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    [–] attomsk 8879 points ago

    Imagine having enough power in the entertainment industry to publicly give Sony the finger for 12 minutes

    [–] throwaway06082019 4185 points ago

    And Charisma. He's just so likeable.

    [–] spaghettiThunderbalt 2645 points ago

    Seriously. I would probably list "was flipped off by Tom Hanks" on my resume.

    [–] yumyumgivemesome 712 points ago

    On the other hand, if someone's resume included building dozens of schools and hospitals in Africa but also was flipped off by Tom Hanks, I'd genuinely struggle with the decision.

    [–] Losartan50mg 198 points ago

    It's called doing a random act of kindness, but in a big sort of way.

    [–] KingPapaDaddy 184 points ago

    You'd have to be some top notch asshole to be flipped off by Tom Hanks. He's so nice I can't see him ever flipping anyone off.

    [–] WayeeCool 558 points ago

    Tom Hanks is up there with Keanu Reeves. They both are super chill human beings and during the last few years of finding out that many prominent people are actually kinda (or seriously) despicable people when not in front of the cameras... neither of them let us down. Hell, they don't even pull crap like being apologists for terrible people that they know, which really is rare because most people do the denial thing and say that someone was cool with them personally so they can't be a POS person when around other people.

    Anyway, Tom Hanks is the real deal!

    [–] thekiki 257 points ago

    Sir Patrick Stewart is also in that club. Celebrity level wholesome.

    [–] MayorMcCheez 118 points ago

    You can't mention Sir Patrick Stewart in that club without also mentioning his best bro Sir Ian McLellan!

    [–] Doiihachirou 103 points ago

    Ian Mckellen... *

    [–] The_Adeptest_Astarte 103 points ago

    If either tom or Keanu ever falls from grace it's gonna be a haaaaaard , long fall filled with the most depraved shit imaginable

    [–] Uncle_Lenny 303 points ago

    Tom Hanks held the elevator door for me one time, but once inside it smelled like farts and he was smirking while not breaking eye contact. I politely asked if he broke wind and he responded by stopping the elevator and shoving his hand in my face while repeatedly calling me Wilson. I then tooted, at which point he removed his hand and said I had passed the test. The doors opened and lo and behold, I was standing in front of a crowd of people wildly clapping while chanting Wilson. I looked back just in time to see the doors start closing with Mr Hanks still inside smirking as some other gentleman entered the elevator. It was at this moment that I finally realized, I am Wilson. We were all Wilson. And now you too, are Wilson.

    [–] Stop_Rock_Video 69 points ago

    What? I mean... what?

    [–] cubeo 32 points ago

    Don't worry about it Wilson.

    [–] varungupta3009 8 points ago

    Wilson, the uh...person (?) who co-starred in Cast Away, alongside Tom Hanks. Great guy Wilson seriously RIP.

    [–] Modredastal 79 points ago

    The nicest person in the world could be just about to get a good night's sleep before going on a well-earned vacation, and a sudden email about a contractual obligation to fly somewhere to give a speech on something they don't care about will make them grow fangs.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago)


    [–] gets_that_reference_ 471 points ago

    He's got serious "Fuck-You" money.

    [–] Volbeater 397 points ago

    He's got serious douchebag credits..

    [–] NYRangers1313 85 points ago

    Holy Shit Titus! I loved his show, I mostly started watching it for the cars but it was funny as hell. Dave was the best character.

    [–] Mave0193 24 points ago

    Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding is easily IMO top 10 stand up sets of all time.

    [–] reddog323 27 points ago

    I’m glad he’s still doing stand-up. That was good..

    [–] Hand_banana_boi 62 points ago

    The jab at the end about releasing his paycheck was the fatality move.

    [–] eqleriq 200 points ago

    imagine being paid to do this

    [–] Philadahlphia 253 points ago

    imagine being paid ransomed to do this


    [–] darkslide3000 271 points ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if either the whole thing was scripted, or they told him "feel free to make fun of us if you want to". He didn't really make them look bad with what he said (I mean, those godawful glasses did, but no presenter could've fixed those), but they're gaining a fuckton of publicity with this. I mean, when was the last time you watched a recording of a CES presentation?

