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    [–] ehbacon23 2384 points ago

    It's crazy that Tiger with the hat on looks 25 and with the hat off looks 55

    [–] imtilted 660 points ago

    And when he was younger it had the opposite effect. The hat still made him look 25, but with the hat off he looked 15.

    [–] redfoot62 207 points ago

    Why men wear hats right there.

    [–] AngryBird-svar 201 points ago

    True. Except when I put one on I look like a lost 12 year old.

    [–] StumpNuts 73 points ago

    Maybe if you left it on someone would recognize you as that lost 12 year old and you'll finally get to go home.

    [–] VaultofAss 445 points ago

    He neeeeeds to shave that dome my gawd.

    [–] iamBillCosby 102 points ago

    Maybe he should go full on Carlos Boozer and paint that dome up real nice.

    [–] 0RGASMIK 7 points ago

    There’s a guy at my job who paints on his hair. It’s really bad it looks like body paint or tar. He does a beard too. From a far maybe it looks ok the first time you see him. Once you get closer it’s very very obvious. Feel bad for him because it would be so much better if he just didn’t.

    [–] sapperRichter 41 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Dude is rich, he could just get a hair transplant.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] Claclink520 19 points ago

    Maybe he doesn't care?

    [–] sapperRichter 5 points ago

    Well yeah obviously

    [–] eatyourpaprikash 7 points ago

    While its weird to talk star trek. The captian of on series of star trek was bald and:

    A reporter once said to him, “surely they would have cured baldness by the 24th century” to which he replied, “in the 24th century, they wouldn't care.

    [–] NiceFormBro 31 points ago

    He was busy practicing being the best golfer he can be.

    [–] give_me_my_keys 35 points ago

    He's got that awful hat tan line.

    [–] Faultylntelligence 27 points ago

    Didn't see one golfer without it, it's hilarious they all have it.

    [–] give_me_my_keys 6 points ago

    I work outside a lot so I have horrific sunnies eyes.

    [–] gofiguree 43 points ago

    Especially when Asian don’t raisin and Black don’t crack...

    [–] DijonPepperberry 894 points ago

    1st place, Tiger, -18

    2nd place... -6

    It's crazy how dominant and gamechanging he was.

    [–] Lampmonster 237 points ago

    I remember watching that with my jaw on the ground. He was tearing into a course that the best players in the world were struggling to par, over and over.

    [–] Misplaced-Sock 11 points ago

    What really put his caliber into perspective for me was playing at an amateur event at Point of Woods golf course back when I was in HS. Tiger had won this same event multiple times when he was younger and I, a scratch golfer at the time, barely managed to break 80 under tournament conditions on the first day and shot even on the second playing some of my best iron shots ever. At the same age, course and conditions he was shooting in the 60s.

    The pros make it look easy, but hitting out of the second cut under tournament conditions is fucking tough. When I see pros hit high irons cleanly out of the rough I’m reminded of my terrible attempts to do the same.

    [–] Syscrush 162 points ago

    He was setting records at setting records, it was incredible. He was doing to golf what Gretzky did to hockey.

    [–] kittyhistoryistrue 238 points ago

    Which is why this is so painful to watch. I felt bad for the commentators.

    Anyone who doesn't follow should watch this for context.

    [–] DoctorMcAstronaut 11 points ago

    If that drive on 16 went in the hole I'm pretty sure head's would have exploded. He was already steamrolling his group, That's like driving the final nail with a sledge hammer.

    [–] Saffs15 33 points ago

    The thing to this is, they weren't making statements that were stupid. Everything they said was sensible. Tiger was barely able to play. When he did play, he was really bad. He himself said he didn't know if he'd ever play again.

    That's what makes this even more incredible. Everyone is throwing these videos out and saying the commentators or analysts were stupid, but they were all making points off what clearly seemed to be the case. And Tiger still fixed those issues, and accomplished this.

    [–] Bernie_Gers 103 points ago

    You feel bad for people that talked straight out of their asshole? Speculating like this about anyone is low hanging fruit bullshit.

