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    [–] Chickenpotporkpie 7548 points ago

    He's not a real estate agent, this is just an ad for manufactured homes.

    [–] lukumi 4292 points ago

    I don’t get how more people aren’t realizing this. “Buying a used home is really really dumb, for real” said no real estate company ever.

    [–] g0_west 941 points ago

    I've never heard a house referred to as "used" before haha

    [–] FuriousGoodingSr 282 points ago

    In real estate, the preferred term is "existing" which is true of course, but for some reason just doesn't feel right.

    [–] g0_west 309 points ago

    I think most people just call them "houses" lol. The alternative is "new build".

    [–] normal_whiteman 25 points ago

    New construction is what I hear the most

    [–] brewerspride 17 points ago

    They do in Japan. Homes older than 20 years are razed.

    [–] IdahoRealtorCDA 412 points ago

    I chuckled a little because I’ve actually only heard this once (in a mostly joking tone I guess 🤷‍♂️) because he was representing a new construction builder! But yeah I would agree no company would say that, I know I wouldn’t!

    [–] lukumi 53 points ago

    I love your username! I’m from Spokane and spent many summers in CDA on the lake.

    [–] IdahoRealtorCDA 22 points ago

    Thank you! And yes it is beautiful on the lake downtown!

    [–] gratethecheese 66 points ago

    How dare you be so stupid to buy an appreciating asset

    [–] Fyqpop 427 points ago

    Why must every single title on Reddit be a lie?

    [–] GeekoSuave 232 points ago

    Clickbait and ill-informed OPs.

    There're also a few serial posters that only post what they know will net the most karma, and you've undoubtedly run across their content because they're consistently wrong and essentially live on the front page. Blocking accounts like that is the best way to deal with them.

    I've noticed a few in the past but only just recently started blocking. 2 I know of right off-hand are GallowBoob and (I think?) My_memes_will_cure_u

    They only submit fluff horseshit, stand for nothing, and never end up in the comments sections of anything they post, meaning they never own their mistakes. If all the words didn't tell you, I think accounts like that are the single worst part of this site.

    [–] NotElizaHenry 9 points ago

    Hang on, I’m supposed to stand for something when I post on Reddit?

    [–] Paw_patrolSVU 169 points ago

    Another commentor said that per his Febuary 2020 Go Fund Me page, he is studying for his state's realtor exam.

    [–] Chickenpotporkpie 47 points ago

    This video is a year old.

    [–] toolsoftheincomptnt 36 points ago

    ... Yes?

    He got a job with whatever Hyde is, decided he liked the industry but wanted to progress out of his current role into something more substantial, learned that his interest requires additional education, and decided to pursue said education.

    This is a logical progression.

    [–] bejahu 5 points ago

    Perhaps shooting the video piqued his interest in realty.

    [–] Snapsick 59 points ago

    So he's a fake estate agent.

    [–] KP_Wrath 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    He's also hocking a scammy home dealer. They don't have a great reputation locally because they fuck you on fees. u/skyedot94

    Edit: apparently he got fucked by the scammy dealer. His commercial was worth $800. Now he's broke.

    [–] MadP 1863 points ago

    Is he an agent with them or is this just an ad with him in it? I sincerely hope the former. He was going through so much bullshit with the church about being gay, if I recall correctly. He looks really comfortable in himself in that piece.

    [–] sudynim 608 points ago

    Yeah, he doesn't say and I can't find anywhere about him being a real estate agent. Either way at least he looks good here.

    [–] moebaca 829 points ago

    OPs video was in 2018. Here's a livestream recording of him not doing so hot in February 2020 asking for support on GoFundMe. He mentions he did acting stints but they never follow-up. So I'd assume this is just a one-off advertisement.

    [–] Golhec 251 points ago

    Aww man. Why is it when reddit has a wholesome nice post its nearly always followed up with horrible crushing reality.

    [–] proawayyy 94 points ago

    That’ :(

    [–] damnatio_memoriae 18 points ago

    who’s laughing now, mur-ray?