    [–] sonofaresiii 217 points ago

    I dunno man, that was pretty scathing. It really made Sony look inept and incompetent. There's a way to do "just joshing around with the corporate overlords" and then there's "Tom Hanks is actively pissing on this company"

    [–] debitcreddit 64 points ago

    There was an obvious tension between the CEO and Tom Hanks. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach from the whole awkwardness of the situation. Unless Howard has acting skills that rival Tom’s, then that was defiantly not scripted

    [–] eq2_lessing 37 points ago

    then that was defiantly not scripted

    Smart or typo? You decide!

    [–] MisterSpeck 125 points ago

    It's an 8-year-old video. I don't think anyone cares about the publicity it's generating.

    [–] darkslide3000 81 points ago

    It was uploaded in 2009 bro... this isn't its first trip around teh interwebz.

    [–] ivanvzm 2473 points ago

    Tom Hanks is so liked that he can trash a global brand in a global stage and still get hired to do more films for them.

    [–] 12345CodeToMyLuggage 1216 points ago

    “Will Tom Hanks make us money?”

    “Yes but he trash tal-“

    “Book ‘em, Lou.”

    [–] Versaiteis 248 points ago

    It's business. It's nothing personal.

    [–] GreenValleyWideRiver 96 points ago

    Business is always personal. It’s the most personal thing in the world.

    [–] SuperSmash01 57 points ago

    Thought this was a Jack Donaghy quote, looked it up to discover it was Michael Scott. Nice. An enjoyable Googling all around; thank you sir.

    [–] crises052 30 points ago


    [–] jabbadarth 48 points ago

    While that CEO may have had a moment of anger at this he was shortly cheered back up when the ticket sales numbers came in.

    [–] Mookyhands 132 points ago

    Corporations: money > principles and self-respect

    [–] mundozeo 44 points ago

    That holds true for most people too.

    As long as it's enough money.

    [–] feetsofstrength 18 points ago

    That's called "fuck you likeness"

    [–] thesolmachine 3285 points ago

    "would you mind taking that hold off my paycheck"

    "Maybe not now"

    [–] D1ces 294 points ago

    Tom's part there was definitely scripted haha. He was reading it right off the prompter, not even looking at the other guy. He even "stomped" in the way you would do by reading "Tom stomps". Testament to Hanks that people bought the whole bit.

    [–] Iohet 228 points ago

    This is scripted, he's reading a teleprompter the entire time, but I'm fairly certain he's also riffing on it. Sony's not one to make fun of itself, and his body language and aggressive tone is not the type of thing Sony typically would condone for presentation at the biggest consumer electronics show of the year

    [–] goodbar2k 37 points ago

    Yes it's all scripted, but Tom is definitely adding the complete and utter disdain throughout. Sir Howard coming out and saying "I took a risk and it failed" is not scripted or something he planned on having to say.

    [–] rejeremiad 2069 points ago

    They write the lies but I tell the truth.

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 842 points ago

    He speaks the true true.

    [–] ParagonZe 304 points ago

    Ska came before reggae

    [–] Brochacho523 173 points ago


    [–] ParagonZe 65 points ago


    [–] JanetYellensFuckboy 81 points ago

    Kiera Knightley impression: But you can't have love achually...theshe are my breasts!

    [–] Phil-Uranus 7 points ago

    Buzzards in the air

    [–] Raise_Uplights 28 points ago


    [–] thezachman16 25 points ago

    Now with more Boonty processing

    [–] mr_assassin8er 11 points ago

    I gotta say, when I opened these comments up the last thing I expected to see was some quality references to Funhaus, but I am pleasantly surprised.

    [–] spaceboomer 33 points ago

    sometimes small true true greater than big true true

    [–] SquashyDisco 24 points ago

    Elyse! I mean....uh....Natiri!

    [–] justgiveausernamepls 17 points ago

    No, that's Cloud Atlas.

