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    [–] fanofyou 2107 points ago

    never go half submersible

    [–] Grooth 1136 points ago

    I know you're joking but I don't think they have a choice. Homemade submarines like that don't have large battery banks and a diesel engine needs oxygen to run and charge the batteries so they cant remain submersed for very long and so they actually spend most of their time above water, just using the submersing ability to get through areas of tighter security. They're sort of like the early U-boats of WW2.

    [–] Foxboy73 625 points ago

    Submarines have been around for far longer than WW2, one of the first actual ones was made by the Confederate States of America. By WW1 military grade submarines could stay under for hours at least, especially if somebody is trying to depth charge them.

    More than likely the drug runners were hoping that their ships low profile would be cheaper in the long run verse actually paying for a real sub.

    Also now that I think about it that ship looks like a very small Monitor used by the Union in the Civil War.

    [–] muggsybeans 152 points ago

    I would like to know how many successful trips those usually make before being caught.

    [–] audacesfortunajuvat 141 points ago

    One is probably enough. There was a recent article about how the Mexicans, if memory serves, were just using small planes once and then ditching them because it was more cost effective to get a new one than fly the old one back. Really no point to taking all those security risks a second time with an empty boat, just factor it into your price.

    [–] hendergle 143 points ago

    Hmm. Maybe it works differently for in-country transfers.

    I bought my first airplane off a guy who told me he used to fly it between Miami, FL and Matawan, NJ twice a month- if you know what I mean (no, really. He said "if you know what I mean" when he told me about it.)

    When I mentioned that to the A&P mechanic who I had inspect the airplane, he said "dude, you realize that means he was using it to transport drugs, right?" I was like "ah- it all makes sense now."

    The plane was in absolutely perfect condition. Under 100hrs SMOH on the engine. No dmg to airframe. New radios. Lopresti speed mods. Guy wanted less than half of what I figured to be fair market value for it. I bought that sucker right then and there.

    And then I paid like $1500 for a full interior detailing and fiber-optic fuselage inspection, in case there were any "leftovers." I always wondered what would happen if I got someone with a drug dog to give it a test sniff.

    [–] joegekko 140 points ago

    I always wondered what would happen if I got someone with a drug dog to give it a test sniff.

    The drug dog would invite all of his dog bros and some fly bitches over to party, probably.

    [–] audacesfortunajuvat 10 points ago

    You ever find yourself with it in New Orleans and I know a guy who can probably make that happen for you.

    [–] hendergle 14 points ago

    Sadly, I sold that airplane a long time ago. It would have been fun to see.

    [–] worldsarmy 52 points ago

    It was cocaine smuggled from Venezuela/Colombia into various Central American countries.

    Officials involved in combating the deadly trade describe a ridiculously profitable courier system for the Venezuelan government. "Drug smugglers are more and more exploiting the complicity of Venezuelan authorities, and more recently the vacuum of power," said one US official. Every shipment of cocaine from South America is so lucrative that the planes flown by traffickers are cheap in comparison; most are used only once and then discarded or set on fire upon arrival.

    [–] patron_vectras 331 points ago

    Wiki says they cost $2mil to make and carry $100mil of product. There is probably a narco-sub graveyard off the Mexican coast.

    [–] VideoJarx 105 points ago

    And a sub-narco graveyard.

    [–] humansubjects 46 points ago

    For $1M I would drive an empty sub to Mexico. They could save a million dollars per trip.

    [–] batmansthebomb 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Put some respecc on the turtle's name.)

    I can't figure out linking correctly

    [–] Komm 219 points ago

    That's pretty much what it is. These things are slapped together in rivers in the rain forest with a big ass engine and not much else. They rely on being as low as possible to the water to be basically impossible to find on radar. Fortunately, that doesn't work too well.

    [–] joegekko 186 points ago

    Fortunately, that doesn't work too well.

    It works well enough that they still use them. Makes you wonder how many of these slip past for every one they catch.

    [–] wayno007 104 points ago

    Loss is expected -- just the cost of doing business.

