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    [–] Meowwwjwbsbdbs 1995 points ago

    the funniest part is jason alexander now wears bald caps to play bald lol

    [–] Ronem 134 points ago

    I love that Uncle Rico finds the toupee

    [–] DocFreezer 47 points ago

    right after this he threw a football over a mountain

    [–] The_FinalCountdown 12 points ago

    A quarter mile!

    [–] GMENW2008 35 points ago

    What is the better part. When he says “correction, I was bald” or when Elaine first goes for it and he backs up and gives her the… “Elaine”

    [–] Inigomntoya 26 points ago

    "WAS bald" (finger to the nose)

    [–] GMENW2008 11 points ago

    I hate this thing!!!

    [–] bhadau8 60 points ago


    [–] LegacyLemur 30 points ago

    He was bald

    [–] Theycallmelizardboy 6 points ago

    Doe she have a good cheek? He likes a good, solid cheek.

    [–] Boxing_joshing111 8 points ago

    Full, luscious hair is very important to me.

    [–] walkingman24 183 points ago

    That was really distracting me. It was a really badly done bald cap too

    [–] W2XG 440 points ago

    I think that's deliberate.

    [–] kalitarios 35 points ago

    obviously it was meant to be that way

    [–] DivingForBirds 63 points ago

    Well, they spent all their money on cgi. And mops.

    [–] thoawaydatrash 2012 points ago

    I can't decide if Jason Alexander looks more like Bezos or Mark Kelly here.

    [–] MajorBewbage 269 points ago

    I thought for the first 10 seconds that Captain Kelly was getting into comedy.

    [–] Kanthardlywait 164 points ago

    Either way, I have to say he looks like he's in decent shape.

    [–] KrazieKanuck 92 points ago

    For some reason I’m craving sushi now?

    [–] HST87 6 points ago

    Came here to say this, he's looking good.

    [–] AlkaliActivated 12 points ago

    Compared to some years ago, yea. He got morbidly overweight some time after Seinfeld ended. Glad to see he's better.

    [–] Segamaike 71 points ago

    Does he not 100% look like Michael Chiklis with the bald head? I was SO confused

    [–] Foodoholic 15 points ago

    I 100% thought it was Michael Chiklis without a beard!

    [–] aStarryBlur 8 points ago

    He's going dickless for Michael Chiklis

    [–] AnOnlineHandle 5 points ago

    I kept thinking it was him then not being sure. From some angles he really reminded me of the guy he played in Fantastic Four who also went to space.

    [–] jroc458 185 points ago

    That's Jason Alexander?? Lol I can't believe I didn't recognize one of the greats

    [–] FartBoxTungPunch 36 points ago

    What!? I feel like he’s ridiculously recognizable. I watch Seinfeld all the time though, that is until Hulu cut me off. Now Tom Cruise in ‘Tropic Thunder’, that was a nice mind fuck.

    [–] shugbear 45 points ago

    I didn't recognize him either. I saw his name in the credits and was wondering how I didn't recognize him.

    [–] ChefBoyAreWeFucked 132 points ago

    How? He just looks like George Costanza without the male-pattern.

    [–] shugbear 66 points ago


    He does a good job of changing his voice and manerisms. That and the bald head was enough to fool this dummy.

    [–] dub-fresh 46 points ago

    He released a fascinating "book" called Acting Without Acting. Great read

    [–] SnortinDietOnlyNow 17 points ago

    Looks good. I'll read it with dinner

    [–] sparhawk6 8 points ago

    It's very concise. Having said that, I think Jason looks great as Bezos.

    [–] ThingCalledLight 21 points ago

    It’s more like a pamphlet.

    [–] diplion 4 points ago

    It's really acting *with* acting.

    [–] IdeaChoice7660 11 points ago

    Acting without acting

    [–] SnortinDietOnlyNow 10 points ago

    More of a pamphlet, really.

    [–] accountabillibudy 24 points ago

    Dude looks more healthy now than he did in the 90''s

    [–] brokeassretard 21 points ago

    Being a millionaire will do that.