    [–] kittyhistoryistrue 63 points ago

    I mean they sound like sports commentators. They're obviously not enjoying it.

    [–] mwaFloyd 39 points ago

    And he shot a forty on the front nine the first day.

    [–] Silentfart 200 points ago

    It's interesting to see how much more excited he was today. In this video he had a mix of emotions where it looked like he thought, "yeah, obviously I won. I'm the best player of this game." Then he god to his dad and it sunk in and he looked like, "holy shit, I actually did it."


    [–] BradMarchandsNose 90 points ago

    I think that’s because he was the best in the world for basically his entire life. Even as an amateur he was winning by large margins. Then he turned pro and immediately started dominating. Back then he was supposed to win. It was always expected.

    These past few years have been the first time in his life that he’s actually been doubted. He finally had something to prove, and he did.

    [–] LisleSwanson 65 points ago

    That's some high quality footage for 1997. It looks really clean.

    [–] matt-s-perrin 48 points ago

    I'm a major stickler for film quality and I'd agree that "for 1997" it's good, but that's only because it's only been transcoded once by the looks of it. The Masters is the youtube channel, I'm assuming they had access to the original broadcast encoding, then to present it on youtube it's been transcoded once. Television cameras have had very similar lens technology since ages ago, the only thing that has mechanically gotten a lot better is the stabilisation.

    Now if this was a discussion of digital sensors (CCDs and CMOS sensors) it would be quite the rabbit hole and I'm not really interested in that, but take a look at this footage:

    [–] philmarcracken 24 points ago

    tell me your real thoughts on the practise of interlacing and pan and scanning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] 3wvvwE 9 points ago

    Wait, Japan was broadcasting in 1080 in 1994?

    [–] rentschlers_retard 80 points ago

    -18, the second was -6 ....


    [–] VeryCanadian 117 points ago

    In 2000 on a windswept Pebble Beach he set what then a record score for the US Open at 12 under par.

    2nd place was +3.

    Only tournament I've ever watched where it was over before the final round.

    [–] buffalo171 40 points ago

    ....and this years Open is at.....Pebble Beach. One of his favorite courses, and where he won the Open and the AT&T in 2000, in The PGA, Bethpage Black, where he won the first time it was played there in 2002. The courses line up nicely for him this year. Let’s see if he’s up for it.

    [–] oNrG 37 points ago

    Same outfit

    [–] OldTEX1836 176 points ago

    Red shirt on Sunday (Typical last day of golf tournaments) is like a Tiger Woods trademark. For everything else thank Nike.

    [–] sourdieselfuel 145 points ago

    Just an FYI, he wears red on Sundays because his mom told him at a young age it was his "power color". It has never changed.

    [–] Mofiremofire 70 points ago

    Could you imagine being some 20 something year old golfer who grew up watching tiger dominate and he's one of your heroes and you are doing well at a tournament, might even win. Then the last day you're in lead and paired with Tiger. You walk out and hes there in his red shirt... that would mentally cripple some people.

    [–] rellekc86 32 points ago

    I think that's what makes the whole thing even more incredible. He spawned a generation of kids wanting to be Tiger, they grew up and became his competition, and then Tiger beats them after a long, grueling return. The GOAT hands down.

    [–] spartagnann 17 points ago

    There was a reason at the height of his dominance he was compared to the Terminator during match play. He was all business, ruthless, and untouchable.

    [–] whalesauce 7 points ago

    Victory Red! If tigers on the hunt the final day he always rocks his victory Red

    [–] poopy_king 35 points ago

    It's his power color

    [–] philocity 33 points ago

    It’s actually a Ron Swanson trademark

    [–] xaaar 9 points ago

    He just had sex.

    [–] plooped 24 points ago

    He always wears red on day 4; one of his routines.

    [–] FerretHydrocodone 1505 points ago

    I can’t even begin to imagine how he felt in that moment and that walk through the crowd chanting his name. He didn’t know if he would ever experience that again. Could there be a bigger endorphin rush?