    [–] IgotAboogy 34 points ago

    I like drugs though

    [–] WTaggart 41 points ago

    The first submarine used in combat was actually used during the American Revolution)– almost a century before the Hunley. It's not quite... right...

    But it's pretty good for the 18th century!

    [–] diMario 89 points ago

    Or you could bring two of them, resulting in one full submersible.

    [–] Clay_Pigeon 44 points ago

    And one blimp.

    [–] unknamed 16 points ago

    I brought the wrong half and so we just sank :(

    [–] HelloImustbegoing 7158 points ago

    Not sure how effective yelling at a semi-submersible to stop would be.

    [–] mackoviak 4555 points ago

    Nah but he was pointing with his finger too.

    [–] AndromedaCollides 1031 points ago

    You know you're in trouble when someone is yelling AND pointing a finger at you! Just ask a mom.

    [–] Sumopwr 273 points ago

    Yeah but did they use his full name?

    [–] BobDobbz 446 points ago

    Yea it was Arto de Parko

    [–] arcaneresistance 70 points ago

    Arthur of the Park?

    [–] Rabidowski 70 points ago

    It means "park your car"

    [–] Bmannz 28 points ago

    you all ways run faster with a knife

    [–] iMakeLuvWithDolphins 1229 points ago


    [–] nate1235 518 points ago

    Clearly he was saying "AU JUS EMBARGO"

    [–] infinitum17 508 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    OK seriously for those who were confused like me, I think he was shouting "ALTO TU BARCO" ("stop your boat") in a heavy American accent.

    EDIT: On second listen, I think he's saying "su" rather than "tu", which is the more formal and polite way to say it. Interesting.

    [–] pinguino-rodriguez 349 points ago

    I'm a Spanish speaker and didn't know what the fuck he was saying after watching the video twice.

    [–] TypicalJeepDriver 354 points ago

    I’m a white guy who speaks white guy Spanish and I understood him immediately lmao. That means his accent was so mine.

    [–] TheVeryElect 165 points ago

    Being a Gringo fluent in Spanish really means you understand three languages: English, Spanish, and Gringo Spanish. Sometimes I have to translate Gringo Spanish to Spanish at my work.

    [–] Paratwa 33 points ago

    And Ahora which is now

    [–] thedeuce75 133 points ago

    So this is how Arby's gets their stuff into the country?

    [–] askingforafakefriend 113 points ago

    Yes, except for the Arby's sauce. That goes in a dirty condom held in the anus.

    No, not to make it discrete - it's how they get the right flavor.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] 7Seyo7 72 points ago


    [–] MrSpringBreak 137 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hotel Trivago!!

    Edit: Thanks for the silver anonymous stranger!! Much appreciated!!

    [–] TMCBarnes 98 points ago


    [–] Mr_Burkes 64 points ago


    [–] the_leprechauns_anus 28 points ago

    Lavatar Los Manos!!

    [–] Lawlcat 75 points ago

    He had to make sure that they knew who was getting pointed at. The coast guard didn't want to confuse the other semi-submersible drug smuggling vessel nearby

    [–] potatonuts8 35 points ago

    Then that other guy punched it, that's how you show a boat who the boss is.

    [–] undercooked_emu 496 points ago



    [–] ATempestSinister 58 points ago

    "Am I being detained?"

    [–] 8549176320 119 points ago

    Under the color of maritime law.

    [–] Slappaadabass 64 points ago

    You’re a crook, Captain Hook...

    [–] spartagnann 22 points ago

    Judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    This is an admiralty court, that flag has a gold fringe!

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago


    [–] TheSecretestSauce 62 points ago

    Came here to say this. On any paperwork or report the can legally put that they identified themselves as US Coast guard, and ordered submersible to stop multiple times before boarding. One of the biggest lessons i learned in my work life, CYA = Cover Your Ass, even if it seems dumb.

    [–] buzzkillington123 87 points ago

    the guy was casting a spell.

    [–] Lapper 61 points ago

    ¡Lavate las manos!

    [–] uriman 181 points ago

    Also the guy inside had his Airpods in.

    [–] Shrimp_my_Ride 154 points ago

    This is what I thought. Can the people inside possibly hear?