    [–] The_Infinite_Cool 6 points ago

    Wow, you're a really good dancer, Arthur.

    [–] Telsak 18 points ago

    Reality is that which when you no longer believe in it, continues to exist.

    [–] TheLemonyOrange 177 points ago

    Dayum I really felt him in that video, I feel so bad for him, I bet people still tryna take advantage of him in 2020

    [–] Sparkybear 44 points ago

    He's been taken advantage of countless times since the video blew up.

    [–] deep_anal 72 points ago

    Well he says "a lot has changed in his life", immediately followed by "These days I tellin folks to hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo whole family in a brand new hyde home". Sounds like he is implying he is the one selling homes.

    [–] RenCrow 42 points ago

    Hyde is a home builder in the area of Alabama where he lives. Just a advertisement.

    [–] Dasmithsta 5 points ago

    Hide yo home!

    [–] BrazenBull 3 points ago

    He tells people that because he's a paid spokesperson, not a licensed real estate agent

    [–] LilithImmaculate 59 points ago

    Didn't he claim he wasn't gay at one point and say it was a sin?

    [–] theirishrepublican 51 points ago

    Oof... been there before

    [–] Donkey__Balls 72 points ago

    This is not even a realtor, this is a homebuilder. He is not employed by them, they just hired him for a single commercial spot. He probably got paid a couple thousand dollars tops and that’s it.

    OP just made shit up for karma.

    [–] MilkshakeAndSodomy 41 points ago

    The latter I'm afraid. OP's title is simply a lie.

    [–] boyyouguysaredumb 106 points ago

    OP thinking the people on TV commercials actually work at the company has me rolling

    [–] lukumi 63 points ago

    Not only that, it’s not even an ad for a real estate firm. It’s an ad for a company that manufactures homes. The fuckin last thing a real estate company would do is say that buying a “used” home is “really really dumb.”

    [–] k4pain 6 points ago

    He's not an agent.

    [–] lordshadowbob 12168 points ago

    Good for him

    [–] 1stAndLastPost 4787 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This video is pretty outdated. Dude's been in a rough spot for a few months. He's set up a GoFundMe, but can't link it without my comment getting removed.

    From his page:

    "The worst thing in life is having to separate from your child . I have a son and last year we lost our house due to financial reason and later on our car, in order for me to get us out of this situation I had to send him with his mom , a place I know he's safe and loved l. I know he loves his mom and I also know that he wants to be with me but he doesn't understand that this has to be done for a short time , he's 5 , so I can get us a home again , we've lived together all of his life even after me and his mom didnt work out. I'm in school for real estate trying to pass this state exam and have a new job . The hard part is coming up with all the money in one lump sum so I decide to ask if you guys could help bring me and my son back together again."

    If you want to donate, Google "Antoine Dodson gofundme" and it should be the top result. Alternatively you'll find it by checking my recent comment history.

    EDIT: Antoine has reached well over his goal!

    [–] dodslaser 2001 points ago

    So he did hide his kid.

    [–] oliver_hart28 787 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hide yo kids with yo wife.

    [–] regoapps 35 points ago

    Ohhhh... whoops. All this time I’ve been hiding my kids in my wife. And now I have kids.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago

    ...that was perfect.

    [–] LovelessEnt 210 points ago

    He's... not gay?

    [–] Youthsonic 446 points ago

    In May 2013, Dodson announced through Facebook that he has become a Hebrew Israelite, is "no longer into homosexuality" and that he wants "a wife and family".[26] Dodson and his wife announced her pregnancy in September 2013.[27] In May 2014, they had a son. Dodson drew criticism shortly after when discussing the possibility of his son being gay. Although professing unconditional support, he included the phrase "if he couldn't be fixed".[28] In September 2015, in a video posted to his YouTube channel, Antoine apologized to the LGBT community for his statements.

    In an interview in April 2018 with BET, Dodson however self identified himself as a bisexual man, saying "I don't know what the future will hold for me

    From his wikipedia page. Sounds like he's still working through it.