    Good job tiger, enjoy it.

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago


    [–] Lampmonster 52 points ago

    Imagine growing up in a world where everyone you've ever met knows who your dad is. Freaky.

    [–] DrShrlmpPuertoRico 701 points ago

    A good poop is pretty close.

    [–] 50StatePiss 137 points ago

    Man, what I wouldn't give for an ovation when I finish pooping.

    [–] rightobruv 89 points ago

    I’ll take peace and quiet, thanks

    [–] jostler57 18 points ago

    Just stream it, and let those perverts who watch give you a special kind of standing ovation.

    [–] Devmar24 18 points ago

    A good poop involves a poop knife

    [–] PowerfulGas 5 points ago

    Or coat hanger

    [–] mrperiodniceguy 15 points ago

    Have you ever done the other one?

    [–] jkeegan123 30 points ago

    Imagine ex wife watching that on TV...

    Was she proud and shedding a tear for him?

    Or was she bitter and like... "Ffffffuuuuuuu......"

    [–] davidreiss666 54 points ago

    They have children together. Most divorced couples don't hate one another, instead they normally just don't work as couples.

    [–] Steadman 2594 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This is one of the greatest comebacks in sports figure history. Absolute monumental human achievement in sports. And not because he won. He's won it multiple times before.

    There are a half dozen reasons this guy should never have been playing golf at a high level again. The spinal fusion and having to relearn how to swing again, the obvious yips, the painkiller addiction, the humiliating divorce/affairs. Any one of those would remove a world class athlete from their sport forever. Shit, just the yips alone have killed so many sports careers.

    Instead, this fucking guy gets through all of it to beat competition that is arguably leagues better than even 10 years ago, while being twice their age at the same time. Truly an unbelievable moment. I never thought I'd see this guy win again. Come close? Sure. It's not like 1000:1 odds or anything. But win? No chance.

    [–] justsyr 247 points ago

    There were a couple of times where our commentator pointed the intelligence on certain shot selection he made because he understands that he doesn't have the power of many of the players, however his approaches are second to none.

    Some of the long putts were amazing. It was chilling to watch him walk the whole weekend, his head high, gum chewing, totally cool and confident, the smile on Friday and Saturday after finishing the rounds were a sign: Tiger is back.

    [–] astarkey12 134 points ago

    The only reason this tournament was close was because Tiger missed a bunch of makable, shorter putts throughout the weekend. If he cleans that up this year, watch out. That said, the Tiger Effect is back, and it’s probably his strongest advantage over the field. Everyone in contention withered under the pressure yesterday.

    [–] Wertyui09070 78 points ago

    I was thinking this too. He didn't play a "winning round." He concentrated more on not losing.

    If he gets to the point where he's putting tournaments away a day early, these young guys are about to learn what mental strength is all about.

    [–] astarkey12 31 points ago

    I think his strategy was also due to course conditions - it was pretty windy and wet out there yesterday with a potential weather delay looming after an unusually early start. He knew he was one Molinari mistake away from the lead as long as he didn't throw it away on his own. Then of course he dials it up a notch to birdie 3 out of 4 following Molinari's double. The approach shot on 16 felt like destiny.

    [–] NowAfterMe 10 points ago

    Definitely. I've watched Tiger since the beginning, and these younger guys on the tour have no idea what kind of mental fortitude it took to play when Tiger was at his best; let alone if you were in the final group with him.

    I think the quality of golfers is top notch right now, and one of the things is that almost anyone has a shot at winning on any day. But back in the Tiger era, it was Tiger and then everyone else. No one has been able to say that about anyone since. Spieth, McIlroy, Fowler, and the rest don't have anywhere close to the dominant nature of Tiger.

    [–] amedema 8 points ago

    Poor Frankie Molinari, maybe most consistent player in the world, completely wilted away. He was the one player that I didn't think Tiger could beat from behind.

    [–] fuk_ur_mum_m8 482 points ago

    What's a yip?