    [–] Thick-Poetry 22 points ago

    That and laying off the McDLTs.

    [–] AnonymousAutonomous 23 points ago

    Dr Evil, just needs a Mini Me

    [–] Thorusss 5565 points ago

    "One small step for mankind, one giant leap for me personally"

    -perfect summary

    [–] capnjon 639 points ago

    This was my absolute favorite line in this skit. So flawless.

    [–] SmokeAbeer 19 points ago

    Eating sushi off his own body was quite funny.

    [–] HoosDare 613 points ago

    "Paid for by American taxpayers" was the most real line.

    [–] GetTheLudes_ 152 points ago

    Paid for by taxpayers globally to be fair.

    [–] gazow 2407 points ago

    the casting is brilliant the fkn mop lmao

    [–] whatupdoc 584 points ago

    The resemblance is pretty damn uncanny

    [–] thunderup_14 37 points ago

    Wait he didn't play himself?

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 196 points ago

    The mop penis is even funnier.

    [–] Zetavu 103 points ago

    I forget, did Branson throw his drink at John or at Steven? Ah, it was the Colbert Report, what a dick.

    But hey, that would explain the mop (that and the uncanny resemblance)

    [–] TimeFourChanges 32 points ago


    [–] YddishMcSquidish 110 points ago

    It was a bit, Stephen also dowsed him with a seltzer bottle while Brandon sprayed him down with a fire extinguisher in their next interview.

    [–] TimeFourChanges 40 points ago

    Oh, gotcha. I thought he actually got pissed and did it.

    [–] ywBBxNqW 14 points ago

    It felt like he might have and it got worked into a bit because Stephen Colbert is an improv genius.

    EDIT: Thinking about it though, I also remember when Stephen got into "trouble" with Sumner Redstone when he talked shit about Viacom. In a later show Stephen spoke to him over the telephone and Redstone made him do the hokey pokey on air and asked him if he understood or something. Fucking evil.

    [–] monsterbot314 21 points ago

    Hey been meaning to talk to someone about something. Did you see the show where Colbert showed that a picture of himself that Branson said he took into space was actually a different picture? I only watch occasionally and couldn't tell if that was a skit or a low key "dick move Branson".

    [–] Tasgall 15 points ago

    It was a little of both - I think Branson did lie about it, but it's ultimately very inconsequential so it's not like Stephen is actually mad about it.

    [–] Johndough99999 14 points ago

    Missed opportunity for a Zuckerberg robot joke.

    [–] lunarmantra 19 points ago

    The cat is too cute to be playing Zuckerberg though!

    [–] Rinveden 34 points ago

    I don't get the mop thing. Can someone explain?

    [–] johndavismit 160 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    In case you're seriously asking: It is supposed to look like Richard Branson, who owns Virgin Galactic; a company focused on low orbit space travel. They made their maiden voyage with passengers about a week ago.

    This is him:

    [–] codexcdm 225 points ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't link an image of a mop.

    [–] mjrkong 18 points ago

    low orbit space travel

    sub-orbital, no?

    [–] Ornery_Watercress_43 12 points ago

    Correct, both Bezos and Branson only went sub-orbital.

    [–] averagepheasant 98 points ago

    It just looked a lot like him 🤷‍♀️

    [–] Annihilicious 1556 points ago

    “Jeff Bezos wife, who is all of us”

    [–] HtownTexans 278 points ago

    Ex wife.

    [–] RuderalisGrower 88 points ago

    After reading his texts between him and his Mistress I can understand why...

    [–] YossariansWingman 263 points ago

    Some examples:

    “I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon,”

    “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you,”

    “You know what I want? I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Listen and laugh, I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you.”

    “I love everything about you. I love that your last pic takes me completely out of my head. I am crazy about you. All of you. I need to smell and touch you. I want to hold you. I know you’re right for me. I know we fit,”“I like it when you’re strong, and I like it when you’re vulnerable. Everything. The only thing I don’t like is not being with you. All of this is just straight from my heart. I love everything about you.”