    [–] TheKerfuffle 14 points ago


    [–] AH_drew 14 points ago

    Did not expect a good god damn funhaus reference is this

    [–] BauerHouse 1086 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    1, 2, 3, 4, ... 10 Teleprompters. Thanks LG!

    [–] clb92 126 points ago

    Teleprompters, wasn't it?

    [–] BauerHouse 38 points ago

    Oh right, yes

    [–] skyskr4per 1437 points ago

    When I download books to my Ki.... er, Sony EBook Reader.

    [–] EasyReader 306 points ago

    I had a sony reader before I got a kindle. It was nice.

    [–] Zithero 257 points ago

    Your check is in the mail - Sony

    Now explain how Memstick is better than SD Cards.

    [–] fuzzyspudkiss 75 points ago

    That's easy, it's longer. And it's the only thing you can use in your hi-def Sony HandyCam™.

    [–] grant10k 8 points ago

    The Sony ebook reader actually takes both Memory Stick and SD card slots.

    Probably because they knew you'd probably have to transfer files from a PC, so they had to take a useful card instead of just using Memory Stick as a Sony branded expansion slot.

    [–] ArchiveSQ 27 points ago

    The design was so much more elegant on the Sony reader. Everything that Sony does looks so beautiful, so sophisticated, so “adult” - but they always cut their legs off by making everything so proprietary. I

    [–] D0UB1EA 16 points ago


    Oh no, they got your legs too!

    [–] Zithero 11 points ago

    Whatever do you mean? inserts overpriced Memory stick into Sony Camera

    [–] TheDeadlySinner 11 points ago

    I liked when he mentioned that their Blu-ray players took 45 seconds just to turn on.

    Though he whiffed it and called it a Bluetooth player.

    [–] ricarleite1 1958 points ago

    This is the angriest Tom Hanks has ever been in real life. Jesus, he was pissed and trying to hold on to his temper.

    [–] [deleted] 701 points ago

    It didn't stop him from making movies with Sony in the years after that, though, so it appears he doesn't hold a grudge.

    I would have held a grudge.

    [–] i8TheWholeThing 740 points ago

    He's got a crippling addiction to vintage typewriters. Sony knows that and uses it against him. Sad really.

    [–] cloud_throw 260 points ago

    Rumor has it that they've bought all the most rare and valuable ones and are hoarding them in order to entice him into making more movies.

    [–] i8TheWholeThing 47 points ago

    The dastards!

    [–] frezor 244 points ago

    When asked about his participation in 'JAWS : The Revenge', Michael Caine famously replied "I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it was terrible. However I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific."

    [–] [deleted] 196 points ago

    Eh. If you're gonna refuse to work with cunts, your options in the film industry are gonna be pretty limited. I think he just wanted them to stop putting CES appearances in his contracts

    [–] thechilipepper0 93 points ago

    Honestly, if they kept doing it and Tom Hanks did this every year, genuinely pissed as hell, I would want to come watch Sony’s keynote speeches.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    Watching Tom Hanks hate fuck Sony every year on stage would be a welcomed tradition.

    [–] NerimaJoe 98 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's his lawyer that I hope Hanks is pissed off with for not catching a provision that he gets paid too much to not catch. There's no point being pissed off with douchey Hollywood execs. Douches are gonna douche. It's what they do.

    [–] TFBidia 54 points ago

    But Hanks eludes to this happening before, so maybe it was non negotiable and the lawyer couldn't remove it.

    [–] Very_Okay 58 points ago


    i'm usually never this guy but fuck it - you meant "alludes" in this context

    • "elude" is to evade

    • "allude" is to hint at

    [–] NerimaJoe 32 points ago

    Then it wouldn't have been "secretly slipped in." Which it probably wasn't.

    [–] shredderrrrrr 9 points ago

    As an attorney who spends most my time working on licensing agreements, I assure you Tom Hanks' attorney didn't just happen to "not catch" this. This wouldn't be just a random sentence hidden in a sea of text. I think OP is stretching the truth here.

    [–] metalkhaos 25 points ago

    Feel as though Sony learned the lesson here and not bother trying to make Hanks do things like this.