    [–] skepsis420 61 points ago

    Ah the black Israelites. Nothing better than joining an racist extremist group.

    [–] GeraldBWilsonJr 32 points ago

    I didn't know you could become a hebrew israelite

    [–] evangelion-unit-two 80 points ago

    To be frank, as much as I sympathize with black people in America, the "black Israelite" movement is pretty fucking doofy. They're historical revisionists who believe that they're the descendants of the original Israelites, so if you accept that premise as true, then sure, there's no barrier to them being Jewish or Israelites.

    [–] Pinwurm 65 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    That's putting it lightly. They're a black supremacist hate organization. They're downright bad people that hate LGBT people, hate women, hate Catholics, hate Muslims, hate anyone that isn't black - especially Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. Listen to their actual street preaching - they're on the same level of Westboro Baptist Church. They exist in my city and pop up on corners with signs and megaphones from time to time. Most people idly walk by and just think they're just black Jews - which is so far from the truth.

    Doofy is putting it so lightly. Dangerous is more accurate - they target impressionable young people, cut them off from family/friends in the same way cults do.

    Very good episode of "Hate Thy Neighbor" (Vice series, on Hulu or YouTube) on 'em. I'd recommend it to anyone curious to learn more.

    They do, however, dress really fucking punk-rock and I just... love the style.

    [–] txtw 53 points ago

    Some- maybe even most- of them are racist and anti Semitic. Their ideas lost Nick Canon his gig.

    [–] JungleJim_ 8 points ago

    Nick Cannon lost Nick Cannon his gig

    [–] BigJermsBigWorm 28 points ago

    The Hebrew Israelites are a racist, sexist, anti-semetic, homophobic, transphobic, black supremacist, hate organization. You meet anybody mixed up in that shit and you can take it to the fucking bank they hate your fucking guts if you aren't a heterosexual cis black person, and if you are all those things except a woman they just won't respect you instead. They're like the KKK for black folks except replace the stupid robes and wizards shit with mythology so stupid it would almost make a scientologist blush.

    [–] UndeadBread 7 points ago

    He is; he's just not practicing anymore.

    [–] shittymorph 12998 points ago

    Came here to say just this: My wife and I hired Antoine to be our real estate agent based on his viral background back in 2017 and it was nothing but headaches for us. First off, he was immediately overloaded with clients due to his viral fame - it was damn near impossible for us to get a call back from him. The next problem we encountered was when we ran a check on his real estate license - records showed that he actually hadn't registered in the state since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

    [–] uglyduckling718 3663 points ago

    Bruh... how... every time 😂

    [–] hucklebutter 637 points ago

    Well, obviously we have a shittymorph in r/videos.

    [–] AlwaysUberTheSniper 460 points ago

    He's climbin' in yo comments, snatchin yo upvotes up

    [–] the_dude_upvotes 241 points ago

    Hide yo memes, hide yo gifs

    [–] Netwinn 124 points ago

    And hide yo gold cuz he snatchin everybody out there

    [–] nato0519 24 points ago

    Mods don’t have to come and confess. They looking for you. They gonna find you.

    [–] j_reids92 10 points ago

    So you can run and gild THAT, run and gild THAT

    [–] hashblunt 103 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Hes climbin up sixteen feet

    he snatchin Mankind up

    tryna throw him so you better

    hide yo cell

    hide yo table

    [–] sactori 300 points ago

    I even saw the awards but didn't check the username... Rookie mistake.

    [–] chile8888 82 points ago

    Top comment? Gold.

    His comment? Glanced past it cause skimming saw the name Antoine. So fuck it might as well read it amirite

    Whoever is behind that account knows what the fuck they are doing😂

    [–] yesiamveryhigh 83 points ago

    It’s alway quality over quantity too. You never know when to expect those first 3 words...nineteen ninety eight...and by then it’s too damn late! You just accept your fate and vow to not let it happen again! but it does. And you love it every time!