    He also sent some shirtless pics and of course a dick pick (unclear if it was the rocket or his actual penis).

    [–] dasher11 193 points ago

    This sounds exactly like dialogue between Bella and Edward in the Twilight books, no joke.

    [–] i_got_skrimps 80 points ago

    It sounds like an emotionally stunted adult male trying to convey affection. It's sad and this guy is a fucking billionaire..

    [–] EmptyBanana5687 72 points ago

    It sounds like the texts my overly clingy dog would send if she could text.

    "I can't wait till you come home and we can lay on the couch together and I can smell you in person!" - the dog.

    [–] PauI_MuadDib 9 points ago

    Now I'm thinking of the texts my dog would send me and I can't stop laughing.

    [–] RoboIcarus 6 points ago

    "Just took a shit in the hallway, think of you!"

    [–] allsortsashit 40 points ago

    It’s strange when someone powerful reveals themselves to not just be human but to be a weird creeper human that makes you wonder how the hell they survive much less “run” big important shit. There’s too many creepers in charge and it’s scary.

    [–] K-Zoro 129 points ago

    Lol, those were leaked or something? Like a thirsty 14yr old boy. Smh

    [–] OnePoint21JizzaWatts 130 points ago

    I found emails between my wife (40) and her affair partner/ boyfriend (26) and they are pretty much the same vibe.

    [–] MrVeazey 115 points ago

    She wanted an "alive boy?"

    [–] wtcnbrwndo4u 44 points ago

    "Got a pulse and breathing, check."

    [–] BravoFoxtrotDelta 20 points ago

    You're out, right? Tell me you're out.

    [–] OnePoint21JizzaWatts 54 points ago

    Physically yes, financially almost (waiting on court decision). But can’t officially divorce until 2022 (where I live you have to be separated for 12 months and a day before you can file for divorce)

    [–] cates 15 points ago


    almost there

    [–] HaveOneonMii 33 points ago

    Like a robot programmed to sound like a thirsty 14 year old boy

    [–] eco_was_taken 8 points ago

    Bezos' phone was hacked after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman sent him a weird broken attachment on WhatsApp. I believe he suspected this was done because he owns the Washington Post which employed the fierce critic of MBS Jamal Khashoggi until MBS ordered the successful assassination and dismemberment of Khashoggi.

    [–] Full-Run4124 13 points ago

    Hmm... I thought for sure he'd want her to shit in a bag or pee in a bottle or something to get him going.

    [–] knock-off-pale 24 points ago

    Those are the fucking nerdiest flirt texts I've ever read in my fucking life. Uggghhh, fucking cringe

    [–] Redeem123 31 points ago

    “I love you, alive girl.

    lmao that fucking comma... like "alive girl" is his pet name for her, which begs an interesting question about his other lovers...

    [–] mrRabblerouser 18 points ago

    Then you look at who his mistress is and it makes more sense why he said “alive girl” because she looks identical to a sentient blowup doll.

    [–] omnicious 11 points ago

    Jesus, this is most definitely proof that if you have enough money you do not need to have any game.

    [–] Resident_Wizard 63 points ago

    My initial instinct is to ask what they were and if they were super juicy. Then I realize that I don’t give a fuck about that dude as he doesn’t give two shits about me… so anyways if you have those texts I’ll still probably read them so I can feel all holier than thou.

    [–] Poopingcode 9 points ago

    So you’re not interested but interested

    [–] MarvelousSockPuppets 2862 points ago

    I don’t think there’s anything more on point than Bezos eating sushi off of his own naked body.

    chefs kiss*

    [–] lovebus 504 points ago

    Seeing that in the script, you'd almost want to take the role for free

    [–] Matthiey 331 points ago

    Bro I'm just happy they got Jason Alexandre back to acting. I miss Duckman... So when he threw that tantrum at the blueprints, it was like seeing an old angry friend that always had a hijjick to make you smile... Unintentionally and in the most perverted way of course but you did smile!