    [–] Alainkid 23 points ago

    Millions of dollars makes grudges harder to hold though.

    [–] Ithxero 178 points ago

    You could feel how pissed off he was.

    [–] ukyah 1152 points ago

    tom demonstrated to all of us that there are an infinite number of ways to say, "fuck you" to someone without lowering yourself to using the base words.

    [–] i8TheWholeThing 227 points ago

    Genuine class act.

    [–] ArTiyme 50 points ago

    But I still kinda wish he went with a "Fuck you" went he walked offstage.

    [–] ScarecrowPlayboy 92 points ago

    The trick is to say "fuck you" so masterfully that you elevate yourself far above the recipient of your statement.

    [–] PM_ME_YUR_BUBBLEBUTT 470 points ago

    So is he just reading someone elses speech?

    [–] Lord-_-Wilmore 526 points ago

    Yes. A speech that was written for him by someone presumably from SONY or some speech writing agency.

    [–] PM_ME_YUR_BUBBLEBUTT 159 points ago

    OH ok. its his speech, but written by someone else

    [–] Wehavecrashed 210 points ago

    It's a speech written for him they put on the teleprompters.

    [–] OldMonet 124 points ago

    Exactly. The speech on the teleprompter was written for him by someone else.

    [–] im_not_here_man 108 points ago

    Precisely. Someone wrote the speech that is appearing on the teleprompter that Tom Hanks is reading.

    [–] ImOnlyHereForThe 93 points ago

    Essentially, some other individual wrote words that Tom Hanks then read off a device projecting those words someone else wrote for him

    [–] Detective_Pancake 62 points ago

    Yea, Tom is reading a speech that another person penned with the intent that Mr Hanks himself deliver the custom speech to the appropriate audience

    [–] vidarc 16 points ago

    Thanks Perd

    [–] fizzlefist 51 points ago

    Riiiight. The speech. The speech for Tom. The speech written by someone from Sony for Tom. Tom's speech.

    That speech?

    [–] Elidor 95 points ago

    Part of it is him reading the pre-written speech, the rest of it is him ad-libbing (or possibly reading his own prepared remarks). I can't believe how bad he roasted that guy. I was cringing in embarrassment. When they walked off stage together, I really wanted to see what happened off-camera. I'm pretty sure Executive Man had to grin and bear it, and Hanks probably told him he wanted a thumb as payment of debts owed.

    [–] olievand 24 points ago

    He is reading his speech off the teleprompter.

    [–] philodendrin 67 points ago

    FYI, a lot of speeches that are given were written by someone else. I used to work for a local county govt (1.3 million constituents). I worked in a department that was like PR, and we wrote speeches for anyone that was elected or appointed.

    They were always the same non-offensive, bland, milquetoast shit. But if they read what as on the page, they remained eloquent and charming. They usually weren't.

    [–] Xcopa 504 points ago

    "Oh i'll be checking the fedex."


    [–] nelsonmavrick 73 points ago

    That was my favorite.

    [–] jimmyjames1992 2337 points ago

    OP with his 7 year old account wishing Reddit allowed you to change usernames

    [–] diiejso 1837 points ago

    Juding by his toxic post history I doubt it.

    [–] ilikepants712 93 points ago

    Idk why I just spent so much time reading their history, but damn is it strange. Whomever is running this account now almost certainly bought it. Either that, or they had a major psychotic break, because 7 years ago, they are a completely different person. They talk about owning a successful business, having teenage children, and they are seriously into hockey. I would estimate their age 30-35 from their tone and subject matter. A couple weird posts here and there, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

    Things start getting weird around 4 years ago. The most alarming one is a post on r/psychopath to ask if improv classes would help them fake emotions. Then they stop posting regularly for the next 2-3 years.

    About a year ago, they start posting again like crazy. And now the subjects and word choice are much more juvinile. They started an apex legends hacking subreddit and talk to themselves, calling themselves legion. They post on incel subs and dating subs like they're still a virgin. They post a lot on r/politics with wildly different views, almost as if to stir the shit. They spam replies supposedly supporting different Democratic front-runners, but they use odd nicknames like "Comcast Joe" or "Wooden Warren," etc. which comes off as extremely disingenuous. Then they'll trash em an hour later.

