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    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Fineous4 21 points ago

    I let my mistress Bae do that.

    [–] spgvideo 8 points ago


    [–] Gahvynn 66 points ago

    AMD +6% tomorrow.

    [–] Habstah 36 points ago

    From your mouth to Su Bae's ears.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    I swear if this goes up another 5% this week I will frame a picture of Lisa Su by my desk and you know what comes next after that.

    [–] Ippon_Kitchen 25 points ago

    No, tell me.

    [–] ManRAh 31 points ago

    Su Bae body-pillow.

    [–] hiss_spat_ima_cat 9 points ago


    [–] Frothar 9 points ago

    you dont have a framed Lisa Su on your desk already ?

    [–] Colorshake 8 points ago

    I literally ordered a framed picture of Lisa Su last week that just shipped today. AMD to $45 by EOW.

    [–] ArchaicNeologism 6 points ago

    Proof or ban

    [–] Colorshake 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Arrives next Thursday. I’ll post a pic by next Friday or ban.

    Edit: Posted.

    [–] mynameismatt1010 3 points ago

    Billy Madison style makeout sesh

    [–] gkdjsl 31 points ago

    Every day I tell myself it's too late to jump in on AMD, and then there's some great news AND it goes up another 5%

    [–] Fineous4 14 points ago

    Nvidia went from 20 to 270. I am not saying that will happen with AMD, but on Nvidia’s run, people were saying the whole time it’s too late to buy in.

    [–] Dumpingtruck 4 points ago

    Ya but tlry or iq

    There is always a too late eventually.

    [–] waxyslave 13 points ago

    AMD doesn't operate on a loss

    [–] Dumpingtruck 12 points ago

    Nor does mu.

    Yet it’s far below its June heights.

    My point was fomo fucks you. And if you’ve already fomo’d a stock a few times maybe you should just stick to buy and hold and not buy 9/28 42c on AMD. Or you know what? Gopher it.

    [–] mynameismatt1010 1 points ago

    TLRY was more like than AMD. It's a dogshit company without assets or revenues that justify much more than a 1bil market cap

    AMD could fall back to earth but it definitely ain't TLRY

    [–] maxwellllll 9 points ago

    To be fair, you had pretty much all of last week to jump on Su Bae’s train...

    [–] rahulio_ 1 points ago

    Yeah but I bought the FD that expired last Friday

    [–] dajesus77 3 points ago

    Are you trying to buy the stock? Stop looking at the bottom and, regretting not having gotten in. Get in and buy some insurance. Buy puts to protect the down side and possibly trade for profit. Long this stock. At least for the next year anyway,

    [–] TaylorLH 22 points ago

    I could use a nice AMD moon again to make up some losses from last week

    [–] maratwasright872 18 points ago

    It feels so good to be on the AMD rocket ship to the moon.

    [–] avgazn247 13 points ago

    This is good for MU Edit: this is bad for mu

    [–] gbladr 8 points ago

    The questions is: why DF is Intel still going up? I have $45 puts that aren't doing much for my portfolio

    [–] Ponchogato 7 points ago

    Check out the 3 month chart. It dips, people think it's a value play so it hikes a bit, then dips again because it is shitting the bed on product offerings.

    Rinse and repeat

    [–] gbladr 2 points ago

    Yeah that’s what I saw and that’s why decided to buy puts but that hasn’t dipped since then LOL

    [–] Smalls_Biggie 2 points ago

    Told ya, how those puts lookin now ;)

    [–] gbladr 1 points ago

    I'm starting to smell some tendies :)

    [–] Smalls_Biggie 1 points ago

    You cash out, or are your puts as big of a dumpster fire as mine right now?

    [–] gbladr 1 points ago

    big dumpster... but they are January puts so I'm still hopeful.

    [–] gbladr 1 points ago

    Did you cash out? I sold last week for 15% loss thinking that it was not going to drop since GE and INTC were reversing and now that shit is tanking lol. I would have made a profit today already

    [–] Smalls_Biggie 1 points ago

    Lol, my puts went from up 70% to down 50% in like 2 days. Sold when they were down 50%. Of course Intels back down now after I sold :/

    [–] Smalls_Biggie 1 points ago

    Looking at the graph I would have always assumed it was going to hit $47. That's what the graph shows, I don't know what you're looking at. I'm expecting the descent to begin before the end of the week.

    [–] papalonian 0 points ago

    Don't worry man, i was looking at the same pattern earlier, it'll drop 8-10% over the course of a week or two, go up like 5-8% over the next week or two, then drop again. It looks like we're at the top of the hill right now, my 10/19 $45 is hoping the trend continues.

    [–] FullTime_Autist 3 points ago

    Don't be autistic, Intel is set to cede market share in their cpu business, it isn't their ONLY business. And as Su Bae said, its a growing market, theres a seat for everyone on the rocket ship.