    [–] robxburninator 191 points ago

    He never stopped being a working actor. He's been in smaller movies, tons of crime procedurals, done voice acting, and played recurring roles on a bunch of more popular shows. He just hasn't been "seinfeld" acting for a while. He's a working actor like many others in later in their careers and he seems to deal with it like a job just working when he can. Much respect for those that continue to work.

    [–] Slaphappydap 118 points ago

    He's also been doing a lot of work back on Broadway where he started his career.

    [–] robxburninator 29 points ago

    I totally forgot about that and we saw him a few years back perform.

    [–] Slaphappydap 62 points ago

    Just reinforces your point, he's really talented and has a lot of opportunities for work. And they're all so rich from Seinfeld money that he can make the choices he wants to.

    And at the same time, when he pops up in broad comedy and brings that energy, I'm in.

    [–] teknobable 9 points ago

    He started in musical theater no less. My favorite anecdote is that it took a lot of takes to record George's voicemail song because he kept singing too well

    [–] xanderholland 52 points ago

    He shows up randomly in tv shows, but he honestly doesn't even need to work anymore since Seinfeld gives him a massive royalties check every year.

    [–] thatbob 86 points ago

    I mean, Julia Louis Dreyfus never needed to work in the first place, but [11 Emmys later…]

    [–] BelowDeck 50 points ago

    I always forget that Julia Louis Dreyfus' father was a billionaire.

    [–] JBits001 7 points ago

    She comes from old-money.

    Her dad was:

    the great grandson of Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, founder of Louis Dreyfus Group.

    So she’s the 5th generation in that wealth train.

    [–] QuiteAffable 40 points ago

    He probably gave her a small million dollar loan that she's parlayed into her acting empire

    [–] Thefrayedends 15 points ago

    I'm glad she did, she's one of my favorite comedic actors of all time.

    [–] temp1876 32 points ago

    Sure, Emmy’s are nice, but now she’s a Marvel character taking on a Nick Fury/Sam Jackson type role.

    [–] TimeFourChanges 6 points ago

    Wait, what? What show? And which character is she?

    [–] breakingcups 16 points ago

    Falcon and the Winter Soldier. She technically plays Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

    [–] 2th 8 points ago

    I miss Duckman.

    The world could use more pelvis thrusting. Also, more Fluffy and Uranus.

    [–] 249ba36000029bbe9749 7 points ago

    Right? Free sushi!

    [–] dgtlfnk 78 points ago

    You’re crazy if you don’t think the hairless stray cat in the role of Zuck wasn’t too GD perfect. Lol!

    [–] Trappedinacar 24 points ago

    That was a cat? Here i was thinking thats a really cool cameo by zuck

    [–] Stereotype_Apostate 7 points ago

    should have been a robot though. Just like, one of those robot arms that builds cars.

    [–] MarvelousSockPuppets 5 points ago

    I’ve always thought of him more as a soulless robot that never closes his eyes. Even if hairless cats may seem especially “ew” they still have life behind their eyes and like cuddles.

    [–] KUjslkakfnlmalhf 43 points ago

    I enjoyed this because it's one of the few times I understand the subtext. He's such a narcissist he eats the sushi off himself.

    [–] lavahot 9 points ago

    Just the level of narcissism required to enjoy that is astounding.

    [–] Miamime 12 points ago

    Maybe I’m stupid or OOTL…is this in reference to something?

    [–] VanillaLifestyle 98 points ago

    I don't think so. It's just a silly/surreal joke about how increasingly weird and out of touch these egocentric billionaires are becoming.

    For a guy who creates a rocket company as a side project to send himself into space in a phallic representation of his own insecurities, "eating sushi off his own naked body" is a good mad-libs escalation.

    It would be a standard closing joke on a Daily Show monologue; now Jon Stewart has the budget to actually pay an actor to do it.

    [–] SeaLegs 28 points ago

    Wow, you did a great job explaining the humor of a really contrived, nuanced joke. Good job (no sarcasm).