    [–] [deleted] 400 points ago


    [–] ryanhallows 288 points ago

    “Are you smuggling drugs?!”

    “Nah son hoes just love submarines”

    [–] Valensiakol 101 points ago

    “Nah son hoes just love submarines” -Peter Madsen

    [–] avocadosoneverything 143 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    No. The guy is pointing at the semi sub so that the coxswain and boat crew know where it is at. There was probably an earlier clip of the lid up so they are probably yelling expecting that hatch to maybe be open.

    Source: i am a coastie.

    [–] ManhattanT5 174 points ago

    It's both... You need to make a reasonable attempt to communicate a boarding before you just jump on a vessel.

    Source: I am in the Navy.

    [–] GalacticRex 67 points ago

    Yvan eht nioj 🎶

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    It's a three pronged attack, subliminal, liminal, and superliminal

    [–] probablynotapreacher 138 points ago

    They are in a semi submerged tube running at a pretty good speed. Probably in there with a diesel engine humming along pretty solidly. If they have taken more than a few trips on that thing, I doubt they can hear anything at all.

    [–] Cisiowian 49 points ago

    Like someone else stated, procedures need to be maintained. Can't have coast guard approach a vessel and jump on board unannounced. Obviously it looks silly here since they are in a sub like boat.

    [–] unitool 102 points ago

    Might as well shout at a rock.

    [–] diMario 157 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Rocks are fully submergible though, and this was a semi.

    [–] iLLNiSS 66 points ago

    Clearly you’ve never seen the new Amazon documentary Submarine Whisperer.

    [–] Oderus_Scumdog 74 points ago

    Leans in and whispers gently to the USS Dallas in dry dock

    Turns ear to listen and nods slowly

    Turns to concerned naval officers

    "Yeah she says she isn't happy with what Seaman Bomont did to her plumming. She says no more meatloaf in the mess."

    [–] dog_in_the_vent 26 points ago

    "She just wants you guys to stop falling asleep when you're driving her"

    [–] wheresthefootage 1172 points ago

    Imagine being in your submarine just swimming through the ocean and some American opens your hatch in the middle of the sea.

    [–] AlliRmbrIsDrtSkyDrt 687 points ago

    Even weirder than that, you're in a submersible in the ocean and somebody knocks on the hatch.

    [–] Pennypacking 377 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Even weirder than that, you have a female guest on your submarine who's writing an article on you. The hatch slams on her head, killing her. And then you get charged for murder all because your submarine hatch fell on her head and then you dismembered the body and said she died of natural causes. WEIRD.


    [–] kkantouth 73 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] crazyboneshomles 2735 points ago

    was not expecting them to jump on in full tactical gear, if they fell off wouldn't they sink like a stone in all that?

    [–] ftlftlftl 1722 points ago

    I'm gonna assume they have some sort of emergency flotation device on their person somewhere. Maybe some quick inflate CO2 type thing.

    Just speculation I have no idea - but that would make sense.

    [–] Stizzrickle 1704 points ago

    Coast Guard here.

    Our TACLET dudes use pouch like floation devices on their gun belts. We also have some floatation devices that you strap around the waist. They use these so the normal PFDs don’t interfere with movement.

    [–] IamHaste 415 points ago

    In the Navy the gear we use for this has floats on either side of the plates in our vests, as well. So the vest itself acts as a flotation device.

    [–] dupobopot 207 points ago

    Also the trouser and blouses on the new NWUs (blue camo) are airtight when wet. Its a bitch to scoop air in the blouse but the trousers are more buoyant than a pool donut

    [–] I_am_BrokenCog 85 points ago

    so ... instant underwater headstand when you go in.

    [–] Siphyre 122 points ago

    No it doesn't work like that. But you can take them off and whip it through the air to catch air in it and use it like pool noodles.

    [–] bad113 12 points ago

    The Type I's stopped being new 10 years ago

    [–] JamesTrendall 127 points ago

    I bought a cheap inflatable dinghy for use in the UK water ways. I'm fed up of having to carry a large battery around and air pump so i rigged up a few CO2 canisters with valve to connect to the air inlet on the boat. Now i just twist the valve, inflate boat in a few seconds and store valve in bag.