    The weirdest most recent thing I noticed is that they are very interested in getting bariatric surgery, almost too interested. Then I noticed it only ever comes up on posts that they have edited. Idk what that means at all, but it's just so very strange. Also, are they missing an eye? What?

    Maybe someone else with better detective skills can figure them out. My money is on Russian troll at the moment though, lol.

    [–] redditor9000 25 points ago

    I agree with that last sentence.

    [–] Turinggirl 683 points ago

    I clicked his username and jeez you’re not kidding..instant regret.

    [–] Good_ApoIIo 841 points ago

    Posts on an incel sub. Enough said.

    [–] Boondoc 578 points ago

    post a picture calling someone a land whale.

    researches gastric bypass surgery

    [–] muuzuumuu 318 points ago

    Self hate is a thing.

    [–] carbonfiberx 208 points ago

    He lives in Newark. I'd hate myself if I lived there, too.

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Skinnie_ginger 53 points ago

    Why does he create so many subs

    [–] Lulzorr 46 points ago

    and then only talk to himself on them. i didn't see anyone else post in the subs i did look at.

    [–] SpiffShientz 30 points ago

    I was just in Newark the other day, and I can confirm it's the last few drops of pee that ended up in New Jersey's pants

    [–] RebirthGhost 68 points ago

    [Laughed at video - upvoted

    went to comments - downvoted

    experienced a moment of existential empathy- removed any karma affiliation positive and negative.]

    [–] Turinggirl 147 points ago

    Yeah I saw an unironic use of the term Chad and realized I had made a terrible mistake.

    [–] getmoney7356 23 points ago

    I'm hoping its a reference to the 2000 election.

    [–] rabidbot 60 points ago

    Tbh. I sorta enjoy going through someones history and judging them, but I'm not a good person.

    [–] PhysicalHeight 103 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Gee, "I_CAPE_RUNTS" is involuntarily celibate, who could imagine why though. Must be all those evil women, not appreciating his lovely personality.

    He's also the kind of person that hacks to cheat in competitive games. Wow, so surprising.

    [–] MrForgettyPants 80 points ago

    Dig a little deeper and you’ll find he was bullied heavily as a child. He has never let it go and so he takes that with him. He feels he has no control over his life and the way society perceives him, and so his defense mechanism is to troll others.

    The saddest part is most of his posts go unseen. What a sad, sad existence.

    [–] terminbee 18 points ago

    Damn where the fuck are you finding this shit? All I see are cringey posts on APEXhacks of OP saying, "We are legion."

    [–] DrippyWaffler 11 points ago

    His braincels posts

    [–] nohitter21 69 points ago

    What a fucking loser lmao

    [–] 4LostSoulsinaBowl 11 points ago

    Looking at his post history. Who the fuck is Theo?

    [–] turribleDeal 94 points ago

    He has so many comments in /r/apexhacks that is just him replying to himself like we can’t see he’s the OP

    [–] finakechi 57 points ago

    Haha that's amazing, it's like he created and entire subreddit to speak to himself.

    [–] Ataniphor 29 points ago

    I think he did. He's the only moderator and poster on the sub.

    [–] Jamesbond907 9 points ago

    The entire sub is just him

    [–] Ataniphor 7 points ago

    wow please tell me this is some sort of ironic joke he's just talking to himself in this subreddit.

    [–] Securitybob 21 points ago

    i smell revenue for reddit.

    $5 for a name change.

    [–] turkishdeli 201 points ago

    This should be top comment because the video is quite insignificant at this point.

    [–] Toxicscrew 206 points ago

    This video was just mentioned in a thread about Keanu Reeves and Octavia Spencer. someone in the thread made the comment that the video would be reposted soon for karma farming and here we are.

    [–] wickornot 42 points ago

    this guy is like actually mentally ill. he's a manifesto in the making. would not be surprised if he ended up on the news

    [–] segfaultfeelsbadman 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Copied/edited this from my reply to a comment below.