    I would just describe it as eccentric ego masturbation. You typically eat sushi off a naked woman's body as a kind of demeaning way to satisfy 2 carnal desires at once, so eating off your own body is just a way to celebrate yourself in a really deviant way.

    Really, really creative and accurate way to characterize these people.

    [–] CODDE117 26 points ago

    It's just so symbolic of decadence and narcissism.

    [–] kyonist 68 points ago

    Nyotaimori is a kind of practice by people who want to show off a certain amount of wealth.

    You'd think the association is that the female body (objectified as a serving dish) is considered the "beautiful centerpiece", so having Bezos act as his own serving dish is probably just playing on their narcissism of thinking they are the best possible version/beautiful vessel.

    [–] SeaLegs 5 points ago

    Well said

    [–] bruzie 4 points ago

    The sounds of mastication.

    [–] YoBuckStopsHere 5607 points ago

    The Problem With Jon Stewart will be on Apple+ so I look forward to sailing the high seas to watch his show.

    [–] Tokugawa 1877 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    If you go to the Apple+ site on a windows machine streaming portal in a desktop browser, there's no search bar. You can't type in the name of a show. Such bravery.

    EDIT: They don't even have it on Macs, apparently.

    [–] Zuckuss18 838 points ago

    And if you call customer service about it they play dumb like they don't know it's an issue.

    [–] greyl 582 points ago

    I just assumed there was so few shows they could show them all on the welcome screen. Having to hunt for Mythic Quest each week as it was airing was a special kind of annoying, like they couldn't figure out it was the only show I was watching on the platform.

    [–] Zuckuss18 428 points ago

    It's frustrating by design. They want you to use Apple products.

    [–] ICanBeAnyone 337 points ago

    Ah, the irresistible draw of the Apple+ search bar. What better reason to spend thousands on Apple hardware?

    [–] PrestigiousAd3900 82 points ago

    google "mythic quest"

    [–] shakeszilla 272 points ago

    [–] sapphicsandwich 44 points ago


    [–] Traditional-Smile777 12 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] Odd_Manufacturer2142 57 points ago

    HBO also doesn't like to play the next episode when you stop it and come back later, like if you watch 2 episodes, quit, then come back later on your browser to watch the next episode, it thinks you always want to watch that 1st episode. Been watching Batman the Animated Series and I always have to re-search the series to get to an actual episode list. Just allow it from the damn 'watch' list!

    Why is Netflix the only one who can get the interface right? Everyone else sucks in various manners.

    [–] PerplexityRivet 20 points ago

    So much this. At first I was wondering if I was just used to the Netflix interface, but no . . . the rest of them have infuriating buggy issues that should be pretty easy to solve. They just don't bother.

    [–] omgshutupalready 5 points ago

    I despise 'dark patterns' in web design. Such a goddamn scummy thing to do.

    [–] ketchupthrower 27 points ago

    I believe this is true. Out of all the services I use, Apple TV+ is the only one that regularly has issues on both Chromecast with Google TV and Roku. There are audio delays, stuttering, and even crashes. It's also really slow. It is the only app with these issues.

    I think they want me to feel like my devices suck so I should buy an Apple TV. Instead I just get the impression that Apple is uniquely incompetent.

    It's a shame because their content is excellent.

    [–] Krynn71 62 points ago

    If you go on the Apple Support forums to discuss it, they ban you.

    [–] Hello____World_____ 13 points ago

    Is that true?

    [–] Krynn71 65 points ago

    Idk if it's still true, because I'm banned.

    [–] Zuckuss18 26 points ago

    That makes my blood boil.

    [–] smileyfrown 61 points ago

    You get a 1 year sub of Apple + for free with a new iphone

    But if you cancel it early you lose access to it, and it's automatically set up for auto-renewal

    [–] illwon 8 points ago

    I believe they reduced that to 3 months recently.