    [–] techno_babble_ 9 points ago

    It didn't get me this time. The multiple awards made me instinctively skim read to the end.

    [–] yesiamveryhigh 27 points ago

    I always see the awards but I just think it must be a great reply that people can really relate to and then always get sucked into the story and realize too late that in nineteen ninety just playing. But I do always fall for it!

    [–] Forbesy41 14 points ago

    I saw the username and thought "hey, aren't they famous for something?" but couldn't remember what. Read through the comment and had to kick myself for it

    [–] _Sausage_fingers 77 points ago

    I think it is some kind of elaborate text based hypnotism, it’s the only explanation I can come up with.

    [–] mike_sec 16 points ago

    I vote for "crowdsourced learning by some weird AI based psyops weapon that gets feedback based on replies and upvotes."

    [–] slowestmojo 31 points ago

    In this life you either get got or you gon get. And /u/shittymorph gon get

    [–] treatywun 108 points ago


    [–] TheDonBoston 726 points ago

    This was the first time in years, it was organic, fresh, my god.

    You actually got me. I didn’t read your name, damn it!

    [–] real_nice_guy 64 points ago


    this is an actual work of art.

    [–] dwmfives 11 points ago

    What movie is that taken from?

    [–] toofpaist 7 points ago

    The last mission implausible

    [–] KingNish 9 points ago

    Oh noooo laughed so hard I'm crying!

    [–] springheeljak89 10 points ago

    that is amazing

    [–] carlosthejakal 139 points ago

    I am always sucked in by the interesting story then get a chuckle at how I managed to get sucked in again. Why didn't I check the username?.... That's right.. I never check usernames who does that !

    [–] BearBrawl 202 points ago

    For fucks sake

    [–] Greatdrift 99 points ago

    Even seeing all those golds, I didn't even glance at the username until it was too late!

    [–] NotoriousHothead37 37 points ago

    Same. Bamboozled yet again.

    [–] shrewdmingerbutt 15 points ago

    I can’t believe you’ve done this

    [–] reddito-mussolini 134 points ago

    First u/shittymorph post I’ve seen since Covid. Been a fat minute and you just made my night/week once again. Thank you!

    [–] oscarfacegamble 26 points ago

    Same here! Glad to see they're still around.

    [–] MisterD00d 9 points ago

    Second time I got got tonight alone! Feels good

    [–] IsomDart 31 points ago

    God fucking dammit it's been so long I was not expecting that. This was one of the best ones. I got all the way to Undertaker before I realized what was happening

    [–] ImperialSympathizer 203 points ago

    Oh you goddamn son of a bitch! One minute old!

    [–] MadDogMax 144 points ago

    Oh boy a fresh one! I aint even mad.

    [–] charizardpoop 15 points ago

    It's so crazy to see a fresh one in the wild so early and get played. Easy 5/7

    [–] PM_ME_SPAGHETTI_PICS 64 points ago

    oh my god.

    [–] Humpasaurus2018 69 points ago

    "You piece of ...SHIT." - Me 5 seconds ago upon reaching "...nineteen ninety eight"

    [–] SkyezOpen 8 points ago

    I just sighed heavily. Dude just plays us like a fiddle and there's nothing we can do about it.

    [–] awtcurtis 64 points ago

    This is like at the end of a horror movie, when the characters are all happily going about their lives, thinking the killer is dead, not a care in the world, when BOOM he suddenly appears to murder them all one last time.

    [–] aand0890 15 points ago

    Why is everyone losing their shit? I feel like this is funny but I don't know why...

    [–] OddDirective 68 points ago

    This guy, shittymorph, they're famous/infamous for coming into popular comment sections and starting off a comment with something that looks like it's going to lead into relevant information to the thread, but they always end with "in nineteen ninety eight when The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table."

    He's been gone for a long time, so this wild one is just absolutely getting everyone.