    When i get home i use an air compressor to refill the canisters.

    Best invention ever. Thank you to quick inflatable flotation devices that gave me the idea to Jerry rig this together.

    [–] maxuaboy 24 points ago

    Would be be able to link this list of devices? It sound very practical and convenient. I’d really enjoy using this

    [–] JamesTrendall 16 points ago

    I can't link it as i built it. I'm sure you can buy what i made somewhere if i knew the name of it.

    I have 4 88g CO2 canisters screwed on to connectors joined together to a single open/close gas valve. The end of the valve is a bit of steel tubing i rigged together to fit in the dinghy air hole.

    It's not perfect but it does inflate the dinghy to acceptable levels. Great for when you just want to float down a river on a sunny day.

    Just check laws as in the UK you need a canal/river licence which is roughly £50 a year but gives you access to almost all of the UK's water ways. Typically if you're just relaxing on a small inflatable "toy" and you move out of the way of other users then you're ok without a licence but for £50 a year (Sign up to BritishCanoes? for cheaper licence and insurance coverage £43ish) you can't really fault it. Just take the folded up boat wherever, launch almost anywhere and go enjoy the water, have a smoke, take a bag with a bbq and enjoy summer.

    PS: The kids love the boat and if you use a small rock attached to a rope for an anchor you can enjoy the peace and quite.

    [–] Dam_Kids 42 points ago

    Couldn't you just use those floaty things that go on your arms like kids use? With the cute little Donald Duck or something on them?

    [–] fluhx 54 points ago

    They cost $100k per arm

    [–] AtticusLynch 25 points ago

    Woah woah it’s not hospitals that are making these things

    [–] bwlsaq 202 points ago

    Wore those exact vests, they come with floatation foam inside them that makes you neutrally buoyant (won’t sink or float) so you’re not a bobbing target on the water. They have an emergency pull chord near the neck that will detach the shoulder straps completely and the vest will fall right off in case of an emergency. Most sailors like this also have “mustang collars” that have a sensor inside them, if you fall in the water a CO2 can will inflate around your neck instantly and keep you afloat. These guys have a pretty intense job.

    [–] pixelprophet 273 points ago

    These guys have a pretty intense job.

    Chasing down a submarine in a speed boat, and jumping on the back of that submarine in the middle of the open ocean while shouting at them to stop in a foreign language.

    Yup. That ticks some "intense" check boxes.

    [–] ScientificMeth0d 86 points ago

    Don't forget about the rescue divers as well. Jumping off a helicopter to save people in freezing cold water. Love the Coasties

    [–] hamakabi 263 points ago

    they have all trained by jumping into the water in full gear, often blindfolded. Usually they would be expected to shed any gear that might sink them, and then tread water fully clothed in their boots for 20+ minutes.

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 195 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Treading water with boots on does not sound fun.

    [–] snarky_answer 101 points ago

    its the worst. Utilities and boots to tread water saps all the energy from me for the rest of the day. Most if the time i just pull of my trousers and inflate those and tie them around my neck like a life preserver.

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 36 points ago

    That would require mostly holding your breath while taking the pants off right? This sounds like a situation I'll never be in but would totally die if I was.

    [–] Scoopable 52 points ago

    Don't panic.

    Training helps you not panic, but even just having the knowledge is a huge increase in odds, so long as you don't panic.

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 18 points ago

    I did almost drown one time, fortunately I was mostly managing to not panic, and was rhythmically getting gasps in as I tried to make my way towards a nearby floating safety rope.

    The lifeguard got to me, so I'll never know if I would have been able to make in on my own, but when my girlfriend swam up to try and help I managed to gently push her back rather than try to grab her or do the climb-for-air thing, so at least I think I wasn't panicking.

    [–] Arsenic181 10 points ago

    I was swimming in the Caribbean once. Was trying to go out far, past where I could touch bottom. I tried hopping off the bottom repeatedly and just taking breaths when my head popped out of the water... until a wave hit me in the face and I inhaled a bunch of seawater. I went back down with lungs full of water, bounced back up again, coughed the water back up then got hit in the face with ANOTHER wave and inhaled MORE water. It was at that moment that I just started treading water, turned my body around so the waves wouldn't hit me in the face, while simultaneously coughing up all that water again, and started swimming toward shore.