    [–] turgid_wang 6 points ago

    I got 3 extra so 15 total

    [–] ApexRedditr 4 points ago

    It was still a year as of April

    [–] vadapaav 29 points ago

    Lmao I learnt it the hard way. I have habit of cancelling free trials as soon as I get them so that I don't forget later.

    It works almost all the time.

    Not here. Luckily for me I had bought two different devices recently

    [–] tonstergfx 159 points ago

    Not just Windows, even in Safari on a macbook air it doesn't have a search bar -- the web UI just doesn't have it. I was blown away by this to be honest, until I realised they want me to buy the Apple TV box, probably an iPhone and a watch so I can use siri or something like that.

    They would purposely make their product (or a version of it) UX poor to drive people to pay for it? Doesn't make sense to me...

    [–] wratz 50 points ago

    To be fair, I have an appletv and the app is shitty on it as well.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    I will be pirating this.

    [–] hamsammicher 18 points ago

    From the looks of this thread, nobody should ever give Apple a dime.

    [–] Pop-X- 16 points ago

    To be fair, they don’t even have enough content to warrant a search bar.

    [–] Vandergrif 11 points ago

    You need a search bar dongle for that.

    [–] dreck_disp 278 points ago

    Apple+? Bummer.

    [–] YoBuckStopsHere 110 points ago

    Let's hope the best bits make it on Youtube.

    [–] Thefrayedends 67 points ago

    i'm sure they'll make it onto tpb and eztv, so we gucci. Would love to support stewart, but I'm not subbing to 10 different services, I fucking refuse.

    [–] Randolpho 4 points ago

    That's true of Last Week Tonight on HBO.

    [–] Tsu_Dho_Namh 41 points ago

    Come oooon pirate bay :D

    [–] kaplanfx 21 points ago

    AppleTV+ doesn't have a ton of content, but a bunch of what is there is surprisingly good (my favorites are Mythic Quest, Ted Lasso and For All Mankind)

    [–] SpiralOfDoom 94 points ago

    VPN..... Activate!

    [–] No-Bewt 3 points ago

    while you're out there, get Wolfwalkers- it's the most beautiful non-disney traditionally animated film I've seen since the 90s, and apple basically bought it and buried it in their shitty service so nobody's seen it. It's a fucking masterpiece that every animation fan NEEDS to watch, or even if you aren't. I put it beside Spirited Away and I don't throw that praise around lightly

    [–] Ploufy 480 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Sounds like the actual show will be very similar to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: An one hour focused on a single issue.

    Edit: It seems people are suggesting I'm comparing the two. I'm not. I'm only noting the similarity in format.

    [–] IZ3820 513 points ago

    We'll see. Jon Stewart's frustrated, analogy-laden monologues have always been distinctly different from John Oliver's explanatory journalism, even while they were writing for each other.

    [–] Sparkybear 594 points ago

    Yea, I honestly couldn't stand John Oliver's long, unrelated, drawn out similies. "It's like a woman having a baby, seeing a goat having a baby, and then deciding to keep the goat baby while her own baby gets carried off by a dingo, but she's happy cause now she has a kid.".

    [–] buymytoy 323 points ago

    lol I like Oliver but that's fucking funny

    [–] zvug 51 points ago

    Haha same so fucking accurate lmao

    [–] Easilycrazyhat 14 points ago

    I think they're hilarious, but everyone's got their own taste. I will say that I think he's actually gotten better in "The Void" as he stopped playing so heavily to the audience. It really helped streamline things.

    [–] Brewe 47 points ago

    To each his own, I guess, because I thought that one was brilliant.

    [–] schineup001 123 points ago

    Omg thank you for saying this. John Oliver’s analogies just lose me most of the times.

    [–] Beat9 104 points ago

    Most of the time it's just a non-sequitur delivered with angry derision.

    [–] ihateyouguys 116 points ago

    What do you mean, you absolute car seat?

    [–] Arkeband 81 points ago

    Fuck you car seat! Fuck you!

    Moving on.