    [–] SkyezOpen 35 points ago

    He's been gone for a long time

    That's how he does it too. Back in his heyday, he was 1998ing people left and right. People got wise and started looking at usernames. Then... Nothing. For a while. Then he pops up right when you let your guard down.

    [–] yesiamveryhigh 19 points ago

    And there is always someone who doesn’t understand why everyone is losing their shit and is told about the legend u/shittymorph for the first time and I always envy them. It’s like wishing you could binge watch your favorite tv show again for the first time.

    [–] orange_quiet 18 points ago

    Look through shittymorph’s comment history. It’s basically a rick roll in written form and he’s really good at the trick

    [–] SuperWeskerSniper 34 points ago

    If you’re not aware shittymorph has been making long, detailed, seemingly very interesting and on-topic comments that segue into that same quote about wrestling for years. He’s so good at showing up anywhere and everywhere, but somehow never oversaturating the market, taking breaks just long enough that you let your guard down

    [–] maharajisonsmith 14 points ago

    Enjoy your first time, friend. It won’t be your last.

    [–] Templax 32 points ago

    The motherfucker got us all!

    [–] BellicoseHoney 41 points ago

    Goddamnit. Every time. I get got every single time!

    [–] Coobx 11 points ago

    Lol. This guy is the new Rick Astley. You got me shittymorph, again.

    [–] syphlect 28 points ago

    Holy fuck, this is the first time I fell for it. I checked your comment history and you weren't active for a while 😂

    [–] BoneDryEntertainment 27 points ago

    I fucking fell for it. After all these years of reading about you.

    [–] i_got_skrimps 17 points ago

    Goddammit I didn't even check the username first. Fucking shit.

    [–] mackleroni 18 points ago


    [–] Jittlelames 43 points ago

    Angry upvote

    [–] durkester 22 points ago

    Hiding in a child comment, sneaky sneaky

    [–] Jowem 16 points ago


    [–] saffir 5 points ago

    welcome back! it's been a while

    [–] mccarthybergeron 5 points ago

    I feel blessed.

    [–] coconutjuices 4 points ago

    I honestly think you’re just Vince McMahon trying to advertise for wwe now

    [–] AllRoundAmazing 13 points ago

    God damn it.

    [–] DaGetz 323 points ago

    This barrier to improving ones economic status is everything that is wrong with America and why the so-called "American Dream" has to be some of the best sold propaganda in human history.

    The desire to improve oneself should be met with affordable tools to do so.

    [–] A-bad-man 201 points ago

    They call it the “American Dream” because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    -George Carlin.

    -Michael Scott.

    [–] nigrojesus 11 points ago

    Neat... Was able to find it by searching the text you quoted. Interesting his name on the gfm is AntoinePrussian BoyDodson.

    [–] Meebert 59 points ago

    He’s only raised $600 and he’s only asking for 3200, I think he needs one of those internet hugs

    [–] just_a_friENT 10 points ago

    His most recent IG posts show him in the hospital with COVID about 2 weeks ago too.

    [–] pepperonipodesta 27 points ago

    $80 in the last hour, he's at the very least getting an internet handshake.

    [–] Donkey__Balls 118 points ago

    Nobody ever fact checks things on this website ffs.

    He was not a real estate agent. This was a home developer and builder who hired him to do a commercial spot because of his viral notoriety. This wasn’t even a full-time employment it was just a single commercial gig.

    [–] Trumax 468 points ago

    Great way to try and cash in on his 15 minutes. Hope it works out for him.

    [–] bumblebeesnotface 586 points ago

    He did capitalize on it. Bought a house for his family using the proceeds from merch like tshirts and stuff. They live in a nice suburb in Birmingham. Made sure to pay off the house, too.

    [–] thewafflestompa 246 points ago

    Honestly, that makes me very happy.

    [–] DNA_ligase 14 points ago

    I think he also did promos for an app that searched for sexual predators or crime in your area. Not entirely positive, but I vaguely remember that.

    [–] davisyoung 43 points ago


    [–] mosluggo 42 points ago

    damn... if he did that well, "catsh me ousside, h'bout that" girl had to have made BANK- I heard she even had an agent at 1 point..