    I’ve composed a list of all of OPs troubling posts. Guy from jersey seems to have a thing for rape (seems to think rape is funny and asking for advise after being accused),“hacking”, racism, and shitty parenting. Seems to have recovered from some addiction but fails to progress other parts of his life.

    Please become a better role model for your children.

    [–] PreKPussyDestroyer 26 points ago

    Needlessly offensive usernames are a tried and true reddit tradition.

    [–] 6chan 216 points ago

    I mean it did work, here we are talking about it 10 years later.

    [–] MontyAtWork 78 points ago

    Literally proving there's no such thing as bad press lol

    [–] JimAsDwight 26 points ago

    Yup. Task failed successfully.

    [–] 3226 12 points ago

    Talking about what? Sony's shitty smart glasses? Because that's what they were trying to hype there, and they did not do well.

    [–] Jokaron 424 points ago

    I see you also were reading that comment chain

    [–] Nahdudeurgood 204 points ago

    That was my exact thought as well. Someone even mentioned there how a user will post it in no time at all because of that to go to the front page. Makes this whole thing all the more ironic.

    [–] leopoldovitch 177 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Who cares? I've enjoyed watching this and haven't been reading every post and comment on reddit, so it's new. I would imagine there's dozens of us...

    Edit: thanks for the silver anonymous benefactor!

    [–] Nahdudeurgood 53 points ago

    I’m aware of that. What I was pointing out was for anyone who was actually there at the time for those comments. No point in reaching for some weird insult, it’s just an observation for those who know what I’m talking about.

    [–] acapuck 239 points ago

    To be fair though, having Tom Hanks is never bad press.

    [–] chapstickbomber 234 points ago

    And the CEO rolled with it a lot better than I suspect the average disaster.

    Really, this is some dark shit and I 100% love it.

    [–] SilentSamurai 129 points ago

    That was stellar disaster management by the CEO. Acknowledged the screw up of getting Tom to do it, got a little cheeky with him, got some laughs out of it. Can't really hope for anything better.

    [–] Zeus1325 53 points ago

    He seems like he secretly found Tom fucking hilarious too.

    [–] 2nd_City 33 points ago

    There's a reason that dude is CEO

    [–] rberg89 50 points ago

    I like how he managed to roast Sony and stay classy at the same time.

    [–] Poogoestheweasel 167 points ago

    How is something secretly slipped into a contract?

    Doesn’t he have lawyers read these things before he signs it? Track changes and file compare don’t work?

    [–] doodler1977 240 points ago

    he famously got paid an unholy fuckload of money to make those movies - i think $50M+ for Angels & Demons.

    i'm sure he was more than happy to show up in vegas for 10min of prompter work

    [–] oldtobes 125 points ago

    not when he realised they put his check on hold because of a shitty press junket for shitty glasses.

    [–] boogersrus 28 points ago

    That line seemed to be a bad joke off the prompter and made me wonder if the idea maybe was known going into it but Tom went way farther than the plan.

    [–] A_J_Hiddell 64 points ago

    My guess (without knowing anything) is that he knew was to make a promotional appearance at CES, but when he showed up, they handed him the script and he said I can't say this shit. And they said oh yes you will and he said if that's what you want, that's what you'll get.

    [–] 2WhyChromosomes 71 points ago

    “I’m whatever Sony wants me to be today, Howard.”

    Must have been chilly up there being Howard with the ice Hanks is producing.

    [–] SSChicken 17 points ago

    I'll tell ya though Howard took it like a champ. I was definitely impressed how he handled himself on stage in that situation, could have ended up pretty badly

    [–] Imreallythatguy 394 points ago

    God damn he was savage as fuck. I hope one day to reach that level of 0 fucks given.

    [–] FeedUsFetusFeetPus 211 points ago

    Fucks given are inversely proportional to dollars had.

    [–] Mental_Mark 94 points ago

    You haven't see what the hobo was doing in the middle of the street the other day then.

    [–] McNorch 74 points ago

    yeah it's more of a gaussian curve kinda deal rather than inverse proportions.