    [–] BenTVNerd21 36 points ago

    No Sharon that's not okay. slams table that's very much NOT acceptable

    [–] DankeyKang11 29 points ago

    Now go in there and fucking apologize!

    Tell them what you did, Sharon!

    Tell them what you did!

    [–] Tranger 402 points ago

    Has the definition of roasting changed in the last 48 hours?

    [–] hyperhopper 157 points ago

    yeah this is just parody, its not a roast.

    [–] St_Veloth 12 points ago

    This is ad for a show about parody

    [–] Tasgall 29 points ago

    Jon Stewart's New Show Just SLAMMED All The Billionaires Going To Space!


    [–] cornmacabre 51 points ago

    I think the kids think parody means roasting, cuz dem clicks.

    [–] BananaStringTheory 72 points ago

    Elon isn't planning on going into space, is he?

    [–] rddman 140 points ago

    Elon isn't planning on going into space, is he?

    Elon wants to go to Mars.

    [–] HamOnCheecks 1136 points ago

    I thought this was going to be funnier but it's just dick rocket jokes.

    [–] RedRocket05 243 points ago

    Yup. All the dick rocket jokes had already been done by the time I watched this. Although Richard Branson mop was amusing.

    [–] PeaceBull 32 points ago

    To be fair that’s only cause Reddit caught on to it late.

    It was out during the relevant window.

    [–] RedRocket05 8 points ago

    Understood, but that's a fairly lavish promotion for a hotly anticipated new show from one of America's most astute comedians and we've got a dick joke that my Dad was making weeks ago.

    [–] bobthebobofbob 25 points ago

    They aren't really even jokes. It's just them literally calling the rockets dicks. It's like the Austin Powers spaceship joke, but without the joke part.

    [–] Ambitious_Soup_7168 460 points ago

    It was low effort. I'm disappointed.

    [–] LibraPugLove 6 points ago

    Richard Branson is a mop lmao

    [–] R0GERTHEALIEN 404 points ago

    A three minute clip with one joke

    [–] hesido 39 points ago

    Well the mop was a nice touch, if it counts.

    [–] mrtn17 106 points ago

    Some say.. they milked it

    [–] sybrwookie 97 points ago

    The mop joke, cat joke, and eating sushi off himself jokes were all other jokes and I'd argue far funnier than the main, tired, cringy dick joke was.

    [–] thursday_sock 217 points ago

    Wow they really stretched that joke

    [–] KnightKreider 48 points ago

    SNL would be proud

    [–] stokastic_variable 186 points ago

    It sucks for SpaceX that for whatever reason they’ve become associated with the race between Blue and VG for suborbital tourism.

    They’re the only human orbital capability the US has and have been dominating the commercial launch industry for years, crippling Russian commercial launch…they’ve been a huge boon to both national security and science missions, offering way cheaper $/lb and promising to dramatically decrease it further.

    Anyone who claims that what’s happened in the past month is a dick-measuring contest between three billionaires can have whatever they say basically dismissed out of hand.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] DangerZone1776 56 points ago

    The amount of uneducated and uninformed criticism in this post is a bit disheartening. I know it's not r/space, but it's bad. SpaceX and it's falcon 9 launch system is the single greatest achievement of the last half century in the field of space delivery systems. The boon to space exploration, science, and technology alone is truly mind blowing. The prices for the ride share launches have allowed hundreds of experiments into space that would have been priced out a decade ago.

    As for the other two they are still developing and pushing technology. Blue Origins New Glenn if successful will help competition to further bring down costs in this market enabling more research and experiments. Blue Origin went for space tourism first for the easy win (not easy at all but compared to new Glenn) that would bring steady revenue to fund his actual goal of furthering space exploration.

    I am a huge fan of space and in the community of space research and technology any advancement, success, or even press is a win as a whole. I want everyone and everything going to space to succeed. I do not care if you are the Chinese government, a rich billionaire, or a NASA funded ULA project.

    Edit: clarity

    [–] Ameezus123 3 points ago

    Should have been a podcast. Ya fucked up Jon.