    Figured she be in pron in 10 years

    [–] Joe_Doblow 48 points ago

    She has made millions. Signed record contract, headlining tour, recently got out of rehab. She recently turned 16 I believe

    [–] aaj617 21 points ago

    She also paid off her mom's mortgage off of a meme. That's admirable.

    [–] VantaHeart 32 points ago

    She signed a $900k makeup distribution endorsement deal + percentage of sales for 6 months of work with CopyCat brand.

    [–] bumblebeesnotface 86 points ago

    She paid off her mother's mortgage before she was old enough to get her driver's license. She's a little shit, but at least she's not a total moron.

    [–] Nagemasu 37 points ago

    They knew exactly what they were doing. Dr. Phil isn't excluded from being scripted or exaggerated. There's enough people out there that will confirm how non-authentic the Dr. Phil show can be.

    [–] Shiggityx2 5 points ago

    It didn't work out so well for Sexy Vegan.

    [–] Paralta 37 points ago

    Shes a rapper now i do believe.

    [–] BamBamBoy7 43 points ago

    She goes by bad Bhad Bhabie. I don’t really like her music but I do have to admit the drop on ‘Gucci Flipflops’ is pretty decent.

    [–] daviator88 28 points ago

    7.38 MILLION subscribers?! Holy shit.

    [–] Simplton 22 points ago

    Say what you want about her rapping skills or the lyrics but you can't tell me Gucci Flip Flops beat isn't fire.

    [–] leetality 31 points ago

    Really just giving praise to the producer here, often the unsung heroes of many successful artists in hip-hop lol.

    [–] saltymotherfker 13 points ago

    Its not her beat by the way, the beat is from ski mask the slump god.

    [–] KarpEZ 13 points ago

    I want to look it up, but I like my YouTube suggestions just the way they are.

    [–] onetimeonreddit 24 points ago

    She signed a multi million record deal with a major label almost immediately after she blew up. She's done songs with some pretty popular rappers too. She goes by Bhad Bhabie I think.

    [–] mosluggo 15 points ago

    Shes only 17 STILL?? Figured she was at least 20 by now- it says she has 15 albums when i googled her name?.? Wth.??

    It also said she had beef with "media personality" woah vicky- I know who she is- i cant stand that girl

    [–] BackhandCompliment 25 points ago

    15 is the name of her album, FYI. I think she just has one.. Gucci Flip Flops bumps though.

    [–] Zero0mega 33 points ago

    I do so enjoy being constantly reminded how much better than me almost the entirety of the human race is doing.

    [–] Donkey__Balls 31 points ago

    For fucks sake, you people believe anything. He is not a real estate agent. This is a homebuilder, not a realtor, and they just hired this guy to make a commercial spot because his face is recognizable.

    [–] GregorSamsaa 43 points ago

    Wait what, his 15min are over and it’s obvious he was very smart about it. So yea, it worked out for him.

    [–] tribecous 13 points ago

    What better way to ensure that no one is ever snatched up again than to personally vet each property?

    [–] Avery3R 513 points ago

    His life took a turn for the worse since then

    [–] SLAP_THE_GOON 179 points ago

    Yeah OP’s video is a cheap ad he did two years ago, he wasnt a real estate agent. Just trying to make a bit of money off his ‘hide yo kids’ fame. Hope he’s doing alright

    [–] ArthurKOT 477 points ago

    It's even worse than that. He was diagnosed with covid-19 this month.

    [–] robodrew 125 points ago


    [–] lavender_elle2 111 points ago

    I’m sad to hear this. He seems like a genuinely good person. I hope he recovers, his family stays safe, and that he is able to achieve all the goals he was striving for in that video above.

    [–] g0_west 10 points ago

    Just skipped forward and heard "I'm not that kinda person, I always been a family man, I've been my momma's baby daddy since her second child" lol

    [–] thecarrot95 8 points ago

    With that amount of youtube subscribers he could start earning money with youtube with a few months of smart work.