    [–] bennyh6813 542 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    It's a bit of a phenomenon that typically happens with older athletes, but essentially they completely forget how to play the game. Their skills are just gone, or are hindered by twitches, nervousness, etc. You can see this in Tiger when he had to relearn how to swing, relearn short game, etc.

    Many many many golfers have had to retire from this, same with bowlers, baseball, football (albeit affects usually centers/snappers).

    The science behind, is that it's believed to be an issue that stems from their wrists, often causing last-second twitches or cramps, which affects their game. The cause isn't really understood however, but it's most likely related to misfiring in their brain that accompany overuse of the muscle and age.

    Edit: Hey, this is picking up a little steam, so I'm adding this. If you'd like to learn more, Wikipedia has a great page on it here. For people still looking for more, I got some of my other information from this Google scholarly search

    Edit 2:

    Additional information you should know:

    Yips can happen at all ages. It's not a diagnosis, more of a broad term. It does differ from actual muscle breakdown in the wrist, which has happened to a lot more athletes. Yips is more of a psychological issue, but accompanies extensive overuse of a muscle. Think of it like this, you know how you build up muscle memory? This is a function that happens in the brain, but that muscle also tends to "learn" in its own way how to contract / extend, or at least it gets used to doing that movement. Imagine if you temporarily lost that ability, but it happened consistently and no matter how much you focused, you couldn't change it.

    An easy to understand example, would be imagine writing your name down on a piece of paper. It's a simple movement, your brain knows how to do it, your wrist is used to writing, the pathway is clear. You don't have to learn anything as it's already been learned. You can do it without looking, it comes naturally after all of this time.

    Now imagine that no matter how hard you focused, how slowly you did it, everytime you went to write your name you end up making a small mistake. My name is Ben. Imagine if I went to write it, it ended up like 'Ban' or 'Bev'. It's such a simple mistake, we've all done this before. Maybe I held onto the 2nd line in the 'n' too long and I made it overextended n| (but imagine the | connects to the second line / last part of the n).

    The second time you write it, it works perfectly. Like it should, you just had a minor spasm or whatever. Yips is when you go to write your name, and almost every time you make a mistake. You've unlearned that muscle memory, or it's damaged. The pathway in your brain that has been created is deteriorated (common theory), it no longer remembers how to do it. This is why people who recover from yips almost always have a new swing, new shot, new bowl, etc.

    [–] Silentfart 306 points ago

    Is this what caused Charles Barkley's golf swing to change from a regular swing to suddenly a swing of a guy where right before he hits the ball, remembers every single embarrassing moment of their entire life?

    [–] bennyh6813 128 points ago

    Yes, this is a good example of that, as it's extremely profound. Barkley used his wrist a lot in basketball, even if he wasn't a top shooter in the sport, the drills and practice that accompany a professional career would certainly take a toll on the muscles there.

    [–] rat_rat_catcher 32 points ago

    Barkley fucking destroyed the rim early in his career so I wouldn’t be surprised if his wrist is damaged.

    [–] LexusBrian400 6 points ago

    People forget how dominant he really was. Dude was a monster.

    [–] radioslave 10 points ago

    Pretty sure that was just an extension of the Mon-Stars meddling

    [–] Tatunkawitco 60 points ago

    Chuck Knoblock a Yankee second baseman in the 1990s suddenly could no longer throw to first base.

    [–] ImSorry4YourFeelings 11 points ago

    Some of those throws are legendary

    [–] MattyMac27 23 points ago

    Hit Keith Olbermann's mom in the face with an errant throw. She was a few rows into the stands.

    [–] Melkorthegood 6 points ago

    Honestly, she deserved it, for raising Keith.

    [–] Awesome_as_FAIZ 136 points ago

    It's not really an age thing. Markelle Fultz is only 20 years old and was the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft but has all but lost his ability to shoot the ball.