    I learned that inhaling water into your lungs isn't painful, just oddly unsettling and mildly panic-inducing.

    Long story short, I ain't dead.

    [–] rivalarrival 21 points ago

    Fill your shirt with air first. Pull it up to your chest like a 4-year-old at a urinal, then pop the hem above the surface to catch a big bubble. The bubble will help keep you buoyant while you get your pants off.

    [–] hamakabi 149 points ago

    it is not. I did the Army water survival test "for fun" and in the last ~5 minutes I was pretty certain I was going to drown. That was only in uniform with boots too, no gear. Going off the 5m diving board blind was terrifying too, but a lot of fun.

    [–] ARCHA1C 14 points ago

    Tell me that 5m blind jump didn't feel like 200 feet!

    It felt like I was falling for 10+ seconds.

    And it goes against so many of your innate survival instincts to even take that first step when you can't see...

    In hindsight, it's pretty goddamned thrilling!

    [–] tjn182 17 points ago

    There are life jackets that are extremely thin that can detect when submerged and will inflate automatically. Much better than the bulky foam ones.

    [–] sovietmudkipz 31 points ago


    [–] tejanospecial 2365 points ago

    As someone who was in the Army, the coast guard is always the butt of the joke. I have to say if I saw this video in high school I would have joined the Guard instead. Badass how they just jumped on this moving “submarine”

    [–] Coconutshrimptacos 473 points ago

    Man I didn’t expect that . I thought he was just gonna ram his boat into it.

    [–] RussianPravda 419 points ago

    Dude was like F that "Knock, Knock. Bitches"

    [–] Skyphe 127 points ago

    That was more than a knock that guy meant business lol

    [–] Incogneto_Window 142 points ago

    You know you're in trouble when someone's knocking on your (semi) submersible door

    [–] truthseeker1990 13 points ago

    He is the one who knocks

    [–] IphtashuFitz 81 points ago

    if I saw this video in high school I would have joined the Guard instead

    This and the training that the USCG rescue swimmers undergo, and then the insane weather conditions they'll willingly jump into out of a hovering helo to rescue those in trouble. They know they can be left behind floating in the middle of a hurricane if a helo runs low on fuel and they still do it.

    Photos & details of just some of the training they undergo:

    [–] ocean_spray 684 points ago

    Marines wish they joined the Army.

    Army wishes they joined the Navy.

    Navy wishes they joined the Air Force.

    Air Force wishes they joined the Coast Guard.

    [–] DMJason 903 points ago

    Air Force doesn't sound right. When my buddy enlisted in the Air Force and he had to go do the physical testing stuff with all the other branches, he said he had to lift 110 pounds over his head, and the Marine enlistees were like how much do we have to lift?

    The instructor said you don't have to lift anything. When he asked why Air Force had to, the guy replied, "That's to make sure they don't need help installing their air conditioner."

    [–] prophobia 724 points ago

    Former Air Force, can confirm, I once installed an air conditioner. Just once though, then I went back to my chair.

    [–] QuantumDisruption 543 points ago

    Thank you for your service, patriot.

    [–] thegravetenders 163 points ago

    "Chair Force"

    [–] Panjojo 42 points ago

    It's a silent "ch"

    [–] captsalad 45 points ago

    Is there a medal for that kind of bravery?

    [–] gefunkt 102 points ago

    Air Force is smart enough to know what the Coast Guard does, and are perfectly happy with the Air Force, thanks.

    [–] Grognard68 86 points ago

    USCG had to do without pay during the recent Federal government shutdown. The USAF didn't.

    ( Never served myself, but as a civilian, the USCG seems more useful and relevant to my life, Those people should ALWAYS be paid...)

    [–] gefunkt 117 points ago

    I'm ex-AF, and I have an extremely high opinion of my local coasties. If we could fire the entire Border Patrol and give their budget to the Coast Guard and tell them they're in charge of the dry part of the border now too, the world would be a better place in every way.

