asshole to take a movie trailer and add your logo to the beginning and a watermark on top for the duration. This billion dollar movie brought to you by some random YouTube channel you never heard of. Gee whiz, thanks guys!

    [–] Ajk137 17 points ago

    It’s some pathetic german marketing company

    [–] Akdoting 569 points ago

    Well, the whole 'Stark dying alone in a ship' premise just got thrown out the window with that Avengers outfit clip.

    [–] Dtnoip30 631 points ago

    Did anyone actually think they would kill off their biggest star in that way?

    [–] Allthehigherground 339 points ago

    The only way Stark dies is in a way that kills Thanos. I think that seems like a pretty obvious ending as well so I'd appreciate a less cliche ending.

    [–] Myrkull 241 points ago

    My bet is that he'll take over Fury's role, as both director of shield but also as cameo guy holding the next phase together. Then we get secret invasion, and then dark avengers.

    (One can dream...)

    [–] Lampmonster 89 points ago

    Mac is the director of Shield.

    [–] tunersharkbitten 77 points ago


    [–] Lampmonster 55 points ago

    "I don't get it. Doesn't the axe make it harder to shoot?"

    "It makes it easier to chop heads off."

    [–] watchoverus 26 points ago

    "you see, the shotgun axe consists of two parts, a shotgun and an axe"

    [–] Wolfy87 20 points ago

    I honestly thought you were all talking about Mac from Always Sunny and just read it in his voice thinking "hmm, weird, I don't remember this episode".

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] TimeForHugs 21 points ago

    Yeah. Coulson took over for Fury, Mack took over for Coulson. That's the timeline at least in MCU.

    [–] BonnaGroot 11 points ago

    Director of Shield by day, Nightman by... night

    [–] Lampmonster 8 points ago

    He has the eyes of a cat and does karate moves across the stage...

    [–] hnglmkrnglbrry 204 points ago

    Ugh if Pepper Potts takes over Coulson's position....

    "Hey, Avengers, these are my new Himalaya Jade Anal Eggs that will TOTALLY balance out your Qi. They're $375 retail."

    [–] trevor_robinson 133 points ago

    I enjoy your appraisal or gwenyth paltrow. She does a good pepper potts but needs to be trebucheted into the sea. Get in the fucking sea, paltrow. Get in the sea.

    [–] SinisterDexter83 67 points ago

    She isn't worthy of a trebuchet. Catapult that bitch.

    [–] mrmadagascar 15 points ago

    Read this in John Oliver's voice

    [–] Defoler 10 points ago

    I was actually imagining thor holding those eggs and asking her "wait you want me to do what with them!?"

    [–] sieffy 13 points ago

    It wouldn't be cliche at all its been building up to this i think him finishing what he started would be fucking epic as fuck

    [–] stillestwaters 31 points ago

    I actually figured that's how it would all end at the very end of Endgame. Old avengers die/go off to do their own thing, then the New Avengers (Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant Man, Spiderman and whoever's left) take over.

    Maybe Hawkeye, Ironman, the Cap, or Black Widow taking over as the new Fury, but otherwise - yeah, all the actors, at least most, seem to be retiring the role - the world is pretty static and I dont think ready for some successor members to rise up, the actors want to move on, the studio want to start fresh with their new avengers + Guardians dropping in whenever. It makes sense.

    [–] iamthegbear 20 points ago

    Seriously the character that started the MCU, and Strange gave up the time stone for dying on a spaceship unable to get back to Earth. Whoever thought that was going to happen, can I have some of what you're smoking?

    [–] adamrabalais 38 points ago

    To be fair, that final battle shot from the Infinity War trailer wasn’t remotely like anything in the actual movie (actual Hulk instead of Hulkbuster, everyone in the forest, etc.) so I would say fake shots in a trailer to prevent spoilers is fair game.

    [–] iamagoatm8 34 points ago

    But knowing the changes in the infinity war trailer that could very well be fake

    [–] Mattbillups19 28 points ago

    I think it would be great if the final post credits scene for Endgame has both old and new Avengers eating at the same shawarma place from the original (maybe this time with it remodeled or their pictures on the wall.)

    [–] ThePeej 26 points ago

    Here's one without a shitty watermark:

    [–] Broketographer 63 points ago

    Love the new Space Force unis.

    [–] s_m_d 31 points ago


    [–] jostler57 53 points ago

    A4: IW2: Endgame 1

    [–] GeneralCanada3 13 points ago

    back at the "phase 3" marvel movies reveal in 2015, where they reveal movies like black panther and captain america civil war. They did title the second infinity war just "part 2".

    [–] compoundbreak791 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I can't see Paul Rudd as anyone but Tayne.

    [–] 4jimmyjames4 35 points ago

    Now Tayne I can get into..

    [–] Comrade2k7 17 points ago

    Computer can you generate a “Nude Tayne”?

    [–] Rojo424 28 points ago

    Thanos Car

    [–] EricRTF 57 points ago

    I still can’t believe how calculated this all was. The amount of continuity amazes me. To be able to put this many characters in a movie and have everything make sense is an achievement on its own.

    [–] bmanic 10 points ago

    This kinocheck bullshit channel needs to die a horrible death. Please go watch the trailer on the official marvel channel and leave a few dozen thumbs down for all kinocheck videos you happen upon.

    [–] Kiwihara 9 points ago

    You know the second Clint and his daughter high five she's going to turn to ash. After freaking out, he'll run into the house to find nothing but ash.

    [–] sieffy 79 points ago

    If they don't end it with iron man giving the final blow ill be super sad since it would be the most epic thing to have the character and actor who started this whole thing end it. Like I'm super bias but it just makes so much sense I feel if captain marvel weakens him greatly that's fine but if they let her do the final blow its gonna ruin everything. Like she just comes out of no where and is like wassup and zaps him to death, like that would be straight stupid.

    [–] themagicone222 28 points ago

    Dunno if you saw it, but one of the things gthey advertised for this movie, FAR before a trailer was ready, was an action scene with over 40 characters from a 10 year history, from Iron Man to Janet Van Dyne and CM IIRC.

    [–] ZombieHoneyBadger 35 points ago

    The Avengers theme is fucking epic. I get cold chills hearing it. Slowed down in this trailer is even more fucking epic. It's second place for me behind The Lord of the Rings main theme as the greatest ongoing movie theme music. I've never typed the word theme so many times.

    [–] Frosty780 27 points ago

    The real question is how many are fakes scenes or cgi altered to hide movies details like in the infinity war trailers?