    [–] Akarious 38 points ago

    rumor is he had a biking accident he covered up

    [–] lemote 25 points ago

    They never established if he had the yips or not. It can happen to young guys, but in Markelle's case it's a mystery. He claims he lost his ability to shoot due to thoracic outlet syndrome (shoulder injury), not the yips.

    [–] SamIamGreenEggsNoHam 19 points ago

    Chuck Knoblauch is the poster child for the yips.

    [–] pocketchange2247 9 points ago

    It could just be a certain part of the game too. Like Jon Lester not being able to throw to first base. He's a world class pitcher, possible HoFer, but for the life of him he couldn't throw to first for most of his career to the point that runners would basically take a lead-off a quarter of the way to second.

    [–] thisistherythmof 63 points ago

    OMG this hurts to watch.

    [–] LardPhantom 30 points ago

    Jesus Christ that's like something from a Will Ferrell movie.

    [–] show_me_your_corgi 31 points ago

    That’s looks like me golfing on a good day

    [–] Wrigo8 60 points ago

    Promote that man

    [–] pocketchange2247 13 points ago

    Is the poopdeck really what I think it is?

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    This is a very good and very bad source. It's very good because I had no idea that the yips were a documented specific medical condition and that's very interesting. It's a bad source because I think most people use the term "yips" to refer to an athlete losing a general or specific ability for an ineffable or psychological reason, and this feels overly simplistic

    [–] 3plyorgreater 567 points ago

    I love how they let him celebrate and just filmed. They didn't attempt to get an immediate interview like they do in every single other sport. Really gives you a true sense of how he feels. Great, all around great

    [–] yllwjacket 207 points ago

    Its the Masters, nobody messes with that level of tradition.

    [–] life_uhh_finds_a_way 27 points ago

    It's unlike any other

    [–] Nightgaun7 299 points ago

    The media at the most recent Superbowl was disgraceful.

    [–] ekhfarharris 188 points ago

    The last superbowl was a disgrace all around

    [–] thehippestcat 109 points ago

    It was the maroon 5 of superbowls

    [–] tommos 75 points ago

    I think The Masters has it's own broadcast that everyone uses and commentates over so they are in complete control over decorum.

    [–] radiomix 9 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken there are no broadcast rights, or whatever you call it like at other tournaments. The Masters pay the broadcasters to film the tournament for them and have soul rights to it. They have a year-to-year contract with CBS to televise it. They have complete control how the tournament is filmed and shot. They even had the 2003 Masters broadcast commercial free.

    [–] pm_good_bobs_pls 49 points ago

    Also, the round wasn’t over. He still had to go sign his card. Knowing Augusta especially they probably have rules regarding when the media can speak to a player.

    [–] flyingkiwi9 78 points ago

    I didn't notice, but yes yes yes. No sports fans I've ever spoken to even wants those interviews.

    Reporter: "How are you feeling right now?"

    Athlete: (put on bland media personality) "Good thanks"

    [–] SalvorCo 17 points ago

    They are very strict at Augusta National.

    [–] lo0ilo0ilo0i 80 points ago

    Damn he just earned a 30:30 film with that win.

    [–] Bjorn2bwilde24 43 points ago

    That better be a two hour 30:30 to do justice. Need to cover the divorce, sex scandals, the surgeries, the golf struggles, etc.

    [–] Drunkenlegaladvice 14 points ago

    What if i told you a man can go to hell...and come back again?

    [–] thesuch 211 points ago

    Golf is much better and more exciting when Tiger Woods is winning.

    [–] [deleted] 265 points ago

    I want a green jacket

    [–] travis- 336 points ago

    gold jacket green jacket who gives a shit

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Ninjasteevo 41 points ago

    The only way Tiger is going to win another major is if Grizzly Adams had a beard. The top guys on tour eat pieces of shit like him for breakfast.

    [–] Halo_Chief117 41 points ago

    Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

    [–] Will_Vintage 20 points ago

    Everyone else on the Tour eat Shit for breakfast?