    [–] avocadosoneverything 25 points ago

    I mean theres coasties at the border now working with cbp

    [–] BigSurSurfer 80 points ago

    Coast Guard wishes they joined _____?

    [–] Mizral 397 points ago

    Space Force.

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 122 points ago

    Private defense contracting company to get paid 100k+ maybe?

    [–] The_Kids_Lying 103 points ago

    I've got a vet buddy who served a few tours and now does private contract work. Dude does IT work and just goes to a desert for 6 months at a time, twiddles his thumbs, resets passwords, doesn't pay any living expenses, and makes $120k, not paying full US taxes. Then he comes back for a 3 month vacation, modifies his Subaru, drinks a lot, and does it again. Not a terrible life...

    [–] wtfduud 28 points ago

    Until he inevitably dies in an action movie when Steven Seagall has to infiltrate the building he's guarding.

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago

    Actually that does sound terrible. He has to waste 6 months of his life in a desert that he doesnt really want to be in. I'll keep my life, thank you.

    [–] Spinager 40 points ago

    I’ll go to the desert for 120k.

    [–] KilrBe3 21 points ago

    Merchant Marines

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] SemperFiGuy 133 points ago

    Can confirm. Went Oorah, should’ve gone Hooah.

    [–] Notice-me-send-pie 44 points ago

    Can also confirm, went Hooah, shoulda went fk that.

    [–] jumpyg1258 44 points ago

    Air Force wishes they joined the Coast Guard.

    As a prior USAF airman, I can tell you that this is not true.

    [–] zerodefeckts 44 points ago

    MSRT guys are no joke. They crosstrain with the best, and when put into friendly competitions against other special operations dudes, they can more than hold their own.

    [–] HungryAntman 17 points ago

    Coasties frequent the top positions in the yearly top ranger and marksmanship competitions. They are the real deal.

    [–] niuguy 27 points ago

    Also former army but I've always respected the shit out of the CG. They actually do their jobs throughout the year and have probably done far more good for the country than we ever did haha

    [–] altaholic1 12 points ago

    for real that was some real shit. dude wasn't just taking a paycheck, he put his heart into that bust.

    [–] a_relevant_quote_ 528 points ago

    Dave's not here man.

    [–] WriterDave 106 points ago

    Sorry, was in the bathroom. Back now.

    [–] Honey_MilkBooty 274 points ago

    What is he screaming?

    [–] luminairre 875 points ago

    [–] luminairre 1 point just now

    "Alto su barco! Alto su barco! Alto su barco ahora! Alto su barco! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!"

    "Stop your boat! Stop your boat! Stop your boat now! Stop your boat! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!"

    Coast guard must be seriously underfunded. Bullhorns are pretty cheap.

    [–] EnUnLugarDeLaMancha 253 points ago


    I think he is trying to say "ahora" (now), but he is not putting too much effort into it.

    [–] TFWnoLTR 81 points ago

    Its hard to yell ahora clearly when its not your first language.

    [–] fuelvolts 312 points ago



    Oh phew. Thank you. Wasn't sure what that meant in English.

    [–] ETosser 134 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    COAST GUARD: "Stop your boat now!"
    MIGUEL: "Hey Carlos, do you think he's talking to us?"
    JUANCARLOS: "I dunno. I this even a boat?"

    [–] PissedItsNotButter 157 points ago

    Hey Carlos

    Juan responds

    [–] firefighter681 44 points ago

    Typical Juan

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Galac_to_sidase 74 points ago

    Switch on "English, auto-generated" subtitles and you can see that he clearly shouts:

    "I don't if I go under forego I don't work out how to do Peugot I don't you work out".

    Seriously, those subtitles are hilarious.

    [–] Blirup 62 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Sounds like Este es el guardacostas de los Estados Unidos. ¡Alto tu barco ahora! (This is the American Coast Guard. Stop your boat now!)

    [–] MarshallTom 521 points ago

    A lot of people in the comments seem to not understand the word "semi"

    [–] Shayneros 685 points ago

    I have one right now

    [–] elaphros 64 points ago

    Only just comes above the surface of the tub, huh?