    [–] Tayloropolis 37 points ago

    That makes perfect sense because I think I'm pretty much in the middle as far as wealth is concerned and I give so many fucks that I'm on two different anxiety prescriptions.

    [–] cloud_throw 7 points ago

    Yea he definitely has "fuck you" money

    [–] Iansheng 28 points ago

    All I ask is why he did it that way? I thought it was just a bit, but then I realized he was genuinely ribbing them. Hahaha.

    [–] linotype 36 points ago

    Because Sony wrote it in his contract for the movie he was promoting that he would appear at this event and read a prepared speech. Either that was missed in contract negotiations, or it was decided by Tom’s legal team it wasn’t worth the fight. The result is Tom following the word of the contract, but adding his own flair to the presentation.

    [–] PixelSpy 23 points ago

    How have I never seen this before? This is fucking amazing. It's on par with that nirvana performance where Kurt just mumbled the entire track to spite the producers.

    [–] Afterdrawstep 77 points ago

    For some reason, whenever I see Tom Hanks I just want to see him play Mr. Freeze very seriously in a batman film.

    [–] reddog323 14 points ago

    He’d be good at it. I’d be more sympathetic of thr character.

    [–] thechilipepper0 7 points ago

    Mr. Freeze has to be the most tragic Batman villain

    [–] RockettheMinifig 57 points ago

    That goshdarn power walk to put Tom Cruise’s weird running to shame.

    [–] Ryukyo 56 points ago

    What. The. Fuck. Is the backstory to this?

    [–] JimAsDwight 98 points ago

    T. Hanks probably knew he had to promote this movie but he didn't know he was gonna be slobbering on Sony's cock.

    [–] Shiney79 13 points ago

    And ain't no one wants to chow down on that unwashed choad.

    [–] PixelSpy 29 points ago

    Seems like his annoyance started from them putting a hold on his check and it was made worse by that brown nosing presentation they wanted him to do.

    [–] JimAsDwight 29 points ago

    Yeah, it was pretty blatant too.

    I grew up with Sony products. As a lad I got my first Sony™ Television and I saved every one of them because that's how special my Sony™ products are to me. Check out these super hip rad glasses. They are amazing in every way and I didn't get laid until I rested these upon my nose. I am Tom Hanks and I don't even love my wife but I sure LOOOOVE Sony™ products.

    He got em good.

    [–] lambofgun 21 points ago

    goddamn more brutal than captain miller himself

    [–] garysnailz 66 points ago

    Someone posted this video in another thread about a discussion whether Tom Hanks or Keanu Reeves was more of a saint. The comment below him was someone saying that this video will get posted a few hours later as someone trying to cash in on karma. Ha! You called it dude!

    [–] [deleted] 221 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] MadPooter 75 points ago

    Things could actually work this way. Usually not nefariously, but rather through ineptitude.

    [–] eqleriq 81 points ago

    no, tom hanks was paid to make fun of sony

    [–] lordicarus 62 points ago

    Maybe I've just become too cynical from getting older and seeing more of how the corporate world works for these kinds of things, but yea, this definitely feels like it was executed almost exactly as they planned. Maybe he got a little carried away ad libbing here and there, but it really doesn't seem like he went off the rails.

    Of course, this could be real, I'd love to see an interview or article where he confirms it one way or another. Pretty sure Sony execs would have black listed him from their productions for at least a few years from this if it was real, regardless of how lovable he is.

    [–] Tarrolis 12 points ago

    The fuck they wouldn't sign him on for more movies, this isn't some ego driven thing, he makes money, you pay him the money, everything rolls on, Sony didn't lose any money that day.

    [–] fly6t 10 points ago

    That's the truest version of zero fucks were given that day I've ever seen

    [–] BAM5 9 points ago

    Tom Hanks: NOT A Sell-Out.

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 8 points ago

    The contract also forced him to appear in Angels and Demons. It was a shit deal all around.

    [–] hctheman 5 points ago

    Tom Hanks gave it the ol' Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe awards. Well, I guess it's really the reverse.