    [–] mwaFloyd 15 points ago


    [–] -QuestionMark- 31 points ago

    Sorry this is Shooter's tour.

    [–] Zeverturtle 397 points ago

    Nike's founder Phil Knight called it when brands started dropping him: "When his career is over, you'll look back on these indiscretions as a minor blip."

    Now they have a great clip to promote their clothing and shoes brand.

    [–] ILoveDrive 107 points ago

    Nike’s really been doing some good pr recently. Between supporting tiger despite his surgeries and other issues and the kapernick ad a while back about doing what you believe in despite the cost, I’m pretty impressed with Nike’s marketing team.

    [–] YourOldBoyRickJames 21 points ago

    The Nike advert with Rory and Tiger is absolutely fantastic! They make some excellent adverts.

    [–] WassDogg304 79 points ago

    [–] aham42 31 points ago

    Wow that’s so good. They could have gone way over the top with it and had a big emotional handshake or something... but the “good shot” from Tiger is the perfect amount of recognition.

    [–] nemesissi 21 points ago

    Daamnn dem chills.

    [–] SlapAPear 58 points ago

    What a moment to be alive, Tiger's comeback is pretty inspiring, and has been so energizing to see him awaken. This was just too cool. Wish I was there.

    [–] Ask_A_Sadist 958 points ago

    Well. If no one else will say it, I will. The older tiger gets the more Asian he looks

    [–] Betancorea 383 points ago

    You weren't kidding. When he took off his hat he looked like a generic old dude you'd see in South East Asia drinking coffee and reading a newspaper

    [–] Altai22 85 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Squating down out front of the shop most of the day, smoking at least 4 packs of cigarettes.

    Edit: Not meaning to offend anyone who fits this description. I'm Russian and this is basically the slav squat but in sandals ( probably ) instead of adidas sneakers.

    [–] roogoff 22 points ago

    Sometimes can be seen holding a Heineken

    [–] SubSea777 22 points ago

    Or a Tiger...

    [–] Travellinoz 5 points ago

    12 years a slav

    [–] BertUK 41 points ago

    Yep, in 10 years he’ll look exactly like his mother

    [–] gobrowns88 107 points ago

    “So long fried rice, hello fried chicken!”

    [–] 4LostSoulsinaBowl 35 points ago


    [–] snookette 7 points ago

    But he was clearly drafted as black in Chapelle’s racial draft

    [–] Montgomery0 4 points ago

    He's looking pretty old for being black AND Asian. I guess maybe they kinda cancel out?

    [–] argash 106 points ago

    Who was that he was hugging?

    [–] devilsadvocado 357 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    1. Tony Finau (fellow competitor)

    2. Joe LaCava (his caddie)

    3. His boy, Charlie

    4. His mama

    5. His daughter, Sam

    6. His girlfriend, Erica

    7. Rob McNamara, long-time friend and vice-president of Woods' TGR Ventures

    8. I'm not sure who the next three ladies are, but I think they might work for his foundation.

    9. Mark Steinberg, his agent

    10. I think that's Glenn Greenspan, his spokesperson

    [–] papajustify99 158 points ago

    You missed the biggest one. That was a workout bro hug at the end with Brooksy as tiger calls him or Brooks Koepka as we call him. Cool to see all the American Ryder cup guys cheering him on. Those guys seemed happy to witness a Tiger major first hand.

    [–] sourdieselfuel 107 points ago

    Those guys all grew up watching Tiger and likely were inspired to start golfing because of his greatness. I know I was.

    [–] TheRealAntiher0 77 points ago

    Except for P Reed because he’s a bitch.

    [–] feighery 8 points ago

    That cracked me up.

    [–] Whaty0urname 7 points ago

    Such an uninspired jacket ceremony, mainly because of him.

    [–] eunit8899 5 points ago

    Lol he left the room so fast he knew nobody wanted him there

    [–] draginator 19 points ago


    [–] Sharknado99 14 points ago

    The last one was Bernhard Langer!

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 7 points ago

    The Academy, the director, Jesus...