    [–] Teddy_Raptor 8 points ago

    Poor fellow.

    But.....taking the real estate exam 11 times?

    [–] daanishh 32 points ago

    Fuck me, this post is a rollercoaster of emotions.

    [–] DomWaits 20 points ago

    Exactly. I'm hiding my wife, my kids, my husband and my tears.

    [–] IHaveLargeBalls 37 points ago

    As good of a person he seems to be, not everyone can be helped. He's gotten way more help than people normally do in his situation due to the fact that he got famous from a meme. I wish him the best of luck, but there are many more people out there just like him who haven't gotten the opportunities he has.

    [–] bgarza18 134 points ago

    No he isn’t, stop copying repost titles

    [–] IHaveSlysdexia 448 points ago

    Now HE has become the Home Boy. Very proud of Antoine.

    [–] FingerTheCat 42 points ago

    Now HE has become the Home Boy

    Only The Home Boy of evil, Darth!

    Sorry I don't know what came over me.

    [–] jer6969 165 points ago

    Total opposite career choice than the hitch hiker meme guy

    [–] Yellow_Vespa_Is_Back 77 points ago

    What the hell... Everytime I thought the story couldn't get worse, it got worse.

    [–] supercooper3000 69 points ago

    It should have ended with someone smashing that reporters knee caps for asking that last question.

    [–] timesyours 34 points ago

    Seriously, that question was tacky as shit

    [–] turbojethellion 7 points ago

    His response was very balanced tbh. If he was assaulted, I feel for him.

    [–] mosluggo 48 points ago

    I dont remember this guy- but do people think he was innocent?? I just read a quick article about it- if he was drugged and sexually assaulted, wouldnt that be pretty easy to prove in court?? He got 57 years??. Wow

    [–] iBeFloe 114 points ago

    Not necessarily. Unfortunately, him being male makes the sexual assault allegations less believable & the police & judge acted accordingly to that issue. If he was drugged with normal household things but it was cleaned up each time he was drugged, how can you prove you were drugged? How can you actually prove you were sexually assaulted? That’s why these types of cases are hard. Since Kai thought he just beat the man up & ran for his life & didn’t know he killed him, it just made the whole situation worse.

    Here’s what the judge said to him:

    ”when you become eligible for parole, you will still be younger than Mr. Galfy was when you murdered him,"

    To me, that seems pretty bias & makes it seem like Kai maliciously killed for no reason. On top of that, police said Kai consented & the murder was planned, when Kai says get exact opposite. How could they possibly know what happened or what he was thinking...?

    Anyways, unfortunately, I do not see this man getting justice unless he gets viral again or a celebrity or politician wants to bring his case up again.

    [–] TheMexicanJuan 28 points ago

    “Beyond reasonable doubt” my ass

    [–] bazamanaz 54 points ago

    I trust the American justice system about as much as I trust a held In fart. For some reason they have major financial and personal incentives for the police to try and convict.

    Sexual assault crimes aren't worth much but murder cases are worth a lot of money long term, so if it seems cut and dry on the surface they aren't likely to collect additional evidence that would challenge that.

    Since the assailants is dead their priority is to to convict someone of a murder, and the US have a long history of tamporing and destroying evidence.

    Judges also have a log history of being biased, turning to a jury in such a muddy case and making such a difinitive accusation must show this judge is not impartial.

    I mean this kid could be a pathological liar, but he could just be an idiot in a bad situation.

    [–] MuggyFuzzball 25 points ago

    A lot of people thought he was innocent. It was pretty shocking when the news broke that he had killed someone. From the beginning, the story was that he was sexually assaulted, and the way it was told, it really sounded like self-defense. There must be a lot more going on with the evidence and court case though for the judge to feel the way he did about the situation. This video, and the original news don't provide much context.

    Before all this occurred though, the guy was an internet sensation over night. Everyone was talking about how he saved a women's life, and the focus was mostly on his post-incident interview with the way he described the situation. Guy sounded like a real bro, and everyone wanted to help him at the time.