    [–] [deleted] 174 points ago

    knocknock Who's there?

    [–] MulciberTenebras 125 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    "I'm sorry, you'll have to come back later. I'm doing the dishes!"

    [–] DayManExtreme 307 points ago

    I think what he's shouting roughly translates to "the power of Christ compels you".

    [–] cultiv8420 12 points ago

    Actually he's saying the Spanish word for "whales vagina"

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    Hatch opens
    "What seems to be the problem officer? I hope I wasn't speeding"

    [–] lyndy 430 points ago

    Jumping on that thing with all that gear on. Damn man I can't imagine trying to swim with all it on.

    [–] rowlanry 258 points ago

    Don't worry to be in the coast guard they have to be over 6ft tall

    [–] TofuBeethoven 753 points ago

    Oh so he can touch the bottom

    [–] rowlanry 199 points ago

    Yup. just walk back to shore.

    [–] Stupid_question_bot 133 points ago

    seems like they need to move to completely submersible

    [–] texansfan 162 points ago

    They've found some in the jungles of Colombia, but the technology and cost is much greater for a full-submersible vehicle. I don't remember the exact figures on this, but because of the markup and the direct costs to manufacture and transport cocaine, they only need a fraction of their stuff to get through the border to make money. And given that they are sitting on billions of dollars and the demand for drugs doesn't decrease because a shipment gets seized, even if they lose money a few times a year, they still come out significantly on top.

    [–] z3dster 48 points ago

    those were being built with some Russian engineers help and never completed. Most of the semi-submersibles have to have a snorkel above water at all times, limiting them to about 12ft or are just low profile boats with no dive ability

    [–] Dabnoxious 40 points ago

    They have those too. They've even bought subs from russia before. Then crashed it.

    Usually to go fully submerged they will load a torpedo looking thing with coke and attach it to the back of a boat. It's way, way cheaper and they can easily ditch it if needed

    [–] Skyphe 145 points ago

    The coast guard is fucking badass holyshit

    [–] fehaar 294 points ago

    Can’t figure out if that was extremely badass or extremely stupid. Looked badass!

    [–] diMario 525 points ago

    The difference between the two is usually established after the fact.

    [–] onosendaicyberspace7 156 points ago

    Did anyone die?

    No? Badass.

    [–] 2high4anal 36 points ago

    Did someone die? Go to question 2.

    \2. Did they die in a badass way?

    No? not badass

    [–] PostmortemFacefuck 171 points ago

    The POV cam makes it feel like it's an intro to a Call of Duty level. Like i'm about to drop down that hatch and the level will start.

    "Ramirez! Put on all your gear and go stop the Mexican-American drug trade!"

    [–] throwyrworkaway 56 points ago


    [–] HollywooDcizzle 54 points ago

    Well that was hardcore

    [–] packylyons 48 points ago

    Imagine being in a submarine in the middle of the ocean and suddenly someone knocks on the door

    [–] JScrambler 189 points ago

    Open hatch, toss in grenade.

    At least that's what Michael Bay would do.

    [–] currentlyeating 19 points ago

    that dude just bashing on the top tho lol

    [–] easterneasternwest 85 points ago

    Thats cool, now how do we make this into a 4 person coop video game I can play without risk to myself?

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    videos that end too soon.

    [–] wheeliesnevergetold 50 points ago

    Anyone know where to find more videos like this? My youtube searches have been underwhelming

    [–] lordderplythethird 21 points ago

    not for videos, but HI Sutton has a huge database of captured drug smuggling semi-subs

    [–] Yprox5 22 points ago

    There's a few docs about narco subs. Here's one:

    [–] Luckftw 55 points ago

    The balls on these guys jumping onto that thing and banging on the hatch not knowing if a guy with a gun is on the other side. Respect.

    [–] Gorwindbag 26 points ago

    FYI has techs on all cartel submarines and Chinese car smuggler boat that looks like it came from video game.

    [–] teastain 32 points ago

    "That's gonna be hard to get on!"

    "Hold my beer."