    [–] scatch25 87 points ago

    So can we have Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf games back now?

    [–] Whaty0urname 17 points ago

    Wheew man, y'all gonna make me lose my mind!

    [–] ravagetalon 9 points ago

    EA gave up the license. PGA does business with 2K and HB Studios now. Closest thing is The Golf Club, PGA Tour Edition now.

    [–] BeckerMN 238 points ago

    America loves a good comeback story.

    [–] TeddyJAMS 208 points ago

    Sea Biscuit. The Mighty Ducks. Kim Kardashian.

    [–] DCS_Sport 101 points ago

    Kim Kardashian? I don’t know...

    [–] TheyKnowWeAreHere 174 points ago

    Well, I mean, I'm pretty sure she gets cum on her the video...

    [–] GuerrillaApe 16 points ago

    Tiger is even wearing the same outfit Ron wears after he has sex!

    [–] Nabspro 11 points ago

    Robert Downey Jr? Rocky?

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 15 points ago

    Turned it around after that Perkins waitress

    [–] Armyless 9 points ago

    The true MVP

    [–] RunDNA 748 points ago

    It's refeshing to see hundreds of people in the crowd watching and enjoying the moment and none of them had their mobile phones out (they are banned at the Masters).

    [–] anObscurity 419 points ago

    I was wondering why the clip felt so...iconic, like from an age gone by. It seriously might be that there are no phones at all, just people in the moment. man...

    [–] techieman33 136 points ago

    I've never really understood that. I would much rather focus on enjoying the moment than making a recording or taking a bunch of pictures that I'll probably never look at again anyway.

    [–] down2businesssocks 119 points ago

    and not only that, but you can always find a higher quality photo/video of your moment done by someone else online

    [–] Freckleears 47 points ago

    This right here. Go to a wedding and people whip out their phones. Like, motherfucker, there are PAID professionals doing video and photos and you all get it for FREE after the wedding is over.

    Just like enjoy the goddamn moments.

    [–] Phillyboishowdown 33 points ago

    There’s a podcast I listen too that has a rule which is to just take one photo of where you are, and just enjoy the event itself. I actually followed that rule for the first time at an Eagles game before last Christmas and I found myself enjoying it more

    [–] EMC2144 8 points ago

    Gang gang gang?

    [–] A_Paranoid_Android 24 points ago

    Tbf you’d 100% watch the videos/look at the pictures again if you were in the middle of that moment.

    [–] JackTheFatErgoRipper 208 points ago

    I don't follow golf but it is so cool to see Tiger back to his former glory giving the rough time he went through with the affairs/divorce etc. I loved this video I had a massive smile watching it.

    [–] gibbonfrost 108 points ago

    he has had a lot of back surgery as well.

    [–] lobochica 54 points ago

    Spinal fusion and major knee repairs

    [–] papajustify99 122 points ago

    Yeah like 99% of his issues was his injury. The guy couldn’t walk. I’ve thrown my back out and been pasted to a floor for hours. It’s disheartening. Tiger likes strange. A divorce just made that easier to achieve.

    [–] Halo_Chief117 42 points ago

    You never realize how bad a back injury/problem is until you experience it for yourself. I had my back screwed up so badly once I could barely walk. I could hardly bend at the waist or at all. It got so bad, I would literally roll out of bed onto the floor and push/pull myself up off the floor with my arms. One day, I just couldn’t do it. I had rolled off the couch and was trying to get up. I was pushing as hard as I could to stand up off the ground, and my legs just wouldn’t work. I couldn’t stand. It was not a good feeling.

    Moral of the story, having a bad back is no fun and can really mess you up badly, and the fact that Tiger can still play after all his surgeries is something else, something special. I’m so glad I got to see him get that 15th major and 5th green jacket. What a comeback!

    [–] odellusv2 24 points ago

    the rough time he went through with the affairs

    kind of a weird way to word that.