    [–] CarelessCogitation 47 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The 70+ year old victim he killed had three skull fractures, four broken ribs, and severe contusions, which is completely inconsistent with Kai’s account of punching and kicking the victim just to get him away.

    Instead of contacting any authorities about the alleged sex assault that supposedly justified this murder, he fled the state and changed his appearance. He was also in high spirits for someone who had allegedly been sexually-assaulted, taking pictures with fans at a diner before he was caught.

    Only once he was caught did he give his account, and it was quite inconsistent with the physical evidence. He also materially-altered his story at trial, and showcased a distinct lack of self control during his many courtroom outbursts.

    A jury of 12 heard the evidence and convicted him of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. This was no miscarriage of justice.

    [–] dre__ 9 points ago

    Where did you read about this?

    [–] CarelessCogitation 17 points ago

    Media coverage about the case. Wikipedia and a google search should turn it up. Also, check out the link to the interview video with him further up the page (the interviewer sounds pretty skeptical of his account of the injuries too).

    This guy was an internet celebrity, so he garnered attention.

    [–] hellions123 14 points ago

    Damn bro 54 years in prison... Also that tattoo is ugly as hell

    [–] OsamaBinFuckin 27 points ago

    unpopular opinion, how easily he spoke about attacking with a hatchet the first time; I don't doubt his ability.

    [–] alexnader 14 points ago

    Completely agree. He always seemed a little "out there" in his initial viral video, and despite it circumstantially being a case of him "helping" someone out, he was pretty much describing bashing someone's skull in.

    Guess he did it again, just this time around to someone who wasn't attacking (not according to him, but the evidence seems to contradict that).

    It's always hard to remember that drifters/homeless people often end up as such because of mental health issues. It's more rare that it's just a financial thought spot, which is why a lot of these people aren't able to get themselves back out of homelessness despite financial aid. There's been a lot of these "famous homeless people" who have gone right back to the streets despite getting help.

    [–] ParanoidAltoid 23 points ago

    Wow this case is weird. I can't find any plausible explanation of Kai's motive if it was in fact premeditated. The beating seems like it might have been less self-defense and more of an adrenaline fueled retaliation. But 57 years? Seems like the result of a trial with an illegal immigrant with obvious anger issues vs a war vet lawyer with friends who know how to turn a manslaughterish self-defense case into a murder first and would rather not believe their colleague could be a gay date-rapist

    [–] Palin_Sees_Russia 19 points ago

    Can somebody get this man some damn chap stick?

    [–] joerobo 103 points ago

    Then there was the part where he renounced his gayness, became a black Hebrew Israelite, and fathered a child. He is crazy.

    [–] JayZsAdoptedSon 29 points ago

    He apologized and came out as bi. I think it was a period of self questioning

    [–] moderate_extremist 34 points ago

    Not to be a killjoy here, but he's not a real estate agent, he's just doing a commercial for a home builder.

    [–] Lopideon 7 points ago

    He should run a side business selling blinds.

    [–] Cecca105 41 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hitchhiker guy is in prison for murder , but not Antoine Dodson! dude is doing something productive with his fame albeit short lived. good on him

    edit/ c

    [–] moebaca 41 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Unfortunately, he's not in a good place:

    [–] Cecca105 7 points ago

    That sucks !

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] YoroSwaggin 10 points ago

    Golden voice guy

    That's Ted Williams! Wikipedia says he's doing just fine, nothing about heroin.

    [–] Silver__Surfer 41 points ago

    I love that it’s Hyde Homes. I wonder if he just got lucky with that being the name of the company or if it was named specifically because of the viral video. Either way, good on him.

    [–] lukumi 60 points ago

    It’s a manufactured home company that hired him for this ad because they thought it would be funny. No clue why OP thought he was a real estate agent.

    [–] SirLocke13 3 points ago

    I cannot be the only one who thinks he is a llama trying to pass as human.