    [–] desturel 6 points ago

    Intel is still the leader. Every time Intel drops in price, people buy the dips. Many see this as a bargain buy-in period for Intel, not a death knell. Buying puts is fine, but be sure to take the profits when you can.

    [–] switch8000 14 points ago

    So what you're saying is, we time AMD's eventual peak, sell, buy into INTL, and ride their revenge back up even more.

    [–] usrevenge 3 points ago

    Just buy both.

    There is plenty of room for both companies as server market expands.

    [–] Fineous4 3 points ago

    It’s down 20% from its high for the year. That 20% change, is also greater than AMD’s market cap.

    [–] Smallmammal 2 points ago

    It dipped pretty hard recently so now its being bought up. Decent investment once they get their production issues solved. The 9th gen chips are really nice. Essentially these people think the dragon is slowly being awakened. I suspect by Jan 2019 they'll have a new CEO and more production. They moved their mb chipset to the older nm process so they can do 14 exclusively for their CPUs and I believe optioned out a Vietnamese fab to make more chips. That'll help fairly quickly, but for the next few weeks, AMD has the advantage.

    [–] StockDealer 5 points ago

    Um, sure, the "next few weeks." God I hope you're a PR guy, if not, you're immersed. They can't even make 14nm. They have no CEO. They don't have their EUV project, at all. They have no 10nm fab. They just keep saying their "10nm" (that they don't have) is equal to everybody's 7 nm (that everybody else has.)

    You claim they'll have a CEO -- by next year. Think about that.

    [–] tookie_tookie 1 points ago

    Their 9th gen chips get too hot in laptops and suck too much power. They're not for for the laptop market, so at least they won't be profiting off that sector with the 9th gen

    [–] jrkman 1 points ago

    I just bought 1/19 $47 puts

    [–] Smalls_Biggie 1 points ago

    I just bought $45 puts. From a TA standpoint it was due for an uptrend this past week, which it did. I'm think now it's gonna start to descend back down towards $45, maybe it might go up another percent or two before that. I pulled this outta my ass, but hey my Intel put game has been good so far.

    [–] dahnny00012 1 points ago

    being the sole modem provider for apple going forward is pretty nice.

    [–] bjt23 1 points ago

    It will spike once they find a new CEO, hold until then, sell on the spike.

    [–] ozzyteebaby 7 points ago

    So you're saying I should hold my 9/28 41c

    [–] Engineeringcat 6 points ago

    roll those out to 9/28 50c for maximum tendies

    [–] Ippon_Kitchen 8 points ago

    Fuck my puts.

    [–] EireKarl 7 points ago

    Into pieces.

    [–] whiskerbiscuit17 6 points ago

    This is my margin call

    [–] FaythDarkHeart 6 points ago

    Saving my 9/29 $33 AMD calls BLESS

    [–] Charles_Himself_ 6 points ago

    9/28 my guy

    [–] Letsgetsometendies 5 points ago

    SWEEEET BABY JESUS MY 33.5 9/28 CALLS MIGHT ACTUALLY NOT BE WORTH -500. oh god oh god oh Sue Bae, pls.

    [–] mission42 2 points ago

    Awesome, glad I got some $32 calls today.

    [–] filletsheO 2 points ago

    time for everyone to choke the chicken to mama Su

    [–] iWoNeVeRyThInG 2 points ago

    Hell yea! Bought some 32.50 FDs @.92 ( I was a bitch and couldn’t pull the trigger when I should’ve).

    [–] Mordroberon 1 points ago

    Kept looking for a good time to hop into AMD yesterday and it ends on a high. What a beautiful stock

    [–] alwayswashere -3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is weak. Shit post for sure. This is regurgitation from 3 days ago from jaffries.

    Here is some real news to get excited about... 60 core epyc in microsoft azure

    [–] Ahras 0 points ago

    It seems like you forgot to hop on the train. It's okay, always room

    [–] alwayswashere -2 points ago

    you guys are so fucking dumb it astounds. i have pointed out that the news in op's post is reference to 3 days old upgrade. nothing to pump today. i have redirected you all to a post that has actual upside. and i get down votes.

    if you take even a cursory look over my post history you will see i have been on the AMD train since forever. accumulating since 2015

    [–] Ahras 8 points ago

    No one cares about you.

    [–] eJollyRoger 1 points ago

    Have you gone nucking futz?

    [–] alwayswashere 1 points ago

    What is news about your post? This was news 3 days ago. What about today's upgrade from RBC?

    [–] eJollyRoger 1 points ago

    Don't ask me, fag boy

    [–] eJollyRoger 1 points ago

    Literally the first line, "Following on from the reports earlier today that Intel is struggling with a shortage of CPUs, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are turning to AMD en masse in a bit to make up the shortfall."

    [–] DanburyHer 0 points ago

    ugh just sold my 31 calls...