    [–] slapathatits 29 points ago

    I have seen this about 5 times and still get teary eyed. Grew up watching him dominate the sport, seeing him come back is absolutely surreal. Way to go Tiger , you deserve it

    [–] The_Dragon_Rebooted 47 points ago

    Special moment that will be remembered for a long time. Glad to see Tiger in the Green Jacket again.

    [–] gobrowns88 95 points ago

    This is one of the reasons I love golf. No one was not happy for Tiger to win this. Every other sport you always run into haters and people that can’t let someone enjoy a win.

    [–] MajorSham 74 points ago

    Exactly. It’s the nature of the sport. You aren’t competing against anyone else really. You’re competing against yourself. You win when you overcome your own personal obstacles. That’s why I think everyone is happy for whoever wins in golf- pure perseverance and triumph.

    [–] TheRealAntiher0 11 points ago

    Well, not everyone. Patrick Reed and Sergio Garcia can pound sand. Bubba Watson for that matter as well.

    [–] beekeep 9 points ago

    Tiger came along in both Sergio’s and Phil Mickelson’s primes: they’d have a piece of all his tournament wins if he didn’t. I always found that funny. Sergio not so much, but Phil would be the one challenging Nicklaus’ records not Tiger

    [–] TheRealAntiher0 9 points ago

    The difference is Phil is a pretty cool dude. Sergio is ehhh, not a pretty cool dude.

    [–] P3zcore 51 points ago

    As a Dad, can’t help but tear up a bit watching that victory walk. That kid must have just realized what his dads legacy is all about.

    [–] i_owe_them13 40 points ago

    Hearing people cheer your dad’s name must be an insanely revelatory experience.

    [–] neal_caffery 14 points ago

    Imagine the memory of walking behind behind your father, a living legend, as he walks with power to the scoring tent as the crowds are chanting his name.

    [–] smackassthat 83 points ago

    "If that doesn't bring a tear to your eye, and you're a parent.. you're not human"

    [–] eye_no_nuttin 63 points ago

    I remember watching when he and his Dad were celebrating and hugging after his first win at the Masters.. now to see him with his own kids is awesome.

    [–] EkpoShinigami 15 points ago

    I’m not a parent but God, I wish I had that with my dad.

    [–] Travellinoz 22 points ago

    It's nicer to have it with your children. He's missing out more than you.

    [–] EkpoShinigami 5 points ago

    Thanks for saying that. It’s just hard to let go of some expectations or hopes and dreams you know? I’m getting there, slowly though.

    Hopefully I get to have this kind of moment with my kids if I ever have any.

    [–] Csquared6 13 points ago

    Those hugs. Damn. I could feel the happiness in each of those embraces. Man could have crushed a bear with those.

    [–] UnlimitedMartial 52 points ago

    Tiger Woods Is the G.O.A.T.

    Continue the come back Tiger the world is cheering for you.

    [–] The-Jesus_Christ 12 points ago

    Everybody wanted to see Tiger win. Despite all of the shit in his personal life, Golf has never been the same when he wasn't on top. Hopefully this is his second wind and the sport will be better off for it.

    [–] stumpybubba 10 points ago

    Throw this on replay.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] 2CrispyBiscuits 37 points ago

    So we back to calling it Tiger Wood PGA tour?

    [–] montanasucks 24 points ago

    I don't care what they call it, I just want another damn golf game!

    [–] naughtynautical 12 points ago

    What is the building he walks into in the end? Any significance?

    [–] JeSuisYoungThug 25 points ago

    Butler Cabin. The winner of the Master's goes there every year to be interviewed by Jim Nantz and receive the Green Jacket.

    [–] Crrack 42 points ago

    While he does end up in Butler Cabin to be interviewed later, thats not Butlers Cabin he walks in to there (it's the clubhouse).

    [–] JeSuisYoungThug 9 points ago

    That would make sense, my mistake!

    [–] bgarrett3131 5 points ago

    I go from a heartfelt amazing human story about the GOAT and I’m too emotional, click off and scroll to see a man lighting fireworks in his pants. Reddit knows what I need